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#colombian women
neosoulman · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
- “We don't need no one, Trying to take our freedom Time won't let you stay young So we don't care what they say We gon' love who we wanna love,”.. -Body Count - Jessie Reyez
Been feelin’ all the vibes lately from the Toronto native singer/songwriter/musician Jessie Reyez. I dig how her songs map the messy, volatile mood swings of 21st-century romance, which delve into loyalty & betrayal, ambition & obstacles, heartbreak & vengeance. Since 2016, wearing her heart on her sleeve, yelling & loving all at the same time, she is truly inspiring.
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officialcartagenawomen · 12 days ago
Learn more about the beautiful Latinas from Cartagena, Colombia.
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officialcartagenawomen · 18 days ago
If you find someone you have in your life, then hang on to that love.
Register HERE: 👉 Check out our schedules for tours and meetups: 👉
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Tumblr media
La muerte no es una mujer
con el cráneo pelado y una corva guadaña
entre las manos.
La muerte es un hombre que galopa
entre las noches que columpia el insomnio.
Es un varón disfrazado de oscura damisela.
Tiene unas rosas en las manos
y un cordel para colmar el cuello.
Alguien un día dibujó a la muerte
con rostro de doncella. Pero ella es él, pálido, abyecto, que en la noche se llega hasta mi sueño
y como un perro fiel
me hace aspirar su aliento de témpano y misterio
y con fría insistencia se me acerca
y me lame los pies.
(Poema:Ana Ilce Gómez-Nicaragua)
(Illustracion:Paco Giménez)
En la mañana de hoy durante el marco del paro nacional en Colombia, encontraron el cuerpo de Diana Fernanda Castañeda. Ella estaba desaparecida desde hacía una semana y apareció muerta en la vía caracol, salida a Armenia desde Pereira.
No pueden haber más feminicidios, no puede haber más violencia contra la mujer.
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motashaael · a month ago
Tumblr media
Animales del fin del mundo- Gloria Susana Esquivel
When I was a child, I once mistook jellyfish washing up to the shore for an alien invasion. My mind and imagination went places. In a similar fashion, Animals at The End of The World by the Colombian author Gloria Susana Esquivel follows the coming of age story of our young child protagonist, Inés, as she tries to navigate life in Bogotá. Mistaking an explosion in her neighborhood for the end of the world, she embarks on a series of adventures with her new friend María that will let her learn how life isn't just full of joy, but also sorrow. Her imagination helps her cope with the different "animals" living in the city and with her parents' separation.
This is indeed a lovely novel to read. It did remind me of my own childhood at times. So I thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes it felt as if an adult narrator is speaking, other times a child. But I still had this feeling of being lost in the turbulent relationship of adult life that I'm sure many children feel. I know I do. A good novel indeed.
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Tumblr media
Since the protest starts in Colombia, 16 women have been sexual abused by the police.
Tembloresong report 1728 cases of violence by the police, 341 cases of violent interventions by the anti-riot squad and at least 98 cases of abuse of fire arms against the people.
If we scream you laugh, if we protest you mock about us. We want us safe, we want us free... For all the women, the children who have suffer sexual assault, you are not alone... And we are not gone get quiet anymore about this situations, because our body's are not weapons.
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kindalatina · a month ago
Tumblr media
New bonus content for my OF😈. Subscribe to check it out!!! I’m so excited about it 💦
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