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#chris hemsworth x yn
Tumblr media
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He’s iron hard within your molten core, piledriving your slick with lethal intent, ferociously aroused. Your skin smacks together, his grunts peppering the air, drowning out the soft little cries you emit in response to this, a full-on attack to your insides.  
He told you this was what he intended, to give you a fucking worthy of rearranging your guts as soon as he awoke, nudging your back with the enormous erection now pleasuring you with rapid strokes.
Pleasure skitters through you, sparkling your veins as he continues to thrust wildly, one hand clutching your waist, the other fisted in your hair, pulling your head back, a clear display of dominance. You’re saturated around him, so wet he can barely keep inside you, your cunt so aqueous, you’ve dripped onto the bed beneath.  
“Oh god, Chris! Fuck, you’re going to go through me!” you cry, your man still moving like a jackhammer within you, his deep, rumbling laugh filling the room.
“Was that a complaint?”
“Of course not!”
He grins, amused as his hand comes down to spank you. “I didn’t think so.”
Each speedily delivered thrust has you sparking, your walls clenching around the thick heat driving into you rapaciously, his cock pumping your release into you strongly, the waves beautiful as you shatter for him, hands gripping the bedclothes beneath. He lets you cool down, slowing within you, enjoying the way your slick muscles feel as they flutter around him.
Once you’ve caught your breath, he’s all barbarous frenzy once again, invading your squelching heat with ruinous intent. Sweat mists your both, gilded by the morning sun filling your bedroom, you getting the most delicious view of that when he withdraws to throw you onto your back, grabbing your legs at the ankles and holding them high and wide before plunging back into your syrupy centre.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He compliments you, leaning down to kiss your plump lips before sitting back on his heels once again, driving himself into you wildly, watching his slick cock enter and retreat from you intently.  
You provide even more of a visual show for him by reaching down to begin rubbing your hardened clit, biting your lower lip and moaning, his hips rutting against you fiercely as he groans so deeply, it sounds like thunder. 
He then slows suddenly, dragging his cock languidly, making you glimmer, leaning down to kiss you once again as he takes the weight onto his elbows, everything slow, deep and hard.  
“You are so damn amazing. How can... ahh! One man be so fucking... oh fuck, right there... be so good at sex?” You stammer, a slight rotation of his hips making his cock hit spots you never knew existed.  
“Lots of practice.” You can certainly bet that’s true, with a man as good looking at him, he’s bound to have a wealth of satisfied woman behind him. You’re the only one he wants now though, his gorgeous little honey who he’s always at his happiest when he’s inside of, hearing your soft moans, the way your petal soft flesh feels against him, the scent of your hair, the taste of your cunt, you drive him utterly wild with desire.  
Wild is how the pace picks back up again, Chris flattening you to the bed and driving into you like a piston, pinning your arms above your head as he fucks your release into you, hot and consuming, the bliss throbbing through your aching loins, spilling himself into you deeply.  
You lie still in the aftermath, his cock twitching within your spasming walls, stroking one another idly as you share soft kisses. If there’s anything waking up at 6am for, it’s most definitely that.  
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darklydeliciousdesires · 10 days ago
What’s Mine is Mine - A Thor/Reader One Shot Story.
It’s finally here, Dom!Thor! I hope everyone enjoys :) It’s kinda epic in length too, for what was meant to perhaps only be a drabble, hahahaha! You know what happens to you gal here when she gets her narrative flow on!
Tumblr media
Word count - 3,291
Warnings - 18+, SMUT. Dom!Thor
Taglist - @katie007123​ 
(Seeing if this layout words for the tag list actually notifying people! It did last time, so let me know, gang!) 
You can feel his eyes practically burning a hole in the back of your head from across the store as you talk to the sales rep, the man in front of you only being friendly and engaging in a little harmless flirting.  
Of course, it helps secure the sale and you being you, polite, you indulge him, not rebuffing his little comments or hand gestures, finding excuses to emphasise a point by touching your arm. He might be a good thirty feet from you, but you swear, for a moment, you think you hear Thor positively growl with displeasure. 
“These are all the accessories that it comes with as standard, but if you were to buy this today, I could throw in these different lenses for about a third less than you’d pay for them should you return to the store at a later date.”  
The salesman was efficient in his repertoire, offering more for (allegedly) less in order to garner a tidy little amount of commission, again with the flirty gestures, not realising with every time he touched your arm, he made the huge man at the door bubble further into the realms of rage.  
“Honestly, it’s just the camera I’d like. I have the lenses already,” you say firmly, of course having such a long-standing hobby as photography, you don’t need to re-purchase the entire kit and caboodle just because of a sadly unrepairable accident to one of your current cameras.  
He smiles at your reply, resigned to a lower monetary return, but not perhaps gaining something else from your visit to the store. “So, let me just ring all this up for you, and may I ask, if you’re single, can I get your number?”  
That’s the moment you’re aware of a rapidly moving, large presence, whether he lip read it, strained his ears or picked up on the request by some other means, you don’t know, but it was those words which finally tipped Thor to boil over.  
“The lady isn’t single. Back down, boy.”  
You watch with slight embarrassment as the man behind the counter visibly shrinks in the presence of your towering, glowering lover, Thor taking your hand and escorting you from the store. “Thor, I need to pay for my...” is as far as he lets you get in your protest.
“You need to come with me and be quiet. It would appear I must remind you of a few things, little doe.” He calls you that because of your eyes, big and doe like, shining and innocent, framed with the longest, silkiest lashes he’s ever beheld.  
In this instance, they glint as if your doe is trapped within the beam of his headlights, waiting for the impact, wondering exactly how he will remind you. You might feel nerves at stoking his jealous ire, but deep down, a slither of excitement ripples through you. His reminders are always delivered so deliciously, after all.  
“Thor, can we talk...”
“Not another word. You’ll be silent until you’re spoken to.” The drive home is uncomfortable, to say the least, Thor radiating covetousness for the duration of the journey. Once you arrive, you get out of the car, making your way to the front door when suddenly, you find yourself scooped up and thrown over the broad shoulder of the disgruntled Asgardian, beginning to protest.  
“I told you," he begins, hand spanking your bum firmly. “Not another word until you’re spoken to. You can also have a few more of these, too. Your penance for allowing him to touch you, no matter how briefly, and to flirt with what is mine. You are a bad girl.” Again, his hand meets your rump, a few more spanks administered, your flesh stinging beneath your clothes. What if the neighbours see? How your cheeks flush crimson at the thought of there being witnesses to your spanking. 
You’re carried indoors and straight up the stairs, into the bedroom, Thor placing you down and closing the door, his imposing body corralling you back, until you’re pushed against the hard, cool wood, his size imposing, overbearing...and dangerously erotic.  
You know what’s coming, now. The questions that will demand the correct answers, Thor closing the space between you, blue eyes, darkened inky navy from anger, like a stormy sky he could command and conjure, fixing upon you in a predatory stare.  
Reaching to your face, he lifts your chin, tilting your head back, exposing your throat to him. Leaning close, he inhales your scent, his beard scratching you, his lips teasing the faintest of tickles against your ear, his lips parting to speak.
“Who do you belong to, little doe?”
“That’s right. Every last inch of you is mine, for me to enjoy, to shower in pleasure, to claim again and again. Who doesn’t get any of that, and never shall?”
“Anyone else.”
“In particular?”
“The guy in the store.” Just the mention of him causes a thunderous growl to rumble his throat.  
“Good, that’s correct. And now, to claim all that is mine, over and over, until you can still feel me within you even when I have retreated. Are you ready for me, little doe?”
As soon as the words leaves your lips, his press to yours, a kiss of dominant hunger, claiming you, his hands taking your shirt and ripping it open, the fastening of your bra meeting the same fate as he tears them from your body.  
Pushing a thigh between your legs, his fingers trailing in a titillating patter over your collarbones and down your chest, he imposes himself, rubbing that solid thigh against your sex while using it to lever your legs apart, making you whimper against his mouth. As soon as his explorative fingers reach your nipples, your body jolts, soft pink hardening to his expert touch, Thor lifting you up.  
You wrap your legs around him, his arms securing you at your back, mouth closing over each stiffened pebble, groaning gruffly as he places you down on the bed.  He bears down against you, the heat of his stiffness pressing deliciously against your cunt, grinding himself against you, that solid mass of thick cock teasing you through the thin fabric of your leggings.  
“Do you hunger for it, little doe? Every last inch of my cock spearing into you?”  
You twist beneath him, seeking more purchase when he moves himself away, pulling himself out of his clothes. “Is this what you need?” he whispers, his deep voice sinfully erotic, eyes locked on yours as his hand strokes his thick shaft.  
“Please, Thor. Claim me.” You beg, his hands roughly tugging your leggings, peeling them and your underwear away, rendering you naked against him as his mouth crashes to yours in a heated kiss, panting as your tongues battle.  
“I shall, but will my mouth first.” Excitement flashes through your eyes as you state into his, pupils blown and inky, your hands stroking his beard as you kiss him wantonly again.  
“Remind me, how I’m yours. Eat me alive, ruin me with your tongue,” you demand lightly, knowing such is stoking the fires within him.  
“Don’t I always, my beauty?” Parting your thighs, he pushes you back on the bed, mouth pressing to your sternum, hands delighting your skin as they stroke down your sides, making you feel tiny and helpless beneath him. “All mine. Every last inch. Now, to decide whether to leave you free, or fasten you down while I feast upon you.”  
Something dangerous flashes through his eyes as he considered his options, that rogue desire to have you completely at his mercy, Thor sliding from the bed and reaching beneath, fetching to two coils of soft, black nylon rope beneath. “I think I want you tied. Spread your arms and legs.”
Immediately, you curl your legs beneath you, looking defiant.
“Oh no, now is no time to be a brat. Spread.”
“Make me.” Your words dagger right to his loins, Thor grabbing your ankles and pulling them out from under you, only for you to misbehave once more and resume your position with a smug giggle. His face darkens immediately, hand clutching at your throat.  
“You will do as you’re told, or I shall make you wait to feel this...” He begins, his tongue then swiping up the column of your throat in a slow glide, hand then pressing against your soaking velvet folds... “right here. I will tease you until you’re unhinged. Now, do you want to be a good little doe, or must you be punished?”  
