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#christianity is a scam lol not sorry
greerymae · 9 days ago
guys the idea of heaven and hell is literally black and white thinking
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greerymae · 11 days ago
“sin destroys your relationship with god.”
no it didn’t. sin is a made up concept that you used to shame me for being mentally ill. i don’t subscribe to that bullshit lol and i hope you get help. you’re sick.
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greerymae · 14 days ago
no bc i’m writing a paper abt how kids should have the option not to say the pledge of allegiance bc it directly references an evangelical god and the mic is so hot omfg years of repressed anger are rlly coming out rn LMAO
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couldbeasong · 5 months ago
1-60 for the ask meme
Ope sorry I did not see this until today. I think I know the one? If it’s not the one you meant just lmk lol
1. Selfie?
You can have this picrew but I wish to be unperceived.
Tumblr media
2. What would you name your future kids?
For female names I like: Harmony, Slyvia, Edelweiss, Bethany, and Opal
For male names I like: Uriah, Aiden, Kai, Levi, and Luke
3. Do you miss anyone?
My grandpa and Midnight (old dog)
4. What are you looking forward to?
Going on vacation in a few weeks, the end of the semester, and seeing @calligraphywitch tomorrow
5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile?
@calligraphywitch and my other girlfriend. They’re hilarious lmao
6. Is it hard for you to get over someone?
Romantically? Not really. You kinda gotta just accept it and move on. In the past, always being like: this will never work because of reason xyz helps.
Friendship wise? Absolutely. It depends a lot on the emotional investment I put into the relationship, but I find myself still missing people I haven’t talked to since High School or Middle School.
7. What was your life like last year?
It was weird being a freshman in college and trying to survive. I had a lot of family problems going on along with one of my best friends from High School being on her death bed for a while. A bit of a crisis of faith as well. But we survived, God willing! I miss pre-pandemic times tho
8. Have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
Ask my brother. I’m sure there’s been an instance.
9. Who did you last see in person?
My grandma across the room from me!
10. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
I hide them so well I can’t even find them!
I like to pretend they aren’t there and repress them a lot but idk if I’m good at hiding them from others per say.
11. Are you listening to music right now?
I’m in a zoom meeting for class, so I guess my professor's voice?
12. What is something you want right now?
13. How do you feel right now?
Kinda tired, kinda nauseous, kinda bored. Idk I probably need to drink some water.
14. When was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
Uhhhh idk about a week ago? My last hug was probably a week ago too XD
15. Personality description
I like to think I’m funny
16. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?
I work in customer service- everyday (:
17. Opinion on insecurities.
Everyone is insecure about something. It’s kinda fascinating how even though all of humanity is exactly the same (in terms of our struggles and insecurities, we don’t vary) we still judge others for having them. Confidence is seen as a virtue and the most attainable goal. Society profits off of your insecurities tho so be aware of what they are and don’t let yourself be scammed.
18. Do you miss how things were a year ago?
Certain aspects perhaps. But 2019 is gone. It performed and then it left. It can’t hurt us or help us anymore. There’s little use in dwelling on that and wishing for 2020 to be 2019.
19. Have you ever been to New York?
No, but I swear Ima go one day and see a show on Broadway.
20. What is your favorite song at the moment?
I have like three I’m cycling between rn
When You’re Home from In the Heights
Wake Up by Jenny Owen Youngs
Together by For King and Country
21. Age and birthday?
Old enough to know better and October
22. Description of crush.
He’s super great and super intelligent, not to mention super in love with God. Frankly, he deserves better than me. I gotta lot of self-improvement that needs to happen, but we’ll see what happens XD
23. Fear(s)
Heights, drowning, spiders, super dark streets and rooms, not being good enough
24. Height
5′5″ respectfully
25. Role model
It’s changed through the various stages of my life. Rn tho a few of my Christian online friends
26. Idol(s)
I mean I stan Brian David Gilbert, but I don’t idolize him lol
27. Things I hate
Cheesecake, sickly sweet stuff, when someone grabs the receipt out of the printer even though it’s way more effort for them to do so than for me just to hand it to them and it throws me off of my rhythm, fudge
28. I’ll love you if…
You exist (and even not then because fictional characters just hit different lol)
29. Favorite film(s)
Tangled, Ella Enchanted, Enchanted, Howls Moving Castle, Princess, and the Pauper
30. Favorite tv show(s)
Brooklynn 99, Parks and Recreation, Ouran High School Host Club, My Hero Academia, and Bojack Horseman (I’m going through a phase with it rn lol)
31. 3 random facts
Blue is my favorite color, I own almost nothing in blue, people are better at identifying members of their own race better than members of other races.
