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#chris pine fanfiction
sohosteve · 12 hours ago
Love At First Sight
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader, chris evans x oc!female
summary: thanks to lisa evans match making skills, the two of you meet and instantly fall in love.
word count: 3.4k
warnings: fluff, pining fools, age gap (reader is 28, chris is 39) sexual tension, mama evans playing matchmaker, rpf
notes: this is the beginning of the ‘Pining for Professor’ series. i hope you all enjoy it and make sure to let me know what you think! *i do not give consent for this fic to be reposted or translated*
Living in Massachusetts working as an educator, your path with Chris Evans had never crossed. There was a ten year age gap between you two, resulting in you both hanging out with different social circles. So dating him was something that you never thought was imaginable.
You ended up getting involved with the Evans family through his mom, Lisa, when she read your psychology dissertation. After reading your paper, she wanted to learn more and ask questions about your topic. You had agreed to answer any questions she had for you. After many emails and lively Zoom calls, which mostly consisted of you two gossiping and learning personal details about the other, she unanimously decided that you were the one for Chris and so she made it her mission to try and set the two of you up.
But much to her dismay, she learned you had just ended a serious relationship and weren't really interested in starting up again. As for her son, he had just started talking to an old flame hoping to start something there and wasn't inclined to be set up with a stranger. Though it didn't deter her one bit, she still set forth in trying to complete her mission. All she needed to do was get you two to properly meet each other.
It's not like he didn't want to meet you, he heard wonderful things about you, it was just that he had bad luck when it came to being set up with potential partners. He always ended up with the date being the polar opposite of what he was told about. And after he started rekindling with his ex, he thought it would be better to see it through with her instead of trying to play the field again.
That Wednesday afternoon, he was getting ready for a date with Lindsey, an old flame of his that he decided to reconnect with from his past. Due to being in quarantine, he decided it might be a good time to restart his love life. They had been on a few dates, and even though he didn’t feel this deep, intense admiration for her, he thought he would go ahead and see it through. He wasn’t getting younger, and with pressure from family, friends and even the press, he figured it was finally time to settle down.
He had the whole evening planned. He had expected to have a wonderful dinner over some wine and officially ask Lindsey to be his girlfriend, but it seemed as if the universe had decided otherwise.
His first steps were to go ahead and retrieve his suit from the dry cleaners, but upon arrival he was informed that the shop accidentally lost his garments. Trying to not let it get to him, he decided he could find a simple outfit back home. Once he arrived back and was steps away from entering his Sudbury home, a chirping goldfinch decided to greet him by pooping right on his head. Begrudgingly, he opened his front door and rested against the wood frame. Dodger ran up to him and could tell he was not feeling his best so he rubbed his body along his legs to try and lighten his mood. Closing his eyes and counting to ten, he calmed his frayed nerves and pushed himself off and trudged towards his bathroom to take a quick shower.
After a 10 minute rinse and a quick pep talk to himself, he exited the shower, towel wrapped snug around his waist when he heard the beeping of his phone indicating an incoming call. Lindsey’s name popped up and he raised the phone up, but the moment he heard her through the line he knew something was wrong.
“Hey Chris, so there’s going to be a slight change of plans,” she states. He can tell something happened to her by the evident pain that shone through her voice. “So you know that new sushi place that opened up in the city that I went to yesterday? Well it was good until this morning when I ended up hurling up my entire meal.”
He knew that the universe had to be playing a sick and twisted game with him at this point. “So I guess tonight’s dinner is gonna have to be canceled then,” he questions, the hope he had slowly leaving his body. “Unfortunately, I’ll call you when I start to feel better, is that alright?” she pondered.
He agreed to reschedule and wished her a speedy recovery before ending the call and dropping down at the edge of his mattress and laying down on his back. Feeling the water droplets drying off his body due to the oscillating fan overhead, he started to doze off, deciding it would be best to fall asleep and restart his day later on in the evening.
He was beginning to drift off when his phone buzzed and his mom's contact showed on his screen.
Ma: Hey sweetie, I’m heading out for another meeting with Dr.(Y/L/N), you sure you don’t want to come along and say hi?
After thinking about the day that was bestowed upon, Chris decided to entertain his mother just this once and meet the woman she became so enamored by.
Chris: Sure, my plans got ruined anyway so I’ll meet her, just this once! Love you, see you soon.
Sending the reply to his mom, he got up and got dressed. He had already started to envision a relationship with Lindsey so there was no reason to dress to impress for someone he most likely wouldn’t have any interest in.
Scratching Dodger behind his ears as a way of saying goodbye and letting Scott know he was heading out, he got in his car and made his way to the university.
Tumblr media
It was about a 30 minute drive from his suburban home to the college in the city. When he arrived he parked beside his mothers car where she was waiting for him.
“Oh you are just going to love her, trust me sweetheart,” the Evans mother stated to her son as he exited his vehicle. After saying their hellos, Lisa guided the pair across the campus towards where your office resided, which she had become familiar with due to her consistent visits.
Walking through the halls of Harvard University, Chris was pondering how to go about rescheduling his date when he started to hear a slow jazz tune hum against the walls. He easily recognized it as ‘Georgia On My Mind’ by Ray Charles, a song that he pondered on learning on the piano. After turning and entering an office at the end of the hall, his senses first picked up on the smell of vanilla and notes of caramel, a candle obviously lit in the small space. Once he walked all the way through and set his eyes upon the woman behind the desk that he was set to meet, he finally understood why his morning took a turn for the worst and why he was meant to be here.
Being an actor who had starred in his fair share of rom-coms, he always assumed the whole ‘love-at-first-sight’ deal was something that was just displayed on screens, but when you entered his line of sight, he knew it wasn’t just make believe.
You raised your head and greeted Lisa with a smile on your face, a prominent dimple shining through on your right cheek. A twinkle showed in your eyes when you went to shake her hand like an old friend. When you finally registered his appearance in the room, it was as if time had stopped all together for the two of you.
He drank in your figure as if he had been deprived of liquids for weeks on end. Chris took in the curve of your waist, how your glasses stayed perched up on the bridge of your nose. Your curly hair was tied up in a high bun, loose curls framing the sides of the face. The summer sun shone through the windows, basking your skin in a warm glow. Even though it was a sunny day, it was surprisingly a chilly afternoon in Boston, so you dressed in a black sweater underneath a pair of green overalls. Your thick thighs filling in every crevice of your pants. He never knew someone could look so breathtaking in such simple attire. He instantly felt his jeans start to tighten due to his arousal.
But Chris was not the only one in a trance. (Y/N) had been dragging her eyes up and down his long slender frame, not even caring that his mother was standing 3 feet away. His brown fur lined jacket hugged against his body overhead a tight white tee shirt that looked seconds away from tearing due to the amount of muscles trying to pierce through. Crisp blue jeans adorned his legs all the way down to a pair of matching brown sneakers.
(Y/N) had seen Chris on tv and in movies, but his true beauty couldn’t be shown through a lens, it had to be admired in person. Looking into his intoxicating cerulean eyes, she could see his pupils dilate. They both stood there, staring into one another’s orbs as if they were the only two people on Earth.
Meanwhile, Lisa stood on the sidelines, a coy smirk playing on her lips as she tried to hide her excitement. She knew her job was almost complete, all she had to do was wait for the two of you to finish it off.
Snapping out of your trance, suddenly registering where you were, you extended your hand out to the brunette.
“My name is (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” she said, a flirtatious smile adorned her face.
He connected their limbs, feeling the soft, supple skin warm his palm. “Oh trust me, the pleasure is all mine,” he teased. Still holding on to her hand, desperate to possess the warmth radiating off her for just a little while longer until you hesitantly pulled away.
Lisa decided her work here was done and suddenly announced that she accidentally left her phone in the car and that she would be back in a moment. But the second she left the office she paraded a cheshire-like grin throughout the building and to her car where she drove away, happy that her plan was successful and her work here was done.
Back in the office, Chris took in his surroundings some more. It was a quaint office, small but still held a bunch of items that he could tell you tried to make you feel most at peace. The small record player in the corner now playing a blues ballad, candles lit amongst your desk, a rubix cube resting near a cup of half drank tea, numerous college degrees adorned your wall. But what caught his eye was a trio of Funko Pops resting on a bookshelf behind you. One of Thor, Bucky and placed dead center was Captain America, a playful smile crept up on his face at the decoration.
(Y/N) followed his line of sight and her eyes immediately bulged out of her skull. She quickly swiped the figurines down and into a drawer, closing it with the back of her thighs causing a belly laugh to erupt from the man across from her.
“So, let’s pretend that you didn’t see any of that, fair enough?” you pleaded, feeling warmth traveling up your neck and heating your cheeks.
“Not a problem,” Chris says, “I was gonna wait for my Ma to continue the conversation, but it seems like her ‘quick trip’ to the car was part of her plan all along.”
Chuckling to his observation, you responded, “Yeah she was quite adamant about us meeting. Something about us being ‘meant for one another’. Didn’t think so at first but I’m now starting to believe it.”
“Yeah me too,” he states, Boston accent flowing through his tone heavily, as he shamelessly flirts with you.
Moving from behind your desk, (Y/N) offered Chris a seat on the couch in the middle of her office so they could sit down together.
The two of you sat down across from each other and quietly admired each other.
Chris decided to be the one to start the conversation and ease the tension in the room, “So from my understanding you teach psychology and neuroscience, correct?”
You went on to explain how you got into the field. Informing him that the question of ‘what made people act out on certain actions’ piqued your interest at a young age.
Conversation flowed freely between the two of you. It felt like you weren’t meeting for the first time but you were long lost lovers finally reconnecting after a while away from each other.
Chris found himself becoming enamored by you. The way you went into detail about your work and how much it meant to you.
He felt relieved when you were able to keep up with conversation with him about his interests like politics and philosophy. There were women he’d be interested in who would only know surface level knowledge when it came to his likes, only giving short responses. But you were different. You indulged in his topics of discussions, occasionally debating with him, and exchanging your own views with him.
Chris even opened up about his personal life, something he usually reserved from sharing. But here he was, confiding in you about intimate details pertaining to his life. There was something about you that made him feel utterly at ease. He didn’t have to keep his emotional walls up, he wasn’t scared about you judging or dismissing him.
The two of you were still talking, lost in conversation, when suddenly you were brought out of it by an alarm that blared from your cell phone. Looking down, you saw a reminder about a dinner set with your friend's for that evening. That’s when you realized that the both of you had been conversing with one another for the past 3 hours.
“Oh my god, it’s already about to be nighttime,” you exclaimed. Chris couldn’t believe it himself, the tête-à-tête extending longer than he imagined.
“How did so much time pass by?” he questioned.
“Time does fly by when in good company,” you teasingly state. You stand up and make your way to your desk and begin packing up your belongings. “As much as I’d love to continue this conversation, I have plans with some friends who would kill me if I missed them again.”
Chris got up and slowly made his way to the front of your desk. “It’s not a problem, I gotta head home, check in on Dodger.”
After collecting your things, the two of you made your way out of your office, making sure to lock up your workroom. Chris offered to walk you to your car, in hopes to prolong his time near you, which you gladly accepted.
You both silently made your way out of the department building, and made your way to the faculty parking lot where your car was stored. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable. The two of you were just lost in thought, both secretly thinking about the other.
After a few moments, you finally reached your vehicle. “So this is me,” you hesitantly begin, not wanting the evening to end.
Chris was so captivated by you, Lindsey had completely dissipated from his mind, and in this moment he yearned for you to be in his life. “Would it be wrong to ask for your number?” he probed, his heart thumping in his chest so loud he was afraid that you might hear.
“No, not at all,” you responded, a soft smile etched on your face. Retrieving your phone, you unlocked it and handed it to the brunette to enter his contact information.
Handing your phone back to you, Chris felt his hand graze against yours. Suddenly filled with confidence, he leaned and pressed his lips against your cheek, causing you to gasp.
When he pulled back, he kept his face just centimeters from yours, locking his eyes with yours. Both of your breaths mix together due to the close proximity. You could make out the scent of mint from a piece of gum he chewed on earlier. Chris caught the scent of the green tea that you consumed before he arrived that afternoon.
The two of you stayed like that, staring at each other with longing. His stare started to become intimidating causing you to lower your head due to nervousness creeping up on you.
“I'll text you,” you meekly respond before reaching for your door. Chris being the gentleman that he is, beats you to it and opens it, allowing you to easily enter.
“I'll be waiting by the phone,” he adds before closing the entrance of your car. He waves a goodbye and watches as you safely leave the parking lot.
Leisurely taking his time, he makes his way over to his sedan with a smile so wide it starts to hurt his cheeks.
