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technoloci · 36 minutes ago
Powell Sees Economy at Inflection Point
Powell Sees Economy at Inflection Point
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the U.S. economy appears to be at an inflection point, with output and job growth poised to accelerate in the months ahead as long as the Covid-19 pandemic retreats. “We feel like we’re at a place where the economy’s about to start growing much more quickly and job creation coming much more quickly,” Mr. Powell said in an excerpt of an interview set to…
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mistermaxxx08 · 45 minutes ago
#Cnn presents the people vs the Klu klux klan the lynching of a Black teenager# respect his mother for defending him,Alabama 1981
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technoloci · an hour ago
CEOs Plan New Push on Voting Legislation
CEOs Plan New Push on Voting Legislation
Dozens of chief executives and other senior leaders gathered on Zoom this weekend to plot what several said big businesses should do next about new voting laws under way in Texas and other states. Kenneth Chenault, the former chief executive of American Express Co. , and Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co., urged the leaders to collectively call for greater voting access, according to several…
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technoloci · 2 hours ago
Supply-Chain Software Provider Blue Yonder Weighs IPO
Supply-Chain Software Provider Blue Yonder Weighs IPO
Software company Blue Yonder is planning to go public, the latest technology provider to look at a public stock offering as pandemic-driven upheaval in supply chains draws more interest to tools that help companies manage the flow of goods. Blue Yonder Holding Inc. said Friday it has confidentially filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering.…
Tumblr media
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technoloci · 2 hours ago
Alize Johnson agrees to multiyear deal worth up to $4.1M with Brooklyn Nets, agent says
Alize Johnson agrees to multiyear deal worth up to $4.1M with Brooklyn Nets, agent says
Forward Alize Johnson has agreed to a multiyear deal with the Brooklyn Nets worth up to $4.1 million, his agent, George Langberg, told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Johnson’s productivity parlayed two consecutive 10-day contracts into his new deal with the Nets. Johnson had his choice of a bit more guaranteed money elsewhere, but wanted to stay the course with the Nets, where he has averaged 7.8…
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quackquackrubberduck · 3 hours ago
Time Will Tell: Part Three
note: this is for @peppermintschnappss , who requested a part three (read part ONE and TWO here) so here we go, enjoy :)
words: 3k
warnings: swearing, smut
Tumblr media
“The jury finds the defendant not guilty of the accused charges.“
Hearing the verdict felt like the biggest weight had just dropped off your shoulders, you were so relieved that you could barely make out the judge dismissing the court over the sound of your pulse hammering in your ears.
You had just won your first case for your new employer, it had been the first client you had dealt with all on your own, a case of alleged tax fraud, and you had nailed it.
With a big smile on your face, you quickly congratulated your client and, after a short talk with the prosecutor, made your way out of the courtroom, a spring in your step.
Just before you reached the door, the sound of a familiar voice behind you made you stop in your tracks.
“You did it, champ.”
Turning around, you came face to face with your colleague, but more importantly, boyfriend, Chris.
You were surprised to see him, and immediately threw your hands around his neck to kiss him, not caring about the fact that you were technically still in the court room.
“Chris, what are you doing here? Did you watch the trial?” You asked after breaking the kiss.
“Of course I did. It was your first one for the firm, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Actually, I’m here to pick you up. We’re celebrating.”
“You did this all by yourself?”
You took in the living room of Chris apartment with wide eyes. He had put up a beautiful dinner table, and there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen.
“You’re such a sap.” You said, a bit choked up. „Thank you so much, baby. “
“Only for you, superstar.” Chris replied, leaning down to kiss you deeply. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your body to his. He was warm and solid, and when his hands wandered down to squeeze your ass, dinner wasn’t your top priority anymore.
"Do you think we can maybe re-heat the food later?” You gasped against Chris lips, pulling his shirt out of his trousers to run your hands over his abs.
“Fuck, yes.” he murmured, grabbing your hand and dragging you to the bedroom.
“Oooh here she comes, trying for the outside jump.” Chris exclaimed, before bursting out laughing as you totally missed the hoop.
“Sweetheart, I‘m so sorry, but that was pathetic.”
