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carpediemm-18 · 13 days ago
Chris x painter reader where they meet at her exposition?
Before we proceed, I don’t a thing about painting. I was one of those kids of always skipped their art class. I have taken some liberty to change somethings, as usual. Hope you like it.
Something Beautiful
Pairing: Chris Evans x female! Reader
Summary: based on the above request.
Genre: fluff
A/N: Do not post my work anywhere. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open, I’ll be slow though.
Tumblr media
It was another sunny spring afternoon, the wind was getting warmer indicating the arrival of summer; a welcome relief for many people after a long and harsh winter.
And on this bright sunny day, Chris again found himself along with Dodger at his new watering hole, an old library that was recently renovated to add a cafe too.
The library has been his favorite place growing up and after decades now he again rediscovered it. The best part about this library was, it was empty most of the times.
Kids these were less into reading and more into audiobooks so that left only few old timers visiting the library and the cafe. Chris would sit by the window for hours with Dodger as he read a book or just watched the world pass by. There was a kind of peace this place gave to him.
Just like most days today was nothing different, except for few patrons who were soaking in sun and their coffee. Chris ordered his usual brew and wandered off into the library to get a book.
But today unlike the usual silence, he was greeted by your presence. You were stationed at a corner in library diagonally that would give you the complete view of the place.
And in front of you was a huge canvas and all kinds of painting equipment like number pencils, colors and brushes. And right now you were busy sketching the outline before you filled it with colors.
“That’s beautiful,” a foreign voice startled you and made you jump at your place. You were ready to scold the person for scaring you but as you turned you found Chris Evans standing right in front of you.
Speechless and shocked would be an understatement of what you were feeling when you saw him as you stood their tongue tied and it wasn’t until Chris spoke again that you found your voice back.
“I’m sorry for scaring you,” he apologised with a silly smile that brought a smile on your face. “It’s okay” you brushed it off and tried to concentrate of the task ahead to quell the butterflies in your stomach.
“Do you mind if I?” He asked politely as he pulled a chair. You nodded in confirmation and got back to your work.
“It’s not everyday you see someone painting in a library.”
“And it’s not everyday either that you find a Hollywood celebrity walking into a non descriptive library,” you countered and he chuckled raising his hand surrendering.
“This place is...” Chris stopped as he looked around and your gaze followed his. “This place reminds me of the good time I had as a kid, it gives me peace from the world and it’s one of the few place where I’m just Chris.” “It’s a place that’s...”
“That’s stood still in time,” you completed his sentence and he just nodded agreeing with you. “My masters final project is to present something that belongs to this world but there is a stillness. And what better than a library.”
What followed that afternoon became a routine for Chris and you. Everyday he’d be present with coffee and Dodger, giving his inputs and you could tell he didn’t know much but he was eager to learn. You both would talk about everything under the sun, talking with him felt normal, like you are talking to a friend. Only he was slowly becoming more than a friend.
Finally it was the last day of your painting in the library and were so nervous, because you were about to do something that could either be a start to something epic or it would end up crushing your heart.
“Hey you,” Chris walked in with a bright smile and two coffees. “So last day?” He questioned and you could feel the pain in your heart.
“Y/N, I...” Chris was trying to say something when you were almost finished and ready to pack up for good. “Yes, Chris.”
“I... will you... I mean I...” he looked so nervous and his cheeks turned red. His nervousness made you nervous and before he could say something and spoil your plan you blurted, “please be my date for the exhibit night.”
What followed next was a silence, a shocked silence from Chris and fearful silence from you. Every moment he kept gwaking at you with those blue eyes, you felt your heart will jump out of your chest and you’d pass out.
“Oh thank god,” Chris hugged you as he jumped in excitement. “I was about to ask you the same but as usual you completed by sentence,” he burst out laughing holding his left boob.
Watching him laugh in happiness made your heart burst into happiness and you knew this was start of something beautiful.
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carpediemm-18 · 14 days ago
I love your writing! I am a translator, could I ask for Chris x reader where you are a translator and he is impressed by how many languages can reader speak?
Hey lovely anon, sorry for the delay in writing your request! Writers blocks kicked in real hard, I hope I did justice to your request.
Happy reading.
Love Language
Pairing: Chris Evans x female! Reader
Summary: based on the above request.
Genre: Fluff
A/N: Don’t post my work anywhere. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open, I’ll be slow but!
Tumblr media
As he walked into the UN headquarters in New York that morning, Chris Evans had just one goal in mind; to get as much traction for ASP as possible and companionship was no where in his thoughts.
But now couple of hours later, sitting in the plush room of UN interview room across the huge rosewood table, he couldn’t keep gwaking at you and be in awe of your talent and skills. To the world you were a translator in the UN headquarters, helping representatives with their activities in the UN and over the period of time you have learned so much about the world, it’s problems that has the simplest solutions but no one was willing to find them.
You loved your job, Chris could tell that from across the room as you translated his and Mark’s questions to the representatives. Most kids would dream to be a model, doctor, engineer or anything in the world, but you always wanted to learn languages and do something with that knowledge. When the first interview ended Chris was disappointed that you will leave and he won’t even get an opportunity to talk to you. But he was clearly surprised when you sat through the next interview and the one after that too.
“Close your mouth Chris, you are being too obvious,” Mark hissed into Chris’ ears who couldn’t stop staring at you. You, who were aware of his constant gaze and the butterflies it unleashed on your stomach. Ever since you stepped in the room, your heart has been picking two beats and skipping a beat looking at the Adonis of a man sitting across you. You cheeks have been constantly heated and it has been really a task for you to keep the concentration on work. Of course he didn’t knew that because unlike him you couldn’t stare at him for more than couple of seconds. Every time your eyes met, butterflies did a somersault in your stomach and you’d look back at your laptop concentrating on work, or pretending to concentrate.
Finally it was time for lunch as since you were their host for the day, you ushered both the gentlemen into the huge canteen of the sprawling UN building. Chris as per your expectations was quickly swarmed for pics and autographs, he obliged to each of them politely. You and Mark took this opportunity to find a table with a nice view of the garden in all her glory.
Chris joined you after a couple of minutes and sat down with a huge sigh and everything feel silent on the table. Suddenly you felt nervous sitting right in front of him, you rubbed your sweaty palm on your dress pants while Chris rubbed his beard aggressively as he munched his salad and all Mark did was roll his eyes on the two idiots sitting there. When Mark realised his presence won’t do any good, he walked away giving the excuse that he needed fresh air.
After Mark’s exist the tension between you two seem to rise ten folds. Your heart was hammering real hard in your chest and you were sure even Chris could hear it. You tucked away imaginary hair tendrils behind your ears as Chris cleared his throat. “You are amazing you know,” Chris spoke breathlessly. “Is that what you tell to everyone?” You asked in an effort to ease the nerves and the laughter that followed did the trick.
“No, I tell this to only special people,” Chris winked at you clearly flirting. You laughed and replied, “find me impressed.” Again a silence fell in between you two, but this was a comfortable one. “So, what made you choose this profession?” Chris asked.
“Well, my father.” You replied as you moved your eyes away from him to the garden. “My father was a double masters and PhD honorary student when he landed in America, but he never got any good opportunities because Americans didn’t understand his language. He spent all his life as a factory worker. When I realised that I wanted to learn as many languages as I could, I didn’t knew what I’d with those languages but I wanted to tell my father that it’s not his loss.”
“And you proved it, not just to him but to the world,” Chris spoke with his eyes reflecting not just admiration and respect for you. You just smiled and looked down, not knowing how to respond to his compliment.
“Hey Y/N,” he gently tapped your hand “I was wondering if you could...” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Will you go out for dinner with me?” And closed his eyes in nervousness making you laugh. “Yes, Chris I’d love to go out for dinner with you.”
Just as you and Chris were exchanging numbers, Mark walked and sighed, “oh thank god! I was tired of walking in the garden.”
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carpediemm-18 · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
You Are/You Have
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader
Warning: D!ck talk! Minors DNI
Y/N: You are such a big dick!
Ransom: You have.
Y/N: Huh
Ransom: You have such a big dick, that’s the correct sentence honey.
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carpediemm-18 · a month ago
Tumblr media
To the Moon!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Wife! Reader
Summary: Steve on the moon!
