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#classic romantic friendship
unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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academiquewilde · 28 days ago
Just want to be loved. But I have trust issues. Because of all the pain I’ve got through. The relationships. But is there literally no one who would love to read books, visit museums, have movie nights and to travel to historical places? Because sometimes I just wait for that one ask from someone who would love to have this with me. Just reading books, just watching movies, to talk about history all the time. To give each other kindness, to care, to compliment and such.
I just wait for that one ask from someone, one day.
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ancientoptimism · a month ago
Is it not strange to think that you could know every little detail about someone, what makes them. You could know what they like, dislike, their little quirks, favourite food and habits. And then one day you don’t.
You can know everything about someone and eventually know nothing. I don’t know your habits or if you would still put your vegetables on my plate when you didn’t like them. I don’t know if you still make up dances in your bedroom. But I do know, and I always will, that even if you think you don’t know each other anymore... you do. There will be a faint mention of your name at their family dinner tables and your mum will mention their name after seeing their parents at the supermarket. They have never gone from your lives, they just live on a different path.
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scholarlyacademia · 4 months ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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lost815 · 7 months ago
Far From the Madding Crowd and the fascinating Gabriel Oak.
Tumblr media
"When Farmer Oak smiled, the corners of his mouth spread till they were within an unimportant distance of his ears, his eyes were reduced to chinks, and diverging wrinkles appeared round them, extending upon his countenance like the rays in a rudimentary sketch of the rising sun."
"In his face one might notice that many of the hues and curves of youth had tarried on to manhood: there even remained in his remoter crannies some relics of the boy. His height and breadth would have been sufficient to make his presence imposing, had they been exhibited with due consideration. But there is a way some men have, rural and urban alike, for which the mind is more responsible than flesh and sinew: it is a way of curtailing their dimensions by their manner of showing them. And from a quiet modesty that would have become a vestal which seemed continually to impress upon him that he had no great claim on the world’s room. Oak walked unassumingly and with a faintly perceptible bend, yet distinct from a bowing of the shoulders. This may be said to be a defect in an individual if he depends for his valuation more upon his appearance than upon his capacity to wear well, which Oak did not."
There is something unique about Thomas Hardy's description of Gabriel Oak in Far From the Madding Crowd. Something unique for a romantic hero in the Victorian period and even today. He is described as an element of nature and so ethereal. Quiet modesty? Vestal? More concerned with mind than flesh? Society has indoctrinated us to believe that these are desirable feminine virtues, but they never are for men. It is enough to see what kind of masculine archetype has been successful in recent years (Fifty Shades, After, 365 DNI...): Domineering, abusive, manipulative, dangerous, sexually uncontrolled and amoral men. What is surprising about Gabriel Oak (who has a name very consistent with his personality) is that Bathsheba in the beginning, due to inexperience, believes he is too simple, without artifice and not very exciting. Her maturity shows that there is something glorious about his strength, reliability, honesty and self-respect, which makes her love him slowly without herself being aware of it until the end. Hardy tells us that when someone loses everything like Gabriel does, it can lead a man to evil or the sublime, the latter being the path that shepherd Oak chooses and not without suffering. During the novel Bathsheba wants more and more his company because she starts to admire his non-destructive strength. Gabriel loves her so much and because he loves her he doesn't want her for himself, he wants her happy (even if it means seeing her married to another man or that she doesn't recognize his value as a farm manager), that makes him an indispensable confidant and, according to Bathsheba herself, "the only true friendship she had ever owned". In Bathsheba's most vulnerable moments he never manipulates her, but encourages her to continue to act correctly and to have the strength and resilience she already has without losing her self-respect on the way.  I would love for more readers to get to know and admire this character and for him to penetrate more into pop culture, because he represents an archetype of masculinity unfortunately very rare: this amalgam of sweetness, patience, tenacity, loyalty and a non-oppressive force, which is not fueled by the destruction of the free will of the beloved woman, but on the contrary is fueled by the return of her will to live.
P.S.: You may or may not like the latest movie adaptation of 2015, but no one can deny that Matthias Schoenaerts was able to understand all these nuances of Gabriel's personality and portrayed it perfectly.
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sunmoontruth-stiles · a day ago
Ok this is gonna be long. I’ve literally been slowly working on this for… too long. I’m just in a mood to have a long discussion about ships. I’ll be looking at canon and not, so bare with me. I don’t ship all of these personally. I’m mostly just picking the most popular ones. I chose to leave out a few that I just don’t want to talk about. I tried to keep this loosely chronological, but that quickly went to hell. None of this is meant to be hate towards anyone’s ship, just my personal opinions on each of them.
Tumblr media
Scott x Allison: True Classic
Scallison is so sweet as it is truly the epitome of young love. Romeo and Juliet, except Romeo is even more of an idiot and Juliet is a badass who dies for a cause. They’re moral and ethical codes are both highly valued by themselves, even if they don’t align with others very often. They loved with everything they had. They were beautiful. We’re they soulmates in the end, or just the first love who will always hold a special place in your heart? Who knows, but I’ll always love these immature kids who thought their love could change everything.