You flipped him the bird, running to collect the ball and throwing it at Chris with all the force you could manage. He effortlessly caught it and shot it through the hoop like it was nothing.
“Show-off.” you murmured, sitting down on the bench on the side of the basketball court. You were done, Chris had tried to teach you his favorite game for hours now, but you didn’t manage to make any progress. You just weren’t cut out for ball sports.
“Don’t beat yourself up, baby. It took me forever when I first started playing.” Chris said, slumping down next to you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull your close.
“Stop it, im gross and sweaty.” You giggled, trying to push him away, but he just laughed and pressed a kiss to your head. His laugh was your favorite sound in the world, so you stopped wriggling and leaned against his shoulder.
“Who taught you to play like that anyway?” you asked, looking up and noticing a far away look on Chris‘ face.
“My dad did.” He said, his voice oddly quiet now. “It was our favorite activity when I was a teenager.” He paused for a moment, and you decided to wait and let him speak. “For a long time, it basically was our only one. You know, with him being governor and everything, he wasn’t around a lot, or had any free time.”
“I’m sorry, Chris.” you whispered.
“It’s alright.” He dismissed you, still sounding a bit strained. “My big brother stepped up for a lot of stuff, you know. Homework, making sure I didn’t get in trouble, he even helped me with my college applications and everything. He’s an ass most off the time, but I still love him, and I’m grateful for everything he has done for me.” He chuckled. “But he can’t play basketball for shit.”
“Sounds like he and I have something in common then.” You noted, trying not to sound awkward. The topic of Chris’ family was still foreign terrain, you hadn’t met them yet, and had decided to give Chris space and wait for him to bring it up himself. You were also slightly nervous, because there was no way Chris hadn’t told them about you, his college nemesis.
Deciding to change the topic and cheer your boyfriend up, you picked up the ball again.
“Do you still have enough energy for another round, Cuomo?” You asked smugly. “If you’d rather go home and take a nap, just say so, would be totally fine.”
Chris laughed, and snatched the ball right out of your hands with ease. You were happy to see him lighten up.
“Please, as if playing against you would require any energy.”
The topic of Chris childhood didn’t come up for another few weeks, you had noticed that he avoided talking about it and were wise enough not to pressure him.
Everything was going fine until Chris lost a big case for a very high-end client. The man had clearly been guilty, and not even your boyfriend had been able to get him out, despite his talent as an attorney.
It was the talk off the whole firm the next day, Chris hadn’t lost a case in ages, and never such an important one. He had been on edge ever since the trial, but it was what happened in the morning meeting that made him snap.
The reason was Smith, another associate and Chris’ number one opponent for the spot of the next junior partner of the firm. You hated the guy, he was vile and clearly only in it for the money. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and started to attack Chris during the morning meeting.
“Great job you did yesterday, Cuomo.” he snarled, his voice sounding through the whole conference room. “I wonder how many clients your incompetence will cost us. People are already talking.”
You could feel Chris going rigid beside you and carefully put your hand on his back in an attempt to calm him.
“Don’t let him get to you.” You whispered “He wants to rile you up.”
When the man continued to speak, you could see Chris’ jaw going tense, which was never a good sign.
“Seriously, boss, Cuomo is a basket case, how is he still working for us after that fuck-up? Oh, wait, I know it, I’m sure daddy pulled some strings for his little boy.”
You couldn’t prevent what was happening next. Chris surged forward with a angry growl, already taking a swing at the guy.
“Shut your fucking mouth!” he hissed, backing Smith up against a wall. He was considerably larger, and the fearful expression on the guys face paired with Chris raised fist made chaos break loose as multiple people were trying to get him away from the smaller man.
“Gentlemen, stop this!” your boss thundered over the agitated voices of your fellow coworkers “Smith, see me right away. I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior. Cuomo, take a walk and then get to work. Come to my office after you’re done tonight.”
Chris gave Smith another deadly stare before storming out of the room. You shot your boss an anxious glance, but he just nodded, signalling you to go after Chris.
You hastily followed your boyfriend, only to see him disappear into his office at the end of the hallway. Carefully, you approached the closed door and entered without knocking.
