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#clinical psychology
paperpuppet · 4 hours ago
A unique and insightful take on depression, the stages that precede and follow it, and a simple but powerful antidote.
Please give the video a chance and support my friend’s channel if it interests you.
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jenniferstudiess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This is my last weekend of studying for undergrad 🎉🎓
Its so surreal that I'm so close to being done after 5 years of university. My remaining assignments (2 papers and 3 quizzes) will be finished by April 21st. Although I have no motivation right now, I just have to push on a few days longer.
I am also excited that I was chosen as one of my department's nominations for the convocation medal. I'll find out later this spring if I was successful!
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ccrpsorg · 4 days ago
Research Jobs Near Me
Clinical Research Jobs, Employment -
Clinical Research Positions and Job Opportunities
See CCRPS Remote, Entry-Level Clinical Research Job Bulletin
Clinical Research Positions and Job Opportunities
+7,000 Entry-Level Clinical Trial Jobs near me - Indeed
+7,000 Entry-Level Clinical Trial Jobs near me - Indeed
Google search “Clinical Research **job role i.e. coordinator vs. associate vs. assistant** near me since GOOGLE has a great job bulletin, simply google the job and set your email to get alerts on new openings
+16,000Clinical Research Jobs near me- Linkedin is a HIDDEN GEM for finding research jobs near me
Reaching our to CROs to express interest in their 1) trials 2) free intern roles is an option if location is a limiting factor (see ContractResearchMap)
Entry Level Research Jobs, Employment tips
1) Provide qualifications by getting a clinical research certification or degree
2) Modify resume to focus on clinical research and reframe past careers in how they could help your career in research (see VelvetJobs for 300+ clinical research resume examples)
3) Write focused cover letters for EACH job you apply to
4) Add anyone who emails you on LinkedIn
5) Follow up every 2-4 weeks until interviewed, hired, or rejected (must have rejection! this is how employers know your diligent and this sort of follow up shows immense interest in a large applicant pool).
How to get a research assistant job in the US as an IMG? - Follow the above steps! Share why your MD is useful in trials (detecting symptoms for patients and understanding enrollment criteria).
Research Remote Work From Home & Flexible Jobs - How to get a job doing research from home?
See our article on how to work remote in clinical research from home: 5 TIPS AND TRICKS TO WORKING FROM HOME IN CLINICAL RESEARCH DURING A PANDEMIC…OR REMOTELY. The COVID19 crisis has caused companies to require employees to work remotely in the clinical research field.
How to Get a Job as a Research Assistant
See our internationally-recognized, biopharma approved Clinical Trial Assistant Career Guide; viewed by thousands of visitors every month. The fastest way to prove both knowledge and passion in the field is to get certified. CCRPS Clinical Research Assistant training certification course (Advanced Clinical Trial Assistant Certification (ACTAC)™) provides both ICH GCP and senior-researcher level of content review so assistants can be both useful and an asset to the trial site!
Research Jobs
See our career guides and this great article by Kunal Sumpat on 15 Clinical Research Jobs
Clinical Research Associate (CRA) - How to become a clinical research associate?
Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)
Drug Safety Monitor (PV)
Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) - How much does a research assistant earn?
Clinical Research Nurse (CRN)
All Research Professionals (ICH GCP)
Here's What You Need to Know to Get a Clinical Research Job - How to enter a research field?
This 5 hour video by Dan, Clinical Trial Guru, is a must-watch for all those interviews in clinical research jobs.
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tetedump · 7 days ago
psychology fact 4
you are not the first one to have weird thoughts, you will not be the last one to have weird thoughts.
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thebibliolife · 8 days ago
Zoomester Studyblr Challenge
Day 3 - Have you done a challenge before? If so, how was it? If not, what are you expecting to get out of this experience?
I don't think I have. At some point I tried the hundred days of productiveness and I obviously did not get past five days. From this one I'm mostly hoping to make what I am doing seem less scary. I want to work really hard to make sure I do everything right and get through the selection process. A lot depends on whether not I get through, so devastating that into something fun hellos make it feel a little less pressurised.
