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foodieforthoughts · 2 hours ago
Once in a Lifetime
Summary: Meeting Chris at a premier for the first time.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: "Ajab si" song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days. I had to pen it down. But this drabble can be read independently, without any relation to the song. Also, I high-key think I'll be having the same reaction as Shahrukh in the movie Om Shanti Om if I ever meet Chris in real life. 🥺
Title: Once in a Lifetime
Tumblr media
Aayi aisi raat hai jo, Bohat khush-naseeb hai
This night is very lucky
As soon as you noticed the black limo coming to a halt at the other end of the red carpet, your heart started thumping in your chest. You adjusted the straps of your dress, holding the pen and poster of his recent movie character, amongst all the other fans lined up behind the barricade. The music was loud and the screams were deafening, yet your heartbeat echoed loud and clear in your ears. When he stepped out of the car, dressed in a form fitting suit, looking dapper with a huge smile on his face; you were certain you would faint.
Tumblr media
Chaahe jisse door se duniya, Vo mere kareeb hai
The one whom the whole world desires is close to me
"Chris!" The girls behind you called out, repeatedly screaming his name while shoving their bodies against you.
While they shouted his name, you had lost your voice completely, staring at his figure dumbfounded. The excitement of meeting him for the first time had turned into a full blown anxiety attack. Your hands had turned cold and you were pretty sure your legs were shaking.
"Hello guys." Chris had walked up the barricade, greeting everyone while pulling the cap off of his marker pen. He was a few paces away, answering questions by the fans along with signing anything that caught his attention.
As he came closer, enough for you to notice the freckles on his cheeks and the vein on the side of his neck, you were nearly in tears. If Chris looked handsome on screen, up close he looked surreal like he was one of God's best creations.
With trembling hands you had reached out to him with your poster, feeling the stinging tears welling up in your eyes.
Tumblr media
Kitna kuch kehna hai, Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahi
I have so much to say and yet I have so many questions
"Hi, hi, hi" He greeted everybody as he signed along.
You took a deep breath to calm your nerves, smelling his distinct cologne as it overwhelmed your senses with it's spicy undertone. But your world near about exploded when he grabbed your poster and smiled at you.
Those mere seconds when he was signing his autograph, felt like a lifetime as time moved slowly for you. You noted how his hand glided along the paper and how he concentrated to put only so much pressure to write but not tear it. His fingers had clasped the other end of the poster, so delicately and yet so firm like holding a baby. The way his head titled to the side when he wrote had always looked adorable on tv; to be seeing it in person was like a dream come true.
"Thank you." You squeaked, unsure whether he even heard it.
"No, no. Thank you." He nodded, moving on to the next person and making his way down the aisle, clicking pictures along the way too. His simple acknowledgement had sent you sky-rocketing to the heavens; your life goal was now complete.
But your magical reality was ruined when you groaned as the girls behind you rushed to push forward. You felt the air leave your lungs as you were being crushed against the metal bars. You tried to maintain your stance but it was becoming increasingly difficult, leaving you gasping for air.
"Hey, hey!" Chris rushed back towards you, calling his men to help him.
Tumblr media
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai, wo phir se kahun Ya nahi
Should I voice what I’ve so often repeated in my dreams?
You were hyper aware of his face being mere inches away from yours. His hand rested on your back while his men kept the other fans behind and pulled you out to the side. Once in the open, you coughed, catching your breath while bending with your hands resting on your knees.
"You okay?"
Your head snapped up when you heard Chris's voice. He looked concerned, the crease between his brows deepening with each passing second. At the proximity of your bodies without the metal barricade separating you both, you could notice the glimmer of blue mixing with green in his eyes and the way he towered over you.
You were rendered speechless at the way your night had turned out to be. Every word, every syllable that you had ever learnt had completely vanished from your vocabulary. When you opened your mouth, nothing but air came out.
Chris chuckled before gently placing his hand on your arm. "I have to rush but they'll help you if you need anything, alright?" He smiled at you before sauntering towards the media personnel standing near the barricades.
When you could gather your wits, you couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. You felt your heart flutter, watching him in the distance as he animately spoke to the interviewer. In that same starstruck daze, you noticed your signed poster was missing, probably slipping put of your grasp when you were trying to save yourself from getting crushed.
One would think you would be upset about it, but you were anything but. With a faint tingle on your arm where he had touched you, you turned on your heels and made your way out of the venue with a memory that would be forever imprinted in your mind.
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the-iceni-bitch · 4 hours ago
If I were you I'd take pre (-caution)
Before I start to meet a fly girl, you know?
'Cause in some (portions)
You'll think she's the best thing in the world
Pairing: Ari Levinson x fem!reader
Words: ~4.7k
Summary: You pick up a beautiful stranger at a dive bar and give him a night to remember, but you’re a little too addictive for your own good.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (m and f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex (wrap it before you tap it), dirty talk, slight femdom vibes), bitchy behavior from our protagonist, alcohol consumption, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My official entry for the absolutely amazing @afriendlyblackhottie​‘s 2k B-Day Brat and R&B challenge! I may have made the reader more of a bitch than a brat, but I feel like that’s pretty on brand for me tbh. Congrats boo!! You are fantastic and deserve everything! 
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Dividers by the wonderful @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Ari growled under his breath when he walked into the bar Sam and Jake had dragged him to.
“Christ, look at this place.” He huffed, frowning at the grimy surroundings. “You beg me to come out with you idiots, then you bring me to the world’s biggest dive.”
“For fuck’s sake, that new job involve shoving a stick up your ass, Levinson?” Jake just shook his head at him and moved to the bar. “You fucking love dive bars. Besides, it’s ladies’ night.”
“Do ladies actually come to places like this?” Ari said, trying his best to avoid touching anything.
“Only the type that are willing to sleep with Jake.” Sam said with a wink, ordering three beers.
“Shut up Sammy.” Jake pouted, grabbing his beer and taking a gulp. “We’re not here to pick up girls anyways. We’re here to hang out with our buddy who’s been working too hard. Now, darts or pool?”
Tumblr media
You grinned at your friends when you stepped out of your Uber, adjusting your top and slamming the door behind you.
“Oh my god, fuck you, Y/N!” Shari sighed, rolling her eyes at you. “We said this was just a girl’s night out.”
“What? It’s just me.” You said innocently.
“Yeah, just you in fuck me heels and the jeans you said ‘almost got you pregnant on five separate occasions.’” Diana looked thoroughly unimpressed as she sized you up. “Are you wearing a push-up bra?”
“No.” You lied, pouting a little as you started to follow them into the bar. “Fuck me for wanting to look good, I guess.”
“Don’t try to pull that shit with us, honey.” Shari was giving you a suffering look as she went to hang up her coat. “There’s looking good, and there’s ‘bend me over the nearest surface and fuck me stupid’ you goddamn brat.”
“Wow, I look that good?” You teased, wiggling your hips a little as you moved towards the bar. “Fine, I won’t try to pick up any assholes tonight. Let’s do some shots.”
Tumblr media
“Jake?! Are you even paying attention? You just threw that thing into the wall.” Sam frowned, yanking the dart out of the wall.
“What?” Jake was not paying attention, hefting another dart absentmindedly before Ari snatched it out of his hand with a hiss. “Listen boys, I know we’re here for Ari, or whatever. But look what just walked in.”
Ari followed his line of sight and rolled his eyes when he saw your friends. 
“God, Jake, do not ruin another night out by thinking with your dick.” He groaned, taking another swig of beer. “They probably don’t want to deal with some asshole… hitting… shit.”
You had joined your friends with a tray full of tequila shots, beaming at them while you handed them out. He grunted when he watched you bend over to put the tray on the table, he’d never seen an ass like yours.
“Ari?” Sam gave an exasperated sigh as he watched the two of them stare at your group. “Not you too, c’mon man.”
“Ha, that’s my boy!” Jake cheered, clapping Ari on the back and moving to order more drinks.
Tumblr media
“Great.” Diana huffed, downing her second shot with a hiss and frowning at you. “Those three idiots have been staring at us nonstop since we got here. You couldn’t have toned down the slut factor for one night, Y/N?”
“Hey! I don’t hear you complaining about my sluttiness when I get us all free drinks, or into a club.” You tossed back another shot with an offended huff. “Or, when I got us all out of getting arrested at Lyndsie’s bachelorette party.”
“You were the reason we almost got arrested in the first place.” Shari scolded, smirking at you while she leaned on the table. “How many of those strippers did you proposition?”
“That wasn’t totally my fault, you know what tequila does to me!”
“Shit, I told you it was tequila!” Diana hissed at Shari, grabbing the shot from your hand and chugging it before you had a chance to react while Shari went to get you some water. “This is why we don’t let you order.”
“Oh my god, you guys are no fun!” You whined, taking the water from Shari with a pout. “Now where are these staring idiots?”
They groaned at you and each grabbed an arm, dragging you towards the pool tables while your eyes wandered over the bar. 
“No, Y/N, we’re playing pool.” Shari sighed at your hysterical giggle when you finally found the three men who were watching you. “Sweetie, you promised.”
“That was before I got a look at that thick god of a man.” You grabbed yourself the vodka tonic Diana had brought back from the bar as you eyed him. “He’s like a fucking Boston Jesus. I’m gonna climb him like a tree.”
Diana whacked you in the stomach with a pool cue when you started to walk towards him, grinning at your offended chirp.
“I get it honey.” She let out a deep sigh when she shit a look at the man you were trying to eye fuck. “I really, really get it. But it’s girls’ night. Now rack ‘em up.”
“Fine.” You grabbed the rack with a melodramatic pout. “But if he comes over here, I’m not responsible for my actions.”
Tumblr media
“C’mon Levinson, let’s go talk to them.” Jake was grinning at him like an idiot.
“No. Jake, I don’t want to be the asshole that hits on a group of women that are clearly not interested.” He grabbed his second beer and took a long drink.
“That’s fine.” Jake murmured with a shrug before standing up suddenly and jogging towards you three. “Because I’m ok being that asshole.”
“Fuck, get back here!” Ari hissed after him, Sam just shaking his head and downing the rest of his drink.
“Ladies!” Jake called, beaming at you three while he walked up to you.
“Not interested.” Diana shouted back, lining her shot up and sinking it. 
“Just wanted to see if you might like an even six for your pool game.” Damn, that was a smooth recovery. 
“Hell yes we do!” You answered before either of the other girls had a chance to chime in, ignoring their scowls and letting him wave his companions over. “My name is Y/N, by the way. And my two grumpy friends are Shari and Diana.”
“Very nice to meet you, Y/N.” Jake said, shaking your hand when you offered it. “I’m Jake, the angsty little fellow is Sam, and the big man is Ari.”
“Hi, I’m so sorry, we tried to stop him.” Ari said as he walked up to you, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck with nervous energy.
You honed in on him with a low hum, squeezing your thighs together as you felt a low throbbing in your core. He was even bigger up close; broad shoulders and thick thighs and an ass you could bounce a fucking quarter off with biceps you could just imagine wrapped around your throat while he fucked you over a bathroom counter.
You were gonna wreck this boy.
“So, Ari.” You purred, stepping towards him as Shari racked up the balls and rolled her eyes at you. “What’s your story?”
“Um, I own a hotel.” That look you were giving him was unnerving.
“Mm, that sounds like a lot of hard work.” You took a deep breath and squeezed your tits together a little when you crossed your arms, biting back a grin when he let out a soft groan and tried not to stare.
“Yeah, it’s long hours and shit.” He tried to slide past you so he could take his shot, but you didn’t move and he could’ve sworn you popped your ass out a bit to brush against his crotch.
“Oh, you poor baby.” You hummed, biting your lip while you watched him bend over the table. “Love the way you handle that big stick.”
He swore when he fumbled the shot, frowning at Jake when he caught the cue ball and gave him a shit eating grin. You winked at him as you moved to line up your own shot, taking your time when you leaned over in front of him.
“She’s going to eat you alive.” Sam scolded when Ari moved to take a desperate swig of beer.
“Yeah, are you excited?” Jake looked extremely pleased with how things were progressing, beaming between the two of them as they watched you move to the other side of the table to take another shot after you sank the first one. 
