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#cola pot roast
spriteling · 2 months ago
Dried onion soup mix, condensed cream of mushroom soup and packaged brown gravy mix make this cola-flavored pot roast easy to prepare.
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stuartmcclay · 2 months ago
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Dried onion soup mix, condensed cream of mushroom soup and packaged brown gravy mix make this cola-flavored pot roast easy to prepare.
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spriteling · 6 months ago
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Dried onion soup mix, condensed cream of mushroom soup and packaged brown gravy mix make this cola-flavored pot roast easy to prepare.
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mydencent · 7 months ago
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subuh14 · 2 months ago
Easiest Way to Cook Delicious Slow Cooker Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce
Slow Cooker Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Pour the mixture over the pork in the slow cooker, then top with the onion and the garlic.
Tumblr media
Sprinkle both sides of ribs with salt mixture. Pour peach barbecue sauce over ribs. Place remaining peach slices over ribs. You can have Slow Cooker Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce using 15 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.
Ingredients of Slow Cooker Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce
It’s 2 Tsp of Paprika.
Prepare 11/4 Tsp of Kosher Salt, divided.
It’s 1 Tsp of Course ground black Pepper.
Prepare 1 of Pork Shoulder (original recipe called for bone in).
It’s 1/2 Cup of Chicken Stock.
It’s 1/2 Cup of Balsamic Vinegar.
You need 1/2 Cup of Molasses.
It’s 2 Tsp of Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce.
Prepare 1 Tsp of Crushed Red Pepper.
You need 1/2 Cup of Peach Preserves.
It’s 1/2 of Diced White Onion.
It’s 5 Tsp of Minced Garlic.
It’s 1/4 Cup of Bourbon Whiskey.
Prepare 2 Tbsp of Cold Water.
It’s 2 Tsp of Corn Starch.
Garnish with green onion and peaches, if. In a small bowl, mix seasonings; rub over meaty side of ribs. Before serving, combine peaches, barbecue sauce and water in a saucepan; bring to a boil. Pulled pork is one of my favorite big-batch recipes for meal prep: Pork shoulder is relatively inexpensive and practically cooks itself in a slow cooker.
Slow Cooker Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce step by step
In a well ventillated kitchen, or on your grill on your balcony, braise the pork 2.5 Minutes on each side, in a large cast iron or stainless steel pan coated with Pam or Canola oil, and put the pork shoulder in the crock pot, and turn it on low..
In a non reactive bowl, mix the chicken stock, balsamic vinegar, Molasses and Soy Sauce. Pour it into the pan you cooked the pork roast in, bringing it nearly to a boil. Use a whisk to deglaze the pan for about 10 Minutes. Pour the mixture back into the non reactive bowl, and transfer it (pour it over the pork shoulder in the slow cooker)..
Sprinkle the diced white onions over the Pork Shoulder, along with the minced Garlic. Using a spoon, spread the peach preserves over the top of the Pork Shoulder. Cook the Pork Shoulder on Medium for 1.5 – 2 hours, then you can shift the temperature back to low, and cook it on low for 3.5 hours or so. Temp the Pork Shoulder, and it should be close to 170 degrees which it's safe to serve at..
After the Pork Shoulder has slow cooked for 4.5 to 5.5 hours or so, assuming some of the cook time was done at Medium rather than low the entire time. If it cooked at low, I'd suggest cooking at least 6.5 hours, and making sure the meat temperature reaches a safe 170 degrees..
Drain the juices from the slow cooker pot, strain them into a gravy separator, and let sit for 10 minutes to drain off the fat from the gravy. This should render about 3 cups of liquid. Add the bourbon. Reduce the liquid in a non stick fry pan, keeping it moving and scraping the pan the entire time until it boils off about 2/3 to 1/2 of the 3 cups. Mix 2 tablespoons of cold water with the cornstarch in a small bowl or ramekin, and add it to the reduced juices, to thicken it into a gravy..
Slice the roast and serve it with garlic baby potatoes, and green beans, with gravy on the side..
Seasoned with salt, sugar, and apple cider vinegar, this pulled pork is the perfect blank canvas for a mustard-forward BBQ sauce and tangy slaw. Sprinkle with seasoned salt and garlic powder. Combine barbecue sauce and remaining cola; pour over meat. You can make these peachy barbecue ribs, classic baby back ribs or even sweet and sour ribs right in your slow cooker. Meals like this recipe for slow cooker peachy barbecue ribs are easy to throw in the crockpot early in the day and then make a few sides for when dinner is ready.
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elizpaige · 2 months ago
Shredded Atlanta Beef
Tumblr media
This dish isn’t very photogenic but is 100% one of the greatest foods I’ve ever tasted. Atlanta Beef is often prepared with brisket but slow cooked chuck roast that’s so tender it shreds just by looking at it... way better than brisket. Fight me. So... I took an Atlanta-style preparation (sweetened with Coke and a little vinegary from ketchup) and applied it to a more traditional chuck roast preparation. It was divine. Made a ton, served it over mashed potatoes and was excited about it every day that I ate it.
Ingredients (serves appx. 6):
3 lb. chuck roast, trimmed salt & pepper to taste 1 large sweet onion, thinly sliced 2 c. (16 fl. oz.) Coca Cola 1 c. ketchup 2 tsp. onion powder 2 tsp. Garlic powder 1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1. Season the chuck roast with salt and pepper on both sides. Sear in a super hot pan, ~3-4 minutes/side. 2. Place the thinly sliced onions in the bottom of a slow cooker and place the seared chuck roast on top. 3. Whisk together coca cola, ketchup, garlic powder, onion powder and brown sugar. Pour over the meat in the slow cooker and cover. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours. 4. Remove meat from the slow cooker, place on a large plate and shred with two forks, removing any excess pieces of fat. Set aside. 5. Pour the liquid and onion from the slow cooker into a large pot and bring to a boil. Boil for 2-3 minutes and then reduce to a simmer for ~15-20 minutes, reducing until it’s slightly thickened. Add shredded beef to the pot, stir together and let it warm through. Enjoy!
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mrcifci · 3 months ago
Now You Can Buy Coca-Cola Preloaded With Coffee So You No Longer Have To Mix It in Yourself
Coca-Cola With Coffee | $21 | Amazon
Image: Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola With Coffee (Vanilla 4-Pack) | $6 | Walmart Coca-Cola With Coffee (Dark Blend 4-Pack) | $6 | Walmart
Are you tired of getting up each day, going through the hassle of brewing your own pot of coffee before dumping a couple ounces into your daily morning cola? The Coca-Cola company feels your pain, which is why it’s now selling Coke with coffee already locked and loaded, sparing you from having to do the hard part yourself. Appropriately named Coca-Cola With Coffee, the drink isn’t exactly new to anyone who lives in or has been to Asia or Australia since 2017. As our own Andrew Hayward noted in our Slack conversation about this accursed topic, he threw back a can in Seoul about a year and a half ago.
“Coke With Coffee was literally the first thing I drank when touching down in Seoul about a year and a half ago (remember travel?), after spotting it in the airport convenience store and having a laugh. Given the pairing of sugary soda and coffee flavor, it’s unsurprisingly abrasive. But it’s an interesting concoction, at least, and if you’re a daily Coke drinker anyway, it might hit the spot. No promises.”
While I saw it for myself in a convention center vending machine when I visited Taiwan in 2019, I couldn’t bring myself to actually spend money on a drink I routinely make at home. My friend and former coworker Bill Thomas at TechRadar, however, did take a swig, though their recollection of the event is hazy at best.
“I remember it wasn’t good but I don’t remember why. Probably because it was cola with coffee.”
G/O Media may get a commission
Lorem ipsum dolor sit am ais aute irure dolor in reprehe nderittur adipissmod tempor dolore magna aliqua.
Suffice to say, the reviews from people who’ve tried it aren’t exactly glowing, but if your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, why not pick up a four-pack or two for the whole family to enjoy? That way, you’ll save at least a day of playing disgraced scientist with your favorite soda-roast. Walmart offers a “Dark Blend” as well as a vanilla-flavored option, or you can buy individual cans and try them all. There’s a third, caramel option available too if you’re brave. After all, they’re only 70 calories a can.
Otherwise, you can just buy normal Coke in bulk, brew a pot of joe in the coffee maker, and put them in the blender for an extra morning boost.
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spitandfroth · 4 months ago
What’s Going On
Going to do my update in sections i think. Been a while since i posted. I don’t think any bugger reads them but it helps me clear my head. If you do read this then drop it a like so i know someone listened to my rambling <3 
Christmas & New Year
I spent Christmas day with my dad at his house. I got spoilt by my dad and he genuinely looked happy seeing my face as i opened them. Think it took him back to me being a kid. He got me some massive cups, a set of sparkly cutlery, a little santa pot with a plant in, a puzzle book, candle & a coca cola puzzle (mainly liked for the tin). Plus he is paying for my cooker to be installed. He made me a delicious dinner and made enough so my partner had a dinner when he arrived later that day. I love my dad so much. He puts so much effort into making sure i am happy. I have had a hard time last couple of weeks and he has rang regularly to check up on me. I am thankful that my dad and i have become close again. I needed my dad in my life. 
Tumblr media
My partner arrived later that day and again he had spoilt me rotten! I got everything i wanted and more :) I enjoyed watching him open his presents too. One of them was a complete surprise. It was a massive Vosper ship model for him to make. He genuinely looked chuffed to bits with it. He posted to his facebook model group (think it's called mediocre modellers) and it got nearly 200 likes and a fair few comments saying i am a keeper lol He is so lucky to have me haha We had a nice xmas day night together. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Boxing Day i made a delicious roast gammon dinner and filled our tummies to bursting! Tyson got a dinner too of course! My partner was here for 3 nights and went home monday in the morning. I miss him madly and it'll be a couple of weeks till i see him again. I feel tremendous guilt that i couldn't afford to buy the grandkids their presents, i will explain why later but i feel fucking useless. I will have to spoil them on their birthdays. 
Overall Christmas was a lovely time and the best Christmas i have had in quite some time. 
New Year was spent with my sister, her boyfriend & their cat, Faerie. We took 5g of cubes each and got a bit of a buzz but nothing major. Was just a nice night in with my best friends. I smoked a blunt and now have a sore throat lol We laughed lots and that’s one thing i am so grateful for, they never fail to make me chortle. We take the piss and we’ve all got a dark sense of humour. My sister’s boyfriend is only 19 but the age gap doesn't matter 99% of the time, occasionally i might not get a reference but they always explain to the old granny if i don’t get it lol I love them to pieces <3 
Tumblr media
That’s the good stuff now for the bad....
