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witchield · 2 days ago
Marvel Characters Being told "I hate you" in a fight (part2):
Bruce Banner :
"Of course you do, everyone does"
Tumblr media
Thor odinson :
"Do you know hate it's a strong word right?"
Tumblr media
Clint Barton :
"What can I do about it, lemme know, so we can work on it"
Tumblr media
Tony Stark :
"Take back what you just said"
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers :
"Maybe you hate me, but I don't, live with that"
Tumblr media
Vision :
"In my short time of extensive knowledge, I was never been told that word"
Tumblr media
Scott Lang :
"Not gonna lie, that kinda hurt"
Tumblr media
Howard Stark:
"And do you think I don't have a thousand other people that don't hate me? *he actually don't*
Tumblr media
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lxdyred · 3 days ago
IM GONNA CRY YOU GUYSS! Thank YOU so much to all of you!
Thank you so so so much to all of you who have liked, commented, reblogged and followed me! I am very very happy to have made it this far! I know It had been long time without me writing and that I have half written stories.... But really, your support only makes me want to keep writing for you and bring you better stories! You make me want to improve, and that's the best thing of all.
Thank you so much for everything, for the almost 500 followers.
Thank you for giving me a chance!
You are all the best! Again, thank YOU! ❤️
Have all a wonderful day/night, stay safe and remember that you are all awesome and loved! 🥰 Xxx
Ps. #1: out of topic but if by chance any of you needs someone to talk about anything, my DMs are open for everyone! We can be friends!
Ps. #2: Request are still open!!
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lesbian-deadpool · 4 days ago
Clint: It’s already the afternoon? I should spend some time outside.
Clint: *Sticks head out window*
Clint: Okay, that’s enough.
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yelenaromanoffbelova · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
If We Had Five More Minutes
Yelena Belova x reader
If we had five more minutes that's the only thought that ran through Yelena's head as she tried to stop the bleeding in you lower abdomen all she need was five more minutes and you both would have gotten out with nothing but a scratch at least, if she had gotten five more minutes she would have shot the son of a bitch sooner and you wouldn't be here bleeding out in her arms whispering quitely telling her how sorry you where that you hadn't seen him. If you had five more minutes you would have shot him yourself you wouldn't have been lying on the floor slowly feeling like this massive weight was on your chest and with every breath it feeling heavier. If you both had five more minutes you would have been back on the Quinjet  laughing and talking about what to do for dinner. But those five minutes where gone and all Yelena could find herself doing was crying begging you to hold on for five more minutes, five more minutes and Natasha and the rest of the Avengers would be there and they would be able to get you back home and fix this. "Five more minutes Y/N please just hold on for five more minutes." You let out a heavy breath trying but failing  to hold on five more minutes was an awfully long time right know. Reaching up you wiped Yelena's tears away. " I love you. Lena."  "No Y/N come on open your eyes it's just five more minutes Y/N please don't do this open your eyes five more minutes." Five more minutes and the Avengers had arrived Yelena refused to let you go as Steve tried to pick you up no one except Natasha had seen her like this before "come on Yelena we have to take her home." "Five more minutes Natalia please just five more minutes."  As they all made their way on to the Quinjet Natasha and Yelena sat beside you, unable to take her eyes off you , as Natasha grabbed her hand “ There is nothing you could have done Yelena.” Yelena just sighed tears flowing down her cheeks " if we had five more minutes."
Based off of Billie Eilish's version of  The End Of The World
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witchield · 4 days ago
Marvel characters Being told "I love you"(part2):
Bruce Banner :
"No you don't, how could you ever love me?"
Tumblr media
Thor odinson :
"I once loved a midgardian, and I think I'm loving one again"
Tumblr media
Clint Barton :
*smiling softly*"I love you too"
Tumblr media
Tony Stark :
"Who doesn't, i mean, I love you 3000"
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers :
"I love you too, you are my best girl"
Tumblr media
Vision :
"Love?, the description pairs to acknowledge that is what I also feel"
Tumblr media
Scott Lang :
*finger guns* I love you²
Tumblr media
Howard Stark:
"Hummm, love isn't in my lifestyle, but I'll made and exception for you"
Tumblr media
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 days ago
Clint and Pietro: *Fighting in the back seat* 
Wanda: Okay boys, stop! How about we play a game. The first person to see a dog wins. 
Pietro, points to Clint: Found one!
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natromanoffxox · 5 days ago
Y/N: If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half the price?
Bucky: ...Fuck you. Yes.
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natromanoffxox · 5 days ago
*fire alarms go off, sprinklers start spraying*
Peter: That was not what I was expecting.
Bucky: Nope.
Clint: ...
Y/N: This is why I always come up with the plans, your plans suck.
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Golden Surprise - Clint Barton 
Tumblr media
Summary: You come home to one of the best surprises ever, a golden retriever puppy…
"Okay pup you ready?" Clint asked the small golden retriever pup on his lap. Lately you and Clint had been thinking about getting a pet, so yesterday you went to the local animal shelter to have a look around. You had fallen in love with the sweetest little golden retriever pup. They had been taken there because they were the runt of the litter and the original owner wanted them to go to a good home. With the promise to go back the next day you and Clint left. Unknown to you though Clint went back to get the puppy while you went to see a friend. He wanted to surprise you with them. Clint was pulled back to reality when he heard your key in the door, the pups head shot up too. "Mommy's home," Clint whispered to them with a smile, their tail starting to wag. "Clint I'm home," you called. "In the living room baby," he called back, gently placing the pup in the play pen he'd set up as he walked over to you. "Hey," you smiled as he greeted you with a soft kiss, "you ready to go pick the pup up?" "I've got a surprise for you first," Clint smiled as he took your hands, "but I need you to close your eyes." "Okay," you said as you let them close, your boyfriend gently leading you by your hands.
Clint led you to the living room and gently sat you on the couch, gently lifting the pup before placing them in your lap. Your eyes immediately opened at the weight and you gasped at seeing the pup. "Oh my gosh, hi baby," you cooed, gently hugging the pup and kissing the top of their head. The pup yipped and wagged their tail happily. "I wanted to surprise you and get her early," Clint told you bashfully as he sat next you, "plus I know you had a rough week at work." "Thank you Clint," you smiled, kissing him softly, "coming home to her feels much better than going to get her now." "I'm glad," Clint smiled, the pup gently nipping his knuckles, "what shall we name the little monster?" "How about...lucky?" You suggested. "Lucky," your boyfriend said, testing the name on his tongue, "I like it. Whaddya think pup, you like the name Lucky?" The pup yipped happily and wagged their tail again. You and Clint giggled and shared a soft kiss before Lucky pounced on Clint. The shock sent Clint backwards with Lucky on his chest, you laughing happily as they played.
@hollandfangirl​ @justasmisunderstoodasloki​ @marvel-queens-world​ @osterfieldholland01 @miraclesoflove​ @drey-theintrovertedcake​ @sebbystanlover-vk​
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toomanyrobins2 · 7 days ago
One Year: January
Tumblr media
Summary: Clint Barton, college football star, has a new interest: Y/N Y/L/N. But with her father gone all of the time, a younger brother, and going to college, Y/N has no time for dating. Will Clint get the yes, or will life get in the way?
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
Content warning: nothing really yet, douchey dad, occasional cursing, mentions of drinking and sex later
Notes: eighteen thousand years later here is the next chapter 💛
december // masterlist // february
Three days after Christmas, Y/N and Asher’s father rolled into town to throw a New Year’s event at the house for some new investors. As soon as he reappeared, she immediately fell off the grid, ignoring every text and call from Clint. Two days before New Year's had called her and left a message:
“Hey, gorgeous. I haven’t heard from you in a few days and now I know you’re ignoring my calls. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I want you to know that I’m not running. Saying I’m falling or you would be a lie because I’ve already fallen. If anyone ever heard this message, I’d made fun of for being such a sap, but I don’t care. Call me or text me and let me know that you and Asher are at least okay.”
Y/N had broken down in tears when she heard the message and as soon as Asher was in bed, she called him back: “Hi.”
“Hey, gorgeous. What’s going on?”
She sniffled, “My dad’s back in town.”
“Shit, I’m coming over.”
“What, no! You don’t need to do that. It’s just hard on Asher, which makes it hard on me.”
“You gave me a key. I’m coming over.”
Before she could argue, Clint hung up and drove straight over to the house. He immediately walked up to Y/N’s room and found her curled up on the bed. They didn’t speak as he just curled around her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his chest. It only took her a few seconds to start crying and Clint just held her tighter. Eventually, she fell asleep and from the dark circles, this was the first proper sleep she had had in days.
Clint had eventually followed behind Y/N and fell asleep. Around 2, a cry had him jolt out of bed. He felt her grumble next to him, but she was not fully awake. Another cry fully woke Clint up and he realized that it was storming outside and that it was Asher calling for Y/N. He got out of bed and hurried down the hall. When he got into the bedroom, the six-year-old threw himself into Clint’s arms. He wrapped his arms around the little boy and rubbed Asher’s back. “Did the storm scare you?”
He felt him nod against his neck. “Do you want to come to bed with Y/N and me? We could protect her from the storm together.”
“You protect me?”
“Always, buddy.” Clint carried Asher back into Y/N’s room and they crawled into the bed. She immediately pulled her brother close to her and Clint laid on the other side of him, his arm thrown across so that his hand was on her waist.
Tumblr media
The next morning, the trio was in the kitchen making Mickey Mouse pancakes. Clint was determined to cheer up the Y/L/N siblings. Music was playing and laughter echoed through the room. Asher nearly fell off the stool with how hard he was laughing when Y/N flipped a pancake into Clint’s face. As soon as they heard the front door close, the air grew thick with tension.
Clint watched as Y/N’s whole demeanor hardened and she unconsciously moved to stand closer to Asher. He watched a handsome man with grey hair stumble into the kitchen in a wrinkled suit. “Late night?” Y/N’s voice was unrecognizable, hard, and unfeeling.
