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moreculturelesspop · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cole Sprouse by Sam Dameshek, 2020​
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star07moon · a day ago
Cosas sobre mi 🦄🦋🦄🦋🦄🦋🦄🦋🦄🦋🦄🦋 - Color : Rosa 💗 - Anime : El avatar la leyenda de ang 🌍🔥💧🌪 - Peli : / Amor : A todos los chicos : para siempre 💌 /Terror : IT 2da parte 🎈 / Acción : Rapidos y Furiosos 8 🚗🚗 / Infantil : Bella Y La Bestia 👩🏻💛👨🏻🐻 / Comedia : Son como niños 2 🤸🏻‍♂️🤾🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️👨🏻‍🦯 /superhéroes : Spiderman lejos de casa 🧑🏻🕷🕸🏠 - Crush : Aidan Rayan Gallagher Robles 🧑🏻💚🍋 - Crush 2 : xCRY 😥💙 - Crush 3 : Cole Sprouse 💙 - Tik Toker : Mariana Palacios 📳 -Comida : Sushi 🥢🍣 - Canción : Venganza 👊🏻🤛🏻 - Cantante : Billie Eilhis 🎧🎼 - Yotuber : Missasinfonia 🎵👩🏻‍🦱 - Strimer : JuansGuarnizo 🧑🏻🎮🎮 - Serie : The Umbrella Academy ☂💪🏻🔪💬👻🌀🐙🎻 - Libro : Tres Promesas 👩🏻‍🦰🧑🏻👩🏻 - Juego : Among Us✨
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richerpoorerpress · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Cole Sprouse dresses up his Recycled Fleece Hoodie for a night out
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alex-a-roman · 2 days ago
Whenever I write about myself:
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moreculturelesspop · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Cole Sprouse by Damon Baker, 2020​
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mrscolesprouse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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Riverdale//without you i’d be nothing (part 2)
hey! here’s part 1 if you wanna read it! i hope you like it!! and have a nice day! 
Tumblr media
- So
- He proposed not long after the premiere
- And it wasn’t a surprise to anyone 
- Well...
- Except to you 
- Despite him being absolutely awful at trying to keep it a secret
- He was so bad in fact that the majority of your friends were convinced that you were just pretending to be surprised to spare his feelings 
- But no 
- You were actually shocked 
- And so the two of you spent the rest of 2019 planning the perfect wedding. 
- And after hours spent looking through your diaries in order to find a day you were booth free
- You set a date 
- February 15th 2020
- Not Valentines Day
- But close enough for it to still be romantic 
- And at 3pm the two of you tied the knot in front of all your friends and family 
- It was a stressful 6 months 
- A very, very stressful 6 months 
- But it was definitely worth it
- Looking at him made it all worth it 
- ‘i can’t believe i am marrying my best friend. when we first met, i could never even begin to imagine how important you would end up being to me. i never thought i’d end up here with you, and i am so glad i didn’t drop out of making that film, even if i did have to do a british accent, because not only did I gain a party trick. i also gained my soulmate and i’d be nothing without you’ 
- ‘shit...what am i supposed to say to that?’ 
- The two of you spent the rest of the night partying 
- And when everyone had either gone home or passed out 
- You two stayed in the reception hall 
- And slow danced to Douglas singing softly in your ear, underneath a mirrorball 
- The two of you then ran off to your hotel room
- And Douglas pulled a bunch of your favourite snacks from his suitcase that he had specifically packed for you 
- ‘we’ve only been married for 12 hours but you’re already the best husband in the world’ 
- Once back from the honeymoon 
- The two of you started apartment hunting 
- You had loved the place you already had 
- But you wanted something new to start married life 
- Something that felt like it belonged to the both of you 
- Instead of just one and then the other had moved in 
- So the next month was spent looking for your perfect home 
- And thankfully it didn’t take you that long to find a cute little apartment outside of the centre of Vancouver 
- With a little balcony that you’d already bought a bunch of fairy lights and furniture for 
- Two bedrooms, so you can store all your unpacked boxes in 
- ‘we’ll get to it eventually’ 
- You spent hours in Ikea looking for furniture to fill your new home 
- And the two of you played pretend in the fake kitchens 
- That is until you ended up getting chased out by the security guards 
- When you move in, you sleep on the living room floor for the first night 
- Despite the place being fully furnished and decorated 
- ‘we need to get the full experience, baby’
- ‘and that includes sleeping on a rug when the bed is literally in there?’ 
- ‘yeah’ 
- ‘...okay?’
- The two of you spend the night talking about all the memories you’re gonna make together 
- ‘i am gonna cook for you every week’ 
- ‘and we’ll dance in the kitchen while we wait for the takeout i had to order after your burnt the dinner’ 
- ‘hey!’ 