A few days before Christmas DWP took my PIP & my ESA Disability premium away from me. Apparently i am not disabled any more despite claiming for over 10 years. 
This has obviously affected my mood significantly and through Xmas i tried to put it on the back burner so i didn’t ruin Christmas with my bad mood. I cried a lot, i mean even now i have tears in my eyes cause i am now on money that is literally covering my bills. My partner has kindly said he will top up my money with £100 a month so i can afford to eat and my dad and sister said they will help where they can. As a result of this dramatic loss of money i have got to give up vaping and weed. I simply can’t afford it. I am reducing my nicotine through my last 4 bottles and by the end of this week i will have stopped all together. I have vaped my last bit of weed and from now on it'll just be what my sister can spare when she is here. To give up both in one week is going to be testing but alas i have no choice. 
I will be appealing the decision made by DWP as from the decision letter it is very clear they have only taken on board my physical health and not my mental health which is what i require the most care for. I rely on my sister and my partner to do so much for me. I literally can’t afford to go to appointments on the money i am now on. I try and give my sister money each month to pay for the fuel she uses fetching things for me. That’s got to stop. My partner needs money now and again for fuel to come and see me and be able to do my care too. I am really going to struggle. My bills are higher cause i am home all day, i have to buy microwave meals and quick food as i don’t cook for myself and that's mental and physical reasons. i forget to eat, no motivation to cook, even putting a meal in a microwave is too much some days. I require so much care, might not be physically being there but they have to remind me to just fucking breathe some days.
But i am not disabled, apparently and no longer require care. DWP are cocks for putting me in this situation and it could be months before i get the mandatory reconsideration decision and if i fail at that hurdle i then have to go to tribunal for a proper appeal. They are ruining my life. 
If for any reason someone who deals with DWP claims is reading this then please get in touch as i could do with some help. Thank you x 
I will be ok. I always am but i know i am going to go through a lot of shit before it gets better. I am not looking forward to that. I have lots of support and love around me so i am not alone in my fight. It will get better :) x 
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thenewnio · 4 months ago
Cinema Squad: The Funny Moments
Treasure Planet
The episode begins with the Squad going into space. No, really.
The scene where B.E.N. pops out of absolutely nowhere to scream in Jim's face, which startles Jim and elicits genuine fear from the Squad.
The contrast between Jim's struggle against Scroop versus Junnsuke's need to sneeze.
Koichi's reaction when the Legacy sets sail:
Koichi: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!!!! Space... Space race! OH! We're goin' through space!
And then soon afterwards:
Koichi: I just remembered... We have to breathe air. Oh SNAP! Oh NO!
Takahiro tries to tell a story, when Scroop suddenly makes his first appearance. The Squad's simultaneous reactions are hilarious.
"Didn't expect Satan to make such an early appearance in this."
Koichi referring to a manta bird as a "Flip Flap".
"Tell me...when you see...a Radio Shack..."
The opening moments make it clear that the whole Squad are all crammed on the couch like sardines.
Takahiro: Hey, welcome to squish couch!
Junnsuke: Whoooo! Squish couch! 
Takahiro: We thought it would be a good idea to fit all of us on the couch. 
Junnsuke: It was not a good idea. 
Takahiro: It's really hurting! 
Ame: It's really uncomfortable. 
Koichi: I'm the one getting the blunt end of the stick! When Junn got on the couch I got squished into the arm! 
Junnsuke: The blunt end of the stick...? 
Koichi: Hey, man, it hurts! The blunt end! Cause it hurts. 
Junnsuke: The short end? 
And then moments later...
Junnsuke: Alright, first to six! 
Sanzo: Alright, if I could just get my arm in here, Ren... 
Ren: Ow! Oh! Oh my god! Oh my ribs! 
Miki: I wish all our viewers could see this right now. They'd be so pleased.
Junnsuke trying to take a selfie while Muntz is chasing Russell, Kevin and Dug.
Ame's midstory interruption at the Spirit of Adventure.
WHOA! That's huge!
Miki's reaction to Kevin.
"OH, SURPRISE, B****!"
The dogs flying the biplanes turn the Squad into giggling idiots.
"Let's go on a butthole sniffin' adventure!! COME OOOOOOOOOOOON!!!"
Stuart Little 2
After Stuart defeats Falcon and the latter falls into the trash can, he lets out one last fart.
And soon afterwards: "Well, he's dead."
The Squad joking about Mr. Little getting spam in his mailbox. "I am a Prince, from Nigeria! All we need is your bank account information!"
Junnsuke and Miki's... unusual pronunciation of the word "baby".
Junnsuke's brilliant "incoherent homeless man" impression.
Imagine Margalo breaking the camera lens.
Ame ends the episode with "Get out of here. There are better things you could be doing. Like homework. Or bungee-jumping off your roof."
You just got New York Timed, b****!
Near the beginning of the episode, Koichi idly makes a sound that sounds something like "danattadan"(Ten out of ten). Junnsuke is adequately amused by this sound enough to start a monologue that leaves the others in tears.
Junnsuke: (In a thick Italian-American accent)—You go to store, an' you get danattadan. You go buy sum' meat! At da shaap! Dey say, "DIS GRADE-A MEAT!" I take it out! I touch it, I stretch it... danattadan. Bring it home, chookh it up wit' a little spice! (Koichi: AAAAHAHAHA, YOU SAID CHOOKH IT UP!) A little THYME, a little solt n' peppa... I eat it, put it in my mouth 'n' chew! ...Danattadan.''
Where there's a will, there's a smith.
Junnsuke mentioning the Falcon Punch.
Junnsuke tells a story about how a fan accidentally called Sequelitis Seq-qualities.
Koichi notes that 6 is now his favorite stitchpunk, and lauds the filmmakers for conceiving the character. Immediately after, both 5 and 6 die. Junnsuke's sadistic laughter reveals this was entirely planned.
You are scared. SCCARRY.
Near the end of the film:
"Yay! We did it!"
The Squads' overblown reaction to 9's Disney Death.
"Oh noes! Oh god! Oh nose god!"
The Seamstress really creeps Junnsuke out.
Junnsuke: Gimme a gun, I wanna blow this memory out of my head.
Fighting for your right to...
Junnsuke starts speaking in some kind of weird New York/Bostonian accent and begins rambling. And it is glorious.
Junnsuke: Ya know, I go to the theatah. I look up a movie like, Erry Potta, or I look up a movie like, Supurmin. I go watch it. I sit down, I eat my papcorn, I drink my cola. I come outta the theatah, I go "Mmmm. I really like dat movie." Den outta den!
Junnsuke: Dis mummy comes up to me he says "eh," he says "you wanna unwrap me," I say "okay, whattya look like on the inside, alright?" I unwrap him slowly and I'm like "this isn't gonna be gooooooood," BOOT DEN, I see is a beautiful face undaneath an' I say tanattatan!
The Squad essentially sum up their dynamic.
Ame: Junnsuke?
Junnsuke: Yes?
Ame: What's wrong with you!?
Junnsuke: I think everything.
The episode begins with the Squad conjecturing that hell is like a subway train, finishing with a claim that "we are the Stephen Kings of stupid."
"Infiltrate the Junk Factory!"
Imagining "baloney" as someone's trigger word, and then as a horror movie.
Takahiro: (singing) My baloney has a first name. It's F - E - A - R...
"WELCOME TO HELL." "Oh I've been there. It's sunny. You wouldn't think so being-" "THE SUN...THE SUN is because we recently re-adjusted the blinds. On the windows TO HELL!"
Junnsuke: (as 9) Jus'- Hey-hey, d' you wanna hang out man? 
Miki: (as 6) I can see... 9, I can see the future! 9, IT'S NOT PRETTY! I like cupcakes.
Yellow Submarine
The opening moments of the commentary.
Koichi: Welcome, everybody, to the happiest effing movie in the world.
Junnsuke: Or the one that makes you feel the worst.
Koichi: Yeah, probably both.
The Squad talks about the Blue Meanies' hands:
Junnsuke: They're hands at best... Birth defects at worst.
Fred trying to recruit heroes to save Pepperland, as dramatized by the Squad:
Fred: I need your help! Quickly! 
Citizen: I've got four pots full of water! Will that help?! 
Fred: I, uh... 
Citizen: Larry knows what time it is! 
Citizen#2: I can read calendars! 
Citizen: He has it roughly down to the month!
The Blue Meanie impressions. Sweet Jesus, the Blue Meanie impressions, which quickly devolve into Skeletor impressions.
As the film progresses, the Squad slowly lose their minds.
Takahiro imagines that, every time someone makes a strange face, it's because they're letting a fart off. Eventually Ren starts adding the appropriate sound effects.
What's with the clouds?
Junnsuke's impression of the Glove during "All You Need is Love".
Shiskabob them! Bring me the onion rings!
Don't forget the roasted tomat-O!
The Squad's reaction to Jeremy.
Junnsuke: I've made a decision... I've made a decision. I'm gonna go down into the basement. I'm gonna turn on the washing machine. I'm gonna climb inside.
Poor Ame repeatedly getting her mind blown by the way the submarine works.  
The Squad repeatedly bringing up the animation's Narm qualities.
"If ducks were a person, they'd probably be Hitler."
The second Max first opens his mouth, we get a barrage of jokes playing up his ethnicity, whatever it is.
Junnsuke said a director friend of his told him that you can tell a shoot is going on for too long when people start busting out the Gay German voice.
Junnsuke: Zeht up ze shoot pleaze...
"You haven't seen the last of the gay pride movement!"
Junnsuke leaving to shoot himself and the accompanying audio.
Their near-simultaneous reaction to the Vacuum Monster.
Junnsuke: WHAT THE?!
Koichi: WHAT IS THAT?!
"If by OK you mean like on the inside I’m just going ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’, then yes, I’m quite OK."
"It's like The Point!, if it was designed to just break your brain."
The discussion of different accents that all sound equally silly. "We don't hate anybody, we just think everybody sounds stupid, including us!"
“I don't know if my brain can take this movie.“
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
Junnsuke has the hiccups. Miki attempts to cure him of them by promising him 100 dollars if he hiccups again. After a few seconds of silence, it seems like it's worked...only for Junnsuke to hiccup again.
Miki: I will give you a hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
Junnsuke: I think it worked...What. *hic* Ah, I hiccuped!
Miki: No you didn't!
Miki: No, I didn't hear it!
