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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#circle of friends
St. Patrick’s Day Mega-post
Since we’re not out of pandemicland yet, and will probably be spending yet another holiday at home in front of the TV, here are some romantic movies to make you feel a bit Irish.
Ryan’s Daughter (1970)
Far and Away (1992) 
Circle of Friends (1995)
Mad About Mambo (2000)
Once (2006)
Ondine (2009)
Leap Year (2010)
Love, Rosie (2015)
Some others that I haven’t featured on here (yet)
The Matchmaker (1997)
A Love Divided (1999)
The Laws of Attraction (2004)
Tristan and Isolde (2006)
PS I Love You (2007)
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hbicprettyprincess · a month ago
My introverted ass telling people why I keep my circle of friends small.
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defeatdespair · 2 months ago
Inviting people in
As Tammy and Matt agree, we’re always ohana at the Puakea home. December 2006 “I allow my fear of embarrassment to stop me from hostessing anyone.  I tell myself it’s fine, it’s just not ‘my thing,’ but I actually think that’s a weak excuse.  Because there are things we should do, regardless of whether they are our favorite ‘things’ or not…I think inviting people into your home, whether it’s an…
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chacharhythm · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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/in middle of january/ happy new year
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musicplaylist · 5 months ago
Circle of Friends - Yuki Kaji
Anime: K Anime: K: Return of Kings
Type: Insert, ED 2 (K) Type: Insert (K: Return of Kings)
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introvertdear · 6 months ago
Research shows that casual connections can make you happier and more successful — but you don’t have to transform into an extrovert to make them.
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searchingforlifeandlove · 6 months ago
I have no real friends in my local area to call on or expect to hear from. It’s a beautiful day outside to enjoy but I’m home cleaning up the patios and just in case I ever have anyone visit...
Alone and slightly lonely knowing others have a ‘circle’ to enjoy. This is why I’m so glad my kids are doing the right things and have a solid circle.
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lifes-not-a-song · 10 months ago
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@petyrbaaaeeelish love, I found another movie that you need to see! 
Watch it!😀
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emilymikaelarichardwrites · 10 months ago
I wish I had been a better friend a lot of times back when I had more since I let my closest ones down multiple times. I'm hoping since I now accept myself for who I am that I can extend that love to others too.
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emilymikaelarichardwrites · 12 months ago
One good friend is worth a lot. Many bad friends are not worth a thing. I've learned that lesson over the years. I learned to ditch the people who don't give a chapstick about me and stick with the ones who truly do.
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Say it isn’t so. Perfect holy Jensen and his wife are bffs and in business with misogynist right wingers? *gasp*
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minidovecomics · a year ago
better than ezra - circle of friends
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raven-system · a year ago
I had a sad moment at circle of friends
CoF is a club at school to hang out with people, mainly to help mentally disabled folk get more friends.
I was sitting next to Adam as usual and a new kid came that I hadn’t seen before.
She said her name and I hadn’t quite heard her so I asked her to repeat it.
She said her name again, Amira. I said cool and gave the body’s name. Then told her that I’m really sorry if I forget her name and have to ask for it again at some point.
And she said “yeah I know it’s weird and hard to remember”
So I said “no no no it’s not that, I’m just a really bad at names. Someone could be like ‘hi my name is bob’ and the next day I’d be like ‘hiiiiii..... what was your name again?’”
It saddens me that so many people with “weird” (aka not white) names have to apologize for having their names. Not to mention that it’s usually POC that go through this, as if they don’t already have enough shit to deal with.
I always always always do my best to pronounce everyone’s name even if it’s a difficult one for me.
It really pisses me off that some people don’t even try and are just like “can I call you X instead?”
Do white people seriously think it’s such an inconvenience to literally try to pronounce someone’s fucking name??
It’s similar to the people that are like “well I’m not gonna call you X because I’ve been calling you Y for so long!!” Or the people that are like “but they/them pronouns are soooo hard”
But it’s so much worse for people with “difficult” names. No one even tries
(Also any cishet white guys I’m not attacking you, please don’t get pissy at me for stating facts)
I’m not super educated on this matter, being mega white and all, so @mangodid do you wanna chime in?
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shiyoneko · a year ago
Tumblr media
[Cicle of Utaite]
Sou literally had his cup exploded and his reaction is only a bare minimum
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