Tumblr media
The both of you arrived at your respective locations floating on cloud nine.
You entered your friend's home and they instantly could tell something was up due to your elated demeanor.
“So I met a guy,” you state, and immediately they crowd around you asking for all of the details.
You decided to keep his identity a secret, not wanting to jinx anything. Just informing them about how his mother set the whole thing up and how head over heels you were for the man.
Meanwhile, Chris got to his house, walked in and slumped against his front door in a daze. Scott, who was informed of their mother’s scheme, made his way over to his older brother. A smirk flew on his face when he saw how flustered Chris was. “So I’m guessing mom's blind date went well?”
Chris went into detail about everything he learned about you during your meeting. The younger Evans could tell how much of an impact (Y/N) had on him due to his brother's rambling.
He sat around in the living room, CNN playing on the flatscreen, phone clutched in his hand. Chris wasn't even paying attention to the news reports being broadcasted. He kept checking his phone every 30 seconds waiting for your message.
Scott assured him that you would respond by reminding him that you informed the man that you were hanging with friends.
An hour and thirteen minutes later, he had been keeping count while waiting, his phone pinged and the device almost dropped to the floor, due to how quickly he reached for it, and opened the incoming text.
Unknown number: Hey Chris, it's (Y/N). Sorry for the late response, I just finished dinner with my friends. I just wanted to say I had a really nice time talking to you today!
His heart skipped a beat once he read the message.
Chris: Not a problem. And me too. I haven't had such a great time in a while. I'm glad it was with you.
(Y/N): Same here, it was great getting to know you.
He sat there for a few moments trying to build up the courage to do what his heart was screaming at him to do.
Chris: I don't know if you're busy this weekend, but I would really like to get to know you more. Would you like to go on a date with me?
You were practically jumping for joy when reading his response. After composing yourself you sent in your response.
(Y/N): I'd love to. It's a date.
Chris: It's a date.
Chris relaxed against his couch, phone resting against his leg while he stared up at the ceiling. He had been single for so long. Trying to settle down, find someone to grow old with but it was never successful. He never felt the love for someone that he was supposed to. But meeting you changed his tune. All he thought about was developing a future with you. Doing whatever it takes to make you his.
The two of you went to bed that evening, promising each other to go over the details for your date in the morning. You both went to bed, blissfully falling asleep with the other on your mind. Thinking about what could be and how fortunate you were that fate decided to cause your paths to cross.
Tumblr media
A/N: don’t you love a good meet cute? sorry if this is kinda crap, i'm not the best at writing fluff i've come to realize, but i did enjoy writing this though! i hope you enjoyed reading it.
if you enjoyed this, please make to reblog and comment, feedback is much appreciated!
* dividers credit to the lovely @firefly-graphics *
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sohosteve · 3 days ago
Pining for Professor Masterlist
Tumblr media
* status: wip *
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader
series summary: Chris Evans had been single for a while now and had been constantly feeling the pressure to settle down from friends, family and the press. One day, Lisa Evans comes in contact with a Harvard professor and immediately realizes that she would be "the one" for her son. This series goes through the events of their relationship, including the good and the bad.
warnings: age gap (reader is 28-29, chris is 39-40) angst, fluff, smut (each chapter will contain their own warnings)
authors notes: you can read them in any order but the series will be listed in chronological order of their relationship. i will be adding new parts periodically, though they might not be in order.
also works marked with an asterisk (*) contain sexual content, minors do not interact
main masterlist
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above. please respect my wishes.
Tumblr media
Love At First Sight
summary: thanks to lisa evans’ match making skills, the two of you meet and instantly fall in love.
Tumblr media
Making You Mine (wip)
summary: you and chris have your first date.
Tumblr media
Relinquishing Control*** (wip)
summary: after a few months of dating, you finally decide to open up to Chris completely about your taboo sexual desires. how will he take it knowing he's going to have to give up the reins that he holds so dear?
Tumblr media
Lost Without You*
summary: chris loved you with all of his heart, so why did he have to push you away from him? could he ever win back your heart and get you to forgive him?
Tumblr media
Redeeming Myself (wip)
summary: after breaking your heart and losing your trust, chris makes it his mission to prove to you how much you mean to him. (follow up to Lost Without You)
Tumblr media
If you liked any of the fics, make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated!
dividers credit: @firefly-graphics
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sohosteve · 5 days ago
Lost Without You
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader
summary: chris loved you with all of his heart, so why did he have to push you away from him? could he ever win back your heart and get you to forgive him?
warnings: fluff, angst, slight smut, chris is a bit of an asshole, insecurities, yelling, drinking, rpf, 18+ minors dni
word count: 4.7k
inspiration: this quote from the novel 'Dangerous Liaisons' by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
notes: i have not written fan fiction since i was a 1d stan years ago, i recently decided to push my fears away and start up again. i want to thank @gwenavibra and @vibraniumphoenix for their words of encouragement that pushed me to complete this. i hope you all enjoy! *i do not give consent for this fic to be reposted or translated*
* dividers credit to the lovely @firefly-graphics *
Twenty-six hours later and an empty jug of vodka was all it took for Chris to realize how badly he messed up. The throbbing pain rattling his head paled in comparison to the pain he felt when recalling the events that transpired the day prior. He couldn't believe the words that escaped his mouth in the heat of the altercation, but he only had himself to blame.
Chris had been dating you for about a year now. His mom had introduced the two of you, and it was love at first sight. You made him a better version of himself everyday. At first he was scared. Scared that his bachelor days were coming to an end, but he soon realized the true roots of his apprehensiveness.
He was scared of how vulnerable you made him. How you made him face his faults head on instead of allowing himself to be coddled by friends and family. Recognizing his own privilege in this world, that granted him the ability to not worry about certain factors like employment, money, and racial injustice.
He was scared of how well you got to know him, the real him, in such a short amount of time. How, without him even saying a word, you knew when he was having a bad day. You would immediately go beside him, a warm hand grazing over the nape of his neck, softly tugging at the brown hair that adorned him. Humming the tune of a jazz ballad that he knew you had stuck in your head, quietly performing for him because you knew that always calmed him down.
He was scared that you had ruined him for any other woman. Sex was indescribable between the two of you. Lust would take over your body, causing your pupils to expand, he would feel your wanton breaths fan across his neck. You'd always pepper him with kisses, no matter if the two of you were going for a morning quickie or were experiencing fervent love making in the evening, you’d always pamper him with affection. The warmth that he was enveloped in by your wet cunt when he'd bottom out would drive him mad. You'd get lost in the moment, throwing your head back, exposing your neck for him to bite down on for stability when rutting into you. The feel of your hands exploring every inch of his skin, leaving crescent marks and long scratches made by your nails when he'd hit that spongy spot deep within you always had him in a daze.
He was scared that you wouldn’t be able to deal with dating an actor. He felt that because you were stuck teaching in Boston, while he got to fly around the world for filming, you would grow restless without having his presence near you. That whenever the two of you had decided to go public, you wouldn’t be able to take the pressure of dating him. He felt that the sudden intrusion and constant criticism from fans and journalists would get to the better of you and you’d leave him.
But most importantly, he was scared of how much he was in love with you. He loved the way you always had a beat stuck in your head. The melody flowing through your body, making you dance like no one was watching. Whether it was a full choreography from one of your favorite artists' music videos or a chaotic improv number, which was mainly you just flailing around, singing at the top of your lungs, he loved it all.
He loved how selfless you were. How you took in a pair of stray cats and invited them into your home even though you were allergic, stating, ‘Well it’s not like the animal shelters will take them, you know how packed they are. The least I could do is give them a home.’ For 8 full months you let your allergies take over you, constantly downing Benadryl to alleviate your symptoms until you finally built up an immunity. But you didn’t let that deter you from playing with them at first. Dressing them up in cheesy costumes, his personal favorite was the Captain America suit you got for the orange tabby. You even ended up changing his tune about the mischievous felines. He went from side stepping them and carefully watching their every move to sneaking them extra treats when you weren’t in the room because he secretly loved them. Even though he would never in a million years admit that to you.
He loved the shape of your body. The curve of your hips, the swell of your breasts, the suppleness of your ass, he just couldn't get enough. He loved the way your smile brightened up his day, how infectious your laugh was. The way your eyes twinkled whenever you looked at him, as if he was the most alluring being in the world. It had him speechless at times. But even with all of the praises he would consistently deliver to you about yourself, you still had some insecurities. You didn't have the flattest stomach, or the face of a model. You tried to keep your self doubts internalized but Chris saw through you. He’d constantly remind you were the most stunning woman he ever came across. That he was with you, and only you, for a reason and you didn't have to worry about trying to look like something you thought he deserved.
He loved how talented you were. You were incredibly gifted. From being able to magically master an instrument from your first go around, to being able to recite a full 5 page excerpt from your favorite novel at the top of your head. One thing he cherished was that you were never haughty about your talents. You never saw yourself as better than everyone, never appeared condescending towards others. In fact, you loved sharing your knowledge with others. That’s what made you decide to go into the education field.
Chris also loved how family-oriented you were. You had a godson that you thought the world of. Constantly treating him as if he were your own. Taking him out shopping, to various attractions, sometimes sneaking him candy behind your best friends, his mother’s, back. Part of him would get butterflies in his stomach whenever he’d see you interact with children. You had this natural maternal instinct in you. Instantly knowing what to do with adolescents, no matter that age. You would sit and play princess and tea parties with his younger nieces, or play a rigorous game of soccer with his older nephews.
One thing, he was certainly enamored about you was your tenacity. You were currently working on your psychology dissertation. He would often find your nose practically touching all of the research papers and academic novels that you needed to defend your topic. The determination evident in your eyes, whenever he’d try to get you to take a break and relax with him on the couch. You’d quickly state that you were almost done, but him knowing how you were meant you’d stay stuck there for another hour or so. He’d kiss the column of your neck, feeling the pressure slowly start to fade away. He could tell you were trying to maintain your composure and stay focused on the task at hand but you couldn’t contain the sigh of relief when he’d lick a stripe behind your ear. His lips would tug up at the ends because he knew that one simple action would turn you into putty, ready for him to play with.
Your love for him was something he wholeheartedly treasured, but was also something he felt himself starting to hate.
You would always try to be around him. Constantly wanting to hang out, go on dates, hang with his friends. He was starting to grow impatient with your neediness, but after being single for so long, he loved the freedom that came with it. He never had to be questioned constantly about certain actions of his. Going out with friends, staying out late and coming back home plastered was something that he was fond of. He was allowed to talk with women however he saw fit, and that was one of the many contentions the both of you faced.
It all came to head when you guys were hanging out at his house one evening, when suddenly an argument broke out. He had been replying to some women on Twitter, which at the time he saw as innocent conversation, but in reality it was full on flirting. You always had a problem with his coquettish manner, you’d bring it up and he would calm your nerves and the both of you would move on. Well he would move on, while you silently stewed in your frustrations. But that day was the one that broke the camel's back.
“It is flirting Christopher! Just because you’re single in the media’s eyes doesn’t mean you can just continue to disrespect me. I’ve told you time and time again that what you’re doing is hurting me. You dismiss my feelings and make it seem like I’m some possessive girlfriend.” You were standing up, chest heaving due to the frustration of your boyfriend not caring about your feelings, again.
“Because you are acting like a possessive girlfriend! I am a celebrity, you aren’t (Y/N). It’s part of my job to be friendly with people, it’s not flirting, it’s networking.” Chris was tired of constantly being critiqued by you for innocent interactions all the time.
At this point, you were so exhausted from having this constant battle with him, you didn’t even have the energy to yell anymore. “Chris, it's not networking, it’s flirting, you and I both know that. I can’t continue to deal with your lack of care towards my feelings. You can either acknowledge what you're doing or you can continue to do whatever you’d like while being single, because I’m done. I’m done hiding in the shadows while you get to enjoy the pleasures of bachelorhood. I’m tired of having my emotions invalidated.”
The rational part of Chris's mind was telling him to calm down, relax before he'd say something he'd regret. But with anger clouding his better judgement, he ended up lashing out at you.
“Oh so this is what it's about? Us hiding our relationship? I told you from the beginning that we would need to keep us a secret. Which, by the way, you agreed to!” He noticed the instant change in your stature because of the sudden raise in his voice. The way you froze in place, eyes slightly expanding, the way your lip was quivering. He never yelled at you before, but at that moment he didn't care. So he continued on his tirade. “You agreed it would be better for us to keep it a secret! I told you before, and I'll tell you again, I’m not flirting with these women. If you can't see that then whatever, I can't help the fact that you're constantly insecure!”
