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letter-0526 · 2 days ago
15.06.2021 (12:25 AM KST)
○ simplicity
Tumblr media
vn: what do you want to get (for your birthday)
hs: post on weverse
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still-lonely · 3 days ago
ice ice baby
Vernon can’t help but chuckle when he walks in the room and catches sight of your figure, huddled up with one blanket wrapped around your head, another covering the rest of your body and what is probably a hundred plushies and pillows laying on top of you.
You look up, a smile making its way onto your face as he approaches. Vernon steps over a few fallen plushies, picking them up and placing them on the bed before sitting beside you.
“What’s up?” he asks, leaning his head against your shoulder.
You snuggle deeper under the mountain of plushies, pulling the blanket wrapped around your head closer to your body. “I’m cold.” Vernon’s eyebrows raise.
“Oh really? I couldn’t tell.”
Sending a mock glare in his direction, you gently shove the boy, causing a few plushies to go tumbling off the bed. He laughs, rolling off the bed and falling on the ground beside it so that he can lift up the cover and climb underneath beside you, laying on his side.
“You’re cold,” you mutter, nose wrinkling as Vernon drapes an arm over you which allows you to feel the coldness of his skin. He glances up at you with an innocent look, face remaining neutral as he scooches closer.
“Then I guess we’re just going to have to cuddle for warmth.” You let out a small chuckle, placing your own arms over his and trying not to flinch at the sudden coldness that hits your bare arms.
“Fine. But only because you’re cute.”
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beezonia · 4 days ago
Wedding Bell Blues
Seungkwan x GN Reader 
Overview: Your best friends getting married. You would think that's a good thing right? Not for you, everyone in your big ass friend group can tell that she's using him for the money apart from him. So on the big day you decide to help nudge him in the right direction. You object. You spill your heart out to him on what's supposed to be the happiest day of his life. And probably make an even bigger mess than the one you and your friends were originally in.
Warnings: A lot of alcohol, drunk idiots, childhood friends to somewhat enemies to lovers. ANGST. 
Two months before:
“Its not like he's gonna ask her for jokes is it?” Seungkwan had called across the table where you were sat next to Joshua, the rest of the group sat (or crouched in Chans case) not so subtlety whispering about another friend (Beakhyun the player) who was hanging out with his new to- girlfriend. 
You slightly chuckled at the way your closest friend could easily listen out for the newest information on a specific person or group, and then he would go and spout random shit out like it was him who never spun the lies in the first place.
Seungkwan had been your best best friend since diapers, the two of you were inseparable. In high school the two of you were the people to go to for a little tea. That was how you met most of your other 12 friends that also happened to be in one big group called Seventeen. 
Which was now your family.
Both of you one night had made a very drunk vow. The vow was the really cheesy “If I'm still alone at blank age I’ll marry you” which left the two of you both heart broken every time a new relationship was blooming. 
It also led you to make the worse idea in your life. 
You were going to object to his marriage (even if it was to someone he supposedly loved) 
Well why did he love a gold digger? You would ask yourself. 
Your large ass group agreed. 
“She’s a fucking gold digger!”- Seungcheol 
“Absolute untrustworthy bitch.” - Jeonghan (Also came with a couple of other curses)
“A shit ton of Chinese curses you couldn't really understand” - Mainly Minghao but sometimes Jun
Lastly, Hansol (Seungkwans university best friend) literally said 
“Why the fuck are you just using him for the money.”  In front of the woman at the engagement party. In front of pretty much all her family members and then blamed it on you when it was clearly Hansol who said it. 
The hate from her didn't just stop there. One night she had the audacity to make a very drunk (also emotional) Seungkwan cry when she told him that you were dating another guy. He left you on read for about three weeks that time. 
All 12 hated her, hell like all of the concert band (most of your friends) and the choir (most of Seungkwans friends) hated her and they all had shown it to her and him several times.
 Seungkwan was just to blinded by what he thought was  love to see. 
So you spouted your crush. The group then deciding it would be the so called best idea to do it at the wedding. Then Jeonghan would pull up the voice messages and show Seungkwan you were the better one for him.
Even after trying to not only subtly but also obviously get him to notice and understand how you felt.
Absolutely failing with both.   
Bachelor Party: 
Why was it their idea to drag you out of bed (even if some agreed with you on hating party's) and forcing you to sit in on the bachelor party even though it was specifically for men. 
You have no fucking clue why. (Well its the 21st century so maybe they want to break stereotypes) 
“Then I said to Soo, I don't even thinks she likes you platonically I'm pretty sure she's using you for the free food!” The large ass group of men laugh at  Chanyeol (A sax player in the concert band) as he recalled a story about Kyungsoo (A singer) and his girlfriend (now fiancé and a cello player) Eunjung. 
You let out a light chuckle, then taking a sip of your tequila sunrise glad to be able to be you without getting hounded by the bride and her lackeys (as most of the group had labelled them) 
Most of the guys were a mix of the choir friends Seungkwan had made back in high school along with some of your concert band friends. Or a mix of both (In Joshua's case) 
Take Chanyeol, a sax player you had met in your first year of being in the concert band who along with Baekhyun, a flute player made it their goal to get to know every single person in the band starting with you. 
Then another one of their friends Kyungsoo who was Seungkwan’s first friend in the choir who also knew you because of the other. Had plainly asked Seungkwan to “Shut it.” when he was being to loud when they weren't performing  
Causing them to bond over opposite personalities. 
You were all connected for your love of music one way or another. In your case you had instantly fallen head over heels for  Seungkwan when you heard his voice at his first audition.
“Hey, how you doing little troll?” Chanyeol had called at you from the oposite side of the very long and crowded table you were all sat at. 
The nickname had stemmed for your love of DND and Beakhyun saying that you were the size of a tiny troll.  
“Good, what about you?” a short reply because you were definitely not in the mood for talking, especially when you could be drowning yourself in alcohol. 
The group laughed used to your short grumpy replies, Jeonghan instantly trying to pry into how you were feeling but you gave him the “don't you dare” stare.
“Deadass, shit no way!” Seokmin 
“Dude what the fuck happened?” Hansol 
“Jisoo just sent me some weird shit from the hen.” You barely heard because he was speaking so quietly. 
Most of your friends had instantly perked up at the name of his girlfriend wondering what it could have meant. Causing them to gather around him and try to pry answers out of Jisoo. 
A light pat on your shoulder, Seungkwan.
You smiled turning your head towards the man only realising that he wasn't wearing his usual bright smile.    
“Hi, we need to talk.” He sounded sad.
“Sure, but are you okay, you look depressed” Shit that was the alcohol speaking
“What I'm about to say is gonna hurt you, but I'm doing it for the best reason. Your my best friend and you cant come to the wedding.” He spoke slowly, treating you like a baby.
“Is this your personal choice, or did your little lovable gold digger just say that so you would never ever find out that we knew she wanted you for the money!” You spoke voice raising as you spat out what you were supposed to hide. 
Your friends instantly knew they had fucked up and so had you. Seungkwan turning to the rest and trying to decipher what had happened.
 “Your just saying it because your drunk and jealous, she is everything to me everything you could never be cause you don't even know what love feels like! Don't even think about trying to stop me, at least be a good fucking friend for once and stay out of it!” 
Trying to blink back the tears, you instantly sped out of the bar. Trying not to be enticed by the calls of your so called “best friend”. Some of the other guys following straight after you hollering curses at their friend.
He obviously didn't care about you anymore, didn't love you the way you loved him. Of course you were jealous, you loved him and he never batted an eyelash.
Why why why did it have to be you, the hopeless adult who God just wants to watch suffer and break down every single day, hour and minute.
Wedding day 
Operation try not to think of your crush because your about to get married was ago. Seungkwan probably cried himself to sleep the night before. 
Well he was sure he did cry himself to sleep. 
Maybe because he had one to many shots of vodka, and when he gets drunk he also gets emotional. 
He wondered about you.
We’re you okay?
How were you feeling?
Probably like shit because of what he did to you last night. Stopping himself doing the one thing he knew you wanted him to do.
Tell you everything, how he imagined asking you to marry him. Planning the wedding together (It would obviously be one of the best weddings Korea had seen)
Telling you how much he loved you.
You on the other hand were still completely recovering from drowning yourself in alcohol, trying not to think of the pain you were put through and were still being put through. 
“Hey, I brought you water.” Chan called as he walked into his and Hansol’s shared hotel room. He sat down in front of you, suit jacket haphazardly draped across his shoulders. 
“Thanks.” You croaked, letting out a slight cough afterwards, grabbing the bottle and downing most of it. 
You really really shouldnt have drunk soo much wine last night (You were pretty sure you drained Hao’s stock that he brought) 
“Ummmm, The rest of the guys are gonna come over, they wanted to see how you were holding up since you drank like half of Hao’s wine stock.” You shared a chuckle.
You hoped they wouldn't drag Seungkwan into this so he could apologise.
“Open up Chan we know your hiding them in there!” Jeonghan
The younger instantly obeyed allowing the 11 others to spill into the small hotel room.
“Your gonna stop him right?” Soonyoung questioned.
You sighed in response not really wanting to deal with Seungkwan this early in the morning.
“Did you seriously think he’s not gonna die if he’s without you.” Minghao calls from the bathroom (going over his and Jun’s makeup)
“If it makes you feel any better you can fu-!” Joshua clamped a hand over Jeonghans mouth.
“No one is going to fuck you Jeonghan, especially after this. We are going to get them back together today no matter what.” He stood up, the rest following.
“Operation Get The Besties back together to spill their hot feeling tea is ago!”
Your friends cheered, and you had no clue what the actual fuck was going on.
But you liked it.
The church was as beautiful as you remember it. The stained glass, the architecture and so on.
This was the place you wanted to get married. Well you were hopefully going to get married in this place (as long as the plan goes well)
All of your old choir/band friends were gathered to celebrate (Destroy more like) the union of Seungkwan and the gold digger.
Chen and his wife (Along with his daughter) Chanyeol and his fiancé June, Hobi and Yoongi trying not to start fighting at any given moment , Lisa was chatting with Hansol and finally Joshua and Jeonghan were having an absolute unholy make out session in one of the back pews.
It was chaos as you expected and it was about to get even more chaotic when you objected.
“Seriously, why are you so nervous it’s obvious that he loves you and wants to be with you.” Jihoon spoke, giving your hand a tight squeeze in reassurance.
“Yo yo yo, how are you guys it’s been a while!” You turned to see Wonwoo’s fiancé Helena walk over to where you guys were sat, taking a seat next to Seungcheol and his wife Boeum on your right (Wonwoo following like the lovesick puppy he was)
Jisoo and Seokmin gave you a nod. “ You love him and that’s why your gonna win.” She whispered as the music started.
You smiled, you loved him and you were gonna tell him how you felt even if it went to shit afterwards.
“I object to this marriage!” You called, trying to keep your voice from shaking.
Most of your friends had turned towards you then looking to Seungkwan (Who instantly knew he’d royally fucked up with this wedding)
“Umm no you don’t you bitch, Seungkwan doesn’t care about you he loves me and now you and your little fake ass rich kid club can get out and stop trying to take me away from the money!”
The crowed gasped. Jeonghan instantly pulling his phone out of his pocket to get the message and calls he had found.
Seungkwan stared at her harshly, starting to shout obscenities at his now ex- fiancé.
Her parents were also hounded by your best friends parents and you were pretty sure that Seungkwans mum was about to start a fight.
The large group of family and friends had started to cheer waiting for Seunkwan and you to say that you loved each other.
“I’m so sorry, I really was blinded by lov-“
You smacked your lips onto his, butterflies exploding in your stomach as you depend the kiss glad you had not only your best friend but your love in your arms.
“I love you.”
“Me too baby, me too”
Three Years Later
“Jeonghan ,Josh can you please stop trying to have sex on the buffet, if your that desperate just ditch and come back later!” You called to the couple who were mainly fighting for dominance at that point.
Scaring most of the younger attendees who were mainly just trying to eat in peace.
You laughed as you felt a soft kiss being placed on your exposed neck.
“They never learn do they Mrs Boo.”
“Oh no they don’t Mr Boo”
You didn’t end up getting married at the church.
No cause you ended up getting married in Las Vegas because Seungkwan said it (The church) gave him nightmares.
Probably for the best, poor Chan didn’t remember a thing from that night let alone who.
But love did prevail. It brought you and Seungkwan closer and further apart then your relationship had ever gone.
You wouldn’t have changed a thing.
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x-woozi · 4 days ago
An Unwise Interest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Profiles 2
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Summary: Of course you love your brother but he can be a bit overly concerned and involved in your personal life. Things only get worse when you find yourself having a little more than “friendly” feelings for one of his best friends.
A/n: Hello!! This is going to be the profiles for the first of the series “Diamond Affairs”!! With this being the first one I don’t want to reveal the love interest right away, but it does come up fairly quick with hints. Please, enjoy! ☺️
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nakamotive · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like/reblog if use or save🪐
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svt-incorrect · 5 days ago
Seungkwan: babe~
Seungkwan: angel~
Seungkwan: hansol-ah~
Seungkwan: precious little nugget
Seungkwan: slumbering little bug
Seungkwan: if you don't answer me the pet names are just going to get meaner.
Seungkwan: bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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luvlettertohoon · 5 days ago
[8:15PM]; your eyes sparkle as you watch the basketball finally spill into the hoop after circling the top of the basket several times. “shit!” vernon cusses, throwing his hands on the top of his head. you squeal in delight, bouncing up and down as you clap. “i win!” you cheer, to which vernon groans in response. “i didn’t know you’d be this good! you said that you’ve never even played basketball before so...” you pick the basketball up from the ground and start bouncing it back and forth between the two of you. “i mean... i did when i was really young! maybe in elementary school, but not recently. if it makes you feel better: i didn’t think i’d beat you either, Mr. ‘I’m Great At Basketball’.” the night’s air is crisp against your bare arms, you mentally scold yourself for not bringing a jacket. the beautiful lights from the city shine in your eyes and you turn a bit to get a better view of vernon, and you watch goosebumps slowly scattering over vernon’s skin as well. then, vernon laughs at the nickname, “how was i supposed to know that you were some sort of basketball prodigy?” he teases. “are you saying that i’m better at basketball than you?” you retort. “absolutely not!” he exclaims. “there’s still time for a redemption round.” you meet his eyes and he grins, you fail to catch the ball when a flame of determination sparks in his eyes and you know that he’ll definitely win the next round. “i don’t know vern... it’s getting pretty chilly.” “you’re just saying that ‘cause you know i’m gonna win.” he picks up the ball and passes it to you with more strength this time. while it was most likely a subconscious gesture, you take it as a challenge. you bounce the ball back even harder, throwing vernon a playful smirk as you do so. “no, it’s just that i don’t want you to cry after i beat you... again.” once the ball is in his hands he starts dribbling it around you. “well then let’s see how hard i can cry.” he dodges past you and tosses the ball into the hoop. it glides around the rim and falls over the edge. you smile in response to vernon’s sigh. you chase after the ball and grip it tightly in your hands. “game on, chwe.”
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x-woozi · 6 days ago
An Unwise Interest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Profiles 1
M. List || Next
Reader x ???
Summary: Of course you love your brother but he can be a bit overly concerned and involved in your personal life. Things only get worse when you find yourself having a little more than “friendly” feelings for one of his best friends.
A/n: Hello!! This is going to be the profiles for the first of the series “Diamond Affairs”!! With this being the first one I don’t want to reveal the love interest right away, but it does come up fairly quick with hints. Please, enjoy! ☺️
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writer-k-pop · 7 days ago
하지만 내 다른 부분은 사람들을 여기 두고 갈 수 없어. But the other part of me can’t leave the people here.
Description: A meeting to con Rowan Moore, a powerful and corrupt city leader, accomplished by Gang Leader Jeonghan and his crew. Which includes you and your crush (per se), Vernon. [Italicized parts are flashbacks of sorts] {Uh, honestly, not really sure how to describe this one. Only thing I can say is that it’s inspired by the complexity of “Six of Crows” and the aesthetic of Monsta X’s music video for “Gambler” hence the title.} Warnings: Swearing, mentions of a bombing, some suggestive comments (both negative and proper suggestive) Genre: idk what do genre this as... pure fiction (?), GangMember!Vernon x Fem!Reader Word Count: 5.7k
Seventeen Masterlist | Masterlists
Tumblr media
You step up to the dealer's stool on one side of the poker table in a secluded corner of second floor of Jeonghan's casino, Obsidian. Picking up a brand new deck of cards, you break the seal and let the cards fall out into your hands. Your skin ignites as the smooth cards slide against your hands and the edges of each make themselves known to you.
"I'm not playing if she's dealing the cards." Rowan Moore glowers at you and your jaw clenches against the slew of words you want to spit at him. But you know better than to risk blowing the whole plan so you set down the deck of cards and wait for further instructions from Jeonghan.
You look to your left and hold Moore's gaze even as it goes from cold to ice cold. It is the gaze of one of the most corrupt men in the city. It's the gaze that got him where he is. If it were anyone else standing where you are, they would've felt a winter storm rush up their spine. But you are used to this type of malice. It's kind of a usual occurrence.
The others at the table, Jihoon, Soonyoung, Seungcheol, and Jeonghan, keep their expressions unreadable and their gazes on Moore. Except for Vernon who sits in between Soonyoung and Seungcheol. You could feel his eyes watching you but you don't turn towards him.
"We are having a business meeting." Jeonghan says, unwavering as Moore moves his gaze to him, "Business meetings in my casino are conducted at the tables and that means I decide who deals. And tonight, she deals." He finishes with a nod towards you as a signal for you to pick up the cards.
As you pick up the deck again, Moore stays quiet but lets out a frustrated puff of air.