Chris was slumped in his chair, face buried in his hands. Seeing him like this made you want to go back and punch Smith in his stupid face.
“Hey.” you whispered, gently reaching out to put your hand on Chris shoulder.
He raised his head, and the look of fury and sadness in his eyes almost broke your heart.
"Fuck, I should not have lost control like this back in there.” he said “But this guy has been testing me for so long now, always with the same bullshit.”
He got up from his chair and started pacing around the small room.
“You know how often I’ve heard this crap before, Y/N? That I’m just where I am because of my family name? That my father paved the way for everything I’ve ever succeeded in?”
You swallowed, a churning feeling in your stomach. You knew exactly what he was talking about, because for years you’ve been one of the main people saying just that. You wanted to speak, but Chris interrupted you.
“Those people out there, they know nothing about me. They don’t know how it was to have a father who was absent all the time, to be constantly teased in school. To be ripped out of the life you knew to move to fucking Albany, this stupid one horse town where everyone knew your name, and go to this school full of pricks who all made fun of me and bullied me because of my family. I never asked to be in the fucking spotlight.”
By now, Chris was almost screaming, and there was a kind of emotion in his voice you’ve never heard before, he sounded desperate and sad in a way that made tears well up in your eyes.
“Still, I worked my ass off in that stupid school, and I got into Yale. Only for people to say the exact same shit about me again, and this drags through my whole life, Y/N. I can never get rid of this, I avoided politics and tried to do my own thing here, but everything I’ll ever be to people is the son of the fucking governor, who in their eyes, never worked a day in his life.”
You were frozen to your spot, just watching Chris through a veil of tears. Guilt and dread were clawing in your stomach, it had never occurred to you that all the things you said in the past had not only been far from the thruth, but had also hurt Chris so profoundly. He had always seemed so cool and unfazed during your arguments.
“Chris.” You began. “You’re more to me. You’re a brilliant attorney, the boss has talked about how great you are at the job the second I arrived here and hasn’t stopped since. Smith is jealous because he knows he’ll never reach your level, not as a lawyer and much less as a person. You are kind, and the most intelligent and dedicated man I know. You’re everything I always thought you weren‘t, and that I am one of the people who hurt you this way makes me sick. I cant even begin to tell you how sorry I am for being so shallow.”
You were crying now, tears rolling down your face. Chris looked devastated, hurrying to you to pull you into a tight embrace.
“I’ve forgiven you a long time ago, baby. You’ve been my rock ever since we’ve met again, and that makes up for every silly row we had in college.” He pressed a kiss to your hair, and you sighted, nuzzling your face into his chest, your tears soaking into his dress shirt.
“You probably have to change this.” You whispered, tugging on a wet patch on the fabric.
“I have a spare one in here, don’t worry.” Chris replied, taking your face into his hands to kiss you deeply. “We’re not the people we used to be, Y/N. Don’t beat yourself up, and I’ll try to do the same, promise.”
Soon afterwards, you had to leave to meet up with a client for your current case. You had been running around the whole day without a break, and without hearing anything from Chris.
It was almost eight by now, and you were starting to get worried. Pacing your living room, you were anxiously waiting for Chris to arrive. He had told you to not wait up at the firm but promised to come to your apartment as soon as his talk with the boss was over.
The sign of the bell made you spin around and run to your door, yanking it open. Chris was standing outside your apartment, and the big smile on his face erased your anxiety in a heartbeat.
“You’re looking at a freshly promoted junior partner, sweetheart.” He grinned, and whatever he wanted to say next was interrupted by you throwing yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his neck with a squeal.
“Oh my god, baby, congratulations.” You exclaimed, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Tell me everything!”
Chris followed you into your flat, discarding his suit jacket and letting himself fall onto your couch.
“I still haven’t fully realized what happened.” He began. “I was sure the boss would kick my ass for the way I behaved this morning, maybe even suspend me for a while. But he just told me off really quickly, and then he started talking about how that case I lost was impossible to win anyway, and how good my work has been for the past years. And then he offered me the junior partner position, just like that. I accepted of course.”