All that could be heard in the space of his bedroom was his heavy breathing and the soft sniffing coming from you. Without a word you packed up the personal belongings you brought with you that day and headed for the door.
Before heading out, you turned around and looked at the brunette. “All I was asking for was just a bit of respect, Chris. Yes, I agreed to keep this relationship a secret, I understand why. But we have been together for a year now. At this point, I just feel like someone who's warming your bed at night. And for you to throw my insecurities in my face was a low blow. I’m done,” you stated.
He should've dropped to his knees and started begging for your forgiveness. Apologized for his behavior and the lack of esteem that he should've had for you. But he decided to double down, and went to deliver one final blow to you.
“Fine, go right ahead and leave (Y/N).”
‘Chris, shut up’ his conscience was telling him.
“I don't need you in my life.”
'Stop talking right now’
“If you think I’m going to chase after you and apologize it's not going to happen,” he continued.
‘Be. Quiet.’
“You walking out that door won't mean anything because I can just find someone else within the hour and forget about you. Someone who won't question every move I make. That way I won't have to hear your insistent nagging all the time.”
‘Do not finish that thought.’
“Because newsflash, you aren't that special.”
'Congratulations dumbass’
He could see there were tears in your eyes, some already falling down the curve of your cheeks. The slight shake of body was enough evidence to know he truly hurt you. Even though his heart was thumping in his ears, he could still slightly make out the rattling of your keeps in your grip. But the frustration clouding his mind wouldn't let him feel any remorse. He watched you quietly turn around, open the door and walk out of his life.
Tumblr media
After you left, Chris immediately threw his phone against the wall, causing it to fall to the floor, cracking the screen in the process. The shattering sound echoing off the walls made Dodger tuck his tail between his legs and walk away from the seething man.
Irritation still flowing through his veins, he stalked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer, popping the cap off and downing the entire content of the glass in three measly sips.
‘I don't care about her,’ he lied to himself. ‘I can just move on and in a few days I’ll be fine.’
Deciding that he needed something a bit stronger to take the edge off, he reached for the bottle of vodka stored in the liquor cabinet. Pouring a triple shot of the clear liquor and venturing to the couch, he tried to calm his nerves.
‘I can forget about her.’
He tipped back the glass and was instantly met with the burning sensation that cascaded down his throat and warmed his chest. Picking up the bottle, he poured himself another glass hoping that this one would help take his mind off you.
Tumblr media
Twenty-six hours later and an empty jug of vodka was all it took for Chris to realize how badly he messed up. The throbbing pain rattling his head paled in comparison to the pain he felt when recalling the events that transpired the day prior. He couldn't believe the words that escaped his mouth in the heat of the altercation, but he only had himself to blame.
Picking up the phone, he acknowledged the damage that was done to it when he was fueled by his anger the day before. Though his screen was broken and slightly chipped, he powered through in search of your contact. Pressing on your name and bringing the device to his ear. He sat there, praying that he could hear your voice but was disheartened when he suddenly heard the automated message of your answering machine. Immediately trying again and receiving the same fate was when he realized that you most likely blocked his number. Switching back and forth between social media sites and he saw that he was blocked from you on there as well.
He decided to try reaching out to your friends, but once he sent a message they went and blocked him as well.
Chris doesn't know why he did what he did. Why did he decide to say such cruel statements to you? You didn't deserve that, no one did. All you were asking for was respect, the bare minimum, and yet for some reason he thought it was too much.
Maybe that's why his past relationships never worked out. He always expected women to work around him and his world, work around his wants and needs. Never caring how they felt, or stopping to think about how his selfish demeanor might affect them.
He knew you were rightfully hurt, but all he wanted to do was go to you and plead for your forgiveness. All you wanted was respect and to be able to love him without having to hide it. What he always told you was that the reason he wanted to keep the relationship private was to protect you, which was true. But he could now see that the so-called protection he had for you was what was causing the most strife.
Chris knew the best course of action was to give you some time, maybe in a few days you'd be open to a conversation.
Heading to the medicine cabinet, he took out two ibuprofen tablets and swallowed them down. He knew that with the turmoil that was berating his mind, he would probably think of a good enough apology for you in a clear state of mind. Laying his head against his pillow, he thought about you, and hoped that you would give him the chance to redeem himself.
Tumblr media
It only took a few days of radio silence from the brunette for his family to reach out to visit him. Lisa walked into his Sudbury home and saw him on the couch, nursing a bottle of bourbon. Though Chris was drunk, he rambled on to his mother about what happened and luckily she made out the situation so that way he didn't have to repeat himself. But he was not lucky when it came to her reaction.
All his life, Lisa had told him time and time again that he was special. Consistently showering him with love and affection, telling him that any woman would be lucky to have him. But in this very moment, all she felt was disappointment. A first for both of the Evans members. Even though she was madly frustrated with her eldest son, she could tell how much he was hurting. It was evident all around him how truly remorseful he was.
She went into the kitchen, making him a quick meal to try and lift his spirits but it only made him more despondent. He missed (Y/N)'s cooking. He missed the way she would always cook his favorite meals when he was down. So he cried. He shed tears of sorrow knowing that he messed up the greatest gift that was ever given to him.
The next few days that passed, the Evans family would stop by and try to lift his spirits. Remind him that you just needed some time, and that you would come around eventually. But once it was officially a full fourteen days since he last heard from you, he just became numb.
There was a dull ache in his heart. Every movement he made was a drag on his body. Dodger would regularly try to cuddle with him to cheer him up, but there was only so much the canine could do.
It had been 2 weeks since the spat and Chris was an absolute mess. His hair was matted, his untrimmed beard was becoming unruly. All he did day in and day out was try reaching out to you and drinking. He emptied out the entirety of his liquor cabinet, drinking til he saw the bottom of every bottle hoping that that would aid the gnawing pain in his heart.
That night he had a dream about you. It was about the first date you two had. At the beginning of the evening, you talked about your likes and dislikes. That's when you went on a tangent about love letters. How they were a dying art form, how people back in the 50s and 60s would write back to their lovers during the war, to remind them of the love they still kept in their hearts for their other halves. He loved how passionate you got about the subject. Even though he thought it was just some words on a piece of paper, he could tell how much it meant to you.
When Chris woke up the next morning, he got out of bed, walked to his office and immediately knew what to do. He knew you probably never wanted to hear his voice again, but he hoped that maybe you might consider reading his words and see how truly sorry he was.
Tumblr media
Dear (Y/N),
I know that right now you're probably thinking about throwing this letter away, if I were in your shoes I’d do the same, but please hear me out. I don't expect for you to forgive me, but I need you to know how sorry I am. It's only been two weeks since I drove you out of my life and all I have been thinking of was how much I ruined my life by my words. But what I also ruined was your trust. You looked at me as if I was your entire world, but the last image I have of you in my head was a face full of despair.
Having these two weeks for me to be alone with my thoughts made me realize how much you mean to me. And I know I didn't make it obvious before but you truly are the greatest gift that I have ever been graced with. I still remember to this day when I met you. I was stuck in my spot in your office when you looked at me. Love at first sight was something I never thought was imaginable until I met you. You make me a better man. You force me to come face to face with my wrongdoings. When I’m with you, I feel a sense of peace I never experienced before.
It reminds me of a moment we spent together, the time we went to the beach to watch the sunrise. You sat in between my legs, resting your head against my chest. The orange sphere peaked through the skyline. And we sat there, though no words needed to be exchanged. The morning breeze danced along our skin and though we both had a list of obligations that day, we enjoyed the little slice of heaven together at that moment. Then you looked up at me and god I felt my heart stop. The beams radiated across your eyes, your lips tugged up and you just looked at me with so much love in your eyes it scared me. It scared me with how much you trusted me. Also, it scared me because I didn't want to lose you. And I know it doesn't make any sense considering the fact that I pushed you away, but the reason I did was because you are too good for me. You're too good for this world. The love you show anyone that comes into your life is mind-boggling. No one deserves to be loved by you because of how astonishing it is.
What I did when it came to flirting with other women is something that I wish I could take back. I wish I can take back the hurt I inflicted upon you. I never meant to make it seem as if you were unimportant to me. The truth is you are the best thing that ever happened to me. There's not another woman on this planet that holds a candle to your beauty, to your intellect, to your everything.
I know I don't deserve your forgiveness. I know I have said things that unfortunately you'll probably remember forever. But if you give me the ability to rectify my wrongs, I will show you for the rest of my days how much you mean to me. You deserve to be loved out loud, while I constantly remind you how special you are to me and everyone around you. I am in love with you (Y/N), I was the moment I met you, and till right now as I write you this letter. Even if you don't forgive me, nothing will change how I feel for you. You are my end all be all, my reason for being, my love.
- Chris
Signing the letter, he placed it in an envelope and wrote your name on the front. Getting in his car and driving over to your house, he was plagued with a whirlwind of emotions. He knew you wouldn't open the door for him so he went up to your mailbox and deposited the envelope there. Chris stood there for a few moments, relishing in the fact that this is the closest he's been near you in weeks. Begrudgingly, he got in his car and forced himself to drive away. When he returned to his house, he walked straight into his home and sat down on the floor with the brown and white pup. He sat there for what seemed for hours, Dodger nestled between his legs as he thought of you. Your radiating smile and infectious laugh eased him into a slumber.
Tumblr media
It had been about three days since Chris since he delivered the letter to you. He was slowly losing all hope in having you back in his life. He knew he didn't deserve you, but oh how he wanted to hear your voice just one more time.
It was around noon when a knock on his front door broke him out of his daydreams. Padding his way forward and opening the door, he wasn't expecting for you to be standing there. Your hair was up in a ponytail, a few strays blowing in the wind. Chris then noticed the letter that he had written in your hand and hope started to blossom in his heart.
“So I got your letter,” you state looking deep into his eyes. “Can I come in?”
He knew he wouldn't be able to form a sentence without it coming out as an incoherent mess, so he simply widened the door and gestured for you to enter.
He followed you inside of his home, where you seated yourself upon his couch. Dodger instantly joins you, licking all over your face. It was obvious that Chris wasn't the only Evans that was missing your presence. Once you got the pup to calm down, you looked up at him.
Chris immediately crouched down, clutching onto your legs and resting his head in your lap, letting his emotions become free. You sensed that he was crying due to feeling his body shake and hearing his muffle sniffles. Even though his actions were rude and absolutely disgusting, you could tell by his confession in the letter how remorseful he was. You started to scratch the nape of his neck causing him to relax under your touch.
The two of you sat like that for what seemed like hours but in reality was only about 15 minutes. When Chris was able to calm himself, he looked up at you. “I'm so sorry sweetheart.” It was a simple statement, though you knew how much he truly meant those words.
“I know Chris, I know,” you reply, hand still caressing him. “Just don't pull something like that again, alright.” There was a bit of light heartedness to your tone that had his heart swell. You were too good for him and he knew it.
“Never in a million years will I let myself lose you again.”
You ended up pulling Chris up to sit on the couch so you could rest against his chest. He pulled the two of you down to get more comfortable and that's where the both of you stayed. You against his slender frame, cuddled against him. Your head tucked under his chin while his hand traced patterns alongside your back. Dodger laying at the end of the couch, near your feet, content that his parents were back together again.
At that very moment Chris made a vow to himself. He promised to never let his anger get the better of him when it came to you. He promised to always treat you with the same decency and respect that is given to him by you. And he promised to continue to love you like he could lose you at any moment. He was lost without you, now with you back in his arms there's no other place he'd rather be.
Tumblr media
Hope you all enjoyed this! Would love to hear your feedback, likes and reblogs are appreciated!
Also this is a work of fiction, I do not know Chris so this is not an accurate depiction of his personality.
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voldiebuns · a month ago
Ready As Can Be by reeby10 Word Count: 400 Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Trek RPF Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto Characters: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Interviews, Coming Out, Relationship Reveal, except really just the discussion of those things about to happen Summary: “This is the best time and place to announce that we’re a couple. Even both of our publicists agreed, which you know is practically a miracle."
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ben-c-group-therapy · a month ago
Since Tumblr has been changing so frequently over the years and I lost so many of my links along the way, I’m going this route. Anyway I spent all day finding as many links as I could and updating them. I will try my best to get them sorted right below so that Tumblr doesn’t eat them AGAIN. *Sorry they are kinda messy guys.*
Benedict Cumberbatch Fluff
Benedict Cumberbatch Smut
Benedict Cumberbatch Fics
Hiddlebatch Fics/Smut
Sherlock Fics
Other Fics - AU’s that really don’t have a place to fit. As well as Chris Evans, Chris Pine and some Tom Hiddleston. Loki and Khan as well as Steve Rogers.
