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#cole's friends
strangestarlightmusic · 12 hours ago
I wrote! Again!
Cole and Haines go back some time. A longer time Haines cares to remember, and he knows that Cole prides himself in knowing. But as he sits waiting for his partner to wake up, he can't help to get a little lost in memories...
- this is set pre-Amelia. Or was there ever anything before Amelia?
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wojira · 2 days ago
Just realised i never said my pride headcanons for all the ninjago characters and everyone else seemed to so im going to: ✨
(please bare in mind i change my mind with these like every other day which is why i havent really made a proper list of them before)
Kai- bi with a preference for girls, trans guy
Cole- aromantic gay
Jay- bi, genderfluid
Zane- heteroromantic aseuxal, agender
Nya- lesbian, intersex
Lloyd- demisexual, enby
Pixal- pansexual, demigirl
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I do not know if it is a crazy thought, you have to look at it as a headcanon obviously, but the friendship and relationship of Cole and Anne ... It makes me very parallel and similar to that of the Blythe brothers: Di and Walter.
Tumblr media
And what comes? Starting with Cole's personality who, to be honest, this is how I see Walter; Anne and Gilbert's son has always been misunderstood, fascinated like his mother by the world of art (in his case, stories and writing poems). Being, in addition, a somewhat isolated child in his class because of his way of being, so dreamy and with that way so ... Of a book of speaking that he has. Walter is "insulted" by the other children by calling him gay. Susan does not like that Walter writes his poems and always tells Anne, always regrets that the boy has chosen that path. Walter is sweet and although he has a very good relationship with everyone in his family, the one with whom he feels understood the most is his sister Diana.
Tumblr media
It's funny because Di and Nan should be much closer together, since they are twins after all ... But Anne makes it clear that the two sisters could not be more different from each other! In fact Nan is much more attached to Jem and as I have already mentioned, Di with Walter.
This is something that we also see throughout the books. With Di, Walter opens up, I feel like it's HIM. She is the ONLY person he shares his poems with. They have a lot of complicity with each other and it is something that Rilla also regrets.
Tumblr media
In Rilla of Ingleside, Di and Walter go about sharing complicities, and it is a detail of what the little sister complained, because she also wanted to have that position with her brother Walter.
Tumblr media
In the series, we see Cole and Anne's friendship grow in a precious way. Cole is passionate about art, which is why he also connects a lot with Anne. His sweetness and the way in which Anne is always there to help him feel integrated and in the end we see that she is the only one to whom he confides his secrets.
Tumblr media
They are two pillars, both between them. As are Di and Walter.
Tumblr media
..... I do not know if it could be a wink, and somehow the series could think that way but, I like to think that it IS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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three-headed-monster · 4 days ago
not me watching hlinka highlights and having a moment over jamie and fetts being besties nuh uh couldn't be me-
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anxiousworm · 5 days ago
I’m in a bruise mood what is up
Well now me thinking of forest golem Cole and jay so 🥺👉👈?
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galacticstat · 7 days ago
omg i love the new name
thank you!! 💜
i love yours too!
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thunderdilf · 9 days ago
Cole: She put an ax in Prince Goro's stomach
Hanzo: Truly, a great addition to the clan, Allison, let me get you some tea.
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fangirl-616 · 11 days ago
Cole: [trying to cook]
Jay: That’s not how you do it, you have to chop the vegetables into smaller pieces and set the burner on medium heat.
Cole: Shut up, it’ll be fine.
Jay: You’re still cutting it wrong.
Cole: Zane, make him stop correcting me!
Zane: Jay will stop correcting you when you stop making mistakes.
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babysprouseisart · 12 days ago
Ari being a good friend of Nic and Mark (Cole's close friends) makes me so happy! They seem to be such buddies.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fangirl-616 · 13 days ago
Zane: Cole, Jay is upset. Please just go talk to him. He’s your best friend!
Cole: He’s NOT my best fri-
Cole: How did this happen
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