Miki: Edit that out!
(Flashback to a few seconds ago)
Miki: I will give Sanzo a hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
Text on screen: PAY UP MIKI!
Becomes a minor Running Gag, when Miki ups the ante to 200 dollars, and again Sanzo hijacks her words.
Junnsuke: You're not really going to pay Sanzo 200 dollars.
Miki: Two hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
Junnsuke: But that doesn't mean anything—
Shortly after
Junnsuke: Feeling like I'm probably going to hiccup again. *Hic* There we go.
Text on screen: THE MONEY IS MINE!
Whenever the gang resorts to giving the movie the MST treatment.
Miki decides to narrate the film like a nature documentary.
Junnsuke mercilessly making fun of the animation.
Junnsuke gets increasingly defensive and loud about their decision to watch a movie intended for young children. Sanzo decides to just pretend Junnsuke is drunk.
Sanzo: Junnsuke, what's ten times ten?
Junnsuke: Te—seven.
The end of the episode, with Takahiro's dramatic rant about all their wasted time being interrupted by Koichi. Takahiro's utter deadpan makes the scene.
Takahiro: No... but what is it? What is it that makes us?
Takahiro: Hold on, son. Let me finish.
Takahiro: Eat your peas.
Takahiro: Touc- eat your peas.
Miki: (Laughs) Touc- what did you say?
Takahiro: You would ha- You would have to ea- You would have to touch the peas before you ate them, but please... just eat the peas. I don't care how you do it, a fork. A spoon. Your fingers. It doesn't matter to me as long as they're in your mouth.
Koichi's epic high-pitched scream upon first seeing Spiderus. 
Junnsuke: What the frick that's the face of a God Hand!
Junnsuke's very first words upon finding out what movie they're watching.
Junnsuke: Screw you, Ame.
Koichi ranting about the patronizing in Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story
Junnsuke watching the others watch the ending.
Junnsuke: What do you think's going on?
Takahiro: I don't frickin' know!
Koichi's hysterical cries of "BUMP BUTTS WITH HER! BUMP BUTTS WITH HER!!"
Never leave Junnsuke & Koichi alone in the room.
This...for lack of a better word, joke:
A man is boarding a plane, carrying a dead horse. When asked what it is, he replies "That's my carrion luggage".
"Wait, this ends in diarrhea."
"Curse this iPhone 7."
"iPhone 200"
I'm late for class!
The Princess and the Frog
Goodbye, boobs.
Farewell. Charlotte!
The Squad getting into a serious, scholarly discussion about the difference between a b**** slap and a pimp slap.
Upon Facilier's death, a celebration of Chanukah followed by unexpected coughing.
The Mood Whiplash in going on an adventure full of good times, then having Ray dying for real.
The Squad's reaction to "I FOUND A STICK!!!"
Even better is Tiana's facial expression.
"Follow your stupid dreams."
Every single scene involving the Squad's imitation of Ray's Cajun accent.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Woo!
When Cyrus thinks he has a chance at survival… only for the Fish to charge at the Reginald Volly. Everybody immediately loses it as it tears the sub apart.
Koichi begins the episode asking Miki a very important question.
When the group make it to The World Beneath.
Junnsuke: Nice place. Shame if someone were to take a dump in the middle of the floor.
When Karl gets shot in the leg, Takahiro says in a comforting doctor voice, "I'm sorry, he's going to be black forever". The whole group burst into uncontrolled laughter as Takahiro tries to say, "I'm sorry all, I just said it without thinking!"
"I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified."
Koichi talking about how he used to wish he could be a paleontologist when he grew up and thinking you found dinosaurs in the ice, so he would go freeze his dinosaur toys and then pretend to dig them up in his backyard. Except he did it naked... while very little, of course.
Disney's Robin Hood
Before the movie begins, Miki & Takahiro have a laugh.
The Squad recreates how they're staring at Takahiro.
Everyone gets the hat!
Junnsuke tells the story of the time he and General Ivan took a selfie together in front of a burning house.
"Yer breakin' my balls, Hiss! BREAKING! MY! BALLS!!!"
19th Century Youtube Comments:
Junnsuke: (old-timey voice) Dear Sir or Madam! I have reason to believe you are a homosexual!
Takahiro's knowledge of history is... somewhat lacking.
Sanzo: Going back to 1848...
Takahiro: That's when when the wheel was invented!
Sanzo: It is not...
The Squad acting gay for Sanzo leading to Junnsuke's story of "The Ding-Dong Club". It has be heard to be believed.
Takahiro is so stunned that he actually has to pause the movie to go out of the room and ask Enko whether or not Junnsuke is telling the truth. Cue a half minute of silence... and then Takahiro thundering into the room in complete shock before recounting the conversation complete with Enko impersonation.
Takahiro: *Throws the door open* OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Right after Takahiro does the Enko impression, both him and the rest of the Squad more or less collapse into laughter.
The shock at how a baker's dozen means thirteen. MIND! BLOWN!
Koichi's literal version of "adding insult to injury". "Your penmanship is subpar!"
The Land Before Time
Ren audibly ripping a pair of raggedy blue jeans so badly he has to throw them out. They get a posthumous dedication at the end of the episode.
The Goshdangodon.
The Rescuers Down Under
Takahiro's repeated dramatic gasps, which never fail to make Miki crack up.
Junnsuke lies to Koichi.
The jig is up!
Junnsuke's "Australian" accent.
Takahiro's intro line. 
Takahiro: When a man graduates from the Ding-Dong Club …he joins the Ding-Dong-Force.
The Jungle Book
At one point, Koichi somehow not only mistakes George of the Jungle for the live-action Jungle Book movie, but says that it had Tim Allen in it:
Junnsuke: Aw, you know! Good ol' Tim Allen family classic, The JAAAAAAANGLE Book!
The Squad is obligated to read off promotional blurbs for the 2016 live-action remake of the film... which they play off as messages brought to them in the beaks of increasingly ridiculous birds, including a rainbow one that grants wishes and one that sounds like Bill Cosby.
One of them isn't even a bird. It's a guinea pig.
A bird message is usually preceded by them making flapping noises and going "Hey, what's that?" During "I Wanna Be Like You", Miki tries to bring the next bird in, while Koichi begs her to put it on hold for a minute as he's getting into the song.
Miki: Yeah I know what you mean— hey hey, "woo-woo"! 
Koichi: What?
Miki: What's that? What's that?
Koichi: …Oh, come on.
Miki: No, what's that?
Koichi: Not right now, Miki.
Miki: (High pitched) What's that? What's that?
Koichi: Miki!
Miki: (Even higher-pitched) What's that?
Koichi: No, don't interrupt this part! This is good!
(the others start cracking up)
Miki: No, what's that?
Koichi: Not on this part!
Junnsuke: It's just a bunch of monkeys, Koichi!
Koichi: (Laughing) No!
Takahiro: Yes it is!
The others then continue to interrupt the song.
Sanzo: YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG!! (Ame laughs so hard she starts wheezing)
"Yeah, I'm about to fight a man-eating tiger who wants to destroy me, I'm totally safe."
When Shere Khan yanks Kaa's tail like a door ringer:
Junnsuke: Someone's at the door! Could somebody get that?
Koichi: Sure, I'll get it.
(door opening sound; Enko enters the room)
Enko: Hey, guys! 
Note that they don't actually have a doorbell, making this an instance of pure comedic timing. Them trying to explain what just happened is also hilarious.
Takahiro: Screw the fourth wall, let's break the fifth and sixth while we're at it!
This exchange:
Koichi: (as Mowgli) How do I know I can trust you?
Junnsuke: Maybe a friendship bracelet could do the trick?! (They both laugh incredulously)
"Servants! Bring me a chicken! I want to slaughter it!"
The Jungle Book 2
Oh bloody hell... every single goddamned thing. But if you want specifics...
The running gag of "REMEMBER DEES?!"
Takahiro asks if Junnsuke can call him "daddy" from now on. "But not in, like, a sexual way." Junnsuke suggests instead calling him "father". Upper-Class Twit and Hilariously Abusive Childhood ensues. "Father, will you fetch me the water bucket?" "NEVER!" "I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE!"
Okay, bye. *Smooch*
Thank God. You found the pause button.
Junnsuke's impromptu beatboxing session at the end of the episode.
Just before Kaa hypnotizes Shanti:
Shanti: Who's there?
Junnsuke: PEDO SNEK.
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
The opening skit introducing Enko!
During the scene in Twilight and Digger's hollow, Enko bakes some cookies for the Squad to eat. But then they notice that Takahiro has not eaten one yet.
Enko: How are the cookies?
Junnsuke: (muffled) They're fantastic.
Enko: They are also filled with the power of (Deep voice) DEVILS.
Junnsuke: (to Takahiro) Eat a cookie! What's wrong with you?
Takahiro: I'm full. Of beer.
Koichi: (muffled) I'M FULL OF THE DEVIL!
Junnsuke: What is the sound of 3000 mice clicking "unsubscribe"?
The Adventures of Tintin
After Barnaby gets shot:
Takahiro: What's the prognosis, Junn?
Their general confusion at the film's start.
Flushed Away
"Tip: Bananas are rich in potassium."
This episode's Title Drop appears!
Bee Movie
Enko ends the episode on a Logic Bomb.
The mock game show "Who Farted":
Junnsuke: Welcome back to WHOOOOOOO Farted?! Your host, ME! And also the answer.
The words "Please don't sue" pasted on the thumbnails for the video.
"Get back here. Get back here. Get baack here. Start a family."
The ending.
(Long silence)
Takahiro: (BELCH)
Ame: (Laughs) The end. That should just be the end. (Laughs)
Junnsuke and Takahiro's impression of Takahiro on Nyquil.
How do I life? What do buttons do?
The Squad close it out by suddenly cutting off their sentences with screaming at the top of their lungs, and then being very silent afterward, reacting to each other's screaming.
Junnsuke: Well, thank you for joining us, today on the CINEMA SQUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!
Koichi: (at the same time) Can I ask you a GEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
Junnsuke: (chuckling)
Miki: Well, that was... up to standards.
The Wiz
Jeez in a danghole.
Junnsuke: Next time on Cinema Squad... can we find out what 'jeez in a danghole' means?
Enko: It's when a girl takes her--
"Welcome back to Joe's." It just comes completely out of nowhere and is never explained.
Kiki's Delivery Service
"DUDE! Did you know breathing helps you live?"