A/N: Do not post my work anywhere. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
Steve Rogers Master-list
"So, how's the moon? You asked placing the cup of piping hot cocoa in front of Steve. Steve, who was concentrating on the canvas in front of him, gave you a confused look. "Huh," he had a dumbfounded look on his face. You smiled at his silly and stupidly handsome face and couldn't resist kissing him as your fingers played with his ginger beard.
"Not that I am complaining, I mean, I love kissing you but what's the talk about the moon?" Steve settled on the wing chair by the window with his cocoa. "About that," you settled on the chair opposite him and gave him the iPad which was till now lying forgotten in your arms. "Check that out," you asked him to read the headlines. Steve read through the headlines of him being on the moon on a special mission.
He shook his head and a chuckle escaped his throat. He placed the iPad on a table next to him and picked up the cocoa. A peaceful silence settled between you both as you enjoyed the hot beverage on this, particularly wet day. Steve's gaze followed the steam coming out of the mug and flowing out of the window where rain poured without a break. His eyes traveled as far as he could look and a content sigh escaped his lips.
After the endgame, after Tony's sacrifice, Steve traveled back to place the stones in their rightful timelines. He went to New York, he went to Vormir and in his words, he felt Natasha's presence, came face to face with his biggest nemesis; the red skull. And finally, he again stopped in New York but in the 40s, a time where he thought he belonged. He said goodbye to you earlier and even though it broke your heart, you let him go. You let him go because you were selfish and if you would have forced him to stay back, he wouldn't be happy and that's not fair to anyone. But few days in the 40s and Steve understood why he survived that plane crash for 70 years. He might have been born in that era but he didn't belong there. He gave Peggy the dance he promised and found his way back to you.
Once back, he decided to give his shield to Sam, something you never understood until the other day when you saw Sam taking up his role as Captain America. He wanted to have that life Tony asked him once to get, but now he wanted it to with you. Steve wanted to give up his previous life forever and settled down into a life of nobody and you being an ex-secret agent wanted the same. With the same goal in mind, you both vanish from the radar just like how sand slips away. You both traveled to a remote village in the mountains far away from where neither your or Steve's past could come knocking ever, brought a farm, and settled into a life you always dreamt but never thought would get.
"As long as I am with you, I am always on the moon darling," Steve whispered as he reached out to you and caressed your wedding band.
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carpediemm-18 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female! Reader x Zara, Dad! Chris Evans
Summary: a very jealous Zara.
A/N: Please don't post my work anywhere. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
“Oh shooooo,” Zara squealed again in her highchair where you were trying to feed her breakfast. Yours ‘and Chris’ three-year old was hyperactive since her dad informed her that she could go watch him work. The idea of Zara and you going to set popped up in Chris’ mind after he and Zara went your workplace, for a family day. The last time your baby girl visited her dad on set, she was 8 months old and mostly sleeping or being cranky after being held by the whole Avengers cast. Now, at three, Chris was excited to show her things, knowing she will remember these. The cherry on the cake was that Chris was shooting in Boston for his latest film, so it was even more easy for you both. After working out the details of your visit, you both zeroed on a Saturday when you get a free day. The idea was Chris would leave early as per his call time and you would join him with Zara right before lunch. She would get to spend the rest of the day on set, even sleep in his luxurious vanity, if she wants and you three will come back home together after grabbing dinner outside. It was a perfect plan for a perfect family day.
“Dodgie shooo,” Zara squealed again as she stuffed his mouth with her waffle. “Zara,” you called her because she knows not to feed her food to him but then she was so excited for today, she decided not to pay attention and giggle instead. You shook your head as you smiled and finished your coffee. Chris, as per his plan, left early after promising Zara to see her in a few hours. After finishing breakfast, you picked up Zara and left her to play with Dodger for some time as you packed her bag with her food, water, some toys, her stuffy rabbit, her coloring books and last but not least a spare dress because there is no way she’s gonna last the whole day in one outfit.
Finally, after getting ready, the three of you, you, Zara and Dodger finally got in the car for a short drive of 30 minutes to reach Chris’ set. “Mama,” Zara chirped from the backseat. “Yes baby,” you asked looking ahead after throwing a glance at her. “Dada,” and she giggled again. You laughed at her giddy expressions knowing she is Chris’s biggest fan. “Dada,” the next time Zara squealed was in excitement as she found Chris waiting outside to escort you three to the set.
“Dada,” She jumped as soon as you unbuckled and took her out of the car, much to your annoyance. This girl will give you a heart-attack someday. “Zara!” Chris exclaimed with the same excitement as they hugged each other. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes looking at them hugging as if they met after couple of years not hours. “Hey, you,” Chris took his attention from Zara and pecked your lips before petting Dodger as he ushered all three of you to the vanity.
Zara was thoroughly thrilled to be in the little home, as she liked to call Chris’ vanity. Dodger instantly made himself at home as he settled down on one of the couches and dozed off. Chris and you decided to have lunch before he took you both to the set. Zara wanted to be on the set, but Chris bribed her to have lunch first with a promise of ice cream. “Dada shoo,” she reminded him after every morsel and now even Chris was giddy.
Now on the set, Zara sat on the special cushioned chair Chris arranged for her. She wasn’t even an actress but already getting A-grade treatment. Perks of being an Evans, you thought. You looked at your daughter as she kept gawking at her father without blinking. Her tiny hands held a packet of jellybeans which she was munching nonstop.
The movie that Chris was currently shooting was that of a single father struggling to manage his life with his daughter and his career, willing to give up neither and trying to find a balance. The current set that you and Zara visited was of a pre-school which equally caught your little girls’ attention who hasn’t been to school yet. “Are you enjoying honey?” you asked her, and she nodded in yes without taking her eyes off Chris. He was her superhero and today he might have elevated even more in her eyes. However, Zara’s happy expression changed into a confused, then serious, then angry and jealous as soon the director called for the next shot.
The next shot involved Chris picking up his on-screen daughter from school which involved some cute father-daughter scenes. The girl was a little older than Zara, say 4 years and she was surprisingly good actor. You shook your head thinking if only you could get Zara to follow so many instructions. She was pampered and a little spoiled by all the Evans’. But as soon as Chris and his on-screen daughter hugged, Zara let out a gasp. You turned to look at Zara who was seething with anger and jealousy. You sensed a storm coming.
“Zar…” before you could say or stop her, Zara jumped out of her chair, her jellybeans fell on the floor, she even stepped on few of them and crushed them mercilessly as she sped towards her father. “He is my dada,” Zara screamed as she pulled the girl away from Chris and pushed her on the ground. Everything happened so fast that no one had time to act. You gasped and closed your mouth in shock and embarrassment. “No touch my dada,” Zara’s high-pitched voice echoed as she stood making an akimbo shielding Chris from daddy stealer – that’s what she called her later.
It took couple of minutes for Chris to comprehend the situation, but he burst out laughing. 10 years of relationship with you, 6 years as a couple and 4 as husband and wife, and first taste of jealousy for his work he got from his daughter. Chris laughed as he hugged Zara and helped the child to get up while you apologized to her parents who brushed it off laughing as they picked up their kid. The poor girl was confused as to what she did to earn Zara’s wrath.
Zara was still standing there, nostrils flaring, eyes pointed, trying to look menacing but instead looking extremely adorable. Chris laughed grabbing his left boob which made Zara even more angry. “Mama,” now her anger turned into tears as she ran to you and hugged your legs sobbing uncontrollably. You glared at Chris as you picked the crying girl and tried to make her calm. Chris controlled his laughter as the director announced a break and you walked towards his vanity.
Once inside the vanity, Zara wailed uncontrollably accusing her father of not loving her anymore. Trust an Evans to be overdramatic at every situation, you rolled eyes at your three-year-old when Chris walked in and took Zara from you for a coddling session.
“Hey piglet,” Chris cooed to the little girl who rested her head on his shoulder refusing to look at him. “Zara, pretty baby. I am so sorry,” Chris spoke to her as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes. “Sweet pea you are my whole world. Mommy and you are my whole universe,” Chris spoke, and you couldn’t help but smile. “Honey I was just acting. I love you so much and you are my baby and not her.” He spoke as he wiped tears from her cheeks.
“You pomise,” she hiccupped. “I do baby girl,” Chris kissed her cheeks and tickled her to make her smile, and she did. But let’s just say this was the first and the last time you and Zara visited Chris on this movie set.