“I think I’ll be good.” Spreading your legs for each loop, he threads them around your ankles, tightening them while giving you a look that is one hundred percent predatory, leaning in close to kiss you, teeth nipping your cupid’s bow.
“A wise decision.” He finally tells you, moving to then tie each end of the long rope in a series of knots, fastening you to the bedposts. “Arms.”  
Immediately you assume, all four of your limbs now spread for him, his big arms flexing, making a sight for your eyes as you watch him bind each arm to the other bedposts, muscles cording, face set in concentration.  
He moves back to you, settling between your legs, blanketing your softness with all that is hard and powerful, ghosting your mouth with the promise of his lips, pulling away to plant hot kisses over your breasts, kisses that descend, his mouth opening, leaving wet smacks over your flesh until he reaches your...
“Oh, oh.” That first caress of his tongue, gliding over your exposed pink, makes you squirm against your bindings, a soft gasp fluttering from your lips. The rope creaks as you grasp and pull, your hands winding around it as the firm drag of his tongue over your heat has you squirming against his mouth.  
Contrary to his usual repertoire, though, he begins to back off a little, using less pressure, his mouth abandoning your folds entirely as he licks a line up your inner thigh, watching you intently as you pout. “This was all about claiming and reminding, but perhaps I was too hasty. Maybe you should be reprimanded. After all, you did nothing to stop that man from amusing himself with you.”  
“I’m already tied though,” you tell him innocently, Thor chuckling deeply.
“Oh, little doe. This innocence is surely feigned, for you know well everything else I can do besides restrain you.” That deep, rumbling voice makes your skin prickle, your nipples hardening in response as you remember exactly what else he’s capable of. “I suppose I still could claim and remind, but also forgo such over certain areas, until you beg me to pay them attention.”  
He spreads kisses down your thigh again, mouth ghosting your sex before those open-mouthed kisses press to your abdomen and up, a hotly planted trail reaching across your chest but leaving your aching nipples, tongue swirling over your skin.  
By tasting you thoroughly, he succeeds in sating himself with each lick, but leaves you hungering for more. His intention, of course. His mouth reaches your arms, kissing, licking, gently nibbling every last part of you from shoulder to wrist, making you thrum strongly. Who’d have thought the inner elbow could turn out to be such an erogenous zone?
You’re practically a puddle before him by the time he finishes turning his attentions to your other arm, mouth settling at your neck, groaning against your ear, a deep, faint gruff that makes your cunt clench with want. Again, his mouth descends your feverish body, fingertips pattering, stroking your parted thighs as he views your dripping sex, glistening for him. The sight makes his cock throb, yet he does nothing more than exhale a hot breath across your aching folds, his mouth then descending your legs in turn.  
“Please, Thor,” you croak, aroused beyond comprehension.
“Does my doe beg?”
“I do! I’m begging you, please touch me,” you pant, your body shuddering with the need for gratification.
“I’ve been touching you plenty, my love.”  
“You know what I mean!” Your wail is desperate and pleading, your giant lover chuckling at your anguish.  
“Where? Where do you want me to touch you? Here?” Twirling your hardened nipples just once in a soft pinch between his thumbs and forefingers, you spasm at the contact, one hand slowly trailing down over your hot skin, his thumb taking a swipe through your folds, barely catching your clit. “Or here, perhaps?”
“There! Please, right there?”
“Here?” Once again, his thumb hovers over your bundle, threatening to stroke, touching faintly.
“Please!” You cry, his mouth spreading a wide grin across his face.  
“Are you sure?” You’re out of your mind at this point, body tensing as you struggle against your bindings, incandescent that he could find such amusement in your sexual anguish. “Would here not be worthy of my touch also?” Pushing his finger inside your molten slick, your clench strongly with a shrill cry, his finger hooking, stroking you firmly, but lamentably only once before he retreats.
“Ahhh, you are greedy this afternoon, little doe.”
“Please, Thor. I’ve begged, I’ve been good. I’m all yours, completely and utterly, all of me is for you and never, ever shall be for anyone else,” you begin, your desperation still amusing to him. “Besides, no one else could ever pleasure me in quite the same way that you do. No one upon this earth possesses such talent.”
It’s the ace up your sleeve you knew would work upon him, appealing to his ego, hearing you flatter his prowess.
“No, you are quite right, they do not. Also, I think I have made you long for me enough. Besides, it isn’t like I haven’t been dying to properly bury my mouth against your womanhood and utterly devour you with my tongue.” Just the promise of it makes you flush, Thor kissing you to complete burning ignition, sliding back down the bed before finally, you feel the heat of his mouth press against your folds.  
Your body practically convulses against your rope restraints, his tongue taking a firm swipe over your clit, the tiny little bud bouncing against it as it begins to harden. “So pretty, spread wide, just for me.” Your eyes roll back as he begins to quicken his licks, bathing your bundle in fast moving heat, his large hands gripping your hips firmly.  
You are devoured entirely by his insatiable mouth, sucked upon with eager aplomb, his beard prickling your dewy folds as he groans, the noise like chains being dragged over rocks, so deep and carnivorous. That groan could see you to cresting alone, you often think.
When his fingers slip within your gushing, glistening heat, you elevate elegantly, your back arching like a bridge. Fierce heat prickles from his inquisitive fingertips, your body pushing against his hand, Thor having to press your body back down to the bed once more and hold you there, fighting against the luminosity of your arousal. With his strength, it isn’t much of a fight. He pins you beneath the press of one hand with ease.
You’re lit up and keening against him, sparks glimmering through you, your fingers curling around the ropes and gripping hard as your twitch and purl against his hungry mouth, your lover eating your cunt with ravenous intent. His fingers drive into the clutch of your heat, your pillowy insides flexing around them as his tongue continues to lash wildly over your bud, invoking your undoing rapidly.  
With a whimper, your sun begins to blaze over his horizon, the warmth making your entire body glow as you shatter against his ministrations, gasping for air, only mildly aware of your bindings being undone, all but one wrist. Lifting your post-orgasmic, trembling body, Thor places you against the last bedpost you’re tied to, moving the rope up as he lifts your arm above your head, binding your other one to it with a series of pretty and intricate knots.  
Bracketing your waist with his hands, he lifts you above his thighs, aligning your dewy centre with the thick, aching head of his cock, lowering you to him, groaning with desire as your aqueous velvet swallows him whole.  
Your slick muscles hug his hefty shaft with greed, Thor transfixed by the sight of you rolling against him languidly, his breath hitching in his throat preceding the most guttural of groans. In making you wait, he denied himself, of course.  
Rocking languidly against one another, your bodies establish a steady rhythm, his lips meeting yours in a kiss borne of urgency. An erotic flush sweeps over you, the intimacy of the moment utterly consuming.  
You’re soft and wet around all that is hard, his cock dragging sparks against your walls as his kisses reach your neck, your head tipping back to reveal your throat to him, all nipping teeth and sumptuously placed swirls of his tongue. It’s slow, gratifying, sumptuous sex, no rush upon the horizon, no hurry, just the languid heat shared between you and your hulking god.  
The way you move upon him has his luminous eyes utterly transfixed, the serpentine dance of your womanly curves a lustrous feast for his senses, dipping his head to kiss your breasts attentively, sucking on your nipples ravenously as you arch against him. “How are you enjoying it, claiming all is yours?” you whisper, your eyes glittering at him.  
“I’m in no rush to cease, let’s put it that way.” You jolt at his teeth clamping onto your nipple, the bud sliding slowly from between them before he bites again, hips beginning to undulate a little quicker beneath you, his cock spearing your plush deeper. Reaching between you, his fingertips locate your clit, stroking a soft, tight circle, feeling it harden against his touch as you whine, Thor evoking nothing short of ecstasy within you.  
“Come on, my love. Come apart for me, get my cock even wetter than it is.” Those words dagger to your insides, his fingers relentless as his thrusts speed up, filling and emptying you with determination, heat prickling your spine before the fire roars through you, your body stiffening as you ascend, tipping into divinity, rendered fluid and soft in the wake of your undoing. “I’m sure you have another for me.”  
You whimper a little at these words, your sensitivity raked against as he plunges his thickness within you once more, lewd noises filling the air, your cunt utterly saturating his shaft as he pounds into you with deviant ferocity. Once more, you begin to ascend, intense pleasure welling before skittering through you, your voice breaking apart as you cum for him again, Thor’s mouth upon yours in the aftermath, kissing the sweet curses from your lips.  
“Do you have more, love?”  
“Why don’t you untie me and find out?”  
Now, there was a proposition if ever he heard one. He unfastens your bindings and lets you push him back, pulling his legs up behind you as you begin to rock against his steely manhood. Little twinges of pain meeting the pleasure, the knife edge you jockey as you ride him utterly scintillating.  
“I think it’s my turn for some reminders now,” you state breathlessly, Thor raising an eyebrow inquiringly.
“Such as?”
“How you are the only man I will ever want, that you are everything and beyond to me, my best friend, the greatest lover I have ever known, my absolute everything.”  
He smiles at your words, pulling you down to his level and kissing you. “Then I feel it is wise for you to remind me for the remainder of the day. In case I forget again.”
After the night you give him, he isn’t likely to forget in a hurry.  
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darklydeliciousdesires · 11 days ago
Sweet Finish.
That Hemsy drabble I mentioned? Here, have it early! 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @malloryknoxx​ @longlostinanotherworld​ @xxonoiroxx​ @youclickedthislink​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @dumb-ass-writer​ @brandleb​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
One word, delivered firmly by the object of your desire after he’s followed you along the narrow hallway leading to the bar’s restrooms. One word is all it takes to turn your insides to wildfire.  
“What do you mean, no?”
“I mean no, you don’t get to give me the kind of looks you’ve been giving me all evening and then walk away in here without me.”
“Whether I want you or not, it would seem,” you can’t help but tease, watching him as he raises his eyebrows, approaching you slowly, leaning in close to your ear.  
“We both know you want me.”  
The energy between you crackles, the spark ignited as you stare at once another intensely for all of two seconds, your mouths meeting in a hungry clash. It might not be the most ideal of places, Chris taking your hands and breaking your kiss for long enough to drag you backwards, checking the way is clear before pulling you into the restrooms, corralling you into the free stall.  
