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braveboyhalo · 58 minutes ago
You could always say something political. That riles people up quickly
oh god
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meat-toucher · 5 hours ago
Okay, putting a flower crown on an SCP researcher's head harms absolutely nobody. When was the last time someone was actually injured by an SCP researcher, the 50's? Sorry if you think this is a trend, but putting a circlet of flowers on a real human being that drove a 5 inch steel reality anchor into an innocent anomaly's beating heart can be qualified as self expression. Learn it. P.S. I play reaper in overwatch and talk like solid snake when Im on the phone. I could hack the stock market if I needed to. Bye
Go off king
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venus-is-in-bloom · 6 hours ago
i'm reading some writing i really admire and it just kind of reminds me of how much difficulty i've had finding courses and theories and tutorials on how to write good prose, especially fictional prose... it's obvious there's a technical side to it, beyond simply doing "what you feel is right", but the depth of it is hardly ever discussed, and what ideas there are (avoiding 'said', trimming unnecessary adjectives) are broad, vague, and often get applied without the nuance of an underlying theory, resulting in a series of unhelpful prescriptions that do little to actually illuminate the writing process. not only that, the majority of "writing tips" don't seem apply to prose specifically but to storytelling in general, making the amount of accessible information on the former even slighter than it at first appears.
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shritisharma96 · 6 hours ago
How effective are drum circle activities for seniors?
In one word - Very! Drum Circle activities for seniors help geriatric groups feel a sense of belonging and bonding toward one another. Through our one-off and ongoing senior drum circle sessions we've noticed many benefits such as elevated moods, positive mild cardio or aerobic stimulation, a sense of happiness and wellbeing
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immawritethat · 7 hours ago
I bought myself some v sparkly flower stud earrings a bit ago and they got here today...I forgot how much fun it is to have just sparkles by your ears dun dun
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futureheadnerd · 8 hours ago
dean's story is about death. cas' story is about life. dean fighting against death. cas fighting on behalf of life. but their story starts with cas getting up close and personal with death, and dean coming back to life. and it ends with cas choosing to die, but living on, and dean choosing to live on, but dying.
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bwayfan25 · 10 hours ago
“Your heart rate is very fast,” she said as she paid attention to Susan’s pulse under her fingers.
“Only because you’re touching me,” Susan said, wiggling her eyebrows seductively.
But Kerry was clearly not in the mood for seduction. She was thinking very hard, her eyes still narrowed, even as she released Susan’s hand.
“Did you ever get around to buying that blood pressure cuff?” she asked slowly.
It's the one year anniversary of the "matriarchs" universe! So to celebrate, one of the wives is going to have a health crisis
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Having joined tumblr after its more infamous period is so weird. At least in my experience, it's a mostly chill place, and hearing people talk about how much of a hellscape it used to be just makes me feel like I'm wandering a now serene and overgrown landscape that was once host to great battles.
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ujinoko · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
          thinkin about Him.
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vrclown · 11 hours ago
me: okay brain is there ANYTHING that will make you feel better enough to start interacting with people again brain: i need someone whos madly in love with me and will devote all hours of their day to me only until i feel better me: .
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hardcandyfilmclub · 15 hours ago
My little cat hates to be picked up, held, hugged, kissed, or to sit still to be petted, but she sure does love to yell at me, step on me, make biscuits on me, and smash her face repeatedly into my hands while purring furiously
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nuttyartdump · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Trying to fix her face :(
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aeolianblues · 16 hours ago
One time a bunch of boys thought my playing was too simplistic to be in their shitty band and got disinterested and cut me off mid-audition saying they'd decided on their line up, and I couldn't stop thinking about my style of playing or what was wrong with it. I became frustratedly obsessed with speed and spidery finger work for a while and sometimes caught myself thinking, this would blow their tiny minds, wouldn't it, idiots!
And then the Smiths come back into my life and Johnny Marr's guitar playing begins to guide me back out of that abyss, and I'm a full melody junkie now :) (but will blast out Tom Morello riffs at will be warned)
Oh, and by the way, the gig that they formed their band for? Massive flop. Can't say I wasn't a bit happy to see those tears (god I hope no one who knows me follows me)
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vaindumbass · 17 hours ago
remus is one of those dudes who just gets up from their chair or maybe just. waves at you and ten different joints crack extremely loudly
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