32. Are your friends mainly girls or guys?
Girls- they’re easier to talk to and approach. Tho I stan and love my guy friends. They are kings.
33. Something you want to learn
Everything? Idk I have an insatiable desire to learn and it switches. Consistently, I want to learn how to make my own clothes, play either piano, guitar, or violin, and detail cars.
34. Most embarrassing moment
Uggg I’m not talking about it and neither is @calligraphywitch
35. Favorite subject
I really enjoyed Statistics as much as I have hated it. My all-time favorite class I have ever taken tho was AP US Literature
36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
Graduate grad school, get married, travel overseas
37. Favorite actor/actress
uhhh probably Chris Pratt or anyone who was on Parks and Recreation. Tho Broadway actors, I love Christian Borle
38. Favorite comedian(s)
John Mulaney
39. Favorite sport(s)
I miss playing softball and volleyball so prolly those
40. Favorite memory
There are too many to count. But usually, involve good conversations under the stars after 2 AM.
41. Relationship status
Have a picrew of my sister and me. Keep scrolling and mind ya business (jk ily anon)
Tumblr media
42. Favorite book(s)
The Bible lol but fictional book wise, I will always love the Warrior Cats series. Red Queen was pretty lit. The Hourglass Door gave me a love for time travel aus lol. And Library Wars is near and dear to my heart.
43. Favorite song ever
You can’t ask me thisssss
Idk Hope is what we crave by For King and Country
44. Age you get mistaken for
24-30 it depends on the context
45. How you found out about your idol
46. What my last text message says
No xD not disney
47. Turn-ons
When you have a musical playing and the end of one song is the start of another so they bleed into each other. CHILLS or when a line of poetry just expresses how someone feels. OR when different parts harmonize just right
48. Turn-offs
When my computer deletes my homework right before it’s done
49. Where I want to be right now
In a little cabin in the woods
50. Favorite picture of your idol
Tumblr media
51. Starsign
52. Something I’m talented at
Reading peoples emotions
53. 5 things that make me happy
Music, Friends, Deep Conversations, Hugs, and God
54. Something that's worrying me at the moment
So much to do so much to see
55. Tumblr friends
Friends and mutuals include:
@calligraphywitch @an-assortment-of-forks @repentance-brings-healing @synthetic-blanket-hairs @loneallegiance @boywiththewand @knightof-cups @a-lil-strawberry @linkedwolf @indygo @obnoxioushair
There’s plenty more than that and I love you all ^^
56. Favorite food(s)
Tacos, Crab Ragoons, Salty Foods, RICE
57. Favorite animal(s)
Wolves and cats
58. Description of my best friend
Artistic, beautiful, supportive, hardworking. She is hilarious and an amazing person. There’s so much to the many reasons I love her I just can’t do it in words
59. Why I joined tumblr
Back in the 7th grade, my friends all had one and helped set me up with one. And that’s that.
60. Ask me anything you want
You want nothing ig lol if you want to submit one I can answer it still
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loqueris-ad-lucem · a year ago
It’s Bizarre, the areas I don’t need to Know much about Trade or Financials or Political Economy to be able to Predict certain things.
I’m not sure I’ve actually said it, but I even just Spoke to it Like 2 days ago…
In part because it’s one of the Feelw Realms which I do actually Possess Strong disagreement, though it’s Absurdity to Pretend that Trump did not just Assassinate a Man on a whim.
That’s what he did, everyone make note of it…
That’s what he did…
He Chose to Murder someone…
That’s what he did…
Do not Pretend otherwise…
That’s what he did…
It is a Region indeed, if Choatic Violence where we Choose to Be…
Which is not ConFused at all.
Where the United States has Opted, in a European Interest…
To Remain Involved…
A Land of Violence.