“Dinner with a client ran long so I just got a room at a hotel,” He looked past and zoned in on the unfamiliar man in the kitchen, “And you are?”
“That’s Clint,” Asher piped up, “He’s my friend and Y/N’s boyfriend.”
He took a deep breath and put one hand on the small of Y/N’s back and held the other out to shake, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Y/L/N.”
“Pleasure. I’m assuming you will be my daughter’s date to the party?”
“Yes,” the older man flashed a charming smile and Clint started to understand how this man got away with everything, “A party for my investors on New Year’s Eve.”
Clint squeezed Y/N’s waist in comfort, “I wouldn’t miss it.”
Tumblr media
Y/N tried multiple times to convince Clint not to waste his time at the party, but he wouldn’t hear it. Even after he arrived with his garment bag thrown over his shoulder, she was trying to talk him out of this. She babbled away as she put on her makeup, “I‘m just saying that I know that Bucky is throwing a party. Nat told me. You shouldn’t have to miss out on a good time because of me.”
Clint had just pulled on his shirt and marched into the ensuite. He spun her around so that she was trapped against the counter, “You are not going to convince me to leave.”
He slammed his lips against her, feeling her hands travel up his chest to curl around the unbuttoned shirt. Clint wrapped one around her, pulling her as close as possible to him.
“Ew.” The couple separated and turned to see Asher standing in the doorway to the ensuite.
Clint kissed Y/N’s nose, “Nothing you say will change my mind. So get on board, gorgeous.” She just nodded dumbly, still reeling from the kiss. He went over to Asher and helped him up on the bed, “I have a surprise for you.” He pulled two ties out that were the team colors.
“We can match?” Asher was bouncing up and down.
“We can match.” Y/N watched from the doorway as Clint showed her little brother how to tie a tie. Emotions whirled through her. She hated that their father wasn’t the one having these little moments with Asher. However, she was in deep with Clint as he didn’t just tolerate Asher, but went out of his way to care and love the young boy. Y/N didn’t know how it had snuck up on her but in the last three months, she had fallen in love with the dorky blonde football player who she swore she wasn’t going to give the time of day. She shut the door to the bathroom and pulled on her gown.
When she opened the door, the two boys were taking selfies in the floor-length mirror. They turned to look at her and both their eyes widened. Asher was the first to speak, “You look so pretty, Y/N.”
She grinned and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “And you look so handsome. I’ve got two good-looking dates tonight.” Clint was still staring and moved closer, swooping in for a kiss. Y/N could have cried with laughter at how affronted he looked when helping up a hand to stop him, “I’m wearing lipstick.”
“I don’t care,” he kissed her until she was breathless.
Tumblr media
The happiness and ease that they felt in her bedroom were dashed as soon as they walked down the stairs and were enveloped by the party. Y/N was trying to keep her composure as her father used Asher as a performing seal. Clint’s hand gripped her tightly, trying to keep her calm, but she was dying inside as she watched her little brother try to make their sperm donor proud. It was late into the night at this point and she could see that the young boy was struggling to keep his eyes open. She couldn’t hold it in any longer and wiggled her hand out of Clint’s. “Gorgeous…”
“I’ll be okay. Go see Tony and Pepper.” She made her way over and smiled charmingly at the guests, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but it’s gotten very late. Dad, it is way past Asher’s bedtime.
He waved his eldest child away, “Oh it’s fine, he’s having a good time.”
“He actually has a playdate tomorrow and needs to be rested. So, he should really start his bedtime routine.
Her father’s eyes hardened, “I’m the parent and I’ve decided he’s okay to stay up a little while longer.” She scoffed and her father tried to shoot her a look. Asher started to well up at the tension and Y/N pulled him into her arms. They walked away from the group and she shot her father a glare as he followed them, “He should’ve been in bed over two hours ago. Don’t claim to be his parent when you haven’t done a damn thing. I’m the only mother he’s ever known. I’m the only parent he’s known in the past 6 years.”
“Not right now. This is not behavior for in front of guests. Why don’t we step into the study for this discussion.” He was gripping her arm and that’s what brought Clint back over to their side.
Y/N quickly passed the half-asleep Asher to him, “Would you mind taking him just for a few moments. I’ll be there soon, but I need to have a quick word with my father.”
Clint gripped her waist tight, “Are you okay?”
“No, but I need to be,” she kissed both of their cheeks, “I’ll be up soon. He’s going to need a bath since he’s covered in frosting.”
Y/N didn’t look back even though she felt Clint’s gaze on her as she walked away. The minute the door shut her father exploded, “How dare you! You don’t behave like that when we have guests over. It isn’t proper.”
“Screw proper behavior! I’ve been proper every day for nearly my whole life. Ever since mom got sick. You haven’t been around to try and now you claim that Asher is the product of anything you’ve done. That kid is amazing because he’s done everything without you. I did the midnight feeds and diaper changings. I’m the one that went to the library and checked out parenting books. When he fell off his bike, I helped him up, cleaned his cuts, and told him to try again and not to give up. I’ve done his back-to-school shopping, got his Halloween costumes every year. I helped him with his homework and I got a car so that someone could be there to pick him up every damn day. I’ve been to every concert and sports game. You don’t get to suddenly reappear randomly and use us as a pretty family in front of your friends and investors. You just a sperm donor.”
“I think you forget your place, young lady.”
“Ha. Don’t try to parent me. You’re not a parent!” Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she tried to get herself under control, “If you were, you’d know the bare minimum isn’t good enough. Money isn’t enough. Your children deserve love and support. Asher deserves someone who shows up and that’s not you. Never again will you be allowed to use him for your business. I will make sure that he has a sleepover or appointment to take up his every hour when you’re in town. You are a stranger that happens to live under the same roof as us a couple nights a year. We’ve just been along for the ride. You’ve missed every birthday party and every Christmas morning for too many years. That’s over 20 birthdays so far. That’s 6 years of Christmas shopping I’ve done alone. That’s decorating Christmas trees without you. That’s late nights making birthday cakes. That’s the first steps, award ceremonies, and graduations. That kid is my life and I am his. You haven’t been around. Do you know how many nights I spent with him and he would ask why you weren’t there? Eventually, he just gave up hope. I’m glad your business is thriving but in the process of making this all happen, you forget something so much more important. You forgot your kids. Well, guess what, I never forgot. Not for a second. I’ve missed so much of my life for Asher and I won’t regret a second of it. He’s not your kid. He’s mine. And if you excuse me, I need to put him to bed.” She left the study, head held high, and headed straight for Asher’s room.
When she didn’t find them there, she hurried into her room and found Clint reading a book, with the six-year-old conked out on his shoulder. Y/N decided to take a moment and walked down the hallway and sat on the window seat, listening to the party still raging below. She rested her head on the window, feeling the cool January chill on her forehead. Silent tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks. She heard a throat clear and turned to see Clint standing a few feet away. He didn’t say anything, instead, he just let her curl up against him. He picked her up, carrying her to her room. He knelt down and slipped her heels off. Her breathing was shallow, as the argument played over and over in her mind. He pulled the dress down her shoulders and replaced it with one of his shirts that she’d claimed. He toed his shoes off and climbed into bed, pulling her down. They one curled around Asher and Clint looked at her, “You don’t need to talk tonight. You don’t even need to talk tomorrow. Just know that when we do have this conversation, it won’t scare me away. I’m in this for the long haul, whatever that means. I love you.”
It wasn't perfect, at that moment it wasn't even good, but the ball had dropped and it was January 1st. A new year and Y/N was going to make sure that life was better than ever before.
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multifandomfanfiction · 8 days ago
When Worlds Collide
Tumblr media
TITLE: When Worlds Collide PAIRING: Marcus/OC RATING: T CHAPTER: One-shot SUMMARY: Fury sends one of his agents to get to know the Heroics.
[A/N - I've seen a lot of Avengers x We Can Be Heroes crossovers and wanted to try my hand at it. I’m already planning a part 2 to this. This takes place before the fall of SHIELD (when we were all so innocent).]
Fury approached Alexa while she was in the training with Clint and Natasha. “Agent Schofield! A moment in my office?”
“Ooooo,” Clint teased her. He barely had enough time to duck before her knife found it’s way into the wall behind his head.
“Now, Schofield,” Fury said.
She flicked her wrist and the knife returned to her hand. Alexa followed the Director to his office where he pulled up footage of a team of Superheroes working together.
“These are the Heroics.”
Alexa snorted at the stupid name.
“They’re based out of San Francisco. I’d like you to visit and report back.”
“Is this a mission, sir?” Did he want her to gather intelligence to recruit them or something?
“You’ll be meeting with the founder Anita Moreno and her son Marcus. They’ve been made aware of your arrival. You leave in an hour.”
Alexa nodded and made her way to her bedroom to pack. As she was coming out of her room, she ran into Clint and Natasha.
“So where’s he sending you?” Clint asked.
“San Francisco, to meet some superhero team,” Alexa told them.
“Well be careful, Bluejay.”
Alexa gave him a small salute. “Will do, Papa Bird.”
Clint had been the one to recruit her into SHIELD, so he treated her like a daughter. In fact, she often spent holidays with his family at their farm in Iowa.
Alexa made her way to the hanger and climbed aboard one of the Quinjets. She sat down in one of the seats and strapped herself in as she pulled up files on each of the Heroics and their children.
They touched down a few hours later on top of the Heroics HQ.
A man in a leather jacket was waiting for her when the ramp lowered.
“I’m assuming you’re Marcus Moreno?” Alexa asked.
Marcus Moreno was an older man who looked to be in his early 40’s going off the grey patches in his beard. He was rather attractive and if Alexa was telling the truth, she’d always kind of been into older men. She couldn’t tell you how many wet dreams she’d had of Clint, especially when he was training her.
“And you’re Agent Schofield?”
Alexa waved her hand dismissively. “Please call me Alexa or Bluejay since you Heroics are into codenames and everything.”
Marcus blushed. “Um, it’s for security reasons.”
“But you don’t have one. There wasn’t one in your file.”
