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#cole x ari
babysprouseisart · 7 days ago
Cole, Ari, Nic, Dylan, Cami, Charles and some other people during a night out on the 4th of June.
Credit: Just Jared
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here are some of my notices:
1) You can barely see Cole and Ari, but they are here, near the woman in white (idk, who is that).
If anybody has difficulty in seeing them, I can help you, just send me a message.
2) The photos posted by JJ are mostly centered on Cami and Charles and their (???) probably new coming out as a couple/resumed romance, so another confirmation that Cole and Ari are not doing anything specifically on camera, but simply feel safe and comfortable to behave openly as a couple.
3) At first I was confused who is kissing who on the last photo, because in connection with a certain perspective, selected by the paparazzi, that 'woman in white' is seemingly standing too close to Cole and Ari and it seems like she is kissing Ari. However, then, I figured out these are Cole and Ari kissing, and that's freaking cute, I am in awe.
4) Finally, you can see clearly Dylan (who has a girlfriend, as we know) and that 'woman in white' (I am so sorry, please can somebody tell me who is that) hugging, and there's nothing wrong there. However, if it was Cole, people would be freaking out and calling him the 'cheater'. Double standards, right?
That's all.
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babysprouseisart · 12 days ago
A little something that is bugging me.
It's no secret, and I've personally witnessed several times recently how some crazy fools, in particular Lili's fans, humiliate Cole or allegedly become disappointed with him (???) after some paparazzi photos of him and his new girlfriend, Ari, appear. It happened both in one of the first times when they were photographed walking on the street and after a while, quite recently-just yesterday (in my time zone). I do not know how stupid or young, inexperienced, without a sense of sobriety and common sense, are these people who publish terrible texts and exclamation statements, but it is really unbearably stupid, meaningless and terrible. Thank God, there are people who have common sense and have already said a lot of positive things. I just want to summarize everything.
It is worth starting with the fact that Cole is far from a stupid, is educated, an adult person and knows better how to act, how to behave, since he has long been a media person and knows what is dangerous and what is safe. It's just his business. Also, people are destined to change their views, beliefs, behavior, and so on.
People are very flexible creatures, they tend to change, because sometimes the monotony, the attempt to adhere to the same behavior for many years is very tiring. Especially if you want to do something, to behave a certain way, but are compelled to behave the other way because of your position and the conditions, that do not allow you to do it. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to constantly restrain yourself, to hide something, to try not to do anything superfluous, because you are popular and you are watched by millions of people who can condemn you or accuse you of something, or just constantly attack you with their desire, attention, brazenly intruding into your life, because you have made it a little open?
We can't know it, but it's obviously very difficult, and not everyone can handle it. I don't know how Cole felt, but I'm sure it was hard for him and he wanted the best for him and Lili, for their relationship.
Further, it is worth mentioning that it was even harder for him than for other popular people dating different people, because he and his ex are both from the same sphere, they are both popular (have millions of followers/fans), to varying degrees of course, and they also both played and still play in one fairly well-promoted show, with a large fan base, all around the world, thus he and Lili were hit with a doubly or even triple more insane wave of attention. Crazy? Yes, more than that. That is why, even if it was difficult for them, they, at first, tried to hide their relationship very carefully in order to save each other, to provide their safety from such a crazy hype in relation to them. It is worth noting that later (though even sometimes there were little glimpses from the beginning), they opened more and more, when everything calmed down a little, when everything became stable, when people had already calmed down a little. Trust me, there was bunch of ther intimate public moments, just a bit later.
Of course, the interest in Cole, regardless of who he will be with, will be present and people will be talking about him, because he is popular, but, at least, it will not be such an overwhelming attention to him and his relationship if his partner is not in the same sphere with him, not super connected to the media, not popular at least like Lili, does not play with him in a popular movie or a sensational TV series (as in the case of Ari). Accordingly, given his past experience, how difficult and annoying it was to restrain himself, constantly limit himself and ask the partner the same, to hide a lot (even if sometimes it wasn't successful) and face the disgruntled thirsty fans, the fact that there is no popular girl next to him, but there is an ordinary, simple, not connected with him by some popular project or something else that can fuel interest, that time has passed and he could have changed his attitude to secrecy, we can fairly assume that in this case and under these conditions, he, feeling more secure, confident for himself and his beloved, has every right to greater openness than before. However, there's nothing wrong with it, cause he and Ari don't do anything on purpose, they don't publish anything about each other, don't say anything, it comes out naturally, how they feel. The photos that we see now are not made by their decision in any case, they still try to maintain secrecy in the social media as well as he and Lili did.