Took a day off today because I won't get to a single day off until after the exams; thought I should take this first weekend off to recharge. Here's what I started reading today:
Tumblr media
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tetedump · 10 days ago
*sleepy sigh*
Apr. 9th, 2021; 20h43
I actually did all the things for today; I didn't apply to two internships but i did a lot of internship-related shit... and it truly feels shitty, like so many cool opportunities but so much fucking work to get there. I also got the first covid vaccination today which is so good. in rangers' 2nd intermission right now, and just going to plan the day tomorrow:)
quarantine school 028
10-11: research internship application
11-12: psych paper
12-13: lunch, go for a small walk!
13-14: research internship application
14-15: bio notes
15-16: finish research internship application, or do a different internship application
16-19: chill my love. zone out with tv, take a shower, eat some food, do literally whatever you'd like.
19h30-20h30: psych reflection
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thebibliolife · 10 days ago
Zoomester Studyblr Challenge
Day 2 - If you’ve chosen a major, why did you decide on it? If you’re in any other grade , what field/major interests you the most?
Where I study, universities don't really have the concept of majors in the same way that other places do. You choose your subjects when you apply and that's how it stays until you graduate. So, my subjects in undergrad were Psychology, History and English Literature. I wanted Psychology and this was the best combination of subjects the the University offered with Psychology. That isn't to say, however, that I didn't absolutely love English Lit and History. (In fact, I was thrilled that I could study Literature and History again. Until last year, our system was such that after tenth grade, each student would pick one stream out of Science, Commerce and Arts. You don't get to mix the subjects. I had chosen science and so after two years of physics and maths, history and lit were a more than welcome respite). For post-grad I chose Clinical Psychology.
I am not sure how well I can answer the why psychology question. When I started out, it seemed pretty clear. I was always intrigued by the ways in which our brain could function different from the established norm. I also watched a show when I was younger were a couple of kids had a child psychologist for mother, and she helped the kids' father understand the children better every step of the way. Oh, she was also dead, btw. A child psychologist ghost. I wanted to be like her - not the ghost part but the part where she bridges the gap between children and adults.
But the more I learn this subject, the more I realise that there several other factors, too, that lead me here.
Here are the terrible pictures from what I studied today:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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celesticadream · 10 days ago
i forgot how hard it is for me to unwind on my first day off from work, esp jobs in this field and i love what i do!
but going from -> 40 hours of constantly interacting w/coworkers and clients -> having two full days to myself is sort of like a sudden adrenaline drop. there's probably a term for that specific thing but anyways.
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psychology-job-bank · 10 days ago
Lab Manager for Social Cognition and Intergroup Processes Lab at Northwestern University
Position Available—Full-time Lab Manager, Northwestern University
The SCIP (social cognition & intergroup processes) Lab, directed by Dr. Sylvia Perry at Northwestern University in the Department of Psychology seeks a full-time (with benefits) lab manager/research technician beginning the Summer or Fall of 2021.
The initial appointment will be for one year, with the possibility to extend for additional years based on performance and continued funding. The lab manager will work closely with the PI and lab group on a research program investigating how social contexts and attitudes affect behavioral and physiological outcomes within intergroup interactions in both adult and child populations.
Responsibilities include:
overseeing day-to-day lab operations
designing, running, and analyzing experiments with children and adults
hiring, coordinating, training, and proactively working with undergraduate research assistants
data management
participant recruitment and scheduling
development and maintenance of a participant database
coordinating school visits
maintaining IRB protocols, budgeting, website, etc.
assisting in planning lab events and meetings
Preferred qualifications:
a Bachelor's degree in psychology or a related discipline
research experience in a social and/or developmental psychology lab
one or more years of research experience with children and/or racially diverse populations
experience in a psychophysiological or dyadic interactions lab [e.g., experience working with, cleaning, and analyzing autonomic nervous system data (using AcqKnowledge and/or MindWare software), coding verbal and non-verbal data, and/or creating dictionaries in LIWC]
excellent organizational and multitasking skills and the ability to work independently
strong interpersonal, communication, and writing skills
extremely efficient in email correspondence
programming skills in Qualtrics, Inquisit, Prolific, and Mechanical Turk; and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite
strong analytical skills (e.g., experience with SPSS, R, etc.)
working knowledge of image and/or video design and editing (e.g., Photoshop, Final Cut)
SCIP lab members have been accepted into competitive Social, Community, and Clinical Psychology PhD programs, thus this position is ideal for individuals who wish to pursue research in the future. The lab manager/research technician will be involved with scientific presentations at conferences, the writing of journal manuscripts, and the ability to start their own projects in collaboration with Dr. Perry and her research lab.