“I might know you want me, but fuck, baby, you have no idea how much I want you,” he pants, tongue swirling with yours.
“I think I might have some inclining.” He croaks out a husky laugh as your hand presses to his erection. “Is this for me, hmm?”
“Oh yeah. Every last inch.”
Your kisses are consuming, urgent, borne of the fire stirred within as you grapple with his belt, his short beard scratching at your lips, his teeth crushing against your tongue as you free his cock, squeezing it as he lifts you.  
Yanking your undies aside, with a simple drop, he impales you on that hot, thick hardness, filling you deeply, his hands clasping your thighs as he holds you, spread wide, hips driving against you like a piston from the get go.  
He’s uncontained within you, his cock arrowing into you so deeply you can’t help wail, his mouth silencing you with another molten kiss, your breaths ragged as your chests heave in exertion. 
Your hips roll deliciously against each of his upward thrusts, ensnaring his slippery length, reaching up to the stall he fucks you against and clinging onto the partition, your legs tightening around his waist. Oh, what this man ignites within you. Your connection burns brighter than anything you’ve ever known
The pleasure begins to wind tightly in your core, coiling as you clench around him, his cock driving into you harder to overcome that slick grip around his length, mouth at your neck as he pants raggedly, those moans...deep, barbarous, all alpha. Just like him.
It’s uncontained, feral passion, his huge, hard body shunting against yours deliciously, his very size so overpowering, mouth returning to yours in a kiss that is all unbridled want. He feels impossibly heavy within, your dewy little hole stretched to capacity around the furiously delivered intrusion of girthy heat.
The way he looks at you too, while voraciously ploughing into you, you could drown in that look, the intensity unmatched, the way his eyes look inky blue, darkened with all the lust you’ve stirred with him, his heart hammering against your breast as his teeth nip at your jaw, neck, and clavicles, arousal fogging his mind as your body is battered against the partition.  
The frenzy takes over, both of you now uncaring about being heard, groaning loudly as your bodies flush with fever, coiling tighter, glowing brighter, his hips driving against you like a machine as the pleasure snaps and he loses himself to your fluttering warmth, soaking wet sparks dragging from you as he releases his load, gripped by the jaws of nirvana.  
As far as date night’s go, being fucked in the restroom after teasing him with sensual glances for the last two hours, is a pretty good way to round it off.  
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darklydeliciousdesires · 18 days ago
Spark - A Chris Hemsworth/Reader One Shot Story.
Just a quick bit of overdue Chris smut for you all, my darlings! Enjoy :) 
Tumblr media
Word count - 1,257
Warnings - 18+ for zee smut!
Taglist - 
(To be added, please feel free to message. Also, if you receive this tag, please let me know! I want to see if laying them out differently works for people being alerted!)
You need to be naked and waiting for me when I get home. 9pm. All I want to do is lick every last inch of your body, then fuck you until you’re sore.
The above was the text that ignited the spark, that means at 9pm sharp, you’re ying naked in wait for your man, staring at the bedroom door while the anticipation of his arrival practically eats you alive. It wont be the only thing to that night either.  
Your heartbeat quickens when you hear him enter the house, greeting his faithful canine companion at the door, your dog sounding to be full of his usual excitable, waggy tailed energy.  
“So, what got you so fired up that you demanded me wait like this for you?” You ask after he arrives in the bedroom, closing the door softly and beginning to undress.  
“Do I need a reason? Look at you, there’s my reason.” He always makes you feel so confident about your body, how he praises you, reacts to your nakedness and lavishes you with such fond attention, before it all usually gives way to something borne of animalistic lust. This man, he truly burns for you.  
Revealing his body, that hard, broad chest, you crave him atop you like an addict wishes for the illicit drug of their choice. Once naked, you get exactly what you’ve thirsted for, him crawling up the bed, his nakedness blanketing yours. Then just as he promised, beginning at your delicate throat, his tongue starts to travel, accompanied by the bass rumble of a very deep, aroused groan. The grit of it arrows right to your insides, a throb of anticipation making your cunt clench.  
He tastes your skin with keen exploration, his tongue gliding over your breasts, your stomach, arms, back, bum, legs and even down to your toes, sexual energy coursing through you, the thrum heady, no more so than when finally, his mouth meets with the most erogenous area of your body, his tongue taking a long, slow swipe at your slit.  
You whimper softly, Chris parting your legs a little wider, his fingers stroking your folds before he uses his thumb to pull your clit hood back, exposing your tiny little potent bundle, bathing it in slow, firm, wet licks. Your nails graze his arms, your hips already beginning to slowly undulate against his mouth, each keen lick delivered with the kind of precision that stirs you strongly, glimmers skittering through your belly, like a whirlpool beginning to circle deep in your groin.  
He draws dirty curses from your sweet lips with each keen lap of his tongue, his beard prickling at your soft flesh, his cheeks hollowing as he begins to suck at you, your slick swallowed greedily by your lover as he devours the mouthful of your womanhood he has encased in his mouth, localising the next suck by covering your bud with his lips, sucking until it swells, your hips jolting at the soft flicks of the tip of his tongue administered thereafter.  
It’s too much, but equally nowhere near enough, his fingers pushing into you, clever and precise as he seeks out exactly where within the wet plush of your pussy you want to feel him press, smiling against you when you cry out.  
“Right there?”
“Oh fuck, yes! Don’t you dare move them!” He laughs, his voice deepened even more than usual by lust, hooking his fingers over and beginning to rake them against you, pressing hard, looking up at you over the rise of your curves and watching as you lose control for him.  
“Fuck, you’re getting so wet.” He groans, his fingers sodden with your dew, tongue furiously beating over your swollen clit in time with his fingers, two becoming three, opening you up with his exploration, circling them around and around, the tips still pressing against the spot that has you crying out.  
A final few licks and circles does it, has you coming apart messily against him, a flush decorating your chest as you cum hard for him. The taste of yourself on his mouth is sinfully erotic when he emerges, kissing you while pressing the tip of his hardness against your entrance, slowly spreading you around him as he fills you, your mouth falling open in exclamation of how good he feels.  
He’s thick and hot inside you, dragging your walls, making you feel sparks, your insides lighting up against the friction of his cock. Your body arches, like a bridge over a river, Chris setting his teeth against your breasts, nipping and sucking at your nipples as his cock glides into you seamlessly, his hands smoothing down the elegant curve of your back.  
He pants against you, predatory hunger unleashed, claiming your mouth again with hungry kisses, his fingers gripping at your waist as he rolls his hips firmly into you, driving his cock against your very depths, forcing little cries of elation from your throat.  
“God, you’re so fucking big,” you breathe, reaching between you to feel him stretching you, spearing your slick, so ruinously wet for him.  
“And you always take me so well.” He grunts, sucking the wet fingers you offer to his mouth with a groan, pupils blown with heated lust as he stares down at you. Hooking your fingers around his jaw, you pull him back down, kissing him wantonly, swallowing his guttural groans and flinching a little when he bites your lower lip, letting it slide out from between his teeth slowly before your tongues entwine once more.  
Sitting back on his heels, he lifts you with him, arranging you so you’re kneeling either side of his colossal body, your mouth at his throat as he clasps you to him, driving yourself down onto his cock with greed, your pelvis all rotating gusto, wanting to feel him hitting you at every angle, every depth.  
“Fuck, fuck.” He breathes, closing his eyes tightly as you fuck him with unbridled determination, Chris moving beneath you with purposeful power, kissing you again madly, one of his hands moving to spank your bum as you bounce on his mighty cock.
He has you so sinfully wet, your pussy drips onto his balls, little pearls of arousal decorating them as his thick hardness drives into you, leaving you tender, but oh so tingly, your groin burning, the heat of his manhood making the wildfire spread through you. 
He growls at your neck, teeth nipping sharply, his hips beginning to snap up against you strongly as his hands run up your back and grip your shoulders, forcing you down onto the power of him, how he moves, body surging against yours.  
You cry out, nails tearing down his shoulders, any reserve completely broken, like a wild colt snapping his lasso and galloping to freedom, you both charge to your release, cresting, shattering against one another, that sublime warmth radiating through your body as he fills you with cum, your inner walls milking his cock thirstily.  
You’re both clammy and breathless, Chris the first to recover as he holds you against him, panting in your ear as he strokes your hair, nuzzling your neck. He lies you back, still inside you, arms tightening around you as you share kisses, keeping his wet cock warm as he enjoys the little pulses of your walls around him, kissing you tenderly.  
“Sated now?” You question, laughing softly when he shakes his head.
“Not nearly enough yet. I never am with you, though.”  
True. With you, he always wants more.  
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Kissing in the rain under the umberella
Tumblr media
"chris! stop twirling the umbrella, you're getting me wet! that defeats the purpose of an umbrella" you look up at chris, and he just looked down at you and smiled, stopping the twirling. "thank you"
"anything for you, princess" chris smiled, leaning down and kissing you softly. you two got lost in the kiss for a moment, chris letting the umbrella drop and the rain fell on your heads, making you shriek and hit his chest. "sorry! couldn't resist!"
"give me that, go on set. have fun, god of thunder" you smile and tap his butt, taking the umbrella and giving him a quick kiss before he headed to set.
you watched him as he did what he loved, and you couldn't swipe a smile off your face as you watched him. the directors yelled cut and he came over to his chair that you sat in, laying his hands on the arms of the chairs and bending over with his face close to yours.
"so? am i so hot as thor or what?" he winked and you laughed, holding his chin and kissing him softly.
"what's the other option?" you teased and he gasped, and you brushed your nose against his. "i'm just kidding, babe. you looked really good out there. you think we could take that costume home?" you smirk and chris raised his eyebrows at you, humming as he kissed you again.
"even if they say no, i'll sneak it home just for you" chris whispered and you giggled, twirling the umbrella and he jumped.
"doesn't feel good now does it?!" you giggle and he shakes his head as he smiled, kissing you again before sitting down next to you and talking to you and eating while he enjoyed his little break.