Series - Meeting Tiffany; The Pianist; The Pianist and Me (Benedict, Tom, Henry Cavill, Chris E and Chris C make appearances).
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Series Links
Links to the series I have.
Meeting Tiffany- Ben C x OFC, Henry Cavill x OFC 
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
The Pianist - Benedict x OFC
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapters 17 and 18 were just skipped and went straight to being numbered as 19. I lost count after so many and all my breaks between. Sorry guys. But nothing is missing!
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
The Pianist and Me (Part 2 to The Pianist)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
7 Days - Ben C, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Tom Hiddleston
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 Part 1
Chapter 3 Part 2
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AU, Characters and Other Actors
“Mr. Ford” This is a smut based on Ben’s character in 12 Years a Slave, A anon sent a prompt about his outfit and now that I think of it, it’s pretty hot.
“Happy Yule Benedict” This is a harry potter/Benedict cross over where Ben is a student at Hogwarts and has a little thing for Luna.
“The Goddess of Light” A Sci-Fi. I don’t even know how to describe this one…Smut
“Loki’s Mixup” Accidentally drinking Loki’s passion potion could lead to some major complications.
“Prince Tom” An AU where you find some interesting things about Tom that you never would have guessed.
“Is He Really So Bad After All?" Being a lonely girl on the U.S.S Enterprise has been a constant nightmare when it came to dealing with some of your co-workers. A prisoner is brought on board by the name of Khan. He changes your life forever.
Chapter two… The Escape - You and Khan attempt to escape from the Enterprise.
"Benedict, the Son of Ares” Benedict, a half blood born to the Greek god Ares has a little hard time figuring out his place among his kind.
“Office Lunch” A Chris Evans smut. Chris has come to the office for “lunch”, what does he have in mind?
“A Birthday Walk” Chris and you go on a walk to celebrate his birthday.
“A Hero’s Silver Linings"  After nearly 70 years Steve Rogers has awoken in New York City. Will his life be turned upside down or will he be able to adjust to the changing times and the new ways of society.
“That's Enough” A Steve Rogers short reflection fic
"The Ladies and Gentlemen Network” The day Sherlock Holmes was due to depart for exile, the world’s only consulting detective was called back after a message from Moriarty was broadcasted all over London.
“Chris Pine in ‘The Baker’"  Trying to bake something without Chris’s help is next to impossible.
"Chris Pine in ‘First Laid Eyes on You’” Fun little fluffy story with Chris and You playing games..
"Chris Pine in ‘Not The Only Actor’” Trying to surprise Chris takes a little planning.
“Evans Ice Bucket Challenge” A nice smut follows Chris’s Ice Bucket Challenge
“Chris Evans in ‘Peaceful Paradise’” A cute fluffy smut with Chris Evans.
“Chris Pine in ‘I Thought I Lost You’” After a fight you walk out on the date, will things work out?
“Love Will Find A Way” A Reader x Khan Fic. Reader is the prisoner care taker on the Enterprise and grows close to Khan. Part 2. Part 3.
“The Giggle Kisses”
               Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
"A Birthday Treat for Tom” A birthday celebration for Tom
“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” Benedict Cumberbatch
“Text Tease” Benedict Cumberbatch
“Shhh Sleep” Benedict Cumberbatch
“A Simple Night” Tom Hiddleston
"The Way It Is” Chris Evans
“Love Being Close to You” Chris Evans
“Celebrate Tonight” Tom Hiddleston
“Nobody Else Gives Me A Thrill” Tom Hiddleston anniversary dance fluff
7 Days
           Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Part 1, Chapter 3 Part 2
“Just Stress" Part Two Part Three A Part Three B
"Burnt Cookies For Daddy”
“The Lullaby”
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episode 7 - knives out/star trek
In this episode Megan sees a different side to Ransom and Benoit Blanc, and Emily is immersed in a love story between Mr. Spock and a seventeen year old girl. 
check out this comedy podcast here!
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Smut-A- Rama Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Call The Barrister
It Happens to All Men
Turn It On
Home Early
Graduation Gift 
No Apologies
Meeting the Parents
Tom Hiddleston & Loki
Open Relationship
Go To Sleep
Best Seats
Four out of Ten
My Present
Your Parents Would Be Disappointed
A Little Fun
More Than Passable
Kiss It Better
Love Bites
Pretty Mouth
New Toy
Answer The Phone
Use Your Words
Hidden God
Thomas Sharpe
Not Stopping
A Favor
Full Service Hotel
Caught in the Rain
Steve Rogers
No Seats
Chris Evans
Pizza Rolls
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Title: Pine-ing For You {One-Shot}
Chris Evans x Reader
Warning: Mild Cursing, Fluff, Cheesy Christmas Stuff
Words: 3.1k
Summary: Chris Evans + Christmas Trees + Christmas Time = Cheesy Christmas story. End Of summary. 
As always, thank you everyone for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you. ❤️❤️
If you enjoyed this, please, LIKE, COMMENT, REBLOG!!!  ❤️❤️
***Loosely Edited/Proofread***
Tumblr media
 “No, I’m supposed to go pick out a Christmas tree,” you informed your mother over your FaceTime call.
 “Finally? Mom, it literally just turned December.”
 “Honey, we had the tree up the day after Thanksgiving,” your mother pressed.
 It was true. Your family loved Christmas and New Year’s time. It was nauseating. Every time you went over to the house throughout December, it looked like Santa, Mrs. Clause, and Jack Frost threw up all over the house. You weren’t a scrooge shouting bahumbug, but you definitely weren’t one of Santa’s elves either. You were usually somewhere in the middle. This year found you leaning somewhere closer to Scrooge than Elf.
 It had been a tough year. Around this time last year, you were still in a relationship with your long-term boyfriend, Quincy, a relationship you saw going the long haul. You had no way of knowing that you’d find him in the closet literally at his holiday office party with your bosses. One was on her back on the floor getting a mouthful of Christmas cheer. While the other was standing in front of Quincy, letting him deck his balls with plenty of fa-la-la-la-la.  Just like that, in the blink of an eye, a two-year relationship had gone down the drain while finding out your boyfriend had been lying about who he was for years.
 To add insult to injury, those said bosses decided that they needed to cut their budget, which meant you had to go while Quincy stayed. So, you’d lost your man and your job. You would have had a mental breakdown if it weren’t for your family’s incessant check-ins and your friends’ wellness check that came every other day like clockwork. One particular friend who had been there for you way more than he had to was Chris.
 The year had been a slow one for him because he decided to take some time off after his contract with Marvel was up. That meant he was in Boston a lot and that usually meant he was around for family gatherings, friend get-togethers, dinner outings, club-hopping, walks in the park, and a multitude of other things. He was the one to drag you out to do things. The one who forced you to get some exercise in because exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. His preferred way to release endorphins was walking among the maple, Eastern White Pine, and Black Oak trees. The man was obsessed with nature, and your thighs and ass thanked him for it, but your sleep schedule hated him all the same.
 Today found you grumpy, but it wasn’t because of the ungodly hour of ten in the morning but because it was ten in the morning and the activities for the day. You’d been thinking of ways to get out of the day since you opened your eyes. Still, you hadn’t come up with anything that would fly. The man was persistent in many things, and Christmas was one of them.
 A message came in, and you rolled your eyes when you saw who it was from.
 MSG Chris: Come on, up, and at ’em. We’ve got trees to see and ornaments to get.
 You released a disgusted scoff.
 “What’s wrong?”
 “Why is he always so damn happy at Christmas time?”
 Your mother began laughing. “Do you remember that one Christmas, he insisted on making a wreath birdhouse so the birds could get in the holiday spirit?”
 Laughing, you reminisced on the memory. He’d worked tirelessly for four hours in the back yard of your parent’s house, gathering the branches from spruce trees that he could twist and mold into a wreathlike creation that resembled a terrifyingly hideous nest that you’d expect to see in an Edgar Allen Poe story.
 “It was so bad,” you added.
 “It was, but he was adorable trying to do it. You could stand to have a man like that in your life.”
 Groaning, you instantly stopped smiling. “Mom!”
 “What!? How long do you plan on staying single? Yeah, things didn’t work out with Quincy, and it was a shit thing he did keeping those secrets from you, so you didn’t know what he was getting into. I get you feel betrayed and once bitten twice shy, but honey, it’s been a year,” your mother ranted.
 “Mom, you act like I haven’t dated. I go on dates.”
 She snorted and rolled her eyes as sassily as you had moments before.
 “Y/N, in thirteen months, you’ve gone on four dates. That is abysmal.”
 Crossing your arms, you leaned back on the couch, pouting like the last born you were. “Excuse me. I’m sorry we all can’t be darling dating Darlene who flitters to every flower sampling pollen.”
 “Y/N, shame on you.”
 You kissed your teeth and knew she was right. You loved your sister and was all for her dating habits. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t and had no problem tirelessly searching for it. You, on the other hand, were the polar opposite. You’d been wrestling with many demons the last year, which made dating your absolute last priority.
 The ring of your bell brought your attention back to the reality of the day.
 “All I’m asking is don’t count anyone out. You’re still young, don’t lock away that beautiful heart,” your mother advised with a loving smile on her face.
 “Thanks, mom. I’ll talk to you later.”
 After ending the call, you did your best to shake off the emotions her words had brought up. When you opened the door, there stood Chris with a bright smile on his face in a dark plaid printed jacket with light wool at the lapels, his trusted NASA hat, a black shirt that was tucked into his dark washed jeans.
Tumblr media
“Who’s ready to get their Christmas tree so they can stop being a disgrace?”
 The sing-song tone did not amuse you. Quickly sensing that, he held out one of the coffee cups he was holding.
 “Hot chocolate just the way you like it with white chocolate shavings, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg.”
 Taking it, you turned from him and walked to the nearby closet for your jacket.
 “What’s wrong with you?”
 “Nothing. I’m fine,” you said as you slipped on your coat, making him hold the cup so you could.
 “You’re lying, but you’ll tell me,” Chris said, taking a sip from his cup.
 You knew it was hot chocolate with peppermint inside. He was that predictable.
 “Let’s get this over with.”
 The drive to the mall was barely thirty minutes. While driving, the conversation circled around a few things Chris wanted to do during the day. First, you’d get the ornaments and decorations for the tree; then, you’d make a stop for an early lunch, making the Christmas Tree farm the last stop before heading back to your place to decorate it. Chris knew that if he left you with the tree and the ornaments that you wouldn’t do it on your own. They would sit there for weeks.
 As you walked around the store canvasing the many different colors, styles, and materials of ornaments, Chris, the big child he was, had three different colored tinsel wrapped around his neck, a giant red Rudolph nose, and Santa sunglasses. The man was a dork—an adorable dork—adorkable.
 “So what color scheme do you want to go with this year?”
 Once he asked the question, your eye caught an already put together Christmas tree that was decorated to the nines with red and gold ornaments, and you beelined to it.
 “Oh my god, let’s just get this.”
 When you looked back at Chris, he looked like he’d been shot, and you were holding the weapon still.
 Several eyes roamed to him, drawing even more attention to himself. Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes at his dramatics.
 “Never in hell will I get a fake tree.”
 “Good thing it’s my money getting it,” you replied.
 “Y/N, come on. A fake tree? The best part about Christmas is the scent of the pine through your house. It sets the mood at nights.”
 Snorting, you walked around the tree, admiring it more.
 “What mood?”
 “Oh, come on. You’ve seen the Christmas movies…you know what kind of mood, the cozy, cuddly, feel good, lovey booed up mood,” he explained.
 From behind the tree, you scoffed. “Chris, why would I need to set that mood or any?”
 Your eyes met, and he looked like he had so much to say. He came a little closer to the tree and your face.
 “It’s never too—late,” Chris stuttered. Part of you felt exposed, so you shrugged it off.
 “Still not a good enough reason to not get a fake tree.”
 Chris cringed then sighed out. “Look, just do things my way this Christmas, and next Christmas, I’ll gladly listen to your debate.”
 “Must you always get your way, Christopher?”
 “On everything Christmas, yes.”
 Groaning while stamping your feet, you rolled your eyes. “You’re insufferable.”
 Chris came around with a chuckle and pulled you into an annoying big brother hug. “Almost as insufferable as you. come on, the later we get to the tree farm, the worse the selections.”
 With that, he was off to search for the perfect ornaments. Halfway through roaming the aisles, you found a smidge of holiday spirit and managed to pull together a color scheme for the tree and narrow it down to two themes you thought worked well together. A few hundred dollars, a multitude of bags, and an hour and a half later, you were in the middle of lunch.