This is the main difference between time periods and relationships, which are not worth comparing, because they are completely different. The relationship between two popular people from the same sphere, from one popular TV series with a huge fan base, who also play in it a loving couple, adored by the audience, and let's be honest for the most part perceived as a couple, a single whole (SH), VERSUS the relationship between two people from different ырspheres, among whom one is very popular, and the other is not, and is a simple girl, a model of average brands, and who are not connected in any way by a common popular cause, perceived as different and unique individuals.
See the pattern and the change of conditions?
So, please do not put any cliches on people, their relationships and their supposedly correct behavior in your opinion, just because it happened in the past. What happened in the past happened in a certain way under the certain conditions imposed at that time, what is happening now happens in a different way under the conditions that exist now.
And remember that you have no right to be offended by how people act, how their relationships develop, because you are not a part of it, you can not control it and should not. None of the relationships - with Lili or with Ari - deserve and should not be subjected to any kind of condemnation just because they are different, because in both cases there were/are feelings, both of them were/are not fully open in public, and in both of them there were moments when we were eyewitnesses of the couple's public moments, just a little at different times, a period in connection with the circumstances.
In the end, I am perfectly aware and absolutely sure that my words will neither help Cole, because he does not need it and is able to stand up for himself if anything, nor will they be able to change the minds of many people, but I hope now many people will understand and at least a little stop meddling in someone else's intimate, personal life of other people outside of social networks, outside of publicity, a life that does not depend on our desire in any way and that does not affect us in a negative way, as well as that is not a contradiction of some moral side or a shameful phenomenon that destroys society.
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djgrannyglasses · 12 days ago
Why are Instagram stans like that? Cole has a new girlfriend shut the fuck up and move on.
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babysprouseisart · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lmao, look at this giddy and naughty man... Can tell he was very glad to see her!
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samsteel · 16 days ago
hole in one - cole perfetti.
summary: going mini-golfing w/ cole.
word count: 544.
warnings: maybe one bad word and one that's what he said joke.
a/n: yes this is based on an idea q (@three-headed-monster ) told me about so thank you, and here we are adding yet another team canada boy on the list with a short and sweet blurb. enjoy! *my gif*
Tumblr media
Cole hated golf. He liked when you planned your guy’s dates but when you told him what you planned for later today let’s just say he wasn’t the happiest of guys.
“Hey, bub we’re going mini-golfing at four ok, don’t forget.” You reminded your boyfriend Cole as he sat in the living room currently yelling at some of his friends as he played video games with them.
“Guys i'll talk to you later I got to go.” He said as he hung up and walked into the bedroom where you were. “Wait what, when did we decide we were going to play mini-golf?” He asked you.
“I told you last week and you quote on quote said ok sounds good.” You told him. Cole thought about it and now remembered why he didn’t remember, he was on the phone with Braden talking about their summer plans.
“Ok ok fine,” he said as you left him in the room pouting. Now it wasn’t because he hated the actual sport more so because he was somewhat horrible at it.
Both of you at a somewhat complicated course with lots of twists and turns. “Babe uhm maybe we can try an easy one first?” he said offering you a small smile. Both of you walking to one where it was an easy straight line.
“Want to go first?” Cole offered. 
“What a gentleman.” You said knowing that the real reason was that he wanted to see what you were going to do first.  You made it in after three tries and then it was Cole’s turn. After four tries he made it in.
“Wait oh my god I actually made it! Babe, I made it in.”  He said as he dropped his golf club and did a happy dance. 
“See and you say you don’t like playing.” You looked at him.
“Psh what when did I say that.” He looked at you as both of you walked to a more complicated one. After doing a few more courses you guys got to the last one which was supposed to be the most complicated. Let’s just say that this one was quite difficult and Cole got irritated fast.
“Ok, how is this so hard, like just go in.” He said as he kept on trying for about the sixth time to make the ball into the hole.
“That’s what he said.” You said as you looked over at your boyfriend widening your eyes. “Sorry force of habit.” You smiled as he continued to try and make it in.
“Fuck why can’t I do this!!” He said a bit too loudly as the workers and family around you guys widened their eyes.
“Babe come on, let's just skip this one.” You said as you grabbed his arm and dragged him away.
“I don’t understand how I can suck at a sport so similar to hockey.” He said as he shrugged.
“In your defense, the only similarity is hitting something with a stick.” You laughed. “Wanna get ice cream?” You suggested.
“Yes, now that’s something I can get behind. And please do not make another joke.” He said as he smiled already knowing what you were thinking. Both of you holding hands as you headed to the ice cream shop.
