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highchalowwis · 4 days ago
just undeservedly won impromptu pvp by betraying an alliance nearly instantly and wasting two bardics on my twin and my not-girlfriend, respectively, neither of whom were involved in the pvp, but thats vanderbilts!
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ocremixunofficial · 5 days ago
OCR04219: Final Fantasy VII: Devotion of a Caring Soul - Jorito & Friends*
[Tifa’s Theme]
from OverClocked ReMix
* Full credits:
Violin 1 & 2 - mkafie
Violin 1 & 2 - Amerlyn Zeta
Viola - Andrew Steffen
Cello - Chromatic Apparatus
Cello - Andrew Stern
Double Bass - Travis Kindred
Flute 1 - Lauren the Flute
Clarinet, Flute 2 - Gamer of the Winds
Oboe - Damian Nguyen
Cornet - Yuki K
Trumpets - TSori
Trombone - Dewey Newt
French Horn - JohnStacy
Harp - Earth Kid
Arrangement, Glockenspiel, Piano, Celeste - Jorito
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7lizardsinacoat · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
My dnd character Hamish "Ham" Cattaloneaus. He's a half elf gunslinger who is a well know romance novelist and just wants to write detective stories.
I'll be playing him in a space fantasy campaign where there's all this cool sci fi lore and electronic stuff and all sorts of science magic and I am. Playing a mundane no magic half elf gunslinger whose gun doesn't even shoot lasers. I love him so much.
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pulamusic · 8 days ago
Bent Head This guitar isn’t mine, but I have a busted up Taylor in my closet. I think I came up with the title for this tune the day I was fixing something in my attic and managed to hit myself in the head with a hammer. Yes ladies, it is true, I am a genius…NOT. I guess I’ll just have to “work on my personality” as they used to say in high school, whatever the…
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jules-hime · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
First day of Mermay! Loved doing this piece, the colors turned out to be so cute!!!
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wrath-sos-dovah · 11 days ago
Dragonflight Headcanons
Ok so don't get me wrong, I love Dragons and the Dragonflights but they don't seem to have a sort of "uniqueness" to them, as in aside from their main gimmicks there's nothing there. So I decided to share some of my headcanons to show how they can be more unique, and I will be going over both major and minor Flights.
Head shape is more like an Alligators.
Most disguise as humans, as they like their similarities (huberous.)
Common classes are; Shaman & Warrior.
Horns are more elk-like.
The gender neutral suffix for them is In.
Head shape is more like a Turtle/Tortoise.
Most disguise themelves as High Elves, for their shared intrest in magic.
Common classes are; Mage & Priest
Horns are more Ram-like.
The gender neutral suffix is Gosu.
Head shape is more like a bearded dragon.
Common Classes are; Priest & Shaman.
Most disguise themselves as Gnomes due to similar curiosities.
Horns are more like Garna's and/or Markhors.
Gender neutral suffix is Dormo.
Headshape is more like a Vipers.
Most disguise themselves as Night Elves due to their history together.
Common classes are; Druid & Shaman.
Horns are more like a Water Buffalo's.
Gender neutral suffix is Ua.
Headshape is the same as normal.
Common classes are; Paladin & Priest.
Most disguise themselves as Dwraves due to their sense of family.
Horns are also the same as normal.
Gender neutral suffix is Straszi.
Headshape is more like a Komodo Dragon's.
Common classes are; Warlock & Warrior.
Most disguise themselves as Orcs due to them being one of the only races their exposed to.
Horns are more like a Bull's.
They have a prefix of Chrom and Suffix's of Us for males, Th for females and Ts for gender neutrals.
Headshape is more like a Frilled Lizard's.
Common classes are; Priest & Warlock.
Most disguise themselves as Nightborne due to relating to their rebellion.
Horns are the same as Bronze Dragons.
They have a Prefix of something that relates to time and a suffix of Us.
Headshape is more like a Crocodile's.
Common classes are; Mage & Warlock.
Most disguise themselves as Blood Elves due to a similar need for magic.
Horns are more like a Impala's.
They have a Suffix of Aku and similar naming conventions as Blacks.
Headshape is the same as normal.
Horns are also the same as normal.
Most disguise themselves as Saytrs due to being on the same side.
Common classes are; Druid & Warlock.
They have similar suffix's to regular Green's but the most common are; On for males, Ra for females & Os for gender neutral's.
Originally used by the Scourge to aid in making Undead Dragons, but after the combined efforts of Alexstrasza & Ysera are now a new Dragonflight with acid breath.
Headshape is like a Caiman's.
Common classes are; Hunter & Rogue.
Horns are like that of a Pronhorn's
Most disguise themselves as Forsaken due to their shared orgins from the Scourge.
Suffix's are; Rus for males, Ria for females & Ran for gender neutrals.
Headshape is like a Gila Monster's.
Common classes are; Priest & Warrior.
Horns are like that of a Ibex's.
Most disguise themselves as Trolls, because most of the Trolls within the Twilight's Hammer Cult work with the Dragons.
Suffix's are; Ron for males, Iona for females & Ion for gender neutrals.
Storm Drakes (Thorignir):
Headshape is the same as normal.
Horns are also the same as normal.
Common classes are; Hunter & Shaman.
Most disguise themselves as Vrykul, due to being exposed to them the most.
Most names are nordic in nature with the common suffix's being; Or for males, Yr for females & Ir for gender neutrals.
Some of Vexiona's cult found still living eggs from their lady and with some magic made the Voidwing Dragonflight.
Headshape is the same as Vexiona's
Like Vexiona, Voidwings don't have horns.
Common Classes are; Druid & Priest
Most disguise themselves as Naga, due their shared origin in N'Zoth
Suffix's are; Nar for males, Xia for females and Ana for gender neutrals.
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lostribbon · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Learned how to do chromatic aberration finally haha im gonna do it to everything now
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