The first five and a half minutes with Takahiro telling a story about a series of bizarre, nonsensical texts one morning from Junnsuke revolving around Tumblr. When Takahiro starts to bring it up to him one can actually hear Junnsuke and the others trying to keep straight faces. It has to be heard to believed.
The Legend of the Sky Kingdom
"We've never slept together, have we?"
Right from the start, Ren wants to know "Why are we doing this again? My day was going so well..."
Takahiro asks, "This movie should be fun, right?"
This should be enjoyable, but...
The Road to El Dorado
Junnsuke pulling the 'updog' joke on Takahiro and his happy, maniacal laughter when the joke works for the first time in his life. Made all the funnier by Takahiro asking it as 'what is updog' in the whitest possible fashion.
Nova Seed
The episode begins with the Squad over-loving the people who sent them the movie.
Takahiro's reaction to the film being over.
During the climax, Koichi wants a sandwich.
"I've been shot… with the gun of LIFE!"
The words “piece of crud" (said in an overly gruff voice) becomes something of a running joke in this commentary.
When Koichi sees Nova, he immediately starts raving about how hot she is and how much he wants to sleep with her... and keeps going long after the conversation has moved on.
Junnsuke: Who's this girl?! 
Koichi: OH! OH! I WANNA SLEEP WITH HER! I WANNA SLEEP WITH HER! Junnsuke: Who's this girl?! 
Koichi: I wanna s- 
Junnsuke: Why'd she got green skin?
Junnsuke: Why'd she got a white hair all cut in a bob?
(Much later) 
Ame: How come he’s a bug, but he’s not the size of a bug?
Koichi: I wanna go to sleep…
Ame: ...How come he’s a bug, but he’s not the size of a bug?
During a discussion of sound effects:
Junnsuke: You ever thought about doing mouth foley?
Takahiro: I have not and I'll thank you not to say things like that. That's not how I'm gonna get ahead in Hollywood.
Bionicle: The Legend Reborn
The episode opens with Koichi saying "Oh, crap."
During The Reveal that Metus was the traitor the whole time:
"Nothing a band-aid won't fix."
Meeting Ackar gets them excited:
The Dark Crystal
“Screw you, welcome to Cinema Squad.”
"Look at us, a couple of cards."
Koichi quoting his favorite line by Shakespeare:
Koichi: Doth light on yonder window breaks? ...I dunno.
Takahiro: (Laughs) Yeah, maybe. If you just give it a sec!
Steven Universe: The Movie
The entire thing, but the gruff Brookyn voices, clown pants, and domestic violence jokes were particular highlights.
"Listen to the honk on this, man!"
"I'm Carson Daly! Does anyone still know who I am?"
"Jesus! Murder Girl just came out of nowhere!"
The very beginning of the commentary has Koichi and Junnsuke singing a very mangled and mumbled version of "Prince Ali." It ends, and the commentary begins proper, with Koichi screaming "YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THIS GUY!"
The ending, where Ame starts singing The Song That Never Ends.
Ame imagines a scenario where everyone is afraid to approach Spinel during her breakdown.
Ame: You just know that everybody has to remain silent for at least thirty seconds.
Miki: Yeah...
Ame: Because anything where you're like, "Hey, don't worry about it..." she'll be like, "NO!!!!"
"I can cry and program at the same time!"
Ame!Spinel: "I know something you don't know."
"Well... this is a fine pickle!"
The Squad have a serious debate about the merits of the Ding-Dong Club.
Junnsuke spends about five minutes giving an impassioned speech defending the Ding-Dong Club.
Their impressions of Smash Mouth.
PreCure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories
Their reaction to Miden.
And in the middle of his reaction, Koichi catches Junnsuke plucking nose hairs.
Koichi: Ech! Ech! EEECH!
The Running Gag of Takahiro pronouncing "DVD" as "Dee-Bwee-Dee" as a reference to how there's no "V" sound in the Japanese language.
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Secret of the Frog Stone
Ame's weird drugged drink mixing scenario. (She switched her poisoned drink with Miki's... and then mixed them together too.) It gets more and more surreal until she suddenly snaps back to gushing over how much she loves Ojamajo Doremi.
Junnsuke rediscovered the "steamed hams" meme, leading to:
"Mmm, steamed hams."
"What if I were to [x] and disguise it as my own [x]? Delightfully devilish, Junn."
"This is a fine mess of turnips we've gotten ourselves into!"
The entire "black magic" schtick.
Koichi: "Yo! How I disappeared that bunny!? He smoke doobies real goooood!! That's how he disappear! He in the graaaave, son!"
“It's a beautiful steeeeaaak!“
Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror
Junnsuke has told long, hilariously dirty stories (Not to mention the goddamned Ding-Dong Club) but acts embarrassed about telling the viewers what time he woke up.
The Squad’s abject horror at the force-feeding scene.
Junnsuke: Oh, Jesus!
Takehiro: Oh, dang!
Sanzo: This is a kid’s movie, right?
Gulliver’s Travels (1939)
"This is the boopinest movie I've ever watched!"
Snitch hides a lantern under a bale of hay.
Takehiro: Did he just hide the lantern under the extremely flammable straw?
Junnsuke: (imitating Snitch) Look... I'm not a smart man.
And then when the spies’ lair catches fire:
[punch, punch] "Start talking!"
The Squad constantly Lampshading the fact that Gabby is the Butt Monkey of this film.
The Last Unicorn
Two words: tree boobies.
"You're not a very good wizard! There, I said it!"
Porco Rosso
Takehiro mentions that someone called him adorable when he says 420, like "an old man learning the new lingo".
420's been around forever, yo. Flippin, I was smokin when your mom was... sleeping with me. Before you were... I'm your dad, I've been meaning to tell you.
Swiss Family Robinson
Takehiro describes Fig Newtons as looking like dog doo mixed with straw. Junnsuke immediately agrees.
Miki’s unexpected Big "SHUT UP!" to Francis.
Nine months later...
Takehiro's insistence on referring to the cat as “Sylvester”.
Hey, uh, I was wondering...
Junnsuke looks over here.
"Everything about this movie is strange and...spooky."
Miki winking as the climax begins.
The Cinema Squad Drive-Thru.
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cnmouldingcom · 4 months ago
A stunning Chinese cuisine -chinese food 5
Cnmoulding continue to introduce Chinese cuisineWinter is very cold, in China what is suitable for winter food?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hot pot
On New year's Eve, is your family a variety of cooked dishes, or cooking while eating hot pot? As a traditional Chinese food, hot pot is different in different places. The spicy hot pot in Bashu area goes deep into people's three meals a day. The mutton hot pot in old Beijing nourishes the whole winter, and the Minnan people like to "surround the stove" on New year's Eve, that is, the family eats hot pot around. Winter without hot pot is incomplete, are you the same?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In addition to the hot pot is eating while cooking, barbecue is the same. Stir-fry in winter, the dish served, it will not take long to cool off. Although the barbecue will be smoked a smoke, just out of the pot barbecue to the mouth or hot. And eating barbecue, people also warm up. Like barbecue on the iron plate, for food lovers, this is the most beautiful concerto in winter. roasted sweet potato The baked sweet potato on the street in the big winter is a common scene in winter and a taste in memory. The warm sweet potato was held in his hand, and could not help eating it. This sweet taste will never be forgotten.Fried chestnutA group of people around the sale of fried chestnut is also a street landscape. The fried chestnut is more fragrant than the dried fruit. Heating chestnut eats soft waxy fresh sweet, accidentally eat too much.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seafood porridge
In winter, warm porridge can promote appetite more than dry rice. In the cold weather, drink a bowl of porridge, even if the original uncomfortable body, will be better than half. There are many kinds of porridge, seafood porridge, preserved egg porridge, ribs porridge and so on, each has its own characteristics, which porridge do you love most?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
milk soup
Mutton is warm food, winter suitable for a bowl of hot sheep soup, a bowl of the belly, warm heart warm spleen and stomach. But some people are especially afraid of mutton smell, do you dare to eat mutton?Hot Milk TeaAlthough cola is the happy water of the fat house, but in winter, hot drink is king. In cold weather, the body is burning fat to warm itself, this time especially want to eat sweet food. Although milk tea to drink ice, hot milk tea always feels sweet, but winter or like to drink warm milk tea. China mold maker can not only make a good quality mold and nice plastic part, but we also love life, like food, let you know more about Chinese food, welcome to China to taste.
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girlgrouptrash101 · 4 months ago
Cooking with Loona
Request: "i know requests are closed and i’m reallyyy sorryyyy 🥺 i’ve been going through a lot and i just didn’t have time and didn’t feel right enough to ask this: maybe cooking with loona??"
A/N: to the anonnie that requested this, i hope you're feeling better and ily ❤️❤️
(had to put a keep reading tab cuz the post was too damn long f)
- C
Tumblr media
we’ve all seen the cement brownie she tried to give to chuu on her birthday vlive..... yeah....
she always skips like half the steps when she’s following recipes and then gets confused when her food doesn’t turn out the same like,, Heejins sweetie pleASE-
lowkey can’t cook but she thinks she can because you hype her up too much
like she will serve you a dish that will somehow be both burnt and cold at the same time and you still tell her she did amazing because it makes her so happy and that’s all that matters
your guys’ favourite thing to make together is probably cupcakes or cakes
because you get to bake them and Heejin gets to decorate them, and they always end up looking and tasting immaculate
everything in your guys’ relationship works better when you’re together, you two simply complete each other :’)
Tumblr media
not only does she make the most kickass bread but girlie really is a chef of all cuisines too
you still don’t know how or where she even learned to cook so well but you aren’t complaining at all
whatever you feel like eating, Hyunjin knows how to cook it to absolute perfection and she always offers to teach you how to make your favourite dishes
you two also have matching yellow cat aprons uwu
the kind of girl to either kick you out of her kitchen for distracting her while she’s making a meal or else back hug you and help you stir a bowl with her hand over yours all romantically
it literally just depends what mood she’s in at that very moment
highkey loves loves loves cooking for you and surprising you with dinner after a long day, because her favourite thing to do is put a smile on your face :D
Tumblr media
starts off really strong and sticks to the recipe... but then her mind wanders and she's like,,, well,,, what if i add this????
and you're like haseul,,,, please don't put chilli peppers in Kim lips birthday cake, i promise she can do without them,,,,,
she finds cooking in the dorms a bit stressful, doing her best to feed the hungry members after a long day of practice
so cooking with you tends to be a much more therapeutic experience, just you two, a bit of music and some tasty treats
but she of course brings back plenty of wonderful bakes for her members to enjoy too, they're literally her babies she is can't just let them STARVE 😔🙄😢
lowkey pretends she's having trouble stirring so you'll reach from the back and help her with the spoon all romantically
miss haseul you are not slick we SEE YOU
Tumblr media
yes she did in fact bejewel her cookery book
"yeojin... I can't even read the recipes, there's too much glitter!!"