Stiles x Lydia: The Long Awaited
Stydia is as slow burn as you can get. Unfortunately their actual getting together was slightly rushed in my opinion. They didn’t have time to find their own as a couple because Stiles just wasn’t in the show enough at that point. I know the reasons behind it, but it did leave this couple at an awkward stage of official-but-not-shown. The idea that Stiles loved her as a kid, immature and infatuated, and he saw her for who she really was, will always be cute. Then they grew, changed, became friends, and found other people. Them finding each other later on, having real love that’s developed slowly, is a wonderful arc. Though, a part of me will always believe they should have pursued other story lines in the wake of Stiles’ absence from the plot. They’re finally together! …but we don’t get to see it.
Jackson x Lydia: The Image
Oh Jackson and Lydia. Honestly, I love them. Their connection at a time in their lives when they couldn’t open up to anyone else, just hits me right in the feels. I mean, god that HUG. You know the one. Always brings me to tears. I’m so sad their relationship was almost entirely depicted during Jackson’s kanima time when he couldn’t think nor truly act for himself. Those small moments of scared vulnerability when he wanted to protect her from himself… I’ll miss these two. They deserved to find other people and remain life-long friends. I loved their moment in the last episode. I wish they’d gotten to see each other grow. Also they had such bixbi solidarity vibes, and I’ll die on that hill.
Scott x Lydia: Leaders
Ok, I’m gonna be honest here. I ship it. The power couple they would have been?? Also them coming together after they lost Allison would have actually made sense. A part of me kinda wishes the writers had moved on from Stydia as a romantic relationship and leaned into them growing as friends and Stiles moving on from his childhood crush. Scott and Lydia actually would have had good chemistry. They were both very headstrong heroic types, but Lydia would have balanced Scott out well intellectually. They had the history, and I think it could had worked if they wrote it right. Plus, Scott and Lydia would have been a better endgame that Scalia.
Scott x Kira: New Beginnings
These two were adorable. Kira was a badass, don’t get me wrong, but she let herself be soft in a way Allison was always afraid to. This couple was truly Baby. Absolute dorks. I can definitely see the lasting quality between the two of them. They saw things very similarly, and had a ton in common. I do think Kira deserves more characterization outside of their relationship, like more of her friendship with Malia. Overall, her departure from the show will always be sad to me. It was bad writing. Scott was over her far too quickly.
Aiden x Lydia: Pretty People Herd
I honestly didn’t see much between these two other than mutual attraction. The best thing to come out of this relationship was Lydia’s line, “You’re not just a bad boy, Aiden. You’re a bad guy. And I don’t want to be with the bad guys.” Good character development moment.
Ethan x Danny: Step to Redemption
Danny really was the thing that made Ethan look outside of the pack for what he really wanted out of life. They had a few cute scenes. Gotta love Danny’s final remarks, “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.”
Allison x Isaac: Unexpected Rebound
Ok, I like these two. Isaac could match Allison’s snark in a way Scott couldn’t. They both fought the progression of the relationship slightly. They didn’t expect to fall for each other. They were less willing to let someone in close. I’d love to have seen more… but unfortunately their time was limited. On a side note, sometimes their relationship did feel like ‘we both are in love with the same guy, let’s cope with each other’, but I find that completely valid. I’ll talk about Scallisaac later though.
Stiles x Malia: Anchors
Ok but, them <3 I love what they did for each other. Stiles was able to help Malia connect to her humanity and other people. He never tried to isolate her in their relationship and encouraged her growth. Malia offered Stiles the emotional support he never asked for. She defended him, fought for him, and loved him fiercely. Stiles needed that so much after season 3. I think they were a love that wasn’t meant to last, but the impact of it was forever. I wish we’d gotten to see a real end for them where they agreed that they needed to grow as individuals but would always still care.
Liam x Hayden: Three’s a Pattern
These two’s characterization stopped whenever they had storylines together. Their relationship was built on Scallison references. Hayden’s character could have been interesting, but they never really gave her a moment to shine. Liam has the worst plots when they revolved around her. Cute couple, poor writing.
Derek x Braeden: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girl Boss
Derek deserves to be happy so much. Kate and Jennifer were just... jeez. Him and Braeden were cute and deserved more screen time. I think her intensity allowed for Derek to let go of control a bit more comfortably. Let Derek Be Soft. Anyway, love them.
Corey x Mason: Gotta Have That Rep TM
These two could have been cute if they were shown for more than two seconds at a time. I highkey forget Corey even existed all the time. Kinda just felt like a relationship to fill TW’s gay quota.
Jackson x Ethan: The Callback
Honestly? Loved them. Loved the chemistry. Loved the dynamic. Best twist. I know it was probably written in like that because Colton came out during his time away from the show, but it absolutely fit his character. Jethan is top tier.