"Get me a glass of the good stuff, would you, darling?" Moore leans back in his chair and asks one of the other waitresses with a voice dripping with demeaning acid that makes your stomach twist.
You look over at Vernon, finally, and he gives his eyebrow a small quirk. Silently asking if everything is okay. A small head tilt and offering him the deck to split is enough of an answer for him.
"What are we playing with only $10 chips?" Moore questions Jeonghan, leaning forward to rest his forearms behind his wall of poker chips and staring at Jeonghan who sits on the opposite end of the table from him. Effectively to your immediate right.
Straightening out the deck, you know the answer before Jeonghan answers Moore's question. All of this is part of the plan Jeonghan devised the minute he received word that Moore wanted to meet with him about a 'common enemy.'
"Here's the plan." Jeonghan spreads out a floor plan of Obsidian on the table in front of Seungcheol, Soonyoung, Jihoon, Vernon, Seungkwan, Dino, and you. "Moore owes me a large sum of money that he has no intention of paying back. We'll play him, listen to whatever he has to say, and steal his money as he walks out of Obsidian."
Seungkwan lifts a finger, "Isn't that the whole point of a gambling game?"
Jeonghan doesn't answer the younger one, only gives a sizable smirk.
"Right, right, there's more to this..." Seungkwan grumbles under his breath, "Be nice if you would clue us in on the masterplan."
You throw Seungkwan a disapproving look but Jeonghan just ignores the comment completely.
"What are we playing?" Soonyoung questions, intrigued from the second the word 'money' came out of Jeonghan's mouth.
"Hold 'Em." Jeonghan states, watching the others expressions for any negative changes.
"Where are we playing?" Jihoon probes further into the plan that Jeonghan has locked away in his mind.
Jeonghan shifts and points to one of the poker rooms in the back of the casino. "Allure."
"Who plays and who guards?" Vernon speaks up from next to you.
"Seungcheol, Soonyoung, Jihoon, you and I will play." Jeonghan lists off the characters, "Dino and Seungkwan will guard. Plus the regulars on the perimeters."
"And me?" You ask, crossing your arms over your chest, confused as to why he didn't mention you yet you are part of the meeting.
When Jeonghan answers, an excited shiver runs through your body but you don't miss how Vernon's body freezes at his words.
"You deal."
"Hold 'Em." Jeonghan answers Moore and you slide the dealer button to Seungcheol.
"Isn't that a little too simple for our minds?" Moore chuckles but it's not a true laugh.
"For you and I, yes." Jeonghan offers a smile, "But these other players aren't as complex as we are." He raises his eyebrows to see if Moore will challenge his choice and throws two of his poker chips in front of his pile.
You reach out and sweep the chips towards you as Moore tosses four at you for the big blind. The chips scatter across the table and out of the corner of your eye, you catch Vernon's fist clenching tightly. But having to ignore the specific jab at you, you sweep up the chips before dealing each player two cards.
The first round finishes quickly with Soonyoung (somehow) winning the pot. Now that the game has been established as 'fair,' it's time to move to the next step: conning Moore.
"You want her to rig the game?" Dino questions with confusion, "Can she even do that?"
You and Vernon cover up your scoffs with throat clearing and coughing.
Jeonghan smiles a little too wickedly, "Little secret for you newer boys. (y/n) can count cards like nobody's business and her sleight of hand is invisible even to me. It's the reason she's banned from playing in any of my casinos or clubs."
"It's also the reason I got hooked into his crew." You offered some extra information.
"You didn't have to stay after the first." Jeonghan quickly reminds you before giving you instructions to follow as the table's dealer, "Let the first game play out like any other dealer would let it. Following the first game, you will let us win a few, then Moore. Push and pull him. Entice him, (y/n)." He meets your gaze with eyes weighed down by the importance of his words, "Keep him at the table. Keep his focus on his luck."
"For what?" You ask, confused with what Jeonghan had planned.
But instead of hearing an answer from Jeonghan, Dino speaks up.
"A chance to sneak a hand into his suit pocket."
The second game starts and you watch the decided signs of each member on your side to tell you what cards they have. A system you each created together to make sure Moore wouldn't catch on. It was tested through the first game too and Moore still hasn't caught on, even though his eyes seem to wander around the table restlessly. After counting and switching the cards as you please, the second round has Seungcheol leaning forward to sweep up the pile of chips to his spot.
You eye Moore as you hand him his cards for the third round. This round you give to him.
The next game is also given to Moore.
"Now that we have a few games under our belt." Jeonghan speaks up as he rearranges his chip stacks to stand at the same height. "Let's discuss what you wanted to discuss."
Moore sighs, arranging his newly gained chips onto his stacks. His cockiness is starting to show. You catch the glint in his eye that shows he's confident he's figured out how to bluff out the other players.
'Early celebrator.' You think to yourself as you give Soonyoung the dealer button.
"Victor Huffman." Moore says the name with so much disgust it makes you wonder if he has swallowed acid.
At the mention of another powerful man, and another enemy, Jeonghan lets the corner of his cards snap onto the table and his eyes snap up to meet Moore's in the same second.
"What about him?" Jeonghan nearly growls out the question while Vernon and Seungcheol throw out the small and big blinds, respectively. You know that he and Huffman have a particularly nasty history but you don't know the details. No one does. It's one of the many things Jeonghan keeps under lock and key, in a bunker, 200 feet below his skin.
Your eyes flicker to Vernon and his eyes widen just the slightest, silently calling Moore a maniac for even speaking that name in Jeonghan's casino and presence. To cover up the smile threatening to appear, you lower your head slightly and deal three cards into the community hold in the center of the table.
"I want you to damage him." Moore says casually, ignoring the thick tension that he boiled up. "Take out a chunk of his men, give his finances a gut punch. Just something that will keep him quiet for a few months."
"And what would I receive in return?" Jeonghan asks, peeking at his cards again and though he is leaning back in his chair, you can tell his body is rigid against the emotions raging inside of him.
"I will pay you." Moore answers, "A sum a little more than the worth of the job."
"I fold." Jihoon breathes out and slides his cards towards you.
Wordlessly, you sweep up the cards and add them to the discard pile, intently listening to the conversation around you.
"I'll raise 6." Soonyoung says with a confident pout and slides out 6 chips in a stack. That is Soonyoung, always playing the high risks.
"Call." Vernon places his bet after a look at his cards.
Seungcheol, without taking his eyes off of Moore, simply slides his 6 chips into the center.
"You will excuse me if I don't trust your estimation of what this job'll cost me." Jeonghan comments and places his bet forward.
Moore lets out an empty chuckle that bounces around in your head. "You're smart not to." He states and slides his bet forward. "But I anticipated your doubt. And as much as I hate to admit it, I need Huffman down more than I need my money." He says while you discard a card before flipping a fourth into the community hold. "A contract for 800 million dollars."
The room goes silent. Jihoon eyes Moore up and down trying to distinguish if he's lying. Jeonghan is also trying to figure that out but he holds Moore's gaze, searching for the answer in his eyes. Soonyoung stares at his chips with wide eyes, Seungcheol looks between Jeonghan and Moore, and Vernon just simply slides his cards to you.
You give Vernon a confused look and he just shakes his head. He's folding.
"800 million." Jeonghan repeats the amount and breaks the silence. "For that amount, you want us to do more than something. You want somethings." He emphasizes the plural.
Moore smirks.
"Sir, your bet?" You refrain from using Soonyoung's name to keep your relationship with the men at the table unknown.
"You have a lovely voice." Moore comments, taking a tangent and a moment to look you up and down. "I wouldn't mind you calling me that someday." He sneers and your body tenses at what he's implying. Again, not new stuff but your body still reacts to it.
"Watch how you talk to my staff." Jeonghan spits out and throws his bet onto the table after Seungcheol.
Vernon has a look of murder in his eyes as he glares down Moore. You know he cares for you and though at times, some say it's more than normal, you know you care for him on the same level. But neither of you have had the guts to say or do anything about it.
Moore inhales and continues like his comment didn't happen. "I need you to take out half of his corn hold and a third of his cotton hold." He reveals to Jeonghan as you continue with the game. Dealing and taking cards.
"What's the time frame?" Jeonghan wonders, tapping his finger on his cards methodically.
"I need it done in a month." Moore says and Vernon jumps to his feet.
"Are you insane?" He asks, increduously.
Vernon and Jeonghan meet gazes for a second but it's only in confirmation that Jeonghan's plan is progressing.
"How are we going to get close enough?" Seungkwan asks. "Like great. Dino found out where he hides this master key but what good is it if we don't know how to get close to him. He only lets women and booze get close to that hairy chest of his."
"No." Vernon says in a low voice.
"No?" Jeonghan repeats his word with slight amusement in his tone.
"You are not letting (y/n) anywhere near Moore." Vernon explains and a sad smile reaches your lips.
You don't want to be the one to seduce Moore but you know if Jeonghan asked, you would be preparing for the role in a heartbeat.
Jeonghan rolls his eyes, "(y/n)'s not seducing him. She's dealing. And no woman's seducing him." He comments, "One of you is going to get close." He eyes the males around the table.
"How?" Seungcheol asks.
"We'll instigate his rage." Jeonghan says, "He's got a sensitive temper when it comes to two things and two things only: terms of his deals and his gambling games. After the first few games, one of you will challenge him on everything he says, get him annoyed, pissed, irritated. That will fuel his agitation to losing hand after hand to the same person." He gives a look between you and Vernon. "And that person, I've decided, will be Vernon."
Vernon's first outburst is a sign to you to give Vernon the winning hand for the majority of the games. Or force Moore to fold on the rounds that Vernon doesn't win to keep the winning 'random.'
"You're going to let your man talk to me like that?" Moore lazily blinks towards Jeonghan, trying to damp down the igniting ember.
Jeonghan makes a show of shoving a hand in his pocket for emphasis on his words, "He's my demolition guy so if you want me to take this job, like I know you need us to, you will let him say whatever he pleases." Then he looks at Vernon, "But for now, I want to see how this game plays out. I'll raise 20." He states and slides a large stack of chips into the center. Vernon silently sits back down but not without channeling all the anger within himself to send Moore a glare that could cut through diamond.
"Call." Moore smirks, his love for gambling pushing forward.
For the rest of the game, Jeonghan stays mostly quiet as he ponders the details of what Moore is asking, only speaking to call out his bets.
Seungcheol wins the fifth round with a four of a kind.
The next game is won by Vernon and he also wins the next round. Along with Vernon's occasional snide comments, you can tell Moore is getting frustrated at his terrible luck. It's not a secret that Moore gets cocky when he plays because he claims he can read people and their ticks so he knows how to outplay any bluff. But tonight, his tricks won't work.
As you deal the 8th round, Jeonghan leans forward and rests his forearms on the edge of the table.
"A month?" He clarifies with Moore.
"A month." Moore nods as he takes his cards into his hands.
Jeonghan then turns to Vernon, "Is it possible?"
"If you want a spectacle, yes." Vernon answers, his voice retaining an edge. "If you want it done quietly, no."
Moore sighs, glancing at his cards and purses his lips, "I don't care how it's done. I just need it done and done within a month."
"What happens after a month?" Soonyoung asks the question that's been the elephant in the room since Moore first mentioned the timeline.
"Wouldn't you like to know." Moore smirks and throws in his bet.
"I'll do it." Jeonghan says and Moore's smirk grows wider. "Send over the contract in the morning."
"Glad to do business with you, J." Moore says and Jeonghan's eye gives the smallest of twitches at the nickname. So small that only you are able to catch it.
Turning back to the game at play, Moore's voice is more cheerful to hide his frustration at losing his money as he says, "Now that business is settled, shall we play a few more rounds for fun?"
Jeonghan gives a very fake, yet very believable, smile, "We've got nowhere else to be."
Jihoon wins that game and you watch carefully as Moore takes a deep breath to calm himself against the blow of another loss.
For the 9th game, you let Moore think he's winning the pot without a doubt, but the real winner ends up being Jeonghan.
By now, Moore's stack of chips are the lowest at the table and he doesn't have many games left in him.
"You might as well give up now, Moore." Vernon says, voice brute with amusement and pride as he rearranges his stacks of chips just for dramatic effect.
Through gritted teeth, Moore answers, "You never know how the tides can change."
"Or they'll swallow you whole." Vernon banters back nonchalantly with a touch of boredom. Another effort to push Moore's buttons. Dismiss him in front of others, especially other powerful people. In this case, Jeonghan.
Moore swallows hard and his hand curls into a tight fist. He's going to explode soon and you know it. Everyone at the table knows it. You see Jihoon, Soonyoung, and Seungcheol all shift slightly in their seats in preparation of the moment Moore explodes.
"What are we doing when he eventually explodes?" Soonyoung asks.
"Create enough confusion for Vernon to slide his hand in, grab and replace the key, and back out." Jeonghan says.
"That's (y/n)'s area of expertise." Seungkwan counters but you and Jeonghan answer him at the same time.
"I'm dealing."
"She's dealing."
And for once, you are kind of happy to not be in the center of one of Jeonghan's masterplans.
As everyone peeks at their cards, Vernon takes a couple glances at Moore's tight expression before commenting, "Luck still out of your grasp, Moore?" He chuckles in amusement, eyes actually lighting up at the cards that you deliberately gave to him.
"Be careful of the words you speak, kid." Moore spits and glowers at Vernon who ignores the gaze and just shrugs.
"What lie will you tell the wife this time when you come home without a large sum of money?" Vernon questions, tilting his head to the side and watching his chips as he tosses them onto the table. "Will you come clean about the gambling? Or will you lie and say it was spent on the pleasure houses down the street? Which will only break poor Verna's heart even more."
"You dickwad." Moore grunts, slams his cards onto the table, and rises to his feet. "Keep my wife's name out of your disgusting, immature mouth." He quickly stalks over to Vernon and Vernon is quick to his feet to meet the large body of Rowan Moore.
But he's not angry enough to require Jihoon, Soonyoung, and Seungcheol to step in and create the needed chaos. You look to Jeonghan with concern that the plan won't work. But this is Jeonghan's plan, he has back up plans upon back up plans upon back up plans.
Jeonghan closes his eyes and gives you a tiny nod, accompanied with a tinier smile just before Vernon gives the final blow needed.
"Why are you telling me this?" Vernon asks with curiosity, sitting in Jeonghan's office alone.
"We need Moore angry enough to make Seungcheol, Soonyoung, and Jihoon's intervention realistic." Jeonghan explains leaning back in his chair.
"So I'll use the information to pull that anger out of him." Vernon concludes.
Jeonghan gives him a smile and a snapped finger gun. "Precisely."
"What do you think Verna will do with the divorce papers when she finds out you broke your promise to her?" Vernon asks, staring hard at Moore's face. "What will you do when she leaves you?"
In a split second, Moore slaps Vernon across the face and you inhale sharply as Vernon's head snaps to the right. Seungcheol and Soonyoung push back Moore while Jihoon positions himself in front of Vernon in order to keep Vernon back.
A menacing chuckle comes from Vernon's mouth as he rubs the cheek that was hit. "You hit like a girl. I'm guessing much like your daughter."
You flinch at the unexpected mention of Moore's daughter. Jeonghan tries to keep women and children out of his conversations but women, more often than not, are men's trigger point. It's rare, though, that he'd allow the mentioning of children.
In a second, Vernon pushes past Jihoon as Moore 'easily' pushes past Soonyoung and Seungcheol (more like they let him pass by with feigned weakness but also believable enough strength). His eyes blinded by rage, he doesn't stop to consider what he's doing. Vernon and Moore tousle with each other, hands flying everywhere. Soonyoung, Jihoon, and Seungcheol's hands join in, trying to 'restrain' the two arguers.
Anybody would've have missed the moment Vernon slipped his hand into Moore's blazer pocket then slipped back out and into his own pocket. But you were the one who taught Vernon the sleight of hand he would need and you are watching so you see the move with crystal clear clarity.
Once the real key is placed in Vernon's pocket, you move onto your role: diffusing and ending the game play.
"Gentlemen!" You yell with the authority of cancelling out any money won or lost. The five men stop their frenzied hand fight and look to you. Jeonghan just lazily looks up from his crossed arms. "If you would untangle yourselves and collect your chips. My table is now closed since you decided to make such a scene." You scold them with a scowl of disgust that's mainly directed at Moore.
Moore immediately untangles himself from the others and faces you. "I apologize. If you will, just a few more games." He bargains. "I will pay you the extra."
You shake your head and step down from the stool, "I've already closed." You tell him then add, "And if you're thinking of looking for another dealer, the casino's dealers have already been sent home. Tonight’s a special holiday for us, you see."
"What kind of bullshit is that?" Soonyoung scrunches his face up in confusion, "We don't have holidays."
"Moore doesn't know that." You answer for Jeonghan before turning to the man himself, "What holiday are we observing?" You ask.
Jeonghan meets your eyes with a soft gaze, "The anniversary of Obsidian's bombing."
He doesn't finish the sentence but your mind does.
"My first job with Jeonghan and the only one he failed."
The reason you stayed with Jeonghan even though he shredded your debt to him in the aftermath of the bombing.
"What kind of boss sends his income home on a money making night?" Moore laughs as if the whole day is a joke to him. His laugh only makes you want to drive a knife into his chest.
"The kind that knows the damage your partner caused to my innocent patrons." Jeonghan rises to his feet and stares down Moore hard.
Moore swallows under Jeonghan's gaze. If Moore's gaze was ice cold earlier, Jeonghan's, right now, is burning so cold that you're pretty sure he's giving dry ice a run for its money.
"Is it already that night of the year?" Moore asks you through a tight voice.
You look down at your watch, "In 20 minutes, it will be the exact minute." You inform him and Moore's demeanor falls a little.