Marcus shrugged. “Never felt it necessary. Come on inside.”
They walked inside and Marcus introduced her to some of the staff. Finally, they came to Anita Moreno’s office.
“Ah, so you’re the Avenger.”
“Mom,” Marcus said.
“You’re very young, aren’t you? Very pretty.”
Alexa laughed. “It’s true I’m the youngest of the Avengers. If you think I’m pretty, my partner Natasha is drop dead gorgeous if I don’t say myself.”
“Marcus, see she gets settled in before you introduce her to the team tomorrow,” Anita said.
“It’s an honor to meet you Mrs. Moreno, truly.”
“No need to flatter me, niña.”
As they left Anita’s office, Alexa was suddenly surrounded by a group of children throwing questions at her right and left.
Marcus swooped in and rescued her. “Give her break, kids. She’ll be here for a week at least.”
Their teacher ushered them away, except one of them stayed.
“So what’s your superpower?” she asked.
“Missy,” Marcus scolded her, “I’m sorry. My daughter is just curious.”
“It’s okay. My…partner has kids so I’m used to it.”
Missy reminded Alexa of little Lila Barton.
Alexa looked around the room until she settled on a metal railing. She reached out with her power and grabbed it, pulling it towards her and twisting it around so it resembled DNA.
The kids all gasped and started clapping.
“Woah! Dad, she’s like you!” Missy exclaimed.
Alexa put the railing back.
“What’s your superhero name?” Missy asked.
“But…but that doesn’t have anything to do with your power…”
“No, it doesn’t. But my partner is called Hawkeye. He gave me my name because of my blue eyes. I wasn’t very close with my parents, so he kind of became my adoptive father and he wanted to give me a codename that followed his. Codenames aren’t always tied to your powers with the Avengers. Sometimes it’s tied to who you are as a person like Cap.”
Alexa knew Missy Moreno didn’t have any powers, because her file had been pretty bare.
She knelt in front of the preteen. “But I’ll tell you something, you don’t need powers or a supersuit to save the world. Tony says that if you can’t be a hero without a suit, then you don’t deserve one.”
Missy threw her arms around Alexa’s neck.
Marcus just stared in wonder at the young woman holding his daughter in her arms.
Missy pulled away and wiped at her eyes.
Marcus cleared his throat. “I’ll be by later to pick you up.”
Missy nodded and followed her classmates.
“Thank you for saying that,” Marcus told Alexa.
“Not everyone can have superpowers. Natasha doesn’t, neither does Tony or Clint. Sure, Tony has his Ironman suit, but Clint and Natasha worked for the skills they have. Missy can be the same. Now come on Moreno, I need a nap before I deal with any more people.”
Marcus chuckled and followed after her.
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charliedawn · 10 days ago
The other side part 1 : Imagine the Avengers as villains
(by the power invested in me, you are magically teleported to another dimension.)
Pov : You are an Avenger with the ability to shapeshift (nobody knows about your powers, not even the Avengers.) You prefer not to use them and concentrate on being a good agent for the SHIELD. However, one day, you wake up and find that some things have changed..
Tony Stark :
Tumblr media
You wake up in a deserted place. Everything seems so familiar, and yet so different. You seem to be in the Avengers tower but, everything is so dark and gloom. There is no light and this is when you hear footsteps walking in your direction. You try to get up and get in a defensive position, but your head is swinging. Suddenly, there is light. It takes you a moment to get used to the blinding light, but once you do, you recognize the person instantly.
" T..Tony ?"
You manage to ask as the man is now clearly in view. However, he doesn't respond. He only eyes you up and down with a stare that makes you shiver in fear. He suddenly walks towards you and his hand slides in your inner pocket to get out your identity card. He takes a glance and frowns before uttering.
" Y/N L/N.."
He then looks up at you with his eyes narrowed in suspicion.
" Who are you ? And how did you get in here ?"
You are surprised that he doesn't recognize you and you start to think that all of this is some kind of joke.
" Come on, Tony ! It's me ! I'm your friend !"
His eyes darken and he only chuckles.
" Sorry for you, sweetheart. I don't have any friends."
Suddenly, he puts on his suit that, instead of being its usual bright red and yellow color, is now black and silver. You frown in incomprehension and take a step back.
" T..Tony. You can't hurt me. You're a hero, remember ?"
But Tony only laughs from inside his suit at your words.
" Me ? A hero ? You are losing it.."
You shake your head, confused, and cry out.
" But, you are ! You saved me ! You care about people !"
He seems to think for a moment and, to your surprise, gets out of the suit to stare at you with an eyebrow raised.
"Me ? Care ? It's like you're describing a whole other man, sweetcheeks. The truth is..I don't care. The world can burn. Money is power. And if I follow that logic, I'm a God..And why would a God meddle with commoners ?"
You can't believe what you are hearing..Tony seems so cold now, looking down at you as if you are an ant on his path..It scares you..But then, someone crashes through the window and stands in front of you defensively.
" Mister Stark ! You're under arrest !"
To your surprise, you recognize the voice of Peter..But why would he attack Stark ?! It doesn't make any sense ! But, Tony doesn't seem surprised. He only gets back to his suit and smiles at Peter with a wicked grin.
" We meet again, Spiderboy. You know, my offer still stands. You can join me ?"
But Peter shakes his head negatively before shouting.
" Never !"
You are shocked and finally, try to talk to Peter that doesn't seem surprised either.
" P..Peter ?"
He turns his head towards you, surprised that you would know his name. However, before you could say anything else, you black out.
Bruce Banner :
Tumblr media
You smile widely as you recognize Dr Banner. But the moment you take one step towards him, he cowers in fear. You instantly know that something is wrong, as he has marks of torture all over his body and wraps his arms around himself defensively.
" Who are you ?! I..I'll call them !"
You frown in incomprehension. Call who ? He seems to understand your confusion and adds.
" The..The Downfallers ! They're going to kill you if you touch me !"
You are about to ask who are the Downfallers when someone appears behind you.
" No need for that, my friend. They're all gone."
You turn around to see a man in a black suit, looking at Banner that seems to be extremely frightened by the man.
" Dr Kaecilius.."
He whispers almost painfully. You automatically put yourself in front of Dr Banner with your arms extended, ready to defend him if the man was to hurt him. The man arks an eyebrow at your action, but only asks with curiosity.
" Why are you defending him ?"
You try to see if it's a trap, but once you know he isn't joking, you answer.
" Because Dr Banner is a good man that protects lots of people ! Him and Hulk have done many good things to protect Earth and I won't let you hurt him !"
To your utter surprise, it's Dr Banner that replies spitefully.
" They caged me. They tracked me. They tortured me..Why would I ever protect them ?"
This..This can't be right. Doctor Banner loves people. He wants to help people. But then, Dr Banner screams and groans in agony. You want to kneel beside him to help, but the man suddenly tackles you to the ground as Dr Banner, now Hulk, throws a desk at you before jumping through a window. The last thing you see are the eyes of Dr Kaecilius before you black out.
Antman :
Tumblr media
You wake up in a room you don't recognize and see Scott by your side. You smile in relief.
" Oh my God! I'm so glad to see you, Scott! You won't believe what happened ! One moment I'm in the lounge with everyone and then suddenly, I end up here and..What are you doing ?"
You notice that he has his hands inside a nearby cupboard and he suddenly stands up with his hands in the air.
" Oh. Oops. You got me. Guilty as charge. I was going to rob you but then I noticed don't really have anything."
You ark an eyebrow. Scott ? Stealing ? This is new..
" Thank you..I think ?"
He then starts dancing and you frown in confusion.
" Humm..What are you doing now ?"
" Keeping you busy, darling."
You don't even have the time to understand what he means when you get hit on the back of the head by someone. You hear them running out of the house by the window, followed by another set of footsteps.
" Sh*t!"
It's the last thing you hear before blacking out completely.
Dr Strange :
Tumblr media
You find yourself in a strange place where words seem to be floating around you. You can breathe and hear two people fighting not far from you. You get up and are shocked to see Dr Strange and Wanda..fighting ?! You don't have the time to think more about the situation when Wanda shouts.
" It's over ! Give up, Dr Strange ! I'm stronger than you will ever be !"
You crawl even closer to hear them better and try to understand the situation. Plus, who are you supposed to side with ?! However, the answer quickly comes as Strange let's out his best evil laugh before replying to Wanda in a threatening low voice.
" Maybe, but I will never tire. I can't say the same for you. I can keep dying and dying. But, there will be one time when you will be too tired to fight, and then, I'll kill you. This is how things are now, Witch ! You and me. Trapped in this moment. Endlessly."
She grits her teeths and starts shooting at him, trying to hit him. He only laughs while dodging every single one of her attacks. Suddenly, you lose your grip and fall right in the middle of the fight. They both look at you with widened eyes, surprised, as you get up and look at the both of them, unable to find your words.
" Who are you ?!"
Dr Strange finally yells and you turn towards him with an awkward smile.
" Ah ah. Funny you ask. My name is Y/N. And I come from a dimension where we are..friends ?"
He quickly checks your story and his eyes widen as he finds out that you are right. He wants to get to you, but Wanda puts herself in front of you defensively and Stephen frowns, clearly annoyed.
" Move, Witch. This has nothing to do with you."
But she refuses and Strange sighs loudly.
" Fine. I'll delay your death, for now."
He then clicks his fingers together and you find yourself on Earth. Wanda looks back at you to make sure you are alright, but you black out.
Bucky :
Tumblr media
You don't even have the time to understand what's going on that Bucky is standing in front of you with a slight smirk.
" Hello doll..Mind if I borrow you for a second ?"
You don't have the time to answer that he takes you by the arm and points the head of his gun against your head.
" Get out of there, Loki ! Or I kill them !"
To your surprise, Loki gets out from underneath a car and raises his hands in surrender.
" Don't do it, Bucky. Let the human go.."
But Bucky doesn't and only digs the end of his gun further against your skull, painfully.
" I don't know..Depends. Are you willing to give me what I want ?"