“I hope you’re proud of yourself, Y/N.” Diana just looked exhausted as she flicked her gaze between you and Ari. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so turned on and terrified at the same time.”
“That’s just the way I like ‘em.” You pouted when you missed your third shot, straightening up and moving out of the way so Jake could take his. “I’m gonna make that boy scream either way.”
“God, you’re so fucking aggressive.” Shari moved to grab more drinks for everyone.
“Yeah, and it fucking works.” You made some adjustments to your bra until your tits were almost spilling out of your shirt. “Finish the damn game, Di, I’ve got a beard to ride.”
Ari swallowed thickly when you prowled back towards him, gripping his cue tightly until he felt the wood groan under his fingers. He was pretty sure sex with you was going to lead to an injury, but holy shit was he ready for it. 
“Hey.” He rasped, running his tongue over his bottom lip when you stepped into him slowly. You were throwing him off his game, he usually had a lot more to say.
“Hey, how close is your place?” You were starting to feel lightheaded from how bad you needed it, and the musky scent of him was not helping.
“Five minutes by Uber.” He growled, purring when you shoved a hand in his back pocket to grab his phone.
“Order it.” You told him, slamming his phone into his chest and moving to grab your jacket. “See you bitches later.”
“You’re not invited to girls’ night anymore, you skank!” Shari called after you, laughing when you flipped her off. “I’m putting all the rest of our drinks on your card!”
You didn’t hear her, grinning wolfishly at Ari once the Uber pulled up and shoving him inside. It was taking all your self control to not start feeling him up right in the back of the car, but you were already blacklisted from Lyft for that type of thing and you were not going to start paying for cabs. So you settled for rubbing your hand over his thigh, which actually may have been a bad idea because it was not helping you calm down.
Ari was in the same boat, unsure of what exactly to do with his hands because he was sure as soon as he touched you he was going to start feeling you up. 
“Should we, maybe, learn more about each other?” He asked, desperate for something to distract him from the warmth radiating from you. “We don’t even know each other’s last names.”
“I mean, as long as you remember my first name, sweetie, I’m good.” You purred, batting your eyelashes and smirking at him. “Cos I’m gonna have you screaming it pretty soon.”
“Jesus Christ.” He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to recover from this, his voice cracking when nuzzled into his neck. “We’re here.”
He almost stumbled when he stepped out of the car, in a little too much of a rush to get to the front door. You were right behind him, taking your time to appreciate the view of his back muscles flexing when he dug through his pockets for his keys. 
It felt like it took forever for him to unlock the door, but then you were finally inside and he was turning to face you. The small sound of surprise he made when you pounced on him made you grin, yanking his face to yours as you steered him towards the couch. You shoved him onto it with a small huff, propping one foot on the arm of the sofa and starting to strip.
“Take those jeans off, gorgeous.” You ordered, pulling your shirt over your head before bending over to take off your heels. “Let’s see what you’re packing under there.”
“Shit, yes ma’am.” He muttered, reaching to undo his fly in a rush while he watched you peel yourself out of your jeans. 
“Well, fuck me.” You purred, crawling on top of him and ripping his shirt off before wrapping your hand around his cock. Or, trying to, he was fucking thick. “Jesus honey, I knew you were gonna be big but I think this thing might split me in half.”
“Fuck, Y/N.” He growled against your lips when you brushed them over his, whining softly when you sucked his bottom lip between your teeth. 
“Mmm, my name sounds so good coming out of your mouth.” You flicked your tongue against his and he groaned, letting you shove him back into the couch. “Now, c’mon, I wanna feel you shoot your cum down my throat.”
“Shit.” He leaned his head back against the arm of the couch and grunted when you started mouthing your way down his torso. “Where did you come from?”
“That seems unimportant right now.” You murmured, dragging your thumb through the precum collected at his slit before popping it in your mouth as you gazed at him through your lashes. “Ooh, you taste so fucking good, baby. I’m gonna suck this cock dry.”
“Fu… oh fuck.” His chest heaved with deep breaths when you pressed his cock against his abs dragged your tongue from his asshole to his swollen tip, making sure you’d tasted every inch of him before you pressed slow kisses to his sack and moved your fist over his length. “Goddamn, you’re amazing.”
“Yeah, I know.” You said around a smirk, giving him a brief second before you started massaging his balls with your tongue
Everything he had been about to say flew right out of his head, the only thing falling from his lips a series of wanton moans as you sucked his sack between your lips, tugging on it softly and humming before you released him with a pop. Your lips peppered soft kisses up his shaft until you reached his swollen head, and he groaned when you started flicking your tongue over his frenulum.
He let out a low curse when you finally took him in your mouth and started bobbing your head up and down his shaft. You were moving slowly, taking just an inch more of him each time until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. The choked whine he let out when you relaxed and swallowed around him was pathetic, his hips trying to roll to meet your face until you splayed your hand over his abs to hold him still.
Your free hand moved to gently tug on his balls, your lips stretched painfully around his girth still able to quirk a little at the absolutely filthy noises he was making. He wrapped a hand in your hair, just to hold you as you slid him halfway out of your mouth before you were sloppily choking around him. 
Ari hissed when you started moving faster, drool leaking from your lips and soaking his thighs while you hummed around his cock. His hips were fighting against the hand you had placed to restrain him, bucking against you wildly until you had to bar your forearm across his pelvis to keep him still.
A feral growl ripped from his chest when you swallowed around him again, his grip on your hair turning painful when he lost control for just a second and shoved you down on his cock until tears were leaking down your cheeks. You nuzzled into the coarse hair at his base and breathed deep through your nose when he shot his load down your throat, swallowing everything he gave you with a deep moan.
He released your hair when he was finished, sagging back against the couch while you sat up over him with a satisfied sigh. His chest was flushed and heaving, his wet, softening cock laying heavy against his stomach as he tried to regulate his breath while he came down. 
“How you feeling there, sport?” Damn, he looked so fucking good like this. You loved wrecking men with your mouth, and this beast of a man was a special fucking treat.
“I’m gonna need a minute.” He huffed, running his hand over his face and taking a long look at you. You looked like fucking sin, your makeup smeared all over your face and tiny black lingerie. Goddamn dangerous is what you were. “Did I tell you how fucking amazing you are, yet?”
“You did, yeah.” You said, rolling your eyes a little and wiping the drool off your chin. “You need a drink, honey?”
“No.” He sighed, watching you stretch over him like a cat. “Feeling a little hungry though.”
“Yeah? Should we order something?” You started to stand up to grab your phone but yelped when he gripped your waist and pulled you back into his lap, sitting up suddenly and running his nose over your throat.
“That’s not what I’m talking about, sweetheart.” He purred, nipping at the spot your pulse was thudding under your skin while his arms wrapped around you to unclasp your bra. “All I can think about is how good you’re going to taste.”
“Really?” You laughed lightly when he moved his lips down to trace over the curve of your breasts. “Here you had me thinking you were a good boy.”
“I’m a very good boy.” He growled from in between your tits, the vibration going straight to your core. “And good boys reciprocate.”
You yelped happily when he dropped you on your back, running your fingers through his hair when he rose back up to steal your breath with a kiss before moving his lips down your torso at a languorous pace.  He made sure to take his time when he got to your tits, slowly pressing his lips and tongue over the soft slopes of your breasts until you were panting needily. Once he was satisfied he continued moving lower, tracing his mouth down your abdomen until he reached the edge of your panties.
He didn’t make any moves to remove them though, instead kissing over the curve of your mound slowly through the thin black lace until he could feel your arousal soaking the fabric. You whined when he tugged at the dampening lace with his teeth before his lips moved to mouth at your thighs, sucking soft bruises into your flesh while his beard scraped at your sensitive skin.
“God you smell good.” He growled, his teeth lightly brushing over your hip before he buried his face in the soaked fabric that covered your core and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, you’re like a damn drug.”
You chuckled darkly at that, running your fingers through his hair and tilting his head so you could gaze into his eyes when he ran his tongue in a heavy stripe over your clothed heat. Ari pressed his lips over your clit in a final gentle kiss before his hands moved to tug your panties down your legs.
“Shit, you need to quit teasing.” You scolded, tugging on his hair while he slowly moved his tongue over your bare cunt. “Ari, c’mon.”
“Sorry honey.” He cooed, brushing his nose over your clit and grinning when you tried to grind into his face. “I just want to take my time and enjoy eating this pretty pussy.”
His tongue moved over your entrance in a languid stripe, slowing down when he reached your clit and dragging against it at a torturous pace until you were whimpering. You moaned when he did it again and again, lapping up every drop of slick that was leaking from your throbbing hole until every inch of skin between your thighs was a glistening mess. He pointed the thick muscle and prodded it against your entrance gently before thrusting it into you, groaning when he felt you clench against his face.
“Oh my fucking god.” You mumbled, arching into him when he started fucking you with his tongue and curling it against your soft walls. “I gotta say, I was not expecting you to be so good at this, sweetheart.”
Ari gave a pleased grunt from between your legs, grinding his face into you while his tongue stroked at your warm flesh before removing it and wrapping his lips around your clit to suck softly. The fluttering whine you let out made him groan, the tip of his tongue massaging your tiny bundle of nerves while his mouth increased the suction until you were wriggling underneath him. It was only a matter of seconds before you were screaming, your back arching you off the couch while your release filled his mouth and soaked his beard.
“Jesus, that was fucking beautiful.” He purred, crawling up your body until he was stretched over you and could bury his face in your neck. “I could’ve spent all night down there gorgeous. Need to be inside you so bad.”
You snorted, letting him mouth gently at your neck and shoulders while his hardening length pressed against your stomach. He gave a pathetic huff when you shoved him off you so you could sit up, climbing into his lap and pressing your mouth to his to swallow his questions before he had a chance to ask them. Your taste was still lingering on his tongue as you stroked it with your own, smiling to yourself as he whined pathetically into your mouth.
“You really need it, sweetheart?” You teased, cupping his face in your hands and running your thumb over his bottom lip slowly.
“Yes.” He sighed, turning his head to press his lips to your palm as he gazed into your eyes with lust blown pupils.
“Then beg me.” You purred, licking a slow stripe over the jut of his cheekbone while his eyes rolled back in his head with a low moan.
“Oh, fuck, please.” He whined, hissing through his teeth when you dipped a hand between the two of you to wrap around his cock. “Please, shit, I need you.”
“Oh, I know sweetie.” You gave him a mock pout as you sank onto him, biting your lip while you fluttered and stretched around his girth. “God, this cock of yours is so damn thick, I don’t think I’m gonna last long.”
He just mumbled nonsense as you started to ride him, opening his mouth to you when you tugged on his chin so you could slide your thumb against his tongue. You rested your forehead against his and beamed at him, grinding your hips and clenching around him while he made soft and pathetic mewling noises around your thumb. Ari choked on a sob when you clenched around him, his hips bucking to meet yours desperately as you rode him.
“You keep making those noises and I’m gonna lose it, baby.” You murmured, sliding your thumb out of his mouth and dragging it over his cheek until there was a thin trail of saliva you could trace with your lips. “Does it feel so good, sweetheart? You like it when I ride you hard?”
“Fuckin’ love it.” He grunted, groaning when you brought your mouth back to his and tugged at his lips with your teeth.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your hands in his hair, shoving your tongue down his throat and rolling your body against his while the two of you neared your ends. His fingers were digging into your waist so hard you were sure you were going to have bruises tomorrow, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care while you were fucking him stupid.
He whimpered when you pulled your face away from his, chasing after your lips pitifully while you held his head still with your fingers digging into his scalp.
“You close, honey?” You asked, grinning when he nodded vigorously and his eyes rolled back in his head. “Good. I want you to come inside me and then fuck it into me nice and deep.”
“Jesus, you’re filthy.” He gasped, his hips moving wildly underneath you as he chased his release. “You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m on the pill.” You felt yourself starting to lose it and ground into him with a moan. “ And I wanna hear you say my name, Ari.”