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Us Against the World - Chapter Thirteen.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @chickensarentcheap  @longlostinanotherworld​ @brandleb​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve
True to his word and just ten minutes later as promised, she had him stood with his back pressed against the glass door that led out to the balcony, his rock-hard erection in her mouth as he held her hair away from her face and watched himself on the receiving end of the best blowjob in the world. No other woman he’d been sexual with was quite as talented as her.  
“God fucking damn,” he groaned, watching her lips tighten around the base of his cock before dragging slowly back up again. It always entranced him, when she literally swallowed him whole.  
“Mmmm, such a beautiful, big cock. All hot, veiny and hard. I’ve missed it, nothing else comes close.” She purred, looking up at him as she ran her hand up and down his shaft, licking the underside before circling the head a few times and sinking her mouth right down to the base again. Chris felt his eyes virtually roll back in their sockets as his head thudded back against the glass he was leaning against, groaning almost incoherently with lust. God, she was too good.
Using her hand and mouth together she slid them up and down his cock, stopping every so often to suck and lick on the head before plunging her lips back down again. She had him so turned on his legs and abs were shaking as he moaned, chest rising and falling faster as shuddered breaths left his heaving lungs, utterly consumed by her.
“Fuck!” he growled through gritted teeth as his dick twitched and he spilled jet after jet of cum down her throat, his hand yanking her hair as she pulled him from her mouth and finished him with her hand, his semen trickling down her neck. She caught the trail with her finger and licked it off as she looked up at him, kissing the head of his hardness and feeling it twitch violently against her lips.
Pulling her up he grabbed her waist and hauled her off the ground, Mia wrapping her legs around him before he charged her against the nearest wall, her back hitting it hard, releasing his grip on her just enough to drop her down onto his throbbing cock.  
Sometimes he could successfully maintain an erection if he continued in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, although it hurt a little and did feel ridiculously oversensitive, such a trade was worth it to be back inside her again.
His hands held her tightly under her thighs as his chest pressed against hers, her nipples rubbing against it and feeling just as amazing as the had before as he began to pump her cunt with slow, deep, hard strokes.  
Every thrust was delivered so deeply and precisely it made her cry out with each exhale, feeling his lips at her neck kissing her throat from one side to the other as she ran her hands over his shoulders.
Needing to be even deeper inside her than he already was, he carefully slid his arms under her knees, pushing her up the wall a little further and grasping her ass so she was held there by his forearms, spread wide for him to slam himself up into her pussy deeper and harder.
She screamed shrilly as his hips began to pound against her like a jackhammer again, her wetness dripping out onto his balls, she was so massively turned on. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got someone as ridiculously wet as she was, scared he was going to slip out of her, she was so sodden.
“I love the noises you make when I’m really fucking you hard. God damnit, you’re sex personified.” He told her, his voice sounding more like a primal growl than anything else, deepened with lust as he stared into her magnetic green eyes and kissed her again. Her moans of pleasure really were the sexiest he’d ever heard, doing nothing but fuelling his desire for her.
They continued to devour each other in carnivorous abandon against the wall for a further while, until Mia demanded he carry her back to the bed. “On your back for me, I need to ride you right now, really grind down on this big dick for a while.” She told him, leaning forward to kiss him as he lay back on her bed.
“Yeah, I’m really not going to stop you from doing that.” He told her, raising an eyebrow at her as he grinned, Mia sliding down on his hot, wet cock again until he filled her completely. She rode him as expertly as always, rolling her hips against him in a figure of eight motion, staring down at him and telling him how sexy he was as he stroked her tits and pinched her nipples, drowning in the most sublime pleasure.
Her walls squeezed the orgasm from his twitching cock, Chris knowing she hadn’t cum again so disappearing between her legs to bury his mouth at her apex until she did, twice more, rendering her but a shuddering, breathless, exhausted shadow of herself.  
As far as apologies went, his was faultless.  
They fell back to sleep at around seven in the morning, only sleeping until nine before going out for breakfast, spending the day together. As they both expected, they were photographed plenty of times, the online blogsphere an absolute buzz over their relationship still. It annoyed Chris no end that she continued to be a figure of hate out there, though, purely for what she did for a living.  
He knew it got to her much more than she ever let on, too. In all his dating years, he’d never been with anyone as fiercely protective of him as she was. She never crumbled in front of him, never let it show how upsetting it was to be trashed in such a derogatory way by fans and online media alike, but he’d heard her crying over things that’d been said about her a few times, usually when she was secluded in the bathroom.  
She always brushed it off when he’d approached her about it as well, never wanting him to worry or be burdened by it. She just wanted him to be happy.  
“Here, for when I’m not around,” she spoke after they’d passed one of those gaudy street stands, hawking their wares to tourists.  
“Security monkey!” he exclaimed through his laughter as he took the small plush toy from her, a monkey dressed in an NYPD uniform and a small, felt banana sewn to his paw. “You’re silly, I love it. You too.” He added, seating the monkey in the top pocket of his short-sleeved shirt as he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close.  
That moment was captured in photographic form, but not by either of them, appearing on a blog the next morning with a headline that questioned Chris’s judgement while also cutting Mia down, the bloggers tone the same as the most prevailing of critics; she was trashy and he could do better.  
What killed her though, was that outside of work, she was a demure, stylish dresser. She’d understand if she constantly attired herself to look like walking sex, but on that particular day she’d worn a pair of cream cargo pants, an old, faded grey SoulCycle t shirt and her Converse, teamed with some nice jewellery. It felt like she’d be hated no matter what.  
Had she really tarnished herself with her career choice so heavily that no one would ever see her as anything else now? Was she destined to remain within the porn industry until she was too old to work any longer? It was another moment where she shed tears over it all, but on this occasion, she couldn’t hide them, Chris moving silently behind her, enveloping her in his embrace.  
“Stop this, stop reading what people who don’t even know us have to say. It isn’t healthy, hence why I don’t Google myself. It’s toxic and it’ll get worse the more you feed into it,” he told her, taking her phone from her grasp and placing it down on the table.
“It wouldn’t matter if you did, Google yourself, that is. Everybody loves you; you’re universally liked for being a good, down to earth guy and great actor. That’s why they hate me, because you should be with a nice girl and not some trashy slut who does hardcore porn, as they called me this morning,” she sobbed, turning to cry against his chest.  
It was making her so weary that for the moment, she couldn’t hide it from him, couldn’t put him first and make like she wasn’t as devastated as she was over the public opinion of her.  
“I am with a nice girl. If they can’t see that then they don’t matter. They’ll get over it and find someone else to pick on eventually. It’s only because we’ve so recently gone public that we’re being targeted. It’ll calm down, I promise. Until then, though, promise me you’ll stop looking at it all. Just pretend it doesn’t exist, alright?” he told her, Mia nodding.
“I’ll try. It’s hard though, like an itch I want to keep scratching,” she lamented, Chris understanding.  
“It’ll never go away if you do keep scratching, though. It’ll just get worse. The only opinion that matters about you is mine. It happens to be very high, by the way,” he replied, making her smile sadly.
“I don’t fucking know why it is. I’m bringing all this shit into our relationship and we’ve only been together a few months!” she exclaimed, sniffing hard.  
“For me, it doesn’t matter that we’ve only been together a short time. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Perhaps I have. Maybe we’ve been together in previous lives and we keep on finding one another all over again, like we’re meant to be no matter the time or place. I love you endlessly, baby.” Kissing her head, he stroked her hair while Mia tried to hide the further tears pooling in her eyes.  
No one had ever said anything so beautiful to her before. It made her really see just how truly invested in her he was. She knew it already, but sometimes did question her worth, if she was good enough for him. The words of her doubters, they did creep in at times, sometimes when she really didn’t need them to, like when she returned to LA the following week for work.
“Mia, softer face, give me happy Mia. I need aroused Mia here!” Yes, it had begun to seep into her working life, especially since she was without her love, Chris then down in New Mexico where he was filming. She knew it was definitely something she had to get a hold of, since even here, in the familiar surroundings of a Jim Caney set, the man who made work nothing but a good time, she was sad.  
“Sorry, Jim.” She called, adding a whisper of apology to the girl she was working with too, who just rolled her eyes and continued to go down on her. Mia knew she deserved her not to be accepting to her apology, she’d been off her game all morning while her co-star, Gabrielle Greyson, worked her ass off to compensate for the star’s lacklustre approach.  
“What’s up, buttercup? You’re my star and you know this, but today, you’re not yourself. Come on, come drink this and tell me about it,” Jim said after approaching her in the dressing room after calling a break, passing her the Starbucks order he’d sent out for (Caney Productions staff and freelancers alike were treated very well by the boss) before ushering her out of her seat, Mia pulling on her silk robe and heading outside with him. The fresh air felt good.  
She knew she had a friend in Jim too, knowing him right from the start of her career, so could talk to him about anything. He always lent a very good ear.
They stood in the shade of the building and Mia unloaded everything that was happening, Jim of course knowing already since he’d been keeping an eye on the press. Afterwards, she felt better, less troubled by it all, but what she did not expect for one second, was the reply he gave her.  
“You know, you should really stick it to them, give them something to truly hate you for. If that’s how they’re going to view you then balls to them, cram it down their necks. It actually ties in with a little idea I had, you know. We could make a lot of money, you and I. How much would it cost me, to get both you and Chris on camera together? If not in a shoot set up, maybe a leaked tape I could then go on to officially release? Mia, this could launch your career into the stratosphere and be worth millions!”  
Had she heard him correctly? Had she honestly just heard Jim Caney, the man she thought was her friend, ask how much exposing the most intimate part of her relationship was worth? She needed a friend to unload to about the negativity she was facing from her relationship, and all he wanted to do was exploit it for profit. She was heartbroken.  
“I thought you were my friend,” she blurted out in shock, tears filling her eyes.
“It’s because I’m your friend that I’ve offered this! This is such a golden opportunity!” he enthused, Mia shaking her head as she walked backwards towards the door, throwing her drink into the trash.
“No friend would ever, ever ask that. You’re an awful person, and I thought you cared.” She ran back inside as fast as her seven-inch platform shoes would take her, racing into the dressing room, feeling like a naïve, idiotic fool.  
He didn’t give a damn about her, the hurtful realisation hit her square in the chest as she threw herself back into her clothes, stuffing her belongings into her hold all and running from the set to her car, driving herself away from Caney Productions in an absolute flood of tears as quickly as she could.  