Tumblr media
taglist: ​( send in ask if you want to be added) ​@hartsyhart @nhlpetey @mitch-slap @frostythegoalman @sorokns  @aria253264  @josty ​ @kaitieskidmore1 ​ @sadgirlhockey @laurenairay ​ @finnishmafiaa ​ ​ @alxvlasic @hockeyallthetime @barzy-baby ​ @sophiesreadinglist @martynecass @joshsandersons  @connormcdavo @maattamatthews ​ ​ @joelsfarabees @selenophileangel ​ @boqvistsbabe @ana-maa @stars-canucks @bowberrybyram @tysonsjosty @2manytabsopen @wildflowermarns @calesmakar
​tagging some buds: @josthours @beauvibaby @heybarzy @tkachuk-yeah @cozycozzy
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samsteel · 17 days ago
to call you - braden schneider.
summary: braden calling you after the game because he feels as though they won because he was out.
word count: 404.
warnings: slight mentions of self worth, insecurities, and one bad word.
a/n: this is sort of in continuation of ‘to hold you’ and until braden gets more ice time we will continue to write comfort works. once again thank you to q (@three-headed-monster ) and hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Your phone started to ring as you were preparing lunch and you had a feeling about what it was about. You had seen the roster and you knew they had scratched braden for the game. You knew that he said he preferred that over riding the bench but you knew it was one of those things you say not something you actually mean.
"Hey baby, how are you?" You asked not really sure how or what to do to make the situation better.
"We won." He said. You knowing what this was about as soon as you heard the tone of his voice. "I wasn't in and we won, we fucking won."
"Braden… This doesn't have to do with you. Maybe it's just a coincidence okay. Don't blame yourself for the other losses." You tried to reason with him even though you saw where he was coming from.
"Y/N you're the one who told me that there weren't such things as coincidences." It was something you were told growing up and now you realized that in the moment maybe that it wasn't the best advice you could have given him knowing that it was going to come bite you back in the butt.
"Yes, I did say that. But there's exceptions too. You barely played the other games so it's basically like you were out already. There is no way that you guys won only because you were out." You tried explaining to him hoping that he could see that it wasn't his fault for losing all the other games.
"I'm proud of Fetts and them but I don't know. I guess I would have liked to be a part of the first win." He sighed.
"B what did you tell me when you were at worlds, you told me that you guys were a team and that you won and lost together. Please take that into consideration now and realize that it isn't just your fault. Don't blame this on only you." 
You heard him let out a long sigh. "Thank you for letting me pile this on you. I know you've been busy with school and stuff."
"Braden in you're girlfriend, that's what im here for." You said with a small smile on your face.
"I love you, Fetts just got here ill text you tonight." 
"Love you too." You said, glad that you made him feel better about the situation.
Tumblr media
taglist: ​( send in ask if you want to be added) ​@hartsyhart @nhlpetey @mitch-slap @frostythegoalman @sorokns  @aria253264  @josty ​ @kaitieskidmore1 ​ @sadgirlhockey @laurenairay ​ @finnishmafiaa ​ ​ @alxvlasic @hockeyallthetime @barzy-baby ​ @sophiesreadinglist @martynecass @joshsandersons  @connormcdavo @maattamatthews ​ ​ @joelsfarabees ​ @selenophileangel ​ @boqvistsbabe @ana-maa @stars-canucks @bowberrybyram @tysonsjosty @2manytabsopen @wildflowermarns @calesmakar
​tagging some buds: @josthours @beauvibaby @heybarzy @tkachuk-yeah @cozycozzy
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kaisomusic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
New project Wavyier Road coming to all platforms next month. 6 new tunes to catch a vibe to. 6 new vibes to roll sumn up and smoke to. 6 new jams to cruise to when you hop in the whip. Coming with the wave all 2021 till infinity.
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afandomroom · 3 months ago
Ship: Cole x Cryptor (Voidshipping)
"Can I at least get a hint about where we're going?"
A smile found it's place on Cryptor's face, as he simply hummed in response, slowing his motorcycle down before a stop light.
Rather uncharacteristic, considering the tickets that were piling up.
"I thought you liked surprises, Cole?" He tilted his head towards the ninja, eyes glowing through the helmet.
Cole, in response, nodded his head with a sigh,"I do....but, seeing as how it's Valentine's Day.."
"All the more reason to keep it a surprise, babe"
"Alright, open your eyes"
The nindroid chewed his lip nervously, as Cole opened his eyes.
The earth ninja smiled softly, as he was greeted with a candle lit picnic, complete with warm blankets and soft pillows, and a heart shaped chocolate cake that rested in the center of the meal.
Across the hill was a lake, reflecting the glowing neons of Ninjago city.
"This.. this is perfect Cry..." His eyes remained glued on the view, before he looked to Cryptor, pulling his boyfriend close for a quick kiss. "Thank you"
"Hm.." Cryptor grinned, inexplicably relieved as he returned the kiss, "Was it worth the wait?"