He threw his head back and screamed it, his hips rising up off the sofa as he shot his load into you. You groaned as you followed him, fluttering wildly around his cock and yanking on his hair while he fucked the cream of your mixed releases back into you with vicious thrusts of his hips. The two of you sagged into the couch when you were finished, Ari tucking his face into your shoulder and pressing soft kisses over the curve of your neck.
“Where’s your bathroom, sweetheart?” You asked as you sat back on his lap before slowly rising to your feet.
“Just down the hall.” He pointed the way for you, watching you closely as you collected your clothes and moved towards the room he indicated. “You want a drink or anything?”
“No, my ride’s gonna be here in like, 5 minutes.” You called, stepping back into the hall fully dressed and pulling your jacket over your shoulders while you tucked your phone back into your pocket.
“Wait, your ride?” He grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them on in a rush before moving to intercept you as you headed towards his front door. “You’re not staying?”
“Yeah, sleepovers aren’t really my thing, honey.” You were grinning as you dodged his attempt to wrap his arms around you.
“Well, can I at least get your number so we can do this again?” He was starting to feel a little desperate, but he really needed to keep seeing you.
“Dating is also not my thing, babe.” You gave an annoyed huff when you tried to move around him and he blocked you again. “Ari, don’t make this awkward.”
“Y/N, you can’t tell me you’re really ok with us not seeing each other any more after what we just did.” He barred his arm across the door to keep you from opening it and leaving. “I’ve never come that hard before in my life.”
“You’re welcome.” You said with an eye roll, tapping your foot impatiently when he refused to move out of your way. “Now you have a nice little story to tell your friends.”
“Don’t tell me that wasn’t as good for you, I felt you come.” He hated the panicky edge that was creeping into his voice. “I tasted you.”
“Sorry sweetie, it was pretty standard.” You were lying a little, but you needed to get the fuck out of there. “Ari, my ride is here, I need to go.”
He let you lift his arm out of the way with a defeated grunt, watching you in a shocked daze as you wrenched his door open and stepped out into the night. You slammed it behind you before he had a chance to beg you to stay, his voice catching in his throat with a pathetic whine.
Ari turned to lean against the door and sank to the floor with a heavy sigh, running his hands through his hair as he considered the fact that he was never going to see you again.
Tumblr media
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phoebehalliwell · 4 hours ago
I think they say Bianca's 4, maybe 5 when they meet little Bianca... so I'm holding out hope she's only 4...
i’m like. i’m so insanely bad at determining age. i would say kid’s ages but know this literally applies to everyone. lord help me i don’t think i could accurately guess someones age to save my life but on this wiki it said she was born in 1999 which like. like the way i write it again is that it takes them forever to get together but i think you know for a minute like. like okay the whole appeal of it taking forever when they’re obvi in love w each other from relatively early on is kinda the dance of. both clamming up or one clams up they’re never. they’re never ready for the other. and sometimes it’s just their own fear of commitment they’re own psychological issues and other times it’s external factors (i’m personally a Huge Fan of the substitute trope in a slowburn where they date someone who’s basically love interest Lite™ and they’re like hmm. why isn’t this working. i should like them. and all they’re friends are all like hmm can i suggest it’s bc ur in love with you know the other guy. they did this all the time in bones. angela’s okay that’s literally booth lite that’s the trial run are is this not clicking hello. and you know what? i love it every time it’s the being presented with someone perfect for you and on paper it should click it should be perfect but for some reason you just can’t you don’t know why but we as the audience all know why it’s because you’re in love with the other person!! you just don’t know it yet. i love it i do.) but yeah it’s like. you know. something along those lines. and i think that a wall bianca does put up between her & chris is their age difference because like. as far as things go they really are in the same stages of their life chris is like. i mean call a spade a spade he’s a college dropout you know so to speak whatever because like. i have him as a coder i think he’s mostly self taught i think he likes being alone i think he gets really engrossed in his work so that all worked out and i think when he figured out he could just go into the workforce w/o completely college he took that opportunity because quite frankly i don’t think chris likes school. just again because i think he has problems w authority he has his own methods of doing things they’re a bit outside the box and you know how some teachers like mark you down / mark you as incorrect even if you get the right answer if you don’t use the proper formula yeah i think that bugs the shit outta chris like beyond words. i also don’t think like. like you know how some people don’t ever really form any real for life bonds til college? yeah i don’t think that happens w chris for starters i think he’s really smart and a bit standoffish so that doesn’t help like if he gets in an argument and it’s pretty damn easy to get in an argument w chris halliwell he’s in it to win it. but this is kinda cancelled out by the fact that he’s cute and also has like you know the classic kinda nihilistic dark gan z brand humor that he’s good enough to keep around in social circles but i don’t think he forms any really strong bonds. okay i don’t know if i’ve lost my train of thought or that was the end of my thought. the point is both chris and bianca No i remembered what else i was gonna say. there’s also the witch thing. chris also doesn’t form any close bonds because of the witch thing because he’s not trusting so he’s not just gonna tell anyone they have to be close but because he’s so guarded he never lets anyone get close. Point Is. i think both chris and bianca are at similar points in their lives out of school a heavy emphasis on the craft still trying to define themselves because they don’t wholly know who they are. i also think bianca’s a sagittarius which places her at the tail end of 1999 but it think she’s still Insanely weirded out by chris being born in 04 like a lot more than chris is and i’ve said this before but i think like. once she like “finds out” like she probably knew but just forgot because it wasn’t relevant information and she wasn’t planning on like. keeping him around this long. once she finds out 2.0 she definitely like roasts chris for his age like makes him out to be a lot younger than he is just because again she wants to drive up that wall between them. but like. they way they are in the world is p close to equals.
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rodrikstark · 8 hours ago
is the one spot still available? if so, i would actually want to see what you’d do with ransom (if you write for him), can i request ransom and winter? i understand if you don’t write for him or someone already sent the last request!!! congratulations on 900 followers!!!
ransom drysdale x reader (fluff)
a/n: unofficially i've been doing all these requests w/o dialogue for a personal challenge but since this is my 1st time writing for ransom and he's such a ~Character~ i'm gonna include dialogue to ~feel him out~ yknow? thanks for the request!!! 😘💕💕
Tumblr media
“babe, are you fucking serious?”
you shove the snowball—big enough to come up to your knees—a few more yards, standing briefly to snap at your boyfriend. “go away.”
he scowls at you, in his stupid cute sweater, with his reddish, stupidly adorable face, his hands stuffed in his pockets as you both stand around in the front yard.
you turn your attention back to your task before you see his eyes roll into the back of his head. “let me build my snowman in peace.”
he enunciates very clearly: “why are you doing this?”
“it’s fun.”
ransom tsks as you use all your strength to push your ball the remaining few feet to your half-made sculpture. “that looks heavy, here—"
"no. you made fun of me, so you don’t get to help.”
you slap his outstretched glove away, causing the snow caked on your mittens to burst out in every direction, making both of you jump.
"don't—" blinking, he watches you bend deep at the knee, bracing yourself to pick up the snow.
before you can, he presses his hand into your shoulder until you fall flat onto your butt, the ground crunching beneath you. an appalled squeak escapes you, and you glare at him.
he's holding back a little smile. it's his twisted version of affection.
ransom kneels on the ground in front of you, ruining his fancy slacks.
“i’m sorry,” he mumbles remorsefully. “i was wrong to say this is..." he cringes. "literally the stupid thing i’ve ever heard.”
“you hurt my feelings.”
“i know.” he swallows. “i’m sorry.”
“you promised,” you huff, though your voice is small. “remember? you can be mean to everybody but me."
“i remember.” he brings you to your feet then brushes the snow off your back. “go... grab a carrot from inside or something.” he gently kicks the snowball. “i got this."
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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funfickgirl22 · 9 hours ago
Don’t trust Elvis 4
Chris Evans x Reader
words : 479
previous chapter
Chris was extremely happy to be able to walk down the street with you, hand to hand. Showing the brand-new wedding bands to the photographers. Paparazzi, it was something you didn’t get used to, but it was your new life now. As a writer, you were never exposed to Hollywood life, not to that extent.  
Chris felt that you weren’t comfortable therefore he decided to hug you, give you comfort. It wasn’t acting, he was really concerned.  
‘’Do you want to come back home doll’’  
‘’Yes please.’’ You kissed his cheek. He was such a gentleman.  
On the drive back to your home you calm a little, and you asked Chris an important question.  
‘’So... we have wedding bands, our pictures will be up soon but where will we live?’’  
‘’We can live here or in my Boston home. Where would you prefer? ‘’  
“’ Boston sounds nice. Oh my God!’’ You jumped on the seat, realizing you missed the important bit.  
‘’Y/N! What is happening?’’  
‘’You need to meet my mom.’’  
‘’And...’’ Chris was confused.  
‘’She is lovely but specific at the same time...and she is here’’ You announced it to Chris once he parked the car in front of your building.  
‘’It’s not my first rodeo baby. I will be fine.’’ Chris laughed and kissed your forehead. He was surprised with himself that he was actually nervous.  
Your mother was a lady in her 60s, dressed like a Hippie. She was excited to meet her son-in-law. Everything was going smoothly, Chris has impressed her, ate everything that your mom has offered, looked at embarrassing photos of you as a baby. You told your mum you will be leaving soon as you need to pack your clothes and go to Boston. She insisted on showing Chris your childhood room, as she re-decorated recently. Chris and you admired the changes when your mother asked: ’’Chris, I wrote fan fiction about you recently, would you read it and tell me what you do you think.’’ Chris blushed, chuckled, and started to read her work. Now, he understood the term ‘’specific’’.  
The drive to Boston was long but without any problems. You have arrived before midnight. Chris insisted on carrying you over a threshold. You were both laughing at this whole fake marriage, agreeing that you both should advantage and enjoy these 3 months. You both agreed that it might be a fake marriage, but it felt so real, so right. Your husband placed you in his bedroom, looking around, suddenly feeling shy. He has never experienced this with any of his ex-girlfriends. Christopher was imagining you in his bed, many times. This time, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable and decided to take things slow. ‘’Take rest, sweetheart, I will take the guest room.’’ Chris blushed and was ready to leave, but you grabbed his hand telling him ‘’Stay’’ 
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 10 hours ago
mmm, I can't stop thinking about frank. I mean, what a dilf, whatta rugged, boat repairing, beer drinking dilf. sighhhhh just imagine watching Mary for him when he gets a better paying job with longer hours and welcoming him home with a homemade meal and cold drink 🥺 treating him like the gem he is, rubbing the frown from his forehead, kissing the tip of his cock-
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit sexual content & language. Oral sex (m receiving). 18+ only!
“That’s it, sweetheart,” Frank’s voice was a husky groan that had you pressing your thighs together as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked his cock.
When you swallowed him down to the back of your throat, until you were gagging and tears gathered at the corners of your eyes, he moaned long and loud.
“Fuck, you’re so good to me,” he grunted, rough hand sliding along your soft cheek. “Taking care of me after a long, hard day, isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
You moaned your affirmation around his length, bobbing your head as you felt him twitch against your tongue when you eased up for a breath.
“You gonna let me cum down that pretty throat?” Frank’s thumbs swiped the tears from your warm face as you greedily gasped in air.
“Yeah,” you breathed, eyes fluttering as you leaned into his touch.
“Go on, sweetheart,” Frank hummed, tapping your swollen bottom lip with the tip of his cock. “Swallow it all, until your belly’s all warm and full of me.”
Moaning, you took him back into your mouth—into your throat—eagerly, reveling in the way Frank’s composure slipped, little by little. Until he was relentlessly fucking your face and then moaning his release, his salty tang flooding your senses and burning your throat as you drank down his pleasure, every last drop.
“Fuck, that was so good,” Frank purred, sagging back into his seat at the kitchen table and watching with a soft, fuck drunk smile as you pulled off of his cock and gave the tip a kiss before tucking him away. “You’re so good to me, sweetheart. C’mere.”
He reached for you, gently urging you onto his lap sideways, his arm circling your back as he leaned in and caught your swollen lips in a slow, languid kiss.
“Love tasting myself on your tongue,” he murmured against your mouth once you parted. “Almost as much as I love the taste of that sweet honey between your legs.”