All the way back to Malibu, she cried until her eyes were red and her makeup smudged, wanting nothing more than to throw herself into Chris’s arms. She couldn’t, though, obviously. Cedric was at work as well, Amber was back in Los Angeles, but there was one person who she knew she could count on to be there for her. By luck, she was actually home after she’d called ahead to check and told her what had happened.  
“Oh darling, come here.” Taylor said, opening her door to her best friend’s girlfriend, pulling the poor waif into the hug she needed and letting her cry on her shoulder. She knew she wasn’t going to be as much of a good comfort to her as Chris would have been, but damnit, she’d give it her best shot.
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Us Against the World - Chapter Twelve.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @chickensarentcheap​​  (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven
“So, you finally went public with Chris, then, I see! You guys, you’re so adorable together, I’m really thrilled you met a nice guy. Added bonus too, this’ll really put your name out there, you know! Think of all the publicity it’ll bring to you,” Amber commented as she and Mia decamped at their suite in New York, sharing so they could spend some quality time together.  
“I don’t want to use my relationship with him for publicity at all,” she replied vehemently, sighing. “Even still, most of it has been negative anyway. The abuse I’ve gotten from his female fans in particular, Christ they’ve been vicious.”
“Oh no, darling. I know you’re not that kind of girl. I was just saying, is all, it’s a nice bonus on top of falling in love. As for the fans, well it’s good you’ve developed a really thick skin to deal with it, isn’t it?” Amber didn’t want Mia to think that’s all she saw, Chris as an opportunity for her. Everyone needed a life away from the camera and she was pleased her friend seemed to be carving out a nice one for herself.  
“Yes, I’m well equipped to deal with the hate I’ve been receiving. I just wish I didn’t have to be though. It’s too much to ask though, for us porn girls not to be viewed with a certain degree of distain,” she sighed, Amber pouring out a couple of glasses of wine from the mini bar.  
“Ahhh, forget about them, sugar. They’re just envious that you get to screw him and they don’t,” she told her, passing Mia a glass of wine.
“And likely do a better job of it too,” she replied.
“Cheers to that, girl!” With a chink of glasses, the two women laughed, sipping their wine while going to look out at their view. After they’d unpacked, they hit the best shopping districts in New York to part with some serious cash, Mia buying mostly clothes and a few little pieces for her house, some gifts for Chris as well, while Amber stuck with her love of lingerie, adorable outfits for her daughter and shoes.  
Since it was her turn, Amber took Mia for dinner at their favourite Manhattan restaurant, Cipriani’s for dinner before getting an early night since they had to be up early to prepare for the convention. Mia had hired a makeup artist and hair stylist, both of whom arrived at their hotel room at 6am, ready to make the ladies look suitably smouldering.  
‘Fucking hell, my dick my just hit my damn belly button!’ Chris messaged her with after she’d sent a picture of her, fully glam and topless, her hair only partially covering her boobs as she lay back on the bed.
‘Can’t wait to see that happen in the flesh, baby’ she replied with a wink and kissy face emoji, putting down her cell and heading to the bathroom, carefully clipping up her freshly curled hair to smother herself in baby powder and wiggle into her latex halter dress.  
Once in, she added her thigh high latex boots too before Amber came in with an oiled cloth to make her outfit shiny, Mia then concealing herself in her long, black trench coat for the sake of the other guests before she and Amber left to head out to their waiting car.  
The day was full of the usual, posing for many pictures from press to fans, both solo and with her co-stars from the most recently released of her movies. She autographed pictures until her hand cramped, her director and producer friend Jim Caney giving her a hand massage while she took a quick break and visited his booth for a hug and a chat.  
All the way through the day, she noted that whenever any of her female fans mentioned her relationship with Chris, they were nothing but nice, complimenting her choice in him, her male fans also stating that he was a lucky guy, landing her. Her world, it seemed, for all it was causing friction for her was certainly more welcoming of him than his world was to her, she couldn’t help but realise.  
It was even more glaring when, after she’d uploaded some pictures to her grid and stories on her work Instagram, most of the immediate comments were negative. Of course, people followed her on there, since after the barrage of abuse she’d received on her personal account, she’d blocked the influx of new followers and made it private. She could actually post pictures and videos of her and Chris without scrutiny then.  
Turning her phone off, she went about enjoying the rest of her day, heading to do a live radio show straight after before she and Amber returned to the hotel, exhausted, showering and getting into their pyjamas before ordering room service and watching movies.  
She had a lovely three days alternating between work and being social with Amber, going to the nicest restaurants and bars, checking out the galleries and enjoying jogging through Central Park each morning, but she couldn’t deny how much she was looking forward to Chris’s arrival.  
‘Babe, I’m hooking up with a few NY friends for a couple of beers after I land, but I’ll be with you at about 8pm. Love you’ Came his message the afternoon his flight was due in. Mia didn’t believe in having monopoly on a partner, so was happy to wait a few more hours. Besides, he didn’t go out for drinks all that often and usually stopped at two beers with his diet being as regimental as it was, so she wanted him to have fun.  
When 8pm came and went with a distinct lack of arrival, she assumed he likely just couldn’t get a cab from wherever he was and didn’t think much more of it, finishing getting ready slowly. By 8:30pm, she tried calling, his cell just ringing out. She tried again at 9pm, then in half an hour increments until 10:30pm, by that point starting to worry a little. At 10:47pm, there was a thump at the door.  
“Monkey!” Chris shouted with delight, leaning against the frame and almost missing and falling over.
“Oh lord,” she whispered, shaking her head. “You’re shitfaced.” She then added to her steaming drunk boyfriend, watching as he grinned.  
“And I’m really late, but it’s okay! We’ll still go out. I just need fifteen minutes!” He swayed so hard when he bent to kiss her, she panicked for a minute, thinking he was about to crash down and take her with him, but found his balance and continued into the room, Mia dragging in his case before closing the door. At least he hadn’t lost it.  
“We can’t go out, look at the state of you!” she cried, gesturing to him with her hand, Chris still smiling his dopey, ‘I’m absolutely hammered’ smile at her.  
“Get me my...wshhhhhhbg,” he slurred, hiccupping and pointing at his suitcase.  
“Your washbag?” she asked, trying to stifle her laughter. She was mad at him for arriving nearly three hours late and ruining their first night out in New York together, but she couldn’t help it. She’d seen him drunk before, but not like this. Not absolutely wasted. She was surprised he’d managed to find his way to the hotel unassisted.  
“Yes! I need a shower, wash my teeth and brush my face. Yeah,” he told her, hiccupping again. She found the washbag and handed it to him, Chris winking at her as he straightened up and wobbled. “I’m gonna bang you like a porch door in a storm too, just to see.” He then assured her before heading through to the bathroom, while she shook her head. Twenty seconds later and she heard a thud.  
“You’ll be banging nothing tonight, my big, drunken beast.” she sighed, entering the bedroom to find him passed out on top of the bed. She managed to just about get him out of his clothes before throwing the covers over him, deciding to order room service and put her sweats on before settling in with a movie while he slept it off. She was pissed off with him for a bit but then got over it, reasoning that these things happen and he was only human.
She called it a night at 1am, awoken just before 4am by the feeling of being turned over onto her back, Chris kissing her shoulder.  
“I’m so fucking sorry, baby. Let me make it up to you, though. I’m still a bit drunk, but at the level where I can be of use to you, rather than you having to put me to bed. I assume you did, because I can’t even remember getting back here,” he told her, mouth moving to her neck. He smelled all fresh and minty rather than of a beer barrel, Mia figuring he must’ve gotten up to wash and clean his teeth. It was a gesture she appreciated.  
“Yes, I did. It was like trying to undress a drunken lion. You growled at me and went deadweight. As for making it up for me, well you damned well better!” she told him after refreshing her mouth with the bottle of water she’d brought to bed with her. As soon as she’d returned the bottle to the nightstand, he was on her.  
Immediately her insides rippled with excitement, her thighs parting to allow room for him between them as he moaned into their kiss, his dick already swollen, making her cunt twitch when he pressed it against her.  
Lying there beneath him, Mia was entranced by his touch as he stroked her sides, his hands gliding down to pay the same attention to her legs as his mouth left hers and he began to scatter kisses and licks across her chest. His touch gave her chills all over, goose pimples rising up across her skin as he attended to it with his hands and mouth.
She panted in anticipation as that skilled mouth kissed its way lower, his tongue circling her navel as his long fingers stroked swirly patterns across her breasts, her nipples hardening against them. As his mouth kissed her neatly groomed public mound (she was one of very few porn actresses who actually left a little hair behind when having a wax) she shuddered keenly, inhaling sharply when the tip of his tongue licked at her slit.  
A long, soft gasp left her mouth and her hips quivered a little at feeling that lick deepen, moving in a slow roll across her clit, the caress gentle but very precise, moving down to her opening and pushing within her to circle around before he slid it back up in a long, slow, flat lick that he repeated over and over, her body arching off the bed in appreciation of such a thorough touch.
He had her beside herself with pleasure, eating her eagerly as he looked up and watched her body writhing against his mouth. Lick, suck, circle, flick, blow and suck again. Those were the actions he repeated, her body shivering with arousal as she wailed, her nails digging into his shoulders.
“I might have mentioned this before, but oh my god, you’re so damn good, ahhhh!” she cried out, panting hard as he sucked as much of her as he physically could, tongue darting between her labia and up to her clit as he did.
“Once or twice, babe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my tongue is very happy right now, getting to lick at such a sweet, pretty little pussy.” He replied, his voice deep and raspy with arousal before he occupied himself with sucking on her again. He could have stayed down there for the rest of the night; jaw lock be damned.
If there was one thing he truly loved, it was having a mouthful of a woman’s most intimate area, the act turning him on just as much it did the woman he was pleasuring. With Mia, it was tenfold what he usually felt. She was just so overpoweringly sexy to him. The feel, smell and taste of her was incredible, blinding his senses with unfiltered lust, her moans and exclamations of bliss the most beautiful things he’d ever heard from a woman he had his face between the legs of.
Opening her up a little more with his fingers he then began to beat his tongue back and forth across her clit, the pace escalating the more often she moaned, her hands tugging at his hair as her legs writhed against his face.