Loki looks at you for a second before sighing in defeat and taking out a bright blue cube from underneath his cloak.
" Give me the human, and it's yours."
You bite your lower lip. Is it a nightmare ?! Loki is actually bargaining your life for the tesseract ?! He smiles reassuringly at you and you can't help but smile back..Even though Bucky is still threatening you with a gun.
" Give me the tesseract..and I'll consider it."
Loki takes a shaky breath before walking towards him with the tesseract in his hand. Suddenly, he stops and smirks at Bucky.
" Catch."
He then throws the Tesseract in the air and Bucky pushes you forwards to catch the tesseract. Loki catches you and whispers to you.
" Hold on."
To your biggest surprise, he gets out Mjölnir and summons a portal to get out of here. You look at Bucky that catched..nothing. The tesseract was a false and he glares at Loki that only winks in response. He lets out a scream of rage and starts running towards you, but you disappear before he can reach you.
Thor :
Tumblr media
You smile when you recognize Thor and run towards him. However, you quickly slow down when you see his sour face. He continues to advance menacingly towards you with Stormbreaker in his hand. You quickly understand that something is wrong and throw yourself on the floor as he uses Stormbreaker to throw lightning at you. To your greatest horror, it hits some SHIELD agents behind you. You turn towards Thor with tears in your eyes as you scream.
" Thor ! What's happening to you ?!"
He doesn't answer you, he just uses his thunder to grab some SHIELD agents and throw them away. Your eyes widen as he seems to be on a murder rampage. You try to get to him, but someone does it first. You can't believe your eyes when you see Hella with tears in her eyes.
" Thor ! Brother ! Please ! Stop this nonsense at once !"
But he doesn't listen to her and grabs his axe to attack her. He isn't himself..and so isn't Hella. She just tried to save you ! And wasn't she dead ?! You are so confused and before you can really comprehend what's happening to you, you black out.
Captain America :
Tumblr media
You find yourself in a deserted metro station and turn around to see..
" Oh thank God ! Captain, can you explain what's going on ?!"
But Steve stays quiet and you quickly notice that something is definitely wrong..He is looking threateningly at you and the way he moves makes you shiver in fear. You take a step back and this is when he asks coldly.
" Who are you ? And how do you know me ?"
This is when you know that this is not your Steve in front of you. It can't be..But then, another man appears that you don't recognize..He has long graceful blond hair and his whole appearance screams fantasy tale. He stands in front of you defensively and Steve automatically chuckles darkly in hatred.
" Ronan..I was wondering when you would show up.."
The blond man quickly looks back at you to check that you are alright before looking back at Rogers with a frown. Ronan..You had heard that name before..but where ?
" Surrender, Captain..Or you may regret it."
But Rogers doesn't listen to him and only whistles. An helicopter appears and Captain tauntingly waves goodbye before running outside and jumping to catch a rope. Ronan quickly runs after him. You try to get after them as well, but suddenly black out.
Falcon :
Tumblr media
You see Falcon attacking some members of SHIELD and frown in confusion. Was there spies among your ranks ? You approach Falcon and start fighting by his side. However, at the end, he only glares at you before taking something that strangely looks like the tesseract..
" I'm taking this with me..I appreciate the help but, the tesseract is mine, cutie."
You frown..He had never called you cutie before. And if this is the tesseract, why sound so menacing when you would both bring it back to the tower ? However, you don't have the time to think more about it since you spot Zemo, looking down at Sam. You tackle Sam to the ground just in time as Zemo starts shooting at him. However, Sam suddenly pushes you out of him harshly and jumps out to fly away. You think it's like at training, you have to take his legs and you would both fly home..But when you jump and catch his legs, he seems surprised at first and then, gives you a hard glare before harshly stomping on your hands. You fall and scream. You close your eyes and try to contain your tears as the world goes black.
Hawkeye :
Tumblr media
You don't have the time to truly process what's going on that you see an arrow lodge right in the eye of a SHIELD agent. You would recognize that arrow anywhere..
" Oh no..Hawkeye. What have you done ?"
You run in the direction of the arrow and find him, surrounded by many dead bodies. Your hand flies to your mouth so fast and you feel nauseous as Hawkeye turns towards you. His eyes are as cold as ice and they seem to pierce right through you.
" Well..That's a first..I missed one."
You are so shocked by his sudden change in behavior that you don't react when he walks towards you menacingly. He takes his bow and suddenly shoots an arrow at you, but a bright blue light runs in front of you stops the arrow. You automatically recognize..Quicksilver ? But..But that's impossible.
" Bet you didn't see that coming.."
He gets put his infamous line and you know, it's him. However, Hawkeye only chuckles darkly.
" As a matter of fact, I did."
Suddenly, the arrow exploses and sends Quicksilver flying against a wall. You immediately run by his side to check if he is still breathing and sigh in relief as you feel a pulse. You look up to see Hawkeye walking away and stand up to yell at him.
" What happened to you, Clint ?!"
Hawkeye stops dead in his tracks at his first name and turns around to look one last time at you. He narrows his eyes, as if he couldn't recognize you before running away. You want to get back to Quicksilver..But the world turns black.
Black Widow :
Tumblr media
You end up in a sort of complex where you see multiple agents on the floor. You take out your own gun, wondering if an enemy had succeeded in entering..However, you are relieved to see Natasha walking towards you. You smile and want to ask if everything is alright, but she suddenly gets out two guns and starts shooting at you. You just have the time to jump out of the way. Your heartbeat quickens. Why is she shooting at you ?!
"Natasha! It's me! It's Y/N!"
But she doesn't seem to hear you..or to even recognize you. She just continues shooting until someone runs past you, avoiding all of her bullets with frightening agility. They start fighting each other and you are impressed by the other agent's fighting techniques. He is as or even better than Natasha ! His fighting skills are incredible. However, Natasha still manages to get the upper hand and throws a kick at his face that sends him flying. She then throws some kind of mini-bombs and you immediately put yourself on top of him. You didn't like using your powers, but you wouldn't let him die after he saved you life. You grow some kind of shell around you both. The bombs explode and when it's safe, you retract and get up. Natasha is gone and you have a knocked out agent on the floor..Great. However, you suddenly feel yourself blacking out and fall to the floor as well.
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Trouble in Paradise
HI, anyone who might see this! I wrote another oneshot (thorbruce). Hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Thor + Bruce are in relationships (Jane, Nat), but they aren’t completely happy.
Warnings: Cheating
Word count: 1668
“Banner!” Thor called out, catching the small scientist just before he went back into the lab, or as Tony called it, the Lair From Which Bruce Shall Not Return. Thor hadn’t seen Bruce in weeks. It wasn’t a matter of choice; there had been lots of missions in the past while, and Thor and Bruce were both now busy with their significant others. Bruce and Nat were officially together, and Thor and Jane were an obvious thing. Plus, Bruce had been on the edge of a ‘scientific breakthrough’, which were code words for ‘Bruce is having feelings he doesn’t like and is trying to hide’. Or it really was a scientific breakthrough and a robber had come in and stolen all of their ice cream.
“Hey, Thor.” Bruce mumbled before slipping back in to the lab and started to shut the door. He would’ve succeeded if Thor hadn’t shoved himself into the crack between the door and the wall, trying to have a decent conversation with the man.
“Owww.” Thor groaned as Bruce tried to shut the door, not realizing the norse god was in the way. Thor was wearing his armour, as usual, so some of the pain was taken away.
“Oh, jeez, sorry Thor. By any chance, did you want to talk?” Bruce said, a small smile on his lips.
“Yes, I did want to talk! How did you know?” Thor asked.
“Just a hunch. Come on in.” Bruce said, turning away to go towards the lab table. He went right back to his research, forgetting about his visitor.
“So, Banner! What are you working on?” Thor asked, going to the table and resting his hands on Bruce’s papers, making a couple of them slide out of the pile and onto the floor.
“I’m, uh, working on some stuff with radiation, you know, thermal, uh, diffusional restitutions- THOR!” Bruce said, getting slightly angry at Thor. The giant had knocked over some tubes with his hands, making bruce jog over to make sure nothing spilled on the floor.
“Many apologies, Banner, I-“
“Maybe just go stand in the middle of the room.” Bruce said, a little agitated.
“Alright then. I am sorry I meddled with your papers and tubes.” Thor said apologetically.
“No, it’s not your fault, I’m a scatterbrain right now and I’m kind of stressed, so the littlest things are pissing me off.” Bruce said, double checking his papers were in order. He then made his way back to the beakers to fix that problem.
“Ah. You should come out for a change! I believe Tony has a team bonding game going on.” Thor suggested.
“Um, not really in the mood.”
“I understand.”
There was an awkward silence after this remark, neither Thor nor Bruce thinking of a subject that wouldn’t offend anybody. Bruce finally broke it.
“So, how’s Jane? Haven’t seen her around in awhile.”
“Oh, Jane is good.” Thor said, sighing a little and looking towards the ceiling.
“Oh? Trouble in paradise?” Bruce asked cheekily.
“Tony used that exact expression! What does it mean? What paradise? I am not in paradise. What troubles? Did I do something wrong that affected a paradise?”
“Tony used it? Agh, he must be rubbing off on me.” Bruce chuckled. “To answer your questions, trouble in paradise is basically a shorter way of saying ‘oh, everything’s not perfect? I had no idea!’ Like, sarcastically.”
“Oh, so you’re saying my relationship with Jane is doubted by everybody, and they are using their midgardian terms to get around saying it to my face.” Thor answered.
“Uhm…” Bruce stuttered, looking around like he was trying to find a way out of this situation. “Guess you’ve got me there.”
“Well, they’re not completely wrong…” Thor said, a little quieter. Bruce gave him a look of empathy and confusion. “I just feel Jane is getting less enthusiastic to see me, and more like she thinks it is a chore I have to complete.” Thor finished, looking at the ground now.
“Oh, god, I’m sorry.” Bruce said sympathetically.
“It’s not important. How is Natasha?” Thor asked, avoiding the subject.