"Spending time with you always is"
"And..this is way better than the song I wrote"
..."wait you wrote me a song-"
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afandomroom · 3 months ago
Ship: Bizarro! Cole x Cryptor (no official name)
"Still can't believe you're riskin' ya toes just to dance with me"
Daemon smiled up at his partner, as they swayed to some cliche romantic song playing from the nindroid's phone. The lyrics echoed softly across the ice coated lake behind them, interrupted only by the silence surrounding them.
"Love means sacrifice," A teasing grin drifted it's way onto Cryptor's face. He pulled Daemon closer, resting his chin on the bizarro's head. "And I love you, Dae"
"Hm..I love you more, Cry" Daemon chuckled, before he rested his head on his boyfriend's chest.
"Y'sure you wanna make that bet?"
The duo continued to banter and flirt, as they danced through the night, only pausing to change the song when it became a little to mushy for their tastes.
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afandomroom · 4 months ago
I love how Daemon and Cryptor's relationship is "I hate you" to "I would die for you, but platonic" to "I would die for you, but romantic"
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samsteel · 4 months ago
Face to Face - Dylan Holloway.
Summary: finding out Dylan has you as his wallpaper.
Word Count: 735.
Warnings: one bad word.
A/N: ok uhm yes this is one of my favorite things that i've ever written. Also just pretend this was when they were all still back at wisco. I hope you guys like it as much as I do, enjoy!
Taglist: @hartsyhart @nhlpetey @mitch-slap @frostythegoalman @ryanssuzuki  @aria253264 @thelionkingpw @damn-dunner-29 @mtkachuk @kaitieskidmore1 @kiedhara @laurenairay @teenagekook ​ @alxvlasic ​ @hockeyallthetime ​ @barzy-baby ​ @bigboigritty ​ @puckshitbitch ​ @bowenbyram ​ @mems06 ​ @colecaufields ​  @connormcdavo ​ @maattamatthews @jdrysdales ​ @selenophileangel ​ .
tagging some friends: @folkloreflyers ​ @bestestbenn ​ @heybarzy ​ @tkachuk-yeah ​ .
Tumblr media
(credit to em for the gif! @puckyess )
You and Dylan had been dating for a while now. Having met at one of your many classes together at Wisco and slowly becoming study buddies, friends, and now finally a couple.
Now you guys weren't a lovey dovey couple. At least not in front of your friends. Yes you guys would show small signs but you guys weren't big on gestures. Honestly if people didn't even know you they'd just think you guys were friends and that didn't really bother you guys, knowing that behind closed doors and deep down you guys loved each other a lot.
Your mutual friends questioning your relationship many times before. Asking what you were, where you guys stood, when it started, etc. Honestly at first they'd thought that you guys were just hooking up but soon realized that both were fully in deep shit with loving each other.
Small signs would show when hanging out. A hand on each other's thighs, soft whispers while everyone else was having a conversation about something, but the biggest sign maybe was Dylan having a picture of you guys as his lock screen.
The guys were hanging out together after a game. Reminiscing a win. Everyone sprawled out in the corners of the small dorm room. Eating loads of pizza ignoring the fact that their coach would kill them for their food choice the very next day at practice when they complained of a stomach ache.
Dylan's phone pinged as he tried beating Cole in Mario Kart. Putting pause on the game as he searched for his phone around his surroundings.
"Hey you can't do that, I was about to win!" Coke examined.
"Well I just did, and you're gonna win anyways so calm down." After not seeing it around and not really wanting to get up and avoid stepping on any of his friends sprawled out on the floor he just gave up and decided if the message was important they'd call him.
"Hey Dyl you're phone keeps ringing." Owen spoke up from the other side of the room.
"It's Y/N." Owen said and as his eyes landed on your wallpaper he smiled. "Dude you are so whipped." 
Dylan's eyebrows rose up confused. After everyone gathered around his phone and he got a few chirps he realized that they were talking about his lockscreen. It was of you guys after one of his many hockey games. They hadn't won that night but you took him out to milkshakes and you guys just talked the whole night and he knew that he was in deep. You had taken a few selfies to commemorate the night saying to him how you could always cheer him up and now you had proof.
"I think it's sweet, now can we get back to the game." Cole said.
"Of course it's sweet, he's one of the only ones in an actual relationship." Owen said.
"I like her, she's a keeper." Alex spoke up.
"Well now that i know all of you guys approve of our relationship can i have my phone back so i can text her please." He said as the guys passed his phone down.
You had been in your dorm most of the day. Your professor having canceled class at the last minute. Dylan had come after practice and now you guys laid in bed cuddling and just talking about each other's day.
"Dyl baby, your phone is ringing." You yelled at him hoping he could hear you from the bathroom. You tried looking for it under the bundle of blankets and after succeeding you saw Cole's name flash on the screen and disappearing after you could answer.
A huge smile grew on your face as your boyfriend's lock screen came to view. A picture of you together. 