“Come on, gorgeous. Cum all my tongue, yeah.” He encouraged her with, Mia screaming at the top of her voice as she did just that, hips juddering against his mouth as one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever felt shot through her whole body, leaving her a trembling wreck on the bed.
“Fuck, you’ve ruined me,” she panted, looking down to see Chris grinning at her as he kissed and licked her hip bone.
“Not yet I haven’t.” He replied, laughing to himself before moving his mouth back between her legs again. He kept each touch of his tongue light and gentle, letting her oversensitivity pass before licking at her more thoroughly once more, pushing his fingers into her pussy and groaning at how wet she was, her inner muscles tensing around them as he stroked at her g spot.
She lay back and closed her eyes, sighing as the hum of sexual gratification began to flow through her again, his lips sliding down her clit as he sucked on it, the vibrations from his moans only adding to the incredible pleasure he was already giving her.
Again, he judged by the way she reacted to his touch, using more pressure with his fingers and licking at her hard little clit faster the more her breathing and moaning escalated, knowing she was getting close again already.
With his free hand he worked his dick until it was hard, so that this time when she came it would be around him. Her legs tensed as she cried out repeatedly, Chris sitting up quickly and pushing himself within her, rubbing at her clit with his thumb as her inner muscles locked around him.
She cried out keenly as he fucked her to her undoing, tingles glittering her spine, not stopping for a moment as he pushed her legs open wider, pressing her thighs down against the bed as he plunged into her quivering heat.
“You look so fucking sexy when you cum.” He told her, leaning down to kiss her hungrily. The only reply she could give to that was to moan in rapture at the feeling of his perfect cock back inside of her again, stroking his chest as her tongue swirled with his.  
He then sat back up, beginning to thrust into her rapaciously, hands gripping her waist as he stared down at her. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and, in that moment, it hit him fully, just how much he loved her. Smiling, he leaned down and was tender with her again, kissing her as he stroked her face, before the primal urge to give her a sexual decimating overtook once more.  
The sounds of their sex filled the room, as lewd as they were loud, Mia trailing her fingernails down his arms and moaning loudly as she demanded to be fucked harder, Chris gratifying her by pounding her insides ferociously, losing himself to the amazingly hot sex they shared.  
He didn’t let himself succumb to the desire to just mindlessly batter her with his cock though, not wanting this to be over quickly, so slowed down a little, made each thrust more concentrated, circling his hips as he entered and retreated from her.
By this point Mia was so turned on she almost couldn’t handle it, the feeling of his heavy breaths tickling against her neck as he leaned down to kiss it, his moans right in her ear as he gave to her what only could be described as magical sex.
Sitting up again he pulled her up with him, stroking her back as she rested her knees down either side of him, bouncing on his cock slowly and rolling her hips against him in an enchanting motion as their bodies slid against each other, the feeling of her hard nipples skimming against his chest making his flesh break out in goose pimples.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” she groaned, continuing to work herself up and down on his dick as he pushed her back a little and started kissing her chest and breasts, sucking her nipples as a deep, gravelly groan rattled out from his throat, moving beneath her faster. “And when you cum, I want you to lay me back on the bed again, take that big cock out and shoot it all over me.” She then purred.
Chris couldn’t have been hotter in that moment if someone had poured kerosene over him and then added a lit match, hearing those words. ‘Fucking devil woman’ he thought, kissing her fiercely as he groaned into her mouth, his heart hammering against his ribcage as he revelled in the feel of her sinking down on him harder and faster, her pussy glazing him in a thick covering of her wetness.
“What are you trying to do to me, you bad girl?” he asked, groaning against the side of her neck as he licked and nipped at her soft skin.
“Make you throw me down, fuck me like a jackhammer and then cum really, really hard and cover me in it.” She told him seductively, turning her head to look at him in a way so smouldering he shuddered against her, Mia moaning softly as she kissed him, tongue pushing against his as she ran her fingers through his hair.
She found herself flat on her back approximately three seconds after that, smirking wickedly at him as he began to plough her into the bed, knowing that her teasing had worked its magic in getting him really, really hot for her.
“Yeah, come on. Fuck me.” She moaned, grabbing her ankles and pulling them down either side of her head as Chris pounded the living hell out of her cunt, lewd noises filling the air as well as Mia shrieking in abandon, each mercilessly hard thrust causing little shockwaves of pleasure to spark through her, her orgasm igniting them all as she threw her head back and cried out, her inner muscles in spasm around him before he pulled out and just as she wanted, came all over her.
He shot cum onto her stomach, hip and pubic mound, his mouth agape as he groaned deeply and once again wondered if an orgasm that fiery could do a person damage.
“You...sexual...demon,” he panted, collapsing down next to her, Mia laughing
“I can be much worse,” she told him, tickling her fingernails up his spine.
“I know, give me ten minutes and you can show me all over again.” She did, too.
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Four.
A huge thank you to all of you who are liking, commenting and reblogging this. Your support truly means the absolute world to me! 
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,343
Warnings - Bit of violence
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @longlostinanotherworld​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @malloryknoxx​
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three
“Where is the Russian? We know you travelled here with her.”
“Sorry, boys. You can point as many guns at me as you like, but she went her own way. You won’t find her now.”
“Oh yeah? How are you so sure?”
“Because not one of you will leave this room outside of a body bag. Funny, isn’t it? With there being three of you and only one of me, yet not one of you seemingly had the brains to check if I was armed or not before you pulled guns on me. Nor did you bank on how fast I can draw.”
Ripping the two guns he had concealed from the back of his pants, Tyler shot the first two men while kicking the third in the stomach, the man flying backwards, a bullet entering his skull two seconds later.  
He had travelled up to Caracas with the intent on heading North back to the USA, except for the last few days, he hadn’t done so quite as freely as he had in the days following his arrival within Venezuela. Whoever was after Liliya was now after him, too. Even the scantest association with the Russian mercenary could put a person under the watch of the people she was attempting to flee from.  
Whatever it was she had procured, it had to be massive in order for her to be attracting this much heat. With him now seemingly in the firing line too and none the wiser over why, he knew what he had to do. He needed to locate her. He didn’t mind being in such a position because of his own endeavours, but to have a target upon him because of something someone he barely knew had done? No. He wasn’t having any that.  
Leaving the bodies behind, Tyler made a quick getaway back out onto the streets, vanishing into the crowd. ‘We know you travelled here with her.’ One could take that to mean Venezuela, but Tyler took that to mean the more specific location of Caracas itself, the man he’d just killed trying to extract information with a bluff in order for him to reveal her exact location within the city that they thought he knew. He didn’t, but he’d find it.  
Meanwhile, just three miles south of Tyler’s location, Liliya sat eating chicken and pork arepas, looking down at the small shard of fossil in her hand, the very last of its kind.  
“You are causing me untold shit, you small, shiny blue stone.” She spoke, securely tucking it back into the pocket of her bra where the padding would have gone, had she not removed it. She often changed its location about her person, even once carrying it vaginally in a small Ziplock bag so she could be sure nobody could swipe it.  
The stone she carried, a naturally occurring mineral found in only one location in the entire world, had been used in the development of completely renewable energy, ready to change the way fuels were used forever. With the stone placed at the heart of the mechanics of a combustion engine, cars and machinery could run infinitely, without charging, the renewable properties of the mineral making this possible.  
This, one would think, would be good news for the entire planet, to prevent the Co2 emissions strangling the ozone and choking the earth to a point where the damage could no longer be reversed. It wasn’t good news for the fuel companies, or rather, the only one who knew of its existence, though. NBS Global Fuels had gone to extreme measures to make sure that nobody could further mine for ozenium, the name given to the mineral.
Ozenium had been discovered while mining for coal, so to prevent its further extraction, Global had instead started a fire within the mine, one that of course couldn’t be extinguished. The coal would burn for decades and mean no one could ever return to mine it further, meaning their oil fields and coal mines were safe and would still continue to be pillaged, billions of dollars would continue to be garnered and the fossil fuel industry would remain king.  
What Liliya had in her bra was worth a staggering amount of money. She’d procured it for the scientist, a former employee of NBS Global Fuels who had developed the research after it was first extracted from the mine. As soon as it was deterred exactly how ozenium could be used, which would reap a significantly lower monetary overturn per year than the fossil fuel industry since it could be cheaply synthesised within a laboratory, all scientists who worked upon the project went missing. All except for Dr Ernesto Cazares.  
He’d fled to London, taking the tiniest little shard of ozenium he’d managed to escape with and showing his findings to a private investor, who had agreed to bankroll the entire project. It was this investor who had put up the money for Ernesto to hire Liliya, her fee 1.5 million GBP to bring back the bigger piece needed to begin the synthesisation process. The weight upon her shoulders was one of great magnitude.
After learning more about the mineral she was being sent to procure, the last sample locked away in the NBS Global Fuels laboratories in Colombia, she wished she’d asked for more money. Those who were paying her could certainly afford it. Hell, depending on how dicey things became for her while attempting to navigate her journey back to London safely, she could always barter for more. After all, she had the upper hand. She had what they wanted.  
Finishing her food, she washed it down with a few mouthfuls of Sprite, throwing her empty containers in the nearby trash bin before moving through the busy streets once more, searching for what she needed most right now, a new burner phone.  
She’d dumped the cell she had in Colombia just before leaping onto the train, figuring it to be good sense to make it easier for her not to be found. Global, it seemed, were nothing if not persistent in her chase after her, though.  
Knowing of course the airports would be the first places being monitored for her presence, she needed a port in this storm, somewhere to escape to where she’d be able to find safe passage out of South America. Luckily, she had that very person on hand, although the journey to him would likely be treacherous, should she attempt crossing over to Brazil via land.  
That person was Goran Chernyshevsky, her former superior in Spetsnaz GRU, who had retired to Brazil, living out his boyhood dream of a country he’d fallen in love with despite not visiting until well into his thirties. He and his Brazilian wife, Maria, lived out in the middle of nowhere, farming cannabis, meaning their home was so off the grid and well-guarded, Liliya would be able to lie low for as long as it took for her to plan her next move.  