“Oh, um. Yeah. She’s… good. As good as an assassin can be, I guess.” Bruce said, turning back to his work.
“No, don’t do that.” Thor said, gesturing to Bruce.
“What?” Bruce asked, looking over his shoulder.
“Turn back towards your work. It means you are avoiding the subject.” Thor objected.
“Ok then.” Bruce said, facing towards Thor. “But this doesn’t mean I’m going to talk.
This remark was followed by a few minutes of awkward silence. Bruce knew in his head that Thor was just waiting for him to burst. Finally, he did.
“I just don’t know if I like Nat.” Bruce sighed.
“Wait, you do not like her? Not even as a friend?” Thor asked, looking quizzically at Bruce.
“No, I just don’t know if I want to, you know, go out with her.” Bruce said, looking at the ground. “Dammit it’s hard to avoid the subject when you’re facing the person!”
“Wait, what is wrong with Nat?”
“It’s not Nat, I just might… like someone else.” Bruce whispered, starting to turn back to his work.
“Who?” Thor asked. Bruce mumbled out an incoherent answer and looked away, not making eye contact with Thor.
“Pardon?” Thor said.
“No… one. That I could ever tell, at least.” Bruce responded, looking at Thor’s armour a little more than what would be considered friend-like.
“Are you sure?” Thor asked, walking back up to Bruce until he was so close Bruce could touch him if he extended his arm almost fully. Thor had his held tilted just a little, so he looked so innocent, so cute.
“Not… really.” Bruce breathed, biting his lip as he looked at Thor’s hair. Thor raised one eyebrow a little. “I mean, what if he... doesn’t like me back?”
“If you’re talking about who I think you might be, I do not think you have any problems.” Thor said, stepping a little closer.
“Thor…” Bruce started.
“Yes, Banner?” Thor asked calmly. He had moved so close to him that Bruce could feel Thor’s breath on his face as he looked up.
“I- you’re really- please-“
“Shall I put you out of your misery?” Thor joked, smiling a little.
“Yes, please, Thor.” Bruce responded. That was all it took for Thor to move the rest of the way so he was right up against Bruce. He took Bruce’s face in his hands and bent down, bringing Bruce up just enough for their mouths to meet. It took less than a second for Bruce to start kissing Thor back, hands making their way up to wrap around Thor’s neck as Thor’s hands slid down to hold Bruce’s sides. Thor pulled Bruce impossibly close to his body. The kiss only deepened when Thor felt Bruce’s tongue swipe against his lips. He let it in without a fight, eager for whatever Bruce had to offer. They stayed like this for a minute or two, until they had to pull away. Bruce was staring at Thor like a deer in the headlights, arms still around his neck.
“T-Thor, I don’t think… I mean I really want…” Bruce exhaled. “What about Jane and Nat?”
“I don’t know, Bruce.” Thor said, putting his forehead against Bruce’s. Bruce closed his eyes, enjoying one last moment before they had to face reality. “What do you want to do?”
“How do you mean?” Bruce asked, opening his eyes to look into Thor’s. Those big, blue eyes, as bright as the sky on a cloudless day.
“I mean, do we tell Jane and Nat? Do we pretend it never happened? Do we stay together and not tell Jane and Nat? Do we break up with them?” Thor began. Bruce wanted so bad just to go on with life, pretend he hadn’t finally gotten the man he always wanted, keep settling for Nat. But there was this literal god in front of him who had kissed him. It made Bruce want to reach for the stars, in a way.
“I think for now, we just…” Bruce started, moving his hands up to play with Thor’s hair. “Just… stay like this. For the immediate future, at least.”
Thor grinned a little, eyes gleaming with hope. “So can I kiss you again?” He asked, bending down so their noses touched gently.
“God yes.” Within half a second they were back at it, tongues sliding through their mouths, handing moving around, trying to claim the other body as their own. After a little bit of this bliss, Thor pulled back, picking Bruce up and setting him on the table. Bruce was surprised, but he rather enjoyed this turn of events. It was so much more than the empty kisses Nat gave him. Those felt robotic, unwanted. These felt passionate and full.  He cupped Thor’s head again, hands running though his hair, begging for more. Thor responded by going downwards to suck on Bruce’s neck. Bruce moaned a little, spurring Thor on. Eventually, Bruce pulled Thor’s head back up, demanding attention from his lips. He brought Thor into another kiss, wishing the moment would never end. Eventually, he needed a breath, so he pulled away, settling for capturing Thor’s bottom lip in his teeth. Thor gave him a cheeky smile and returned to his work on Bruce’s neck.
“Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Bruce asked, making Thor look up at him.
“You underestimate yourself, Bruce. If Nat hasn’t gotten that habit out of you, then I guess I will just have to.” Thor said, smiling devilishly. He leaned back into Bruce, kissing him soundly, not aware about the presence in the doorway.
Clint’s eyebrows went up in shock as Bruce curled his legs around Thor’s waist. “Ohhh boy.” He whispered, because he probably couldn’t say anything above a whisper right now. His eyes were as wide as dinner plates, and his arms rested frozen at his side. “I’d like to seem them explain this.”
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camilaablackk · 10 days ago
Tony: name 3 oceans.
(Y/N): Africa
Vision: Hahah😂-
Steve: How many planets are in our solar system?
(Y/N): Which one?
Natasha: OUR
(Y/N): Which one is that?
Thor: The milky way-
(Y/N): That‘s a candy bar!
Scott: Nooo- *laughing*
Clint: How many ounces are in a pound?
(Y/N): 16!
*Wanda, Scott, Loki and Vision laughing*
Tony: Oh- okay-....
Scott: You’re literally talking to a drug dealer! *starts laughing again with everyone else*
Here’s my tiktok video to it ;)
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 10 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 6
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, minor character death, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter warnings; threat, angst, swearing, allusions to abuse
“Steve?” Y/N looked up shocked; her eyes wide and frightful as she stared at the man in front of her; Steve’s expression softening as he looked at her- his chest tightening with the familiar warmth he had whenever she was near, one that had never been replicated with anybody else- a warmth he was sure would only ever be reserved for her.
Y/N sank behind the officers in front her as the passed, trying to make herself as small as possible; eyes flickering around the room for an escape exit, listening as the station buzzed with commotion. She realised quickly that there was no way out- Brock’s words from earlier that day ringing in her ears, 'You keep your fucking head down. You don’t speak to him or any of those fucking cunts you call friends, do you hear me? That part of your life is gone- it’s dead; and you’ll find yourself and anybody else tied up to your pathetic little past in the same position if you disobey that. Do you hear me, sweetheart.”
Y/N’s nerves only began to increase as the crowd continued to part, she felt more visible now than she ever had- her eyes locking with Steve’s once again before she spoke,
“Steve- what are you- why are you here, I-“
“I came to drop off the report, hey, Bucky is here, do you- d’you wanna see him? I’m sure he’d love to-“
“No.” Y/N interjected, voice raised in alarm as she continued to think over Brock’s words, her voice returning to its normal tone as she spoke again, “I’ve got some paperwork to deal with- I can’t-“
“Y/N?” Bucky’s voice sounded from behind Steve; his body turning to look at him as Y/N stared ahead; eyes wide in uncertain fear as she watched Brock leave his office from behind them; his gaze boring into hers as she shuffled past both Steve and Bucky.
Bucky reached out to take her arm, a soft grip at the fabric of her jacket; both Steve and Bucky noting the way she flinched ever so slightly, “Doll? Hey, it’s me,” Bucky smiled sadly; the smile not reaching his eyes as he stared solemnly at his former best friend, “Y/N? Doll-“
Y/N snatched her arm from his grip; swallowing as her heart began to pound; she couldn’t put either of them at risk- for she knew the implications of her actions well,
“I can’t stop and talk, Buck. Not now. It was nice to see you, but I really have to go.” She whispered, eyes filling with tears once more as she stole a glance at Steve; heart clenching painfully as she mourned the life she once had.
Steve faltered in his step; his eyes boring into Y/N as he locked eyes with hers again for only the second time in five years; memories of the last time they spoke filtering through his mind; memories of the tender yet guarded goodbye shared before she parted- secrets kept hidden away under lock and key; never to be shared, for the consequences would be too heavy to bare.
“I’ll see you around,” Y/N mused; fingers wiping away the onset of tears quickly before she turned. Her pace slow; nervous as she walked towards Brock. Tears began to fall as Y/N tried desperately not to look at him, flinching as his fingers came to grip her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his, a forced kissed pressed to lips; the grip on her chin bruising,
Steve stood rigid; muscles tight as he watched the exchange- his chest tightening as he looked at the expression on Y/N’s face. The bright spark she once held now almost completely dimmed as she forced a smile towards Brock, body slipping past his as she darted into his office. Brock turned to face Steve, a smug smile covering his face as he brushed a thumb over his lips before he followed Y/N into the office.
Steve turned; stalking towards the exit as he pushed the doors open, breathing in the fresh air as his nostrils began to flare; Bucky following him as both their angers began to spike,
“I’ll kill him.” Steve murmured,
Bucky ignored the statement; his own anger bubbling beneath the surface at the exchange he had just watched; the sparkle behind his best friend’s eyes dimming as she fell suit to the conformities of her new life- scared and vulnerable in the depths of waters she had no chance at swimming in.
“What did he mean back there, Steve? Why aren’t you in a position to be making threats, punk?” Bucky asked, hand clamping over his shoulder.
Steve only sighed, “Didn’t mean a damn think, Buck. Just an empty threat.”
“You’re a shit liar, Steve, you know that?”
Steve too ignored the statement; his mind whirring with an onslaught of thoughts,
“He ever touches her like that again, an’ I’ll kill him. She’s too far gone, Buck. And I don’t know if I can get her back this time.”
Bucky nodded, tugging Steve around to face him before speaking, “The lights almost completely gone Steve, but we’re with her, right? Until the end of the line- you can fix it. We gotta bring her back.”
“I never wanted to let her go Buck- but I promise you, I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a god damned choice.”
“But you’ve got a choice now, pal. It’s about time you made the right one-“
“Only thing I’ve ever done right in my life is love her, pal.”