"Well Y/N, sometimes, sacrifices have to be made in the name of beauty."
said sacrifices are usually cupcakes and cakes that don't rise, burnt food or just complete mush that doesn't even look like food
however, when yeojin is fully dedicated she can pack a mean lunch, sometimes she makes them for you when you're going off to school/work, and she always makes sure presentation is A+
prefers to just go out to cafes/restaurants on dates rather than cook
but that doesn't mean there haven't been times where you and her have been in the kitchen at 2am, trying to make a gigantic cake for you and all her members to share 😌
Tumblr media
has the most peaceful, lofi cooking playlist ever
you two work in harmony, always helping one another but never tripping over the other in the kitchen
it's so harmonious it's like.... y'all were meant to be or sumn idk 😳😳😳
however if u try to eat any batter she will smack ur hand and be like no ⛔ that is for LATER hfhdhd
her hair always gets tied up in the cutest little bun when she's baking, and that along with her fairy apron makes her look like an actual princess
she also LOVES cooking/teaching you how to make her favourite foods from Hong Kong that she'd always make with her mom
those meals always help her when she's homesick, and with you by her side make her feel like she's not alone 🥺
Kim Lip:
Tumblr media
CEO of pretending she has everything under control when in reality she has absolutely no idea what’s going on
“Uhhh Jungeun, is something burning?” “NOPE NOPE IDK WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT HA HA HA........”
wants to put your apron on you every time but she’s always way too shy to ask so she just resorts to back-hugging you until you get the hint and let her tie a cute little bow behind your back with the apron string hehe
makes pretty decent food when she’s not flailing around and panicking over a single grain of rice that escaped from the pot or something
however she refuses to admit when she messes up in the kitchen
like she could burn something to a crisp or use completely the wrong ingredients but she’d still eat every bite just to prove she’s the best cook in the house
if your food sucks she will tell you to your face, followed by a kiss so you forget about the fact she just roasted your cooking skills lol
Tumblr media
Jinsoul gives off Hawaiian shirt drunk uncle at the family barbecue vibes who won't let anyone near the steaks
and you're like,, Jinsoul do you even know what you're doing????????? to which she responds - "food, heat, it's cooking. isn't that all i need to know?"
chaotic but refuses to acknowledge the chaos she causes in the kitchen
so when you have baking dates u have to keep such a close eye on her to make sure she isn't going to poison anyone with her creations
once she gets into it tho, she's grooving around the kitchen in her little robot apron, dancing to Christmas songs when it's not even Christmas and just 10/10 having a blast
not really the biggest fan of cooking but she knows you are, and since you help her build her gundams she does like to try and help our properly in the kitchen when she can
perhaps Jinsoul best girl???? perhaps??????
Tumblr media
hello this sunshine absolutely LOVES baking, especially for others because putting a smile on someone's face is her main goal in life
she loves decorating with icing too, her go to patterns are smiley faces, flowers and the sun!
her playlists are always so upbeat, the two of you end up bouncing around the kitchen singing at the top of your lungs as you work
LOVES LOVES LOOOOOVES backhugs, especially recieving them,,, it makes her feel all worm and mushy inside hehe
also likes to kiss face icing off of your face, just to have an excuse to give you as many little pecks as she so desires
choerry always makes you a birthday cake every year, and she puts so much work into it, it absolutely melts your heart
plus it makes her happy to see you eating well and having a good time, she truly just is the biggest sweetheart :']
Tumblr media
she always says yes whenever you ask her to cook with you, but only because she just wants to flirt with you for an hour
"why do we need to make all this food, when the real snack is right in front of me? 😏"
cooking with you actually really does make her happy though, she loves that she can be so domestic with you, it's such an amazing break from her hectic life
also lowkey makes her feel like you're a married couple... and you best believe Yves can't wait to wife you up
she doesn't suck at cooking, but has often times gotten,,, ahem,,,, somewhat distracted and has prioritized making out with you against the kitchen counter rather than how long the food has been cooking, which ends up in a lot of burnt meals
baking with her is really a time, and has more than once ended in a very messy food fight because Yves wouldn't stop smearing icing all over your face 💔
her specialty is dialing the local takeaway and ordering food instead ✨ okay Yves Ramsey go off ✨
Tumblr media
this baby girl is just torn between actually wanting to cook or just asking you to cook with her so she can get affection from you (as if she doesn't get that anyway smh)
backhugs except she won't let go
whenever she's making something she calls you over and she's like "Y/N is this okay?" and always asks for kisses as a reward for doing good
will feed you every single ingredient no questions asked
she loves surprising you with meals on very random occasions though, for example that one time she cooked your favourite food because it was the anniversary of the first time she got sick while dating you
she's actually a pretty good cook when she puts her mind to it though, she loves making good food that'll cheer people up when they really need it
btw you will be forced to wear matching aprons and they will be the pinkest, loudest and sparkliest ones that she can get her hands on ✨
Go Won:
Tumblr media
have the fire service on speed dial before you even think about cooking with gowon omg
you literally also need to have indestructible tastebuds because she WILL destroy them
her speciality is starting fires and combining foods that were NEVER. EVER. E V E R. meant to be combined 😭😭
"babe come try this dish!! it's ramen mixed with coca cola, jelly and vegetable soup!!! it tastes GREAT trust me"
at the end of the day you just leave her be in the kitchen because at least she's having fun LMAO
(just always have a fire hydrant by your side okay??? she set the loona dorm on fire making chicken nuggets once...)
despite all her chaos, she somehow always produces something edible at the end and.... sometimes it actually tastes good too???
Olivia Hye:
Tumblr media
lets you do all the work cuz she's worried she "might mess it up" when in reality she just wants to order takeout and cuddle instead smhhh
will probably follow you around the kitchen or rest her head on your shoulder while you do all the cooking, because this tsundere is secretly the biggest softie for you
she's actually a decent chef when she's motivated to help though
like she even put together a cooking playlist for you guys - which she very shyly revealed to you one time, a slight blush on her cheeks as she played the songs for you
cuz miss olhye is very much a romantic, she just doesn't have the confidence to show you all that yet hehe
her favourite is making desserts because well,,,, she gets to eat the batter and also gets tasty treats at the end
10/10 cooking backhugs also 🖐️😌
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schwedy · 7 months ago
Playlist: Sept 21 2020
摘一筐野果,做一碗凉粉,清凉解暑又营养美味_A delicacy made from wild fruits_杨大碗-990zzf6of9U.mp4 ( 8:38)
Cowboy Crunchwrap _ How to Make the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme-CQizhznzlvM.mkv (14: 4)
천연 효모빵 128버거 _ double cheese bacon burger _ korean street food-wiu-6BrVoHA.mkv ( 8: 5)
선선한 가을 맞이 일상 🍂 올여름 이젠 안녕-tXTkigyCuEI.mkv (14:16)