Tumblr media
“So what you said in the store,” Chris hesitantly began after a bite of his salmon salad. “you know it doesn’t have to be that way.”
 You sighed, then took a sip of your Arnold palmer. “Of course, it does.”
 “Because I literally turned my ex gay. It took being with me to realize he was gay. What does that say about me?”
 “That didn’t have a thing to do with you. I thought you’d gotten that by now. Quincy---he just-.”
 “Dodged a bullet?”
 “Never deserved you, and that’s on everything,” Chris filled in.
 You were stunned and could only just stare at him. It could have been seconds that passed or minutes. All you know was that your eyes never left one another.
 A familiar voice had you turning to your right, and as if he’d heard his ears ringing, there stood Quincy.
 “Uh—um---,” you stammered.
 “Hi, how are you?”
 The loud screech of wood against stone echoed in the restaurant as Chris slid himself closer to you before wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you close.
 “She’s great. Isn’t that right?” Not missing a beat, Chris pressed his lips to your cheek. The unexpected butterflies caught you all the way off guard.
 “Oh, hey there, Chris.”
 “Um—I’ve been meaning to call you, Y/N. it just never seemed—I didn’t know--.”
 The two of you stared at one another for a few moments before your ex-boss came up beside Quincy to wrap her arm around his waist.
 “Oh—Y/N. What a surprise. How are you?”
 You were stunned, speechless that’s how you were. Chris must have sensed it because his lips were again kissing your cheek before he went to your ear.
 “Follow my lead. Pretend I just said something funny.”
 When he finished speaking, he kissed your ear and dropped a kiss right below your earlobe at your neck. It was such an unusual place to kiss, a place you’d never been kissed before.  He then laughed, a laugh you felt you should have followed, but you were too shocked to do anything. Chris nodded, looked to the additions in front of them.
 “Wow, you’re Chris Evans. Oh my god, I’m such a huge fan,” your ex-boss Natalie exclaimed.
 “Oh yeah? Are you as huge a fan of mine as you are to sleeping with other women’s boyfriends then firing them to lessen the competition and chances for her to file a lawsuit?”
 The smile on Natalie’s face dropped, and it was replaced with a look of shame that mirrored the one on Quincy’s face. You couldn’t believe he’d said that. Looking at him, you knew he was not in the mood for fakeness.
 “Y/N,” Quincy began before Chris held his hand up, stopping any further words.
 “It’s cool, bro. I should probably be happy you showed your true colors. You know what they say about one man’s unclaimed buried treasure turning out to be the find of a lifetime for another.” Chris’s eyes landed on you. They were soft and expressive, and when he kissed the tip of your nose, you literally could have melted.
 “Oh, so you two--,” Quincy bitterly began before he paused and scoffed. “I always knew there was something about the way you looked at her. You stared at her a little too long to just be her friend. You were lying in the cut,” Quincy accused.
 “And you were just lying,” Chris spat out before he reached into his jacket pocket for his wallet. He then dropped four hundred-dollar bills onto the table and stood.
 “If you’ll excuse us, we still have plenty of errands to run for the house.” Chris held out your jacket for you allowing you to slip your arms into it before he wrapped his arm around your waist to walk away.
 “Ho-ho-ho, happy holidays,” he chimed in as he slipped by them, leading you to the exit.
 Once outside, you glanced back to Quincy who had an angry, sick look on his face, but it was nothing compared to Natalie’s jealous, bitter look. A strange urge filled you, and before you could stop yourself, you slid your hand down Chris’s back to rest it right on top of his ass before turning back around.
 The drive to the Christmas tree farm was about twenty minutes longer than it should have been, thanks to holiday traffic. You didn’t mind because it gave you more time to think about what had just happened. As you drove, neither of you spoke. You could tell he was dying to say something, but his silence won out. You were thinking heavily, but it wasn’t about your ass of an ex or the woman with him. You were obsessing over the feel of Chris’s lips on your neck and the feel of his ass.
Tumblr media
When Chris pulled up to the farm, you walked through row after row, trying to find the perfect tree. You’d passed plenty that looked good enough, but every single one that you pointed at, Chris shook his head and said you could do better. After thirty minutes, you were tired of looking. All the trees were beginning to look alike, and they all sure smelled alike.
 “I’m sorry about that back there. I’ve just—I’ve always hated that asshole.”
 Snapping your head to him, your shock shone through.
 “What!? You hated Quincy? How? You always seemed like you liked him. You went to those Patriots games, and he took you to those Celtics games.”
 Chris rolled his eyes. “I did that for you. I knew how important it was for you that we got alone so--.”
 Your jaw dropped. “You lied.”
 Chris bobbed his head from side to side. “Lied is a strong word. I faked it.”
 Your snort was loud, and so was your laughter that followed. You couldn’t believe it. This entire time you thought he and Quincy were friends.
 “I’m sorry. I’ve always thought he was a pompous show-off who thought he was more important than he was. I hate people like that.”
 “Oh my god. He was. Uugh. Wow, I can’t believe I thought everything was cool.”
 Silence filled the space between you as you turned down an abandoned row of trees.
 “So—what he said back there about you lying in the cut. Was that his own bullshit?”
 Chris didn’t answer right away. He stayed quiet so long you wondered if he would answer at all. Before he could turn down another aisle, you grabbed his hand and pulled him back to you.
 Your eyes met, and you took notice of how close his body was to yours.  you knew he had too. “Are you asking me if I’ve been pining for you all this time?” His voice was impossibly deep and low.
 “Have…have you?”
 The way he looked at you had your heart racing and breathing changing. He didn’t speak; instead, he walked away around another corner. Holy shit, you thought as you tried to get your breathing under control. When you met him, he was three aisles over, staring at a tree.
 “See. I told you we’d find the right one. You can’t rush these things. It happens when it happens, and when it happens, it was when it was supposed to happen,” Chris softly said.
 You stared at it, slowly inspecting it.
 “I’ve always pined for you.”
 It was so low you almost missed it—almost. When you turned to him, Chris was already watching you.
 “Get it, pine-ing, the tree is a pine tree.”
 His smile slowly spread across his face until you scoffed and shook your head.
 “You’re such a dork.”
 Chris shrugged, then closed the space between you. You had no idea what to say. There was plenty to be said, but none of it seemed like it mattered.
 “I’ve always had feelings for you, Y/N.”
 This was probably what every woman on the planet wanted to hear him say. Any other woman would have been in his arms and had their tongue down his throat by now.
 “I don’t—What do I—how---oh my god, Chris.
 “Have you been pining for me too?”
 It was a flat-out question. The answer wasn’t a difficult one, especially if you were honest with yourself.
 Nodding your head, you replied. “I have.”
 His smile was the biggest you’d ever seen, and that goofy smile had you giggling. The two of you stood there giggling together like kids.
 “Oh my god, where does that leave us?”
 Chris looked to think about it for a few moments before he shrugged, then took your hands.
 “We have all of December to find out.”
It was the perfect answer for the moment, and though it had been a long day, neither of you made any attempts to move. You just stood there, pine-ing for each other.
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thequeenreaders · 7 months ago
Free Show (1/2)
PAIRINGS: Chris Evans x Female, Plus size! Reader
WARNINGS: the gif and pictures in this fic are not mine, neighbors, modern au, cursing, handyman! Chris, peeping tom! Chris, pervert! Chris, pining, teasing, flirting, masturbation, daddy kink, sex toys, riding, voyeurism, implied smut.
The handyman neighbor has secretly been watching her. He has seen all of it: her dress up, the sway of her hips as she dances, and the lewd moans coming out of her mouth as she cum.
Word Count: 4346
Helolo! I got inspired by a couple of audios from Reddit again for this one-shot👀 It has been a longgggg time since I finally wrote something, freaking online classes keeps on stacking up assignments and had to study for the exams. I hope you gois enjoy this. Don't forget to wash your hands and stay safe! ❤🐖 
Tumblr media
(E/C) = Eye Color
(F/C) = Favorite Color
(C/S) = Color of Skin
Chris huffed out in relief as he stood up straightly and took a good look at his freshly cleaned pick-up truck, the vehicle shining with the sun and not a single dirt was spotted. He wore a satisfied smile on his face and grabbed the hood of the car, "Can't wait to use you soon." Murmured the brunette to himself as he closed the bonnet and started to collect the tools that were on the ground when his cellphone vibrated in his pocket.
He closed the toolbox first and carried it to the porch, placing it on a nearby table before getting his phone and read the user. As soon as he read who it was, his mouth stretched into a grin, and answered, "Hey Mack. Any updates on your current project?"
"Yeah, it went great actually. I didn't think it'll work but it did." Anthony responded with proudness in his voice, "How about you? Anything new happened there?"
Chris hummed as he grabbed his towel that was hung on the fence and used it to wipe his perspiring, shirtless body, "Nothing much, it is pretty hot out here and I just had my truck cleaned. Anyways, what made you call me?"
There was unsureness in his voice, "Uuuh, I know that you love your car so much, but can I borrow your truck tomorrow? I promise that I'll take good care of her!"
Chris chuckled, "No no no, I don't trust you, man. What do you need it for?"
"I'm just gonna pick up some wood and other shit. Trust me on this."
"Hmm, how about we pick up your order, just to make sure nothing will go wrong. Either way, I also need to get something. You owe me a beer for that." He suggested and held back his laughter when he heard Anthony sigh from the other line and eventually agreed.
Chris placed his hand on his hip and observed the sunny day and surprisingly quiet neighborhood, "I also do need to fix the back door of my house, I accident- oh, there she is." He lowered his voice down a bit just as soon as he saw his favorite, plump neighbor come out of her house and sat down on her chair by the porch with a cold glass of lemonade in her hand.
"What do you mean 'There she is'?" Mackie questioned.
"My neighbor." He responded with a small smirk on his lips and watched you adjust your sunglasses.
"Ooooh, the new neighbor? The cute one?"
Chris lowly chuckled at his friend's question, "Yes, the cute one. I noticed that every time I’m out here doing work, she’ll also go out and do something.” He said and scanned her body from head to toe. You were wearing an (F/C) bikini top and underneath is a see-through sarong, which shows the string underwear and your whole backside, "If you can only see what she is wearing right now, she's probably showing off." He joked and heard his friend laugh.
"Alright alright, you lucky bastard. Anyway, I gotta go now, my boss is calling me. Tell me if something happened between the two of you and I need that truck!" Chris shook his head from side to side but still had a grin on his face and ended the call, putting back his device in his patch and glanced towards your way. It might seem like you were enjoying yourself with a nice, cool drink on a hot day and nothing else, but that is not it. Chris is aware of your very obvious intentions despite acting like you were not aware of your actions, and that only made it more fun for him because he gets to see live and free porn from time to time. All he has to do is to look at his window from the bedroom.
He remembered all of the times you were not being so conscious of any attention that you could draw on and Chris found your confidence so provocative. If you were dancing for hours on end, he would not mind watching you and how your body jiggle, it only arouses him more. At first, he was unsure if (Y/N)'s attraction was for him and perhaps was thinking of someone else. However, one of her special occasions proved him wrong.
Chris groaned as he lied down on his soft bedding and unlocked his phone to go to Google search, grabbing his earphones from the side and plugging it in. It was another stressful work that he had to take care of and now he is planning to get some release. He searched up his favorite pornography site and began scrolling through the feed until he finally found something that will interest him. He was not in the mood to watch two people have sex, but looking for videos that contain a woman playing with herself, so that was what he wrote in the search bar.
He tried every video that has an interesting thumbnail enough for him to click and the results were not his exact expectations, causing him to sigh in boredom and continued to swipe his thumb upward. Chris clicked on another video and observed the woman who was leaned back on the headboard of her bed and fingering her twat at a semi-fast pace, her moans ringing in his ears and that is enough to pull his half-hard cock out of his boxers, even if it sounds to be quite echoing and out of sync.
'That's weird, it never happened before.' Chris wondered before shrugging it off and started at a slow pace and followed the woman's rhythm, collecting pre-cum from his tip with his thumb and spreading it down to his shaft, his eyes glued to his screen and specifically on the girl's vagina. Watching the woman getting herself off was not enough for him, but the whimpers and moans are what gets him going, and thought of other scenarios such as a hot chick riding his cock like there is no tomorrow. He screwed his eyes shut as he gripped his cock firmer, his mind wandering off to his neighbor's swaying wide hips as she danced to a song she kept on the speakers for the fifth time not too long ago.
Chris knows that it is illicit and alarming for him to be watching what his neighbor was doing without her knowing, he knows that he should just mind his own business and stop being a pervert, but how could he? How could he ignore such a seductive, shapely woman confidently show off her delectable body without a care to the world? He sometimes ponders what you taste like, how soft you are, how your thick thighs will cover both sides of his head as he ate you out. Just the thought of that could make his phallus explode.