Through heartache and pain, Y/N and Steve had tuck together. Through laughter and light, they had been together; never one without the other, always seemingly stuck by each other’s side; laughing together when they were happy until their cheeks burned and bellies ached. Crying together when tragedy and sadness struck; arms encircling one another, desperate for the need of one another’s warmth. They’d been angry at each other too; raised voices, eyes ablaze, hands shaking and bodies trembling as the volatility took hold.
By age sixteen, Steve had decided that facing the motions of life with Y/N was something he enjoyed- he realised that he couldn’t face the thought of facing life without her; it dawned on him suddenly, crashing into him like a tidal wave, and suddenly the thought of her not being a constant part of his life scared him entirely.
“Buck? you seen Y/N anywhere?” Steve asked Bucky as he passed by,
“Her and Nat have run off together somewhere,” Bucky replied, “Why? Something up, punk?”
Steve sighed, eyes lolling closed for a brief second before he blew out a breath, “think I love her,”
Bucky laughed, hand clapping down on Steve’s back as he spoke, “We all know that, pal. Go tell her before that new boy at school does. Done nothing but give her the eyes for the last few weeks.” Bucky taunted lightly,
Steve growled, pulling on his coat as he darted out the door, not caring as it slammed shut behind him; nor did he care as Winnie wrenched it back open seconds later to scream after him,
“SORRY WINNIE!” He hollered back.
Bucky chuckled in amusement as his Mom sauntered back through to the sitting room, muttering a string of curses under her breath as she did,
“What in the bloody hell could be so important that he left running like a bull in a bloody china shop?”
Bucky smiled, “Gonna go and tell Y/N that he loves her, Mom.”
Winnie let out a sigh of relief, a smile adorning her features as she laughed lightly, pulling Bucky into a hug as she did, “bout bloody time.”
Steve ventured down by the lake, knowing that Y/N and Nat would have stolen a bottle of rum from Nat’s dad, and that by hiding down by the lake they were convinced nobody could see them, (they were wrong, but nobody wanted to burst the bubble of teenage rebellion for them).
Steve crept up behind them both, coming to stand a tree as he heard Nat speak up,
“When are you two gonna stop dancing around each other and admit that you’re in love? Because if you don’t, I might have to kick it out of the pair of you,”
Y/N giggled, “Natalia, the tone you used just then was just like your Mother, you know that? And you know Steve doesn’t like me, like that.”
Nat rolled her eyes, taking the bottle of rum form Y/N before taking a swig, arms bending so she could lean back, “You’re so fucking blind,”
Steve took the moment to make his presence known, whistling once before walking towards the two girls. Y/N smiled, coming to stand before flinging herself at him, laughing as she did,
“Hi, Stevie” She whispered, eyes sparkling in complete adoration for the boy in front of her. Steve clung to her, nose coming to settle against her head as he smelt her hair.
Nat gagged dramatically behind them, standing with the half empty bottle of rum before circling up next to them. Steve rolled his eyes, pulling Y/N into his side as she laughed,
“Don’t mind me,” Nat exhaled, “I’m going back home, the thought of watching you two is making me nauseous.”
Y/N blushed; her full face turning a bright colour of crimson as she hid her face behind her hair, watching as Nat left. Steve only snorted, turning back round to face Y/N, smiling lightly as he saw her blush.
“You know I heard what Nat said,” Steve whispered, blushing too as he spoke,
Y/N’s head snapped up, lips smacking together, heart pounding, “You just gotta ignore her, Stevie, you know what she’s like-“
Steve began to shake his head, “What if she’s right though? What if I do- What if we love each other and we’re both being stupid and not saying anything because we’re scared.”
Y/N blinked up at him, head tilting as she spoke, “Steve, wha-“
“I love you.” Steve stated, smile covering his face as he said it,
Y/N looked up at him in complete awe; eyes swimming in a mixture of surprise and pure adoration, “I love you too,” she whispered.
Suddenly they were both aware of just how close they were; the air seemingly changing- Steve’s eyes travelled down to Y/N’s lips, watching as she pulled the bottom lip between her teeth; his head leaning down to capture her lips, both smiling into the kiss as their lips met, the pair pulling away as a shout broke out,
Steve groaned, moving away from Y/N before running in the direction of the voice,
Y/N watched on amused as Steve chased after Nat; finger tips coming up to brush over her lips; the kiss still burning. She smiled. Steve loved her; she loved him, and she was sure she always would. Through thick and thin, and everything in between; no matter the time or place, or the distance in-between . Forever.
Will Steve do the right thing, or will the right thing only backfire? What are we all thinking?!
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 12 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 5
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter warnings; swearing, domestic violence elements, threat
Then, 2007
The wind blew bleak; thin as it was, like deep, sour wine- the rain falling in torrents, small intermittent intervals, replaced with violent gusts of wind that rattled along the rooftops of the houses,
Y/N and Nat laughed as they ran through the tidal waves of the wind, arms outstretched and twirling as they sang,
“Anyone ever told you, you two sound like a pair of fucking dyin’ cats?” Bucky drawled; a laugh eliminating form Steve as he watched on amused,
“Fuck off, Bucky, I can sing how I want! IT’S NEARLY MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!” YN screamed in glee,
Nat laughed again, twirling once more in the rain as she did, watching as Steve came to stand in front of Y/N, hands coming to grab her just before she fell- Nat laughing once more.
“Hi, Stevie” Y/N giggled; eyes slightly droopy as the stolen alcohol from Bucky’s Mom she had previously consumed pulsed through her body, veins alight with the liquid and head a little fuzzy.
Steve pulled back slightly; smiling down at Y/N, nose coming to brush over hers before he spoke,
“Hello. Happy Birthday.”
“It’s not quite time, silly. We still got-“ Y/N paused, eyes trailing up towards the town clock before squinting to read the time, “five minutes.”
Steve’s eyes flickered back down to Y/N, brushing the hair from her face before placing a small kiss to the corner of her mouth,
“I’m almost all grown up, Stevie,” Y/N breathed
Steve snorted, reaching to unbutton his coat before shrugging it off, wrapping it around Y/N as she shivered against the cold, “Best start acting like one then, yeah?” Steve turned, watching as Nat continued to dance in the rain; Bucky twirling along with her as they laughed.
Y/N snuggled into the warmth of the coat, pulling the material tighter around her as she did. Eyes glimmering with mischief as she glanced back up to Steve, “I do act like an adult, Stevie”, she smiled before she threw herself onto his back, laughing as he cursed before he hoisted her up,
“You trying to kill me, peaches?”
Y/N’s eyes twinkled at the nickname, eyes drooping before she answered “Just keeping you on your toes, Mr. Rogers”
The clock chimed, Steve’s eyes travelling up towards the sky as he listened, three chimes ringing out across the town, signalling that midnight was near,
“Stevie? Was that three- oh my god, this is it. My fucking childhood is ending. Should I do something? I feel like I should be doing something! Like I should-“
Steve laughed, knees bending to drop Y/N from his back,
“Come on, we gotta go,”
“Y/N? Come on, we gotta go.” Brock’s voice pulled Y/N from the dream- flashes of the past dancing through her mind as her eyes finally opened to the present.
Y/N stared up at Brock; the fogginess in her brain suddenly replaced with the familiar anxious feeling she had whenever she held his gaze,
“We’ve got business to attend to down at the station- Captain Rogers has finally filed that report,” Brock sneered, “Who would have thought it, huh? Steve fucking Rogers- fire fucking captain,” Brock laughed.
Y/N flinched at the malice in his voice; the sound of it igniting a sudden sense of fear- a deep rooted emotion that was always triggered whenever his voice changed in tone.
Y/N went to talk; her lips smacking together, desperately trying to form a sentence before Brock cut her off, “you’d think after his old man died in the same position he’d want to run in the opposite direction. But he’s never been one to do the right thing, has he, peaches.” Brock jeered, his body now at eye level with Y/N.
The nickname stung like acid; bile beginning to rise in her throat as Brock spat the term of endearment only ever used by Steve- her eyes welling with tears as Brock reached out to grab her forearm; tugging her body up to meet his, leaning down to whisper darkly in her ear,
“You keep your fucking head down. You don’t speak to him or any of those fucking cunts you call friends, do you hear me? That part of your life is gone- it’s dead; and you’ll find yourself and anybody else tied up to your pathetic little past in the same position if you disobey that. Do you hear me, sweetheart.”
Y/N clenched her jaw; the clamp of it causing her face to ache as her eyes swam with tears. Her silence causing Brock to grip at her jaw, sneering once more as he spoke, “I asked you a question.”
Y/N nodded, a small whispered ‘yes’ enough to divert Brock’s attention; the harsh grip falling loose as he smiled, “there’s a good girl. You’ve got ten minutes to get yourself together- we’re headed to the station.”
Y/N listened as Brock’s steps retreated from the room; a gasp leaving her body as violent sobs took over shaking form.
Time seemed to dissolve; falling shapeless like the rain as Steve continued to watch the clock, fingers drumming lightly against the wood of the desk as he waited.
Bucky huffed for what Steve had counted to be the 46th time in half an hour,
Steve leans forward in the chair adjusting his boots as he did, eyes glancing over to Bucky as he groaned; raking a hand through his hair as he hummed,
“Alright Rogers, spare me the fucking speech-“
“Who said anything about a speech?”
Bucky snorted, a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth, “you’re gonna tell me to stop huffing cos it’s making you nervous.”
Steve narrowed his eyes, his brow furrowed as he spoke, “look Buck- you can’t tell me you’re feeling okay about all this-“
“Me? I’m feeling fine, I aint the one with a guilty conscience.”
Steve huffed; arms folding over one another as he crossed his legs at the ankle, “Come on punk- Nat already gave me the third degree- Wanda came clean, said she'd been in contact- Nat told me I had no right to be mad at her about it, but look- I- I didn’t go out of my way to hurt her, we just bumped into each other-“
“Mhm hmmm. I believe you, really I do. Did you know that she still talks to Wanda? Cos I sure as hell didn’t- maybe that’s because Wanda was against the whole thing, huh? Maybe it’s cos she was the only one who could see how much it was hurting her, and she was the only one not willing to go along with it.” Bucky relented, his voice rising in slight anger.