He reaches up to pat the left side of his chest and you hold your breath incase he finds anything amiss. But with a satisfied sigh, he feels the decoy and lowers his hands back to his sides.
"Another day, I will return to win back my money." He vows to Jeonghan before he looks at Vernon. "And keep my wife's name out of your god forsaken mouth."  
"With pleasure." Vernon responds with disgust, his cheek still red from the slap he received.
Moore scoops up his tray of chips and leaves the room. His guards undoubtedly joining him the second he steps outside the room.
Seungkwan and Dino enter the room as the waitress and waiter assigned to the room leave and for a moment there is a moment of anticipating silence. Then Vernon slowly slides the key out of his pocket and hands it to Jeonghan.
Soonyoung shouts in happiness and hugs Jihoon who tries his best to escape the tight embrace. "We got the key!" He says cheerfully and Seungkwan and Dino high five each other.
Jeonghan just looks down at the key in his hand and smiles. The electronic key that will give him access to every single one of Moore's financial accounts.
"Tomorrow we'll move the money around and you each will have your share." Jeonghan announces to the room and pockets the key.
"What about the job for Moore?" Jihoon asks, successfully escaping Soonyoung's arms.
Jeonghan's lips quirk upward, "Oh, we'll do it. But we won't be doing it out of obligation to a contract. I'd also like to see Huffman on his knees for a change." He says in a voice that resembles a snake, cunning and scary.
This reminder of how ruthless and scary Jeonghan can be is the only thing that sends a shiver up your spine.
Jeonghan walks towards the door with Seungcheol behind him. As Seungcheol opens the door for him, he pauses and turns back.
"Not a word of any of this." He says and the threat is unspoken. It doesn't need to be spoken. It's understood on a bone chilling level what will happen if anyone talks about the jobs you do.
You all nod your heads gravely and Jeonghan exits the room, Seungcheol following him out the door.
Tugging at your stiff tie, you step away from the table and head towards the door. "I'll see you weirdos later." You tell the others and go in search for a few cans of beer and the solitude of the roof.
You raid the kitchen and pluck three beers from one of the many fridges before finding your way to the rooftop. Pushing open the heavy door, you welcome the dark of the night and the glow from the city around you. As you turn towards your normal spot, you're surprised to see a silhouette of a man against the city lights.
Recognizing the person, you inch forward, confused, "Vernon?" You call out his name and he turns toward you.
"Hey." Vernon answers you. In the dim light and shadow displayed on his face, you can see his cheek is still red but not as angry of a red as before.
"How's your cheek?" You ask, grimacing at the memory of having to watch the assault and setting the beers on the ledge.
He lightly touches his cheek, "It'll be sore and red for a while but I think the reward will be worth it." He comments.
"Here." You hand him one of the still cold beers. He stares at the beer in confusion and you roll your eyes before pressing the substitute ice pack to his cheek. "It'll help it."
"Right." He breathes out and brings his hand up to replace yours in holding the beer in place.
Below you, the city is bustling with sane people leaving the clubs and casinos, taking their loses in stride. Each building shines with the lights of a many tiny spotlights, casting out the moonlight before it can even get close to the ground.
"Three beer night?" Vernon questions you, eyeing the two beers left on the ledge.
"You try standing the whole night with a stick stiff suit and a tie noosed around your neck." You sass at him.
"You didn't seem uncomfortable." Vernon chuckles, as you open a beer and take a large chug of it.
You grimace as the alcohol slithers down your throat, "I'm good at faking it." You tell him. "You did good, sleighting Moore." You compliment his handiwork. "If you keep learning, you could get pretty good."
Vernon lowers his beer can from his cheek in thought, "Nah, I think I'll leave that to you. I didn't like how I couldn't see what I was doing." He holds out his hand and flexes it before opening his can, "I can see the pieces being connected when I work up a demolition explosive. Sleight of hand takes that away." Then he shivers, "Oh, no thank you."
You laugh and Vernon looks over at you, loving the way your laugh makes yours eyes squint and your cheeks bunch up.
"Alright, you stick with demolition." You tell him. "Besides, if you took over my role, I may have to leave and find a new boss to sleight for." You joke but Vernon's face falls at the mention of you leaving.
"When you get your share, will you leave?" He asks, facing back towards the street. He doesn't want you to leave but he's also heard you speak of the possibility over the last few days.
You sigh, both hands clasping the beer can, "I don't know yet." You say, facing the city lights like he is. "Part of me thinks it's time to leave, that I've paid my debt. But the other part of me can't leave the people here."
Vernon chuckles softly, "Everyone would miss you." He pauses for a second before continuing, "I would miss you."
"I wouldn't leave right away." You say and lean you head against his shoulder, "I still have to stay for the Huffman job. But it might be my last."
"Is there anything that would make you stay?" Vernon wonders, afraid to move and have your touch leave his skin.
You study the sky for a second before answering, "I don't know."
"Is there anything I could do that would make you stay?" He reiterates his previous question. In his voice, he tries to make you understand how much he doesn't want you to leave. That he'd do almost anything for you to stay.
"I don't know if anyone could do anything that would make me stay." You tell him and sit up to take another sip.
"Jeonghan could." Vernon grumbled under his breath.
Your ears perk up and you're not sure you head him correctly, "What?"
"Uh, n-nothing." He stutters and avoids meeting your eyes.
You gasp as you realize you had heard him correctly, "You're jealous!" You accuse and point a finger at him.
“I am not." Vernon defends himself, stepping back.
"Yes, you are!" Your fluttering heart makes giggles bubble into your throat.
"Seriously, I'm not." He repeats, holding up his hands but you read the jealousy on his face like the front page of the morning news paper.
"Demolition Vernon is jealous?" You say, unable to keep the giggles at bay. "Jealous of Jeonghan?"
At the name, Vernon steps forward and covers your mouth with his free hand.
"Don't say his name and that word together." He says lowly, "Do you want me to die?" He questions you with a quirked eyebrow.
You look between his eyes and reach up to lower his hand from your mouth, which comes away easily.
"He wouldn't kill you. Maybe disfigure you in some way, but not kill." You say, softly, realizing how serious this situation actually is, "As much as he hates to admit it, he needs every single one of us for any and all jobs he pulls. And he's not about to waste time looking for and training another just because of a word."
"Why did you stay with Jeonghan?" Vernon asks, not moving away, his face inches from yours.
You swallow and keep your gaze on his eyes, though you're tempted to peek at his lips. "Jeonghan and I both blame ourselves for the bombing that happened here. We both missed things that we shouldn't have missed. And because of our mistakes, people died." You explain, flashes of the terror replaying in your mind. "Jeonghan shredded my debt that night but I couldn't leave until I corrected the wrong I made."
"Have you corrected it yet?" He asks in a near whisper and a hand loops around your waist.
"I don't know yet." You answer through the pounding of your heart.
He is this close to you. This close to being yours.
"When will you know?" He questions, inching closer, eyes still locked onto yours.
You blink, "Someday." You are barely able to speak the word.
The corner of Vernon's mouth twitches, "So that means you'd stay until that day."
Unable to speak because of his closeness, you just nod once.
"Then that means I can give you a reason to stay once that day comes." He states and before you can answer, his lips crash onto yours.
You both drop your beer cans, ignoring as they collide with the ground and spill around your feet. Kissing him back with the emotions that are finally being set free, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. He does the same with his arms around you waist.
When you pull away, you're still pressed against each other and out of breath. But the sparkle in his eyes is all you can focus on.
The bright excitement that you've only seen when he finishes a complex explosive. A bubble of pride swells your heart that you're the only person who's able to pull that brightness out of him.
"Just one reason?" You question his earlier statement and tilting your head to the side.
Vernon lets out an amused puff of air, "I can give you several reasons to stay, if you want." He says before kissing you again.
"These better be some very good reasons if I'm to give up a lifetime of lazy days and millions of dollars." You tell him and play with his tie.
He presses you closer to his chest and lets his lips graze yours, "Oh, they will be very, very good reasons, (y/n). Don't you doubt that."
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SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album 'Your Choice'
Official Photo ONE SIDE Ver.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bvidzsoo · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
 Author: bvidzsoo
 Warning: swearing, violence, toxic relationship, weed, smoking, mentions of cheating
 Pairing: Lee Seokmin x female reader (ft. Seo Johnny)
 Word count: 20, 841
 Summary:   You were surprised at how bad this kid called DK was at his natal language; indeed, he did grow up in the States, but one would assume his parents taught him right. After DK’s mother gets a new job offer, they move back to South Korea, and soon he realizes people from his school don’t like him. You just happen to be his classmate, with a friend from the U.S., so one day when DK hears you talking on the phone in English, he’s impressed. And after that, the boy won’t leave you alone, except, there’s a little problem, you already have a boyfriend, Johnny. It doesn’t seem to bother DK as he soon challenges the man for a sprint race, the stake? If DK wins, Johnny has to break up with you.
 A/N:  Finally, here is the second one shot of this series; I’ve been writing it for ages! Next I’m writing Wonwoo’s one shot in the Poison universe, look forward to that! If you ever find yourself in a toxic relationship, please seek help, talk to someone about it, it’s not okay! I am also strongly against cheating, but this is fiction, I just felt like putting this out there. Don’t cheat people! If you’d like to be added to the tag list, you can tell me! This oneshot was a bit rocky to write, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Your feedback is always very appreaciated, enjoy now! I might be obsessed with this moodboard, look at Seokmin, okay bye!
 Tag list: @rjsmochii​
 Series M.List ~ Previous Part ~ Next Part
           The quiet chatter of your parents was pleasant to hear as you sat down to eat your dinner. You’ve been in the kitchen for two hours now, helping your mother prepare dinner by the time your father returned from work. You finished doing your homework early in the day, and as you had a little free time, you decided to help your mother. She worked a lot around the house and her job was demanding too, sometimes you’d have to do the chores for her, but you didn’t mind. Soon you’d finish high school and go off to university, at least your parents hoped so. You weren’t convinced your average would be enough for the university you had in mind, but you still had a few months to work on your grades and gain more knowledge. You tried managing your time better this year and so far it wasn’t working very well. Your boyfriend, Johnny, wasn’t very appreciative of the two of you being separated for a longer period of time and that led to you being unable to focus on your studies. Slowly, you’ve been with Johnny for two years, but you weren’t sure for how much more you’d last together. His behavior has changed towards you lately and you were getting fed up with it, but when you called him out on it, he blamed it on you or made an excuse, blaming it on his mental state. They were bad excuses, and you never believed him, but your cup wasn’t full yet…you could take a little more. And you didn’t want to break up with him before your finals either, he probably would’ve bothered you even more than right now.
You weren’t much of a meat lover, so you picked at the salad you prepared for yourself, listening to the story your father was telling. A coworker of his came in sick to work and fainted in the middle of the day, so it caused a panic in the office. He was talking loudly as your mother listened to him, nodding her head every once in a while. You took after your mother, being quiet and observant, never keen of loud and robust people. Your father was an exception, you could listen to him talk for hours, because he had smart things to say. People who spoke a lot and only nonsense were the people you hated the most, that, and attention seekers. You hated them with a passion, always quick to call them out or make sure they weren’t special if they started acting out in your class. Many people didn’t like you for your rigid and cold personality, but that made you happy, you wouldn’t have to socialize with every single person that crossed your path. Energetic people were really tiring to you.
“How was your day, Y/N?” Your eyes fell on your father, who looked at you curiously. He was chewing the bite he took of his meat and you shrugged.
“Fine, didn’t do much.”
“Come on, something exciting must have happened!” He urged you on and you sighed, shrugging once again.
“Not really…we did get warned that we were getting a new classmate tomorrow, but there’s nothing exciting in that.” Your mother smiled and took a sip of her water as your father huffed.
“Meeting new people is always exciting.” Your father tried to argue but you just chuckled and remained silent.
“Well…be nice to the person, Y/N,” You looked at your mother with your eyebrows raised, “You tend to be hostile towards new people—”
“Only dumb people.” You interrupted your mother with a smile, and your parents chuckled.
“It’s not nice calling others dumb.” You sighed as your father gave you a look, your phone buzzing in your pocket. You figured someone was calling you, but you didn’t feel like picking up while having dinner. The buzzing stopped and you continued eating, about to reach for the glass of orange juice, when your phone started buzzing again. You sighed quietly and fished your phone out from your pocket, seeing the caller ID, Johnny. I have to pick this up, you looked at your parents and stood.
“I’ll be back in a second.” You muttered and hurried to the bathroom, which was around the corner, accepting Johnny’s call.
“Babe!” His voice was loud, you could hear music playing in the background.
“What do you need, Johnny?” You asked quietly, hoping your parents wouldn’t hear you. They weren’t very fond of Johnny and they were a bit disappointed when you introduced him to them. They didn’t agree of your relationship, so you tried to keep quiet about it. Sometimes they’d ask you how he was doing, checking if you were still together, but they never went in deep. You could see why your parents didn’t like Johnny, he looked like a bad boy, and he was one. But no one was perfect, and the initial attraction you felt towards him was fading away slowly but surely.
“Are you mad at me again?” Johnny’s slurred words got louder and you rolled your eyes.
“No, but I was having dinner with my parents, so hurry up.” You snap, rubbing your forehead in irritation, “I told you to stop calling me when you’re drunk.”
“I haven’t seen you since I dropped you off at school this morning, I miss you—” There was loud cheering coming from the other line and Johnny burst out laughing, making your irritation grow.
“What do you need, Johnny?” You repeated yourself, knowing very well he only called you drunk when he needed you to do him a favor. You weren’t in the mood right now, if he didn’t answer you, you’d hang up and ignore his calls until tomorrow, when he had sobered up.
“Pick me up~” Johnny whined loudly, probably picking up on your tone, “I’m at Mark’s.”
Of course, he is, when is he not there? He should get his shit together and find a job instead of doing drugs and getting wasted every second day.
“When has being drunk stopped you from driving home?” You knew what he was doing was wrong, but at this point you didn’t bother to remind him anymore. Johnny always did whatever the fuck he wanted; you wouldn’t waste your breath on reminding him things he didn’t care about anymore.
“You just want me to die—because you want to get rid of me—”
“Shut up, get your shit together, I’m not going to wait around for you.” Your voice raised a little, appealed by the audacity he had to say those words to you. You worried about him more than anyone else, and you always tried to make sure he was safe. It was him who didn’t give a fuck about anything, about listening to you, but of course he’d still make you the bad guy. Before Johnny could say anything else, you hung up. You were angry, but you couldn’t show that to your parents. You put the phone back in your pocket and went to the sink, turning on the faucet. You washed your hands and splashed your face with cold water, sighing as you turned the faucet off and dried up yourself. You left the bathroom and headed straight for the hanger, pulling on your jacket. Your parents were chatting as you pulled on your Adidas, picking up your car keys.
“Y/N?” Your mother asked when she heard your keys.
You walked to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway, “Lucy called and asked me to pick her up. She’s been out studying late.”
Your lying skills weren’t very good, but you still tried every time. You knew your parents didn’t believe you when they looked at each other and you didn’t have anything else to say or do.
“Fine, be back in an hour.” Your mother said finally and you nodded at her, leaving the house in a hurry. The faster you find Johnny and drive him home, the better for you.
           You got to Mark’s place in no time, you have memorized the quickest route to his house a long time ago. It didn’t take you more than fifteen minutes as traffic was little since it was late in the evening. Mark’s driveway was packed with a bunch of cars and as you pulled up in front of the house, you looked around, hopeful that Johnny listened to you for once and was waiting out there. But he wasn’t, so with a sigh, you stopped your car; a black 2005 GTO Pontiac; and got out. The music was loud coming from the house and you felt your irritation resurface once again. You really weren’t in the mood of pushing around a bunch of people just to reach your drunk boyfriend and then drag him after you, making sure he wouldn’t fall. But you had no choice, so you went in through the front door and was instantly hit by the strong smell of weed. You were hopeful your boyfriend didn’t mix the two, weed and alcohol, because you couldn’t babysit him tonight; your parents wanted you back in an hour. But sometimes Johnny was too dumb and his judgement was clouded, so he might have mixed the two; still, you were hopeful tonight he didn’t. There were many familiar faces, it was always the same people who came to Mark’s parties, and you weren’t very pleased when Mark stopped you in your tracks.
“Hi, hottie!” His crocked smile and hazy eyes were tale tell signs that he was beyond wasted and you weren’t in the mood to deal with him too.
“Hi, where’s Johnny?” You asked, voice raised loud enough, as Mark couldn’t stand up straight.
“Johnny?” Mark looked lost for a second, eyebrows furrowing, “Oh! You’re here for him? Not to party?”
“I don’t party on the week days, you know that.” You gave Mark a look and he chuckled, pressing a hand against his lips in an embarrassed motion.
“He’s in my bedroom.” You sighed. Of course, he was in Mark’s bedroom, probably with a few other chicks and with Jaehyun and Lucas. Those three were never up to anything good.
“Drinks lots of water tomorrow morning, Mark.” You told the boy a few years older as you passed him and he flashed you a wide grin as he offered your shoulder a pat. Mark was the only person you liked out of Johnny’s friend group, but he was too touchy and flirty when drunk, so most of the time you stayed away from him. You weren’t comfortable with other guys than Johnny feeling up on you, and Johnny didn’t appreciate it either, so Mark was quick to learn to keep things very minimal even if you were just getting along really well. You greeted Suzy and Mia as you passed by them, jogging up the wooden stairs. The music was still thumping loudly, but the deafening sound was gone now. Mark’s house wasn’t very big and it got packed quickly, so it wasn’t surprising that there were people upstairs too, leaning against the walls and chatting; they could hear each other better up here. You jogged down the long hallway and finally reached Mark’s room, without bothering to knock, you twisted the knob and walked inside. The intense smell of cigars and sweat hit you instantly and it made you feel sick. Without even bothering to look or greet anyone, you headed straight for the window and pushed them all open, letting the fresh air in. The room was desperately in need of it.