Which Trump has Chosen to take a “High Road” on…
And Chose to Murder a Man…
Demonstrating to many.., that The US Lacks an Honorable ComPosure
That being said…
This is the Democrats fault. This is the Democrats Failure. It is the Democrats Failure…
I told you what you people gotta do…
As it will the Republicans Failing…
I don’t Know what they Believe they get out of this…
But as they are almost PreDetermined to Follow my Private Interests…
Like it was their Business.
They will not be able to Touch the Institutional Islamic Forces throughout Persia, so they necessarily buy into them.
In Part, again, because they do meet every National Standard which you Expect of them. And they do.
And that includes the ReDistribution Mechanisms which are Feeding Venezuelan Federates.
This is thus Determined to be an Islamic  “National” Government, even Competing to Maintain Separation from the Arabian System.
I will Add, needlessly. As though one of you tips over and not the other…
And that is The Republican Position.
Meanwhile they do not use Bonds in an Arabian Interest.
And I will Note, this could all go Bust again Tommorow, never Mind that the Democrats perhaps bought themselves a Decade or two…
Every Region you people Find yourselves with an Interest, “In Gods Name,”
You also Determine to Maintain an Excise of your Defense of it.
And then you gonna Bail it out again?
With T’r’umph’s in the World?
As this is about Religion, Indeed…
“Religion” which then Autocratically assumes I am somehow not to Possess Rights In it…
As though I am Capable of no Input.
Which uses my Name in the Interest of Foreign Claims to Speak In it…
I hope you people are Ready to give me my “Diploma…” se… in the Coming Generation.
Just two men Discussing Religion and Philosophy, and the Order of the World which has Brought me to him.
And how Freedom to it does not Exist in American Politics.
Because it is as Simple for some as taking Refuge in Lands where all this does eventually Blow Over…
And it is your people’s Hell. It Really is.
End of S^t’r’y
This Pol’I’ber.
Republicans should UnderStand, how this goes Down.
This Chat at the Dinner Table.
Far more so, in so much Transparent Constitutionalism…
That’s all I’m sayin’
You need not even go so far Back for Analogy.
Again, Think Western Schism…
What do they Believe has Changed?
The Senate is even Popularly Elected anu...
So in the vast Majority of States... there is no Property Claim which can be Made in their Defense.
The Free States are Rubbered Up Indeed, my Friends…
As I am Perhaps ReBared… Double ReEnforced… S^til ...
What The Fuck are you people gonna do?
Legitimately, I am asking. what the Fuck are you people gonna do?
You get no Time Share out of me.
Or Perhaps more to The Point…
Your already Using it up…
I have yet to Receive a L’q’ of the ren’t
For any amount of Time, let alone a Limited one...
So, it is my Time...
And so, Liberals… I already Told you what you gotta do.
So In the MeanTime
as there can be no National Dictation with Private Claims, inherent.
Chris Dodd can Speculate about that National Infrastructure Bank…
Made out of that Magic Private Billionaire Money.
Which Hillary Clinton still Refuses to Defend.
Like the One that the Democrats DisMantled in the First Place…
In someone’s Name.
The World of Denial in Which a Conservative Lives today...
In which yu’Sett’le
Where the People O’T’r ever saw Eye to Eye with an "Anglo”
Where there has ever Been any Relation et Al
For that Matter, even where Se’Kem’et ever Gave a Fuck in the First Place.
And then you over Steppe your Bont, every Time.
So I Tek’ut.
Land Loq Conservatism... What a Delusion.
Again Western Schism...
In What World?
You People are way too Attracted to Our System of Government. But then as they always seem to Find themSelves un’sure... Right?
I hate to Spit the Poise... that Line that was Beat over the Head of Black Second Class Citizens in this Country ...
You people can go Back to Africa.
The Saudis Maintain it as such...
Legitimate Nigerian Expansion... that’s of Note, Certainly, Lol
Not only am I the Q’n of Eng’le...
I am The Nigerian Prince Scam Lol
Place your Advance Fee here...
You have been Chosen to Receive a Kamallionbgjillion Dollars..
Thats not a Real Number Value, dont try to read too much into it.
It’s a Crazy... Absurd... Figure... I Assure you.
God Bless them, man.
Cause the way a lot of those are phrased “the Lost Prince who seeks his way home”
They may be looking to buy me.