Steve stood abruptly, “Why now, Buck? Huh? Why are we having this conversation now- why not then, or after, or somewhere in between, huh?”
“You didn’t wanna hear it-“
“I didn’t have a choice!” Steve shouted, his voice raised- the room fell silent then, seconds passing by before Bucky huffed again,
“You keep saying that Steve- but you’ll never tell anybody why. What happened that night Steve- cos I aint so sure about it anymore. Only people who seem to know are you, Y/N and Peggy. I’m just trying to piece it altogether- cos Lord knows I’ve spent the last five years trying to figure out why one of my best friends stopped all contact with me.”
Steve swallowed; his eyes boring into Bucky’s, “nothing to tell, punk. I let her go. And that’s all there is to it.”
Bucky hummed once again; hands clasping together as he sat them on his lap, “If only ghosts could talk, hey pal?”
The room fell silent once more; the clock continued to tick; a persistent heavy chorus lay latent in the air, clock striking 12:30PM before Brock entered the room; the knocking of the door absent- the sudden burst of noise had both Bucky and Steve jumping to their feet.
Brock huffed out a laugh; the gun at his hip clasped in his right hand,
“Well, well, well, just look who we have here! Been a bit, ain’t that right boys?” Brock chortled, body moving to sit at the desk in front of both Steve and Bucky; the two men nodding towards one another as they sat in front of the desk.
Steve found himself gripping the wood of the chair just a little bit tighter as he stared at Brock- his heart beginning to hammer with uncertain anger; memories of the past flashing by in block colour. His knuckles turning white at the effort in which his hands were gripping the wood.
Brock looked towards him; a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he spoke, “Rogers. Forgive me-Captain Rogers- I understand you have the fire report?”
Steve’s eyes were ablaze with a mixture of sadness and rage, he pursed his lips, jaw tightening as he did as he looked towards Brock; words failing him as he continued to stare at the man he despised.
Bucky looked towards Steve then; noting the way his grip on the wooden chair was beginning to splinter his skin; he sighed, reaching down to pick up the cascaded file at Steve’s feet; throwing it towards Brock’s desk- the sound of it hitting the wood of the table echoing throughout the room.
Brock continued to smirk; tutting as he picked up the report, flicking through it as his eyes skimmed over the words,
“Stark did the forensics? Tony Stark- the old guys still knocking about then, huh?” Brock laughed.
Bucky took the opportunity to talk, eyes lingering on Steve as he spoke; the words carefully chosen as he did, “Listen, none of us want to be here Brock, so if we could speed this along I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.”
Brock tutted once more, leaning back in his chair with a bored sigh, “We’re not just investigating a fire now, Bucky, we’re looking at a murder investigation. So we gotta be thorough- aint that right, Captain?” He sneered, his voice directed at Steve as he held his gaze.
Steve continued to say nothing; his grip still firm on the chair as he breathed in deeply. Brock only smirked once more, nodding before speaking,
“Two people died in that fire- and it’s my job to figure out who started it. So, you both listen here- you go back to Stark, and you tell him to bring in every source he has-“
“Who said you’re the one giving orders around here?” Steve finally spoke; the words spoken through gritted teeth.
“I’m the new detective at this jurisdiction, and sweet little ole Y/N is the family liaison officer- she’s damn good at getting people to talk. Hell she’s good at getting information- real good at giving people what they want, but you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you Rogers?”
Steve jumped up from the chair; the sound of it clattering back against the floor echoing in the room- hands reaching out to grab Brock by the throat, a hand raised in a threatening fist before Bucky pushed him back. Brock only laughed, clapping his hands together as he did,
“Phew- you still got it in you, huh? I gotta say Rogers- after five years you’d think you’d have let it all go.” Brock taunted; Steve trying to push out of Bucky’s firm hold,
“Come on pal, not now-“
“You better listen to your lieutenant, Captain. Wouldn’t wanna get yourself locked up for aggravated assault, would we?” Brock continued to taunt.
Bucky sighed, turning to face Brock once more, “We’ll have Stark do some more digging, Rumlow.”
“Very kind of you, Barnes. Make sure you keep Rogers here on a leash.” He jeered.
Steve took the opportunity to stare Brock down once more; jaw tight as he spoke, “You better watch yourself, Rumlow.”
“I don’t think you’re in a position to be making threats, Rogers.” Brock raised a triumphant brow, Steve stilling at the comment.
With that, Steve took his leave; heavy footsteps storming towards the office door before ripping it open; the slam echoing through the station as he stalked towards the entrance- eyes locked on the exit doors, not noticing as his body collided with another,
“Shit, I’m so sorry-“
Oh boyyyy; what are we all thinking? Any ideas about what went down? Brock seems to know something🤔 i would LOVE to know your thoughts!! If you would like to be added to the taglist, please don't hesitate to ask! A reminder that requests for Steve are OPEN 🥰
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Light of Love: Chapter 4
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter Warnings; hurt, angst, allusions to abuse, swearing- i think that's it??
Y/N roused from sleep; a subtle awareness of the world awakening around her as she turned over to shuffle away from the warmth of the body next to her- the familiar being of the man who occupied the spot next to her churning her stomach ever so slightly; the persistent anxious feeling she had whenever she was near him more present this morning than ever.
Brock stirred next to her, a hand reaching out to wipe the sleep from his eyes before he sighed loudly, “you woke me up.”
“Sorry, it’s just- I’m meeting Wanda today, I-” Y/N muttered, a slight tremor in her voice as she did; hand coming up to gingerly hold the sheet tighter to her body; the air surrounding the room suddenly cold. She turned, the words suddenly falling short as she went to get up. Brock’s hand caught on the edge her pyjama top; his grip harsh on the fabric, and she stilled instantly- eyes wide as her body began to tremble ever so slightly.
“Leaving without a kiss goodbye?”
Y/N’s whole body went rigid; muscles beginning to clench painfully as she forced a smile; a small breath easing its way out of her chest as she turned her head- leaning down to press a kiss to Brock’s lips, a forced smile lingering afterwards.
Brock hummed; turning away once more to shuffle out of the bed, pulling on the cascaded jeans next to the bed as soon as his feet hit the ground.
Y/N took the opportunity to leave the room, body shuffling out of the door and down the hallway to the bathroom, the door closing just as quickly as soon as it was entered. Y/N leaned back against the frame, body coming to slide down oak, knees groaning in protest as she did, body shaking once more as she drew out several puffs of air from her lungs.
The events of the last few weeks had finally taken its toll on Y/N; moving back to a city that held secrets to her shattered past with a man who played a part in her trauma was deep rooted; the roots entangling in rustic twists, paving the foundations to fractured memories.
It hadn’t always been this way, Y/N thought. Some of her happiest memories were in this town; some of her worst, too a voice mused at the back of her head; the mimicking of the statement causing her to shudder once more.
Brock her had exactly where he wanted her; trapped with no possible escape route- threatened into cohesion, fearing that if she didn’t play the part of the docile wife, the secrets that webbed her past would be displayed. She played the part well; the loving wife of Detective Brock Rumlow- a liaison officer for his jurisdiction. She suited the role; calm, approachable, friendly and compliant. In her personal life, she attended his office parties; the black tie events in expensive gowns and designer heels- she did what was expected of her in order to keep him from turning into the monster she knew he was.
She was numb. She’d been numb for the last five years; numb ever since-
“Y/N? I’m leaving for the station- you’re to meet me at seven, you hear?” Brock’s voice shattered the thoughts as they swirled around in Y/N’s mind.
She sucked in a breath, nodding before responding; the sound muffled through the oak of the door, “okay.” She whispered- listening as his steps retreated; the slamming of the front door confirming his departure.
The drive into town didn’t take long; the route a familiar one to Y/N- the expanse of green hues; the sun casting golden kisses over the rolling of land; tall trees encasing the side of the road as the car rolled past.
The car stilled as Y/N reached the familiar coffee shop; swinging the car into the parking lot outside the front of the shop,
Y/N sighed; hands beginning to shake as she took in deep breaths- she could do this. It was just coffee with Wanda- that was it. Just coffee with Wanda. She continued to remind herself; fixing her lipstick quickly in the rear view mirror. She nodded to herself, opening the car door before forcing her body out of the vehicle.
Y/N stood still for a moment more; shutting the car door before pushing herself towards the entrance of the coffee shop- it was just coffee. Y/N swallowed once before entering the shop- the bell on the door sounding as she did, Y/N noticed the fiery mass of hair in the far right corner of the shop, typical Y/N smiled, that had always been Wanda’s spot.
Wanda looked up as Y/N approached; jumping up from her seat before pulling YN into a hug- arms tightening around her when she laughed,
“I thought you were gonna be a no show!” Wanda declared, standing back to hold Y/N at arms length.
Y/N chuckled, gripping Wanda’s arms back, “You know I would never miss a coffee date, not with you, Wand.”
“Only skipped the last 5 years worth,” Wanda laughed; rolling her eyes playfully as Y/N smiled, “Sorry about that.”
“Come on, sit down- tell me about your life over in Jersey fucking city,” Wanda implored, body shuffling to sit back down, Y/N laughing as she did the same.
“Nothing to tell! You know everything already-“
“Okay. How about you tell me how weird it is being back here then.” Wanda cut her off, an eyebrow raised as she sipped on the coffee in front of her; nodding towards the cup placed in front of Y/N,
“Took the liberty of ordering for you, black coffee, two sugars.”
Y/N smirked, “I actually take milk now.”
Wanda gasped in mock shock, “I never thought I’d see the day.”
“I grew up, Maximoff.”
“I suppose you did, Ames. You’re avoiding the question though- you’re deterring from the conversation because it makes you uncomfortable- textbook psychology. How is it? How are you?” Wanda implored; eyes drawn together in concern for the friend sat in front of her.