“What the fuck?!” A girl screeched rather loudly and you turned, your eyes surveying the room. Jaehyun and the very hysteric girl were sitting close to the window and when the cool air hit her topless body, she must have been displeased, but you couldn’t care less. Jaehyun was smoking a cigar, eyes on you and you gave him a glare. You never liked him.
“Hey, it’s hottie!” Lucas’ raspy voice called out and you sighed, walking by him, eyes on Johnny, who was still very oblivious to you being in the room. Of course, he was too busy with the two girls straddling his thighs as he whispered something to them.
“I said, be ready.” Your sharp voice rang through the room and Johnny’s eyes instantly snapped up to you. You were glad to see that his pupils weren’t blown and his face wasn’t pale, that meant he didn’t take any drugs. Johnny looked confused for a second before he was pushing off the two girls with a disgusted look on his face. You’ve seen him do that before, you never understood why he did that, but you didn’t care anymore. If he thought him acting like that when you showed up would change your thoughts about him, he was very wrong. You wished to snap at him right then and there and just break up, but you didn’t want to cause a scene in front of Jaehyun and Lucas.
“Get off, whores.” Johnny’s voice boomed in the room and Jaehyun’s very mocking laughter reached your ears, but you ignored it. The two girls looked pissed and they gave Johnny a dirty look.
“You weren’t so bothered a second ago—”
“Don’t mind him,” You spoke up, getting the girls attention, “He’s always a dick, but when he drinks, he’s a major dick.”
The chicks snickered and the taller one gave Johnny the middle finger before they sauntered over to Lucas, taking the blunt out of his hands. Johnny gave you a glare and when he tried to get up from the couch he was sitting on, you pushed him back down by his shoulders.
“How much did you drink?” You asked, voice hard, showing him that he wasn’t going to fuck around with you.
“A bottle of Vodka and many beers, I can’t remember.” He answered you with a shrug and you sighed. His alcohol tolerance was high, but he was definitely drunk right now. You went to step back, but Johnny grabbed your ass and very roughly pulled you onto his lap without a warning. You gasped, falling onto him very ungracefully. Next thing you knew, his lips were on yours, kissing you hungrily. You just wanted to drive him home, but he was more insufferable when drunk, so you complied. You kissed him back, making the effort to circle your arms around his neck and fake being into the kiss, as Johnny squeezed your ass. He moaned into the kiss and you bit his lower lip, pulling on it. You knew he found it super-hot and whenever you did that, he’d do anything you wanted.
“Let’s go home,” You whispered against his lips softly, teasing him.
“Already?” Johnny whispered back, lips in a pout.
“Yes.” Your voice turned a bit harsher and Johnny looked you in the eyes, making you feel that unsettling feeling you always felt when he did that. His grip tightened on your ass again a little, and you didn’t look away. He was trying to make you feel uncomfortable on purpose, but you weren’t having it tonight.
“Go get a room fuckers!” Lucas hollered and it made Johnny laugh, breaking the intense eye contact you had. You slapped his hands away and got up, giving him a look that was obviously asking him to move. Jaehyun had his eyes on the two of you and suddenly chuckled when he made eye contact with you. You gave him a glare and held onto Johnny’s arm, to help him stand up straight. When you looked at your boyfriend, you were suddenly reminded of the drastic difference of height between the two of you. You let him walk over to his friends and shake hands with them before he joined you again, slinging his arm around your shoulder.
“Bye.” You said, mainly to Lucas, as you opened the bedroom door, but Jaehyun chuckled again. Your jaw clenched and you stopped in your tracks, confusing Johnny, “Got a problem, Jaehyun?”
Your tone was threatening and Jaehyun shrugged, looking between you and Johnny, “Of course not, lovely seeing you.”
Lucas laughed as you turned your back to them and dragged Johnny after you, down the stairs, throughout the house, and finally out onto the driveway. He stayed silent as he followed your lead, but you could feel his glare. You didn’t care what he was pissed about now or what his problem was, you were done for tonight.
“Get in the car.” You unlocked the car and stormed to the driver’s seat, getting inside. As you were about to reach for the seatbelt, Johnny grabbed the back of your head and yanked you towards himself.
“Watch your tone with me, Y/N.” His voice was low and lips in a scowl.
“Take your hands off me, Johnny.” Your expression mirrored his and he took a second before he released you, sliding down in his seat. You ignited the engine to life and turned on the radio, turning the volume up to distract yourself and your thoughts.
“Stay with me tonight?” You heard Johnny faintly ask as you drove away from Mark’s house.
“Can’t, I still have to study.” You answered him and he sighed, closing his eyes and letting it rest again the window. Sometimes you hated him, sometimes you really liked him.
           You had ditched your car at home for today, Johnny was going to pick you up after school, so you walked. The cool air of the morning made you shiver underneath your jacket and you cursed at your school’s dress code, for making you wear skirts. You had asked the tailor to make your skirt extra-long, as you hated short skirts, so it reached just below your knees. Your girl classmates made fun of you and called you a saint the first time they saw it, but you couldn’t care less about what they were saying. You weren’t about to flaunt your ass for all the males to see, like they did. And even Johnny liked it, for very obvious reasons, but you didn’t care much; you did this for yourself. You had lit a cigar three minutes ago; you were just a corner around the high school and you felt like you needed this cigar as first thing in the morning. You were meeting your new classmate and you just knew what an uproar it would cause for your class, everyone would want to know everything about them by the end of classes. Sometimes smoking calmed you, most times it irritated you. This morning, it didn’t make you feel any kind of way, and you were glad. You took your last puff and rounded the corner, throwing the butt of cigar on the ground. Soon enough your eyes fell on the very familiar car of the Seo family and you walked towards it, knocking on the back window behind the driver’s seat. It took them a second to lower it and a very sarcastic smile plastered onto your lips.
“Good morning, Mr. Seo.” You greeted politely, bowing your head a little bit. You looked further inside the car and your eyes fell on your closest friend, Lucy. You hated her parents, they pressured her into getting good grades and you knew Lucy wasn’t telling you everything. But there were obvious signs that her father was the worst and she hated him and was afraid of him. If it were up to you, you would’ve punched that piece of trash in the face, but Mr. Seo actually genuinely liked you and allowed Lucy to hang out with you. You didn’t know what he saw in you, you were far below them in the money area, but it seemed like that didn’t matter.
“Miss Han, good morning.” Mr. Seo’s deep voice greeted you back and your smile didn’t slip from your face, “How are you?”
“Amazing, and how are you?” You asked politely once again, amusing Lucy. She could never hide her amusement when you were around her parents. Your attitude took a 360 degrees and it always amazed her.
“I’ve had better days—”
“Ah,” You rudely cut the older man off, knowing how much he hated it, “Lucy didn’t give you enough reasons to torment her yet today? Oh my—you actually don’t even need any!”
You heard the sharp intake of the driver, John, and Lucy’s expression dropped. She was quick to undo her seatbelt and scramble out of the car. She forgot you could become ruthless in seconds, even to her horrible father. But Lucy’s father had no reaction, he just watched you. You let a laugh fall from your lips as Lucy made a gesture to shut up and follow her.
“We’ll be going now, Mr. Seo, John.” You bowed your head again and stepped away from the car, making sure your toes were safe. John cleared his throat in the driver’s seat and was about to roll up Mr. Seo’s window, but he raised a hand.
“You should quit smoking, Y/N, it’s very unattractive when a lady reeks of cigarettes.” Just as he finished speaking, the window was up and the car was already driving away. Both you and Lucy bowed a little, eyes falling on each other.
“You’re crazy!”
“Did you see his face?!”
You shouted at each other at the same time and it cracked you up as you hurried up to your good friend, pulling her in a big hug. She sighed and you felt bad for her, maybe you shouldn’t have said anything.
“I’m sorry.” You muttered and Lucy softly pushed you back, adjusting her backpack.
“Don’t worry, he knows you don’t know—” Lucy stopped mid-sentence and turned around, taking off. You quickly followed her; eyebrows furrowed.
“Know what?” Lucy didn’t say anything else as you walked through the gates of the high school and you knew she wouldn’t talk to you until lunch at least, so you didn’t pressure her. You wished her a good day once you got inside and she nodded at you, hurrying up to her classroom. You sighed, but continued your stroll down the hallway, reaching your classroom just as the bell rang. Your homeroom class was moved as your first period for today, so that you’d have enough time to meet your new classmate. As you dropped your backpack onto your desk, your desk mate woke up from his slumber. He looked angry, but you ignored him. He sniffed and wiped his mouth with his palm, you gave him a disgusted look.
“What?” He snapped irritated and you rolled your eyes, “Whatever…good morning, Y/N.”
“Whatever,” You scoffed, getting your notebook and pencil case out, “Good morning, Junmyeon.”
You weren’t on the bestest terms with each other, but Junmyeon was smart and quiet, and that made him the perfect desk mate. You worked together for every project and always got high grades, just as you liked it.
The classroom door opened and a male your age walked in first, followed by your homeroom teacher. Everyone went quiet for a second and looked at the boy, but then whispers broke out. Your homeroom teacher sighed and took a seat at his desk.
“Okay, quiet down.” He called out loudly, his gruffy voice silencing everyone. He was a bit chubby and going bald, he could be severe but often times he was more of a chill teacher. The newcomer looked at the teacher a bit confused before looking towards his new classmates. Your chin was placed in your palm as you watched him with a disinterested look on your face. He was of average height, which made him still taller than you, and he looked neat. His uniform was ironed and tucked in everywhere it needed to be, much like Junmyeon’s and unlike Minseok’s. He’s got chocolate brown hair and it fell into his eyes, it looked wet, but it was probably the gel in his hair. His face was long and when he had his head turned, you noticed his jaw was really sharp and even his cheekbones. Your eyes lingered on the mole he had on his left cheek, a little bellow his eye. You were sure if someone asked him what his favorite feature about himself was, he’d answer by saying the mole. Some people were just easily predictable, and even though this boy hasn’t said anything yet, you felt like you could read him like an open book. You were really hopeful that he wasn’t like you thought he was, you didn’t need another idiot in this classroom, it was already infested with them.
“Go ahead, introduce yourself.” The homeroom teacher instructed and the boy cleared his throat, pursing a little his full lips.
“Hello, everyone!” His voice was melodic but irritatingly loud and energetic, “I’m DK!”
What shocked everyone was his really bad accent, he could barely pronounce the word ‘everyone’ in Korean. Junmyeon snickered beside you and you gave him a side glance, it was the first time you’ve heard him laugh at someone.
“I suppose he won’t excel in our Korean literature and grammar classes then…” He muttered and you couldn’t help the amused smirk slipping onto your lips.
“I have a feeling he won’t excel in any of our classes, Junmyeon.” You knew it was rude, to make fun of someone, but you just knew this DK guy was going to piss you off daily by simply existing and breathing. Besides, who calls themselves DK? Are we in a movie or what?
“We’d like to know your full name…” The teacher said, snickering.
“Lee Seokmin.” DK, or Lee Seokmin, seemed to be able to pronounce his name correctly at least. Junmyeon sighed amused and you leaned back in your chair, watching this boy standing at the front of the classroom.
“Mr. Lee is from America and as you can hear, his Korean isn’t the very best. Be nice to him, welcome him with open arms, and help him out when he’s struggling.” The teacher said standing up and he approached Seokmin, placing a hand on his shoulder. You were taken aback by the sudden wide smile that stretched onto the new boy’s face; the corner of his eyes turned up as his eyes disappeared from view. His smile reached his eyes and it took you off guard how quickly his whole demeanor changed. Like he was a new person. Maybe you were quick to judge.
“Go sit next to Lisa.” The homeroom teacher instructed and Seokmin nodded, starting to walk towards Lisa, who sat at the back. Everyone followed Seokmin with their eyes and he very awkwardly started waving, still smiling. And then as he got to Lisa’s desk and went to sit, his ass totally missed the chair and you turned to the front with a sigh and tsk, deciding, that I was totally not quick to judge.
Tumblr media
           Your biggest pet peeves were stupid people, people who talked without making sense, people who were loud, people who were pushovers, people who tried hard to be liked by everyone, people who—you get the memo. You hated most people…and this DK guy, he insisted everyone called him that, was all of the above. You never thought you’d meet some day someone who’d embody all the dislikes, but to your mortification, DK was your person. And you hated every second of it. Your class wasn’t the quietest one, but at least your classmates weren’t dumb…that is until DK showed up and decided to do all at once. He would scream randomly during breaks if someone he wanted to talk to wasn’t close to him, he listened to music through his headphones most mornings he arrived and then proceeded to sing out loud once he settled in his seat, poor Lisa, he would knock over things when he walked to the blackboard and back to his seat. Last week he proceeded to rip his pants because he took a dare and had to climb up a tree, he even almost broke his pinky. And oh my God, did he overshare…you were sure you knew all his life by now and who his family members were and what they did on a daily basis. You knew you were good at reading people, but no one could have prepared you for the nuisance Lee Seokmin was. And the thing that annoyed you most? How easily he bent to everyone’s wish, just to be liked, how he pleased everyone and stepped on his own believes just to try and fit in. It seemed like he couldn’t understand that he wouldn’t fit in this class no matter how hard he tried, he was different, and the others loved picking on easy people like Seokmin. You hated to admit it, but you pitied him, especially after what yesterday went down.
Your morning went by just fine, with the usual morning ballad sang to you by Seokmin. You wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but you loved his voice. It was warm and calming, you felt in a trance when you heard it. It was weird since it originated from someone like Seokmin, his voice clashed with his personality. Then lunch break rolled around and you were casually sitting at a table with a few of your chemistry project partners, discussing the theme of your project. You were just about to take your first bite of your homemade sandwich when someone knocked into you from behind. You sighed, normally you’d glare at the person and maybe lash out, but today you were a bit tired. So, you didn’t say anything, you just glanced back.
“Sorry!” Seokmin’s high pitched voice called out as he hurried towards the table next to yours. He carried three trays with various foods and drinks, you were amazed by his balancing skills. You wanted to look away, but you couldn’t. You knew what Minseok and his baboons were doing with Seokmin, they were constantly making him do embarrassing things and using him for their sheer amusement. You couldn’t help the scowl on your face as you watched Minseok tap Seokmin on his back as he placed the trays on the table, a pleased smile on his face. Seokmin was quick to grin at his classmates as he sat and was about to reach for some French fries, when Chanyeol reached for his wrist.
“Mate this was for us, if you want to eat go grab something!” His deep voice exclaimed and you scoffed, getting Junmyeon’s attention. He looked over at the table and grimaced too, shaking his head.
“I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot at that table.” Junmyeon muttered and you scoffed, taking a bite of your sandwich finally.
“Obviously DK.” You answered with your mouth full and Junmyeon gave you a look.
“I asked Minseok to leave him alone…” You rolled your eyes and looked away from their table, realizing that Chanyeol was giving you a questioning look. Seokmin needed to get his shit together and stand up for himself and accept that not everyone was going to like him.
“Yo, DK!” Suddenly Chanyeol exclaimed and when you looked back at their table, Seokmin had two bottles in his hands. A yellowish liquid was inside, lemonade offered by the school.
“Chug those two down under a minute and I’ll share my lunch with you!” Chanyeol continued loudly, gaining more attention. Seokmin gulped and his eyebrows furrowed just a little bit as he looked down at the bottles in his hands. He hated lemons and refused to drink lemonade, you overheard one break as he very loudly talked to a bored and uninterested Lisa, who placed a bottle of lemonade on their desk to drink later. Everyone was looking expectantly from the table at DK and suddenly Minseok was on his feet, a wicked grin on his lips.
“Drink it! Drink it!” He started chanting loudly and soon the table followed and so did the people watching them entertained. You sighed and finally turned your back, unable to ignore the disgust Seokmin was so desperately trying to hide.
“Dicks.” You hissed under your breath and Junmyeon gave you an affirming nod, letting you know he didn’t agree with his friend’s antics either.
You were grateful when the bell finally rang, cutting your English teacher’s sentence off. Everyone started moving around and putting their notebooks away, paying no attention to the teacher who was desperately trying to yell out the homework for next time. Junmyeon and you watched her write down the page and exercise on the blackboard with chalk and when she sighed, you could relate to it. Your classmates could be very tiresome and you knew your class wasn’t the most liked one by teachers from the school. Junmyeon yawned loudly next to you and you gave him a look before your whole desk shook. You looked up with your eyes narrowed into slits and when they fell on Seokmin, you were taken aback. His eyes were wide and he looked embarrassed.
“What?!” You snapped at him, unable to hide your dislike towards him.
“Somebody tripped me, sorry—” He couldn’t even finish his sentence before you cut him off.
“Why don’t you try and find some real friends, Seokmin? Maybe they wouldn’t trip you.” You raised your voice and you heard Chanyeol call out from the back of the class.
“Got a problem, Y/N?” He shouted over the loud voices and you rolled your eyes, not even bothering to turn around.
“With you? Always!” You called back loudly and Seokmin scratched the back of his neck, you just noticed he couldn’t tie his tie as he was supposed to. Did no one teach this dude how to do that? Just how much more of a mess could he get?
“Sorry, Y/N…” You were surprised he knew your name, you never talked to him before. But, of course, he’d know your name…attendance was called daily.
“Stuck up bitch!” You heard Chanyeol call out again and you chuckled, amused by his same old insult he just loved to throw at you.