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carpediemm-18 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Shopping with Ransom
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female! Reader
Summary: Taking Ransom out for shopping.
Genre: fluff, minor smut, 18+, oral (male recovering), minors entry restricted!
A/N: Don not steal my work! Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open, but I’ll be slow in responding.
Ransom Drysdale Masterlist
Shopping with Ransom is absolute fun but getting him to agree to come with you is absolute nightmare.
He would throw a tantrum and try and seduce you to giving into his demands but you are strong. Once you’ve made your mind there is no backing out.
You decide to give your stubborn boyfriend a mind numbing and toe curling blow job. As your fingers and tongue wreck a havoc on his dock, Ransom is left screaming your name as his fingers dig into your hair pushing you more.
Once he has experienced his release and cum deep in your throat “, making an absolute mess; Ransom is in an absolute daze where his mind is foggy with lust. You grind against him and place feather kisses along his jawline as you ask him to go shopping with you. Since he’s in a state of absolute bliss he’d agree.
Needless to say he’ll be whining and grumpy all through the ride saying you tricked him but you know secretly he loved showing you and his Beamer off to the world and shopping was one such occasion.
Once in the mall the houses all the major designers, Ransom is out of his sulking state and drags you to shop with him and for him. You’d roll your eyes because now he’s excited about his shopping.
Changing room make out is a must for Ransom. He calls it payback for tricking him. It’s fun because the way you two act making sensuous sounds, it’d gross out other peaople and nothing gives Ransom more pleasure than pissing people off.
Ransom would pamper you with all the designer stuff from outfits to shoes to jewelry to makeup to bags and perfume.
Even though you earn quite well enough but he’d never let you pay saying it’s his responsibility. But the truth is he’d always use Linda’s credit card to piss her off.
Halfway into shopping you’d again trick Ranaom into carrying your bags promising him sexy times back home feat FentyxRihanna. So you end up buying some sexy FentyxRihanna that leaves little to imagination.
Now after all this shopping Ransom would treat you to the greasiest burger and milkshake from his favorite diner.
You end the day with a couples message in the country club and proceed to have the promised sexy times feat FentyxRihanna.
Shopping with Ransom is fun and we all deserve it!
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carpediemm-18 · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female! Reader
Summary: It's all about Saudade of Ransom.
Genre: Angsty. Sad boi Ransom hours!
Warning: Sexual themes, 18+ and no minors!
A/N: Please don't post my work anywhere! Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open but I will be slow!
This is my third & final entry for Siri's 5K Soft Dark Challenge by @stargazingfangirl18. I'll be taking a break from writing for a couple of days, will be lingering here, liking and reblogging stuff but no writing for me.
Tumblr media
Another night, loud music, smoke-filled air that would make the lungs contract in pain, and a bar overflowing with drinks and people. People were everywhere, to his left, right, and one on his top too. This was Ransom’s regular life in suburban Boston, he was a writer by day, living with his grandfather, and playboy by night where his one arm had the most expensive scotch and the other had a girl who was barely dressed, leaving nothing to imagine. Not that Ransom wanted to imagine anything, not that he hadn’t seen anything. However, the funniest part was that he wasn’t even interested in any of those girls, they were a good one-night’s fuck to give him a release from everything life would throw at him. Neither he would remember their names, nor he was planning.
Tonight, was no different, Ransom was sitting in a secluded corner, reserved especially for him. He held the most expensive scotch the bar had to offer in one hand while his other hand was holding a girl who was sitting on his lap placing gentle kisses on his jaw. Ransom chugged the scotch before his hand traveled into her hair and pulled her back harshly. “Oww, Ransom,” the girl whined, “be gentle honey,” she tried to kiss him, but Ransom stopped her midway. He held her cheeks harshly making her wince in pain, “Shh, Audrey,” he spoke, and she cut him off again, “It’s Sidney.” Ransom left her face and dismissed her, “ptfff! Who cares what your name is,” and just like that he made her get up and decided to leave the place. “Where are you going?” Sidney tried to stop him but she jerked her hand and left saying, “none of your business.”
Ransom walked out of the bar and the cold air hit his face with the force awakening him. He looked around the curb, again there were people, laughing, smiling, just being happy in each other’s company, he doesn’t know when the last time was, he felt this way. The cold wind sends a shiver down his body as Ransom struggled to button up his jacket, he always struggled to button them up but he never worried before because you’d take up with a smile and say, “You gotta learn to do it yourself Ran.” He’d shrug it every time saying he has you, he didn’t need to worry and now that he doesn’t have you, he stopped trying to ever button up his jackets. The cold wind hitting his chest making him shiver was the reminder of the emptiness of his life and he didn’t want to ever let that go.
The horn of the car broke his train of thoughts, but he dismissed saying he was too drunk to drive instead took an Uber. Sitting on the back seat of the Uber, he saw city lights pass by in a blur just like your memories, every now and then they pass by his heart sending his entire existence into a daze. He took out the flask tucked in his jacket’s inner pocket and drowned himself in the taste of raw whiskey. It burned his throat but in Ransom’s famous words, “my soul is burning, no fire can ever burn me now.”
By the time Uber pulled in front of the Thromby mansion, Ransom was drunk, not tipsy drunk but unable to keep my balance drunk. He could barely count the money when the Uber driver informed him that the cab was prepaid and in response to this Ransom slurred a thank you as the driver sped off. Unable to keep his balance, he sat down on the steps when Harlan noticed his slouched figure. He went down to bring him in when Marta interjected him informing him rightly that he can’t bring him alone. Harlan looped her into helping Ransom, against her wishes considering she hated him. And Marta wasn’t an exception, Ransom was rude and condescending to everyone. It was a big surprise as well as a shock for them that Harlan loved Ransom so dearly. In the words of Fran, Ransom must have done some black magic on him.
Marta dragged Ransom mush to Harlan’s amusement. “Don’t laugh Harlan,” she scolded him as she continued, “When I woke up this morning, I certainly didn’t think my day would end like this.” Harlan chuckled, “It’s a good day Marta and he is not a bad man.” “Are you talking about some other Ransom? Because this bastard here is a heartless monster,” Marta made a face and Harlan sighed sadly muttering under his breathe, “if only you knew.” “Wha….” Marta’s words were drowned when Ransom held her hand and spoke, “Y/N, you are here.” Harlan froze at his spot while Marta kept looking between him and Ransom, clueless about Y/N. “So long darlin. So lonnnnn….,” he slurred before falling back into sleep. Harlan covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead and walked out followed by a confused Marta.
A couple of hours later, Harlan was getting ready to receive his medication before retiring for the night. Marta was preparing his meds, but he could see questions on her face and decided to answer her in the hope that there will be at least one less person misunderstanding Ransom.
“Y/N was the girl who taught Ransom how to live and she was also the girl who killed him,” Harlan spoke after a long silence that filled the room. “Was?” Marta questioned fearing and Harlan’s lips curved in a sad smile. “She was the daughter of my editor, Ransom first met here when they both were 4 years old. Her father had left her mother who was alone in this world, so she brought her daughter to work with her. The first day they fought over a teddy bear, her teddy bear, and the second day they made peace over a cupcake and learned to share the teddy bear. She was Ransom’s first and only friend. They did everything together, they played together, ate lunch together, went to school together. The void of love that Ransom had in his life was filled by her first as his friend and then as his soulmate. When she was around, he would smile a little more, with her in his life he learned to love and forgive everyone. Ransom even made amends with his ever-absent parents. Not because he wanted to, but because she wanted him to. Y/N was the breath of fresh air his life needed. They would spend hours laying on that lawn,” Harlan motioned to the beautifully curated lawn as his heart reminisced the good old days. “They would lay on the grass on a summer night, counting stars, building dreams, and sharing kisses. She made everyone see that Ransom has a heart and all it needed was love. And Ransom, well, he didn’t need anyone when she was with him. They both would discuss story plots for hours, banter and fight over it and then Ransom would always make it up by baking her favorite cupcakes.” Marta’s mouth fell open knowing that Ransom baked and baked for someone who is not him.