Y/N sighed; a hand coming up to rub over her face before she took in a staggering breath- eyes beginning to swim with uncertain emotion,
“It’s tough. Every corner of this town- every fucking corner, Wand, there’s some form of history.” She cried; eyes over spilling with tears as she allowed herself to grieve for a life she once had.
Wanda smiled sadly; a hand coming to rest over Y/N’s as she spoke, “If it’s any consolation- the town has been real shit since you left.”
Y/N laughed; wiping her nose quickly before speaking, “Life and soul of the part remember. Well, I used to be.” A slight ache in her voice, one that Wanda picked up on.
The bell on the door chimed once again; pulling the pair from their thoughts. Y/N noted the way Wanda stilled, her eyes wild as she looked towards the door.
Y/N turned then, her breath catching in her throat as she spotted the familiar figure walk towards one of the booths- Steve.
Y/N’s heart began to hammer; the blood now pulsing in waves through her veins as she tried to take a breath- she caught his gaze, and she was sure the world around her stopped; the sound of the coffee shop now fuzzy, distorted even as she looked at him.
The two former lovers stared at each other; eyes boring into one another’s souls as they laid them open for each of them to see. The notions of past feelings so openly communicated through the softness of their gazes. The silence was broken as Wanda cleared her throat,
“Y/N? If you want to leave, I-“
“It’s okay Wanda. It was going to happen either way,” Y/N murmured, her voice a slither of a decibel as she spoke.
Steve continued to stare at Y/N, his eyes softening as he looked at the girl he’d grown up loving- the girl he’d ended up hurting in the worst possible way.
Steve was sure his heart was going to burst out of his chest as she suddenly walked towards him; her movements unsure as she came to stand in front of him, lips smacking together several times before she spoke,
“Hi Stevie.” She smiled sadly; the nickname foreign on her lips as she spoke it on barely a whisper.
Steve continued to stare at her, eyes swelling with emotion as he took her in; breathed her in like a drug, one he’d gone so long without and wasn’t sure he could go without it ever again,
“Hi peaches.” He breathed; smiling as she laughed ever so slightly at the nickname.
“How- how are you? I’m sorry about- about Peggy, I wanted to- but I didn’t think- Brock said that I-“ Y/N sighed; eyes screwing shut as it all became too much. The hurt she had bottled up for so many years nearly beginning to spill from the bottle she kept it locked in.
Steve stood, reaching out to take her arm but retracting when she recoiled; hurt flashed through him as she did. He stood back, putting more distance between them as he shoved his hands into his pockets- ignoring the way the diners in the shop began to stare,
“It’s okay. Bucky always said time was a good healer-“ Steve cringed as he said it, noting the way Y/N recoiled once more, swallowing as she stole a glance up at him once again; his breath hitching as he stares at her,
“I heard about Winnie- Mrs Hubert was talking about it at the Grocers- I didn’t- I don’t have a number for Bucky anymore, and I didn’t know if anybody knew I was back in town so I didn’t wanna just show up at the house. I mean, it wouldn’t really be appropriate anyway, would it? Not after- after everything- but, I just, I wanted to make sure he was okay and I- shit, sorry I’m rambling- it’s just- it’s jus’ a lot, Stevie. Being back here, it’s a lot.” She breathed; eyes now burning with tears- spilling down over her cheeks as she cried.
Steve wanted to tell her that he knew she was back; that she’d consumed his every thought over the last few days since he’d seen her under the twilight of the moon at the scene. Steve went out to hold her; to hold her against his chest the way he always had done, but she flinched back once more; shoving at his chest ever so slightly with a firm, “don’t.”
Steve studied Y/N before speaking; noting the way she tried desperately to stop the tears; the same way she did when he let her go five years ago, “I’m sorry Y/N."
“Sorry doesn’t work this time, Stevie. Sorry doesn’t cut it- look, I have to go, Brock will be waiting for me. I’ll see you around- Brock and I, we’re uhm- we’re living here for a bit-“
“Y/N, please. Don’t-“
Y/N stood firm, “don’t what, Steve? Don’t mention him- don’t mention Brock? He’s my husband, Steve, remember?”
“Of course I remember! You’d think I forget?!” Steve suddenly roared; the coffee shop now completely quieting.
Y/N flinched; stepping back as her heart began to pound- her voice nothing but a whisper as she looked towards Steve, “No. Just as I never forgot Peggy was your wife, Steve.”
Y/N left with that; bolting from the coffee shop as Steve stood frozen- Wanda followed after Y/N, sparing Steve a glance before she left the shop,
“Will you ever stop hurting her Steve?”
Steve winced at the sentence; the words burning a hole in his heart as his eyes burned with tears. He never wanted to hurt her again- and he’d be damned sure he’d make her realise it.
Then; January 2016
The twilight of the moon illuminated a soft hue of light into the small back room of the Barnes home where Steve stood, jaw tense as he looked across the room at Y/N. The ever present ticking of the clock seemed to intensify in the silence of the room; the air moving like a rush of cold water; the aroma of Winnie’s candles still burning bright- the smell seemed more present now than it did earlier that day. The fabrics of the curtains seemed to be muted in a hue of cast shadows, like branches moving in the dark of the night. The former couple had been silent for what felt like hours awaiting for dawn break, sat in a silent redemption and all that it brought- a promise of a new day, the promise of colours and flashes of light- a promise to bring them out of the darkness and back into the light.
The tears had long since dried on Y/N’s face; the saltiness of them staining her cheeks, flushed red with the remnants of the anger she felt. She huffed, a shaky hand coming up to rub at the tension she felt in her head before she finally spoke in nothing but a broken whisper, “I can’t do this anymore, Stevie.”
Steve turned to face her, watching as her stare turned vacant, the light diminishing behind her eyes as she looked at him, “I can’t do it. I can’t keep waiting for you to love me- for you to choose me. I can’t do it.” She whispered again, staring at him with a look he couldn’t quite place.
Steve’s voice began to rise as he spoke again, “What do you expect me to do, Y/N? We’ve got no choice,”
Y/N shook her head, tears beginning to fall again, fingertips brushing harshly to try and stop the stream, “No Steve, we do have a choice. YOU have a choice.”
Steve laughed; the bitterness of it sending a shiver down Y/N’s spine, “You’re right, I’ve got a choice, I stay here with you, and every lie we’ve ever tried to cover comes after us, or we do what we know we have to do, and we leave it- we start again.”
“You can’t ask me to do that, Steve. You can’t ask me to pretend that I don’t love you- to pretend that me and you were never meant to be-
“I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE,” the scream that left Steve’s throat accompanied by the smash of a glass as it was thrown against the nearby wall; dogs barking in the wake of the night at the distant crash.
He looked towards Y/N once more, stomach clinching painfully at the scared look on her face, “Please, Y/N. I don’t have a choice.”
Y/N looked towards Steve, coming to stand up from the chair where she was sat, gingerly walking over towards him; unaware that it would be for the last time for awhile, hands grabbing at the lapels of his suit jacket, a hand covering over where his heart beat. She could feel it under the skin of her palm as she spoke, “I can’t, Steve. I can’t wait for you anymore.” Her hand brushing over his chest for what would be the last time.
She watched as Steve pushed away from her, body taking long strides, grabbing his coat off of the back of the sofa in his path; a lingering glance burning into the side of Y/N’s head for a moment before he left; door slamming shut behind him, the vibration of it rattling through Y/N as she allowed herself to crumble. The small room she occupied feeling abnormally large without Steve in it; her heart now half hollow.
Lord knows her heart would be completely hollow come morning.
The next morning;
The church was beautiful; old stone and stained glass- the ever present smell of burnt candles, coupled with the smell of musty prayer books, metal polish and the lingering scent of flowers. Encaustic tiles line the floor, dark oak pews sit straight in a line; deep red cushions somewhat stained with age shining in the mid morning glow; stained glass windows casting decadent shadows over the cast iron door; the whole church encapsulated in Gothic splendour. The church always seemed to calm Y/N- she wasn’t sure that she believed in God, but she always believed in the tranquillity of the church; forever seeking solace in the place of worship when things around her seemed to spiral.
But tranquility was not something she felt this time around; it was the opposite really- it was fear as if clasped around her heart- it was tears that spilled out of the corner of her eyes as she watched the only man she’d ever loved marry another.
“If any of you gathered here today have any just cause or impediment as to why these two should not be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace,” The priest declared.
The church now completely silent, and it took everything in Y/N to not declare the truth; to not declare the reasons that the marriage shouldn’t go ahead- to declare her undying love for the man stood before her who was marrying another woman.
Bucky gripped onto her hand as her body went to serge forward- Nat doing the same as they watched her suck in a breath- the release never coming as silent sobs began to shake her,
“It’s all gonna be okay, doll. I promise you.” Bucky murmured, placing a chaste kiss to the side of her forehead as the church erupted into applause at Steve and Peggy’s first kiss as man and wife.
It’s all gonna be okay.
Oh boy; this one hurt a little bit. I would love to know what you're all thinking!! We've pinpointed a source of all the hurt- but what was the cause??? 🤔🤔
If you want to be added to the taglist; please don't hesitate to ask!🥰 Requests are OPEN for anything Steve Rogers related !!!
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Imagine reuniting with your husband Clint after The Blip:
Tumblr media
The tattoos were new. So was the haircut. But underneath all that, he was the same Clint you saw just a few seconds ago. It hadn't been a few seconds, though. Years, five years had passed. You couldn't believe it. It was as if you blinked. One second you were there, in your home, enjoying his early retirement. He turned for a moment, but you were already disappearing, or dying, you weren't sure at the time. When he turned around you were gone. You didn't have to ask him, you just knew the years had not been kind to him. You could see it in his face, the bags under his eyes, the lines that seemed so much deeper and angrier than you remembered. He was your husband, the same man you married, but he'd lived through something you couldn't imagine, something you were sad you hadn't faced together. None of that mattered though. You were back. You were back and that's all he asked, all he wanted.
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