“Try finding a better one, you fucking dumb idiot, I’m bored of it—”
“Dumb idiot—”
“Yeah, I just called you stupid twice. Got a problem with it?” You snapped, shooting up from your chair when Chanyeol dared to storm towards you. Seokmin got caught between the two of you and he looked lost and terrified. He was probably intimidated by Chanyeol’s height, but you were used to tall people trying to intimidate you thanks to Johnny, it didn’t faze you anymore.
“Wanna call me a stuck-up bitch again, Channie?” You mocked the taller man and his ears turned red. He opened his mouth to say something, but Seokmin started laughing loudly. You gave him a pointed look, irritated by the sound.
“Wow, this situation got super tense, let’s diffuse it!” You looked at him as if he were crazy and Chanyeol suddenly started laughing, his anger disappearing just like that.
“Why don’t you say a joke then?” He raised his eyebrows and dropped an arm around Seokmin’s shoulders. You saw the way he tried to straighten his back, look confident, but his eyes looked lost as he glanced around the classroom at lighting speed.
“Uh—so—like—” You sighed loudly, grabbing your phone when it started ringing.
“Save it for later, I don’t want to hear the joke right now.” You muttered and then proceeded to push past Seokmin and Chanyeol to take the call from your long-time friend. She was from America and with the different time zones it was sometimes hard to communicate, especially since you liked to call each other. You haven’t talked to her like this in two weeks, you really wanted to answer her call. So, you rushed down the hallway and turned the corner leading to the janitor’s closet, where it was remotely quieter. You slid your fingers to the right on the screen, accepting the call.
“Hey!” Your friend called out enthusiastically and you chuckled. Besides Lucy, Krystal was your only friend. She once came to South Korea as an exchange student and the family that housed her for a month lived down your street, you sometimes met her at the convenience store after school. She wasn’t very talkative or friendly, she actually reminded you of yourself, but once you bonded you discovered your similar interests and how hilarious the other one was. With the right people, you were always able to open up. Krystal and you at first started bowing at each other after the second week of meeting at the store, but you never exchanged a word. That was until some boys from the neighborhood showed up with their motorbikes, and as Krystal was doing some homework in front of the store, sitting at a table, the boys noticed her. Krystal was pretty, everyone could see it, but she was also very oblivious to her own beauty. The boys quickly started acting loud and as you watched through the window of the store, you rolled your eyes. You knew them, you were neighbors after all, and you really didn’t like them. The cashier was also intrigued by the commotion outside, and she sighed too. She had to call the cops on those boys not once since the beginning of the year. Just as you were paying, you saw three boys walk up to Krystal. She didn’t even glance up, nor flinch, nor blink. It was as if she was deaf to their words and continued writing her homework unbothered. As you left the shop, one guy, Baekhyun, raised his hand and was about to touch Krystal’s shoulder, but you weren’t having that. With an exasperated sigh, you jogged up to them and gripped his wrist. Baekhyun’s eyes went wide as he looked at you.
“What do you want?” He snapped, tugging on his arm. You smirked and chuckled, tightening your grip on the boy’s wrist.
“For an instance, you respecting a woman when she’s ignoring you. If you didn’t know yet, it means, no.” Your voice left no place to any arguments, and Baekhyun and the other two understood as their other friends stood watching from the sidelines. Baekhyun didn’t like your attitude and you released his wrist when he tugged on his arm with more force.
“She didn’t say no.” He said with his jaw clenched and you chuckled again.
“Can’t you read people? She’s clearly uncomfortable—”
“I’m saying no now.” Suddenly, the pretty girl snapped and she looked up, leaning back in her chair, “Why don’t you and your little friends get lost? And keep your nasty comments to yourself too, just because you never heard me speak in Korean before, doesn’t mean I don’t understand or speak it.”
Baekhyun gulped and looked visibly embarrassed as both you and Krystal stared him down. It was the first time you heard her voice; it was warm but sharp, and you thought it fit her face. You were pleased with her attitude, you felt like you could relate to her. Baekhyun didn’t say anything, he probably realized he’d end up crying if he had anything else to say to the two of you, so he just tapped his two friends on their shoulders and they walked back to their motorbikes. All the guys started whispering and they all glanced back at you two. With a scoff, you raised your hand and showed them your middle finger. Krystal chuckled and started packing up, giving you an amused glance.
“Thanks, but you didn’t have to.” She switched back to English, the language rolling off her tongue like of a natives. Well, she was native to the language. You smiled at her and cleared your throat.
“I know, but sitting around and letting him touch you is a violation of my own principles.” And then a wide smile pulled onto Krystal’s lips and she extended her hand, telling you her name. You told her your own name and the two of you decided to get some ice cream and spend some time to get to know each other. That’s how your friendship with Krystal started three years ago.
“How are you?” You asked after you greeted your friend back, leaning against the tiles of the school’s wall.
“Ah, spent!” Krystal groaned loudly, “I’ve spent last night editing the final project. It’s tough.” Krystal was working now; she was a creative director at a company.
“I can’t wait to see the final product!” You couldn’t help but feel excited for you friend. She’s been working on this for a year now and they finally finalized the project, next step was presenting it and putting it onto the market. If they succeeded, the company would make it big. But with Krystal’s talent and leadership skills, you were sure they’d make it.
“I want to email you the product, Y/N…but that’s leaking it and I can’t afford anyone getting their hands on it before the launch.” You understood her, of course you would never ask something like that of her.
“Don’t worry, Krystal,” You chuckled, “I know that, besides, the longer the wait the more I get excited!”
“You’re a little curious soul sometimes, aren’t you?” You both laughed and Krystal cleared her throat, “And how are you?”
“Well…currently at school and bored, but fine otherwise…trying to study, my finals are right around the corner.”
“Right, are you staying in Seoul for University?” Excitement seeped through Krystal’s voice and you knew why. There was a chance that you’d go to America for university and move in with Krystal. She really wanted that and you took in consideration this opportunity very seriously. Nothing was binding you to South Korea, you wouldn’t mind leaving. You only felt bad for Lucy, you knew you were the only person who she could talk to and lean on, you didn’t want her to feel like she was losing you. Even though lately you saw Vernon lurking around her, making you suspicious about the two.
“I’m still unsure, but I’ve been mentioning it to my parents and they didn’t react badly.”
“Awesome!” You grinned as Krystal got louder, “I can’t wait to show you the American lifestyle.”
The bell rang and you sighed, sad that you’d have to hang up now. You still had many things to tell Krystal, especially about Johnny…and even Seokmin, “Class starts soon…”
“Ah, shit…I won’t hold you up then…talk to you soon!” You pouted but ultimately said your goodbyes to your friend and hung up. You let your head rest against the wall behind you and you sighed, not ready to return to your chaotic classroom. That and having to listen to another class of Seokmin asking very stupid questions from the teacher. And as if he sensed that you were thinking of him, he rounded the corner.
“That was awesome!” He exclaimed in English and you frowned, he never spoke in English at school, only if he really couldn’t express himself. Even though you wished he did it more often, his Korean was hurting your ears sometimes.
“What was awesome?” You asked confused, looking at him with your eyebrows raised.
“Your English!” He exclaimed again and you just gave him a look, pushing off the wall.
“Thank you, DK, I’ll be going back to class now…” You gave him a tight-lipped smile, very fake and added, “And you should too.”
Seokmin nodded wordlessly and as you passed by him; you observed the wet patch on his uniform’s shirt.
“What happened?” You asked, pointing at it. Seokmin was by your side quickly, looking down at himself.
“Ah, spilled substance on myself.” Your eyebrows furrowed and you looked at him confused.
“What? Substance?” Seokmin looked confused as he looked at you and you raised your eyebrows.
“Substance?” You repeated the word, but translated in English this time, and his eyes went wide.
“Water! I spilled water on myself, oh my God!” Seokmin started talking loudly as he looked embarrassed and you chuckled, opening the door for the two of you.
“You don’t even know how to say water in Korean?” You muttered as you walked inside and you saw his cheeks turn a deep shade of red as he followed you.
“I do!” He got defensive and you gave him an amused smile as you walked towards your shared desk with Junmyeon.
“You sure do.” You mocked him and took your seat, Seokmin stopping next to your desk, looking very offended. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and opened his mouth, but you weren’t paying attention to him, eyes being on the text from Johnny that said he was picking you up after school.
“Need help with something?” Junmyeon asked when he noticed Seokmin. Seokmin sighed and he shook his head, giving you a glance, before he sauntered over to his own shared desk with Lisa.
           Johnny kept his word and he was in front of your high school just as the bell rang and signaled classes were over for the day. You had packed up quickly and left the school with the same speed, already having told Lucy that you weren’t able to spend time together after school. You never liked cancelling plans with her, but Johnny wouldn’t stop begging you to hang out, so you gave in at last. You heard someone call out your name, but you figured there were other people with the same name as yours in the high school, so you paid no attention to it as your eyes fell on Johnny’s black car. Of course, he had the windows rolled down and his music blasting loudly as he drew attention to himself. People already knew who he was and that the two of you were dating, they had enough time to figure it out. But that didn’t stop some girls from sending him flirty winks or slipping in their phone numbers through the rolled down windows, something Johnny enjoyed a little bit too much. At the beginning, it annoyed you very much and you were jealous, but now, you didn’t really care. He could do whatever he wanted; you weren’t sure for how much longer you’d be together. You were waiting for the perfect timing, for him to do something that stepped over your last boundary, you couldn’t wait for it to happen if you were honest. You smiled at Johnny as you opened the car’s door and got in, leaning over the middle console to give him a kiss. He was in a good mood and as you pulled away he gave you another little kiss, giggling when you rolled your eyes playfully at him. There were times when Johnny acted like a decent human being and actually made you feel the love he had for you, but those were rare times, and it wasn’t what you needed anymore. But it was a reason why leaving him was harder to do. You liked the good times, so you tried to ignore all the bad times with him. As you put on your seatbelt, you happened to look towards the school and you were a bit surprised when you saw Seokmin outside the gate, hunched over as he breathed hardly. What happened to him? He sensed someone looking at him and when he looked up, you made eye contact. And as he opened his mouth to call out your name again, because it was him shouting after you in the hallway, Johnny drove away, leaving Seokmin gaping. He didn’t know that you had a boyfriend, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying to befriend you. He never really talked to you, but he was happy to hear someone speak his language today. It was stressful for him to attend a school where everyone only spoke Korean and where he was always mocked for not being able to speak his ‘own’ language. He was American, being in the country where her mother grew up was foreign and unwelcoming for him. He didn’t feel like he belonged, surprisingly, he missed America. He didn’t have friends here and for some reason it seemed harder to make friends, it looked like people didn’t like his eccentric self and always gave him dirty looks if he got too loud or showed his excitement. But you…well, he never really interacted with you before today, but he felt no judgment behind your eyes when he spoke to you. It affected him, because it’s what he wished for since the minute he stepped feet inside this country. And he liked how sharp you were to people, he’s heard you argue with your classmates and the boys he hung out with really hated you, he didn’t understand why, he thought you were really cool. Cool and well…pretty, he thought you were really pretty.
Well, when Johnny asked you to hang out…this wasn’t exactly what you imagined it to go down like. You were up in Mark’s room, splayed out on your stomach with your various notebooks around you as you tried to study. The window was open and the music was turned down after you told them that you wanted to study since you weren’t doing anything. Mark was sitting in his beanbag by the window and Johnny was at the foot of the bed, constantly fidgeting. It drove you nuts at the beginning, but now you started ignoring him. Jaehyun was here too and he was sitting at Mark’s desk, swirling around in the chair from time to time. A few notebooks were on the desk and Mark told you that before Johnny and you came over, they were trying to study but got bored quickly and abandoned the idea. You sighed as you solved the equation you didn’t get in school, finally succeeding at it. Chemistry was your favorite subject, but sometimes it gave you a headache. Besides, the smoke littering around from the boys rolled joint wasn’t helping with your mood either. The window was open, but their excessive smoking created something that looked like a cloud in the room. When Johnny nagged you to hang out with him, you figured he’d take you somewhere to eat or go on a walk in a park somewhere, but instead you ended up at Mark’s place. You were disappointed in both the situation and in yourself for having higher expectations of your boyfriend, you just should have denied his offer. But when you were already here, you couldn’t just go home. It was lunch time, you were hungry, and Johnny told you Mark went shopping after he told him the two of you were coming over, so that Mark and you could cook something for lunch. So, while Johnny and Jaehyun played videogames, Mark and you cooked, laughing and chatting about your day so far. Jaehyun’s phone rang and he squinted at the screen before picking it up with a lazy grin.
“Yo! Kim Mingyu!” You glanced at Jaehyun as you turned the page of your book, reading the next exercise’s demand. You’ve met Mingyu a few times before, and you didn’t like him. He was a famous kid thanks to his father and his attitude was exactly one of a spoilt and rich kids usually was. He was only nice when high, so you didn’t like him. But the guys were friends with him, of course only when Mingyu needed a hit, so sometimes he’d be around at parties or when you hung out casually like today.
You felt someone poking your calf, so you looked at Johnny with a frown. He had a smile on his lips, eyes hazed over. He was high out of his mind and you ignored him, definitely not in the mood to deal with him.
“Ayo, Mark!” Jaehyun called out, pointing at the boy sitting on the beanbag, “We’ve got some more?”
Jaehyun pointed at the smoked joints and Mark grinned, pulling out a bag from his pocket. Your eyes fell on it and you sighed, there was a lot of weed in that bag. You really wanted to leave now; you’ve had enough of this. Besides, it smelled really bad.
“Mingyu, come along when you’re done, we’ve got enough for you.” Jaehyun started laughing and you looked at the ceiling when you felt another poke on your calf. You looked down and Johnny was grinning at you again. You just shook your head at him and went back to copying the equation from the book into your notebook, but he poked you again. And again, and again, and again, and again.
“What?!” You snapped, turning to look at him. He was still smiling, eyes not even focused on you.
“You’re pretty.” Johnny said with a chuckle and you rolled your eyes, Mark and Jaehyun snickering to themselves.
“You’re really pretty.” Mark, of course, had to speak up and you groaned, placing your head on your notebook. You heard shifting, you already knew what was coming, just as Jaehyun started laughing.
“Stop saying shit like that to my girlfriend, you freak!” Johnny wasn’t screaming, but he was talking loudly, “I can see you ogling her, you idiot!”
“Of course, how can I not when she’s pretty?!” Mark laughed and Jaehyun snorted, eyes falling on you. You gave him a glare and closed your notebook sharply, creating a sound. Jaehyun smirked and leaned back in the chair, chuckling when struggling noises started coming from Johnny and Mark. You sat up on Mark’s bed and fixed the two men on the floor with your sharp gaze. They were wrestling, but Mark was laughing loudly, as Johnny tried to get him in a headlock.
“Pervert!” Johnny kept muttering as his smaller friend fought back and you started gathering your things.
“Stop it, before you hurt each other.” You snapped when Johnny finally got Mark in a headlock, Mark wasn’t as amused anymore. You took your backpack and dumped your things inside it.
“Johnny!” You snapped loudly, glaring at him when Mark started tapping his arm. Johnny smirked but released his friend soon, raising his hands in surrender.
“Chill bro,” He laughed, “I was just joking!”
“Yeah, sure.” Mark muttered with a glare as he rubbed his neck, then proceeded to kick Johnny as he got up from the bed. You gripped Johnny’s arm when he went to punch Mark, giving him a glare.
“Grow up.” You muttered to him and he pulled you up from the bed, leaning down and almost closing the distance between your faces.
“Where are you going?” He asked confused, looking at your backpack.
“Home, I can’t study here.” You answered him with a sigh and patted his cheek lovingly before pulling out of his grip, “If Mingyu is coming over you’ll get really loud and I won’t be able to study anymore—”
“Fuck studying!” Johnny exclaimed, eyebrows furrowed, “Can’t you do that later? I want to spend time with you.”
You ignored the urge to scoff and gave him a look, “Well ever since we’ve been here, you ignored me to smoke your joint. And you know I hate it when you bother me during studying—”
“Study, study, study. Do you have anything else on your mind?” Johnny snapped, crossing his arms in front of his chest. You chuckled, mirroring his stance, raising your eyebrows at him.
“Well…I’m sorry, Johnny, that I think of my future and want to become someone and evolve into a responsible adult.” Then you added quietly, “Instead of living with my parents, using up their money and smoking weed with high school students every two weeks at twenty-five years old, with no job but high demands whatsoever.”
You turned and grabbed your backpack, ignoring the deafening silence in the room. Jaehyun and Mark suddenly found something to do on their phones, already knowing this was leading to an argument. When you turned to walk past Johnny, he grabbed you by your shoulders.
“What did you say?”
“The truth, Johnny.” You snapped, looking up into his eyes, “I’m tired of sugarcoating things for you. Your teenage years are gone, when will you start doing something that benefits you—”
He gripped your jaw tightly and yanked you into him, his grip painful, but you made no sound, “Don’t look down on me and don’t think just because you’re about to finish high school the world is at your feet. Are you planning on going to university? Dumb people don’t get there, so maybe you should try and find a job instead—”
You gripped his jaw, and made it as painful as you could. It shocked Johnny, Jaehyun and Mark shared a glance, you slapped his hand away and gave him a shove.
“Hanging out with you has certainly made me dumber than I was, you’re right Johnny. I’ll block your number if you even try contacting me, fuck you. You’re a piece of shit and I don’t care anymore. Call one of your side chicks to suck your dick if you’re itching, we’re done.”