Melissa x Chris: BAMF Parent Duo
Ok, so like, Melissa deserved this plot. She deserved someone to care about her. However... what the hell? Chris? In canon, his wife died like 2-ish years prior? His daughter died 1 year prior?? Is Chris really in a position to pursue a new relationship?? Also, like, Scott and Allison dated and loved each other up to her death. Kinda weird to have their parents hook up. I don’t hate it, but I don’t ship it…?
Scott x Malia: Lead up? What’s lead up?
These two came out of nowhere I stg. Like, 6B really tried to tell us this was something that had been slowly developing in the background? Also, I understand that they are their own people, adults, and completely in charge of their own romantic pursuits: but did Scott seriously never call Stiles? Like, Malia wasn’t just his first girlfriend. She was his first. Like, dude that’s your best friend?? Not even a head’s up? No, ‘hey would this bother you?’ Oof. Plus Malia was way too chaotic for Scott. She existed in gray morality that always prioritized her immediate circle, and Scott was a very black/white type of heroism. I just didn’t feel like they fit.
Scott x Stiles: Childhood Best Friends
Ya, sorry, I don’t ship Sciles at all. I get it. Like, I totally understand the ship, and I mean no judgment at all. I just see them as friends. I really value good male friendships in media because I feel like we don’t get enough, and I always liked these two.
Stiles x Derek: Enemies to Lovers. 100k. Angst. Hurt/Comfort.
God these two really are what fanfiction was made for. I could write a much longer discussion about Sterek, and I probably will eventually. I’ll try to keep this brief. These two weren’t always on the same side, but their approach was the same. They were very similar at their core. Plus, wow the chemistry. This should have been canon. Jeff’s a coward.
Allison x Lydia: Powerful.
This ship is so great. They really had a great dynamic, and a romantic plot would have easily fit the established narrative. Lydia’s confidence in herself and Allison’s confidence in her own abilities crossing over to each other because that’s what the other lacked? Iconic.
Danny x Jackson: He Gets Him
Danny really saw Jackson for everything he was and still cared. I wished we’d gotten to see more of them. I  want more background with Jackson’s eventual coming out and his friendship with Danny. Like, they ended up dating the same guy. What did Ethan have to say about that??
Stiles x Jackson: Bastards
Ok these two had a super fun dynamic. The asshole-energy between them was, great. The snark was always so entertaining.
Melissa x Noah: Family
How were these two not endgame? Their sons were practically brothers already. They had amazing chemistry. The flirting? Not to mention, their timeline would have made way more sense. Missed opportunity.
Chris x Peter: The Opposite of Love is Indifference, Not Hate
Ok so like, this was definitely one of those ships that I had absolutely no knowledge of before I was pretty into the fandom. Like, this was not something I would have guessed just after watching the show. That being said; my god the chaos alone…
Scott x Isaac: The Disaster Duo
Okay ya I love these two. Two dumb asses who act like idiot puppies. Such a fun dynamic. Plus?? Chemistry??? Hellooo
Scott x Allison x Isaac: Three Heads Are Better Than One
This ship is definitely one of my personal favorites. I very rarely poly-ship. I just feel like most of them are just love triangles with an ‘easy solution’, when two of them have no real connection. That is so not the case here. I feel like all of them have such great chemistry with each other. They also have a great dynamic as a group. Season 3A was really just Scallisaac rights.
Stiles x Isaac: I Hate You, jk…Not Really
Ok I loved their banter, but I really just don’t see this ship. Idk, I don’t personally ship it. Would have loved to see their friendship develop more tho.
Erica x Allison: Duo that would stab you with a stiletto
I don’t ship it, but I do wish we’d seen them become friends. I feel like they had a very artificial ‘girls fighting over a boy’ dynamic? They could have been such a badass duo.
Stiles x Erica: Batman x Catwoman
Ok I’m not sure exactly how to express my feelings for these two so bare with me. OMG I love their dynamic so much, and they are sooo cute. Their energy? Amazing. Chemistry? Great. History? It’s there and has so much potential. 10/10. Love them. But, no, I don’t ship it lol. Just really love their friendship, but with the underlying history of crushes.
Boyd x Erica: Was This Not Canon?
How can anyone not love Berica? Ugh they are adorable. These two deserved so much better.
Boyd x Cora: Survivors
Honestly I don’t really see it? Like they definitely had a connection, but it never felt romantic. I really feel like they just had to lean on each other and bond to make it through captivity, and it just lasted.
Boyd x Erica x Cora: The Pack
I literally learned this was a ship a couple days ago. Similar feelings towards this as Bora, but with the added hesitancy of we never actually saw Erica and Cora interact.
Cora x Stiles: Slow Build Up
These two were clearing being lined up to be a thing before Cora ended up leaving. I can’t say I’m disappointed they never happened. Kinda felt like they just wanted to straight-code Sterek.
Cora x Lydia: Mean Lesbians
Not much interaction to actually go off of, but yes I 100% support. They have very different approaches to problems, which is fun. Very ‘opposites attract’.