“Frank,” you gasped, muffling a giggle against his shoulder as you squirmed in his lap.
“Bet there’s plenty of it waiting for me,” he teased, nipping at your bottom lip once you were meeting his gaze again, forehead pressed to his. “I know how much you like sucking my cock.”
He grinned at the quiet, desperate whine that bubble up from your throat. “You gonna let me take you to bed, spread you open, and have my dessert?”
“Jesus, Frank. I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.”
His laugh was a quiet, gravelly rumble that had you shivering as he held you tight. “That’s why you’re my girl.”
Pecking your lips, he urged you to your feet, the front of his jeans already tenting again in anticipation as he rose behind you.
Big hands sliding to your hips, Frank guided you toward the bedroom, his lips warm against your ear as he murmured, “It’s gonna be a long night, sweetheart, because I’m not stopping till you’re crying for me, and then I’m gonna ruin you with my cock until you’re crying all over again.”
Whimpering, you couldn’t even string together a response as Frank urged you into the bedroom and toward the bed, pressing close to your back as he swung the door shut behind you both and dug into his dessert.
I meeeean. Have at me, cranky sir 🥴🥴🥴
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darklydeliciousdesires · 12 hours ago
Us Against the World - Chapter Thirteen.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @chickensarentcheap  @longlostinanotherworld​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve
True to his word and just ten minutes later as promised, she had him stood with his back pressed against the glass door that led out to the balcony, his rock-hard erection in her mouth as he held her hair away from her face and watched himself on the receiving end of the best blowjob in the world. No other woman he’d been sexual with was quite as talented as her.  
“God fucking damn,” he groaned, watching her lips tighten around the base of his cock before dragging slowly back up again. It always entranced him, when she literally swallowed him whole.  
“Mmmm, such a beautiful, big cock. All hot, veiny and hard. I’ve missed it, nothing else comes close.” She purred, looking up at him as she ran her hand up and down his shaft, licking the underside before circling the head a few times and sinking her mouth right down to the base again. Chris felt his eyes virtually roll back in their sockets as his head thudded back against the glass he was leaning against, groaning almost incoherently with lust. God, she was too good.
Using her hand and mouth together she slid them up and down his cock, stopping every so often to suck and lick on the head before plunging her lips back down again. She had him so turned on his legs and abs were shaking as he moaned, chest rising and falling faster as shuddered breaths left his heaving lungs, utterly consumed by her.
“Fuck!” he growled through gritted teeth as his dick twitched and he spilled jet after jet of cum down her throat, his hand yanking her hair as she pulled him from her mouth and finished him with her hand, his semen trickling down her neck. She caught the trail with her finger and licked it off as she looked up at him, kissing the head of his hardness and feeling it twitch violently against her lips.
Pulling her up he grabbed her waist and hauled her off the ground, Mia wrapping her legs around him before he charged her against the nearest wall, her back hitting it hard, releasing his grip on her just enough to drop her down onto his throbbing cock.  
Sometimes he could successfully maintain an erection if he continued in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, although it hurt a little and did feel ridiculously oversensitive, such a trade was worth it to be back inside her again.
His hands held her tightly under her thighs as his chest pressed against hers, her nipples rubbing against it and feeling just as amazing as the had before as he began to pump her cunt with slow, deep, hard strokes.  
Every thrust was delivered so deeply and precisely it made her cry out with each exhale, feeling his lips at her neck kissing her throat from one side to the other as she ran her hands over his shoulders.
Needing to be even deeper inside her than he already was, he carefully slid his arms under her knees, pushing her up the wall a little further and grasping her ass so she was held there by his forearms, spread wide for him to slam himself up into her pussy deeper and harder.
She screamed shrilly as his hips began to pound against her like a jackhammer again, her wetness dripping out onto his balls, she was so massively turned on. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got someone as ridiculously wet as she was, scared he was going to slip out of her, she was so sodden.
“I love the noises you make when I’m really fucking you hard. God damnit, you’re sex personified.” He told her, his voice sounding more like a primal growl than anything else, deepened with lust as he stared into her magnetic green eyes and kissed her again. Her moans of pleasure really were the sexiest he’d ever heard, doing nothing but fuelling his desire for her.
They continued to devour each other in carnivorous abandon against the wall for a further while, until Mia demanded he carry her back to the bed. “On your back for me, I need to ride you right now, really grind down on this big dick for a while.” She told him, leaning forward to kiss him as he lay back on her bed.
“Yeah, I’m really not going to stop you from doing that.” He told her, raising an eyebrow at her as he grinned, Mia sliding down on his hot, wet cock again until he filled her completely. She rode him as expertly as always, rolling her hips against him in a figure of eight motion, staring down at him and telling him how sexy he was as he stroked her tits and pinched her nipples, drowning in the most sublime pleasure.
Her walls squeezed the orgasm from his twitching cock, Chris knowing she hadn’t cum again so disappearing between her legs to bury his mouth at her apex until she did, twice more, rendering her but a shuddering, breathless, exhausted shadow of herself.  
As far as apologies went, his was faultless.  
They fell back to sleep at around seven in the morning, only sleeping until nine before going out for breakfast, spending the day together. As they both expected, they were photographed plenty of times, the online blogsphere an absolute buzz over their relationship still. It annoyed Chris no end that she continued to be a figure of hate out there, though, purely for what she did for a living.  
He knew it got to her much more than she ever let on, too. In all his dating years, he’d never been with anyone as fiercely protective of him as she was. She never crumbled in front of him, never let it show how upsetting it was to be trashed in such a derogatory way by fans and online media alike, but he’d heard her crying over things that’d been said about her a few times, usually when she was secluded in the bathroom.  
She always brushed it off when he’d approached her about it as well, never wanting him to worry or be burdened by it. She just wanted him to be happy.  
“Here, for when I’m not around,” she spoke after they’d passed one of those gaudy street stands, hawking their wares to tourists.  
“Security monkey!” he exclaimed through his laughter as he took the small plush toy from her, a monkey dressed in an NYPD uniform and a small, felt banana sewn to his paw. “You’re silly, I love it. You too.” He added, seating the monkey in the top pocket of his short-sleeved shirt as he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close.  
That moment was captured in photographic form, but not by either of them, appearing on a blog the next morning with a headline that questioned Chris’s judgement while also cutting Mia down, the bloggers tone the same as the most prevailing of critics; she was trashy and he could do better.  
What killed her though, was that outside of work, she was a demure, stylish dresser. She’d understand if she constantly attired herself to look like walking sex, but on that particular day she’d worn a pair of cream cargo pants, an old, faded grey SoulCycle t shirt and her Converse, teamed with some nice jewellery. It felt like she’d be hated no matter what.  
Had she really tarnished herself with her career choice so heavily that no one would ever see her as anything else now? Was she destined to remain within the porn industry until she was too old to work any longer? It was another moment where she shed tears over it all, but on this occasion, she couldn’t hide them, Chris moving silently behind her, enveloping her in his embrace.  
“Stop this, stop reading what people who don’t even know us have to say. It isn’t healthy, hence why I don’t Google myself. It’s toxic and it’ll get worse the more you feed into it,” he told her, taking her phone from her grasp and placing it down on the table.
“It wouldn’t matter if you did, Google yourself, that is. Everybody loves you; you’re universally liked for being a good, down to earth guy and great actor. That’s why they hate me, because you should be with a nice girl and not some trashy slut who does hardcore porn, as they called me this morning,” she sobbed, turning to cry against his chest.  
It was making her so weary that for the moment, she couldn’t hide it from him, couldn’t put him first and make like she wasn’t as devastated as she was over the public opinion of her.  
“I am with a nice girl. If they can’t see that then they don’t matter. They’ll get over it and find someone else to pick on eventually. It’s only because we’ve so recently gone public that we’re being targeted. It’ll calm down, I promise. Until then, though, promise me you’ll stop looking at it all. Just pretend it doesn’t exist, alright?” he told her, Mia nodding.
“I’ll try. It’s hard though, like an itch I want to keep scratching,” she lamented, Chris understanding.  
“It’ll never go away if you do keep scratching, though. It’ll just get worse. The only opinion that matters about you is mine. It happens to be very high, by the way,” he replied, making her smile sadly.
“I don’t fucking know why it is. I’m bringing all this shit into our relationship and we’ve only been together a few months!” she exclaimed, sniffing hard.  
“For me, it doesn’t matter that we’ve only been together a short time. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Perhaps I have. Maybe we’ve been together in previous lives and we keep on finding one another all over again, like we’re meant to be no matter the time or place. I love you endlessly, baby.” Kissing her head, he stroked her hair while Mia tried to hide the further tears pooling in her eyes.  
No one had ever said anything so beautiful to her before. It made her really see just how truly invested in her he was. She knew it already, but sometimes did question her worth, if she was good enough for him. The words of her doubters, they did creep in at times, sometimes when she really didn’t need them to, like when she returned to LA the following week for work.
“Mia, softer face, give me happy Mia. I need aroused Mia here!” Yes, it had begun to seep into her working life, especially since she was without her love, Chris then down in New Mexico where he was filming. She knew it was definitely something she had to get a hold of, since even here, in the familiar surroundings of a Jim Caney set, the man who made work nothing but a good time, she was sad.  
“Sorry, Jim.” She called, adding a whisper of apology to the girl she was working with too, who just rolled her eyes and continued to go down on her. Mia knew she deserved her not to be accepting to her apology, she’d been off her game all morning while her co-star, Gabrielle Greyson, worked her ass off to compensate for the star’s lacklustre approach.  
“What’s up, buttercup? You’re my star and you know this, but today, you’re not yourself. Come on, come drink this and tell me about it,” Jim said after approaching her in the dressing room after calling a break, passing her the Starbucks order he’d sent out for (Caney Productions staff and freelancers alike were treated very well by the boss) before ushering her out of her seat, Mia pulling on her silk robe and heading outside with him. The fresh air felt good.  
She knew she had a friend in Jim too, knowing him right from the start of her career, so could talk to him about anything. He always lent a very good ear.
They stood in the shade of the building and Mia unloaded everything that was happening, Jim of course knowing already since he’d been keeping an eye on the press. Afterwards, she felt better, less troubled by it all, but what she did not expect for one second, was the reply he gave her.  
“You know, you should really stick it to them, give them something to truly hate you for. If that’s how they’re going to view you then balls to them, cram it down their necks. It actually ties in with a little idea I had, you know. We could make a lot of money, you and I. How much would it cost me, to get both you and Chris on camera together? If not in a shoot set up, maybe a leaked tape I could then go on to officially release? Mia, this could launch your career into the stratosphere and be worth millions!”  
Had she heard him correctly? Had she honestly just heard Jim Caney, the man she thought was her friend, ask how much exposing the most intimate part of her relationship was worth? She needed a friend to unload to about the negativity she was facing from her relationship, and all he wanted to do was exploit it for profit. She was heartbroken.  
“I thought you were my friend,” she blurted out in shock, tears filling her eyes.
“It’s because I’m your friend that I’ve offered this! This is such a golden opportunity!” he enthused, Mia shaking her head as she walked backwards towards the door, throwing her drink into the trash.
“No friend would ever, ever ask that. You’re an awful person, and I thought you cared.” She ran back inside as fast as her seven-inch platform shoes would take her, racing into the dressing room, feeling like a naïve, idiotic fool.  
He didn’t give a damn about her, the hurtful realisation hit her square in the chest as she threw herself back into her clothes, stuffing her belongings into her hold all and running from the set to her car, driving herself away from Caney Productions in an absolute flood of tears as quickly as she could.  
All the way back to Malibu, she cried until her eyes were red and her makeup smudged, wanting nothing more than to throw herself into Chris’s arms. She couldn’t, though, obviously. Cedric was at work as well, Amber was back in Los Angeles, but there was one person who she knew she could count on to be there for her. By luck, she was actually home after she’d called ahead to check and told her what had happened.  
“Oh darling, come here.” Taylor said, opening her door to her best friend’s girlfriend, pulling the poor waif into the hug she needed and letting her cry on her shoulder. She knew she wasn’t going to be as much of a good comfort to her as Chris would have been, but damnit, she’d give it her best shot.