Goran had been like a father to her, so she knew she could trust him implicitly. He would likely also be able to offer solutions on how she could vanish without a tail. If they’d tracked her to Venezuela, they’d track her wherever she went, should she not be able to put enough air or ocean between them which would prevent that.
She wagered that every black-market mercenary or less legally minded bounty hunter throughout South America had been given her picture, a hefty price tag likely to be upon her head, meaning it didn’t matter where she went, she’d be found. Luckily for her, Goran came through.  
“A friend of mine is leaving for the coast in four days. If you can lay low until then, I can guarantee you a spot on his trawler. He’ll dock in Salvador next Wednesday; I’ll organise transport to be waiting at the docks for you,” he told her, happy to hear her voice. He worried, sometimes, when she didn’t check in with him every few weeks, wherever she was in the world.  
He knew she was a force to be reckoned with, hell, he’d been one of the people to turn her into the equivalent of a human weapon, one of the best soldiers the Spetsnaz GRU had ever seen, but still, she was a good friend working in a lethal profession. Even though he viewed her as the most lethal mercenary in the world, he still worried. She was like a daughter to him.
“Thank you, my friend. I’ll keep this cell on me until I arrive. Let me know what vehicle I’m looking for. All my love to Maria.” Hanging up, she felt relieved to have a way out, even though it did nibble at her pride a little, to have someone else offer it. Sometimes, that’s the way it was, though, Resources had to be used in order to stay alive and see her job through to the significant cash prize.    
She knew it was a fault of hers, letting her pride get in the way of the best decision to make at times. Much like anyone else, she had issues admitting her faults as well. Liliya detested being wrong. Knowing she needed to find somewhere well off the grid to hide out, she went back to her failsafe of looking up the nearest hostel, finding one a half hour walk from her present location.  
Being one hundred percent alert at all times could sometimes be draining, even though the Russian military had hardened her to surviving on a lack of sleep, teaching her techniques to be able to withstand waking periods of forty-eight hours or more. It didn’t mean that after doing such for more than a few days in a row with only twenty-minute cat naps here and there to sustain her, she wasn’t absolutely exhausted.  
Arriving at the hostel, she was given the rarity of her own room, a tiny little space little bigger than a jail cell with a bunk bed and a side table, Liliya jumping onto the top bunk and trying to get comfortable enough to nap for a little while. She knew she hadn’t been followed, so was safe there for the moment, at least. However, she was not comfortable, something prickling her side.  
“Still, you linger, big man.” Rubbing her thumb over the bite mark on her hip, she remembered Tyler, a memory she was in no rush to forget. He was the kind of magmatic sex she’d seldom enjoyed with anyone else, after all. Turning over, she closed her eyes and remembered her last encounter with him, falling into a dreamy, bliss filled sleep as she replayed the memories of the big Australian who had delighted her cunt so very efficiently.  
“Yeah, we got word about this girl. She has five million on her head, everyone I know in our word is after her, ese. We haven’t received anything regarding you, though. That’s not to say others haven’t, however.” After calling in some favours from his South American contacts, Tyler had managed to meet with two bounty hunters who had wind of the mark on Liliya, but much like he, had no idea where she was.  
She was, as he would be too, in the wind. Not stopping in one place for too long, likely using a false identity as well. She’d be hard to track, but he would. He’d track her down.  
“I appreciate your time, guys.” Shaking hands with the bounty hunters, he picked up the shot of tequila they’d poured out for him from their bottle, sinking it and taking up his beer to go and be alone with his thoughts on the deserted rear terrace of the bar.  
He hadn’t had anyone tail or come after him in a few days now, whoever it was keeping eyes on him obviously realising he wasn’t connected to Liliya or her location, so felt more comfortable relaxing as he chased up leads over where she actually was.  
Although the heat seemed to have died down for that minute, it didn’t mean it’d always be like that. A target from Colombia would still very well be upon his head, hence why he had to find her in order to know why. Being just one of many who was currently trying to track her, though, it did make matters complicated.  
People didn’t want to give away too much, although the word of the bounty hunters was vouched for by a rocks solid contact whom wasn’t in the habit of working with those who lied for profit. It still brought him no closer to the blonde haired, blue eyed Russian, though. Unfortunately, as he was about to learn, rock solid could sometimes be smashed to rubble with enough incentive, especially monetary.  
He felt the mood change around him as he drained his beer, looking back into the bar to see one of the guys on his cell, looking out at him where he sat in the hot sun. His eyes darted off the side of the terrace, taking four seconds to figure out his escape route. It took another three for him to throw his rucksack over the balcony and dive over himself into the large dumpster below as soon as he saw the men make a move toward him.  
Jumping out of the trash filled receptacle that had broken his wall well, Tyler knew they were on his tail as he made a run for it through the narrow backstreets, bullets hitting the sandstone walls as they opened fire on him. He cursed his lack of Spanish beyond a rudimentary understanding as they chased him through the streets, knowing it would have been to his benefit to understand the words they spoke to a third party on a cell phone.  
Unfortunately for Tyler, said third party revealed themselves around the next bend, punching him in the face while two others threw a sack over his head and speedily bundled him into the back of a truck.  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Three.
A big thank you to everyone who is reading, especially those leaving plentiful thoughts in the comments. You are my JOY! While writing is going strongly, I should comfortably be able to offer updates 2-3 times a week. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,954
Warnings - 18+ content entirely, smut and swearing
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @longlostinanotherworld​  @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @malloryknoxx​
Previous chapters - One  Two
For the first half an hour of the journey, they shared nothing but silence, Liliya then getting up and positioning a torch between the hay bales, pointing its illumination down towards where she sat, taking a sewing kit from her rucksack and using the petrol lighter that Tyler recognised to belong to one of her victims to burn the germs from a needle.  
She then shimmied out of the shoulder of her vest top, letting the strap on her bright green bra fall too before pulling off the tape to reveal the stab wound he’d inflicted. She threaded the needle, reached back into her bag to pull out a bottle of tequila, undoing the top and glugging back a few mouthfuls before piercing her skin with the needle, beginning to sew herself back up.
She barely flinched. ‘God, the woman’s harder than a fucking coffin nail’ he thought to himself, swigging from his scotch as he witnessed her expertly stitching her wound.  
“Do you need any help?” he offered, Liliya’s eyes snapping up dangerously.
“You’ve done enough.” Her statement was cold, but the grin thereafter took the frost off her words. “You put up a very good fight, big man.”
“Tyler. My name’s Tyler,” he informed her, watching her look thoughtful.
“Tyler, Tyler, he missed out on a buck. He drinks like a fish and he knows how to fuck,” she sang, making him snort with laughter.  
“Yeah, thanks for rubbing that in, that I’m leaving Colombia short of a few zeros in my bank account.” He was just lucky that he had a comfortable enough wedge behind him at that time, the jobs he’d completed in North American and Ecuador respectively earning him enough to be financially sound for a few months.  
“You will recoup, I’ve no doubt you’re decent at what you do. You’ve just never met a challenge like me before,” she teased, trying to bait him. He saw it a mile off, though.
“Nah, you’re right there. Well, partially. You’re pretty easy where getting between your legs is concerned. That wasn’t much of a challenge.” He winced slightly, waiting for the hostility.  
She grunted in reply, whispering something in Russian. “Like I really had to talk you into that massive erection you enjoyed skewering me with like I was human shish!” Again, her humour made him laugh quietly, the way her usually quite flat and deadpan voice sparkled with the comedy her words conveyed.  
She had more personality than most mercenaries he’d met, himself included. He had one, somewhere deep down under the fact he was a pill popping, depressive, high functioning alcoholic. He realised right then that it was her personality that had, in little slivers of moments shared, begun to pull it out of all which had buried it. He didn’t meet many people who could do that.  
Still, she was a perfect stranger to him, regardless of the fact that as of just over four hours ago he’d been drilling himself into her like he was attempting to strike oil. Once the initial little flourish of conversation had died down, they went back to being quiet, Liliya all stitched up with a fresh dressing, sitting eating a sandwich she’d pulled from her rucksack while Tyler relaxed silently, sedated from his pain.  
He didn’t feel the need to strike up further conversation with her, no matter that the little he knew of her, he quite liked. She had something that drew him to her, sexual attraction aside, but he didn’t feel compelled to pursue it. They were just two mercenaries, sharing a train carriage while escaping a country where they both had a mark upon them.  
They remained silent, both swigging from their respective bottles, Liliya standing up to stretch and close the sliding door of the carriage a little, suddenly stopping.
“Come here, quickly! Meteor shower!” she exclaimed, making a motion with her hand that he should join her standing there, witnessing the beautiful celestial display. He hauled himself up, walking over to her and viewing the site, marvelling at how beautiful it was, continuing to swig from his scotch bottle. “I’ve never seen one before. Northern Lights, yes, but not this. Wow, it’s so beautiful.”  
“Where I live, we get amazing aurora australis. I live right out away from the city, so it looks amazing. Whenever I want to feel grounded, I always look at the sky,” he told her, watching the hail of meteors glitter the inky purple sky, the rumblings of a storm a few miles away becoming audible.  
“The moon is my anchor. Wherever I am, she is always shining down on me. I know that sounds like hippie bullshit, but I don’t give a fuck. In the life we live, we have little to ground us, a distinct lack of anything constant. The moon, she is always with me.” He liked that very much, her affinity with the large, silvery disc that shone out through the night sky.  
They shared silence for a while, Tyler turning when he could feel the weight of her stare upon him, rather than the sight illuminating the sky. “What?”
“You are a truly beautiful man, you know that?” she told him candidly, giving him that look, that smouldering expression that had rendered him as thoughtless as he was powerless to her charms in the first place.  
“I’m told I’m not bad,” he shrugged modestly, exhaling a few bursts of laughter through his nose at the look on her face in response to that.  
“You know you’re fucking gorgeous.” She winked, continuing to eye him hungrily before turning back to watch the last of the meteor shower. “Wanna fuck?” she then questioned after a few further silent minutes.
“Absolutely,” Securing their bottles, they moved back to the hay bales, Tyler pulling her vest over her head and unhooking her bra, his body covering hers as he began to knead her tits, mouth lowering to hers and kissing her wantonly, but with less ferocious urgency this time. Still, the lackadaisical press of his mouth had exactly the same effect. Her insides clenched with furious want for him.