Malia x Kira: “Maybe you could date the coyote?”
Another one of my favorites!! They really complimented each other. Also, how full circle would they have been? They were introduced in back-to-back episodes. Malia stalking her as a coyote? The line from Kira’s dad about dating it? It would have been so funny if that ended up happening.
Malia x Lydia: Beauty and the Beast, but make it wlw
These two were fun. I liked their friendship, but I don’t really ship it. Though, rip Stiles that would have been hilarious.
Parrish x Lydia: The Cop and The Minor
Must I say more? Like, Parrish’s character, so sweet and big rule follower, did not make sense for what went down with Lydia. I love Parrish, but the dynamic just felt off. It didn’t feel consistent with the rest of his characterization.
Parrish x Stiles: The Cop and The Minor, but gay?
Ok, same reasoning as above, but also they had absolutely no connection romantically.
Scott x Theo / Stiles x Theo: Sometimes The Villain is Hot
Ok I’ve put these together because I have the same opinion for both. I don’t ship it. Neither had any rebuilding of trust, and Theo really hurt both of them. I just don’t really think they work.
Mason x Liam: Sciles Puppy Pack Edition
Similar to my feeling about Sciles, I just don’t ship these two. They had a good friendship, from the little we saw of it.
Theo x Liam: Anchors 2: Electric Boogaloo
Another personal favorite! I really don’t even understand why this didn’t go canon?? The elevator scene was just, so intense. They helped each other grow in 6B, and I really loved their dynamic. They should have hooked up.
Honorable Mention?: 
Parrish x Laura: What’s canon?
I’ve seen this in fanfic a lot, and I actually really like it lol. I thought I’d add it in here because I do love the creativity of fandoms.
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miu-miu369 · a day ago
🌸🔽♡❤☮ for fatgum
Sex headcannon: he's probably super gentle and sweet. Always checking in on his partner
Childhood(? I think? The emoji is different on my phone): probably grew up wanting to make lots of friends and wanting everyone to be happy
Romantic headcannon: he's probably your classic 90's rom com romantic guy. Kind of like that one brother in Bring It On
Family headcannon: he wants a big, happy family and animals
Friendship: he's that friend where if he asks you if you want food and you say you have no money, he'll go 'I asked what you wanted' and pay for it
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fanfoolishness · 5 days ago
Star Wars Confessions
Tagged by @lastwordbeforetheend to post 5 confessions about Star Wars!
1. I first remember seeing Empire Strikes Back when I was 4 or 5, and by the time I was 10 I was thoroughly hooked on Star Wars. My mom used to see ESB WEEKLY in 1980 with her friends for a year, and both she and my dad were always huge Star Wars fans. I've had periods in my life where I'm more or less interested in it, but have always counted it as an interest. However, The Mandalorian is the first SW property that's ever nudged me into full-on fandom.
2. As a kid I got $5 for allowance every 2 weeks, and every 2 weeks I would check for new Star Wars figures at the store, which were $4.99. I had over 30 of the classic 90s 3.75" SW figures, including weirdoes like the Rancor Keeper in addition to Luke with Yoda in the backpack and Lando with his lovely cape. Sadly out of all of them I only had one Leia, dressed as the bounty hunter, and no other female characters. Now that I've gotten into Mando, I've been accumulating a small army of newer 3.75" figures and the Black Series 6" figures, which now include both versions of Din Djarin, the Armorer, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, Kuiil, IG-11, and Bo-Katan, not to mention favorites from the original trilogy and the sequels. It's nice to not really grow up. XD My Tatooine-dust-smudged R2D2 still beeps with his original battery, more than 20 years later.
3. This is my first fandom I've been really prolific in yet haven't written a single romantic story for. Most of my Steven Universe fanfic was gen but there were smatterings of Connverse and Rose x Pearl and Rose x Greg, but the only things I ship Din Djarin with are sleep and friendship. I admit to being truly baffled by the Mando x Reader/Pedro x Reader genre and not getting the appeal at all. I'm glad people are enjoying themselves with it, but it doesn't make any sense to me, and I don't understand why people have chosen that instead of making OCs or self-inserts; maybe I'm just getting old! I'd never seen it really before this fandom (after writing fic for the past 20 years in several different fandoms). Definitely one of those cases of different strokes for different folks. More power to anyone who enjoys it but I'll be in the gen corner :)
4. I wrote an extremely hilarious and dorky friendfiction with my friends and I as Star Wars Phantom Menace characters in high school. Anakin was played by the fetal pig we had in biology class and I was the Jar Jar character because I knew my friends would probably be mad if I made one of them Jar Jar.
5. Pre-Covid, I loved going to Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland dressed as either Rey or a Resistance pilot, and would often spend an afternoon or evening in Batuu, sketching my surroundings and just soaking up the atmosphere. It was so incredible walking in and truly feeling like I'd gone to another world beneath a different star, and seeing so many details that really made me feel like I was in a galaxy far, far away. Looking forward to returning later this year hopefully, and recapturing some of that joy, this time in a Din Djarin outfit with a Grogu at my side <3
Tagging @art3mys, @fake-starwars-fan, and @thecagedthestral if you would like to play along, or anyone else who wants to post their confessions!