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hlkwrites · 14 hours ago
We hear a lot about how Chris would comfort someone, but how do you think HE likes to be comforted?
Maybe he didn't get a role he really wanted, how would you cheer him up? Be as NSFW as you want!
Ooh, oh this is lovely 💖 I would love to comfort this sweet man and I think it might go a bit like this...
Tumblr media
So there would be different types, different levels of comfort required depending on what had happened in the day.
If he was feeling physically unwell I think he'd look for physical comfort. He'd need lots of cuddles and snuggles, any moment you're sitting down he's snuggling up against you, his head resting on your chest or on your lap.
If you run your fingers through his hair he'll be asleep in minutes, and when he's poorly it's the best way to ensure he gets any real rest.
He'd never ask but there's nothing he loves more than having you fuss over him, wipe his face with a warm towel, fluff his pillows, stroke his hair.
Tumblr media
More emotional times or when he's struggling with anxiety he's still going to need the physical stuff, the warm touch, the skin on skin comfort but he also needs to be able to talk.
To work through the thoughts that get so loud sometimes, he needs you to help him make sense of things when he can't make sense of them on his own.
There's a certain look that he gets that let's you know he needs your support. It might take a little while, asking a few times if he's okay before he opens up but eventually he will.
He doesn't need you to have answers or to make things right, he just needs you to listen and empathise with him, to feel with him. And afterward he always looks a little bit different, lighter, less troubled.
Tumblr media
There are times when the comfort needs to be more amorous, and a different type of physical....
Evenings when he's wound up, annoyed, frustrated at the world, he's thrown back on the sofa, legs spread wide open as if in an invitation.
You settled yourself between his legs, a pillow under your knees so you can give him a long, sensual blowjob. Starting off slow, all soft kisses and kitten licks, making sure he's throbbing hard before you take him deeply back in your mouth, making him moan and cry out. His hips bucking up off the seat, diving himself deeply into your throat.
If he doesn't want to come that way he'll get you up off your knees and settled on his lap, filling you up and stretching you.
Sometimes he doesn't want to fuck, he just wants to feel you, he wants to feel close to you in the most primal way possible.
Sometimes he wants to talk while he's inside you, other times he just wants to hold you, gaze at you, kiss you. He always let's you know what he needs and always checks you have the space to give it to him.
Chris understands that love and comfort are a two way street, that there's needs to be give and take for both of you.
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donutloverxo · 15 hours ago
His queen
Tumblr media
Please note that my stories are not to be stolen or reposted on any other site. Reblogs are welcome. This blog and this story is 18+. Do not read, follow or interact if you are not 18+.
Note - An anon asked for an au sequel to first night with no stucky but this can be read as a one shot. Thanks to lizzygal(link to ao3) for her advice on this! This is written for @sweetlyscared's 1k angst challenge! Congrats boo! I used the prompt 'Do you love her?' Although this is hardly angsty but it's as angsty as someone as soft as me can get🥺 Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Summary - Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
Warnings - explicit sexual content, painful sex, innocent naive insecure reader, dub con/noncon, soft dark Steve, jealous Steve, ooc villain Sharon, like a little breeding kink, some angst.
Pairing - soft dark king!Steve x reader
Word count - 5.3k
Tumblr media
Steve jolted when your palm hit him across his face, his hand circled around your wrist, ready to fight whatever it was that slapped him off, his grip loosening when he realised it was just you. You wiggled your hand away from his grip, mumbling incoherently before turning away from him, so that he could only see the silhouette of your nude back in the dim light.
Although he had been with a handful of women, he never had to share a bed with one. He didn’t think he’d ever have to, he was born in royalty, raised to be a king. While he liked having your soft warm body in his arms, he maybe could live without your hands slapping him, or both your legs over his thighs and hips.
It was customary for wives to have their own chambers after the honeymoon period was over. And with a heavy heart he had sent you to your own chambers, he made sure you were treated to the best luxuries possible.
But he found himself missing your presence soon enough. Your legs over his, you annoying him for attention whenever he was working, the way you hummed a song in your head, how you often clumsily bumped into things, your sweet beautiful voice, your scent, everything about you.
So he went to your room, told you that you were to live with him in his chambers from then on. You were hesitant at first, but didn’t say no to him.
You could never deny him anything. He loved that about you. How subservient you were despite being so fiery.
He was grateful to have made you move in, in times like these, when his cock was hard and achingly pressed against your thigh, he had you right where he wanted you.
He softly called out your name, he’d rather have you awake for this. He loved listening to the sweet sounds he could pull out of you. When you didn’t so much as stir he decided he would just have to wake you up another way.
Pushing your legs off his, spreading them apart to make room for him as he hovered over you, pressing soft kisses, rubbing his beard against your skin, he made his way down to his destination, he was parched for your nectar.
He kissed your petal, your cunt already oozing with need, your body would always want him even if you weren’t awake. He frowned when you didn’t move at all. He had been a bit too rough with you that night, exhausting you, making you pass out as soon as he was done, but he was growing more and more impatient.
Scraping his teeth over your clit, he bit it ever so lightly as you yelped awake.
“Oh!” you gasped when you looked down to find the king between your legs.
Swallowing a lump, because this was still so very strange to you. Your mother had told you how a man and woman make love before your wedding, but she never mentioned anything like this.
From your knowledge the king putting his mouth there wouldn’t result in you getting pregnant. But it did bring you great pleasure, to the point where it was maddening.
Sometimes it was the only thing on your mind.
It was as if you were addicted to it.
“My king...” you squirmed when you felt him push his fingers inside you, “I’m so tired... I have court tomorrow...” How he managed to do all his duties and still have you at least thrice everyday was beyond you.
“You don’t have to go. You’re the queen, the future mother of my children, you deserve a day off. Besides I do work you a bit too hard, don’t I?” he asked before plunging his tongue into your heat.
“Huh? No... I’m glad to be serving you...” And you had yet to give him any heirs.
It wasn’t long before you released all over his mouth, your cheeks heating up when you saw his beard coated with your slick as he wiped it off with the back of his hand.
“You can stay in bed all day tomorrow. That way you’ll be strong and ready by the time I’m back.” He told you before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss, as you tasted yourself on his mouth.
Tumblr media
Turns out a day off was everything that you had needed. You were born a princess, albeit of a kingdom standing on its last legs, you were the youngest of six sisters, your prospects weren’t all that great.
Your mother told you that you’d be lucky to get a rich lord, let alone a Duke or a prince. A King was out of the question. She taught you how to handle a household, she never could’ve prepared you for court or to be a queen. You always dreamt of marrying for love. Of running away after falling for a stable boy and living far away and being free.
But you married the King of the most prestigious kingdom in the whole world. While you had grown to love Steven, you didn’t love all the responsibilities that were thrusted upon you so suddenly, you didn’t like how you were always under scrutiny. Every move you made was watched and judged by others. You still couldn’t believe your life sometimes.
So it was nice to have a day to yourself. You had slept in till late in the morning, having your breakfast in bed before taking a leisurely bath and then decided to go for a walk in the garden just before the sunset before you’d have to go back up and have dinner with your husband before having to perform your wifely duties.
“Your grace,” you smiled upon hearing the familiar voice, turning around to see Lady Sharon approaching you.
You hadn’t seen her in over a month. She had been so kind to assist you and help you get acclimated to your duties, you’d always be grateful to her.
“I thought you were under the weather,” she frowned. It was the excuse you had given to skip court with your ladies that day. Which wasn’t a complete lie. You were a little sore between your legs. But a warm bath had fixed that.
“I’m feeling quite better,” you said, standing upright, a dignified smile on your face--formal and curt.
Always be formal and curt with everyone. Your instinct was to hug her when you saw her after her month long trip, like you would to any of your sisters or friends, but you must always act like a queen since you were one.
“How was your trip?” you asked her as she hooked her arm in yours so you could both resume walking.
“It went alright. Mama wants to marry me off to the Duke Stark, the trip was some sort of matchmaking ploy,” she snorted.
“What’s wrong with Stark? He seems so charming.” You remember meeting him at your coronation ceremony. Where he had got you beautiful pearls from an exotic country.
“He maybe charming, but at the end of the day - he’s manwhore.”
You gasped incredulously, your hand over your mouth as you looked around to make sure your maids didn’t hear you, “Lady Sharon,” you chastised her, “We can’t use that sort of language.”
“Forgive me, your grace,” she apologized, “I often forget how naive you are.”
“What? Naive?” you huffed. “Not using such filthy language hardly makes me naive.”
“Live a little, all royals are debauched in one way or another. I’m surprised to see just how much of a square you are.”
“Is... is being a square a bad thing?” You wanted to know. You never thought of yourself as a conformist, in fact your mother used to tell you you’ll die an old maid if you didn’t start acting more like a lady and less like a spoilt brat.
“Sometimes it is...” she pondered. “Well, for instance, being a square in bed might be boring for some men.”
“What?” you gasped again. Tightening your grip on her arm and walking at a faster pace to put some distance between you and your maids, “Give us a minute,” you told them.
“Lady Sharon,” you looked into her blue eyes, much like your husbands but a little darker, “Have you ever been with a man?”
“I have,” she shrugged. “Just the one. He was my true love.”
“Bu – but you aren’t married.” You frowned.
“So, how can you make love to anyone if you aren’t married...” Your mother had told you that making love only ever happened between a man and his wife.
“I... you do know what making love entails right? This is what I meant when I said you were too much of a square,” she chuckled.
“Don’t... don’t make fun of me...” you pouted.
“I’m sorry, your grace, it’s just,” she put a hand over her mouth as she cleared her throat, “Really funny. Two people, who aren’t married, can make love. Being married is good but not a requirement.”
“I suppose that makes sense, me and his majesty could do it even if we weren’t married...”
“Is he happy with you?” she wanted to know.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s just, you don’t know much about physical relations, and there needs to be a certain level of knowledge and experience for it to be good at it.”
“Do you think he is unsatisfied with me?”
“I wouldn’t know,” she shrugged. “Does he seem unsatisfied?”
He was always asking for it. Which you preferred, because you’d die of embarrassment if you ever had to initiate it. You couldn’t go for too long without it either. He had went on a hunting trip for just a couple of days and you wanted to jump on him and keep him in your bed as soon as you saw him.
Why would he ask for it again and again if he was satisfied?
“I’m not sure... since you know so much about it would you give me some advice?”
“My, I would’ve thought you’d call me a harlot or a whore instead you’re asking for advice...” she smirked.
“Oh, I would never. That is what my mother would say, probably, but you’re my friend. Besides, I would want to make love to Steve even if we weren’t married, and if he was a stable boy.”
“A stable boy?” she quirked a blonde brow.
“Yes! And I would be me, a princess. It’s just a silly dream I used to have,” you shrugged. “What happened to your love? The one you lost?”
“He got married to someone else,” she stated. And although she was firm and sophisticated as always, you could hear his voice wavering and how much pain she was in.
“Oh my... I am so sorry, Sharon,” you said, engulfing her in a hug to comfort her, now that you do actually love someone, now that you know what loving someone deeply means, how overwhelming it can be, you couldn’t even imagine what losing that love would feel like. “You’ll find someone better.”
“There is no one better, your grace. But I’ll give you some advice,” she pulled away from you, putting some distance between you both, “You have to pay special attention to his balls. Many ladies tend to forget them.”
“Ball...? Like toys? I don’t believe he has any.”
“Your grace,” she rolled her eyes as she snickered, “He does have them. That is where your children will come from.”
“Um... what? Wouldn’t they come from...” you looked down, to the place between your legs. That’s where kids come from. That’s what you had been told.
“Well, yes, that is where they will pop out of. But the balls... the ones right behind his manhood, that’s where his seed comes from.”
“Oh...” you nodded as you realised what she was talking about. “So... what about the... balls?”
“Just pay special attention to them. He would like that. Suck on them, tug on them... but gently!” she chuckled as she realised she would have to talk down to you since you were so inexperienced.
“Oh... alright... anything else I can do?”