"Who was it?" Dylan asked as he stepped out of the bathroom. 
"Cole." You said as you still had a smile on your face.
"Why are you smiling like that, what did he say?" He questioned.
"Oh I didn't get a chance to pick up. Smiling how, I can't just smile cause I'm happy to spend time with my boyfriend." You told him as you wrapped your arms around him feeling your heart swell at the simple gesture of a lock screen.
"I love you." You told him. 
"I love you too." He replied as he placed a softy needy kiss on your lips.
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samsteel · 5 months ago
blind - trevor zegras.
summary: love at first sight, you get the jist of it.
word count: 1k.
warnings: if you squint hard enough maybe like one sexual innuendo and hints of angst.
a/n: also im not sure if i have to state this but there is a party scene so it's pre pandemic. loosely inspired by blind by rolemodel. i heard the song and it made me think of a fic idea so here we are. enjoy! for @makarsy just because, ily. thank you to my mermaid anon for encouraging me to write it.
Taglist: @hartsyhart @boesxr @mitch-slap @frostythegoalman @kirbysdch  @aria253264 @thelionkingpw @damn-dunner-29 @mtkachuk @kaitieskidmore1 @kiedhara @laurenairay @teenagekook @alxvlasic @hockeyallthetime ​ @barzy-baby @bigboigritty @puckshitbitch @makarsy @mems06 @dunnwithlyfe  @connormcdavo @maattamatthews @tysjostys
tagging a few friends: @allisonxmoynihan @bestestbenn @vinceduhn @folkloreflyers .
Tumblr media
(*credit to gif owner*)
The USA boys were having a party. Something small for getting a win earlier in the night. Now a few people were piled into the house as music was filling the small room known as the living room where Trevor stood. Next to him was Alex screaming over the loud noises of the party on how next week he was taking his girlfriend out to a new restaurant in town. Trevor wasn't paying much attention seeing if maybe Jack or Cole could save him from the conversation. Honestly Trevor loved his friend but the last thing he wanted to talk about was relationships.
As Trevor made his way the kitchen with a few excuse me's coming out from his mouth you bumped into him.
You had been trying to find the bathroom but it seemed hopeless with how many people were currently incapacitating the room. 
"Oh im sorry." You said to the mysterious dirty blonde haired boy in front of you.
Trevor's breathe hitched in his throat as he caught sight of you. He wasn't one to believe in love at first sight but you took his breathe away.
You cleared your throat as he had one his hand on your arm and held his stare quite strongly on you. "Excuse me" you said as you stepped aside and kept walking straight ahead of you.
Trevor stayed glued to his spot. Not really sure to follow you and ask for your name or just let you go since he seemed to embarrass himself enough already. He went to the kitchen to where Jack and Cole stood and people watched. More like was looking for you but the guys didn't need to know that. 
You had come out of the bathroom which to get back to the party you had to go through the kitchen. 
Trevor saw you as soon as you walked it. But you didn't see him. "Hey do you know who she is?" He asked Cole since he usually knew most people at parties.
"Oh Y/N yeah, she's in my philosophy class. She keeps pretty much to herself though." 
The rest of the night Trevor wanted to at least have you say one word to him. He had never felt this way so the one time he did he wanted to grasp onto it. It seemed as though if he headed one way you headed the other. Until towards the end of the party.
Your friend had disappeared somewhere with one of the guys so you waited for then as they were your ride. So here you were sat on the couch on your phone trying to keep as much attention from yourself as possible.
Trevor who had somewhat skill at talking to people or girls now didn't know how to approach you. So he did what came to mind first. Sat on the couch and said nothing until you finally somewhat acknowledged his presence. You looked up at the cute mysterious boy from earlier and offered him a smile seeming as though he was doing the same thing as you, waiting for a friend.
He didn't know what to say so here he sat next to the girl that made his chest feel all warm and fuzzy.
"Y/N, there you are let's go!" Your friend came out of one of the many bedrooms and you stood up and waved at Trevor before he waved back and smiled. Hey at least she's waving he thought.
Trevor headed to bed and fell down on his bed. Thoughts of your smile and the few encounters he had with you tonight.
Days had passed and Trevor had been thinking and talking about you nonstop. Johnny had asked him to come to the library with him to look for a book so that is where they were headed.
"Look man if she makes you feel this way just ask her out or something." Johnny spoke up to his friend.
"I don't know man, I mean is she really gonna say no to a guy she barely knows." They had both arrived at the library and as they headed to where the book was Trevor spotted you with your head buried deep on books and notes.
Johnny said to ask you on a date so that is what he was about to do.
"Trev? Trev?" John looked around and saw him heading your way.
"Hi uhm my name is Trevor we sort of met at the party and uhm you don't have to say yes but i was wondering if you wanted to go out for coffee?" 