He opened his eyes and darted back to his screen, and his brow raised when he saw that the girl was switching into her next position, yet still making sexual noises. Deciding to test the sounds, he pressed the pause button and it made him perk up when the moans are still playing and oh, those whimpers do sound familiar. Chris then took off his earphones and turned his head towards the source of the sounds, which is at his dearest window that is covered by the drape, 'Oh god, what is she up to now?' He put his penis back in his underwear and got out of bed, her moans getting a bit louder as he headed towards the aperture. Chris grabbed the curtain and peeked out, and what he saw instantly made his knob fully stiffened.
There you were with the windows open and curtains drawback, as usual, and bouncing on your bed as you ride a large dildo and used the headboard as leverage. Your jiggling ass was facing him and he was hypnotized whenever you lowered down and your pussy swallowed the whole length, 'Holy fuck!' Chris found himself pulling his dick out again and started to stroke his shaft, 'She's so fucking perfect, good fucking god.' He does sometimes wonder if you ever see or feel like someone is watching you and maybe exposing yourself too much, but he ain’t complaining.
"Oh, daddy! Your dick feels so g-good!" Your breathy moans sent goosebumps throughout his skin and soon emulated your hasty rapid, his grip on his meaty prick only tightened and more of his clear wetness dripped down to his boner.
Chris groaned lowly as he could, his hand sliding down whenever you lowered yourself to your toy and he visualized himself to be in that same room and he was under you, enjoying the view of your bouncing jugs and your weight pressing his lower region further to the bed as you ride him as if your life depended on it, "Yes baby, keep riding like that for daddy." He whispered, his hand fully coated with his fluid and his girth pulsed in rapture, hissing at the sudden palpitate, "Yes yes yes, ride that fucking dick. Such a good girl for me. Holy fuck!"
Your mouth formed into an 'o' and tried your best to keep up the tempo you recently commenced, the third upcoming climax bubbling up in your abdomen and you could not wait any longer, your mind and body suffused with so much bliss that you are very sure that your physique will be tumefied and fatigued by the morning. You leaned back with one arm supporting behind you and your other hand came in contact with your little bean, "Oooooh fuck! Daddy! Daddy, I'm gonna cum!" You threw your head back in ecstasy at the added up pleasure and as your peak was building up, your mind drifted to your fine, hot neighbor and a smile came upon your ecstatic face, remembering the time when he was shirtless while tending his garden, his beefy torso tempting you to just grind your dampness on his abs and hairy chest.
His knob was gnawing for some release and his breathing got quicker when he sensed that he was also near his climax, "Shit, come on, baby. Be a good girl and cum for daddy." Another scenario was made up in his head where Chris buried his whole cock in your throat, his hands holding both sides of your head as he spilled his milk down your esophagus, forcing you to take all of his stiffies and swallow his seed. He was focused on building up his peak, watching you intensely as you reached yours. Evans was at least expecting to hold it a little bit longer but it already popped when he heard his name got whimpered out of your pretty mouth, your legs shaking at the orgasm as you chanted his name like a prayer, 'Oh fuck, she just... she just said my name!' He panted as he looked down at his mess and saw that it reached outside his window, realizing that this was probably the greatest release he had experienced in his life so far, let alone just from masturbating-
"Chris!" A womanly voice called and his head shot up at the mention of his name, seeing a pair of (E/C) eyes with a beaming smile on her lovely face, "Are you okay? You look like you're spacing out."
Chris chuckled and fanned himself with his towel, "It's hot out here, can you blame me?" His eyes glimpsed down to the curve of your haunch when you stood up from your Adirondack chair and grabbed the pitcher of lemonade, indecisive whether his mouth is thirsting over your derriere or the fresh juice.
"It is very hot today," you agreed and filled the other empty glass with the sweetened beverage, "Do you want some lemonade? I'm sure it'll help you with this parching weather." You offered as you glanced back to see him just watching you in somewhat amusement, a brow on your face lifting at his expression. It may not seem like it, but you are up to date to his ogling at your form from time to time and you found it mirthful, keeping an eye on him as he proceeded towards your portico, "Do you like my bikini top today? I mean, I'm willing to let you borrow it since you have a bigger chest than me." You randomly teased and reached your arm out with a cup of lemonade in your hand to him, referring to his nude torso.
He shook his head from side to side with a grin on his face as he stood in front of you and accepted the drink, his height and massive frame sending you in awe, "Thank you for the drink, but no thanks for the bikini. I got better ones." The blonde jokingly retorted and gulped his juice.
You laughed at his response and nodded, "Sureeee, but it will look good on you, though." You propounded as you sat back down to your seat and crossed your legs, causing the sarong to rise a bit and revealed more of your (C/S) skin, peering up at him with playful eyes.
Chris snickered and finished the drink, "I'll think about it." He gently placed the glass on the table, the freshening liquid soothing his partially drained body, "So, it's been around two or three weeks since you moved into this neighborhood. How you like it so far?" He asked as he leaned on the porch railing and crossed his arms. He had occasionally been struggling to keep up the chill facade that he usually has when he was around people; however, pictures of your face twisting in glee and pleasured gasps coming out of your kissable lips echoed in his deprave mind each time he was near your presence, resulting his insides fluttering and making unnecessary movements.
You hummed, "Well, it's nice out here. I'm glad that I chose the right area and," you edged the word the last word and lightly swirl the liquid in the cup, getting a little bashful on what you were gonna say next, "I'm lucky to have such an attractive man next door." You boldly responded with a small smirk as you brought the rim of your glass to your own, peering up at him who was eyeing your throat as it gulped down the juice, his profound look made your heart stir.
His pupils dilated at your assertion, fingers twitching in temptation to press you against the wall and devour your exquisite, inviting lips, but Chris doesn't want to give in to your tantalizing ways just yet, might as well play along with what you started.
He let out a small chortle and the sound of it made you kinda puzzled whether he was amused at your comment or amused at you until he stated, "Hmm, thank you. I can definitely say the same thing, kitten. It's been a while since I saw a beauty queen as my neighbor."
You can feel your face getting hotter than the weather at the pet name he gave you, but (Y/N) playfully rolled your eyes at his blarney and waved it off, "You're so cheesy, Chris." You giggled as you stood up to your feet and grabbed the glasses while Chris defended himself, saying that it was true. "Yeah, yeah. Hey, I'm just gonna put this back- Oh!" A reminder popped in your head as you faced the entrance door. You recalled that the spare room door was unhinged and having the brown-haired handyman behind you is good timing.
You slowly turned your body and caught a short sight of him looking down to your bum before quickly raising his chin and meeting his green orbs, but you brushed it off and acted like you did not witness him checking you out, you shared, "Oh shoot, I just remembered that my uh... the door for my other room is broken and I don't know how to fix it." You pursed your lips and held your laughter when Chris lifted his brow in question with a grin, "Hmm, and?"
You dramatically sighed and pulled out your puppy face, "I know that he assisted me last time with carrying my boxes when I moved in, but I need his help again."
The fleshy lady let out a titter when Chris threw his hands up in the air in a joking matter and remarked, "Alright, Chris the builder to the rescue!"
Tumblr media
"Huh," Evans hummed as he knelt to his knee and observed the separated, bottom hinges of the door, spotting the parts that need to be repaired, "The hinges were only loose, so it doesn't need a new one. I just need to tighten it a bit more and ta-da." He explained and gave you a reassuring smile as you stood beside him and listened to what he described, his reassurance gave you a sense of alleviation.
You nodded and took a step back for his working space, feeling incredibly blessed for having a friendly neighbor and a jack of all trades, "Thank you so much, Chris. You've been such a help to me. I'm not exactly making money right now, but maybe I can toast some cheese bread and make coffee for you as my repayment?" (Y/N) offered as she blocked out the portrayals of you and him in carnal positions and blowing him as your recompense instead, and her brows raised when he made a wave gesture as a 'No'.
"Eh, it's fine. You're adjusting to your new environment, so keep what you have left for yourself. Besides, I like helping people and I am privileged to have such a sight for sore eyes of a neighbor who I get to see every day." He threw a playful wink at you and you laughed it off, finding his corny remarks quite hilarious. Chris did always enjoy seeing you do simple tasks, especially in the bedroom, but he is not planning to mention any of it since that is going to be completely out of line.
"Stop it, Chris." You simpered and tugged a piece of hair behind your ear, slightly fiddling with the knot of your sarong, "While you're at it, I'm just gonna go to my room and take a shower. Again, thank you so much."
He chuckled, "No problem, sweetcheeks."
Tumblr media
Chris sighed in relief as he sat down to the floor and got a good look of the now mended postern, pleased with how it turned out to be perfectly functioning like how a door should be, "Okaaayy, time to inform the lovely lady." He returned the tools in the tool case and stood up as he picked up the box. Evans attempted to find your bedroom, but he was quite unfamiliar with where it was located, despite almost having the same interior rooms design of the whole house, so he decided to call out your name instead to avoid snooping around.
"Over here!" Your voice yelled out from the right and he followed, seeing the bedroom door was half-opened and large enough to fit the head in there. Chris was about to open his mouth and notify (Y/N) about the repaired door, and perhaps toss more cute nicknames in your way, but his steps came to an end just as soon as he caught the sight of you only wearing cotton panties, your back facing him and reaching your folded shirt that was placed on the nightstand.
'Jesus Christ, she's fucking sexy.' He thought and gulped when he saw a glimpse of your side boob and the way your huge cheeks hugs the undies, visioning his face to be buried in those full rump. Even after seeing you naked and even wanking off a few times, the view of your figure still makes him experience erotic tingles and his eyes never get uninterested. Chris was convinced that you are a goddess in disguise.
He was addled when Evans came to a realization, if you were still partially bare and dressing up then she should not have called him just yet, right? His silent inquiries made his brows straiten, were you not aware that your door was open and the guest could easily peek in? You must have at least some cognizance in spite of what have you been displaying from your window, you were alone at those times and right now, you have a visitor.
Not knowing how to come up with a conclusion, he quietly took a few steps backward, leaned his back against the wall, and took a deep breath before he spoke in a lowered voice as to not spook you, "I was able to fix the hinges, it was easy as I thought it would. Do you wanna check it out?" He wiggled his arms in an attempt to loosen his taut shoulders at the moment he heard your padded footsteps. Chris then straighten his posture when he heard the creak sounds of the door as it opened and there you were in pajama shorts and a baggy shirt, 'Cute.' He smiled and you returned the mien, his eyes trailing down to your chest and his grin almost dropped when he noticed your nipples vaguely straining your top, his clutch on the handle of the toolbox strengthen. His thoughts were jumbled:
Is she this heedless?
Maybe she is just comfortable with him, but she has only known him for only two or three weeks!
She is probably teasing me or is it possible that she has always been well up on her raunchy deeds?
Chris has seen you naked countless times, but seeing it up close has a different sentiment and it only added up to his adulation for you, his newly and plumptious neighbor who seized his attention since the day you set foot on this newfangled location. Recollecting the memories of you jerking off warmed his face, yet kept the amiable look to distract you from the rigidifying manhood from below.
(Y/N) giggled at how adorable Chris's smile is, thankful for not looking down at his pants, "Of course! Lead the way, handsome." She spoke with a small smirk on her lips.
Oh boy
Tumblr media
"Fucking finally," Evans exhaled as he plopped down to his bed and rested both of his hands behind his head, his tired muscles instantly felt relaxed when his body came in contact with his comforters. Chris was worn out after repairing a lot of things: the engine of his pickup truck, your spare room door, and the back door of his house.
Back at (Y/N)'s house, he developed a semi hard-on as he was teaching you what he did to the pivot, feeling extremely embarrassed and sweltered. Luckily, he was able to hide and resist his urges until he accomplished all of his tasks and at last, he has the time to compose and do what he wanted to do, and that is to get one's rocks off.
His mind floated to your curvaceous frame and his hand crept down to his rigidity, gently sliding his boxers down and exposed his boner. Chris started to palm himself, groans of pleasure coming out of his mouth while he pretended that his hand was yours, brushing his thumb on the head and imagined your tongue swirling around the tip in lieu.
Your haunting whines resonate in his fantasy and breathe out a few curse words and praises, his mouth thirsty for your delicious juices and longing to feel the softness of your body. Evans bet that your pussy is mushy, mellow, balmy, and-
"Uhm... Chris~"
The corner of his mouth stretched from ear to ear, forming a smug smile on his visage, and keenly rose himself to advance towards his aperture, 'Another free performance from the beautiful woman.' Chris warily pushed the curtain to the side and peeped out, the view from his window causing him to suspire in awe.