The Scam Economy is one of the Greatest Sources of Humor in this World that is for Free Operated out of Micro Premises all around the World of many Angles...
where it is Legal...
Like a Mortgage or a Student Loan or Insurance for that matter.
and all payed for by The United Nation of The United States of America.
God Bless em.
It’s too Humid in Africa though.
I get all Saudi... apparently...
Sorry Swedes...
Keep trying to Print more Tax Payments though
They Figure out how to do that shit in a way that can’t be ReProduced they just Fuckin Win, I’ll tell you that Right now.
Then your all Fucked cause it’s like a Country of 10 million international Lawyers, Finance Agents, and Big Pharma Workers
But I’ll let you in on a Secret
China may one Day Figure Out how to TransMute Gold from Baser Materials.
They Invented Steel too...
Ask any American...
The Chinese Invented all kinds of things Lol
Like All of them!! Together!!! Lol
They Invented Everything, in China!!!
Meanwhile in America, the Conservative Movement is to Speak our against these Cruel Human’schtick
Science is Their Religion!!!
The Nature of Reality...
Is Their Religion...
The Shame...
Yes, it is, in Fact...
What...Is Real...
Has been the CornerStone
of Catholic DisCourse for Well over 6 Thousand Years...
But of what you refer to as Christian DisCourse, Certainly, for the last 2000.
The Nerve of you People, any People who Believe they have the Right or Power to Cause me Harm...
With what Is Real.
A Frm to this Day In HeBrew TransLates as Holy.
But Better to Drink the hemlock says the Utilitarian or be Crucified as an Arab.
“We Believe in nonsense in this Culture.”
At least the L’e’a Fail was something you Could’ve Robbed for Good Loq...
Can’t even do that Right.
Land Loq Conservatism.
But I’ll say it again and so that even many Conservatives May UnderStand...
And keep in mind this is Mostly Hypotethically, as it is entirely Possible to assume this will eventually Blow over...
If the Current State of the Republican Agenda is to Compete over who can ReDistribute the most “Home Ownership” to the Greatest amount of People In the Interest of then a smaller number of Financial Beaurecrats.
Then Persia is better at this than you too.
As you Define everything in the Interest of Saudis who I expect Maintain they are their Brothers Keeper.
And I don’t Know what you get out of this.
And it is one of those kinds of Deaks Folks...
Where the World is watching...
Because if this Country is Capable of such Denial that is not Capable of ReCognizing Officially that it is doing so...
Then this Country has Failed...
Capable of Being Influenced by the Designs and Tests of far too much Foreign Paper Money.
Too Capable of Empowering the Simplest Minded Ideologues willing to Enable to Above.
Then this Country has Automatically Failed the little Experiment it has PreAssumed that it is.
While Supplying Money to the very Foreign States that are Failing at the Expense of our own People, Both Publicly and Privately so...
As again, I don’t Know what you get out of this.
Except I Maintain it will one day Blow over, if it can not simply be ReFormed elsewhere...
Oh wait... it already is... as Original...
You see I am not a Plant...
Additionally as I Own no Entitlement...
Thus all of my Earnings should be Legitimate according to State and Constitutional Credit...
As my Family Earned a Principal Charter, a Humungous Thing...
Which this Country still does not ReCognize in its Creation of a Local Crises which I agree Grants them to Authority, at this Time to Dissuade themSelves From...
But then S^til Arch’e’mi’dues...
Or 0 is N’umbre Indeed.
This has become a 2 Party System of Idiots,
this is Kind, as they are that Dumb, note the Chris Dodd Joke. That’s very Real.
That is how Dumb both Party’s are,
As Dumb as Bernie Sanders calling for a Bailout of Greece... after our Bailout of Greece and their Alignment with the Russians.
Both Party’s... are this Stupid...
You Follow?
who both agree that Capital is Garnered only through Theft and Slavery...
But then who Made a Living in the First Place?
And why can’t you seem to do that.
I Realize that Communications have only just gotten to the Point within that last Two Decades or so, where you might finally be able to Se it...
More and more people around the World...
Can Se it... all over the Radio, all over Television.
more and more people of the World can Se it.
But that is how Moronic, how Gutteral, French-Anglo Cultute is...
