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naminenobody94 · 26 minutes ago
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The Matterhorn seen from Arbenbach waterfall, Valais, Switzerland
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i-dont-want-your-hysteria · 26 minutes ago
Take It Easy (Rick x Reader)
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(illustration by @paper-sxn​ as always)
Words: 1,520
Prompt: March 1983, you’re a crewmember for the Pyromania tour, and you come down with carsickness one day. To top things off, it’s the same day the crew’s bus has a special visitor...
March 1983
Being on the road could sometimes bite you in the ass. It was a cliche thing to think, and you knew it- despite it being undeniably true. You loved traveling with infinite perks, but as for your finite troubles... there was much to be desired.
You nagged yourself with this mantra as you lay curled up and half-dead in your bunk. It was all you could do while your body protested against the feeling of being in motion for so long. The gentle hum and rumble of transportation was normally a lullaby, oddly enough. It definitely seemed to contradict itself in your current predicament. What a talent the tour bus had for lulling you to sleep and sickening you at the same time.
Carsickness didn't affect you that often- plus, it hadn't even happened on tour at all yet!
“Why would this occur now- especially now? That’s just me and my goddamned bad luck...”
And lucky you, indeed. Of course you got sick at the most inopportune time; when the band's drummer decided to hop on the crew’s bus for a while.
You weren't getting as close to the band as you wanted to, and this opportunity would've been nice- had you not felt under the weather out of the blue.
All you wished was to sleep off the nausea and dizziness without making a fool of yourself in front of Def Leppard's drummer- the wild and free and funny Rick. 
If it'd been any other member, maybe there would have been less pressure. Unfortunately, you had a history with drummers, and Rick was a young rock star in the purest form. The beat seemed to follow him wherever he went, and those curls you spotted on the bus told no lies. His formula of being a little crazy, a little willing, all laughs, and all smile had you instantly yearning to meet him. 
He got along splendidly with the crew (as his brother was a part of it), and seemed so untouchable and out of your league for friendship. It was a little painful. It should've been easy to talk to him, as you were friends and fellow crewmates with his brother Robert, but the social line between band and crew felt thick to you for some undefinable reason. Still, this was supposed to be your opportunity to maybe start befriending the band. Instead, you didn't want to be a drag (or throw up in front of Rick), so you drew your curtain back, curled up under your blanket away from the commotion, and privately tried to wait out the sickness of travel. The heaviness of your body needed to ease up before you made any first impressions. You were too sick to care about taking advantage of this opportunity. If only you could get some shuteye and skip ahead in time to when you'd feel better. Your head turned into your pillow and let your thoughts cloud your ears instead. The motion of the bus made you feel as if you were floating for so long that you weren't sure if you'd fallen asleep or not. Being warm and shrouded in the darkness of your bunk made the rest of the world cease to exist. When you finally realized you may have been sleeping, you were conscious again. You didn't know how much time had passed, and you didn't know if you were feeling any better at all. The only thing you did know was that someone was trying to get your attention.
"Y/n? Are you okay?" an unfamiliar voice gently sept into your bunk. Your eyes opened to see some light coming through; the curtain must've been pulled back somewhat. Rolling over, you came face to face with Rick. He was crouched and holding the curtain back, peeking his face in only a little. You jumped at the sight of him being so close, but sunk back down immediately after. "What's going on?" you rubbed your eyes as you grumbled at him. You did your best to sound polite and not grumpy. "Nothing's goin' on," Rick assured you, "But you've been in here a while and we're wonderin' if you're okay, is all." Still tired and still sick, you didn't have the time or capacity to consider what he was saying. When you came to think of it, you did hear Robert and someone else murmuring some quiet, possibly concerned remarks about you just before you dozed off, but you weren't too sure. Perhaps Rick was part of that exchange. Instead of asking him if he was, you answered on your impulse, "Yeah, I'm alright. I've been carsick before, and it decided to hit me today." Your stomach gurgled uncomfortably, resulting in you wrapping your arms around your abdomen. You rolled back away from Rick, facing the wall with a whine, "But thanks for checking in." "You don't look so good," he remarked, "Do you need anything?" "I need a bed that isn't moving. Or at least one that's a bit more comfortable." What you really wanted to say was that you needed a hug, and that you didn't want to bother him, but you were still trying to make an impression. You figured the best you could do at