Master of SAMOSA - Only 10_-Rs Samosa Chaat in Madhya Pradesh _ Indian Street Food-_0yRRpuCI4k.mp4 ( 8:14)
「一席一果」水果药王——百香果【滇西小哥】-63nB2Fti-C4.mp4 ( 9:48)
IKEA Restaurant Food-mdRVX7NR8XA.mkv (18:48)
Fried Fish Balls Recipe _ How Make Pickled Papaya _ Prepare By Countryside Life TV-7-M5CYXyh2o.mkv ( 9: 8)
$210 Omi Wagyu in Kyoto - Teppanyaki in Japan-7nRGQkkdsXk.mkv (14:22)
Put drinks in the Can and spin it! BOOM! _ Korea cafe vlog by Zoe-BTkSNbkf7K8.mkv (10: 1)
Vegetable Lo Mein _ Kenji's Cooking Show-iac_idcz6XE.mp4 (18:17)
かき氷を食べるカワウソのビンゴとベル|Otter Bingo&Belle having shaved ice in hot summer-xN_Hwl9_q38.mkv ( 5:22)
Most Delicious Salmon Head Miso Soup - Ishikari Nabe Style _ Bakkafrost Salmon-4MlMjpKtuqY.mkv (20:55)
Yummy Pandan Leaves Jelly Cooking - Jelly Cooking - Jelly Pandan Leaves Taste-2LEUIIKBxnU.mp4 (10: 1)
Wow amazing cooking chicken roasted with coca-cola recipe-e1zA28FLzGg.mp4 (12:25)
India's Most Skillful Omelet Making _ Art of Cooking Perfect Bread Omelet _ Indian Street Food-gHUoVES2Jk0.mkv ( 5:25)
Bangkok Night Market Today-kDlCZZGyNvM.mp4 (15:57)
파전에 치즈폭탄! 김치전에 치즈폭탄! _ green onion cheese pancake, kimchi cheese pancake - korean street food-bVnN_GhMM7E.mp4 ( 6:55)
Northern Thai Food - Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai! _ Huen Jai Yong (เฮือนใจ๋ยอง)-DjO2rWwvGbw.mp4 (15: 4)
떡볶이를 곁들인 명품 흑돼지 통삼겹 튀김 _ 제주시 구좌읍 세화리-6aPJFAs_l_Y.mp4 (10:51)
Wild Camping on a Deserted Beach-S2_GL-TaMeI.mp4 (21:50)
Grilled Lasagna-EI9wbxcVeQw.mkv (16:33)
초콜릿칩 스콘 만들기 _ Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe _ Cooking tree-27Vdg2MgA5M.mkv ( 6:42)
Satisfying Knife Skills - Top 5 Melt-In-Your-Mouth Recipes By Masterchef • Taste Show-QgcfUBbigIo.mkv (18:37)
Egg Rice Roll Omelette Gimbap - Korean Street Food-GQoiLVZjVHw.mkv (10: 2)
Eating ONLY VENDING MACHINE FOOD & CREEPY Vending Machines in Tokyo Japan-yXCsrZhDgY8.mp4 (33:37)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
Street Food Korea - Delicious South Korean Dishes-H2ZQa8834Qw.mkv (10: 9)
Malaysian Street Food __ Mie Goreng-6NYKAyNtQZ0.mkv (10:18)
Korean girls Try New York, Chicago, Detroit Style Pizzas-ooizM4P27lA.mkv ( 9:29)
Street Food In Germany _ Amazing Street Foods In Germany-m7BMd70vfoI.mkv (10: 3)
즉석에서 튀겨주는 닭강정 맛집 _ 길거리 음식 _ 부산 광복동 (korean seasoned spicy chicken )-2nYFj0aCmJU.mp4 (10: 3)
Boneless Whole Turkey for Thanksgiving - How to Bone, Stuff, & Roast a Whole Turkey-q0TfYHzEOcs.mp4 (10: 8)
Fried Green Tomatoes-264jdvatpDI.mp4 ( 5:52)
カワウソビンゴ遊び疲れたら自分でドア閉めた!Otter Bingo shut us out when he got tired from playing-2k53KdXXvNs.mkv ( 2:55)
JERUSALEM STREET FOOD _ Jewish Street Food at MAHANE YEHUDA MARKET - Street Food in Jerusalem 2019-eK0L97k6KMs.mkv (16:51)
無油!快手小姐姐清晨製作的山東雞蛋雜糧煎餅 _ 上海黃浦區-9M7ZcXE3vjI.mp4 ( 9:49)
Cooking 500KG MUTTON BIRYANI For 3000 Peoples _ WORLD FAMOUS AMBUR MUTTON BIRYANI-_x1oiG2mWnA.mkv (19:19)
Argentina Street Food. Huge Blocks of Meat on Fire-V4JNKpRYbT8.mp4 ( 3:54)
Mexico - Street Food Market Tlacolula-MPCcM7MCxV0.mkv (19:30)
Cooking fish with Sesbania Pickle in my homeland - Polin Lifestyle-MZhR6Kj6ycQ.mkv (10:41)
India's Biggest Kachori _ Raj Kachori _ Indian Street Food-w0dv_XkdJUk.mp4 ( 6: 6)
EAT LIKE A LOCAL ! $5 Lunch in a Small Russian Town _ Different Russia-TnWzJqKeV4M.mkv (13: 3)
1773 Apple Pie - One of the Earliest Recipes-a4gFHlRE3KM.mkv (10: 0)
Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul-BmEFZYOMCgI.mkv (13:51)
Yummy Balut Cooking Coconut Juice - Balut Recipe - Cooking With Sros-whEupKV_zgs.mkv (10: 5)
Let me ask you, what would you eat on snowy days if not hot pot_ ▎Snowy days go well with hot pot❤-vcSGNu18AdA.mkv ( 9:40)
Pasta all'amatriciana_ originale vs. gourmet - Gabriele Perilli e Angelo Troiani-Mia4kr2f-ns.mp4 (12:24)
HOW TO MAKE TASTY TOSTADAS _ Cooking With Verne-UqoFeBsNM6E.mkv ( 6:37)
农村小妹山上摘了一篮子 又大又甜皮又薄的贵州软籽石榴回来 泡石榴酒,又去挖些红薯回来烤着吃,看着都好吃 _ pomegranate and sweet potato 【野小妹wild girl】-vclD9kt-8Qw.mkv (11: 0)
Auntie Fee Breakfast Quesadilla-orciCZnz0Ks.mp4 (12:47)
Five People DIED Eating This!!! Japan's DANGEROUS Raw Food Culture!!-UgqkIeU_jTA.mp4 (13:35)
手工制作传统工艺压面机🍜Traditional Craft Noodles Making Machine丨小喜XiaoXi丨Handcrafted-2Fft7jSisNo.mp4 ( 9: 9)
Texas Turkey Breast-aq5Pk7RgMEA.mkv ( 9:10)
츄러스 핫도그!🌭 츄로도그 만들기 _ Churros Corn dog(Hot dog) Korean Street Food _ チュロスアメリカンドッグ韓国式 _ Cooking tree-ERKn0mcWUek.mkv (12:36)
Pro【黒酢のスブタ】Sweet and Sour Pork ・Black ver 黒糖醋肉-NuLEUyZxREo.mp4 ( 6:16)
🍜🥚 Spicy & Moist_ Fried Rice Noodle (w eggs, beansprouts, scallion) • Fried Kway Teow Goreng-qeK5XtwIWxE.mp4 ( 7:50)
1998 US Ration Cold Weather from Stickyfingaz745 RCW 24 Hour MRE Review Military Pt 1 Breakfast-xiHoMnXPtEE.mkv (16:13)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
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Playlist: Sept 13 2020
芭蕉叶烹饪的云南菜:包烧【滇西小哥】-XvqeWXVP_uY.mp4 ( 5: 7)
McDonald’s Goodies in Singapore _ Hello Kitty-9p3I5bR4U4E.mp4 ( 6:12)
PAV BHAJI with full BLOCK of BUTTER _ Extremely Buttery _ Indian Street Food-738swCNuslQ.mp4 (10:11)
A Japanese Take on American Sushi-Hgiu9cqph5Y.mp4 ( 5:59)
Wie du Straußenei & Steak zum Frühstück ASMR grillst 🔥🔥🔥-NIEECO9jXT4.mkv ( 8:43)
Traditional Bamboo Weaving丨编竹簸箕丨4K UHD丨小喜XiaoXi丨美观实用的传统竹编文化--编竹簸箕-b_g8R5E2LvM.mp4 (17:24)
LGRwich №16 - Spicy Roast Beef Devilwich-PomCvwYm5XQ.mkv ( 4:51)
대만에서 유명한 스테이크 누들 taiwan egg noodle steak _ taiwanese street food-lJm153i9UWU.mkv ( 6:53)
BANANA BREAD LOAF 香蕉土司麵包 ll Apron-KDAznRsfPjo.mp4 (11:54)
マジ?バケツを見たカワウソ ビンゴの反応(OH! Otter Bingo’s reaction on a water bucket.)-QuzdWGW0QqQ.mkv ( 5:54)
The Best Cream Pan with Custard Filling Recipe (Japanese Sweet Buns with Pastry Cream)-3FGJQkucagI.mkv (10:38)
とんかつ定食!下処理しっかりでサクサクジューシー!【和食・基本・お肉(豚肉)】【料理レシピはParty Kitchen🎉】-2X4U-FQ6hq8.mkv ( 8:35)
Street Food Japan - A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine-sWisuBtbypE.mkv (14:58)
ハンバーガー、ポテトチップス、ハム、チョコレート、おもしろコースターを紹介【雑貨紹介】#431-SUCEDDfuyWc.mkv ( 5:44)
Favorite Soups_ Cheesy Potato Soup, Fresh Cabbage and Thyme and Hearty Hodge Podge Beef Soup-VupI5JAYV5U.mkv (13:56)
노오븐! 녹차 치즈케이크 만들기 NO-BAKE! Green Tea Cheesecakes Recipe _ 한세 HANSE-GRTkTsfURVU.mkv ( 7:52)
SELF-HEATING Instant Chinese Spicy HOT POT - add water & watch it heat itself like an MRE-CmgsNodnuUk.mp4 (11:37)
Wheel Pies _New Taipei City,Banqiao _ Taiwan Street Food_車輪餅_ 板橋美食-08bhbIJ6dfk.mkv ( 6: 7)
Japanese Street Food - Peking Duck in Kobe Chinatown--x3TUpjGzo4.mkv (12:31)
もちもち触感 ミニチュアパンのスクイーズ5種 Miniature Bread squeeze-guEFhaQvi6U.mkv ( 3:40)
Salad Vending Machine-OoHE04o4btI.mp4 (11: 9)
Chinese Street Food LEVEL 9000 -The ULTIMATE Chinese Street Food Tour of Chengdu, China - SICHUAN!-SU4kNMXG3Rc.mp4 (19:37)
Survival skills - girl finding scorpion - cook eating delicious 96-M-RBi1kqEwY.mkv (10: 4)
Whole Chicken in a Can _ Ashens-rVza_AnhQ3E.mkv ( 9:44)
Traditional Egg Biryani Recipe _ Quick and Easy Egg Dum Biryani By Our Grandpa Kitchen-ZjI-ohuC0L4.mkv (13:19)
DIY Replica Food Kit - Ginger Ale 食品サンプルキットさんぷるん ジンジャーエール作り-MtUPAhmZzUA.mkv ( 3:26)
BUTTER LOADED Pav Bhaji _ 200 KG Butter Every Day _ Indian Street Food-JNj5lihuQxY.mp4 (10:44)
Indonesia Street Food Akau Potong Lembu-6hw6wehXzV8.mkv (21:41)
Korean Noodles and Grill by _Best Street Food Chef of the Year_, London-1Sipg7tTOD4.mkv (10:19)
Great Depression Cooking - Depression Breakfast-9zXqkHvs0po.mkv ( 6:13)
Japanese Street Food - OSAKA SEAFOOD Giant Scallops, Oysters, Sea Urchin Japan-BJXqssUmiys.mp4 (20:52)
Yummy cooking chicken with banana flower recipe - Cooking skill-2tVOsKQGQ7k.mp4 (10: 5)
山里面摘回來的小黃薑 用中國貴州傳統的做法,这个冬天就吃它啦! In China, ginger cooking method _ Chinese Food 野小妹Wild Girl-nrAZNztu5II.mp4 (10: 6)
2018 Chinese PLA Type 13 MRE Individual Self Heating Meal Ready to Eat Worst Ration Taste Testing-n96m5lB8nzA.mkv (17:29)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
30 kg eggplants cooking recipe with pork in my family-dK_y0qaLbGA.mp4 (11:45)
Big Burgers and Lots of Melted Cheese. Traditional London Street Food-owHUQX7Xf2U.mkv (10: 7)