He smiled, and there was a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I can’t wait to rub that into Smiths stupid face. One of the paralegals told me he got a big ass whooping by the boss after the meeting this morning.”
"Serves him right, that little asshole.” You replied, before leaning over to kiss Chris again. “I’m so proud of you, you deserve this like no one else. Now that I think about it, how does champagne sound?”
“Wow, so were going to be fancy tonight?” Chris chuckled.
“If you becoming a junior partner doesn’t call for champagne, what does?” you responded, getting up to fetch the drinks from the kitchen.
You handed Chris a glass and clinked your own against his. “To you, Mr. Big Shot lawyer.”
The champagne sent a pleasant, fuzzy feeling through your stomach, and you let your eyes fall on your boyfriend, taking in how good he was looking in the warm light of the room.
“You know, I always had a thing for attorneys.” You murmured, setting down your glass to put your hands on Chris chest.
Chris laughed, and set his glass aside as well, leaning down to whisper in your ear. “Is that so, huh? Well today is your lucky day then, I just got promoted and I’m in the mood to celebrate.”
His hot breath sent a shiver down your spine, and you tilted your head, exposing your neck to Chris, who instantly started kissing and sucking the smooth skin. You moaned softly and started to unbutton Chris shirt with shaking fingers.
“Bedroom?” he asked, and you nodded enthusiastically, taking his hand to pull him to the other room. Both of you quickly shed your clothes before you dropped to your knees in front of Chris, closing your lips around his already hard cock.
“Jesus, Y/N.” he murmured, stroking your hair as you fully took him into your mouth. “So perfect, baby.”
You wrapped you hand around the base of his length, stroking him while moving your head up and down. Suddenly, Chris hand grabbed your hair and softly pushed you away.
“If you keep it up like that, this will be over soon, and I’m not done with you, sweetheart. Get on the bed, baby.”
You quickly complied, laying down on the duvet and looking up at Chris expectantly.
He climbed on top of you and started stroking your inner thighs with his fingers, softly nudging your legs apart.
“I bet youre already wet for me, baby.” He murmured, voice smooth and dark as his fingers dipped between your legs. “I knew it.”
“Chris.” You whined at the feeling of his fingers brushing over your clit. “Fuck me, please.”
“Patience, baby.” Chris replied and continued to tease you, softly circling your bud with increasing pressure until you were sobbing, legs shaking as you fell apart under his touch.
While you were still riding out your climax, Chris slid between your legs and pushed into you. You cried out as he started to move, you were still so sensitive that you could feel yourself already approaching the next orgasm.
“Shit, baby, you’re tight, I’m not gonna last.” Chris grunted, his thrusts were already getting more erratic.
“Let go, baby.” You whispered, your voice breaking as you reached your peak again, pulling Chris with you this time.
Afterwards, you laid next to each other, Chris arm loosely slung around you as you played with a lock of his hair. His blue eyes found yours, and you had to smile, your heart fluttering when he smiled back at you.
“It’s funny.” Chris suddenly said, “So many things happened today, but the only thing I care about right now is that you’re here with me.”
He propped himself up on his elbow to properly look at you.
“I would’ve never thought that this” he gestured between the two of you “could happen.”
“Not in a thousand years.” You agreed, laughing softly.
Chris face got serious, and he reached out to softly stroke your cheek.
“If you want, I’d like to introduce you to my family this weekend, Y/N. You know that I’m a private person and talking about emotions isn’t exactly my strong suit. But you make me really happy, and I want everyone to know.”
“I’d love to meet them.” You whispered, and the smile that took over Chris face made you forget your nervousness.
Everything would be fine.
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cnnownsme · 3 hours ago
Unexpected PT. 2
Pairing: Jake Tapper X Fem! Reader
Warnings: mention of breastfeeding, I think that’s all
Tumblr media
By mid October, Jake felt like you had been pregnant forever. The baby was due in a few weeks and he was hoping they wouldn’t show up early when he was midway through the election.
He had noticed you change slightly. You were a little softer when the baby came up, smiling when you spoke about your child with your mother over FaceTime.