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soulssung · 5 days ago
What do you think are each skz members' ideal type?
i'll be really honest with you anon. for most of them i don't have a clue lol so this is gonna be like my first thoughts on it.
bangchan: he's one of the few i can actually picture a 'type' to. for me chan probably would be attracted to someone with parental traits, probably the parent of their group, someone he knows he can trust and with a more realistic midset, i think. i can also see he been attracted to someone he could take care of. i think chan would be into someone similar to him, probably someone that really values work as well.
lee know: someone who likes cats. judging by his vibes i think minho would be really attracted to confidence, someone who know who they are and aren't afraid to show it. someone independent and that knows how to stand up for themselves. probably someone he can joke around too.
changbin: much like lee know, i think he would be really into confident people, or even people a more 'dark' vibe on the outside but soft vibe on the inside (pretty much like himself lol). someone he can grow and learn with.
hyunjin: someone romantic, with a more classic vibe. i think jinnie would be really drown to big brain people™ lol someone he could have deep talks with, judging by he's friendship with han, someone polite but with a crackhead side to them lol
han, felix: here's the thing with those two: i dont really thing they have like an ideal type (tbh i think most of skz wouldn't care that much about it but these two specifically). the closest thing i can think of is that they are drown to no eccentric but like people they can learn from/with? those kinda of people you could spend hours listen to bc there's is so much of them to know about (honestly, i think pretty much everyone is like this but you get what i mean). so yeah just like people, in general.
seungmin: another fan if big brains™. i think he would find more shy people pretty cute tho. probably polite and more on the quiet side, but with who he can still have fun with.
in: ok innie is the only i ultimately think would prefer someone younger?? just bc he's used to be the youngest so i think he would like someone he could take care of. probably someone fun and that don't take things way too seriously. jeongin seems to be a really chill guy so probably someone like this too
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readandwritesilver · 7 days ago
(this post was inspired by this post by @peachplumbpear , which you should definitely read because it's galaxy brained and a very good point)
I've been thinking a lot recently about troy and abed's role as a pairing in comparison to a traditional secondary sitcom romance. because it's just like. that's exactly the role they fill. (continued under cut)
at face value, it would seem that britta and troy are the secondary romance, right? except like. they're not. like id say that (arguably, of course) two staples of a secondary romance is that a) they're relatively drama-free (less that there's no conflict whatsoever, more that the conflict is minor, and "reasonable", and doesn't detract from whatever will-they-wont-they type thing the primary romance has going) and that b) they get together reasonably early on (if they're not already established when the show starts), and, to some degree, stay together (meaning there may be a period where things are up in the air but, again, it isn't nearly as dramatic as you'd see from a primary romance). and troy/britta are neither of these. troy and abed are.
they meet at the start of the show and have initially conflicting personalities, and after a conflict where they learn more about each other, and how to properly engage and have fun etc (talking abt 01.05) they start to develop a friendship that is (id say arguably but i really don't know what argument you'd provide) one of the most significant relationships in either of their lives. and their relationship takes the EXACT spot that the secondary romance would. after their initial development in the first half of season one where they're still getting close, they're a constant in the background. often paired together for storylines, generally not just accepted but expected to be troy-and-abed rather than troy and abed. you see things like the two of them being together in the politics of human sexuality, their conflict about moving in together accompanying the love triangle of jeff-britta-slater coming to a head in 01.25, the significance that their separation in a fistful of paintballs is awarded, the seriousness (seriousness in a distinctly community way, but seriousness nonetheless) of their season three arc (the implications of which i could make a whole post about. oh, wait.)... and these are just off the top of my head- i KNOW there's more.
and this maybe all sounds like im grasping at straws a little bit, but that's kind of the point. a secondary romance is built on those straws, if that makes any sense. they exist as a rock of the show, something consistent when the main pairing is on the rocks every other week. troy and abed exist in this role- their friendship is something consistent, when the romance plotlines of the show (including those of troy himself), are not.
community is a little abnormal with in-canon romance in general- there's not even really a big main pairing. the closest thing is, i guess, jeff and annie, but i don't really feel right about counting that, regardless of my own personal opinions on jeff/annie. arguably, troy and abed filling this role that i'm talking about without being canonically romantically involved is an extension of both this, and the general nature of community to satirize anything that moves (as well as most things that don't). but i think it's more than that.