this point was be polite and stay out of Rick's way. There would be other chances to bond with the band. "Well maybe I could help-" Rick's proposal was accompanied by the sound of the curtain being drawn back more, and the feeling of him climbing into your bunk with you. You tried to look back at him as he made his effort, "What are you-?" He plopped down beside you and huffed, "I just thought you could use some company to get your mind off things. I could leave if you want me to." Scoffing with a tired smile, you curled back up and turned away from him, "I don't mind, but you probably won't get much conversation outta me." Rick set the curtain back to its prior position, leaving you partially shrouded in darkness again, "Alright by me." Laying there in the narrow bed, you couldn't help but feel drawn to the warmth of him behind you. The last thing you expected was the band's drummer to climb into bed with you in a time of distress, but Rick took it upon himself to prove your judgement wrong. Turns out the friendship line between band and crew wasn't so thick after all. "You sure you're okay with being in here?" you had to ask in your grumbly tone, "I could hurl at any minute, you know." Rick's shrug was felt throughout the bunk, "Nah, I know you won't. Mind you, you seem like you could use-" The bus hit a bump, causing you both to bounce in the narrow space. Rick, in danger of rolling out, needed something to hang onto. In a blink of an eye, he was now holding onto you. "Shit! Blimey, that would've been a barrel roll outta here-" he chuckled, still clinging to you to make sure he wouldn't fall out, "Sorry 'bout that." "You okay?" you were giggling as well as he released his grasp from you. "I'm fine, I'm fine. How about you?" Apart from the humor of the situation, you told him nervously with a green face, "That bump didn't do me so good..." "Oh no- it's okay," he proceeded to reclaim his hold on you in an attempt to raise comfort. Almost humorously, he began slightly rocking you, "Just keep telling yourself 'I won't be sick, I won't be sick..." Your reply was a mere hum when you snuggled your face into the pillow, "You don't know how good it feels to be warm right now... it's rather nice... despite the circumstances." "Just take it easy and we'll be done driving soon," Rick sounded like he genuinely cared about your wellbeing- which was catching you off guard. His light that was being shed on the mood was such a comforting glow. He proved this further when he chuckled, "It's funny, I was about to say that you look like you could use a hug, anyways." "Wow," you giggled and softly shut your eyes. A big, bashful smile crept up your lips, "Somehow you read my mind." It was bizarre how Rick clicked with you right away. The ice that needed to be broken between you wasn't just broken; it was also melted and evaporated as well. You, personally, thought it strange how Rick's body seemed to feel instantly comfortable around yours, too. Who knew drummers could be so dexterous as well? The lullaby of the rumbling road caressed you both now, and the crew's bus sped on through the day. The trip was becoming a little easier now that you felt a bit more protected and cared for. It was amazing how backstage life unfolded sometimes. One second, you're an average crewmember, and the next, you're suddenly worthy enough to be spooned by a member of the band. Just like that, you had discovered one more of the infinite perks of being on the road.
(Take It Easy by the Eagles)
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kilifaithadventures · 3 hours ago
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Saddle in mount meru, . #kilifaithadventures #mount #mountmeru#climbing #trekking #travel #naturetravel #wildlifetourism #holidaytravel #wildlifesafari #travelwriter #wheretonext #amaizingplace #memories #kaributanzania #familyholiday #bbctravel #holidayides #traveldeeper #inspire #naturetourism #savethewildlife #savelion #vibe #bestdestination #savetherhino #passportready #kaributanzania #africansafari
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depressedjester · 4 hours ago
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maritimeorca · 5 hours ago
From the archives Via Flickr: Firepole at the Playground by the Sound looking towards the Giant Tree Houses
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xiaophobic · 5 hours ago
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aimless--jack · 5 hours ago
16, 87
16. Favourite movie-
This is a tough one. Hmm. I'd say my favourite for the story is How to Train your Dragon, I could watch it a million times and still have the time of my life watching those early flight scenes.
But my favourite movie for turning my brain off to would be John Wick. It's oddly satisfying and requires absolutely no brain power so it's always a favourite of mine.
87. Have you ever sat on a rooftop?
YES! I once climbed out a window just to do this when I was probably about 12? And I have been chasing that high ever since. Best thing I've ever done. 10/10 I recommend you try it. Nothing can compare to how exhilarating and freeing it felt to just exist on the roof for a little while. I really need to do this again.
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depressedjester · 7 hours ago
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