(Y/N) was settled on the bed with a bunch of pillows on her back and she was not wearing anything else except her shirt that was propelled further to your collarbone, so your breasts were uncovered as your legs were spread open, impaling your vulva with the artificial penis in a regular tempo.
He observed how your face twisted in glee each time the toy sinks in your honeypot, your bottom lip trapped between your teeth, your melons spilled out of your shirt, and your eyes rolling back at the way the dildoe just slips in and out very easily due to your glistening juices; he was enthralled.
"That's a good girl." Chris mumbled and started off massaging his meat, licking his lips as he was earnestly focused on your dripping, abused cunt, "Uggh fuck...Yes, keep fucking yourself, baby." He let out a discreet grunt when you whimpered his name, his pace accelerating like yours, "Just like that, oh fuck. You're such a good girl for me."
You mewled as you pushed the sex toy a little deeper, your other hand caressing your breast and your eyes screwed shut with your thoughts about the hunky factotum. Just thinking about how he could manhandle you with ease and ruthlessly pierce your cunt with his cock, "Daddy! I w-wanna cum, can I please cum?" (Y/N) whined to herself and removed your palm from your tit to rub your clit, feeling your impending apex ready to burst after a couple more thrusts.
His breathing got heavier as he also recognized the looming pinnacle of his self-stimulation, a picture of your face covered with his sticky semen appeared in his head and it was enough for him to nearly have another orgasm of his life when he felt his whole body froze when a gasp escaped from your lips and your alluring, (E/C) orbs was staring directly at his, causing you to stop your movements as well.
Part 2
T A G L I S T :
All works:
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mindofharry · 9 months ago
can we talk about how powerful this movie will be. and how BEAUTIFUL the filming is going to be?? olivia wilde is an amazing director/actor, this movie is going to be so fucking good. and as clifford said - fuck me. chris pine, dakota johnson, florence pugh and harry styles. POWERFUL AND UNPROBLEMATIC PEOPLE.
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darlingsteve · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wickedsingularity · 10 months ago
Can’t Sleep Without You [One-shot]
Fandom: Star Trek Pairings/characters: Jim Kirk x reader (but not really), Leonard McCoy, mention of Spock Words: 2359 Warnings: Use of medication, use of possible addictive medication, insomnia, nightmares, almost graphic description of a disturbing dream
Note: A somewhat self-indulgent story that I posted a little while ago, but had panic about after a few hours and then deleted. It felt too personal, too self-indulgent, amongst other things. I planned on giving it some time, and then rewrite it so it was less personal. I did give it time, but I haven't rewritten it, just edited. And now I'm giving it another go, hoping that I don't panic this time around and telling myself so fucking what if it's self-indulgent. And hopefully people enjoy it because I do like this story.
Summary: Having suffered from insomnia for a long time, Jim is the only thing that manages to calm me enough to function when it gets bad. But Jim is off on a mission...
Tumblr media
"You look like something the cat dragged in, Commander."
"Thanks a lot, Doctor." I glared up at Leonard McCoy as he towered over me. Even if I couldn't stand the stuff, I was now on my third cup of coffee of the day. But I was also on my fourth day of barely any sleep, and I was desperate for something to keep me alert.
"Have you had trouble sleeping again?"
I downed the last of the coffee, cringing as the bitter liquid made its way down and sat the cup down on my empty lunch tray. I closed my eyes for a moment and grit my teeth, trying not to snap at the obvious question. "Looks that way."
The doctor sat down at the other side of the table and looked at me with worry, not even phased by my annoyance. "I've seen you getting worse the last few days, Commander. Why haven't you come to see me?"
"What you gave me three days ago made me wake up after four hours with a nightmare from hell. I'm still seeing ghosts in broad daylight."
He pursed his lips. "Please stop by the medbay at 2200 hours. We'll try something else."
I sighed, knowing that there was only one thing that would help, and it was not something our Chief Medical Officer could provide no matter how good he was. But I nodded. "Yes, doc." Then I pulled myself to my feet, grabbed the tray and went to put it back in the replicator for recycling.
For as long as I could remember, I'd had some form of insomnia. It hadn't been a problem when I was younger, I had been more energetic, more durable, not to mention more careless. But as I got older it got worse. Most of the time I managed to keep it under control, but sometimes it took on a life of its own. And when it did that, there was no medication, meditation or treatment that worked better than the captain of the ship, my boyfriend.
There was just something about Jim that calmed my mind like nothing else.
Funnily enough, insomnia was what brought us together. I had been wandering around the ship one night, after several nights of little sleep. Finding myself in the briefing room, I had sat down in the chair reserved for the captain, put my feet up on the table and gazed out at the streaking stars. After a few minutes of silence, the door had slid open and Captain Kirk had walked in. We were already on friendly terms, so I hadn't bothered taking my feet off the table or giving him the chair, even when he made a joke about it being his.
He'd been having trouble sleeping too, claiming his mind was running at warp 5 after an exhausting meeting in that very briefing room earlier in the day. He'd chosen to go back there in the hopes that it would clear his head.
We sat next to each other, him in the First Officer's chair and I kept occupying his, and chatted for a while. All the while we both seemed to gravitate more and more towards each other and I got sleepier at the same time, until I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder. He had gathered me up in his arms and ordered a site to site transport, dropped me off on my bed and pulled a blanket over me, before going back to his quarters, falling asleep as well. After that, our friendship had shifted and things escalated quickly from there.
Now though, he and Spock and several admirals were trying to work out a peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. We had dropped them off on a colony near the Neutral Zone and had then gone off to survey a newborn nebula a couple of systems over. We weren't scheduled to go back for them for another two or three days, the trip itself took a whole day. And my body was kind enough to refuse to sleep properly without Jim now, no matter how much in control of the insomnia I was.
I made it through the day somehow, with at least two more disgusting cups of coffee. Thankfully, there was more than enough to do in Engineering that I decided to not leave once my shift was over, it was better to keep working than sitting in my quarters and feeling like I had been in the middle of a warp core breach. As soon as Jim and Spock came back, Starfleet wanted us to check out an uninhabited planet that a passing cargo ship had detected held large deposits of deuterium and our long-range sensors had detected too much atmospheric disturbance for transporting, so we had to adjust the shielding on several shuttlepods. I was barely conscious when I stumbled into the medbay at 2200 hours.
"Not looking any better, I see." Bones appeared out of nowhere and would have scared the daylights out of me if I hadn't been so sluggish.
"Your bedside manners are always so lovely."
He ushered me over to a biobed and pulled a tricorder from one of his pockets.
"There's no need to scan me. We both know what's wrong. Just give me what you think I need and I'll be off." I looked at the tricorder with annoyance.
He didn't answer but started scanning me anyway, so I sat there patiently, closing my tired eyes and listening to the whirring of the device. "It's a wonder they haven't found a cure for this yet, after 200 years of research," he muttered to himself.
I looked up at him and saw him analysing the results. "You've found a cure for some pretty serious viruses on your career, why don't you find the cure for this?" I argued.
"This isn't a virus, sweetheart."
"Still, I'm sure you're brilliant enough to find a solution." Bones always said that flattery would get you nowhere with him, but I found that more often than not, he enjoyed having his ego stroked. He was that good too.
He just huffed and went over to a cabinet. I saw him pull out a vial and fill up a hypospray. "I know you have tried this before and it didn't work so well. But that was a few years ago, it might work better for you now." I nodded and obediently bared my neck to him. One touch of the cold metal to my skin and it was done. "I want you to go straight to bed now. It should work quickly and you have to be in bed when it does."
"Yes, sir."
Tumblr media
It did not work. Or, I did sleep through the night, but the dreams had me waking up more exhausted than if I hadn't slept at all. It had been worse than last time, the irrational, weird and disgusting dreams had just come at me, one after the other. I would honestly prefer good old-fashioned nightmares over this. I called Bones as soon as I had showered away the night and he was at my door by the time I had dressed.
"Sit down," he barked, the tricorder out and a deep furrow between his brows. "What happened?"
I told him all about the night, even gave him some snippets of the nasty dreams for emphasis, each one of them still crystal clear and disturbing in my mind. The way he cringed at some of it, told me just how disturbing they had been. It wasn't normal to dream that you're pooping out severed arms, after all. *
"This is very strange," he said after he was done scanning. "Barely any light or deep sleep at all. Dream sleep almost all night. I've heard about a few phenomena that cause a person to not have any dream sleep at all, but not nothing but dream sleep. You're not getting any more of this medication, and I'm making a note in your medical file."
I sighed, trying to think about what I could do to help myself that night. But Bones had suddenly gone very quiet. I looked up at him and there was a deep furrow between his brows, his eyes gazing down at the tricorder, but it looked like he was mentally lightyears away. "What's wrong, doc?"
He didn't react right away, but then he blinked and looked down at me. "There is something we can try, but it can be highly addictive if the dosage is off by even a fraction. Call Scotty and tell him you'll be a bit late. I need to take some blood for analysing."
All through that day, I felt a bit apprehensive about what Bones was planning on giving me later. And I missed Jim so much it ached. This was the worst it had been without him and it was also the longest we had gone without each other since we got together. I missed him because of his absence, of course. But in my sleep-deprived state, it felt a million times worse. It felt like there was a gaping, bleeding hole inside me where he should be. I needed him to calm my mind, to kiss me and tell me it's okay if I can't sleep, that I'll sleep when I'm ready and he would be there with me all the while. I needed him to breathe with me. I needed to feel him. He was able to relax me enough that I could function.
After working well past my shift again and forcing down too many cups of coffee, I forced back tears of exhaustion and desperation and went to the medbay, got the mysterious hypospray and went straight to bed.
Apart from the fact that I woke up every ten to fifteen minutes, this one worked a lot better. In the morning, I felt less like I had been hit with a meteor shower and more like I had just tumbled through a thick atmosphere without a spacesuit. Bones came to check up on me in engineering after lunch and I asked if I could get a higher dosage, hoping that maybe that would finally be what helped me sleep through the night. But he refused, he had given me as much as my body could handle without becoming addicted or suffering other nasty side effects. In defeat, I told him if I couldn't have a higher dosage, I didn't want it at all. Then I started counting the hours until Jim came home, and drank all the coffee I could stomach so I wouldn't feel like a zombie.
Tumblr media
I was just starting to doze off. It was probably just an hour or so until my alarm, but I let sleep take me. I would take anything I could get. What felt like just a minute later though, the computer spoke to me.
"The time is 0630 hours. The time is 0630 hours."
"No no no," I moaned in annoyance, screwing my eyes shut to the illumination in the room becoming stronger. But then a pair of lips landed on my cheek.
"Forgot to turn that off," someone said.
I didn't process this right away, but in the back of my head I knew that voice and knew it was important, so I forced myself to open my eyes to the way too bright room. Jim was there next to me and judging by his one barely open eye, he had just woken up too. "Hi..."
My heart was beating wildly in my chest, the room seemed to be spinning a little, my vision getting blurry, but then he smiled with his eyes closed and started to clumsily kiss my cheek and jaw and everything cleared up.
"When did you come home?" I whispered.
Jim didn't answer but kept trying to kiss me, but he was struggling, he too seemed exhausted, not able to aim. "A while. Laid down minutes ago. Tired. Want lips."
I made a happy sound and rolled around to face him. He opened his eyes a fraction, revealing the brilliant blue I loved so much. His lips landed on my nose, then my cheek before finally finding my lips. The gaping aching hole inside me seemed to vanish. I moved closer, pressing my lips and my body to his and everything inside me seemed to settle down, mind was quiet, all tension washed away. When I needed air, I pulled back just enough so I could stare into his eyes and see every little shade of blue in them. "You're home."
"The time is 0635 hours. The time is 0635 hours."
"Home and tired." His breath washed over me when he spoke and I wanted to breathe nothing but him for the rest of my life.
"Ditto. Haven't slept since you left."
"I know, Bones told me. I'm so sorry, Supernova."
"'s okay. Just missed you." My voice broke, and all the frustrations from the past week made a few tears fall. Jim snuck one of his arms around my waist and I moved even closer, burying my face into his neck, breathing in the smell of stars and nebulas and galaxies. "How were the peace talks?" I asked between lazy kisses to the soft skin on the side of his neck.
Jim didn't reply right away. Instead, he kissed my hair, breathing it in for a moment. "Exhausting. I'll tell you all about it later."
"The time is 0640 hours. The time is 0640 hours."
"Have to get up," I mumbled against his skin, but my entire body felt like lead in Jim's arms.