“Try to be more... active... instead of just sitting there and taking it you know?”
“Alright. I think I get the gist of it.”
Tumblr media
“You ready for me, petal?” Steven asked as he looked down at you, naked and vulnerable, so beautiful and all his. He nudged his cock against your intimate lips, prodding at your entrance as he awaited your answer. He knew he could be too much for you sometimes, he was trying to do better. So he could make you love him at least half of as much as he loves you.
“Mm-hm... but um...” you trailed off. Not exactly knowing how you would go about asking to suck his balls.
“I was just wondering if... I could... do that...” you fluttered your lashes, that usually got you whatever you wanted from him.
“And what is ‘that’?”
“You know... when you make me put my mouth on you...”
He didn’t usually make you use your mouth.
Most of the times Steven had a strict unofficial schedule he followed when it came to lovemaking. He wasn’t someone who liked or embraced change, he was always strategic, as a king and as your husband.
He’d kiss you till you were out of breath, then your neck, and then your breasts, he’d spend a long amount of time there, maybe because you liked that the most probably. And then he’d use his fingers to work you up, tasting you, eating you out and drinking your nectar.
That drove you mad, till you were on the brink of insanity.
You loved it as much as you hated it. You had never felt so out of control in your entire life. Not even when your parents told you they were going to marry you off to a kingdom far away, to a man you had never even met before.
Steven would complain that you thrashed and moved around too much, although he would encourage you to make all the noise that you wished. He pinned you down by your hips. Sometimes he’d make you make once, twice, thrice, it depended on how desperate he was to get his own release.
And then he’d have you on your back. Whispering the filthiest things to you as he fucked you, filled you up with his seed.
He’d hold you close to him, kissing your hair, kissing your cheeks and touching your ever so intimately. That was when you were the most clingy, you’d hold on so tightly to him. You were more vulnerable than usual. You would tell him about how, even though you love being the queen and his wife, it was so new and overwhelming, how you miss your family and your old life. How things had changed and so drastically. He’d always tell you that it would all be okay. That he would take care of you and never let anything bad ever happen to you.
Then he’d have you on your hands and knees. He told you he liked looking at your behind and spanking it.
After that you’d both fall asleep. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and nudge you awake to love you some more. But he rarely ever made you suck him off.
“You wanna suck my cock?” he smirked as you meekly nodded. “Go right ahead then, petal. It’s all yours now, you don’t have to ask,” he told you as he sat up on his knees.
You looked at his cock. Hard and standing tall and proud up against his stomach. You now knew that being aroused made him hard and much much bigger. Maybe that’s why it’s often such a tasking job to take him--often leaving your cunt so sore.
Soft dark golden hair, much like that of his beard, and then you noticed them. His twin balls.
You took a deep breath as you took him in your mouth, suckling on his head, following your instincts and what he had taught you.
Your hand coming up and cupping his balls, massaging them gently in your hand. You stopped when you felt him go stiff.
Pulling his cock out of your mouth you looked up at him. “Did I do something wrong?” as you wiped your spittle and his preejaculate off your mouth.
“No,” he shook his head. It wasn’t often that he was stunned. Not ever really. But you, taking that kind of initiative, to touch him without him asking for you to, did shock him just a little.
He held onto the back of your head, bringing his balls just next to your mouth, against your soft lips, “Suck on them,” he told you.
You suckled at one, working the other one with your hand as he pulled at the roots of your head.
“Fuck! Stop!” he heaved, pulling you away, “I have to save it for your beautiful cunt, my queen,” he told you as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead before he pushed you back down on the mattress.
Swiftly entering you, you were still as tight as the night of your wedding, which meant he had to be patient while fucking you, and he tried. He really did. But he was not a patient man. Especially not when you had just put your mouth on him and worked your magic in mere seconds.
He put most of his weight on you as he slowly pushed in and out of you, your face scrunched up in pleasure as you dug your nails into his shoulders.
With your pussy hugging him so well, almost as if it was made for him, as if you were made by the gods just for him.
“What have you done to me?” he rasped, touching his damp forehead to yours. You had weaved some sort of magic on him, making him crazy for you. Now it was hard to tell where he ended and you began.
Tumblr media
You pressed a hand against your mouth to stop from giggling or making any sort of noise. Resting your back against the cool surface of the throne. You chose the back of the throne in the court as your place of hiding. Maybe it wasn’t the most strategic ploy but you were playing against a six year old.
Lila Barton had asked to play hide and seek with you. Only to receive a scolding from her nanny--to not bother the queen with such trivial matters.
It was as if you were reliving your childhood. You always felt you were made to grow up and be a lady too fast. With your mother and sisters telling you how important it was to act mature and be a lady, or you wouldn’t be able to marry well. Or marry at all.
So you jumped at the first opportunity to play with the kid. Making her count to twenty before looking for a place to hide. You had to go get your lessons for sewing so you didn’t have a lot of time, you hoped she would find you soon.
“But you’re not even considering it!”
You perked up when you heard the familiar voice, it was Lady Sharon! You had to thank her for all her advice, things had been going great with Steven ever since you listened to her. He had been opening up to you as well, although he was still as voracious in his love making. If anything... he wanted you even more now. Which you didn’t think could even be possible.
But some part of you absolutely loved it. And you knew you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You peaked out to see her, to maybe call her to join you on the floor, hiding behind the large throne. You frowned when you saw that she was holding onto Steven’s arm, looking up at him with a certain desperation in her eyes.
“There is nothing to consider. I’m a married man. It would be adultery – a crime,” he stated.
“Bu – but you promised, you told me you didn’t love her. You said you didn’t have any other choice. I’m not asking you to leave her for me, I know that’s not possible. I’m not a fucking idiot like her.”
You slapped a hand over your mouth again to keep your sobs in, tears streaming down your face as you watched your husband, and his lover, have a lovers quarrel.
You couldn’t hear any more of it. Couldn’t bear it breaking your heart anymore than it already had. You quickly got up, fleeing out of the room by the back entrance - which the servants often used.
“You watch your mouth when you speak of the queen,” he yanked his arm free of her, putting some distance between himself and her, “I didn’t make any promises like that. I told you I intended to be faithful to her even if I didn’t love her.”
He knew it was a mistake to ever get involved with Sharon. He never wanted to be a womanizer. But he had his needs. He didn’t think she would become so obsessed with him. He had broken off their short fling as soon as he became betrothed to you.
He felt responsible for all the rumours about him and her and her ruined reputation. So he had arranged for her to marry his good friend Stark but she had her mind set on him.
“I like the queen. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t intend to replace her,” she explained. She had no interest in being a queen and having such tedious and boring responsibilities anyway—the power and the status that came along with it just wasn’t worth the hassle. She pitied you and how you just weren’t made for the job.
“But she can’t satisfy you, she can’t give you what you need-- What I can give you,” Being the Kings mistress would probably be better than being a Duchess and marrying some boring old man.
“Won’t you even think about it?”
“No I won’t. And you are to never speak of this again,” he warned her.
Tumblr media
“Your grace...” Lydia was completely confused. Standing there with your dress in her hands as you frantically stuffed your clothes in a chest.
She had never seen two people as in love as you and the king. When she first met you, it didn’t seem as if you and Steven would make a good couple. She assumed your marriage would be like any other she had seen. Cold and distant.
Steve had never been smitten with a woman, she always felt there maybe something wrong with him. But he had grown so fond of you in such a short time. Even going as far as asking you to live with him in his chambers. Having the king around often made her duties to you challenging. But she was happy for you.
“I don’t understand. What wrong? Why do you want to leave so suddenly.” Does the king approve of your sudden departure? If not would she get in trouble for it?
“He lied to me,” you sobbed. “I thought--” you let out a hiccup.
“Calm down,” she said as she rubbed your forearms. She wasn’t afraid to touch you in such friendly ways, you weren’t as stuck up as most royals.
You took a deep breath as you tried to explain to your handmaiden why you both had to leave as soon as possible. Before Steven gets back. You’ll move all your things to the room you were supposed to live in and just lock him out of your chambers.
“I would’ve been fine living on my own. Just being a wife and a queen. But he made me believe... that we could be more. That he loved me. It’s not true,” you shook your head. “He lied. He has another lover.”
“Oh,” she let out. She was disappointed on your behalf but not surprised. It would be strange if the king didn’t have any other lovers. “I’m sorry, your grace.”
“I’ll be fine,” you sniffled. “This'll be a good lesson for me. My mother always told me I have my head in the clouds and should live in reality. That’ll teach me to dream.”
It was almost funny for her to watch you babble nonsense, stable boys, princesses and backstabbing friends, take a break to cry your heart out and then resume packing and trying to order all the other servants.
“What’s going on here?”
Everyone stopped moving as soon as they heard the kings voice. He of course looked at the Lydia for an explanation.
“The queen wants us to...”
“I’m moving back to my old chambers,” you briskly walked to him, standing right in front of him, looking him in the eye. He was much taller than you, making you crane your neck to actually get a good look at him, but you still tried to look intimidating and confrontational.
“Why?” he frowned. “Put everything back just as it was,” he ordered everyone.
“No!” you stomped your foot, looking very much like an indignant child who had his toy taken away, than a queen, “Don’t! We’re moving!” But of course nobody would listen to you over Steven. Not just because he was their king, but also because he was much more intimidating than you.
“Stop it!” he reprimanded you. “Whatever troubles you may have, we can sort them out together, but you are not moving back. And that’s the end of that.”
“No! I’m leaving! I’d like to see you try to stop me!” You hmphed. Pushing past him and making way for the door. You didn’t need to take your things with you now, you could just send for them later.
You screamed bloody murder when you felt Stevens arm around your stomach, as he threw you over his shoulder in the blink of an eye, “HELP!!” You yelled at the guards and your maids, who didn’t want to get involved, quickly scurrying out of the room.
“Ring the bell if you need anything, your grace,” Lydia said on her way out to you before she closed the door. It didn’t seem as if the king intended to do any real harm to you so she wasn’t that worried about you.
You kept on hitting his back, thrashing around his hold to break free, “Put me down!”
He threw you on your marital bed, his fingers making quick work of ridding him of his clothes so he could show you how he was just never going to let you go.
“Why do you even care? If I leave or not? You can just call for your lover!”
“My lover?” he frowned as he tried to push your skirts up your legs, which was proving to be a difficult task. Maybe he should’ve asked the maids to undress you before making them leave.
“Do you love her?” you asked, looking up at him and stopping your futile resistance for a few moments, your lips wobbly as you felt your vision blue with tears. You were born a princess, living a relatively sheltered life, never knowing pain so unbearable. As if you would never recover from this, you would never be the same.
You would never believe in love again.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about, petal,” he said, getting frustrated with all the buttons and ties on your dress and ripping your skirt apart. Which he regretted, just a little because you started crying again.
“No! I like this dress.”
“I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you a hundred more.” He said as he hovered over you, diving in to kiss your beautiful lips and make you stop saying such preposterous things.
You sniffled as you tried to push him away, making him gather your wrists in one hand and pinning them above your head.
“Stop it,” he told you. “When will you understand that you belong to me now? If I say you have to live with me, here, then that’s what you’ll do.”
“I’m not your slave,” you retorted as you tried to wiggle your hands out of his grip.
“Stop listening to rumors! There are plenty going around. I do not have a lover.”
“No. I saw it with my own eyes. You and Lady Sharon. Just this afternoon.”
“What did you see?”
“I... she said she was your lover...?” You tried to think of what exactly had been said between them. But you couldn’t remember. You were blinded by your fury and your sorrow.
“We used to be lovers, before you and I ever met, but not anymore. I could never think of another, I could never love anyone else,” he said softly as he touched your cheek with his other hand, “You want to know why?”
“Why?” you pouted, feeling a little stupid now.
“Because you’ve ruined me, my queen. You’ve made me a lovesick fool. I could never love anyone else the way I love you. Do you want to know how much I love you?” he asked as you meekly nodded.
Pulling his cock out of breaches, he pushed your skirts up, exposing your thighs to him, he rubbed his cock along the slick of your pussy.