And as much as Jake hated to admit it, he didn’t hate the idea of having a baby anymore. He still wasn’t pleased about it, but, he was a little happier in his life.
But what goes up, must come down; even with feelings. That feeling of ‘it’ll be alright’ didn’t last long enough for Jake. After a recent bout of Trump and his goonies coming after him, and you, and your child, Jake had changed his mind.
Trump had tweeted about Jake and how he’s a liar and his girlfriend wasn’t happy with him, only with him for the baby. Jake had been fuming. Paparazzi had caught photos of you out grocery shopping with Jake in the midst of the pandemic and spun those too, claiming you were irresponsible for putting your baby at risk to Covid.
You pleaded with him not to respond to the article. It was a bunch of crap. But, Jake took to Twitter with the article and felt a little better with what support came in.
That didn’t stop his media worry. His job was hard, it was long hours, horrible tweets, people coming after him because he said something they didn’t like. And now, he’d have a baby coming into the world, the world that was filled with hatred about anything.
“You wanna talk about what has you so far away from me?” You ask, breaking Jake from his thoughts.
He had just returned home. And already you had managed to decipher that Jake’s mood had changed. You noticed he had been different the past week but wanted to give him an opportunity to come to you. When he didn’t, you changed your mind.
You shifted in your seat a little when your baby kicked. It was an uncomfortable feeling sometimes, others it made you a little happy.
Jake looked at you worriedly, but you brushed it off. He shocked you when he reached over, rubbing circles into your clothed bump. The baby seemed to calm a little and you wondered if they knew the difference.
“I’m just worried,” Jake answered taking your hand and some of your weight as you tried to get comfortable on the couch. When you collapsed against him, he wrapped you in his arms.
“About the baby?” You asked, moving one hand to the back of his head, carding your fingers through his grey locks. It had grown out hugely over the lockdown and you were still pleading with him to get a haircut.
“Everything,” he chuckled, his hand still on your bump as he closed his eyes, “and my job,”
You snapped up at that one. His job was the one constant through this whole process. You felt lost without yours, the house was changing with baby proofing and a nursery, you were changing, both body and mindset but Jake’s job stayed the same.
“What’s wrong with your job?” You were a little worried about something happening with his job. It made him so happy and you didn’t want that to change.
“Nothing I just... I’m worried about bringing a baby into the world when it’s so bad, both politics and media and just... in crisis and I’m contributing,” Jake sighed, his brown eyes met yours. You could tell it was a genuine worry on his mind.
The politics world was in turmoil. An election in a month would change the course of America and though you weren’t in favour of either party, you couldn’t help but lean towards blue.
“You don’t contribute to it, you try to get the truth out there but it gets twisted,” You said softly, even though you honestly had no clue what he was talking about half the time.
Of course you watched your man on TV every evening, it didn’t mean you knew what was coming out of his mouth. You definitely separated your boyfriend from the politics world and didn’t really talk about it at home.
“I don’t want you guys coming under fire for what I’m putting out there,” Jake mumbled, swallowing thickly.
He didn’t want to admit that he had finally come around to the fact that he would be a father, and he wanted to be a good one. He knew that you knew he’d changed his attitude. He was scared for your safety and privacy as well as the baby.
“Jake, baby, I don’t listen to the news even when you’re reading it because I just get confused,” You said, a laugh falling from his lips. He did find a bit of comfort in the fact that you didn’t care, “so if someone is tweeting me or writing an article about me because I’m with you, I won’t be listening to it either,”
Jake chuckled again, pulling you in closer, kissing your lips. He felt a little calmer knowing you were going to ignore anything that came your way.
“I love you, you know that?” Jake mused, kissing you again, and smiling when you started to massage his scalp.
“I love you more,”
When it happened, Jake had forgotten absolutely everything. He reverted back to not wanting to be a father, not wanting a baby in the house and definitely not being ready for all of this.
It was a Friday, a week after his daughter had entered the world kicking and screaming. He had rushed from work to home where you were waiting trying to control your breathing and your emotions.
“And we’re back, Jake,” his producer said in his ear. He nodded, pulling his camera ready face back on.