You shoved Johnny back again, enough to put distance between you that would offer you enough time to be out of Mark’s room. He was shocked, Jaehyun was pissed and Mark felt bad for you. He watched you as you stormed away and sighed, ignoring Johnny’s glare directed at him. You were done with Johnny, if he couldn’t appreciate you, you were done dealing with his old ass. You were grateful that the air was finally clean as you stepped outside of the house, and you wore your backpack on your back as you checked your phone for the time. You had ten minutes to get to the bus stop and it was just enough. As you started walking, you got a text from Mark, apologizing for Johnny’s behavior and saying that he was there if you needed someone to talk to. You never understood why Mark hung out with dicks like Johnny, Jaehyun and even Mingyu. But you most certainly weren’t about to talk to him about your problems.
Tumblr media
           You got three days of freedom, where Johnny didn’t even bother to contact you. You didn’t expect him to listen to you, but he eventually reached out to you and apologized, blaming it on the weed and how he was high and talking bullshit. He loved you a lot and needed you in his life. You meant what you said to him, but Seokmin’s constant nagging at school drove you back at Johnny. The foreign boy wouldn’t leave you alone anymore. It was really irritating, but weirdly, you enjoyed Seokmin’s presence from time to time. Sometimes he’d sit next to you in your Chemistry lab, totally dismissing the look of anger Junmyeon would give him as he stormed away to team up with Chanyeol, who was horrible at Chemistry. Seokmin was horrible too, but deep down you enjoyed being the one doing all the things that had to be done and it wasn’t even as bad when you had to help him out. He was a good listener, always paid attention to you and it surprised you. The picture you had in your mind of him clashed sometimes with how Seokmin presented himself. He seemed to be calmer when it was just the two of you, you even burned your finger in one class and he got so worried that he excused the two of you and walked you to the infirmary, even though you insisted everything was okay. You couldn’t help but notice the silence that stretched between the two of you as you slowly walked back to class and it was irritating you. You were used to Seokmin screaming all the time, talking loudly, babbling nonsense.
“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?” You found yourself asking, unable to take the uncomfortable silence. He looked at you surprised, perhaps your tone was a bit too harsh, you wouldn’t know, it’s how you usually talked, you were used to it already.
“Uh—” He scratched his nape awkwardly, avoiding you trying to make eye contact with him, “Am I supposed to say something?”
“Aren’t you always saying something?” You asked with a scoff and Seokmin cleared his throat, feeling a little embarrassed. So that’s how you saw him?
“Right now, I don’t have anything to say.”
“Surprising,” You chuckled, crossing your arms in front of your chest as you rounded the corner, “No updates on your aunt? The one that opened a new bakery? Maybe your baby cousin who wouldn’t stop throwing up for a week? Or maybe about your mom and her new boss who has been acting like a stalker?”
Seokmin’s jaw dropped and you looked at him with a frown, “How do you know?”
He sounded shocked, as if you just told him that you’ve been stalking him and that’s how you knew about those, and it made you laugh, “How can I not when you scream about it every single day?”
“I don’t scream.” He said quickly and defensively, it was his turn to cross his arms in front of his chest.
“Right…” You muttered with a scoff and you were shocked when you saw Seokmin glaring at you. That was out of character again, at least he wasn’t living up to the picture in your head anymore. It made you feel conflicted and confused, were you indeed quick to judge his character? Was he different around every other person? You wouldn’t know because the next day you started dragging Junmyeon after you, if Lucy wasn’t around, which was weird to the male. The two of you weren’t very fond of each other, your personalities clashed many times, but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed your presence. You didn’t speak unless you were asked something, and he enjoyed silence and calmness. Besides, he was sick of having to hang around Chanyeol even at school, it drained his energy. He was itching to ask you why you’d leave the room if Seokmin was there, why you went out of your way to ignore the newcomer, but he didn’t say anything. You weren’t friends, just mere desk mates who happened to work well together on school projects. And Seokmin noticed the change too, you were always hostile towards him but now you went out of your way to avoid him, and he noticed. And it annoyed him, because he didn’t understand why you’d do that. He never gave you a reason for you to hate him, it just seemed like you did. He wished to see inside your head just for a second, to see what your thoughts were about him. So that only fueled the fire in him to try and befriend you, but it wasn’t working out. There was no reason for him to be walking around aimlessly, trying to find you in breaks when you disappeared either with Junmyeon or alone. There was no reason for him to rat your ears off with even more pathetic stories about his chaotic family, but he still did. He wanted to crack the enigma that you were, and you weren’t letting him. Because you started finding Seokmin endearing. You didn’t think he was that pathetic anymore, even though he still irritated you like there was no tomorrow, but you got used to him being around you and it was becoming concerning. You even laughed at one of his jokes, unable to take the horrible pun, it was making your head hurt. But what scared you was the thoughts that surfaced when you weren’t at school, how you started wondering what he was up to. You didn’t even want to be around Johnny anymore, but you snapped yourself out of this confusion, reminding yourself that Seokmin would be a nuisance for you and that you already knew Johnny and how to handle him.
Your class was over and you had discussed with Lucy about having lunch together, so you were headed to the cafeteria. Junmyeon almost cried in happiness when he saw you getting up from the desk and not pointing at him to follow you, and you gave him a glare for it. He just laughed and waved at you, happily putting in his earphones as he fished out his phone from his pocket. And then you saw Seokmin looking around for you, so you bolted. By the time you got to the Cafeteria, Lucy had bought the two of you food and was sitting at the smaller tables, next to the big windows. You smiled at her and skipped over, plopping down across from her. As she handed you the sandwiches she got you, in the corner of you eye you saw Vernon passing by with some of his friends. Lucy gulped and kept her eyes fixed on you, and you knew something was going on between the two. Vernon looked defeated when Lucy didn’t look at him and he hurried his steps, disappearing from your eye sight.
“What was that?” You asked with a smirk, opening the wrapper of your sandwich.
“Nothing.” Lucy snapped, eyebrows furrowing, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Are you sure?” She sighed and gave you a look, so you shrugged and started eating your food. Your phone buzzed in the pocket of you vest, so you took it out and unlocked it. A text from Johnny was stating that he was picking you up after school and that he had something special planed. You hated the butterflies in your stomach, but it’s been a long time since you did something romantic with Johnny. You hoped this didn’t mean that he was taking you to Mark’s again to hang out in his backyard or something. Today you didn’t feel like seeing Jaehyun’s annoying face.
“Why are you smiling?” Lucy asked with a chuckle and you looked at her, noticing how her hair was in a low ponytail instead of a high one for the first time today.
“Johnny wants to do something nice today…” You muttered with a shrug and Lucy’s happy demeanor dropped. Your parents weren’t the only ones who didn’t like him. And if it was possible, Lucy was even more against him. She hated his guts, but sometimes toned it down because she understood that you loved him…at least you thought you still loved him. But after you told Lucy about the fight the two of you had, she was done. She was happy but mad at the same time, thinking you finally ended things with him.
“You can’t be serious…and you said yes?” Her voice raised a little bit and even though you were a year older than her, you felt like Lucy was your mother instead of your friend.
“Yeah,” You cleared your throat and looked at her, “We’re back together—”
“Are you serious?!” She exclaimed and you sighed, knowing what was coming next, “Jesus, Y/N! Why did you make up? What else more do you need? Johnny is a piece of shit and he’s constantly bringing you down! You can’t tell me you don’t know, because I know you do! Please, I—I just—I just worry for your mental health and safety, Y/N…you shouldn’t be with him anymore…”
You sighed, your appetite gone as you swallowed dryly, the food barely going down your throat, “I know, but I just—he’s familiar, it’s hard to let go of him. I’m trying, okay? This was the first time we broke up, where someone actually said it. I feel like it left a scar on him, I just want to give him one last chance, you know?”
Lucy scoffed, but she didn’t look judgmental, she looked sad as she reached over the table and placed her hand on top of yours, “I have no rights to interfere in your relationship, but we both know he won’t change. Maybe for a week or two. And you deserve so much more, and you know that.”
You sighed and lowered your head, gripping Lucy’s hand in yours. She gave it a squeeze and as you looked up to thank her for being there for you, someone sat next to you. Lucy frowned at the person, but offered him a smile, and as you turned your head, you tensed up. All vulnerability left your expression as it hardened, giving a glare at Seokmin. He smiled widely and obliviously, seemingly unable to pick up on the vibes that were so obviously hanging over you and Lucy.
“Hi!” He greeted you cheerily, still keeping eye contact with you. It made you angry and you pulled your hand away from Lucy, slamming it on the table.
“What do you want?!” You snapped and Lucy inhaled sharply, looking at Seokmin with pity.
“Hi, DK!” She tried to diffuse the tension, but no one was paying attention to her.
“It’s lunch break,” Seokmin continued to smile and you felt like you were about to explode, he came at the worst of times, “I wanted to have lunch with you…and Lucy.”
“Sure—” But you didn’t let Lucy speak.
“We don’t want to have lunch with you, Seokmin. We don’t even know you.” You switched to English, making sure he understood what you were saying, “Stop following me around or even acknowledging me, it’s bothersome and annoying. I could report you to the school. And I have a boyfriend who will smash your face in if I tell him about you, so please…if you want to see another daylight, leave me alone.”
Seokmin’s jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed, but he still managed to smile at you as if what you said went past his ears, “I don’t know what I did that makes you feel so hostile towards me, but nothing is unfixable!”
“What—” You couldn’t believe his words.
“And tell your boyfriend not to worry, I haven’t decided to pursue yet.” Lucy let out a very loud sound of surprise just as she was about to drink from her water and you just blinked, trying to keep your mouth shut. You didn’t want Seokmin to see how taken aback his words made you. Pursue me? So, does that mean he likes me? Wants to date me…why am I even thinking about this right now!
“Don’t even bother.” Was all you could say, your mind too wrapped up in his previous words. You didn’t want them to affect you, but they did and you hated that.
“See you after classes, Lucy!” He stood up, waving at the two of you before he looked around and found Minseok’s table, walking towards it. Lucy remained silent as you glared at Seokmin’s retreating back, imagining how you threw daggers into it. You were hungry, but you wouldn’t be able to eat anymore, your anger stopping you from it. Lucy snickered and you directed your glare at her, but she wasn’t even paying attention to you anymore. She was typing away on her phone and you sighed, taking your sandwich in your hands again. What is happening with me?
           All thoughts of Seokmin were pushed to the back of your mind as the end of school neared. You would lie to yourself if you said you weren’t excited about the date Johnny prepared for you. This is what you meant when you said all the good moments with him tended to overshadow the bad ones. They were so rare that you chose to cherish them for a long time and ignore all the things that went wrong in the meantime. You waited for Junmyeon, however, he asked you to do so because he still had a few questions about your project. On your way out you explained what he didn’t understand and he decided to finalize it instead of you, telling you to spend your day with Johnny without worries. You appreciated Junmyeon’s gesture and he chuckled as you ran down the path that lead to the gates. You waved at Lucy, unphased that she was standing next to Seokmin, who was watching you with a frown. They were supposed to head to Lucy’s house for tutoring. Johnny was already there, parked, and he opened the door for you from the inside. You chuckled and jumped in his car, looking at him expectantly. He smiled and leaned over, kissing your cheek. It made you blush and you quickly closed the door, holding your backpack in your arms as you put on the seatbelt. Johnny cleared his throat and as you looked over a big bucket of white roses was pushed in your face. You gasped and took it from him, inhaling the scent of the flowers. Then another package was pushed into your arms and you giggled, seeing it was your favorite candy. Johnny chuckled and pressed another kiss against your cheek before starting the car.
“Are you ready?” He asked and you looked at him with a wide smile. He pulled off the sidewalk and off you were to your date.
Tumblr media
           You were trying to keep in your scream as the car swerved to the left, sending your body harshly into the side of the car. You wanted to slow down, but you couldn’t. Johnny said it was necessary you learn how to drive at high speed, how to take sharp turns and how to handle the clutch, in case you are on your own at the tracks when the cops show up. Your parents had an idea about you racing, but they didn’t know it was illegal. You only told them sometimes you’d race each other on the highway, which wasn’t an entire lie, but very surely wasn’t legal. Johnny was holding onto his seat tightly; he didn’t look very impressed by your skills either. You were almost done with this lap and you for sure had enough. Johnny didn’t say anything as you took the last curb, again very harshly, the car’s tires screeched and for a second you thought you’d roll over, as you came onto the straight. Your foot lifted off of the gas pedal and you let the car slow down by itself, trying to loosen up your stiff form.
“Holy shit.” Was all you could say as you shifted back into an inferior gear, glancing at Johnny.
“I have nothing else to add.” You chuckled and pulled up to the sidewalk overgrown with weed, stopping the car. You rolled down your window and took a deep breath.
“You’re done?” Johnny asked as he turned to look at you and you nodded with a sigh. You didn’t think this would be tiring; besides, you’ve been going at it for three hours. Even Johnny’s Thunderbird needed a break.
“I’m afraid I’ll terminate your car.” You said with a chuckle and Johnny undid his seatbelt while rolling his eyes.
“This car went through many things, Y/N, it can take this much.” You hummed and Johnny gave you a curious look as he leaned over the middle, “But about us…”
“What about us?” You muttered, ignoring the way he stared at your lips.
“I miss being close to you.” He muttered and you remained silent, not wanting to show your disinterest. You weren’t in the mood of getting laid, haven’t been in long actually, Johnny just wasn’t doing it anymore for you. You had enough of him, yet you still made up with him. Lucy was right, he wouldn’t change and he didn’t deserve another chance, he wasn’t a good guy. But your eyelids fluttered closed as Johnny’s lips ghosted over yours and he pressed them firmly against yours, hand reaching for the back of your head. He was always impatient when it came to getting intimate, it didn’t surprise you anymore when his tongue went straight into your mouth. You kissed him back but with lack of passion, but Johnny didn’t notice, he was already pulling you over the middle console, desperate to have you sitting on his lap. And as you raised to throw your leg over, loud screeching made you jump. You ripped your lips away from Johnny’s, feeling them sore as you looked ahead. A white car was zooming down the track, taking all the sharp turns you just took a few minutes ago a lot more expertly and definitely going faster than you were.
“Well fuck me.” Johnny said with a chuckle as his eyes followed the car just as intrigued as yours, wondering who was behind the wheel. They definitely knew what they were doing. Johnny shook your head softly and you looked back at him, kissing him back as he pressed a quick kiss against your lips again. He pulled away and kicked his door open, taking his jacket with him. The white car was closer now and you tried making out the driver, but he wasn’t close enough yet. You narrowed your eyes just as it went past your car and your heart stopped for a second, the guy behind the wheel being someone who’s been on your mind lately. Johnny had an impressed look on his face and he actually started applauding as the guy went for another lap, you got out of the car, zipping up your leather jacket.
“Johnny—” You called out but he didn’t turn to look at you, “We should go—”
“And not introduce ourselves to this dude?” He asked with a chuckle, giving you a look, “I’m not doing that. He’s damn good.”
“We’ll probably see him at the next race tomorrow night—”
“Shut up.” Johnny snapped and you bit your lower lip, stopping yourself from lashing out at him. Of course, you wouldn’t leave until Johnny spoke to Seokmin, there was no reason in arguing with him. You let your left-hand slip inside the pocket of your jacket and you pulled the cigarette pack out. You took one out from it and lit it, taking in a deep breath, your lungs expanding. The smoke got carried away by the breeze as you pushed it out of your lungs, Seokmin’s white Pontiac GTO coming to a stop 100 meters away from you. Johnny didn’t think twice as he took off towards the car and you debated if you should follow after him or just stay by his car. You were sure Seokmin saw you, you didn’t see why else he’d stop and chat with you, but you didn’t want Johnny to know you two knew each other. But when Seokmin got out of the car, very obviously ignoring Johnny’s presence next to him and called out to you, you slowly walked over.
“Y/N, didn’t expect to see you here!” He said with a chuckle, leaning against his opened door, still ignoring a frowning Johnny. He looked between the two of you as you neared them, taking a drag of your cigarette before answering Seokmin.
“Didn’t think you were someone who was interested in racing…” You tried to keep your voice neutral, mostly because of Johnny. He didn’t like the way the two of you were ignoring him, and most definitely he didn’t like the way Seokmin was looking at you. Before you could stop yourself, your eyes ran over Seokmin’s body and you were surprised by his attire. He was wearing dark jeans and a black and blue shirt, very Hawaiian style. And he had a necklace, silver with a pendant you couldn’t see from here on it. You took another drag of your cigar before you finished it, throwing the butt on the ground and stepping on it.
“Johnny, this is Seokmin my new classmate. Seokmin, this is Johnny my boyfriend.” You introduced the two males to each other, burying your hands into your pockets.
“Ah, so you’re the boyfriend?” Seokmin asked with a chuckle, as him and Johnny shook hands.
“Heard a lot about me?” Johnny sounded cocky and as you looked at him, you realized he wasn’t very happy.
“A little bit actually, Y/N and I don’t really talk about things like that when we hang out.” You knew Seokmin was doing it on purpose, he probably saw how bothered Johnny was, and it made you angry. By doing this, he was only creating problems for you, and you really didn’t need them right now.
“Hang out is a bit much said, we merely sit next to each other in Chemistry lab…or in the cafeteria when there are no empty tables…” You tried to salvage the situation and Seokmin nodded quickly, looking at you with a smile.
“What brings you here, Seokmin?” Johnny changed the subject, trying to keep his cool together.
“Ay, just call me DK!” He exclaimed like he so often did in school, getting on your nerves once again, “Only Y/N calls me Seokmin even though I asked her not to. Anyways, back in the US I would go out with my friends and race from time to time. I heard you’ve got some abandoned tracks here too—”
“We prefer deserted roads or highways, to make it more exciting.” Johnny cut Seokmin off and he laughed, nodding his head.