the writers of community weren't stupid. they knew what they were doing- we see this acknowledged countless times in-text, from "you don't see me saying anything about troy and abed's weird little relationship", to "me and abed have an announcement", to plenty of others. i think that some of this was your standard-issue "the punchline of this joke is the possibility that these characters are gay", but i think that part of it is also what the post i linked at the top is talking about. it's a nod to the potential that community would have in a different world, it's a nod to the heteronormativity of the classic sitcom, but it doesn't actually allow the concept to be fully realized. troy and abed are left, like all the pairings limited by network standards and writers rooms afraid to commit that came before them, and all the ones that have/will come after them, in the purgatory op is referencing. they take up the space where your april-and-andy, your monica-and-chandler, your lily-and-marshal, would go, but there's a distinct hollowness to it. not in that their relationship is less meaningful because it lacks the distinct romantic element the other listed examples contain- i'd actually argue that in some ways it makes it more meaningful that their bond is still so strong despite being platonic (especially since friendships like that, especially ones between two men, are something that we so rarely see in media, let alone sitcoms). no. the hollowness comes from how the implications are actively ignored outside of a joking context.
a joke provides a shield for the writers to poke fun at their own creation, to say "look at them! look at how troy reaches for abed's hand! he thinks of him as his other half! their suits match! hysterical.". but when the joking is done, and the cards are down, and the school is in shambles because troy and abed are starting to grow into different people than they were when they met, we're left with a shadow of what troy and abed could have been if the writers had committed to their own satire.
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akookminsupporter · 7 days ago
Really related to the anon who said the planned and intentional moments mattered. I am really tired of people discussing ships like it's the same thing as what Jimin and Jungkook have. That may sound like a grand or presumptuous statement but hear me out. Ever since GCF Tokyo and Saipan, I have treated them as two idols who happen to be a couple in a society where they can't really be super open about it for a LOT of reasons. I just accepted it. I didn't have to convince myself or anyone else. The information was just THERE. I looked back on their interactions from before, and it made sense. I paid attention to what they did after (always in real time and in context). It made sense. It seemed as though a lot of things just made sense only if I understood them to be a couple. The Rose Bowl moment is just one example.
I can't think of any two members of BTS who have demonstrated couple-ness on purpose, consistently in planned content. Vmin sang a song about being friends called 'Friends'. Jikook gave us bath robes alone in a bedroom with them on the bed with the lights dimming. Taekook were filmed attempting to break down some of the walls in friendships. Jimin said he liked waking up and seeing Jungkook. Jin said he liked to go fishing with Yoongi. Jimin said he was with Jungkook alone at 3 AM on his birthday. Namjoon and Yoongi dressed up like 80s boardroom dads and rapped about the meaning of respect. Jungkook and Jimin performed a romantic ballet move historically done by m/f dancer pairings. I'll say it, they queered it. They took hundreds of years of heteronormativity and flushed it down the toilet and made people like me feel like we were being retroactively inserted into classicism and tradition. O but Jungkook put his hand on Taehyung's shoulder.
You know what I mean?
And this is where we make the difference between a supporter and a shipper.
I completely understand what you are saying anon. And I agree with you.
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dodo-begone · 7 days ago
delta here to ramble about their weird idea because of YouTube recommendations. okay so, yandere dream smp, like the whole server is basically fighting over the reader for love or permanent friendship or something. classic, yeah? but the thing is that the reader just randomly says, "okay because of the voices in my head, if any of you beat me in a sword fight, nothing else, no armor, no potions, just you and a sword, I'll go with you either platonically or romantically, your choice."
You know what Delta? This idea? I love it!!! If I were in it I’d be taken by the first person who challenged me but still! Rlly pog idea!!!
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kataraymoon · 10 days ago
1. What made you ship it?
I’m going to say the boat scene classical, so many feelings, this scene is where start to show their friendship starting to grow and also a certain potential for a romantic relationship, I love them
2. What are your favorite thing about the ship?
their dynamic, how they started from people to hate each other to become friends past all the odds against this, and fell in love with each other, also how they are able to rely on each other everytime and trust, even when things are weird between them like after the oasis scene, they are still able to to put the awkwardness aside and work together, I love this, I love them I love how they work I really miss them too 🥲.
3. Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
I really don’t know, can’t think about anything right now so maybe another time.
Ask game
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ask-the-clergy-bc · 10 days ago
How would the papas handle a Thrasher girl. With the vest covered in patches, blasphemous t-shirts, snap backs always has a beer in her hand and would much rather hang out in the sketchy alleyways of downtown instead of a gothic castle. She is rough around the edges and has a huge sexual appetite. The contrast would be interesting.
Oh Hell yeah!! I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be friendship or romantic, so I went back and forth depending on the Papa! 
The Papas with a Punk Thrasher Girl(friend)
Papa Nihil: Your whole aesthetic is a blast from the past to Nihil. He remembers the days when Punk and Goth first started appearing. Despite getting out of the music scene, he’s had many members of the congregation come into the ministry from these scenes. Nihil was amused when you both got talking about music and he actually knew all of the good old bands, not just the classics everyone thinks of! He’s not too much into going out with you to down town, unless it’s for pizza. You typically make pizza and beer runs when he has the time. And it’s nice for him to know you have no problem cussing anyone out for making fun of him hanging out with you while he’s older than the crypt keeper. He’s also happy to show you his autograph collection from your favorite bands! 