You looked up to see the cute boy from the party. Your friend had been telling you to take more risks so this seemed like quite the risk.
"You mean like right now?" You looked up at him.
Trevor seemed surprised. He didn't really think you would talk to him. "Uhm yeah i mean if you want or if you're free."
"Yeah I can do right now." 
Laughter was heard throughout the small cafe. Here you here drinking a coffee in front of Trevor. Actually it was more like trying to drink your coffee since he was making you laugh. He had told you that he liked your laugh (which of course made your stomach fill with butterflies) and the whole time he had been trying to get you to laugh more. 
"So I'll call you?" Trevor told you as he left you in front of your door room.
"Yeah." You smiled big as you headed back inside. You usually never went on many dates or even gave your phone numbers to many guys cause that wasn't your thing. But with Trevor it was different. 
One week later and your second date was set to take place. Trevor had texted earlier in the day and now here you were about to cancel.
The whole week all you could think about was him. All over one date. You had a saying, don't ever fall too hard. You had learned that falling too hard too fast would just result in you getting hurt so you did what seemed like the best option. Canceled.
Throughout the whole week Trevor had been trying to set up dates but every time you had an excuse. It was either you didn't feel good or you were busy. But Trevor didn't give up because he too was falling fast and hard.
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pandamoniumsimss · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agents of love....
or some cheesy shit like that lol
Cole and Ari
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pandamoniumsimss · a year ago
Tumblr media
Cole and Ari finally getting a long awaited date night
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saiyanprincessswanie · 7 days ago
Missy’s Writing Challenge
Tumblr media
Missy’s 2500 Followers Writing Challenge!!
So yeah, I didn't expect to reach 2500 followers! What a crazy ride this has been. I want to thank every single one of my followers on my blog. You have been so patient with me as I’ve been struggling to write and finish some fics. Whether you follow me for my work or for my weekly reading lists I thank you. Without your support, I would have left Tumblr last year.
You don’t have to follow me to participate, but if you want to you will make my day.
Reblog this post so others can join in.
You must be over 18 years old to participate
Send me an ASK with the Character, Troupe, or AU and Movie Quote that you want.
Mark all stories appropriately. (Fluff, Smut, Dark, Non/Con, etc)
Please no sad endings (Ex: death)
Must be a one-shot or new fic
Can be either reader insert or OFC
No incest, No underage, No pedo, No toilet/bathroom fics, No DDLG
Minimum words 500, No max, Please use the keep reading feature if it’s long
Only two authors on each quote. (If this fills up I will open it to 3 authors)
Due date:  9/30/21
All stories will be reblogged. I will add all stories to a Masterlist for easy access. Tag your fic as #Missy’s Writing Challenge and tag me in your notes. If I haven’t reblogged your work for a week Tumblr might have eaten the notification so please send me a message.
Marvel Characters:
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Sam Wilson
Billy Russo
Brock Rumlow
Helmut Zemo
Non-Marvel Characters:
Ransom Drysdale
Ari Levinson
Frank Adler
Andy Barber
Curtis (Snowpiercer)
Frank (endings/beginnings)
Chris (Destroyer)
Charles Blackwood
Dean Winchester
General Kirigan (Darkling)
Bartender (w/trope 1/Nat - @lovelyavengers​​​ ) & (Bucky - @dollslayer )
Royalty (w/trope 6/Steve - @ironlady1993​
Enemies (to friends) to lovers (Steve - @babymango-writes​)
Sex pollen - (Bucky- @gogolucky13 )
First Time
Annoying Neighbor
Love at first sight
Evil Twin
Hate Sex
Opposites Attract - (Ransom - @drabblewithfrannybarnes )
Movie Quotes:
It’s just a flesh wound - (Monty Python & the Holy Grail)
You sit on a throne of lies - (Elf)
So you’re telling me there’s a chance - (Dumb & Dumber) - (Steve/trope 3 - @americasass81 ) & (Bucky/au 2/trope 3 - @metalbuckaroo​ )
That escalated quickly - (The Anchorman) - (Dean W./au 5 - @wonder-cole​​ )
I understood that reference - (The Avengers) - (Steve/trope 8 - @donutloverxo​​​ )
It’s not a man-purse. It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one - (The Hangover)
Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? - (The Avengers)
Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it - (The Guardian of the Galaxy)
You’re in a relationship with me. Everything will never be okay - (Ironman 3) - (Dean W - @navybrat817 )
Before we get started, does anyone want to get out? - (CA:WS) - (Sam Wilson/au 4 - @fuel-joy )
We know each other! He’s a friend from work - (Thor: Ragnarok) - (Andy/trope 5 - @cptn )
I have nothing to prove to you - (Captain Marvel)
I can’t control their fear, only my own - (CA:CW)
I’m not looking for forgiveness, and I’m way past asking for permission - (CA:IW)
You make me happy. Even when you're awful, I would rather be with you, even the you that you seem to think is diminished, than with anyone else in the world. - (Me Before You) - (Thor - @blackberrybucky​​​ )
Person 1: I like your knife, I'm keeping it. / Person 2: That was my favorite knife. (Guardians of the Galaxy) - (Bucky- @jobean12-blog)
Thank you, I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. - (Silver Linings Playbook) - (Bucky - @deaan )
I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love. - (The Vow) - (Dark!Thor x Black Plus-sized Female Reader - @awesomerextyphoon​ )
Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy - (My Best Friends Wedding) - (Bucky - @angrythingstarlight​​) & (Dean W/AU 3 & 6 - @danneelsmain​​ )
Everything I have ever done, I’ve done for you - (Great Expectations) - (Brock - @nekoannie-chan​​) & (Darkling/trope 5 - @princessofdarkwinter​​ )
Thank you @happygowriting​​ for the amazing header! Go check her out!