“They were engaged to be married, he proposed to her on her 22nd birthday. They couldn’t wait to get married and have a family. I remember Ransom telling me what kind of father he would be, how excited he used to get thinking about his future child’s first steps, first words, first year, first day at school. He vowed he would never miss a day in their life. He promised he would be the father he always craved for. But fate had something else planned. Y/N would often feel tired, fatigued, and kept passing out and when we took her to the doctor, they diagnosed her with a rare tumor. I saw Ransom’s whole world collapse right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. The tumor was malignant and spreading rapidly and before we knew Y/N was in hospice care counting her last days. Ransom and Y/N wanted a lifetime with each other, and God gave them few days borrowed from death.” Harlan broke down as he remembered Y/N’s frail figure crying in front of him because she was scared. She was scared of dying, she was scared of leaving Ransom alone but she couldn’t express this in front of him so she would cry when he was out getting meds. Marta wiped Harlan’s tears followed by her own thinking how wrong she was all this while.
“Even when she was dying. Y/N made Ransom promise that he won’t stop writing and he fulfilled her promise. She also wanted him to move on, but Ransom was adamant that if it wasn’t her, it wasn’t no one. He would spend every moment with her, trying to collect as many memories as he could. There was a time when Ransom didn’t let her go to New York alone and now she was leaving for a place where he can’t reach her. One night when we were having dinner, she told us that she saw angels and two days later she passed away in his arms. I remember the moment so distinctly, something snapped inside him. He never cried, not at least in front of me. That day the Ransom I knew, the Ransom she loved and the Ransom he was for her, died with her. He became rude, arrogant, and a playboy. He is not a bad man Marta, he is a man who was robbed by fate. He wanted just one thing and god couldn’t give him that.”
Few days passed by that night and one morning Marta walked in to see Ransom leaving hurriedly to somewhere. She saw the kitchen was disheveled and decided to follow him. Half an hour later, Ransom stopped in front of a cemetery and took out the flowers and the cupcakes he baked. He walked up to Y/N’s grave and placed both the items whispering a choked happy birthday.
Marta who was standing behind a tree saw Ransom sitting by the grave, caressing Y/N’s picture on the headstone as he shed tears and soon his whole body shook with sobs. Marta held back her sobs as she muttered, “you are wrong Harlan. He cries but his tears are just for her and not for the world.” And she walked away leaving Ransom with the love and pain of his life.
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago
Reader and Chris went to high school together amd they had a sort of relationship, nothing serious, just for fun but they meet again years later during a reunion with high school mates and they decide to start again but seriously? It doesn't have to be smut. Thank youuuu
Oh I love these plots! Here’s your request sweet anon! As usual I did some changes but stuck to the plot. Hope you’d like it!
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female! Reader
Summary: based on the above request.
Genre: fluff and just fluff!
A/N: please don’t post my work anywhere. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
Tumblr media
You were back at your parents home in Sudbury after a gap of 7 years just in time for your high school reunion.
All these years although you tried to keep in touch with as many people as you could but your job as a wildlife photographer didn’t leave much scope, but here you are today going to meet your buddies and besties after a long time.
Dressed in a crop top and skirt, you gave your appearance a final glance when you felt something was missing. Deciding to glam up your appearance a bit you looked for some nice earrings from your old jewelry box when your fingers stopped at the pair of blue tear drop earrings.
You gently brushed your fingers on the earrings feeling them as they brought back all the memories of the man who gifted you them, Chris Evans, your high school sweetheart.
And just like that your heart went back to the day in your highschool life when Chris and you decided to break up. You both started dating in sophomore year out of a dare but it soon turned out to be serious, at least for you.
It didn’t take much time for you to realise that you were in love with Chris and he loved you too, but as much as you wanted Chris to love you back the same way, you knew he was more in love with his dreams.
Knowing that tieing him to you won’t do any good to both of you so you decided to let him free. You both broke up mutually and set out to chase your own dreams.
While you pursued your own career in photography and soon found calling in the wild, you saw Chris rise to phenomenal heights of success. From a geeky dork I’m Not Another Teen Movie to international heartthrob as Steve Rogers, you kept an eye on his journey to success and felt proud.
It also meant knowing the women in his life and every time there was someone in his life, it hurt you. You accepted long back that Chris was your first unrequited sort of love and you can never I love him.
The ring of your phone broke your chain of thoughts and you brushed the thoughts aside to pick up the blue tear drop earrings and wear them.
Today was all about school and Chris was huge part of that life. You weren’t sure if he’d turn up for the party because you didn’t ask anyone but somehow you wanted to keep him close tonight, even if it was through the earrings he gave you more than a decade ago.
As you walked into the school, you realised nothing has changed there. It felt that just yesterday you ran through these hallways giggling with your friends, holding your boyfriends hands.
You met all your old friends who were happy to meet you again after a long time. They were all so proud of how successful you’ve become. You sang and danced with them but every now and then you couldn’t help to look at the gates.
“I don’t think Chris can make it,” your friend spoke after noticing your actions for quite sometime. “They are saying he’s not in town, shooting somewhere in Europe.” You gave her a small but sad smile and walked away.
Even though you told yourself it’s okay if Chris won’t turn up but you couldn’t deny the pain you felt with his absence.
You just wanted to see him once, hold him once and tell him that you still loved him.
Feeling suffocated, you picked up your drink and made your way to the terrace. The terrace was your and Chris’ secret meeting spot when you both wanted some privacy.
As soon as you walked on to the terrace, cool breeze welcomed you with open arms. You smiled feeling the fresh air Touch and soothe your skin.
You sat on the ledge looking at the dates reminiscing the moments you spent on this very terrace when a known voice broke your reviver.
“Chris,” you whispered as you turned slowly to face the man who has occupied your thoughts since you were 14.
“Hey,” he gave you his trademark boyish grin which was same after all these years. “I thought that I’d find you here after a burst told me that you’ve been waiting for me.”
Cocky bastard, you thought looking at the smug smirk on his face. “I wasn’t missing you ok...” your words died in between when Chris spoke, “but I did. Every day in all these years.”
Your breathe hitched hearing his words, “I’ve gone places, met people but none of them are you. I spent so much time thinking why my relationships won’t ever work because I tried to find you in them.”
“Chris,” you wanted to say something but didn’t know how. You missed him? Yes. You loved him? Of course.
“Let’s start over but this time as adults,” Chris proposed and you smiled before sealing your lips with his to rekindle the flame burning deep within you both.
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female! Reader
Summary: The moment Steve fell in love with you.
Genre: Fluff, because I am good at it.
Word count: 2500+
A/N: please don't post my work anywhere else. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open. This is my official entry to Siri's 5K Soft Dark Challenge by @stargazingfangirl18.
“And that was the moment I realized, I was in love with her,” Bucky replied kissing his fiancée’s palm while he narrated his love story to you and Steve. Bucky and his fiancée were visiting your home for dinner and to invite you and Steve for their wedding, not that Bucky needed to invite Steve because he was his best man, but he wanted his future wife to meet you and get to know to you. After Steve, you were the one person he was close to. He often told you that you reminded him of his little sister whom he lost to time.
After wrapping up the scrumptious dinner and bidding the happy couple goodbye, Steve and you retired for the night. Laying in each other’s arms you couldn’t stop ranting about what you are gonna wear for his wedding, what should you wear for the wedding and without even knowing you fell asleep in Steve’s arms. While you slept peacefully, snoring without a worry of the world, Steve couldn’t stop thinking about how Bucky spoke about the moment he fell in love. “What’s the moment when I fell in love with Y/N?” Steve whispered as he skimmed his fingers over your bare arms and let his mind wander into memories.
Was it the first time he met? Maybe, probably or maybe not, his brain replied as he smiled remembering how he met you.