"Computer, turn off the alarm." A gentle beep confirmed it was now turned off. Then Jim pulled back just enough to look into my eyes. "Bones told me to tell you that he has declared you not fit for duty today and that he has ordered bed rest, and if you disobey his orders, he will not hesitate to have you strapped to a biobed with a force field."
I blinked. "But..."
"And your Captain concurs. He recommends you spend the day with him in bed and sleep." He was grinning at me. "He's been flying fancy admirals in a shuttle all night and is in need of some tender loving care from the love of his life."
I knew there were things I had to do in Engineering. It would take time and almost all the Engineering staff to get the shuttlepods ready in time for exploring the deuterium planet. But as I looked into Jim's eyes, I felt exhaustion all the way to my bone marrow, and there was no point arguing with that, or the Captain and the Chief Medical Officer. I teared up with relief and buried my face in Jim's neck again.
Jim settled down on his back and pulled me halfway on top of him. I swallowed down my emotions and rested my head on his shoulder, tangled my legs with his, and laid my arm across his stomach. Peace filled me and I barely had time to mumble love you before I was fast asleep.
Tumblr media
Note: * Yes, I have actually dreamed that as a side effect of taking melatonin.
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yalltookmyurlideas · a year ago
And They Were Roommates - Logicality Commission
@oh-theatre commissioned me to write a college roommates fic with Logan and Patton starting to develop feelings for one another!! Thank you Maria! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I may or may not have written myself into Logan a bit. I am not a morning person. 
In light of recent issues in the fandom: DO NOT REPOST! This was a commissioned work. I was paid to write it. Stealing a content creator’s work is despicable regardless, but stealing commissioned work is especially shitty. 
Word Count: 972
Masterlist | Ko-fi | Commissions | writing blog: @chris-writings
Logan woke up to the blaring of his alarm and the smell of cheap coffee pouring out of Patton’s Keurig. 
“G’morning, Lo!” Patton called cheerily from across the room. 
“Mmm.” Logan hummed in response, nowhere near fully awake yet. 
Patton chuckled and brought the travel mug of coffee over to the table beside Logan’s bed. 
“Logaaan…” Patton said, voice all sing-songy, “I made coffeeee…”
Logan sighed and hummed in displeasure, groping blindly for his coffee cup. Patton rolled his eyes, knowing Logan wouldn’t be able to find it until he sat up and put on his glasses. Patton checked the table, making sure they were within Logan’s reach. When he found them, he nudged them in Logan’s direction and waited patiently for Logan to come to his senses. 
Eventually, Logan did give up, sighing in defeat as he donned his glasses and and blinked, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings. 
He spotted the coffee and a small smile formed on his lips. 
“Thanks, Pat.” Logan said tiredly. He raised the travel mug to his lips, humming happily when he was met with perfectly prepared coffee. Other than himself, Patton was the only one to be able to consistently get his coffee preferences right on point. A spoonful of brown sugar and just enough cream to slightly lighten the liquid, giving him enough plausible deniability if anyone asked him if he drank coffee that wasn't coal black. 
Patton beamed in return. Logan never knew how he could always have so much energy. 
“No problem, Lo-Lo! I’m glad you like it.” 
Patton donned his coat, hat, and favorite blue scarf, shooting one last smile to Logan before he headed out the door to his first class of the day. 
Once Patton had left, Logan got out of bed, face beet red as he thought about his interactions with his roommate. Patton was kind, affectionate, and made the perfect coffee. And Logan was still very much in denial about his own sexuality, his rather obvious feelings regarding Patton notwithstanding. He shook his head as he tried to clear his thoughts, finally grabbing his own coat, hat, and dark grey scarf that Patton had gifted him once he learned Logan didn’t bring one of his own. It matched Patton’s blue one, and Logan cherished the connection it forged between them, no matter how small it may seem. 
As Logan made his way to class he decided that it really wasn't worth dwelling on. He and Patton were friends. They made great roommates and complimented each other very well. It wasn't worth it to risk something that was already so good for what could be. 
Logan nodded to himself and sighed. This was the best course of action, he was sure of it. 
Now if only his damned heart would actually cooperate.
Patton hummed to himself as he made his way to class. His first class started half an hour before Logan’s so he always made their morning coffee. 
Getting Logan to allow him to actually make his coffee was… a lot more difficult than he thought it’d be. Logan was particular about it, but Patton was persistent. And Patton was a lot smarter than everyone gave him credit for. He was, after all, majoring in neuroscience. He felt like maybe he deserved a little more credit than he was given 
But Patton had been persistent in his quest to make Logan the Best Coffee Ever. So he spent the first month of school watching and learning. He and Logan used to wake up at the same time, mostly so Logan had enough time to make said coffee. And Patton watched, taking note of how much cream and brown sugar Logan piled in. (Patton thought the use of brown sugar was strange, but his cup was always more cream than coffee, so he really had no room to judge). 
Then one morning, Patton woke up ten minutes earlier than usual and fixed Logan a cup of coffee. He set it on the table next to Logan’s bed and went about his morning. It was fifteen minutes later when he heard the telltale signs of his roommate finally joining the land of the living. 
Logan sighed in anguish at his phone, hitting it blindly to stop the alarm. He let out another sigh (Patton thought him quite the drama queen, at least as he was forcing himself to wake up. Nothing akin to the front of a serious student that he put up on a daily basis) and stretched, reluctantly placing his glasses on the bridge of his nose. 
Patton had done his best not to stare, he didn’t want Logan getting the wrong idea. He was just excited to see if he got Logan’s coffee right!
Logan reached out, lifting the mug to his lips, taking a large sip before he realized that he had not even left his bed yet, much less made his own coffee. He looked around the room for Patton, eyebrows knit in confusion. 
“You made it?” 
“Mmhm!” Patton nodded proudly. When Logan didn’t say anything else, Patton glanced over, only to find Logan chugging down the entire mugfull. 
“Logan! You’re gonna burn your throat!” Patton exclaimed. 
Logan didn’t listen. Ten more seconds, and his cup was completely empty. 
“Thank you Patton. I… have no idea why you’re so insistent toward making my coffee for me, but if you wish to from now on, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” 
Patton grinned. “So I did it right? I made your coffee just right, when no one else can get it perfect enough for you?” 
Logan chuckled, but it was interrupted by a yawn. 
“Yes, Patton,” he finally answered, a soft smile gracing his lips, eyes still heavy with sleep as he waited for the caffeine to kick in, “I believe you have.” 
And that was when Patton fell hard. 
Taglists @cartwheellou @ambersky0319 @thebirdsofgay @thatonenerdphotographer @xxpeach-bobaxx @hela-spawn-of-loki @whatthefuckbuttercup @pixelizedgenocide @fandomloverangel @ollyollyoxinfree @killjoy-3000 @reddstardust @dragonnova27170 @elvis-has-been-dug @chumo-cookie @nowletmeseeyourkezzhands @dancing-anon @killerfangirl3 @thetrombonewhisperer @supersoftsupersleep @kutekatmiette @srslygottobekiddingme @the-duke-of-deodorant @the-better-bard @007arda @did-he-just-hiss-at-me @vitosanders @azayta @emo-disaster @what-username-where @anxious-fander-bean @spooky-scary-virgil @heavenly-roman @depressed-alone @acanvasofabillionsuns @arcticfrostdoesthings @changlingkhat @im-an-error-404 @orca-iguana @firey-alex @catolicabuena @brokendaughter666 @nyafangirlingnya @apocalypticbekfastclub @fortheloveofjanus @willowaudreykeyes @alias290 @hell-yea-we-gay-tonight @soupgromlin @jellybeanduck99 @melodiread @drarryisrealandhogwartsisgay @nightmare4thebroken2 @myhorriblepropeladdiction @pricklyfish777 @tired-and-probably-crying @thefivecalls @lavender-mochi @joylessnightsky @spaceiscoolhuh @sleepy-sides @stubbornness-and-spite @unsurepotatohooman @the-sunshine-dims
General AUs @pollylittlehigher-littlelower
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wickedsingularity · a year ago
Good Girl [100 word drabble]
Fandom: Star Trek Pairings/characters: Jim Kirk x reader (but not really) Words: 92 Warnings: Smut
For @justagirlinafandomworld​‘s Flash Fiction Challenge. The song this time was My oh My by Camilla Cabello.
Tumblr media
His hands dug into her thighs – had to make sure he left a mark, as he pushed her a bit higher up on the wall. Hips thrust against hers again and the sound she made was pure sin. She grabbed at his jacket collar, long nails scratching his neck, stinging.
"Jim..." His name sounded like a prayer on her lips. He was drawn to them, tasting the Cardassian Sunrise on her tongue.
She met his thrusts, and he thought he would come apart. "Such a good girl," he whispered against her lips.
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wickedsingularity · a year ago
Tumblr media
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* means smut Warnings and other details at the top of each fic.
Tumblr media
Blue (Trek Fest 2017) Waking up to you Good Girl *  (Flash Fiction Challenge)
One Shots
Jim, You Look Like Crap * (for Put Yourself in the Story Month) Screw You, co-author @iguess-theyre-mymess​ (Trek Fest 2017) After the Mission Cologne * (Trek Fest 2018) Emergency Landing What Makes You Different Can’t Sleep Without You
Who Masterlist [complete]
Tumblr media
Sun, Sand and You Nightmare
One Shots
When you look at me like that * Lullaby (Trek Fest 2018)
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bethanysnow · a year ago
Super slow slow burn. From audition to maybe maybe not getting the part. Then callbacks, and slowly less and less people were showing up to meetings. The fic would be more about the process and the excitment and nerves of making a movie with a speckling of romance. Maybe during the script read the two leads (for obviously the reader would be a lead) and they get super into a romance scene and the rest of the cast shares the *look*. But they chalk it up to 'acting' or 'doing the job'. Can even include other super famous people!
Then more chapters and more things happen where they are emotionally involved. Fittings for costumes happen. Maybe some sneaky half in costume or makeup trailer shenanigens. Then flying to locations and it be this whirl wind of happy and sad and maybe the reader is home sick so the other lead tries to bring a small part of their home to them. Super cute. Then they slowly grow closer together and have to face the weridness of a super romantic (maybe sex scene)scene. And slowly wrapping movie. Then the time apart while editing. And or secret meetings with eachother. Press junkets and meetings and interveiws and spending hours in a room with each other. Finally having a mini angst fluff fight and the other lead confesses. (Bonus points if its in the rain)
And they go and get all snazzy for the premeier and go as a couple.
Maybe later in a time skip its award season and the movie is nominated for awards and wins a oscar!
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chai-ssi-latte · a year ago
Prompt 02
Chris Pine
37. “Why did I ever fall for him?”       “I don’t know. You could’ve just fallen for me.”
I just think this man needs to be on my blog because i love him as much as I love evans, stan, and o’brien...maybe evans takes the lead with maybe 5% than the rest, but you know...close.
About: Your ex broke up with you and Chris is there to comfort you, as always.
Masterlist | Prompt List
Tumblr media
Gif not mine :) (found on google)
You aggressively wiped your tears away which have been falling for the last three hours. You couldn’t even remember the last time you feel so sad and betrayed. The last year has been so good and kind to you that maybe this is the bad luck catching up. Shouldn’t have enjoyed it, knew something’s gonna get fucked up. 
“Here.” Chris, handed you a warm cup of chocolate milk, sitting beside you on the couch. You decided to come over to his house to find comfort from your best friend. You weren’t from LA, and your hotel is about two hours away from Chris’ house but you needed him. He’s always been the one that comforts you every single time you’re having a breakdown.
The sky has turned dark and the orange glow of the sky you were once looking at through the giant windows, are now replaced with gleaming lights of the stars. 
Chris held you hand close to him, giving it a few squeeze, before lifting it up to press a kiss on it. Your eyes connected to him and Chris wanted nothing more but to pull you in close and give you the biggest and warmest hug he could ever give. 
You placed the cup of your drink on the coffee table in front of you, which were held by your other hand, and hold Chris’ hands as well. You leaned in closer to him, your head falling on his shoulders.
“Why did I ever fall for him?” You can feel more tears brim in your eyes. 
Chris sighed, faintly. He wrapped his arms around you before giving you a comfort squeeze on the shoulder. “I don’t know. You could’ve just fallen for me.”
“I wish I could’ve just fallen for you too.”
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Who is she? She posted twice today! O.O So, my goal here is...every time I finish up a school work I will try to post a prompt! As a reward for myself and sharing that reward to you guys :D Anyway, I hope this will be consistent cause I have a lot of work to do. (Advise: Do not take up Engineering, it’s gonna mess you up and down, to the mars and back. Seriously.)
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