“I see, it is more exciting like that. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night?” Seokmin raised his eyebrows, a hopeful look crossing his face. You bit your lower lip, about to speak up, when Johnny laughed.
“Wouldn’t want to miss it, you’ll be there too?” You didn’t like Johnny’s tone, the way the ends of his mouth curled up and the way he was looking at Seokmin. A Seokmin who looked clueless but tried to mimic Johnny’s expression and even ended up looking menacing.
“Of course, man.” Seokmin said with a chuckle and he smirked, his eyes slipping onto your form before he looked back at Johnny.
“What about a friendly race then?” You gulped as Seokmin’s smirk widened at Johnny’s proposal, “As a welcome gift.”
Seokmin chuckled and extended his hand for Johnny to shake, “Sure man, make sure you’ve got enough fuel for tomorrow night.”
Johnny laughed and they shook hands, then Johnny turned and walked towards you with a glare. His cheerful expression dropped and he didn’t say anything as he walked past you, his expression spoke for itself. You licked your lips as you looked back at Seokmin with a glare.
“Are you a fucking idiot?” You asked not too loudly without moving from your spot yet, “You’re driving a Pontiac, Johnny’s car is a Thunderbird—”
“So what?” Seokmin chuckled as he continued smirking and you just got angrier.
“So what? He’s only trying to embarrass you—”
“Careful, Y/N, it almost sounds as if you care about me.” You didn’t like his teasing tone, nor the way he looked at you.
“I have decency, that’s all.”
“Your boyfriend is a dick, you know that?” You scoffed and jumped when Johnny called out.
“Are you coming or do you want to ride with Seokmin?” His tone was pissed and you sighed, giving Seokmin a look before taking off towards Johnny’s car. He turned on the car and you sat in the passenger seat, buckling up. He gave you a side glance as he very abruptly pressed on the gas pedal, sending the car forward all of a sudden.
“If you won’t drive like a normal human being, stop the car.” You snapped at your boyfriend as he very recklessly drove into traffic, not even checking when switching lanes.
“Just shut up.” He snapped and sped up, “For how long have you been hanging out, huh?”
“We never hung out, Jesus, Johnny, don’t start this shit again.”
“Why do you call him Seokmin then?!”
“Because it’s his name?!”
“You’re a whore—”
“Stop the fucking car, Johnny, right now!” You screamed, gathering all the control you had to not slap the living daylight out of him. You were on the highway and he couldn’t stop, you were well aware, but you didn’t know if you would be able to hold yourself back.
“I’m the whore?” You started laughing loudly, letting your anger slip through as Johnny gave you a glance, “Says the one who fucks high school girls behind my back—”
“What the fuck—”
“Oh, yeah!” You started laughing harder, enjoying the look of panic on Johnny’s face, “I have a little bird who whispers all the things you do in my ear, did you not know?”
Johnny looked panicked but pissed at the same time, his fingers drumming against the wheel anxiously, “I only slept with them when we were broken up—”
“Actually, we’ve never been broken up until a week ago, Johnny.” You said with a chuckle, reaching for another cigarette, “But sure, I get it. You can’t keep your dick in your pants, shit happens.”
Johnny remained mute as you lit your cigarette, rolling down the window an inch. The wind was loud as you took a long drag, almost making you cough as you blew it out, “Besides, I’ve slept with Jaehyun twice.”
You didn’t look at Johnny as you took another drag of your cigarette, trying to keep it together. Act as if telling him that was no big deal. Johnny had no idea how to react, but his hands were so tight around the wheel that it was aching.
“Relax, we were broken up.” You turned towards him with a smirk and blew the smoke in his face, laughing when you saw how furious he looked. First time you slept with Jaehyun you were pissed at Johnny because he threw you out of his apartment right after he called you over, because apparently he wasn’t in the mood to see you anymore. And second time both of you were drunk at a party and you saw Johnny sneak to a bathroom with a girl, and you had enough. You were hurting and feeling pathetic, you needed your own fix. Jaehyun was a good fuck and he enjoyed having his way around with you, desperate to show Johnny that he wasn’t the king he thought he was. You turned the radio on and started singing loudly as Johnny just continued driving wordlessly. You weren’t proud of yourself, but you were way over Johnny’s shit.
           Johnny didn’t speak to you after he dropped you off at home and you were glad. You have concluded that you didn’t want to see his face anymore, but you wouldn’t reach out to him either to tell him. If he wanted to know where he stood with you after everything you told him, he’d look for you. And you knew he would end up doing it, because Johnny was pathetic and he always crawled back to you, no matter what he had to do. And sometimes you did the same, that’s why your relationship wasn’t healthy and that’s why you were finally ready to move on.
You were behind the Cafeteria with Lucy; you have finished having lunch and you still had time. You wanted to smoke, even though you never smoked inside school, you were anxious. Tonight, was the race and weirdly you didn’t want Seokmin to be humiliated. He had it hard at school already, you didn’t want him to be humiliated at the races too. Vernon and Lucy weren’t telling you something, but you didn’t question them when Vernon just showed up at your table and wordlessly started eating. You didn’t mind his presence; he was quiet usually and he didn’t interfere with Lucy and your conversation. That was until Seokmin showed up, attempting to have lunch with you again. You didn’t have the power in you to send him away, so you didn’t. You haven’t told Lucy about the race yet, because she had other things to tell you. Like how loud Vernon’s house is and how she fights constantly with Chan, who is very rude and childish. You looked at Vernon questioningly, surprised that Lucy was hanging out at his place.
“She’s moving in in two months.” Was all he said and you looked at them a little bit shocked. But you were glad, Lucy was finally getting away from her horrible parents and Vernon seemed like a good guy. His mother was a good cook, the cookies she baked left you wanting more after you finished them. Seokmin took the last one after no one said that they wanted it and actually shared it with you, giving you half of it. Lucy looked at him with a smile and proceeded to give you a look as she quietly sipped on her water. You ignored it, and the butterflies in your stomach too. After that, Vernon and Seokmin engaged into a heated conversation about which team was the best baseball team, switching between Korean and English, especially Seokmin who seemed to struggle when excited in Korean. But then their conversation took a turn and they were suddenly speaking about cars.
“You should come with us tonight…” You heard Lucy speak up, a knowing look crossing her features, “Since you like cars so much.”
“I’m racing tonight.” Seokmin answered with a very smug look and Vernon chuckled, looking pleased. You just sighed and gathered your stuff, checking if you still had cigars.
“Yeah, like the idiot you are…he’s racing Johnny.” You snapped, voice displeased as you stood up from the table and stormed off, in a desperate need for a smoke. Lucy followed you quickly and asked the boys to leave you alone. The fresh air was refreshing as you left the cafeteria and headed behind it, leaning against the wall beside the dumpsters. The stench wasn’t unbearable, they tried to keep the place clean, but the trash hadn’t been taken away yet. Lucy came to a stop next to you just as you lit your cigar and inhaled deeply.
“He’s racing Johnny?” She asked unsurely and you looked up towards the sky, taking another drag of your cigar.
“Yeah, and Johnny is pissed.” You scoffed and looked at Lucy, taking another drag aggressively, “And I’m also pissed. We are done, it was a mistake to give him another chance, but at least now I know for certain that we are done.”
Lucy grimaced and crossed her arms in front of her chest, “Did he do something?”
“Besides calling me a whore yesterday? Not really, just became jealous and a dick over the fact that I call DK Seokmin…go figure.” Lucy and you scoffed at the same time and you took another drag of you cigar.
“I really hope you mean it this time…” She muttered and you gave her a serious look, nodding your head firmly.
“I mean it, I’m sick of him.” You muttered and Lucy smiled, grabbing your hand to offer you reassurance. You finished your cigar and threw it on the ground, stepping on it. Lucy gave you a look and she picked it up, putting it into her jacket.
“I slept with Jaehyun twice.” You found yourself whispering, biting your lower lip. You weren’t proud of yourself and you kept it in for so long, you just wanted Lucy to know. Slap you or scream at you for being a horrible person, maybe it would have helped you feel better. But she just smiled and shrugged.
“I know.”
“I’m your best friend, I figure things out.”
“You didn’t know!” You exclaimed and started laughing, almost fooled by her words. Lucy tried to remained serious, but she ended up laughing loudly too. Of course, she didn’t know, but it was her way of trying to be understanding, trying to lessen your anxiety and worries.
“I didn’t know…and it’s not okay what you did, especially since you were with Johnny still, but you know that and I won’t nag you about it. If you want to fix your mistakes, you leave him.” You sighed and nodded, pushing off the wall and offering your arm for Lucy. She hooked hers with yours and you started walking back towards the entrance.
“What about Vernon and you?” You found yourself asking quietly.
“He’s not as bad as I thought he was, I was blindly hating on him. His mother is very nice and his sister really likes me.”
“You totally just dodged my question.” You said with a small laugh and Lucy chuckled, looking at you.
“I like him and we’re dating, sort of. No one said it, but we’ve kissed…” You chuckled and Lucy’s cheeks turned red as she turned away from you. You pushed the cafeteria doors open and the two of you walked inside.
“He seems like a really nice guy.”
“And he is, just like Seokmin…” Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked at Lucy questioningly, “He likes you.”
“How do you know?” You asked with a scoff but were taken aback when your heart started beating just a little bit faster.
“He told me.” Lucy laughed and you have her a look, but she was actually serious, “Sometimes he just ditches our lessons and starts talking about you…or pesters me with questions about you. And oh yes—I told him everything about Johnny—”
“Lucy!” You gave her a shove, she couldn’t fall as she was still holding onto you, but her knees buckled a bit. She chuckled and gave you a sweet smile.
“What’s wrong?”
“Uhm, perhaps you giving away information about me without my consent?” You raised your eyebrows at Lucy and she just shrugged, not looking guilty at all.
“You’ll thank me one day.”
But in truth, Seokmin would be the one to thank her one day. Because he hated Johnny, and he wanted him out of your life. He didn’t care if you didn’t like him back, he was content with being classmates with you and the rare hang outs. As long as you were away from that monster, he was happy and wouldn’t bother you. Even though he wished you’d like him back, he wouldn’t pressure you into anything. Unless you were ready to start a new relationship. But hearing that Johnny even dared to call you a whore, it fueled the rage he felt inside, and he knew what he’d do tonight. Even if he lost, just the mere fact that he had the power to do it, made him confident. He wanted to make Johnny feel small, to show him that he didn’t own you nor had control over you. And while doing that, he was gonna get you too.
Tumblr media
           You rode to the races with Lucy; you didn’t feel like taking your car out tonight. Besides, she offered to drive you, in hopes that like this Johnny wouldn’t try and approach you. Which you were hoping for too. You parked somewhere at the back, even though there were dozens of cars behind you, you were still nowhere at the front of the crowd and cars. You knew Vernon was waiting for you somewhere around, Lucy told you he came earlier with Chan, who you’d probably meet tonight. The boy was sixteen, Lucy told you, and you weren’t surprised they didn’t get along. Lucy rarely liked people who were younger than her, simply because they were too childish for her liking. You could understand her, you were a little like her. That’s why you were so conflicted about Seokmin: he was immature, but he had a warm aura which was quite comforting. And the picture you built up in your head about him seemed to be a little wrong, as he proved you wrong little by little. And he was attractive, you couldn’t deny that. It wasn’t an attraction that happened the first time of seeing him, maybe it started after you realized he was dedicated and hard-working, despite being all over the place sometimes.
Lucy and you were holding hands, making sure you don’t get separated, as you walked through the crowd, greeting the people you already knew. You spotted Kim Mingyu with Jaehyun and you rolled your eyes, knowing Johnny was lurking around somewhere. But the boys saw you too and Jaehyun waved at you with a smirk, making Mingyu look over. He gave you a nod and you nodded back, despite disliking him, you tried to be nice. He wasn’t as bad as the rest of his circle of friends…that is when he was high, of course. And you didn’t like weed, not after you got the taste of it and had to stay away from it for a while. Your eyes found Vernon first and you tugged on Lucy’s hand, pulling her towards Vernon’s car. It looked nice and clean, you liked it. She let go of your hand once you were a few feet away from her boyfriend, and she walked over. You watched them hug each other tightly as a young boy stood sitting on the hood of Vernon’s car with a scowl. You chuckled and with your arms crossed over you chest, you approached him.
“I’m Y/N.” You said and extended a hand for him to shake. He looked at you questioningly, but shook your hand.
“Chan, do I know you?” His dirty blonde hair was all over the place and you itched to tell him to try and tame it.
“Probably not, I’m Lucy’s friend.” Chan scoffed and you both looked over to see them making out, but you only chuckled as Chan scowled again.
“They are so disgusting.” He muttered as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.
“You’ll grow up and do the same thing one day.” You said and Chan just gave you a glare. Despite his young age, he had a rough edge to him, he could look scary if he wanted to. You wondered what made him like that, but maybe his used sneakers and faded bumper jacket were a good indication that he didn’t have it best at home.
“I’ve already kissed girls,” Chan said with a scoff and you laughed, giving him an amused look, “Don’t understand what all the hype is about.”
That made you laugh harder and it made Vernon and Lucy look over. As you laughed, you didn’t see Chan trying to repress his own smile, it made Lucy happy. She tried to befriend him, but he remained stubborn and refused to talk to her much. Which confused her, she thought they hit it off just right the first time she went over to Vernon’s house. But who knows…he’s just a teenager.
“Glad to see you’re getting along just well.” Lucy commented as she leaned into Vernon, who’s arms were around her hips.
“Yeah, your friend isn’t trying to steal my best friend.” Chan’s voice was snappy and he turned his head, ignoring you. You looked at Lucy and she suddenly looked like she realized what the problem was here. You chuckled and gave a light pat to Chan’s shoulder before approaching Vernon and Lucy. Vernon sighed and shook his head, looking at you. You knew he was asking you to let Chan be, so you didn’t bother talking to him again. Not that you would have had the chance, the crowd parting for a white Pontiac had your full attention and the quick beats of your heart. You watched as the car rolled through the crowd slowly, reaving its engine when it got to the white line a few steps away from you. The crowd watched curiously as Seokmin got out with a smirk, greeting people as if they were his friends already, looking confident. You couldn’t take your eyes off him; his whole demeanor had changed. His hair clung to his forehead and it looked almost wet, going well with the sultry look he had going on. He was wearing another shirt, again Hawaiian style, black with deep red leaves like looking designs on it. The top was unbuttoned, and as he started approaching you, you noticed how his collarbones were shiny as if he was sweaty. His choker sat around his neck and your eyes were drawn to it. You were surprised how taken the crowd was with him, but what surprised you more, was how much you were taken by him. Your heart was beating like crazy and you didn’t understand why, you still couldn’t stand him most of the time, but his aura was luring you in. He finally stopped in front of you, and his smile betrayed his true self. It reached his eyes and you scoffed quietly, embarrassed for feeling so mesmerized by his presence before.
“Hi!” His voice was cheery as he looked over your body then to Vernon, Lucy, and Chan.
“Hi.” Vernon and Lucy shared his excitement, but you remained silent. You were trying to collect yourself, collect your thoughts, level your voice, smoothen your expression.
“Your boyfriend didn’t show up?”
“I don’t know,” You snapped, jaw tight, “Because he’s not my boyfriend anymore.” Seokmin’s eyes gained a new glint and you gulped when he took a tiny step towards you. His cologne was strong enough to reach your nostrils and it overwhelmed you, you hugged yourself unconsciously.
“Is he the type to chicken out of a challenge?” Seokmin’s lips pulled into a smirk and you scoffed, rolling your eyes.
“No, so, don’t get your hopes up, DK.” Your voice was hard and Seokmin chuckled, shaking his head a little.
“I’m DK all of a sudden?”
“Always have been, right?” You let your lips pull into the smallest smirk and Seokmin chuckled, looking at Lucy and Vernon.
“Have you guys seen Johnny?” He asked them, but both shook their heads.
“He’s here, doing some deals.” Chan was the one who spoke, arms crossed in front of his chest, “You drive a 2005 Pontiac GTO?”
“Yeah, I do.” Seokmin said proudly and you sighed, the engine of an approaching car could be heard.
“You’ll lose, you’re aware of that, right?” Chan said with a chuckle and Seokmin’s eyebrows furrowed. You said the same thing, but he didn’t believe you. He didn’t really care, that’s why your words fell on deaf ears.
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” Seokmin answered Chan with a little glare and you cleared your throat, gaining his attention. You lowered your voice and leaned slightly towards him.
“Your Pontiac can’t beat the Johnny’s Thunderbird; you have to understand that—”
“Have a little faith in me, Y/N.” Your heart skipped a beat again when Seokmin winked, stepping away from you as a black car pulled up next to his. Everyone around you watched excited as Johnny got out, narrowed eyes falling on you instantly. You sighed and noticed how Seokmin’s body tensed as Johnny took off towards you, even Lucy was by your side in an instant. You appreciated their want to protect you, but you didn’t want to cause a scene right now. Johnny stopped just a feet away from you and looked down at you, looking you in the eyes. You raised your eyebrows at him, wondering what he wanted. But wordlessly, he leaned down and pressed a kiss against your lips, one you didn’t reciprocate. He looked pissed when he pulled back, but you didn’t care.
“Needed a good luck kiss to win?” You couldn’t help but mock him, Johnny’s jaw tightened even more.
“You know I’ll win—”
“So what?” You cut him off, raising your eyebrows, “I don’t care what happens, Johnny.”
“Hey, listen up!” Suddenly Seokmin’s shout made you jump as it came unexpected, people started looking your way curiously, “If I win, Johnny has to break up with Y/N!”
The crowd fell silent for a second, everyone looking confusedly at each other, until Jaehyun and Mark started cheering loudly while laughing. There was laughter coming from the crowd, people looking amused. Johnny chuckled, looking at Seokmin like he couldn’t believe what he just heard. He glanced at you before suddenly lunging for Seokmin’s collar, but Seokmin jumped back.