He had five minutes left on his show and he was ready to get his things from his office and go straight home.
“Some personal news,” Jake announced, looking down the camera, “I... I’m a father,”
He took a breath. That was overwhelming and he hadn’t said it to anyone but his family and his friends.
“Saying those words out loud is surreal, but yes. I’m a dad, I have a daughter. And she is the most perfect thing in the world,” Jake said, unable to help the smile that broke out across his face, leaning forward towards the desk.
“I debated sharing this news here, on my show because we deal with serious things here such as the covid pandemic, the presidential race and well... everything else wrong with the world,” Jake chuckled, taking a breath again. He could feel himself getting overwhelmed.
The last three days had changed him. He hadn’t noticed it but you did. You watched him become more open, more loving and it was amazing to see.
“But I felt that maybe sharing the news might be somewhat uplifting to some. With all the darkness in the world, I think we needed a little light and she is certainly my little light,” Jake said, another smile breaking out on his face.
A picture of his daughter in her hospital crib popped up on the screen and he could physically feel his heart growing in size when he looked at her.
“Lily Marie Tapper was born last Friday, only two hours after my show and I have spent the whole week completely enamoured with her,” He grinned, licking his lips and starting again, “mom is doing well, much better than I would be if I had gone through that,”
As another picture came on the screen, he laughed a little. There were so many pictures on his phone and on your phone and most of them, had Jake’s in floods of tears.
“That’s about the only picture I have with her so far where I’m not crying and my other half isn’t fussing over both of us,” Jake chuckled, his mind immediately hoping you were okay with the baby at home, “I want to thank everyone who was called and messaged so far and I promise when it’s safe, you can meet her,”
Jake shuffled his papers, smiling down the camera lens one more time, “But for now, the news continues on CNN, I’ll see you tomorrow,”
His camera cut and he was already buzzing to get out of his office and back home where two of your were waiting for him.
Smiling down at your baby as she fell asleep in your arms, you took a breath. Everything was okay. Your baby girl was here and safe and through everything, you still had Jake. His love, his comfort, everything was okay.
The last week had been bliss. You were scared when you went into labour. Jake’s whole demeanour had changed and he was the man you had first told about the baby all over again.
But so were you. You didn’t want the baby when you were lying in the bed, midwife and doctor by your side telling you what to do. If you could’ve not given birth and just forgotten about the whole thing, you would’ve.
You didn’t even tell Jake you were panicking. You didn’t want to be a mom. You didn’t want a baby, the mother life none of it. It was your nightmare.
That’s when Jake snapped out of it and he became your support, telling you it would be fine and you’d have a baby that you’d both love and raise together as a family.
So you pushed. You hated every second of it, and you hated Jake for playing a part in this pain. You swore men had no idea how lucky they were.
Then she cried, and your whole world changed. You joined her and a few seconds later, Jake had joined both of you in your mess of tears. The minute you held her, you both felt complete.
Hearing the front door open, you set Lily in her bassinet, making sure she was warm enough as Jake quietly crept into the house not wanting to disturb her.
“Hi,” you smiled, watching him walk into the living room, his arms immediately wrapping around you, “I saw your announcement. It was really sweet,”
You lean up and kiss his lips, grinning at how relaxed Jake was now compared to when he first wrapped his arms around you.
Jake closed his eyes, resting his head on top of yours and exhaling deeply. He was home, you were safe, your baby was safe and asleep in her bassinet. Everything was okay.
“I wanted to talk about her rather than post about her,” Jake mused, pulling back and pressing his lips to your head, “but I’ll be doing that too,”
You tilted your chin, meeting his lips with yours, you wrapped your arms around his neck.
A small noise from your newest addition pulled you apart. Jake moved, taking her from the bassinet carefully. He gently held her in his arms, cooing softly as she opened her eyes.
It was hard to believe that only nine months ago, neither of you wanted a baby. You were both displeased, almost angry at the fact that you had gotten pregnant.
You had both changed so much throughout the process and even in the last number of days since her birth.
Jake now bounced home from work, cuddled you then spent the evening doting over his baby girl. It was a sight you never thought you’d see.