“Did fighting with me make you wet, my queen?” he asked, making you avert your gaze.
“I...” it was the way he had simply thrown you around, how he just wouldn’t let you leave, “Maybe...”
“Hm, don’t start picking fights with me for no reason though. My poor heart won’t be able to bear it,” he cooed as he kissed your cheeks, wet from your tears. “You look beautiful when you cry, love, but I only want you crying when I’m fucking you, you understand?”
He pushed inside you, you were tighter than usual, it was difficult to even properly enter you. The pain of it of course made you cry again. You sobbed into the crook of his neck as he shushed you.
“You feel my love, darling,” he asked as he was buried to the hilt inside you, “I’ll give you a child soon enough. Then you’ll have a living breathing proof of it,” he whispered in your ear as he started steadily moving, making sure that he won’t hurt you.
“I wish... I was your one and only... like you are mine,” you sniffled as you held on to him, soon it is wasn’t hurting as much, it was a little uncomfortable but you could bear through it.
“You are my one and only. You’re the only woman I have ever loved. Do you love me, petal?”
He looked down at you, wanting you to say it. He needed you to love him, for you to say it to him, he needed to know you weren’t here just because you were scared of him.
“I love you, Steve,” you sniffled, rubbing your runny nose with the back of your hand.
He smiled at you, his hand trailing down both your bodies as he twisted your pearl between his fingers.
“It’s okay... it’s okay...” He kept telling you as you screamed at the top of your lungs, your climax making your mind and your vision fuzzy.
“I’m going to fill you up, petal,” he told you as he finished inside you, staying inside you for a long while after he was done just to make sure you knew how he belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him.
Tumblr media
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spoiling her rotten.
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warnings | ddlg (daddies!stucky x little!reader), smutTtT, fingering, implied oral (f receiving), multiple orgasms, squirting, forced orgasms? kind of getting there, restraints? (steve's holding reader down/open), dub-con? since reader is clearly reaching limits but they keep going, overstim
requested by anon | CONGRATS ON 2k+!!! i was wondering if i could request a stucky smut ddlg blurb :) something along the lines of little reader feeling kind of low so daddy steve and bucky cheer her up with multiple orgasms even when she’s super sensitive and saying she can’t anymore but they just keep praising her and telling her what a good girl she is <3
an | hi friend thanks so much for this request! tbh what a way to be cheered up lol, daddies would truly know just how to take care of you and get you feeling better. hope you enjoy!
"Come on sweetheart, just gotta let us take care of you," Steve hums into your hair as you writhe against him. He's got you positioned directly in front of him with your back pressed against his chest, your legs being held open by his own with his large hands wrapping around your thighs to keep your pussy nice and spread.
"That's right, doll. Gotta make sure we get our baby feeling aalll better," Bucky sings from his spot between your legs, two of his metal fingers pumping steadily into your soaking heat while he toys with your clit using his flesh hand. "What kind of daddies would we be if we didn't spoil our sweet little girl rotten, hmm?"
"Daddy, p-please," you pant, not sure which it is you're pleading to at this point, or maybe if it's both. "Too much, can't cum again," you whimper.
Chuckling, Steve raises an eyebrow, shifting one of his hands to pull back on the hood of your clit to allow Bucky to swirl his fingers directly over the swollen nub. "You can't? Oh, I think you can," he disagrees, both of the men smiling as they sense another orgasm quickly building up inside of you.
"There it is, that's it," Bucky encourages, quickening his pace inside you to ram almost painfully against your inner walls, the torturous sensation almost sending your eyes rolling into the back of your head. "Come on, little one. Cum for your daddies, goood," he croons as you cry out, clamping down on his metal fingers as you squirt out onto the already drenched bedsheets below.
"P-please," you beg as Bucky lowers his head down to come face to face with your quivering cunt, licking his lips at the sight. "No more, Daddy, please," but your efforts are futile.
"Shhh, it's okay," Steve soothes, lifting you gently and tilting you up to give Bucky a better angle. "Such a good girl for us, aren't you doll? Now let Buck have a taste of that pussy, honey. Gonna make you feel so good, don't you worry."
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Royalty au
Tumblr media
First night | 2839 words
You're nervous to consummate your marriage with your new husband.
Steve x reader x Bucky
Some help | 5871 words
Steve recruits his brothers help in knocking you up.
Epilogue (coming soon)
Steve x reader (no Bucky)
His queen | 5291 words
Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
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Tumblr media
arlo’s masterlist:
⋆ ୭ .⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹°•*⁀ ➴ join my taglist here!
[smut is in bold, angst is in blue, fluff is in italics]
[all are one shots unless stated otherwise]
─── ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ───
Tumblr media
invisible string: chris evans x female!singer!reader
(part two)
Tumblr media
i wanna be yours: bestfriendsdad!steve x female!reader
Tumblr media
❧ coming soon
Tumblr media
❧ coming soon
Tumblr media
illicit affairs: (ongoing fic) dadsbestfriend!sirius x female!reader
Tumblr media
wildest dreams: fred weasley x female!reader
to be your remedy (ongoing fic) fred weasley x female!reader
you and fred had had a fight: fred weasley x female!reader
how long have you been standing there? george weasley x female!reader
Tumblr media
sorry what was that? i just keep getting lost in your eyes draco malfoy x harry potter
Tumblr media
sorry what was that? i just keep getting lost in your eyes draco malfoy x harry potter
─── ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ───
i accept requests!
i write for marvel/harry potter/marvel actors (feel free to ask for someone else and i’ll let you know whether i’ll write for them!)
please reblog any of my work that you can, it really helps me out <3
─── ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ───
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-ˋˏ 𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Summary: Everything hurts but you allow Ransom to take care of you.
Warnings: Just fluff& emotions✨
Pretty boy
Summary: Ransom looks simply ravishing from your place at the dining table, and you are not one for self-restraint. Not when it comes to him.
Warning: Kissing, sexual themes! Minors dni.
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-ˋˏ 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Facade - coming soon
Summary: After he looses his wife and son, Andy pretends like he is absolutely fine when, really, he is not.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, alcohol, talk about death and mental health.
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lavendercitizen · 16 hours ago
-ˋˏ 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Summary: You've gotten so used to Steve's closeness, when you should be fighting him with tooth and nail. Not anymore.
Warnings: Dark/yandere fic, angst; guilt, mentions of kidnapping, implication of death, hypothermia.
Despair [sequel to Blizzard]
Summary: After your little stunt Steve is nursing you back to health. What will happen now?
Warnings: Mention of death, Dark/yandere fic, angst, hurt/comfort(?), cursing, discussion of stockholm syndrome.
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fluffymisha97 · 16 hours ago
One day, some day
Tumblr media
Summary : How much heart ache and pain can one person endure and if so how? Loving someone never hurt this bad. 
Warnings! : Story contains mentioning of stillbirth and stillborn child. Read with caution! If this topic makes you uncomfortable or triggers you in any way, then I suggest you not to continue reading this. Please be aware of the warning given.
Word count : 1,966 
Tumblr media
Chris is taken back, puzzled even when he sees you at his niece's soccer game. Your back is turned facing him but there's no way that he could ever mistake you for someone else. He knows you.
You're talking to his sister Carly whilst laughing and joking around. The two of you seem oblivious to his presence. Before Chris can greet his sister, she runs off towards a cry that is heard across the field. One of the other girls has tackled Stella. Your face shines with concern as you watch your former 'sister in law' comfort her child.
"Y/N. Hey?"
"Chris, hi."
There's a brief moment where you don't know whether or not to go for the hug or the awkward handshake. You go for the halfway-sided hug. Your heart clenches as he lets go of you. Your scent fills his nostrils. That sweet smell of home that now no longer was his home.
"Not to sound rude but what are you doing here?"
"Oh, well Carly invited me to come and see Miss Ronaldo over there. You know how much I loved coming to these sorts of things. "
"Ohh... That's nice."
Chris was a bit surprised to say the least.
"I didn't know that you two still hung out"
"Well, she texts me whenever I'm in town ish. It's nice."
As you stand watching the girls running around the field, you both share a laugh when Carly the Soccer mom-Evans hops around screaming in joy when her daughter scores a goal. Chris follows quickly yelling out his cheer for the sweetheart on the field.
"She's amazing."
"Yeah, that she is."
There’s a comfortable silence between the two of you as you watch the game.
Your eyes dart over to a mom on the sideline with a stroller. On her body was a tiny human strapped tightly in a wrap. You would make out the tiny little head. Once again, your heart clenches uncomfortably in your chest. It’s almost too much.
Chris' eyes follow yours watching the mom on the sideline. Chris wants nothing more than to reach out for you and hold you. How he wishes that you suddenly would scream at him 'hold me, love me' alas you don’t. You haven’t for years. The two of you share a common thought at that exact same moment.
Your eyes are still focused on the baby.
'That could've been us.’
Chris' eyes darted to yours.
‘That should've been us.’
A loud voice break you both out of your thoughts.
"Aunt Y/N, Aunt Y/N! Did you see me? I made my first ever goal!"
Stella barely waits for you to prepare yourself before she launches herself into your somehow waiting arms. You manage to hoist the girl up in your arms beaming down at her.
"Of course, I saw! You were amazing, sweetie. You're going to do well."
"I know!"
Stella giggles loudly as you tickle her sides before setting her down on the ground. Her hand is still holding onto yours. Chris soaring seeing the interaction between the two. You had always been great with his niece and nephews. It was seeing you with them that convinced him that you would make an amazing mother one day. Some day.
Once Stella notices her uncle, she immediately jumps on him explaining how she trained for the game. Chris grins as she enthusiastically and animatedly tells him everything that has happened during the time he was away.
"Y/N, I hope you're coming back home with us. We're gonna get the grill going. Everyone is back home waiting."
"Sure. I'd love to if it's okay with Chris?"
Before Chris could say anything, Stella interrupts the grown-ups.
"Of course! Uncle Chris talks about you all the time and we all love you so. You can come too and-..."
"That's enough, young lady."
You’re still waiting for Chris’ acceptance and sighs a bit in relief when he softly nods his head to you.
"Okay, great then! We'll see you at home then. And Stella maybe you and I can talk about when it's best to say nothing."
The girl grabbed her mother's hand as they walked off the field.
"Mooom, you've said it too that you think they should get their heads outta their but-..."
"And we're walking this way, little miss."
Chris lets out a small yet nervous chuckle as you get eye contact.
“She still calls you aunt, huh?”
“I guess it kind of stuck...I can’t bring myself to tell her otherwise.”
“It would be a shame.”
You and Chris look at one another for a few moments before he looks around.
"You want to ride with me or did you drive yourself?"
"I got my own wheels but thanks. I'll just meet you there."
Chris nods his head and begins to walk off. Just as he gets into his car, his phone goes off. It's Carly calling him.
"Hey, what's up?"
"Chris, are you still at the school?"
"Yeah, just about to take off."
"Stella thinks she forgot her backpack at the gym hall. Would you please go and grab it? It's a Frozen bag with Anna and Elsa on it."
"Well that narrows it down for sure… Don't all girls have a backpack like that?”
“Please, Chris?”
“Okay, sure. I'll get right on it."
The backpack was nowhere to be found. He ends up spending 10-15 minutes searching for that damn bag. Until a woman he had seen earlier at the game, calls him out asking if he were looking for a backpack. Chris sighs in relief. Things would not have gone down that well had he not been able to track down that bag.
On his way back to the car, he walks across the field. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots someone sitting down by the bleachers. When squinting his eyes, he realizes that it’s you. He walks over quietly and sits down next to you.
"I thought you were gonna join us back at Carly's?"
"I am. I just needed to sit down for a while."
Chris let out a small hum as you both watch the skies turning another shade. Some time passes and Chris isn’t even sure how long it’s been since you guys had sat down together like this. Chris' hands feel sweaty and he releases a shaky breath.
"What do you think he would've been like?"
You close your eyes for a moment before a sad smile appears on your face. Tears fall from your eyes now.
"He would've been.... Amazing."