“oh my god,” a loud gasp fell from your lips. It was your first day of work and you were already lost in the humongous Avengers compound. You were hired by Tony and Pepper to teach piano to Morgan and while searching for music room, you wandered into the gym where Steve was working out. Well, he was mercilessly hitting the punching bag dressed in his trademark tight white tee shirt that outlined his huge muscles. You wanted to leave, hell you should have left but when America’s golden boy is looking all yummy, leaving was not an option. You lost the track of time and when the sheer force of his punch broke the bag, you couldn’t help but gasp and it caught Steve’s attention. He turned around to find you looking at him like a deer caught in headlights. Your eyes were as wide as saucers after being caught red handed by the man himself. “Hey golden boy,” you spoke in a squeaky voice instantly regretting your words and Steve choked on water that he was drinking. “I mean no,” you tried to give an explanation but the serious look on his face made you nervous and you started to laugh like a maniac. “I mean I wasn’t ogling at you,” you shrugged your shoulders and spoke more to regret instantly, “I mean what’s there to look. You have good no slash that great muscles, but I wasn’t looking at them.” You wanted to shut up but somehow your mouth refused to comply, “I was so totally not looking at that white shirt,” your gaze stopped at his sweat soaked tee shirt which outlined his abs. Steve cleared his throat and spoke, “eyes up here.” “Again, I wasn’t counting your abs,” you explained and regretted, and Steve couldn’t help but laugh at your awkward flirting. He thought he was the weird one but today he met someone who is weirder than him. “oh my god, please don’t be offended captain sexy,” you couldn’t believe your mouth and decided not to stay there anymore and ran away.
Steve chuckled making sure he didn’t wake you up. Nah, he didn’t fall in love with you in the first meeting. Maybe he was a little attractive, he found you cute and you were as awkward as Steve was. In Tony’s words, you might be his type.
Maybe it was your second meeting where he and you established a deep friendship that suppressed the decades of gap you both had. Steve’s mind again wandered into the memory lane to the afternoon when he met you again.
It was a rare and lazy September afternoon for Steve. There was no world crisis that needed his or the Avengers attention. The fall was making its presence felt, the leaves have started turning their colors into rainbow hues, the nip in the air was welcomed and the pumpkin smell everywhere was ushering in the festive season starting with Halloween. While Pepper and Nat were busy working on some charity that Nat started. Tony was in lab with Bruce. Sam was with his support group and Steve was alone in the compound or that’s what he thought was he made his way towards the kitchen to get some coffee when a familiar tune hit his ears. Initially he thought someone was back, but the tune was old school music and apart from him no one ever listened to it. Steve’s steps automatically followed the sound of music and it stopped in front of a door. He tried to open the door sneakily after contemplating for few minutes only to find you playing the piano as Morgan danced. You and her kept giggling in between until Morgan noticed Steve and ran to him squealing, “uncle, Steve.” Your fingers froze hearing his name because after successfully embarrassing yourself in front captain America, you managed to dodge him until now. “Hey,” Steve’s voice broke your chain of thoughts. You turned and without meeting his eyes muttered a quite sorry. A calm prevailed between you both and it was only broken when Morgan started laughing. “You both are so pink. I must tell daddy,” and she ran away. Steve rubbed his fingers on his forehead knowing Tony is gonna give him hell now. “So, you are Morgan’s teacher?” Steve finally mustered courage to ask you. You nodded not trusting your voice. “That song,” Steve gestured towards the piano. “That’s very old,” he asked in a surprised tone. “Yes,” you took your seat by the piano and gestured him to sit. “My grandfather and grandmother used to play this song often. They’d dance on this song, play together on their grand old piano. This song is a testament of their love and a symbol of true love for me. It connects me to them.” Steve looked at you mesmerized as you poured your heart out.
Steve’s lips curved into a smile realizing that he was falling for you that afternoon when you spent hours talking. And everyday after that. ‘That is love,’ his brain whispered but was it the moment he realized she is the one? Maybe, it was their fifth date where you asked him to move in with you.
It was 2 days after Steve’s birthday that you invited him out for a birthday dinner because Steve was out there saving the world on his birthday, so you had to reschedule. Although it was dinner you were hosting for Steve, he still insisted to pick you up because gentleman code. The location of date was a surprise for Steve and you really hoped he would be surprised. As soon as the car pulled up outside a quaint café tucked away in a closed corner of Brooklyn, Steve was indeed surprised. It was the same café that Steve and Bucky would often visit back in the day. While most of the things in Brooklyn changed over decades, the café managed to shield itself from those changes. Once in there Steve ordered the regular cheeseburger and milkshake and realized the taste remains the same. It was over his birthday muffin that you asked Steve to move in with him. You know Steve longed for normalcy and the Avengers compound would never give him that. It took Steve few days to accept the offer and as soon as the first evening of his moving in rolled in, he knew he made the right decision. He knew he was home.
Steve looked at you as you slept on the other side of the bed with your back facing him. Sleep was far away from Steve, so he placed a gentle kiss on your cheek and walked out in the balcony as his mind and heart again traveled back to memories when you made his heart swell.
It was the most happy and anxious time for Steve because Bucky was coming back. After spending few years and Wakanda getting himself fixed – that’s what he liked to call it, Bucky was coming back for good. Steve was excited because his best friend, his brother was coming home and on the other hand he was nervous how Bucky will adjust to life and his new environment. Just like Steve even Bucky has to learn to live in a world that he didn’t belong too. But it was even more difficult for Bucky because he has immense trauma to deal with, the emotional baggage, and the guilt. Even though Tony assured it was all okay now because he realized it was Hydra and not Bucky Steve was still apprehensive to leave him at compound. And that’s when you jumped in asking Steve to get Bucky to your shared home. “Y/N, are you sure?” Steve asked not believing what you just said. You just took his hand in yours and replied, “he is your family Steve. Your family is my family.” “And you are my whole world,” Steve smiled before sealing his lips with yours.
He still distinctly remembers the day and the days after that day when Bucky moved in. He was closed in himself not trusting anyone other than Steve. But you have been patient with him, giving him space but still hovering in case he needed anything. Steve had to learn everything on his own but he was glad, Bucky had you as his 21stcentury guide. From being Steve’s girlfriend to being his sister, Bucky and you took an epic journey. He knew he was in love with you, head over heels love. You made him feel things he never thought he’d feel. You tugged his heart in a way that even Peggy couldn’t. Steve rolled the gold wedding band as he thought about the moment of love with you and the thought took him straight to the day when he proposed to you, well it was exactly a proposal people would expect.
It was a usual Sunday in your and Steve’s life where you spent most of your morning in the bed, catching up with all the lost sleep. Steve being Steve was unable to sleep even on Sunday, so he’d get up as usual, go for his run and indulge in his activities while you slept. But of late, Steve made a habit of getting you breakfast or rather brunch in the bed. He’d make your favorite blueberry pancakes every Sunday and this Sunday was no different. By the time you walked out of bathroom after brushing your teeth, Steve was already done plating food. “I could get used to being domesticated with you,” you sighed as you took seat on the window couch. “Do you?” he asked a little shocked and you just ‘hmm’d’ tucking in the delicious breakfast. “Do you want to get married to me and have a future together?” Steve asked making you stop in your tracks. “Do you see a future with me?” You asked a little shocked. “You are my future,” these words from Steve brought tears in your eyes as you sniffled, “if only we had a ring right now.” “Actually, we do have a ring,” Steve ran to his wardrobe and came back with an old ring box. He opened it to reveal his mother’s ring. He slipped the ring on your finger and kissed over it sealing a promise of forever.
Steve smiled as he ran fingers over his wedding band gently and with every spin his smile grew bigger making his face ache, but he wasn’t complaining. He has waited decades to smile, to be happy, to be the person he was before world turned upside and now, he finally got that opportunity. He is going to live his fullest. And just like that he again slipped into the memory lane to the day of your wedding.
It was a beautiful and cold day in New York. Today was kind of the day when the world would like to sleep a little more soaked in the warmth of those soft blankets, but the Avengers compound was bustling with activity. Today was also the day when America’s golden boy, the symbol of America’s patriotism, Steve Rogers was getting hitched. Today was the day of Steve’s ‘happy beginning’. Steve expected himself to be nervous but on the contrary he was confident. As he buttoned up his blazer, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and never felt more content with himself and everything around him. He knew there would be roadblocks and hindrances, but he also knew he got you with him in all those situations. There was just one thing or rather one person he missed today, Sarah Rogers, his mother. She struggled all her life making sure she bought few more days for her sick son and her constant fight for Steve’s health and well being eventually became the reason she perished. Steve could never forgive himself for her death, no matter what anyone told him. How much he wished she was here today, or the day he came Captain America. How he wished he could tell her that he survived and made her proud. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes when he remembered your words, ‘Steve, your mother is always here,’ you placed his hand over his heart, ‘and as long as this is beating, she is with you.’ He blinked placing his hand over his heart feeling her presence. But Steve was in for a real surprise when he walked to the alter. In the first row there was a beautiful painting of a smiling Sarah Rogers sitting nicely on a chair. Steve looked at Tony with surprise as this was the same tattered pic of his mother from back in 40s. “Y/N,” Tony answered his question in one word and right on cue, you walked out with Bucky.