Papa I: Admittedly, Papa has not met a lot of people like you until he became a singer! You both met at one of Ghost’s EARLY shows. You were one of the people they invited to join the clergy and you happily accepted. Papa was so pleased to meet you, especially after the blunt yet impassioned excitement you showed for joining! It nearly made his eyes widen when you blatantly told him you didn’t care WHO he was, just that he better be a better Papa than ‘those crusty old men in those other churches.’ Your rough and honest manner was immediately welcomed, and you ended up bonding with Alpha on top of it. Which impressed Papa, as many sometimes can’t handle the fire ghoul! Papa saw bright things for you in the clergy and felt your ‘hip young look’ would be the type to attract others during shows! 
Papa II: Many people automatically assume you AREN’T his type! Easy to assume, since he’s a man of refined taste. Often attending fancier restaurants and parties, Papa is thought of as the clergy’s #1 gentleman. However, he is a man who loves to party! In his youth, especially, he was known for trying any dive or bar that looked like a good time! Papa appreciates your bluntness and ability to not give a shit about what others think of you. You are the person who follows the beat of their own drum, and are never sorry about it! There is something fascinating about your penchant for studs and ripped jeans over pearls and velvet. Papa loves an individual! Not to mention you both have some of the best banter! You love to tell him he’s good at holding his hard liquor, “for a rich man.” It’s a nice change of pace for his company! 
Papa III: The two of you could not look ANYMORE different! A pretty rich boy and a punky fist fighter? No one would think you were even FRIENDS let alone a couple! But you two work so well together! You are more fun than most of the people in the clergy! Papa has an insatiable wonder lust for travel and finding new places, and you are happy to indulge. He’s had the best time of his life going with you to the sketchiest bars and weirdest food places. His favorite date was when you took him out for craft beers and he watched you beat the shit of a guy who wouldn’t stop trying to bother you. Papa also loves when you play tease each other for fashion choices, but he wouldn’t have you any other way! Always asks when you’re going to put a Ghost patch on your vest!    
Papa IV/Cardinal Copia: Honestly? You tend to scare the shit out of him. He’s met very few people like you. You’re probably one of the few people who have ever threatened to kick his and his guitarist’s ass. Actually, that’s how you two met! You almost got into it with the ghoul and you both had to be separated. Copia was quite taken aback by your blunt manner. But he’d being lying if he said he didn’t admire your punk aesthetic and independent attitude! You almost can’t but laugh every time he refers to your vest as crust pants as, ‘quite cool!’ Even when he is Papa he doesn’t mind you being the one to stand up for him when other ministry members are pestering him. You and Copia are the quintessential couple where YOU’RE the one who goes up to the fast food counter because Copia asked for no pickles, and he’s too anxious to do it. 
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 10 days ago
I want to do a TH/LOTR edit that reflects ALL the couples & love/friendship moments between the characters. Including unusual/small ships like Aragorn x Eowyn, Bofur x Nori, etc. as well as all the classic ships eg. Aragorn x Arwen, Frodo x Sam. Basically I just want it to be a gentle celebration of all the love in the series no matter the characters its between or whether its platonic/romantic.  Just an edit that reflects all the love throughout all the movies.  In my head, the song I want to use is either ‘Rose’s Theme’ from Titanic OR the classic ‘My Heart Will Go On’ song - but my worry is... is that song too overused? Would you guys actually enjoy an edit with that song? I personally adore it, but its 100% a song that has been overused to the MAX so I guess I’m just worried perhaps the emotion of it has been somewhat lost..? IDK maybe I’m worrying needlessly on this. The tune alone still makes me burst into tears but then I am just a big crybaby who sobs at the smallest of things.  I guess my question is, would you guys like to see this edit? I’m thinking a few gentle voiceovers with it as well.  Please let me know your thoughts! This is Rose’s theme, incase you’ve never heard it before. (just close your eyes and imagine TH/LOTR scenes with the right voiceovers. pls feel free to tell me your favourite quotes so I can put them in if I go ahead with this edit!)
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aconissa · 10 days ago
Top 5 The Terror dynamics?