But Jake found so much comfort in separating you both from his work life. You didn’t care about politics or whatever, so he could unwind and talk about anything else with you. On top of that, you and his baby were both safe away from the turmoil of that world. He used that to settle himself.
You found your comfort from the fact that you had a baby now. And she was perfect and healthy. You couldn’t stomach the thought that you didn’t want Lily at one point.
“I think she looks more like you every time I look at her,” Jake smiled, kissing her forehead. He sat back down, smiling softly at your daughter while he sat down on the couch.
She looked a little like you, with her fathers eyes and his nose but she couldn’t look cuter.
You smile, sitting beside him and your daughter. It was strange to see Jake so protective and so relaxed now when the last almost year had been filled with tension towards the idea of a baby.
“Did she feed okay?” Jake asked, looking away from Lily to smile at you as you cuddled up on the couch next to him.
The week before Lily arrived had Jake in work everyday to cover the presidential election. Jake had felt so guilty, calling you every second he could. You were usually asleep if he came home from work at all that night.
“Like her dad, you both have the same appetites,” you said, rolling your eyes when Jake made a face of mock offence towards you.
When Lily was born, she refused to latch on to you and it took hours and two different nurses before she’d eventually start taking your milk.
You took a second to take in his appearance. He looked exhausted. His hair only getting longer each day.
“You think you could take a few days off of work?” You ask, wanting Jake to get some sleep and be able to not think of work for a few days.
Jake looked at you moving the baby so she was lying on his chest.
“I thought about it, but I didn’t want to hover over you and annoy you while you tried to adjust,” Jake replied, your face falling. He could never annoy you.
“No! Jake please you’re exhausted and besides, it’ll give us some time to bond as a family,” you said leaning over to kiss his lips softly.
Jake nodded, making a mental note to talk to his producer tomorrow. He hoped he’d get to completely unplug and spend time with both of you.
“I’m gonna go make dinner,” you announce, standing up you lean back in to kiss Jake again before heading off to the kitchen.
Jake smiled watching you go before looking down at the tiny being on his chest. His large hand came up, rubbing her back softly as she moved her head around a little and cuddled back into his chest.
“I’m not good at this, I didn’t think I’d ever get it,” Jake chuckled, kissing the top of Lily’s head, “but I promise you, I’m going to work to be the best dad,”
You stopped in the doorway, smiling as you listened to Jake quietly talk to your daughter. To you, he was already the best dad to your little girl.
This unexpected bundle of joy was now the most important hung in your life and both you and Jake felt complete because of Lily.
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technoloci · 3 hours ago
Post Office could offer sub-postmasters a share in profits
Post Office could offer sub-postmasters a share in profits
Chief executive Nick Read wants the network to operate on “partnership of equals” basis from 2025. Source link
Tumblr media
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technoloci · 3 hours ago
Free Title Update Schedule and Roadmap - Monster Hunter Rise Wiki Guide
Free Title Update Schedule and Roadmap – Monster Hunter Rise Wiki Guide
Last Edited: 11 Apr 2021 2:20 pm This page is part of IGN’s Monster Hunter Riser Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about the upcoming free DLC title update, that is set to bring a number of new features and all-new monsters to the game at no additional charge. For a complete breakdown on the schedule and roadmap for the free April title update, be sure to check out our complete…
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technoloci · 3 hours ago
Former Tennessee Titans star Eddie George named Tennessee State Tigers coach
Former Tennessee Titans star Eddie George named Tennessee State Tigers coach
1:33 PM ET Turron DavenportESPN Close Covered Eagles for USA Today Covered the Ravens for Baltimore Times Played college football at Cheyney University NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee State is naming Eddie George its new head football coach, sources told ESPN. George will replace Ron Reed, who had been with the Tigers since 2010 and compiled a 60-69 record. Reed’s departure is expected to be…
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quackquackrubberduck · 4 hours ago
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he looked so good today
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technoloci · 4 hours ago
CEO Pay Surged in a Year of Upheaval and Leadership Challenges
CEO Pay Surged in a Year of Upheaval and Leadership Challenges