“What are you doing here?” your question broke Steve’s chain of thoughts. “What are you thinking about?” you asked sitting on his lap. “You,” Steve replied as he pulled you close to him wrapping his big hands around your body, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”You didn’t reply anything and a comfortable silence fell in between both of you while you watched stars and it was then it dawned upon Steve that there is no one moment but a series of moments, as small as this one right now or as big as your wedding day when you both danced on the same song that was associated with your grandparents and now it was your song, when he knew you are the one for him. Steve also knew there will be many more moments in future, and he was ready for all of them.
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago babyyyy this makes me think of how chris would do y/n after she tells him that she had a long day at work and she just wants him to fuck the day out of her🥺😩😫 pleaseeee it makes my little kitty tingle!!
Hey dear anon,
Here we go with your request. I hope it is what your expected. Please forgive e if I fall short cause smut isn’t really my forte. Hope you enjoy reading this!
Tumblr media
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello dearest anon. Here’s the fic requested by you, I took the liberty to make some changes (because creativity). Also, I have never attempted smut so please forgive me if I failed to live up to your expectations.
Tied to Passion
Pairing: Chris Evans x female! Reader
Summary: based on above request
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
Warning: NSFW, 18+ content, unprotected sex, spanking, bondage, orgasm (f receiving), dom Chris; I guess, no minors please. Also, your media consumption is your responsibility.
I am really bad at writing smut, so, please don’t hate me. *hides under the table*
Main Master-list
Tumblr media
As soon as you shut down the engine, you let out a deep sigh and rested your head on the steering wheel. It has been a long day and a longer week where nothing seemed to be going right. The project which you were supposed to be delivering this week crashed right in the middle of the client testing, your client partner manager had almost lost his cool and yelled at you without even knowing the reason, and then when you fixed that up the client came with many more change requests without willing to extend the deadline. At one point you were ready to quit because you didn’t deserve to have a pressure cooker all the time on your head, you almost had a mental breakdown and Chris, your boyfriend had to counsel you on phone as you sat in the washroom crying over the stress. But that is the thing of the past now as issues were eventually resolved and your spring break had finally started. This means one thing, one week of uninterrupted time with Chris before you both went back to your works.
This gave you energy as you picked up your belongings and walked into a silent home. All the lights were off and there was no sight of any living soul namely Chris or Dodger, the latter bouncing off as soon as he catches your scent. You came to conclusion that they must have been out for walk and walked into the bedroom to see a packet and a note – take shower, get dressed in this and meet me in the third room to your left. And oh! Wear that red lipstick – Chris. Your heart fluttered thinking Chris has planned a romantic date for you. You took the packet and quickly jumped into shower. After washing yourself with warm water, you felt alive to do light makeup and put that red lipstick. However, it wasn’t until you opened the packet you realized Chris wasn’t planning any romantic date for you because he gave you this white shirt to wear. Another note fell from the shirt as you opened it – No undergarments. You could already feel wetness pooling in between your thighs as million scenarios flashed through your mind. You clenched your thighs to control your throbbing cunt and put on the shirt before walking into the said room.
You gasped as soon as you entered the room, you never used guest room was turned into a red room of pleasure, same as the one from Fifty Shades of Grey. Your gawking came to a halt when you heard Chris, who was laying on the bed in all his naked glory. There was not a single thread on his body and your eyes were glued on his bulging cock. “Eyes up here honey,” he spoke with that deep captain America voice that always turned you on. You gulped and locked eyes with him as he continued to speak, “since you so wanted to have a red room, I created this one for you.” He got out of the bed taking painfully slow steps towards you. His eyes were dark, his skin chiseled with muscles and his ripped out, everything about this man made your mouth water and your hands involuntarily went to your cunt. “Nah, no touching,” Chris ordered, and you stopped in your tracks with your two fingers right above your vagina.
“When did you do this,” you asked in a breathless tone as his fingers played with your buds over the shirt fabric. “Did I tell you that you look sinful in my white shirt and coming to your question,” he undid first two buttons of the shirt as spoke, “you were so busy this week and I was so free hence I made this for us.” And with that he ripped that shirt apart muttering some curses under his breathe. You sighed as he took your lips for a hungry kiss while his fingers traced every feature of your face and your body from your jaws to your belly button where his pinky finger made home and started caressing it. You whimpered with that sensation and Chris took the opportunity to enter in your mouth and trace every corner with his tongue. You were aroused that you were ready for your release, but Chris abruptly broke the kiss and hissed biting your soft spot right below your ear, “don’t cum so soon.”
He held your arm as he led you to the middle of the room where a pushup bar was hanging. “Research says,” he took your hand and handcuffed it to the bar, “sex is the best stress buster.” “Who did that research,” you spoke trying to kiss his chest tattoo. “I did that,” he smooched you as he handcuffed your other hand too. “You comfy,” he asked and you smiled as how this man was concerned about your comfort even in the height of passion. “More than comfy baby,” and with that Chris took a step back and eyed you making you feel conscious. “Beautiful,” he looked at you like a blind man looks at the sun for the first time and that made you blush. He walked past you and picked up something and just as you were about to turn you felt a cool leather slap your bum. You gasped as the tingling sensation which started in your stomach as Chris spanked another ass cheek.
“Oh my…,” words died down in your throat as you felt another jolt from the leather spanker on your rear. Chris walked up to you from behind and whispered, “Is this what you wanted?” he gripped your ass and pressed his fingers into your soft skin as you hissed in pain and pleasure. You bobbed your head when he bit your neck and whispered again, “words baby words.” “Ye.. Yes Chris,” you whimpered clenching your things when you felt another slap but this time it was his palm, he was rough yet gentle making sure you aren’t hurt too much. “Oh my god,” you screamed as he slapped you again, “So my slut has got a spanking kink? Is this why you need a red room?” “Yes…” you let out a labored sigh. You were so turned on and to amp up the torture Chris walked in front of you with a tickler.
He tranced every inch of your body with that starting from your forehead, going down your lips, neck, your breasts where he spent extended amount of time teasing your erected buds which left you pleading, “Chris please.” “Please what honey,” he asked in a teasing voice as the feathers made some abstract figure on your stomach. “Please touch me,” you begged as he spread your legs and started tickling your vagina. Except you felt more aroused than ticklish. “Oh,” you whimpered as you rolled your eyes and threw your head back in pleasure. The feather played with the lips of your vagina. His one hand controlled the feathers in teasing your cunt and his other hand played with your breasts, kneading them and pinching them. “You’d appreciate your fingers in me,” you somehow formed a coherent sentence you hung in between heaven and earth. “There’s still time baby,” he spoke as he took one of your breasts in his mouth making you gasped. Finally, ending your wait he dropped the tickler and without any warning insert his two digits in your pussy making you mutter a string of profanities. He thrust his fingers into you with full force stretching your tight cunt and making it ready for his dick. You could feel the wetness pooling down in you as the knot in your stomach tightened. You have held your orgasm long enough but not anymore. “Chris, I am gonna cum,” you whimpered as his lips ravaged your neck, breasts and your stomach. “Come for me baby,” he spoke in a labored voice as his lips traveled down south and settled right over your pussy. He took out his fingers and one replaced it with his tongue and one lick you came undone. Chris was already ready to drink your juices as he locked eyes with you. You bit your bottom lip to stop your self from screaming his name. After licking you clean, he got up and kissed you, making you taste yourself and you tasted salty.
He undid the cuffs and carried you to the bed and without giving any warning pushed his erection in you. “Oh, I missed you,” now it was his turn to whimper as you dug your nails on his back. He started off slow but soon picked up the pace thrusting in and out of you at an accelerated speed. His jaw was clenched, and eyes locked with you. You both didn’t need any words at that moment because the language his dick spoke to your cunt was enough to coney your feelings. He put one of your leg on his shoulder and started hitting hard as the bed creaked at his pace. You started to knead your breasts throwing your head back with pleasure. Soon you felt his lips on your neck and your hands found their way into his glorious mane. “I am gonna cum soon honey,” he whimpered, and you rubbed his back whispering, “let’s come together.” As soon as those words left your mouth, you both came undone.