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saiyanprincessswanie · 28 days ago
SaiyanPrincessSwanie - Reading List Week 46
Tumblr media
Hey all, it’s time to bring you week 46 of my reading list. These are all one-shots, drabbles and stories from authors who have either tagged me in their work or they have been recommended to me. Every week, I will put a list together of what I’m reading. I want to do this to help  spread the love in the Marvel Community.
If you would like to be added, signal boosted, please tag me in your fics or tag me in someone else’s stories.
(Make sure if you are recommending someone that they want to be added to the list. Had someone chew me out that didn’t want to be added)
If you don’t see your story listed it’s probably due to  my cut off date I had earlier in the week or Tumblr might have eaten your tagged story. All stories not listed that I did receive will be featured on the following week. Completed series that I’m tagged in will take longer for me to get through but please still tag me.  
I had over 50 fics this week and pushed another 10 back. Please be kind and patient as I continue to make my way through all tags.
Make sure you read the warnings on every story. They range from dark to fluff. These will be listed in no particular order. None of these stories are mine. I’m just signal boosting them. Author is listed next to title.
A/N: Click Here  to see what I will or won’t read. It’s important that you know as I’m being tagged in topics that make me uncomfortable and I’m not reading them.
If you want to check out my Masterlist click Here
Page break made by @whimsicalrogers​​
If you can please reblog these lists so they can reach more people on Tumblr.
💜  Missy
Tumblr media
All Heaven In A Rage - Chp 16 - (Steve x Reader) - @jtargaryen18​
Do it so well  - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - (Bucky x Reader) - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​
Heart & Soul - Chp 7 - (Bucky x Reader) - @all1e23​
Let It Snow - Part 1 - (Steve x Reader) -  @spacesnail3000​
Love Theoretically - Chp 9 - Chp 10 - (Sebastian x Reader) - @mypoisonedvine​
Moments Silence  - Part 5 - Part 6 - (Andy x Reader x Frank) - @syntheticavenger​
Riding On - Chp 6 - (Frank x OFC) - @wiypt-writes​
Soul Seer - Chp 13 - Chp 14 - (Loki x Reader) @notyetneedcoffee​
Sweet Desires  - Prologue - Chp 1 - Chp 2 - Chp 3 - (Lee x Reader) - @helium-queen​
Time Together: Long Wait Time - (Steve x Reader) - @tuiccim​ 
Unbroken - Part 1 - Part 2 - (Bucky x Reader) - @constantwriter85​
No Secrets - Part 1 - (Steve x Reader) - @notyetneedcoffee​
Ocean Eyes - Part 13 - (Chris x Reader) - @barnesandrogersfanfics​
Devils Backbone - Chp 7 - (Bucky x Reader) - @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​
After the Show - (Bucky x Reader) - @jobean12-blog​
Terrigenisis (18) - (Bucky x Reader x Steve) - @tuiccim​
Baby, But You - (Bucky x Reader) - @nsfwsebbie​
Small Town Settle Down - (Steve x Reader) - @makeitagood0neao3​
Best Man - (Bucky x Reader) - @navybrat817​
Bucky One-shot - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ 
Appearances Pt 2 - (Bucky x Reader) - @crackheadgeminibby​
A Private Show - (Bucky x Reader) - @jobean12-blog​
What’s the Tune - (Sam x Reader) - @whisperlullaby​
Yuánfèn 06 - (Steve x Reader) - @writerwrites​
Heart Shaped Box - (Ari x Reader) - @syntheticavenger​
Sharing is Caring - @tinymalscoffee​
Sweet Dreams - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 -  (Bucky x Reader) - @jedimastermelkor​
Rock n’ Roll People in a Disco World - Part 5 - @what-is-your-plan-today​
Just say it and I’m yours - Chp 8 - (Steve x Reader) - @whisperlullaby​
Princess - (Lee x Reader) - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ 
I am the night - Sacrifice - (Bucky x Reader) - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​