please know that in the process of answering this ask I got EXTREMELY emotional about the polar boys (and gal), so you now owe me reparations for almost making me cry
crozier and fitzjames – of course, a shock to no one at all. rival bitchy colleagues to sad friends to tragic lovers (in my heart), what could be better? sometimes I just think of how fitzjames looked at crozier as he said ‘more than god loves them’ and start tearing up. their final scenes together are seared into my brain as some of my favourite moments in television
crozier and blanky – grumpy best buds!! there’s so much love and respect there, from many years of friendship. there’s a good reason why I wrote my fitzier fic from blanky’s best-friend-POV
bridgens and peglar – their relationship is so gentle and beautiful in the show, and equally so in the book (where you get more backstory about them meeting on darwin’s beagle voyage, how bridgens taught peglar to read, how they became lovers, etc). totally unsurprising that I’d gravitate to the gays who bond over books and classical history (and also wrote a fic about them)
goodsir and silna – I rarely trust any period drama that tries to portray a relationship between a white european and an indigenous person too positively, but I think they gave these characters enough space and complexity to do them justice. I prefer the platonic reading of their relationship to a romantic one (which I don’t think is there in the story anyway, and is much better without it), but the tenderness and openness that they build between them is so beautiful. it’s also really important that the show makes a person like goodsir (i.e. a scientist who appears uninterested in the imperial goals of the mission, who many people would perceive as somehow an ‘exception’ to the british colonial apparatus) try to reach out to silna and in doing so recognise his own complicity in the racism of the mission and thus challenge his past naiveté
goodsir and gore – this is my rare pair love coming out, but I adore the moments they have together, however short. gore is one of the first people who shows goodsir the respect and kindness that he deserves. goodsir was owed a hot dashing lieutenant bf who went around telling everyone he’s a doctor and naturalist and basically did the will smith red carpet moment every single day
also shout out to jopson and crozier’s father-son dynamic, hickey and gibson’s bitchy rat boyfriends dynamic, and bridgen’s deep respect for fitzjames. ‘there will be poems’ was one of the BEST moments on the show, hands down
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rosahope · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Chibiusa and Hotaru are the poster children for the Romantic Two-Girl Friendship trope. TVTropes explains that in Japanese culture:
“[the Japanese] developed a belief that young girls are expected to have friendships with each other that emulate boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. This is considered a temporary but wonderful part of adolescence. They can then “graduate” from these friendships to “real” relationships with boys.”
While I certainly won’t discredit the possibility for romantic development between Chibiusa and Hotaru if it’s executed right, or even shut down the idea of either of them showing romantic interest in girls in general, I think focusing on their friendship is so, so very important. It is, undoubtedly, the strongest bond Chibiusa has with anyone in the series.
If someone were to ask who Chibiusa’s Most Important Person™ was in her life, it would not be her parents, or Usagi, or even Helios. While all the above certainly come close, the most important person to Chibiusa, the one whom made the most significant impact is Tomoe Hotaru.
Hotaru and Chibiusa are, all at once, incredibly similar and vastly different from one another. Chibiusa is an affectionate and bright child. She is social, approachable, trusting, and she makes friends rather easily. Hotaru on the other hand is withdrawn, closed off, often made to be some sort of Pariah at Mugen Academy; a strange girl, and I think what is most interesting about their meeting is that Chibiusa never once judges Hotaru. She never has the initial thought of this girl being strange. In fact, one of the first comments she makes about Hotaru is that she is beautiful. She never once thinks that Hotaru’s ability to heal is weird or something to be shunned. Chibiusa accepts Hotaru for all that she is from the very beginning. They part ways that first meeting with Chibiusa already referring to her with familiarity as “Hotaru-chan”. As a friend.
And I think a large part of that is because Chibiusa knows what it feels like to be lonely. To be the outcast. In Crystal Tokyo, before she awakened as Sailor Chibimoon, it’s referenced several times that Chibiusa was teased and bullied by her peers because she had not awakened her powers. Because she couldn’t use the Silver Crystal. Like Hotaru, she was made to feel alienated. She had no friends, other than Sailor Pluto and, it can be inferred, that she didn’t have a very close relationship with either of her parents ( at least not in the classic anime, or the manga— Sailor Moon Crystal does add a warmer tone to their family dynamic, but that’s an entirely different discussion ). Chibiusa recognises herself in Hotaru, and that’s why I think it was so easy to extend that hand of friendship towards her.
Their friendship and love for each other is such a powerful thing that it affects their own strength and inner power. Most notably, in an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, ( Act 36: INFINITY 10 – Upper Atmosphere ), it is Hotaru’s desire to save and protect Chibiusa’s soul and Crystal that ultimately allows her to escape Mistress 9, sacrificing herself to save her very best friend. In tandem, it is Chibiusa’s emotional connection with Hotaru, her honest desire for Hotaru’s sacrifice not to be in vain, that allows Pink Sugar Heart Attack to momentarily take down Mistress 9 when even Super Sailor Moon’s attacks fail. Such displays of power show how deeply connected Chibiusa and Hotaru are.
They are best friends. Both would gladly give their life for the other. But they also complement each other in their differences. Chibiusa brings life and colour to Hotaru’s world and in return, Hotaru– perhaps without even knowing it– has taught Chibiusa the value of trust; trusting that they will always have each other’s backs, that they will always keep each other’s secrets, that promises are made to be kept. And that, despite everything, they were destined to meet.
It’s no wonder, then, that Chibiusa, finds it so easy to be physically affectionate with Hotaru. There are dozens of instances ( in the manga, classic anime, and official artwork ) with Chibiusa and Hotaru holding hands, hugging each other, and other displays of affection that illustrate just how close and comfortable they are with each other. Their relationship is significant and their friendship is one of the most important developments of Chibiusa’s overall character growth.
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