Chris collapsed on top of you as you both worked to get your breathing back to normal. Your bodies were entangled as he was still buried deep inside you, your sweaty body rubbing against him made you feel safe and secure. Researcher Chris Evans was right, sex is indeed the best stress buster.
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey lovely anon, thank you so much for this amazing request. Actually, this matches with my work, Days of Our Lives where y/n is an animator, and she meets Chris for the first time while working on the same project as him. So, I hope you don’t mind me making this a part of Days of Our Lives. Enjoy the fic!
Meet Cute – Part 5 Days of Our Lives
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female! Reader
Summary: based on above request
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
Days of Our Lives Master-list
Main Master-list
Chris woke up with an extra pep today. He has been looking forward to this day for the past couple of days and the day was finally here. Today was the day when he was supposed to go to Pixar studios and have a look how Buzz Lightyear is shaping up. He has so many ideas and he couldn’t wait to share them with the director and creatives. Normally, Chris was not someone to meddle with the work that is outside his area of expertise, but this movie has woken up the child in him. So, giving into the temptation, Chris made a phone call to the executives at Pixar, and they were more than happy to accommodate his request. I mean who would say no to Chris Evans and let go of a chance to have some buzz created about this much anticipated movie.
Chris was supposed to be at Pixar studios at 10 am but him being so enthusiastic, he ended up going there by 9.30 am. He took the time to explain his inputs for Buzz Lightyear, and although the director was a little hesitant, but the studio officials agreed leaving him no option to agree. At sharp 10 am Chris finally walked into the office where the animation work for Buzz Lightyear was going on, and Chris was star struck – with the office, with the creation, and with the creator you.
The director introduced Chris and you, informing him that she was the chief designer and very talented. You felt your cheeks heat up with his compliments because you are very awkward when it comes to taking compliments. Suddenly you found the floor was incredibly beautiful, so you looked down trying to hide the smile that stretch from ear to ear. It also didn’t help that Chris Evans was gawking at you without almost blinking, you have been nervous enough to meet your celebrity crush and his smoldering looks weren’t helping even a bit. What you didn’t realise that even Chris was smitten by you, your charming personality, your confidence and passion when you spoke about your work, the ways your eyes would change expressions when explaining something, the way your hands was constantly making gestures, and most importantly how shy you were to take compliments.
But all good things must come to an end. Right when you thought you had broken ice with Chris by taking him through the process of Buzz Lightyear and sharing your ideas, the Pixar executives dropped the bomb that Chris has some amazing inputs regarding Buzz and you will have to incorporate his ideas and re-work. Chris didn’t fail to notice the smile dropping from your face as soon as the information was passed as you exchanged frantic looks with the director who gave you a sorry expression.
You felt helpless and angry in your current situation. Right now, you were standing in the washroom trying to calm yourself down before you go out again and take Chris’ inputs and re-work. You wiped the single tear that rolled out of your eye at the failure of your months hard work where you skipped meals and spent sleepless nights to bring Buzz Lightyear to life. This was your first independent project where you were heading a team but now this credit would be taken away from you. You gulped couple of times to get your emotions under control and finally walked out to deal with the situation.
Chris immediately noticed the change in your demeanor, the way you were with him earlier and the way you were with him now. You didn’t smile at Chris; your eyes lost the shine, and your voice lost the excitement as you sat there robotically taking in the inputs the studio bosses gave you which were earlier shared by Chris. While Chris sat there noticing the change in your expressions and thinking what went wrong so fast. He wanted to know you more, possibly ask you out for a date because you seemed like the woman he’d like to have in his life and now you have shut him off completely and even started addressing him as Mr. Evans instead of Chris when you first met.
Soon lunch time rolled in and everyone decided to have lunch at the local farmers’ café which was famous for its pizza and milkshakes. But you politely declined the offer because you wanted to stay away from Chris Evans and cry your heart out for the demise of your dream.
Chris watched you walk into your cabin and excused himself with a promise to join them in couple of minutes. Your director tried to stop him, but he was already gone and making a beeline for your cabin. Chris gently knocked the cabin door but got no response, instead he heard some sniffles. Alarmed that you might be in pain, you walked into your cabin which was unlocked because you were in such hurry to cry. He found you sitting on the couch and crying you hugged your knees.
“Hey, y/n,” his voice startled you as you looked him up through your tear-stained vision, he looked blurry. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Chris tried to touch your knee, but you stood up throwing his advances away. “What are you doing here Mr. Evans?” you asked in a harsh tone and Chris winced. You immediately apologized for being harsh but asked him to leave you alone. Now, Chris was pissed because he was not used to women asking him to get out. He was used to women swooning over him and throwing themselves on him rather than throwing him out of their cabins.
“What’s your problem y/n? I am trying to help you?” Chris retaliated. “You really want to help? Then stop meddling in my work?” You were never a damsel in distress and now you were ready to give the superstar some reality check. Chris was dumbfounded by your response so you took the opportunity to point out his mistake, “how would you feel if I come and give you tips on acting and ask you to reshoot the way I told you to? This was my first big project, my first big break, I have spent months on this with a hope that it gives me the recognition I deserve but now everywhere everyone will talk about how Chris Evans made Buzz Lightyear. Do you have any idea how does it feels to struggle to achieve something and someone takes it away because they think they are entitled to. You know how humiliating it was for me in front of my whole team?” You broke down once more and Chris was flooded with remorse. In his excitement he forgot that Buzz Lightyear could be someone else’s dream too and as someone who struggled and found success Chris would never take this opportunity away from anyone.
Having realized his mistake, Chris decided to set it out right too. He left you alone but only after placing the water bottle and few tissues in your hand. He wanted to give you space and rectify his mistake. After lunch everyone met again to further discuss the changes when Chris spoke, “I would like to take my inputs back,” everyone in the room was surprised and shocked. You looked at Chris and he locked his eyes with you as he continued to speak, “I was so excited to contribute to my dream project that I forgot that it could be dream projects for others too. Dreams are supposed to be shared and not snatched. So, I’d request that we all give complete creative freedom to Mr. Director and Y/N as they bring Buzz Lightyear to life. I’ll be happy to live their vision because its beautiful and amazing.”
Now that Chris has backed out with his ideas there was no point for the studio to go ahead with changes. They all walked out discussing something about the project leaving you and Chris alone in the room. For several minutes, silence prevailed in the room before you both spoke in unison, “I am sorry.” You both shared a chuckle and let you speak first where you apologized for being harsh and rude to him. “You don’t have to be sorry y/n, it was my mistake and in fact I’d like to thank you for calling my BS out. It just shows how brave you are to speak your mind.” You nodded as he spoke further, “as an apology and thank you would you like to have dinner with me this weekend?”
“How long you’ve been waiting to ask that?”
“Since the moment I stepped in your office this morning.”
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Fleeting Thoughts!
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female! Reader
Summary: Some lazy thoughts invading your mind as you watch the love your life sleep.
A/N: Please don’t post my work anywhere. Asks and requests are open, although I might be slow in responding. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
Tumblr media
The lazy breeze ushered the arrival of spring in full bloom. The whiter curtains fluttered as the wind made its warmth felt by everyone. Although no one was complaining, this was a good change after a long and harsh winter. The flowers bloomed, the birds chirped and the sun was extra shiny as you lay on your giant bed admiring your boyfriend, a puppy trapped in a giant man’s body. Although he would call this staring creepy but you can’t help it. The eyes like what they like.
Dodger was sleeping between you both, careless of the world and what’s going around. He’d make the worst guard dog ever you thought as he would play with the thieves and be best friends with them if they gave him some pets and treats. You kissed his head and the dog squirmed before going back to sleep again.
You shifted your attention back from the small puppy to the big puppy who was sleeping on his back. The blanket covered till his chest, giving a sneak peak of his tattoos. You smiled remembering the frenzy on internet every time his tattoos make an appearance.
He perfectly gelled hair was not so perfect as it was tousled over his forehead. You pushed the lush and soft mane back thinking you are the lucky one to see and have him with all his imperfections. He laid his soul bare in front of you, he made you fall in love with that intellectual mind of his and now that you are all in, there is no going back.
His long lashes touched his razor sharp cheek bones, how much do you envy him for being so perfect in both the departments that is every girls’ dream. The past year gave access to Chris like never before, spending every moment with each other. Falling in love with each other in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Driving each other crazy.