To apply, please submit a cover letter and CV/resume, and arrange to have two letters of recommendation sent to Dr. Perry at Please use the subject line “lab manager position” in your email, and have your letter writers use the subject line “letter of recommendation for [your name] for lab manager position”. If this ad is still available on the website, the position is still available.
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled, but we encourage applicants to submit their materials by April 30, 2021. Questions about this position should be directed to Dr. Sylvia Perry at
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tetedump · 10 days ago
grrr if
Apr. 9th, 05h33
I could like build a huge wall up around my apartment and choose who I let in, like including obnoxious professors and people who get to me in non-physical ways, that would be absolutely great.
quarantine school 027
feeling pissy about all of the things I have to do. like the stress could (and may) overwhelm me, but I'm gonna try just literally not letting anyone contact me who I don't want to? like mainly parents so they can't add to my stress. and i have my first vaccine appt this afternoon, so that'll be something positive to update them on.
I probably will head back to sleep soon? I can't tell lol. but here's a tentative schedule:
9-10: apply to the career center thingy, email the person about research
10-11: work on psych final paper
11-12: chill, eat some lunch
12h30-13h30: watch bio lecture, do exit ticket
13h30-14h30: apply to 1 internship
14h30-17h00: chill, make sure have everything for vaccine, get first dose!
17h00-18h00: apply to 1 internship
18h00-21h45: make dinner, rangers game:)
who tf knows if i'll get this done today. who knows if my brain will keep churning, who knows if i'll get too overwhelmed and the feelings of failure and stress from yesterday will creep back in. going to sleep now, take some deep breaths, and just keep moving forward. will probably update later<3
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psychandme · 10 days ago
The first blog that I shared with you all through this account was about my experiences with Maladaptive Daydreaming. Now I feel that in order to raise awareness regarding MD, it is not enough to share what one faces during this time.. but to properly define what it is and what are the causes due to which one can develop maladaptive daydreaming behavior.
Maladaptive Daydreaming, due to it's unique set of symptoms can be added to the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), as it's own diagnosis. But at this time, MD is not listed in the DSM as a diagnosable mental illness. The closest diagnosis would be Depersonalization/derealization disorder (DPDR). This is the diagnosis given to those of us who struggle with Dissociation. To make it clear, Depersonalization is when when we feel out of body, like we're watching ourselves from above or in a haze and Derealization is when we feel separated from our environment and feel like we are in a dream or everything around us is not real. These experiences are extremely normal, it's estimated that 50% of people have had at least one episode of DPDR, that is a Huge amount of people.. so know that you are not alone !
When it comes to maladaptive daydreaming, it isn't just feeling out of body or environment. We can create very intense and detailed daydreams with plots,characters, very lifelike issues and storylines. Some people may get the plots for their daydreams from their real lives, while others can create a Utopian place unlike their current experience. We can find ourselves staying in these daydreams for various amounts of time. Some stay in them till hours and some struggle to get out of them at all, spending days in this other life that's been created.
I know this may sound odd if you haven't experienced it, like why we allow ourselves to stay in a daydream for so long? But there are many causes for them, the first one being :
• Trauma Triggers - If a person experiences a trauma in their life, things that remind them of that time or situation can pull them into a flashback and cause them to dissociate, or in many cases push them into their Maladaptive Daydreams. When our brain and the rest of our nervous system feels overwhelmed and unable to deal with what's going on in the moment, it can pull us out of our current situation through Dissociation.
It's a way to cope or get through an overwhelming situation when we don't have other skills to help calm our nervous system down, so we rely on what we know and that can be daydreaming or disassociating.