CEO pay surged in 2020, a year of historic business upheaval, a wrenching labor market for many workers and unprecedented challenges for many leaders. Median pay for the chief executives of more than 300 of the biggest U.S. public companies reached $13.7 million last year, up from $12.8 million for the same companies a year earlier and on track for a record, according to a Wall Street Journal…
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mindofrdrevilo · 4 hours ago
The Journey of Man
The Journey of Man
The Journey of Man Is To From womb to tomb Build or kill He must being doing one or the other His manhood is manifest by his will If he’s not killing his enemies, he’ll kill his brother His analysis reflects his skill His quality expresses his resolve His duration determined by how well He can problem solve He is social. so he must be involved In being the architect of his future His Will, His…
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technoloci · 5 hours ago
Solar-Energy Supply Chain Depends on Region Where China Is Accused of Genocide
Solar-Energy Supply Chain Depends on Region Where China Is Accused of Genocide
Champions of the accelerating push for solar energy around the world are confronting a previously overlooked challenge: The industry’s supply chains are heavily reliant on Xinjiang, a Chinese region the U.S. government and others say is the scene of genocide against local ethnic minorities including the mostly Muslim Uyghur inhabitants. About half the world’s supply of polysilicon, an essential…
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technoloci · 5 hours ago
As Patriots' Bill Belichick turns 69, Marv Levy says there's no reason to stop now - New England Patriots Blog
As Patriots’ Bill Belichick turns 69, Marv Levy says there’s no reason to stop now – New England Patriots Blog
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Quick-hit thoughts/notes around the New England Patriots and NFL: 1. Belichick at 69: Coach Bill Belichick will celebrate his 69th birthday on April 16, which highlights his place among a group of the oldest to serve as a head coach in the NFL. Romeo Crennel (73) became the oldest to do so last season, and is followed by George Halas (72), Marv Levy (72), Tom Coughlin (69) and…
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technoloci · 6 hours ago
With Economy Poised for Best Growth Since 1983, Inflation Lurks
With Economy Poised for Best Growth Since 1983, Inflation Lurks
Ronald Reagan was in the White House, “Return of the Jedi” was in theaters, and economic growth hit an astonishing 7.9%. The U.S. has produced many more Star Wars films since 1983, but growth has never approached that level—until this year, if economists are right. Those surveyed by The Wall Street Journal boosted their average forecast for 2021 economic growth to 6.4%, measured as the change in…
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technoloci · 6 hours ago
GI Show – Outriders And Nier Replicant Impressions
GI Show – Outriders And Nier Replicant Impressions
On this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, we discuss a handful of the games we’ve been digging recently, including Outriders, Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139…, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Sea of Thieves, and Cozy Grove. We’re also joined by Andrew Borman (@Borman18) from the Strong Museum of Play who talks about the institution’s efforts to preserve gaming history…
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alaturkanews · 7 hours ago
A call for racial equity: Boston's new mayor makes history
A call for racial equity: Boston’s new mayor makes history
For 200 years, Boston has been led by an unbroken string of White men — until now. Kim Janey, a Black woman who traces her roots in the city back generations, and even further to ancestors who fled slavery in the South, is now the city's mayor. #CNN #News
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technoloci · 7 hours ago
Defaults Fall Again, Aiding Rally in Low-Rated Debt
Defaults Fall Again, Aiding Rally in Low-Rated Debt
Defaults by low-rated U.S. companies have fallen to their lowest level in 10 months, helping to extend sharp rallies in the markets for junk bonds and floating-rate loans. Defaults for an index of speculative-grade loans to U.S. companies over the past year fell to 3.15% as of March, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s LCD. That is the lowest level since last April and down from the…
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technoloci · 7 hours ago
It Takes Two Wiki Guide
It Takes Two Wiki Guide
Last Edited: 4 Apr 2021 4:17 am It Takes Two is the latest two-player cooperative game from Josef Fares, the person behind games like Brothers and A Way Out and Hazelight Studios. As one might expect playing a game from Hazelight, It Takes Two will require the utmost cooperation to make it through the game’s many gauntlets of platforming and puzzles alike. You and a second player — either via…
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