How Simple Minded, Weak Willed,
How Dumb, Indeed....
of a Culture you all Represent.
I Find mySelf Listening to Man OverBoard again.
It’s Funny.
“Poseidon’s on a Mission.”
Chief God of the Druids, in fact.
The Droids, Mindless.
The Congregationalists, The Puritans.
Not Sol, not Helios.
Not S^n
The Winds of the Se
Of the Sa’L
Opposed to the Ro...
The O’r
Dumbest shits in the History of this Planet O’tera
Most Absurdly Corrupt to Boot, is probably the Truth as well.
“No take backs.”
Fuckin O’Ca’anan though man...
He’s got a lot to learn about the S^tun
S^ 9 Tun....
On the Next Episode of
Lord of the Rings: The Return of a Subsidized Foreign Entitlement...
Fuckin ungrateful Elves...
How the Earliest of Manifest Destiny used in this Country by the Founding Fathers as Formally recognized as the President of the United States, were used to Describe the Destiny of the Creole People of Hispanic Revolutions...
And their Expansions Wes’L’e’poq’t’Le...
Everything according to plan... I gues...
You Know Legally Speaking I could Probably Bomb New Zealand and Call it Religious Law in the Grounds of Destruction of Idols thanks to Peter Jackson
It’s actually Funny, Tolkien was actually given a Rank of the UKs Imperial Orders for that Book.
But I’m the bad guy... “S’au’r’un!!! S’au’r’un!!!”
It’s actually Funny, because Traditional French Doctrine Maintains that Power is handed Down from Divine Authority...
Like Hammurabi, except in their view by the Church...
The Brits, since the Magna Carta, Maintain a Form of Stasis
as Divine Authority is Maintained through the Will of the People and Consent of the Governed...
The Gaelician and Hispanic Kings and Nobility...
Because I Se’so...
Mind your own Fuckin Business...
And that’s the way we have always done things...
Furthermore Gaelician and Hispanic People’s Both, were well Known for their Position on the Divine Nature of The Individual Right, and it’s Will, as this is a Separate and Higher Authority than the Church Body.
It’s Fuckin Hilarious too.
All these Fuckin dipshits in political office who believe they are proving something about being equal to European “Nobility” tryna join a club...
You people buried the only Peer Reviewed, ReCognition of Principal Status of the American Continent that Exists in Europe...
And that’s for them to ponder is what the hell are they doing here?
But ultimately that will be what the next generation or so will be about...
Demonstrating to the Le’s that even that doesn’t matter Certainly.
That Stacking a Country with an EnTitled Popularion Bears no weight here...
Seriously then all they can even this Authorize is Life Under His Eminences Domain.
That’s how hilarious this Country is though...
It essentially backs a Coup in Puerto Rico for essentially other Entitled Europeans...
which it can not Separate from as there was no Popular or Economic Premise to Maintain it Locally, Buried it’s Municipal System
Begins to Hand them out themselves to their own Cities only to discover they can’t own them...
In a Loq System such as they Initiated...
A System of Chasis I actually Prefer to call it... a Loq is something else. That they just Exist Free.
There is not even any Rate in Existence by which they can Claim any Finalization in any Interest that is not already Settled in Operation.
That’s how we did it... indeed... As we did other stuff... Like actually Productive things... Like, even Education.
As they are still capable of going bankrupt at any time.
Due, if nothing else, to their Own Progressive Tax Requirements
But then Meanwhile, I at least, seem to be Owed a Shit Load of Money... Lol
it kind of Funny when to take into Consideration that you all Knew the Religion of Property Owning Puerto Rican’s was Austerity and Solvence in the First Place...
You all Knew these things, there can be no Entitled European Status in this Country... that has a say in a God Damn thing... of Note...
and then some stuff about Creating a Liquid of Eternal Youth and some stuff about Portals.. but never mind that Lol
It’s a part of the Memo that a lot of these people didn’t get. That even Trump perhaps neglected to Read. His Cute little Golf Course.
Then as it Certainly was never Intended in Florida. European Entitlements in America went Bankrupt approximately when everyone Realuzed that they “we’re all Citizens of Austria now!!!” Owned by the Church again...
Again, as you are not First, nor are you Anu Anu...
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