“Relax, dude—” He said with a chuckle, keeping Johnny’s at an arms distance, “Everyone is telling me your Thunderbird is stronger than my Pontiac, if that’s true, you shouldn’t have to worry about my deal—”
“There’s no deal!” Johnny shouted and went to lunge for Seokmin again, but thankfully, Mingyu and Mark were at his sides, holding him back by his shoulders.
“Chill, man,” Mingyu hissed at Johnny, “You’re embarrassing yourself.”
Johnny scoffed but thankfully listened to his friend, shaking their hands off of himself. He turned sharply and looked at you determined before storming off towards his car. You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair anxiously, glancing at Seokmin.
“You’re an idiot.” You muttered, but he heard it, and it made him giggle.
“I know, do I get a good luck kiss too?” The crowd cheered loudly as they heard Seokmin’s words and you rolled your eyes, approaching Lucy. Seokmin didn’t wait for an answer, he knew it was no, so he just jogged up to his car and got inside. Jenny, Jun Lee’s long-time girlfriend, was holding the checkered flag and as she walked between the two cars, both engines were brought to life. Lucy gave you a look and wordlessly took your hand in hers, already knowing how this was going to end. You squeezed her hand and watched as Jenny raised the flag, both cars engines reaving, and when she dropped it, Seokmin’s white Pontiac flew away. You bit your lower lip, watching as he was in the lead, but you knew Johnny’s car could go faster, even if Seokmin’s car accelerated faster than his at the start. You remained standing next to Vernon’s car, and Mark and Mingyu approached you.
“You’ve got two guys fighting over you now, Y/N?” Mingyu asked amused, but he looked tired. Mark looked a bit disappointed as he looked at you and you raised your eyebrows at him.
“What’s your problem?”
“I thought if you left Johnny, I’d have a chance with you…” Mingyu and you scoffed, Lucy just chuckled as Vernon and Chan were off to the side chatting.
“You’re more like a little brother, Mark.” You told him with a grimace then looked at Mingyu, “And no. I’m done with Johnny, Seokmin is just a stupid classmate who has no idea what he got himself into.”
Mingyu hummed with his lips jutting out, looking towards where the cars sped off to, “Aren’t you curious who’ll win?”
“I already know it’ll be Johnny.” You said with a shrug and watched as a guy with a megaphone got up onto a car.
“Seo Johnny won the sprint race, everyone who did bets, come over, come over!” It was a pink haired guy, and you’ve heard his name was Seungkwan. He was from the Lee family as well, Jun’s brother. The Lee family ran these streets. You sighed and gave Mingyu a look, it made him chuckle.
“I guess you do know what your boyfriend is capable of.”
“Ex-boyfriend.” Lucy was quick to correct him as you gave him a glare.
“Now that this shit show is over—” You looked over at Lucy and stood up straight, “Can we go home? Or you want to stay for longer?”
The Pontiac and Thunderbird came into view as they drove back, side to side, and parked next to each other, blocking the road for the other racers. No one was racing for another fifteen minutes; you knew Johnny just wanted to show off and that’s why he stopped there. You weren’t sure about Seokmin, but you figured it had to do something with his ego.
“I’ll drive you home, Y/N, of course.” Lucy said with a small smile and took your hand, waving at Vernon. As you started walking away, the crowd started cheering for Johnny again and you rolled your eyes, pushing people out of your way. As Lucy and you were trying to find your ways back to her car, you felt someone holding onto your arm. You stopped Lucy and turned around, coming face to face with Johnny. He had a smug smirk on his face, looking at you expectantly.
“If I hadn’t made it clear before, Johnny, I’m done with you. I’m breaking up with you, leave me alone!” You didn’t wait for him to react to your words, just pulled Lucy after you, practically running off.
Tumblr media
           You bit your lower lip, feeling frustrated that this was the third time you’d have to explain the same theory to Seokmin. You tried in Korean first, he didn’t get it, so you switched to English. He very happily told you that now everything made sense, that is until you got to solving problems, and he started looking helplessly at his paper. So here you were again, explaining it to him slowly this time in English, going over the exercises too to have something as an example. If someone told you a week ago that you’d be sitting in the Cafeteria with Lee Seokmin after class, trying to help him out with his Chemistry lessons, you would’ve laughed at them and called them crazy. But today you got your grading sheets and you were pleased that you got a passing grade in each, Chemistry being your top grade, as expected. You were busy chatting with Junmyeon about his own grades, when someone bumped into your desk. You sighed and turned, looking at the person a little irritated. You were even about to tell them off, but Seokmin’s sad expression took you off guard. You’ve only seen him happy, never this defeated.
“What’s your problem?” You found yourself asking before you could even think. Seokmin’s head snapped up and he seemed to realize he ran into your desk, the grading sheet a bit clutched too tightly in his hands.
“Sorry, I didn’t look where I was going—” You assumed he’d misunderstand your question, so without thinking much once again, you ripped his sheet out of his hands, looking over it with furrowed eyebrows. You weren’t very surprised that he just barely passed most subjects, but seeing his Chemistry grade made you feel bad. He failed it, and pretty badly. He’d need a top mark on your next two tests to pass this semester. You looked up at him with a sigh, and handed him his grading sheet back.
“Meet me after classes at the cafeteria.” Was all you said and Seokmin’s eyes widened quickly. He nodded his head once and quickly scrambled back to his own desk, heart beating like crazy. He didn’t know what you meant by that, and it made him really curious. So curious, that he didn’t stop fidgeting around anxiously for the rest of the day, Lisa had to send him out to play football with some younger kids to do something with his energy. She got used to Seokmin’s antics very quickly, but she still couldn’t deal with him when he became hyper. He was excited and anxious; he didn’t know what you wanted to do after classes. He was hopeful you’d confess something; he didn’t exactly know what he’d wanted to hear from you, but he sure wanted the day to pass by faster. And when you sat at a table in the cafeteria and suddenly pulled out your Chemistry book and notebook, his demeanor changed. He really wasn’t expecting that, how did it never cross his mind? You just wanted to help him out after you saw the horrendous grade he got. Which, on a side note, was very good for him, since he did need the help. And that meant spending time alone with you, he quickly became happy as he followed your actions, taking a seat and placing his book and notebook beside yours.
“I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get help on Chemistry before.” You had commented and he chuckled, giving you his wide smile. His eyes were smiling at you too and your heart skipped a beat again, so you looked away.
“Yeah, I love Chemistry!” Seokmin had exclaimed and you rolled your eyes, surprised how used you got to his sudden loud outbursts. He hadn’t even been in your class for that long, almost for a month, and suddenly you weren’t even that bothered by him anymore, it scared you.
“Your grade shows just how much you love Chemistry, Seokmin…” You had muttered and he chuckled, before turning serious as you asked him to focus because you wouldn’t repeat yourself. But, of course, you would have to repeat yourself many times and it was becoming frustrating, but you tried not to show it. And it was going well, until your phone started buzzing every ten minutes, driving you crazy and in the end you had to turn it off, that way, it wouldn’t bother you anymore.
Slowly, Seokmin and you had been at the cafeteria for two hours, and he was starting to get a headache, but he wanted to spend as much time with you as he could, so he stayed silent. You underlined the last equation, looking at Seokmin.
“Do you understand now?” You asked quietly, your voice tired. To be honest, you were feeling the start of a headache, you thought of ending today’s tuition there.
“Only half way—but I’ll figure it out at home myself, don’t worry!” He was quick to reassure you when your eyebrows furrowed and you glared at him. Seokmin chuckled and very reluctantly pulled the pencil from your fingers, placing it in your notebook. You watched him curiously as he closed your notebook, looking up at you with a grin.
“Not to sound ungrateful, but I’ve had enough Chemistry for today.” You chuckled, giving him an affirming nod.
“Me too, let’s pack up.” You muttered and Seokmin nodded with a smile, starting to pack up his own things. You took out your phone first and turned it on, waiting for it to work. Seokmin cleared his throat and you gave him a side glance, but remained silent.
“I have noticed that our classmates don’t really like me…” He sounded reluctant to say it, but you just shrugged uncaringly.
“You noticed right,” That’s what Seokmin liked so much about you, your honesty was merciless and he’s never met someone quite like you, “You’re too loud, obnoxious, hyper, and childish. Not many people like personalities like yours.”
“And you are really mean, honest, uncaring, and too serious. Not many people like personalities like yours.” Your fingers paused above your phone’s screen; you were just putting in the sim card’s pin code. Seokmin watched your expression, as it morphed into confusion.
“Is that how you see me?” You asked quietly, glancing at Seokmin. He chuckled and nodded his head, “Oh, well I guess I’m the bad guy then.”
It amused Seokmin, the way you said that and shrugged afterwards, it was exactly what he was talking about, “It makes you really attractive.”
You almost paused again, but you stopped yourself and acted like you didn’t hear Seokmin’s words. You felt your cheeks heat up and it was embarrassing as you stared down at all the missed calls from Johnny.
“I know everyone makes fun of my Korean, but my mom was never home enough to be able to teach me how to speak it. Everything I learned was through my Korean friends back in the U.S.” You were about to block Johnny’s number, but Seokmin’s words made you look up at him.
“She’s a businesswoman, always on the road, taking up new quests that bring her more and more money. I really respected her when I was little, she did that all on her own…brought money to the house and raised me on her own, with the help of her mother sometimes. But then I became a teenager and I realized I wanted her to spend time with me, forget about the money, just go with me on small vacations, listen to my stories and buy take out from time to time and have movie nights together. Ever since we came to Korea…I’ve only seen her once at home.” You bit your lower lip, watching Seokmin’s face closely. He looked defeated, sad, and almost tired. He was yearning for his mother’s attention and love. So that’s why he was so loud always, he wished to be in the center of attention. But he was always so bright and happy, it was how he was. His traits just clashed all the time against each other.
“We are richer than we’ve ever been—” He chuckled and looked at you awkwardly, “Please don’t think that we are some millionaires, mom just made lots of money, we are more like in the middle class—Anyways, I just wanted to make friends. I’m Korean, I wanted to belong to the people from my country, to be one of them…uh, that didn’t work out—”
“You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel like that.” You snapped, looking at him with your eyebrows furrowed, “Home is where you feel at home. Don’t let a bunch of fools make you feel like you don’t belong here. Chanyeol and Minseok aren’t your friends, Seokmin, they are using you for their own entertainment. And like an idiot, you amuse them every day. Don’t you have a little dignity?!”
You didn’t want to get so fired up, but you couldn’t help yourself. He was being childish just because he wanted to fit in? You’ve never heard something more stupid before in your life. You hated people faking to be someone they weren’t.
Seokmin gulped and chuckled, “I am an idiot…I’m not faking that—”
You scoffed and got up from your chair at lightning speed, but Seokmin was quick to stop you from leaving, “I’m not joking! I am an idiot! Like—I’m just a jokester! I act the same way with everyone, don’t misunderstand, I know what Chanyeol and Minseok are doing. It’s just how I am, that’s why I don’t care what they think of me.”
Your brain went blank as you blinked at Seokmin, “What?”
He started laughing quietly, his eyes becoming crescent moons, “You thought I was acting like that to fit in? No! If I called any friend of mine from the U.S. they’d tell you it’s how I am!”
“I’m—” Your cheeks became hot once again as you looked away from him embarrassed, now this is why you were always leveled and never acted without thinking first. You hated the feeling of embarrassment but when you took a glance at Seokmin, you didn’t feel judgement or amusement directed at you.
“Do you still hate me?” He asked, acting all cute, and you scoffed, looking away disgusted.
“Definitely.” You gave him a look and he took his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder as he started walking. You rolled your eyes and followed him, crossing your arms in front of your chest.
“I have misjudged your character.” You muttered quietly and Seokmin chuckled, opening the cafeteria door for you.
“I know, but it’s fine. It happens all the time.” He said with a shrug, you have excited through the back where you had smoked the other day. You didn’t feel like lighting a cigar right now, so you just continued walking next to Seokmin, as he lead the way to the front gates.
“I’m sorry.” You found yourself genuinely apologizing and Seokmin’s lips pulled into a huge smile. The sun shining down on him, the glow of his skin, and his crescent eyes almost made your heart jump out of your chest. You wanted to look away, but you couldn’t. You’ve never seen someone so beautiful; your cheeks were burning up. You couldn’t remember the last time a boy made you blush. Seokmin was so…different, new, almost pure compared to the boys you have surrounded yourself with before, it was strange but a nice feeling.
“And I’m thankful, that you helped me out with Chemistry.” You didn’t fight yourself anymore, you let the smile stretch onto your lips. Seokmin stopped breathing for a second, you’ve never smiled at him, and you were gorgeous.
“I think I’ll have to do it again; you really suck!” And both of you burst out laughing as Seokmin’s steps fell in the same pace with yours, you have approached the front gate. But your happiness didn’t last for long, as you left the school’s perimeters, a deep shout made you jump.
“Y/N!” You weren’t afraid of Johnny, but you preferred to stay away when he was angry. As both Seokmin and you turned, you saw him storming towards the two of you. Subconsciously, you took a step back and almost hid behind Seokmin, who’s eyebrows furrowed and now was glaring at the approaching man.
“What are you doing?!” Johnny snapped once he was in front of you, and you realized you were hiding behind Seokmin, so you stepped back to your previous position. You wouldn’t give the satisfaction of seeing you scared to Johnny. You weren’t scared of him, never have been, never will be since he was now out of your life. You hoped he’d understand that after today.
“Leaving school with a classmate, what do you want?” You fired back at Johnny; your voice hard. Seokmin remained quiet, looking between the two of you. You saw Johnny stealing a glance at Seokmin, but he ignored him for now.
“I’ve been calling you almost all day, why are you not answering—”
“Johnny, we are done!” You suddenly exclaimed, not wanting to listen to him anymore, “I broke up with you at the race, remember? I mean it! I don’t want to see you ever again; I blocked your number too. Don’t send Jaehyun or Mark to watch me either, and don’t stalk me! I don’t love you anymore, I’m sorry…you need to get over it.”
“Is it because of this scrawny piece of shit—”
“Watch your tongue!” You exclaimed, taking a threatening stance, “Seokmin has nothing to do with our relationship ending. I stopped loving you a long time ago.”
Johnny chuckled and then turned his attention to Seokmin, who was still glaring at him, “I wouldn’t try anything with her. She’ll just cheat on you like the whore she is—”
You jumped when Seokmin lunged at Johnny, gripping his jacket so hard that his knuckles turned white, pulling him down to be eye level with him, “If you dare to insult her once more, I will break your nose and teeth, Johnny.”
You watched taken aback as Seokmin threatened Johnny, who was a head taller and looked stronger. Seokmin’s tone was low and his eyes looked like he could kill anyone right there, even Johnny seemed to have lost his confidence. You never thought you’d see someone threaten Johnny like that. Everyone was vary of him, everyone but Seokmin.
“Get lost, and stop bothering her. You aren’t a couple anymore.” Seokmin gave Johnny a shove, and he stumbled back, looking shocked at Seokmin. You remained silent and tense, waiting for Johnny to jump at Seokmin’s neck. But to your surprise he didn’t.
“You’ll regret this!” He snapped, nose flaring, as he took off towards his car, looking very furious. You remained tense as you watched Johnny get in his car then drive away, his tires screeching loudly as he pulled off the sidewalk. Seokmin cleared his throat and fixed the straps of his backpack, looking at your still form.
“Are you—” But you didn’t let him finish, you just circled your arms around his neck and pulled him tightly into your body. Seokmin remained standing still for a second, until he realized you were hugging him. With a small smile he hugged you back and you sighed into his neck, feeling like a rock was lifted off of your chest.
“Thank you.” You muttered and you felt Seokmin shrug.
“I mean…it’s the least I could do.” You rolled your eyes and pulled back, making Seokmin a bit sad that the hug didn’t last for longer.
“Don’t worry about his threat, he’s all barks but he never bites.” Seokmin chuckled and took your hand and started walking the two of you towards the nearest parking lot.
“Even if he did bite…he wouldn’t be able to bite me—” He paused to chuckle and you gave him a displeased look, “But to make sure that you’re safe, I’ll have to drive you home every day after school.”
“No, you don’t—”
“There’s no room to argue about this, honey.” You gave him a small glare, even if he couldn’t see it, but your heart skipped a beat, “And if one day you’re too bored, just give me a call and we can go on a date.”
“A date?!” You exclaimed, stopping Seokmin from walking to his white Pontiac, “I was starting to think you weren’t delusional—”
“We’ve got all the time in the world, honey, don’t worry.” And with a chuckle, he unlocked his car and carefully helped you sit inside. You couldn’t help but scoff as his words replayed in your mind, but it made you excited. And you smiled into your hand, not wanting Seokmin to see.
You could go on a date with his annoying boy.
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x-woozi · 7 days ago
Diamond Affairs
Tumblr media
Reader x Seventeen
Genre: College au, social media au, lots of fluff, possible enemies to lovers, maybe angst, for sure crack
Summary: As the boys struggle through their classes and work, they also end up facing other problems. Problems with their feelings. Could it be that they’re about to find love? 🤭 For some it’ll come up slowly to ease them into it for others it’ll come out of no where and they will be forced to accept it.
A/n: I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t going to be a mess but it can be fun. Either way I’m ready to start posting again so let’s have fun ☺️ (please note the current titles may change)
1. An Unwise Interest
2. Smell the Roses
3. ???
4. Bookworm
5. ???
6. ???
7. Encore
8. ???
9. Too Much Heat
10. Picture Perfect
11. ???
12. 3s company
13. ???
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