Extreme Thai Street Food - JACUZZI MEAT PARADISE! _ Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่), Thailand-OS0ZQv6VJ-A.mp4 (22:41)
BETTER THAN TAKEOUT - Beef Lo Mein Recipe (牛肉捞面)-Ch6y83CATLs.mkv ( 6:20)
Fair Plus Supermarket In Province _ Fresh Fruit Juice and Fresh Vegetable Recipe-oM30QpfF9jE.mkv (14:19)
This is a Tasty Burger _ Kenji's Cooking Show-YO0DYsT7y-o.mp4 ( 9: 9)
Top 5 Stir Fry Recipes by Chinese Masterchef _ Cooking Chinese Food • Taste Show-zCuBSUebt1Q.mkv (20:45)
Bacon Pepper Poppers-0LI9Kv0yYMk.mp4 ( 6:31)
マンゴーレアチーズケーキの作り方 No-Bake Mango Cheesecake*No oven, No egg|HidaMari Cooking-uPw820liOG4.mkv ( 8:42)
CAFE VLOG_카페알바브이로그_카페브이로그_KOREAN CAFE_한옥카페_딸기라떼_아메리카노-a_KyTkbqOTU.mkv (14:24)
CAMPING IN OUR BACKYARD ⛺ ft Cookie S'mores & Sausage Skewers-hMBjgBnIb04.mp4 (24:12)
Cola Egg Fried Rice _ Unbelievable Fusion of Cola & 30 Eggs _ Indian Street Food-sO6V02HpF80.mkv (10: 2)
TURNING WATERMELON INTO VEGAN TUNA _ Does It Actually Taste Like Tuna_-30hhXePAXpY.mkv (15:23)
Self Heating Meals Just Add Water-Zq7-OAXGt1E.mkv ( 8:29)
Old Traditional CHINESE MARKET In Bangkok _ TALAT KAO-t5sIvFnrJH0.mp4 (22:54)
Salmon Fin Crispy Cooking On The Dish - Cooking With Sros-00ipJ_lI6cw.mp4 ( 8: 1)
INFERNO KITCHEN 🔥 Da Lat's Famous Banh Mi Chao _ Vietnamese Street Food-QSRDfSKIhrk.mkv (20: 8)
수원 왕갈비통닭 - 수원 통닭거리 _ sweet and soy chicken - korean street food-NqKU4T82Jqg.mkv ( 4:55)
Vietnam’s Aquaman!! SPIKY Sea Urchin and Seafood FEAST!! _ Surviving Vietnam Part 7-TCfepXZ-2cQ.mp4 (26:18)
버블티 안팔아요..-biWPCSv8wvM.mp4 (11:23)
Cretan Food!! ULTIMATE GREEK FOOD Tour - Mezedes + SPIT MEAT (Kontosouvli) Street Food in Athens!-x03EOnL6-zQ.mkv (21: 9)
Indian Brothers Making Spiciest Egg Dish _ Two Layer Cheese Chilli Fry _ Indian Street Food-Gp7u3XpJBlU.mkv (11:45)
Quick-fermenting radish water kimchi with apple broth (Dongchimi_ 동치미)-n45BLSybVmY.mkv (14:42)
H-MART vs. ALL YOU CAN EAT Korean BBQ in New York-NajBqbLgh_M.mp4 (18:36)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
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Playlist: Aug 07 2020
$1 FRIED CHICKEN Noodles _ Hidden STREET FOOD In Vietnam--2oT91-EQZk.mkv (20: 6)
4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life! Part 14-bEfICSSRhEg.mp4 (13:44)
[Eng]카페 브이로그_cafe vlog_샌드위치 단면 귀여운 거 다들 알았으면 좋겠다_sandwich_카페사장_카페알바 브이로그_샌드위치 반대로 자르면 어떻게 되냐구요_-QD2ISFUiLvQ.mkv (11:22)
Giant THAI BREAKFAST!! Homestay Tour in Sukhothai, Thailand! _ Ban Na Ton Chan (บ้านนาต้นจั่น)-nCrtf6ZjG7w.mp4 (15:43)
노오븐! 밥솥 카스테라 만들기 _ Rice Cooker Castella Recipe (No-oven) _ Cooking tree-xHJezmWqKvA.mkv ( 8:11)
BEST TASTING SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD _ Catch And Cook Squid 3 Ways-yN8FSQ5a3KE.mp4 (21:35)
[SUB] 포슬포슬한 🍉수박 설기떡 만들기~_🍉(Watermelon Rice Cake)_ REAL SOUND _ 초의 데일리쿡-Ql3qXZBnoVo.mkv (10: 9)
야! 나두 프레첼 만들수있어..-QbDPr0BowSQ.mp4 (17: 5)
How To Make Guava Jelly _ Pick Guava Fruit _ Prepare By Countryside Life TV-Hc60WX6QQqI.mkv (10:44)
Steak and Eggs Breakfast Burrito _ SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K-gGD1K-hrcls.mp4 (21: 3)
Blue Crab Meat Peeling Fried Rice Cooking - Cooking With Sros-cw3ypOxjnFI.mp4 (10: 3)
Italy Street Food. Huge Burgers, Sausages, Ribs, Melted Cheese, Crepes, Gnocchi and More-vnCn-w76-ug.mkv (23:57)
Wow amazing cooking chicken leg crispy with noodle chili recipe-hq2NZ44WTYY.mp4 (13:48)
PRATUNAM MARKET _ Shopping And Street Food In BANGKOK-klGkXHUpoUg.mkv (13: 6)
【中国传统油纸伞丨Chinese style oiled paper umbrella】丨小喜XiaoXi丨做了一把拥有千年历史文化的中国传统油纸伞-lRukJDSCUHQ.mp4 (17:26)
$101 Wagyu Filet Lunch - Central Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan-vBLHdD0-C7s.mkv (11: 1)
Eating All Meals at a 7-Eleven in Singapore-Jt87_K5atko.mp4 (15: 0)
India's Cheapest Pav Bhaji _ Rs 10 Half Plate, Rs 25 Full Plate _ Indian Street Food-IGNoIlf4mLk.mkv ( 8: 7)
Egg Fried Rice Three Ways (Pro Burner, Home Range, and Wok-Free) _ Kenji's Cooking Show-u2MJzEuI0vI.mp4 (16:41)
Steak Feuer & Eisen Delmonico ASMR 🔥🔥🔥-R84rNQg78JY.mp4 ( 5:59)
cheese shrimp toast _ korea street food-AZrN0wf1Z0U.mkv (13:22)
Korean Popular Snacks Spicy Rice Cake Fried Squid - Korean Street Food-OvFRs51LBW0.mkv (12:14)
Uzbekistan Street Food in Miami - Somsa, Lagman & Plov _ Sunny Isles-XKLHdylMH_U.mp4 (28:31)
Strawberry Shortcake-L3dkXAIMFek.mkv (11:46)
20 HOUR SMOKED A5 Japanese Wagyu BEEF BRISKET! (With Hachiko District)-BEViS0joTiA.mp4 (12:13)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
줄서서 먹는 오믈렛 팟타이 thailand egg omelet noodle - phad thai _ thailand street food-vPGbdr3dq9o.mkv ( 6:47)
Falooda Recipe _ Refreshing Cold Beverage _ Falooda Ice Cream Recipe _ Grandpa Kitchen-slQN2DNOraQ.mkv (13: 8)
做一道云南白族特色菜:凉拌吹猪肝【滇西小哥】-4Go4vpAdMTo.mkv ( 4:48)
More Pizza Vending Machine-gm2Zs6tMvvo.mkv ( 5:17)
Handmade Wooden Teapot丨仿制一把紫檀西施壶丨4K UHD丨小喜XiaoXi丨Traditional Craft-k4FXkt7TEmc.mp4 ( 9:40)
醃製了30天的冬瓜,奇臭無比,越臭越香,中國三臭之一臭冬瓜-tSQkZWAmM84.mkv (12:14)
꿈틀거리는 싱싱한 개불 손질 gaebul - penis fish _ korean seafood _ jagalchi fish market _ 부산 자갈치 해산물 _ 길거리음식-ZU97D_BuvEY.mkv ( 2:41)
Auntie Fees Grilled Steak & Onions-z5Cbi9GLETs.mkv ( 5:32)
달달한 식빵팝콘 만들기 Caramel Bread Popcorn-MvvdqLaZ0HQ.mkv ( 3:58)
Delicious 1794 Roast Beef! - Dutch Oven Cooking-0DRkQ8S1Kwk.mkv ( 7:27)
Tamagoyaki & Onigiri Breakfast Recipe-Lw-zSzjHjSU.mkv ( 5:48)
2018 MRE Pepperoni Pizza MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Ration Taste Testing-u_sY-nJ179U.mkv (15:45)
面包窖-TT5bbGkT92g.mkv ( 5: 5)
파스텔🍭 레인보우 크레이프 케이크 만들기 _ Pastel Rainbow Crepe Cake Recipe _ パステルレインボークレープケーキ _ Cooking tree-vaj2TSPe5_4.mkv (11:22)
Our Version of Mountain Man Breakfast-ARKTRxaDc64.mkv ( 6:32)
Meet the churros and the hotdog - churrodog 3,500KRW _ korean street food-t3v_cjvzwTA.mkv ( 5:48)
Anh đầu bếp trổ tài làm Xôi Chiên Phồng to và tròn đẹp mắt vô cùng-0rZsSFzXVc4.mp4 ( 6:54)
Pineapple Inipit Cake (recipe sa aking bakery)-8VV4v-EBl2A.mkv ( 8:33)
태국 캐릭터 빵 thailand animation character bread _ thailand street food-7nCrM-oZys8.mkv ( 7:33)
No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake*Eggless & Without Oven チョコレート・レアチーズケーキの作り方|HidaMari Cooking-GptAgiAxDP4.mkv ( 9: 5)
Beef and Cheese Enchiladas Recipe _ Easy Tex Mex Enchiladas _ Enchilada Sauce Recipe-CjoVxMSdfKg.mkv (13: 3)
おもしろ雑貨コレクターが「これはおもしろい!」と思ったキッチン雑貨15選-zOmLAqHY8Lo.mkv ( 9:37)
Baklava-fWBmS9Ta9c0.mkv ( 6:50)
How to Make French Toast!! Classic Quick and Easy Recipe-r1ZLSbQ0r0I.mkv ( 5:10)
Kalakand Sweet Recipe 2018 - Milk Kalakand Barfi - How To Make Kalakand - Indian Sweets Making Video-yEFv91R647Q.mkv (10: 3)
GRAPHIC_ GIANT LIVE Maine Lobster HUGE Sushi Roll _ Guga Foods Collab!-mAM9Qo0Ikw4.mp4 (22:25)
Homemade Roti Canai-f4OGNIt_S1I.mkv ( 5:52)
How to make Cabbage patties-bmfBjNeCMQ8.mkv ( 3:57)
1500원 시장표 김밥의 놀라운 퀄리티 _ 길거리음식 _ 안양중앙시장-2TmiaDywGsE.mkv ( 5:28)
English Muffins Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 651-DgL7AEADtwY.mkv (10:22)
TMAGOYAKI Bread _ JAPANESE OMELETTE Sandwich _ Japan Street food _ Nishiki Market Kyoto-YlrX0yR4HjA.mp4 (11:24)
How to Make Cola-U2HS_hswGmQ.mkv ( 5:53)
TANDOORI CHAI _ Extremely Hot Pot Tea _ Indian Street Food-UAPkTPe7kDA.mkv ( 5:35)
Great Depression Era MOCK APPLE PIE - Apple-less Ritz Cracker Pie _ HARD TIMES-4s4PjOyujn8.mkv (13:40)
쉬어가는 계절, 포근한 시골의 가을 🍂-g1yCzp7EDg4.mkv (13:57)
India's Fastest Falooda Vendor _ Triple Scoop Royal Falooda _ Indian Street Food-EO9T_q7eq64.mkv ( 7: 3)
ドラキュラのニンニクみじん切り器でニンニク料理が簡単になる!?【雑貨紹介】#425-ypMhNvdh_zw.mkv ( 8:44)
Make your Own Cup Noodle in Instant Noodle Museum, Osaka Japan-MmmxOHoI8RA.mkv ( 4:20)
Medovik RUSSIAN HONEY CAKE Recipe ( медового торта )-_EEV3wRQHfw.mkv ( 8:59)
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe - Easy Dinner-LPPcNPdq_j4.mkv ( 5:25)
豌豆凉粉一个简单窍门轻松制作%100完美凉粉_消暑清凉一夏整,我的做法和别人不一样 _ 2019【野小妹】欢迎来自“马来西亚”“新加坡”和“台湾”世界各地的朋友-3Wi4ePFOAYc.mkv ( 5:55)
SchwedyStreamBumper.mp4 ( 0:10)
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Playlist: Aug 06 2020