You let your fingers glide through that thick yet soft beard. You noticed some grey in the brown. The man is turning into a sliverfox, you thought and you aren’t complaining. He keeps on getting better with the age. Your fingers stopped near those parted lips, luscious and perfect. You loved kissed them, you loved feeling them on your skin, tracing every inch of your body. Those lips have made you feel the most special woman in the world and those lips have also made you feel bad. With Chris everything is extreme, both love and fights.
The past year also made you realise although you both are soulmates, there is no way you can be stuck with each other 24/7. You have driven each other mad so many times but every time you came back to each other because that’s where your home is. He would be leaving soon, the thought made you little sad but you were excited to see him do things he loved most. The distance would be tough but then you have always made it work and you will find way too this time.
Life with Chris is everything you asked for, an amazing love, a solid support system, a great adventure where no two days are same, and a future that belonged to you both. Life with Chris is adventurous and tough but then life in herself was never easy so you’ll take it what she’s giving because she’s giving more than you ever asked.
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Tumblr media
Chris & Y/N - Inaccurate Series!
It’s been a century I wrote this stuff but here we go!
Y/n (announcing): I am pregnant.
Chris (jumping and squealing): yes,we did it!
Scott: that’s why you are having a child Chris!
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carpediemm-18 · 2 months ago
Hii. I have request for you if you can write it ofc.
Chris tries birth simulator and he almost cries from pain, but then his wife tries it and she laughs bc she already gave birth and is familiar with pain
You can see tik-tok (@lobeeston)
Hahaha thank you so much for such a funny request, I’ve tried my best. Hope you enjoy it.
Anatomy of Pain
Pairing: Chris Evans x female! Reader
Summary: based on the above request.
A/N: please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Asks and requests are open.
And also I hope everyone, well at least someone would have missed me and my writing 🤧
Tumblr media
“Chris, do you still think it is a good idea?” You asked as you strapped the forbidden machine on your husband.
“Of course baby,” he replied getting comfortable on the huge bed. “Besides, I really wanna check how much painful it could be. Remember, I’m used to pain thanks to my MCU regime,” he smiled and oh how wrong he was you thought.
“You asked for it,” you warned him for the last time as you secured the birth simulator on his stomach and he gave you thumbs up.
Now, quick recap to what brought this weird situation.
Earlier in the day Scott dropped at your place suddenly demanding to take your 5 year old daughter Zara and 3 year old Zane for a outing at the zoo.
Since Lisa was also accompanying Scott and both your kids got excited you decided to send them all off and dropped Dodger at a dog spa.
It was very rare you got the house for yourself so you both decided to indulge in some - cleaning.
You started with kitchen and Chris started with the kids room. Both of you were working in complete harmony appreciating the temporary silence.
Once the kitchen and kids room was taken care of, you moved to your bedroom.
You both were sitting in the closet that read - “things we need but not so often.”
That’s where Chris came across the “forbidden box.”
Being the curious cat he is, he took out the book and voila, the birth simulator.
“Baby, what’s this?” He held the mini monster machine in his hand.
You shivered for a moment remembering it’s use and explained him how you had to use this birth simulator when Zara was born because that stubborn girl refuse to come out.
“Can I try it? It should be fun,” Chris walked out of the closet holding the machine and that’s how you ended up here.
“Okay, ready!” You sighed and your husband looked too excited.
You started out slow making sure Chris was comfortable.
“This feels ticklish,” he replied giggling. “We should do this more often.”
“You’re having fun honey?” You asked him annoyed, “let’s increase the fun.”
And with that you increased the levels and Chris started to feel the pain more intensely.
He tried to stay calm but every time a contraction hit, it was become unbearable for him to stay silent.
Finally, he screamed and he screamed loud. You had to shut your ears.
“Now, it’s not so much fun I guess?” you asked him trying not to laugh but his squirming was too funny.
“Oh my god! What kind of hell is this?” He asked panting when there was a gap in contractions.
“Welcome to child birth honey,” you replied wiping sweat from his forehead.
Just then another contraction hit and he let out a scream again followed by tears.
You felt bad for him and stopped the machine.
“Next time,” he spoke panting, “I ask you for another child. Kick me in the ass.”
“Oh we should have done this before you put another baby in me,” you replied folding the wires and leaving him speechless again.
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Tumblr media
Okay so I wrote a fic based on the above request and as usual tumblr and algorithms played villain with me.
So here’s me dropping the link of Sugar High once for everyone interested in reading.
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carpediemm-18 · 3 months ago
Okay so may I request something extremely fluffy? Reader works at a candy/ice cream shop which Chris' nieces are obsessed with so one day while he is babysitting them he goes in and they meet and it's super cute? I was thinking something like a slow burn
This is so cute, anon! Hope you enjoy this!
Sugar High
Pairing: Chris Evans x female! Reader
Summary: based on the above request!
A/N: please don’t post my work anywhere without my consent. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome, I love them. Asks and requests are open.
Tumblr media
“Uncle Chris,” Stella’s shrill cry broke the 15 minutes of silence that Chris finally had.
He just started watching the tv checking on the news when his niece came to him crying.
He was babysitting his sister Carly’s three kids as she and her husband has to leave town for two days along with his mom.
Now normally Chris loved being around kids but he was never left alone with them where he had to act an adult.
He always had a adult supervision like Carly or Lisa but today he was adulting and he did not like it at all.
He had to be strict with them so they eat their veggies, finish their homework and even take their afternoon naps instead of playing with Dodger.
He was the cool uncle and he’d like to keep that tag which was threatened by today’s disciplinary proceedings.
“Yes baby,” he cooed as he gathered the crying child in his arms.
Dodger who was snoozing by his foot, bored by less activities from his favorite tiny humans perked up hearing her voice and licked her face to stop her from crying.
“Stop Dodgie,” Stella giggled making Chris happy. “I want donuts,” she demanded.
Chris thought for a moment, all through the day he played tough uncle and now it’s time to play cool uncle to he agreed.
“Let me order them for you,” he picked up his phone but was cut off by Stella against, “I want y/no’s donuts.”
“Who?” Chris asked puzzled hearing your name for the first time.
“She’s our favorite baker uncle Chris,” Ethan give him the information. “She’s new to Sudbury but she makes the best sweet treats.”
“And she also tells me amazing stories,” Stella chipped in.
“Okay, let’s go,” the drive to your bakery was short and soon Chris found himself outside a quaint bakery in the quaint corner of his hometown.
The bakery excuses old world charm with little fairy lights draped across the plants, intricate furniture for people to sit and relax and the beat part a small library that had some of the most classic as well as contemporary literary works.
Chris looked around mesmerized by the ambiance, he was already feeling at peace by just being there.
He walked to a corner where there was a beautiful dream catcher and traced it with his hands.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” A sweet voice broke his chain of thoughts. He turned around and there you were, draped in a baking apron with a smile that conveyed your happiness, humbleness and sweetness.
Chris couldn’t take his eyes off you when you spoke again, “dreamcatchers are supposed to drive away evil forces and keep good vibes around. And with everything around I guess we need it more than anything.”
Chris was tongue tied at your words and wisdom and all he could do was nod his head and curse himself internally for acting so dumb.
He cleared his throat and spoke, yes. I am Chris.”
Before you could reply, “y/n,” a chorus of baby voices came barreling towards you.
“Hey kids,” you greeted them all with a smile.
The next couple of hours were spent munching cinnamon rolls with chocolate milkshake for kids and coffee for Chris.
The kids made you sit in between them and demanded you tell them another one of your folklores.
And as you kept the kids engrossed in the story, Chris was entranced by you.
By the time you finished Stella was asleep and even both the boys were ready to be knocked out.
Finally they all were ready to move back to their home when you gave Chris a box which contained pasta for their dinner and come sweet treats.
“Goodnight,” Chris wished you and before he could say anything more the kids started whining.
He was cursing himself for being so dumb to not ask you out or even get your number.
Back at home when Chris was setting up dinner table he came across an extra box of sweet treats.
On top of the box there was a note, “thank you for being such a good uncle to these kids and you are worth all the hype they create about you. Also, since you couldn’t ask for my number, I thought I’d take the initiative here. Call me if you are interested for an in house lasagne treat this weekend?”
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