The Perfect View - (Bucky x Reader) - @jobean12-blog​
Suburban Dream - (Jake x Reader) - @infernal-fire​
Take a Chance - (Lee x Reader) - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​
Nothing is as it Seems - (Destroyer!Chris) - @writing-what-writing​
A Man’s World - (Andy x Reader) - @gotnofucks​
Lilacs in Bloom - (Wanda x Reader) - @lovelyavengers​
Andy Barber NSFW Alphabet - @starlightcrystalline​
Jealous Boy - (Jake x Reader) - @drabblewithfrannybarnes​
Sounds of Someday Vol 5 - (Jensen x Reader) - @wonder-cole​ 
Wicked & Willing - (Robert Pronge x Reader) - @stargazingfangirl18​
Cold Feet - (Lee x Reader) - @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​
Moving Day - (Bucky x Reader) - @jobean12-blog​
I saw you and I Knew - (Bucky x Reader) - @sinner-as-saint​
Visible Mark - (Bucky x Reader x Steve) - @navybrat817​
God of the Multiverse - [1/2] - (Tony x Reader, College Peter x Reader) - @ironlady1993​
The Chosen One {Part 5} - @drabblewithfrannybarnes​
Destiny - (Loki x Reader) - @mdemontespan1667​
Flesh of my Flesh - (Ransom x Reader) - @drabblewithfrannybarnes​
The Perfect Dress - (Sam x Reader) - @whisperlullaby​ 
Empathy - Chp 6 - (Bucky x Reader) - @captainamericasbeard​
Short Mission - (Steve x OFC) - @nekoannie-chan​
Gunslinger [3] - (Bucky x Reader) - @lovelyavengers​
He Knows - (Bucky x Reader) - @nano--raptor​ 
Stay with Me - (Bucky x Reader) - @kitkatd7​
Perfect Ending - (Chris x Reader) - @labella420​
Mr and Mrs Ari Levinson invite you to…. [Chp 4] - @caffiend-queen​
La Raison Deuxième Partie - @wonder-cole​
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defdontcarenow · a month ago
I was tagged by @troubled-addictivn to make a playlist with every song of the alphabet! Thanks pal!
Tagging: @ballgagg, @selflove-letterss, @custardcreamzzz, @browngrltears, @frenziedroses, and @for-more-daydreams
A- Adore You by Harry Styles
B- Brown Skin by India Arie
C- Comfortable by HER
D- Drunk in Love by Beyoncé
E- Enter Sandman by Metallica
F- Fallin’ by Alicia Keys
G- Gang Over Luv by Brent Faiyaz
H- Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon
I- In the End by Linkin Park
J- January 28th by J Cole
K- Knock the Hustle by Cozz
L- Leave You Alone by Jeezy
M- Montero (Call Me by Your Name) by Lil Nas X
N- No Scrubs by TLC
O- Oui by Jeremih
P- Pieces of Me by Ledisi
Q- Queen by Raheem Devaughn
R- Raise Your Glass by P!nk
S- Stay the Night by The Internet
T- The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars
U- Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
V- Vibez by Dababy
W- Wire by Ama Lou
X- X by Schoolboy Q
Y- Yellow by Myles Cameron
Z- Zipper by Brockhampton
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bonitamusic · 2 months ago
Tracklist :
You – Joyce Wrice
Positions – Ariana Grande (Manalang edit)
24 Karat – Kobe Banks
Can’t get enough – Tamia (MellowMaswel edit)
Georgia – Mitch Geist
Find someone like you – Snoh Aalegra
Not that kinda girl – JoJo
All I Have – Jennifer Lopez ft. LL Cool J
I Still Love You – 702
With You – Joyce Wrice  Devin Morrison
Baby It’s You- JoJo ft. Bow Wow
On One – Joyce Wrice ft. Freddie Gibbs
I Want You – Thalia ft. Fat Joe
Put It On Me – Ja Rule ft. Vita
Gangsta Lovin - Eve ft. Alicia Keys
Whats Luv – Fat Joe ft. Ashanti
Tell Me How You Feel – Joy Enriquez
Fallen – Mya
Rock Wit You (Aaw baby) – Ashanti
Summertime – Beyonce
Let It Go – Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliot Lil Kim
Get Right – Jennifer Lopez
Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey ft. Jay-Z
Can’t Leave Em Alone – Ciara ft. 50 Cent
Back To The Streets – Saweetie ft. Jhene Aiko
I Love You – Cherri Dennis
Dreamlover – Mariah Carey
Can I Walk With You – India Arie
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