줄서서 먹는 오믈렛 팟타이 thailand egg omelet noodle - phad thai _ thailand street food-vPGbdr3dq9o.mkv ( 6:47)
Falooda Recipe _ Refreshing Cold Beverage _ Falooda Ice Cream Recipe _ Grandpa Kitchen-slQN2DNOraQ.mkv (13: 8)
做一道云南白族特色菜:凉拌吹猪肝【滇西小哥】-4Go4vpAdMTo.mkv ( 4:48)
More Pizza Vending Machine-gm2Zs6tMvvo.mkv ( 5:17)
Handmade Wooden Teapot丨仿制一把紫檀西施壶丨4K UHD丨小喜XiaoXi丨Traditional Craft-k4FXkt7TEmc.mp4 ( 9:40)
醃製了30天的冬瓜,奇臭無比,越臭越香,中國三臭之一臭冬瓜-tSQkZWAmM84.mkv (12:14)
꿈틀거리는 싱싱한 개불 손질 gaebul - penis fish _ korean seafood _ jagalchi fish market _ 부산 자갈치 해산물 _ 길거리음식-ZU97D_BuvEY.mkv ( 2:41)
Auntie Fees Grilled Steak & Onions-z5Cbi9GLETs.mkv ( 5:32)
달달한 식빵팝콘 만들기 Caramel Bread Popcorn-MvvdqLaZ0HQ.mkv ( 3:58)
Delicious 1794 Roast Beef! - Dutch Oven Cooking-0DRkQ8S1Kwk.mkv ( 7:27)
Tamagoyaki & Onigiri Breakfast Recipe-Lw-zSzjHjSU.mkv ( 5:48)
2018 MRE Pepperoni Pizza MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Ration Taste Testing-u_sY-nJ179U.mkv (15:45)
面包窖-TT5bbGkT92g.mkv ( 5: 5)
파스텔🍭 레인보우 크레이프 케이크 만들기 _ Pastel Rainbow Crepe Cake Recipe _ パステルレインボークレープケーキ _ Cooking tree-vaj2TSPe5_4.mkv (11:22)
Our Version of Mountain Man Breakfast-ARKTRxaDc64.mkv ( 6:32)
Meet the churros and the hotdog - churrodog 3,500KRW _ korean street food-t3v_cjvzwTA.mkv ( 5:48)
Anh đầu bếp trổ tài làm Xôi Chiên Phồng to và tròn đẹp mắt vô cùng-0rZsSFzXVc4.mp4 ( 6:54)
Pineapple Inipit Cake (recipe sa aking bakery)-8VV4v-EBl2A.mkv ( 8:33)
태국 캐릭터 빵 thailand animation character bread _ thailand street food-7nCrM-oZys8.mkv ( 7:33)
No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake*Eggless & Without Oven チョコレート・レアチーズケーキの作り方|HidaMari Cooking-GptAgiAxDP4.mkv ( 9: 5)
Beef and Cheese Enchiladas Recipe _ Easy Tex Mex Enchiladas _ Enchilada Sauce Recipe-CjoVxMSdfKg.mkv (13: 3)
おもしろ雑貨コレクターが「これはおもしろい!」と思ったキッチン雑貨15選-zOmLAqHY8Lo.mkv ( 9:37)
Baklava-fWBmS9Ta9c0.mkv ( 6:50)
How to Make French Toast!! Classic Quick and Easy Recipe-r1ZLSbQ0r0I.mkv ( 5:10)
Kalakand Sweet Recipe 2018 - Milk Kalakand Barfi - How To Make Kalakand - Indian Sweets Making Video-yEFv91R647Q.mkv (10: 3)
GRAPHIC_ GIANT LIVE Maine Lobster HUGE Sushi Roll _ Guga Foods Collab!-mAM9Qo0Ikw4.mp4 (22:25)
Homemade Roti Canai-f4OGNIt_S1I.mkv ( 5:52)
How to make Cabbage patties-bmfBjNeCMQ8.mkv ( 3:57)
1500원 시장표 김밥의 놀라운 퀄리티 _ 길거리음식 _ 안양중앙시장-2TmiaDywGsE.mkv ( 5:28)
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thesoundofanicefall · 9 months ago
Here you and the part on Wrat19 volume 1 chapter 3 which Guren had the same sweet dream like what Mika had on chapter 93 which shows Guren's deepest desires.
Guren dreamed.
It wasn't a sexy dream. It was a lively, tranquil dream.
Guren was sitting by a river---he was pretty sure it was the one whete he had first met Mahiru. It was in his hometown, in Aichi Prefecture. The same river where he had spent so much time training in his youth.
The sun was already dipping below the horizon, and the sky had turned a startling crimson.
Guren had spent another day training, swinging his wooden sword this way and that.
But he was no longer a boy. He was prerty sure he was sixteen.
Across the river on the opposite bank sat Mahiru.
She was dressed in her school sailor uniform, bare legs dangline from her skirt and kicking at the surface of the river, sending sprays of water into the air.
Guren looked around and saw that his friends were also there. Norito was trying to start a fire. Now Guren rememberedt They were having a cookout. They had all gone down to the river that day to make curry.
Mito, Sayuri, and Shigure were preparing the food.
A little further off, Shinya was trying to put up the tent.
Glancing towards him, Shinya said, "C'mon, Guren, help out."
"You hear that?" Guren shouted across the river to Mahitu.
"You help out, too."
But Mahiru just smiled and said nothing.
"I sid help out!"
She smiled at him.
She just kept on smiling.
"Guren! Gurennn!" shouted Norito.
"I cant get the fire vtarted. This charcoal's damp."
"Should I bring more from home? It wasnt far."
"Yesh, would you?"
Guren set off walking toward his family's home.
That day had bcen so tranquil, the weather so gorgeous. A perfect day for camping and a cookout.
When Guren arrived home, Shigure and Sayuris patents wete both there. They told him how happy they were to see him again.
Guren had no idea what the fuss was about, so he just noddod aid began looking around for more charcoal. He was prey sure tbere was some out in the shed.
As he was making his way actoss the garden, he ran into his father.
His father beamed at him. "Did you make some friends in Tokyo?"
"I guess. I mean, I don't know ifI'd call those guys my"
"But you invited them to come home with you, so you guys friends must be pretty close, right?"
"Yeah, I guess you could say that"
"This is the first time you've evet had friends over, after all."
"It is?"
"And you look happy"
"I do?"
"You do."
"Maybe I am, at that."
"Well, as long as you're happy, I'm happy."
"Quit it, it's embarrassing."
"By the way, dad."
"Do you know where the charcoal is?"
"Good question..." His father was still smiling. Guren loved it when his father smiled. His respect for the man ran deep. "I think there might be some in the shed."
Guren walked past his dad and opened the shed. It was practically overflowing with charcoal.
"I found it!" he called out, stuffing some into a bag and tossing it over his shoulder. He headed back to the river.
On his way back, he met several followers of the Order of the Imperial Moon. They all bowed their heads as they greeted him. Lord Guren, you're finally home! Now that you've returned to us you can finally take over the leadership of the Imperial Moon.
Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, enjoying the pleasant evening. Guren passed a group of children, all shouting at each other to ger home before it grew dark. The comforting smell of some one cooking dinner suddenly reached his nose.
Guren arrived back at the river.
"What took you so long!" chidcd Norito.
Guren apologized, and together they lit the fire.
Shinya had finished putting up the tent and walked over at that point, carrying colas for them.
"Out of the way!" cried the ladies, setting the pot atop the newly stoked fire.
Shinya, Norito, and Guren took a step back and began sipping their cola.
It was delicious. The most delicious thing Guren had ever tasted.
"Ahh," Guren sighed. "I wish today could last forever."
He really did. "Me too," said Shinya beside him.
"Me three." added Norito.
On the far side of the river, Mahiru continued to smile.
The sun began to set, but the glow of the coals illuminated the surroundings.
"I wanna roast some marshmallows!" said Shinya.
Guren smiled, "Me too"
The rest of their friends chimed in.
"Count me in."
"Yes, please."
"Me too."
"Me there!"
They took the pot off the fire and began roasting marshmallowes, smooshing them between graham crackers before popping them into their mouths. The curry wasn't even done yet.
Mahiru, meanwhile. just continued smiling at them.
"Mahiru?" Guren called.
"Why don't you join us? Don't you want a marshmallow?"
Mahiru's smiling lips parted, as if she were about to speak.
And then, suddenly, it was over.
Guren's peaceful interlude had ended all too soon.
He awoke abruptly.
Guren opened his eyes.
He was in a classroom. He recognized it: it was one of the classrooms at First Shibuya High School.
Guren was bound to a chair in the middle of the classroom.
There was a bilackboard on the wall in front of him.
The clock read 10:20 p.m.
Bright shards of moonlight filtered in through the broken glase f the window, borne on a cold December wind.
Guren stared out the window from where he sat restrained The arld really had come to an end. The scene outside the broken window made that perfectly clear.
Several dead bodies had been piled up in one corner of the room.
"Dammit... I guess I was just dreaming." said Guren, staring at the corpses.
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