Chris looks down at his hands. They're shaking a little bit. He tries to blink the tears away. Before he can say or do anything, a small hand grips one of his tightly. As if afraid to let go. Chris' heart is pounding in his chest. He looks down at your now intertwined hands. A sob leaves his body as he lets go for once in so long. His teary eyes meet yours.
"Yeah?... You think so?"
"I can't imagine it any differently."
It's like a faucet had been turned on and left running. Chris can't get a hold of himself as he lets go of his feelings. Several sobs echo across the field. Chris hides his face in his and your hands trying to quiet down with no luck. You let him cry. No one knows the pain you feel other than Chris. Only the two of you know what it's like having to say goodbye to your newborn baby boy. Watching that tiny little casket being lowered into the ground.
Time passes as you both sit there on the bleachers finding a somewhat comfort in each other for the first time in a long time. Chris raises up and wipes his face before facing away from you trying to regain some control. As he breathes out heavily, he looks back at you. You take his face in your hands and ever so gentle, you trace his jaw, cheekbones and small wrinkles by his forehead and eyes. You caused some of those frowns.
Several of those frowns began forming when the doctors had rushed off with you fearing that there were some complications regarding the birth of Theodore Y/L/N- Evans. Chris remembers hearing certain words like pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, placental abruption and problems with the placenta. He recalls watching your scared face as they rolled you out of your room as Chris helplessly watched them take off with the two most important people in the world. The world shattered once your doctor came back with the news that Theodore Y/L/N - Evans was stillborn. Chris had never felt such pain in his life when the doctors induced your labor. The nurses and doctors were wonderful to you and Chris. As you'd delivered your baby. Both you and Chris are crying. There was only one cry, you both wanted to hear but never would be able to hear. His. Little baby Theo’s cry.
Chris' breathing has slowed down and he seems more controlled as he feels your soft hands on his face. You still have that effect on him.
“He turns 3 this year...Would have.”
Chris’ breathing is still shaky as you trace the smile wrinkles.
“3 years…”
He leans into your touch as you caress his soft cheek. You let out a sad sigh and can only offer an equally sad but soft smile.
"He would've looked just like you. This nose, that's just too much and your cheeks, very squeeze-able... These soft features that would’ve made it hard for anyone to stay mad at him for long."
Chris' lips start quivering as you softly speak while caressing his skin.
"He would've grown up to be a spitting image of his father."
Chris relishes in feeling your hands. Hands, he hasn’t felt in years. The two of you sit like that for a while. Chris’ heart starts to clench as he feels you pulling back knowing what it means.
“I should go… Would you mind talking to Carly for me?”
“Of course.”
You raise to stand up with every intention of leaving. However, before you can, you reach down cupping his chin in your hand before you slowly lean in and press a kiss to his lips. Chris kisses you back with all the passion in the world wanting to show you how much he still loved and loves you.
Tears are flowing from both your eyes. As you finally part, you look one last time into those blue eyes.
“I have to go.”
“I know.”
You wipe your tears away as you turn to leave, Chris’ hand stops you when grabbing your wrist. Your eyes fill up with tears as you find the last bit of strength inside you to say one last thing to him.
“I love you.”
Your voice cracks at the end and you blink away the tears.
“I know.”
His own voice unsteady and shaky as he finds the words. Chris lets go of your hand eventually as he watches you walk away from him again. His heart breaking once more but knowing you, he knows your heart is breaking too. He knows that you love him, which makes it all the more painful. He watches you walking across the field arms wrapped tightly around yourself probably trying to withhold yourself from turning back around.
You gasp as you hurriedly walk off. As much as you love him, you can’t stay. Being around him only makes you think of what you have both lost. No matter how much you love him, staying seems impossible for the time being. A glimmer of hope is somewhere in you. Hope that there could still be a time for you and Chris. A hope that maybe… one day. Some day.
Tumblr media
Tag list 
@ la-cey 
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Ari Levinson Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,631
Summary: You stumble upon Ari in his downtime and he makes it worth your while.
Warnings: Smut. Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 6: Size Kink w/Ari Levinson
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 4,497
Summary: You’re a sweet little bean, and Ari’s smitten and horny AF.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. AU probably. Smol bean reader because size kink trope. Smutttt 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Favorite Gift
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,002
Summary: Ari showers you with gifts on Valentine’s Day.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Unprotected sex. Size kink. Slight beard kink. Oral sex (m receiving). Vaginal fingering. Slight cockwarming. AU. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Necessary Arrangements
Andy Barber x Fem!Reader; Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader; Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader;
Summary: A mob AU series starring Andy Barber, Ari Levinson, and Ransom Drysdale (and their respective fem!Readers).
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Mob AU. Mentions of murder, violence, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, escort services, and various other mob activities. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Everything Unexpected
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 13,351
Summary: You lived a quiet, boring life with your gran, avoiding your omega designation and terrified at the mere concept of alphas...until a kind, handsome alpha buys the cabin up the hill from yours and inadvertently turns your simple, little life upside down.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. A/B/O dynamics. Innocent!Virgin!Reader. Slight age gap. Minor character deaths. Violence. Murder. Reference to domestic violence. Reference to alcoholism. Reference to murder. Kidnapping. Slight bondage. Slight dub con. Vaginal fingering. Unprotected sex. Dirty talk. Praise kink. Slight innocence kink. Soft!dark elements. AU. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Ari Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Beard Ride 🥵
Skinny Dipping 🥵
Pretty 🥵
Finally Home 🥵
Quarantine Workout 🥵
Ari/Ransom/Andy Foursome 🥵
Fave Position (Steve; Ransom; Andy; Ari) 🥵
Eating Out (Andy; Ari) 🥵
Safe Word 🥵
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stargazingfangirl18 · 20 hours ago
Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,676
Summary: There was a reason why you were counting down the days until your apartment lease was up.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Smut. Non con. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 12: Obsession w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,632
Summary: Robert shows you his collection, then makes you part of it.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Kidnapping. Slight dub con. Anal play. AU probably. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 17: Overstimulation w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,540
Summary: You’d lost count of how many days you’d been here, locked away as his little plaything, but one thing you knew for sure? You didn’t want to make him angry.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Non con. Dub con. Overstimulation. Vaginal fingering. Anal play. Smut. Dark fic. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; mild Mr. Freezy x Female!Reader
Summary: After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. AU. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Wicked & Willing
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,097
Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Freezy Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Savor 😈
Mr. Freezy’s Special Cream 🥵😈
Famished 🥵😈
Where Do You Think You’re Going? 🥵😈
Delightful divider made by the talented @firefly-graphics​ 😍
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carpediemm-18 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
To the Moon!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Wife! Reader
Summary: Steve on the moon!
A/N: Do not post my work anywhere. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
Steve Rogers Master-list
"So, how's the moon? You asked placing the cup of piping hot cocoa in front of Steve. Steve, who was concentrating on the canvas in front of him, gave you a confused look. "Huh," he had a dumbfounded look on his face. You smiled at his silly and stupidly handsome face and couldn't resist kissing him as your fingers played with his ginger beard.
"Not that I am complaining, I mean, I love kissing you but what's the talk about the moon?" Steve settled on the wing chair by the window with his cocoa. "About that," you settled on the chair opposite him and gave him the iPad which was till now lying forgotten in your arms. "Check that out," you asked him to read the headlines. Steve read through the headlines of him being on the moon on a special mission.
He shook his head and a chuckle escaped his throat. He placed the iPad on a table next to him and picked up the cocoa. A peaceful silence settled between you both as you enjoyed the hot beverage on this, particularly wet day. Steve's gaze followed the steam coming out of the mug and flowing out of the window where rain poured without a break. His eyes traveled as far as he could look and a content sigh escaped his lips.
After the endgame, after Tony's sacrifice, Steve traveled back to place the stones in their rightful timelines. He went to New York, he went to Vormir and in his words, he felt Natasha's presence, came face to face with his biggest nemesis; the red skull. And finally, he again stopped in New York but in the 40s, a time where he thought he belonged. He said goodbye to you earlier and even though it broke your heart, you let him go. You let him go because you were selfish and if you would have forced him to stay back, he wouldn't be happy and that's not fair to anyone. But few days in the 40s and Steve understood why he survived that plane crash for 70 years. He might have been born in that era but he didn't belong there. He gave Peggy the dance he promised and found his way back to you.
Once back, he decided to give his shield to Sam, something you never understood until the other day when you saw Sam taking up his role as Captain America. He wanted to have that life Tony asked him once to get, but now he wanted it to with you. Steve wanted to give up his previous life forever and settled down into a life of nobody and you being an ex-secret agent wanted the same. With the same goal in mind, you both vanish from the radar just like how sand slips away. You both traveled to a remote village in the mountains far away from where neither your or Steve's past could come knocking ever, brought a farm, and settled into a life you always dreamt but never thought would get.
"As long as I am with you, I am always on the moon darling," Steve whispered as he reached out to you and caressed your wedding band.
Taglist: @christhickevans @madbaddic7ed @idowikeit @ilysmcevans @tonystankschild
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It Takes A Village: Chapter 17
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x pregnant!daughter!reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: seeing your family after multiple months.
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen Pregnancy
Tumblr media
The door opened and in came running your three cousins followed by your aunt and uncle. You smiled at your family giving your cousins hugs.
"Hi!" Stella said happily. "We got the babies presents!"
"Here!" Miles held up a gift bag with a big smile on his face.
"They picked them out all on their own." Carly smiled before hugging you followed by her husband, before the family each hugged your dad as well.
"Thank you!" You smiled at them reaching in the bag you pulled out an outfit, a pair of beige overalls, that have Winnie the Pooh on it, on one of the legs has the words: Winnie the Pooh, they also had a T-shirt, red with white stripes and navy blue around the neck and sleeves. "It's so cute!" You gushed.
"I picked that out!" Miles said proudly.
"I love it." You said before checking the size for it, seeing it was 6-9 months. You sat it on your lap and reached in the bag pulling out a matching overall outfit except it is orange with Tiger on it. The shirt that it comes with is brown and white stripes with orange around the sleeves and neck. "Awe! So they can match!" You smiled checking the size happy to see it was also 6-9 months.
"I picked that one out!" Ethan told you. You smiled.
"I love them." You sat it on top of the other one reaching in you pulled two stuffed animals out. One was a grey dinosaur, it was incredibly soft. The other one was a light blue giraffe with tan details. "Awe." You gushed. (Find them here)
"I picked those out!" Stella said happily.
"I love them!"
The barbecue was going well, it was fun seeing your cousins again. Seeing your aunts, uncles and grandparents especially was fun. Then again being near family always was something you loved. Back in Texas, it was just you and your mom. You barely got to see your extended family, so now living with your dad you'll get to see them a lot more. You were grateful for it. Laughter and smiles filled the large backyard. You normally ran around with your cousins but with how big your belly has gotten you couldn't. So you were sat with the adults talking.
"How are the babies?" Your grandfather asked.
"They're good! The doctor said they're the size of a large cabbage."
"They're getting so big!" Lisa smiled.
"Yeah." You nodded resting your hands on your belly. "Me and dad are going to start getting them stuff tomorrow."
"I have some of Miles and Ethan's old clothes you could have." Carly offered.
"Yes please!" You nodded with a smile.
"I'll bring them over for you then." She smiled. You zoned out as the conversation changed. You were having twins in a little over a month with their due date being November 3rd. You still didn't know if you were ready. You didn't know how you were going to do it. You had your dad to help of course but even then. Luckily you guys were coming up with plans for things, you were doing cyber school so you didn't have to pay for childcare, you were going to get another job after the babies are born. You snapped from your thoughts when you felt hands on your belly.
"They're kicking." Miles giggled looking up at you.
"Yeah they are."
"I wanna feel!" Stella said reach her hands onto your belly.
"When do we get to meet them?" Miles asked.
"A month or two." You explained.
"Can I babysit them?" Ethan asked.
"You might be a bit ahead of yourself there bud. They aren't even born yet." His dad laughed. You smiled.
"Maybe." You told your eldest cousin. Maybe just maybe you'll be okay. You have your family.
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A/n: did I almost forget to do taglist again? Yes but anyway, sorry it's so short. Also if you notice I forgot the taglist could you let me know so I can add it? Thank you
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1
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