• High levels of stress or anxiety- We can slowly feel ourselves become more overwhelmed until our brain pulls us out of our reality and into a new one, aka our maladaptive daydreams. In short, we can stay in these daydreams to feel better and safe, but it can get in the way of us functioning in our life. For example, a person may make facial expressions that don't apply to their real life, only in the dream. It can also make driving and walking dangerous because we aren't fully present.
Which is why even the term Maladaptive Daydreaming is used, maladaptive means it's not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the environment or situation. So the daydreaming can only hold off the bad things, it's not actually making anything better.
It can be helpful sometimes, but if it's happening all the time and making it hard for us to focus at work, school or with our friends and family, we should find other better ways to cope.
Here are some ways we can better cope so that we don't get sucked into our daydreams for hours, days or even weeks:
• Mindfulness- In order for us to know when we even need to use the other coping skills, we have to know when the daydreaming urges are happening. Many times we aren't aware of what we are thinking or feeling until it's too late and at that point it is even more difficult to pull ourselves out of our daydreams.
We have to start being more aware of what we're going through. One way we can do this is by using our past urges and daydreaming experiences. Consider what was going on in our life, when we last got pulled in our daydreams, what we were thinking or feeling if we even remember. And when the urge to daydream got so strong that we couldn't resist. There are no right or wrong answers here, we are just gathering information.
Once we figure out the pattern, like the certain people, or situations that trigger us more and what the early signs of us getting overwhelmed are, only then we can do something about it.
Next is figuring out a way to calm our system down. It can be in a form of a distraction technique such as going for a walk, organizing a part of our home, colouring, watching a show, etc. These can also be process-based, such as talking to a therapist or a friend about it or Journaling. We can also do a full body shake or some light stretching to help get that anxious energy out. We're also going to have to find some coping skills that we can use when we're starting to feel overwhelmed and wanting to go back into that daydream. Maybe we hold an ice cube in our hands, clap our hands, count the number of things in the room that are of a specific colour,etc. Whatever works for you, Do it.
Once we have a few things that work, write them down in your phone or a post-it note so that you can see it and be reminded when you need it. Since we have created this world, we can slowly make it change to keep us out of it. I know this may be really hard because in many ways we can still feel that we need that safe haven, which takes me to the final tip, and that is to Work with a Therapist to heal from the trauma or to learn how to better cope with the anxiety or stress we're feeling.
Just like many other mental health issues we can have like self injury or ED urges, they're just some coping skills for something else going on in our lives and if we Heal the issue we're struggling to cope with, the urge to use those unhelpful coping skills will go away altogether.
I hope with this blog, anyone who feels alone in this journey knows that they are not alone. Hope you all find this helpful, and anyone is free to reblog this and add any helpful tip, tools or anything that you think I missed about Maladaptive Daydreaming.
Source: Kati Morton (youtube)
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thebibliolife · 11 days ago
Zoomester Studyblr Challenge
Day 1 - Introduce yourself! What’s some basic info you’d like to share about yourself? Also! What are you studying? (If you’re in college, what’s your major? which semester are you in?)
Hey! I am T and I'm 23 years old. I love reading and I love poetry. I lean heavily towards dystopian and fantasy most of the time but I read almost everything. I kind of like learning languages but I I'm reaaaally slow and inconsistent.
I just graduated from grad school with a Master's in Clinical Psychology. I need one more degree to get my license to practice and so I'm currently preparing for it. My entrance exam is a little more than a month away (and when I say little, I mean very little).
I don't really have many pictures to post because I have been holed up inside, studying and my study table has just turned into a cluttered storage box of shame. Nevertheless, here's some things I did today:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rethinkhealth-online · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
The clinical psychologists at Rethink Health work alongside doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to help patients to achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes after physical illness. Find out more about post-intensive care syndrome & medical psychology. For more information about Chronic Pain visit here:
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malepassing · 14 days ago
"hmmmph i wish i wasn't born smh why didn't my mom abort me" then kill yourself coward
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themindsjournalposts · 23 days ago
Going through depression is hard enough on it’s own without the crushing guilt that comes along with potentially trashing your relationship.