- ‘true though’ 
- ‘we can have movie nights and we can watch you be brilliant in all of them’ 
- ‘we are not watching my movies’ 
- ‘why not?’ 
- ‘because’ 
- ‘i suppose i get to see you in person and that’s much better’
- ‘we’ll have proper dinner parties because we’re proper adults’ 
- ‘and then we’ll play drunk twister because we’re actually really childish’ 
- ‘and i’ll definitely win’ 
- ‘only because you cheat’ 
- ‘how can you cheat at twister?’ 
- ‘you. tickle’ 
- ‘i can’t wait until we can invite all our friends over, i’m actually starting to miss jordan and drew’ 
- ‘you know what? me too’ 
- The two of you spend the next few months in lockdown 
- Picking up and abandoning several new hobbies
- And doing a lot of auditioning for when the world re-opens 
- However any role you’re offered as wells as life itself gets put on hold when you find out your pregnant 
- Douglas is over the moon
- Bouncing around the apartment 
- Shouting various things: 
- ‘i’m gonna be a dad!’ 
- ‘i love you so fucking much!’ 
- ‘i’m gonna make you the happiest person alive!’
- To which you reply 
- ‘you already have’ 
- And the next day 
- Douglas has already bought a bunch of baby and parenting books 
- As well as making a Pinterest board so he can find inspiration for the nursery 
- ‘oh shit, we’re actually gonna have to unpack’ 
- ‘...damn’ 
- And you eventually do 
- Well he does 
- You get banished to the living room so you can relax. 
- Over the next 7 and a half months, Doug does absolutely anything he can to bond with the baby 
- He talks to it at every chance he gets 
- Just telling it about his day 
- But your favourite thing is when he sings to your bump
- His voice soft and smooth and his hand sprawled over your growing tummy
- And your baby always kicks whenever Douglas’ wedding ring touches your skin
- The two of you make a reluctant deal to watch one of the movies your both in 
- Just so the baby can get to know you 
- But it is absolutely not watching The Dirt 
- Even if it is still inside of your stomach 
- You and Vanessa bond over the highs and lows of pregnancy 
- And Douglas takes notes in order to figure out the best way to support you 
- Not that he could do any more to support you 
- And when the time comes 
- There isn’t anyone else you’d rather have by your side 
- Even if he does say really stupid things like: 
- ‘hey, when i was in the dirt, iwan hit me in the dick with a microphone and it really fucking hurt, so i kinda know what you’re going throu-owWW!’ 
- But when baby Lucy comes into the world 
- Named after a dear friend and already looking like her father, it’s all completely worth it
- Because you’ve never seen Douglas look so happy
- You thought he looks at home on stage 
- But this is a far better sight 
- Your husband and daughter meeting for the first time 
- And both of them instantly in awe with each other 
- The two of you settle into parenthood quite quickly 
- Despite not having a clue what you’re doing 
- Turns out you can read all the parenting books in the world 
- But when you’re actually handed the kid and told to look after it, all of that goes out the window 
- The day after you get back from the hospital 
- As you’re trying to sort out the abundance of gifts you’ve been sent while settling Lucy 
- You get a surprise call from some very familiar faces 
- Colson, Iwan, Daniel, Nikki, Tommy, Mick and Vince
- All very excited to meet your newest arrival 
- ‘aww, she looks just like her dad’ 
- ‘poor kid’ 
- ‘shut up’ 
- And when Lucy starts to get fussy 
- Daniel and Vince sing a lullabied version of Home Sweet Home and she falls asleep within seconds 
- She has no idea how lucky she is 
- But you do 
- You’re the luckiest person in the world 
- And you’d be nothing without her
support my writing! if you want! 
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betakakashi · 3 days ago
Sasuke is real you guys he's conducting a social experiment on tumblr from a secret blog. Results should be out soon tho
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bugheadsbeanie · 3 days ago
I’m sorry, I don’t see how many people in this fandom think we can take them seriously when they believe Lili and Cole’s past relationship affected the writing of the show. No, Sprousehart never affected Bughead. RAS always had bughead in mind, even before the show started. Way before they got together. He knew bughead was going to be big, and he was right. Bughead is the most popular ship in the show.
People actually believe Varchie is done bc Camila and Charles are rumored to be back together. No, Veggie is not automatically coming back bc of their rumored relationship. None of the casts personal relationships are affecting the characters relationships. Please, actually think. Your ship is STILL bones, though. And it will be. Sucks to be you, though, ig.
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iconsandupdates · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Betty And Jughead Matching Icons || S1 EP10
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mrscolesprouse · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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