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psychology-job-bank · 24 days ago
Research Associate for Pregnant Women and Infants Study at the University of Pittsburgh
Job Announcement: Full-time Research Associate University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychiatry Pittsburgh Girls Study
Full-time Research Associate (RA) position available at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychiatry. The RA will work on a new NIMH-funded research study of pregnant women and infants, directed by Dr. Irene Tung. This is a new sub-study of the Pittsburgh Girls Study (PGS), a large NIH- funded longitudinal study directed by Drs. Alison Hipwell and Kate Keenan. The PGS includes a racially and socioeconomically diverse sample of 2,450 girls from Pittsburgh, PA who have been assessed annually for 20 years to track developmental patterns of stress and psychopathology. In this new sub- study (“PGS-RISE”), we will use cutting-edge mobile health assessment methods (e.g., wearable biosensors, ecological momentary assessment) to examine the impact of daily stress and resilience- promoting resources during pregnancy on offspring emotion regulation.
Coordinate recruitment and data collection efforts.
Conduct phone screening and face-to-face interviews.
Manage, track, and clean data collected via mobile apps, wearable biosensors, and psychophysiological assessment.
Assist with the maintenance and revision of IRB protocols and approvals.
Assist investigators in grant and manuscript writing.
Assist with some laboratory tasks for the larger PGS, such as processing and organizing biospecimens (e.g., blood, saliva samples) that are used for assaying biomarkers of stress.
Required Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in Psychology or related field.
Minimum one year of work or volunteer experience in a psychology or related research setting.
Ability to work flexible hours, including some weekends and evenings as needed.
Proficient in using Word processing and Excel.
Act 33/34/73 Clearances (Child Abuse/Criminal History/FBI).
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience working with women and children in mental health or clinical research settings.
Previous experience with data management and use of software programs for statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS) or the ability to learn new software tools quickly.
The ideal candidate will have an interest in psychological research and in working with women and children; demonstrate strong organizational and time-management skills with attention to detail; have excellent interpersonal/communication skills and work well independently as well as with a team; demonstrate interest and competence in working with participants from a diverse range of racial-ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and share our team’s dedication to reducing health disparities and promoting racial and social equity. The RA will receive mentored training in the study’s research methods and gain valuable experience in research administration and preparation of grants and manuscripts. Independent research opportunities will be available based on interest and suitability. This position is well-suited for individuals interested in pursuing graduate study in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, or related fields.
Review of applications will begin immediately will continue until the position has been filled. Applicants from underrepresented or marginalized backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates please send a CV, cover letter describing your interest and qualifications for the position, and contact information for three references to Dr. Irene Tung ( Please specify “PGS- RISE RA position” in the subject line. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
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enthymesis · 24 days ago
A lack of emotional intimacy creates emotional loneliness in both children and adults. Attentive and reliable emotional relationships are the basis of a child’s sense of security. Unfortunately, emotionally immature parents are usually too uncomfortable with closeness to give their children the deep emotional connection they need. Parental neglect and rejection in childhood can adversely affect self-confidence and relationships in adulthood, as people repeat old, frustrating patterns and then blame themselves for not being happy. Even adult success doesn’t completely erase the effects of parental disconnection earlier in life.
Lindsay C. Gibson, PsyD, from Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents
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afotartec · 27 days ago
ELCHE | Elche participará mañana en el Iberian Mice Forum de Madrid para promocionar la ciudad como destino de turismo de reuniones
ELCHE | Elche participará mañana en el Iberian Mice Forum de Madrid para promocionar la ciudad como destino de turismo de reuniones
El edil del área, Carles Molina, destaca que “el objetivo es dar a conocer la llegada de la Alta Velocidad a Elche, así como el Aeropuerto Internacional de Alicante-Elche, dos grandes apuestas que sitúan al municipio como sede preferente dentro del sector MICE” Molina informa de que en los próximos meses se han programado hasta cinco reuniones que se llevarán a cabo en el Centro de Congresos y…
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