Sitting up, she ducked to lick his chest, her mouth finding his nipples and circling, biting down on them in turn and letting the dark flesh slide out from between her teeth, making cold heat spread through his chest. She cast off her boots and socks, her shorts and thong next, naked against him, kissing him madly and biting his tongue when she felt his fingertips stroke against her folds.
Lying back, she took him with her, her nails trailing his scalp as she succumbed to the erotic fog that misted her body, loving the feel of his weight crushing down against her. Her arms tightened around him, her nails trailing across the tattoo in the centre of his back, her hips gyrating against his as he bore down his hardness against her, tantalising her with tease.  
Slipping from her grasp, he kissed her once between her breasts, once atop her navel, his mouth lowering then to kiss her high, before his lips dragged her inner thigh. Lower and lower his hot, hungry mouth descended, planting kisses until it reached its destination, his lips pressing to her pubic mound before his tongue dipped within her slit, tasting her for the first time.  
Her head softly thudded against the hay bales beneath, her eyelids fluttering as she let out a long, breathy sigh of exclamation, gasping when after he spread her open with his fingers, his tongue began to gently beat against her clit, slowly, ever so agonisingly to start with, increasingly steadily in pace and pressure.  
He left her absolutely breathless, warm wells of pleasure blooming through her, her mouth agape as she let out the kind of soft little moans that made his cock hard to hear, out of her mind with ecstasy. Oh, the clueless lovers she’d endured in the past, men who hadn’t known what the hell to do with a clitoris even if they’d found it. Tyler was definitely not one of those men. He knew exactly what to do.
It felt like not enough and too much, her head thrown back, the vibrations from the train rattling faster down the tracks adding to her bliss, but nothing as much as when she felt him bathe her clit in the hot suction of his lips.
“Fuck!” she gritted, hands fisting in his hair, the tip of his tongue tracing tiny little circles over her bundle of nerves, the sudden lighter contact adding the kind of contrast that had her thighs tremoring. Suck, circle, suck, circle, he had her entranced by his mouth, tongue gliding through her folds, a grunt vibrating his throat when he tasted her slick.  
She watched him tongue fucking her, his pupils blown as he stared at her intently, fixated on watching her writhe against his mouth, his hand trailing down over the scorpion tattoo on her hip, fingertips stroking swirls, his thumb rubbing the small flower she had tattooed just above her pubic mound before his hand pressed down, the pressure adding to the pleasure he bestowed on her.  
Her head tipped back, a wail leaving her mouth as she felt him deliver long, firm, flat licks to her heat, each one given so slowly he had her shaking by the time the tip caught her clit. She was a mess of judders and muttered curses as he ate her hungrily and without pause, enticed out of his mind by her taste, how her cunt felt against his tongue. He’d forgotten just how much he missed it, having a woman on the receiving end of his mouth.  
Her pussy was ablaze, tingles spreading through her at his tongue never stopped, barely stilled, attacking her with hunger unmeasured, groaning at her taste, his hardness straining against his pants for release. He’d never craved another woman like her, and this, only the second ever time he’d been in such a situation with her.
She drove him out of his mind with unbridled, erotic lust, he wanted urgently to feel her clench around him with the hot flush of orgasm, his cock bobbing furiously, demanding its release into the wet heaven of her centre, but the words she spoke as he drove her to her undoing negated that entirely.
“Oh, I’m going to cum all over your tongue, fuck!” The prospect of the hot gush of her juices was just too much to pass up, Tyler growling with arousal as he somehow managed to kick off his boots and render himself naked, all while driving her to an ebullient release with his tongue lashing at her clit with the kind of firm strokes that drove her closer, and closer, nearly there, almost....
“Ahh fuck, Tyler!” she cried, breaking apart, her release the surge of sea crashing against his shore, her cunt flooding his tongue as he took a mouthful of her and sucked her release out of her, Liliya inflicting further damage with her nails across the back of his neck.  
He was overcome, mindless with erotic bliss as he emerged from between her legs and kissed her ravenously, Liliya tasting the potent mix of herself and scotch as their tongues danced on air, their mouths locking together in a passionate clinch as he thrust into her, groaning when she fluttered around him.  
“Oh god, you’re so fucking big.” She exclaimed, kissing him with hunger again as she locked her legs around his waist, panting against his mouth while staring up at him, their gazes so intense, the sexual connection between them hotter than anything emitted from any active volcano.  
She awakened within him how much he truly did love having sex, something that he’d not felt even the faintest flicker of desire for in two years, his entire body pulled, dragged willingly, lassoed by her. Sexual yearning now flooded him like a tsunami, surging and decimating as he thrust into her with long, even strokes.  
This time, he enjoyed a more contained pace to begin with, Liliya’s soft little moans indicating much the same, savouring the drag of his shaft along her molten, syrupy walls, bathing him, constricting around him, enveloping him in heavenly warmth.  
Lying there atop the prickly, yet soft hay, his weight bearing down on her, she enjoyed feeling every last inch of his cock entering and retreating from her unhurriedly, his thickness opening, stretching her, evoking tingles, making her shudder against his hard mass of muscles.  
“Fuck, you feel incredible.” He groaned, kissing her again, hands running in a seductive glide up her arms, gripping her wrists and pinning her arms above his head, centring his weight down through his pelvis and straight into her, making her pleasure pulse deeply. This kind of sex, it was the sort described by a talented storyteller, a narrator of fantasy, it was simply too perfect to be real, yet both found themselves lost in it, in utter carnal perfection.
Hands pawing, tongues entwining, their groans echoing out into the Colombian night as the train shunted along through the desolate landscape, Tyler let his hands travel down her sides to grip her waist, driving himself into her so deeply, she cried out as his mouth fell to her neck, teeth branding, tongue swirling, lips kissing it all away once more.  
“So damn wet.” He growled, his fingers slipping either side of his slippery cock before pushing into her mouth, Liliya biting them hard before sucking her dew from them, wiggling her tongue against his fingertips.  
“You can make me even wetter. Hold me down, choke me, pound me and then let me go only to hear me scream as I cum around that beautiful, huge cock. You know you want me like that, Tyler.” The way his name sounded when she spoke it, that sensual, heavy Russian accent, it made a rush of pleasure dagger right to his cock as he clenched her throat, arrowing her cunt deeply with sharp thrusts, the beast in him not just stirred, but charging wildly throughout his entire being.  
Feeling the compression at her throat, her body rippled in delighted response against his, her nails digging into his chest and tearing down, leaving him bleeding, his growl predatory as he grabbed both of her slender wrists and wrenched her arms back above her head, pinning her there.  
“Mmmmm, punish me with your fuck.” She demanded, licking her cupids bow as her hips powered up against each of his thrusts. How was this woman even real? She was everything he wanted yet didn’t know he needed until he’d met her, this hardened mercenary, this woman of spectacular sexual talent.  
It was that moment, potency coming to a head that commanded the fire between them begin to burn without control. She keened and shuddered against him, capsizing, lost in the eye of his storm, his hand clutching so tight her air was cut off completely.  
Panic flooded her as she felt light headed and helpless, the veins in his huge, thick arms swelling, her release charging through her like millions of lights being switched on, his hand finally releasing and propelling her into another orgasm straight after the first as he violently fucked his climax into her.
His groan was almost helpless as he bit her lower lip, the sharp prick bringing her back, feeling him twitch violently within her walls as he gritted the word fuck over and over again, spilling himself within her, thick and hot.
They lay fluid and soft against one another once spent, relaxing, shaking, sweating, panting. This time, though, they remained together, still fused, Tyler looking down at her eyes in the torchlight as he fought for air, her pupils as inky and dilated as his own. She was literally everything he’d ever searched for in a woman, sexually speaking.
Sex had lacked any kind of significance to him since his divorce, he’d neither needed nor sought it since. What he’d now enjoyed twice with the Russian beneath him still didn’t really rank significantly, or rather she wasn’t particularly significant, but that didn’t stop it from being the most cataclysmic connection he’d ever discovered with another person.  
“How? How are you even real, big man?” So, he wasn’t alone in his bewilderment. “You absolute sexual beast.” She continued, leaning up and kissing him, her nails stroking the sides of his neck. It was the first time he’d ever been called that, a likening he knew he wouldn’t be in any rush to stop hearing.  
They lay together until she’d ceased to flutter with post-orgasmic clenches around his cock, levering him off of her and picking up her tequila, going to stand in the doorway to the carriage and enjoy the cool air hitting her naked body, cooling her hot skin. “Well, that’s one way to pass the time.” she spoke, swigging from the bottle of Cazadores.  
“We have another three hours, too, until we cross the border, then four after that,” he replied, Liliya turning and arching an eyebrow at him.
“Then I suggest you rest now, while you still can.” He didn’t heed her suggestion, but to results she was more than agreeable to. They exhausted themselves throughout the early hours, Tyler snoozing off and on quite contently as the train rattled through Venezuela.  
Opening his eyes to see the sun fully risen in the sky, he looked around and saw he was alone, Liliya gone at some point while he slept. He didn’t really mind at all, not caring whether he saw her again or not. Still, something told him that he would, though.  
That particular Russian would be tough to shake off.
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Us Against the World - Chapter Nine.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​  (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight
“Hello, hello! You both look gorgeous!” Taylor greeted them with at the door, joined by a very happy Stanley when they arrived. Hugs for both the hostess and her adorable dog were exchanged, Mike popping up too, telling Mia how lovely she looked and making a joke at how tall she was in her heels, since thus far he’d only ever seen her diminutive in flats.  
Walking through into the kitchen, Mia was introduced to the friendship group assembled so far, Layne who she’d of course met the first time she met Chris and a few times since, his girlfriend Chloe, Jack, who she’d heard all about, Chris forewarning her that he was as sensitive as a swinging brick and often didn’t think before he spoke, his wife Nat and Russ and his girlfriend Camille.  
Everyone was polite enough, but she knew her reputation preceded her purely from how she noticed the way the women in the room looked her up and down, sizing her up, deciding for themselves how to judge her based on the fact that she did porn for a living. She was so used to it by now that if anything, she was surprised if it didn’t happen.  
“Oh my god, is that the new Chanel purse?” Camille exclaimed, stepping forward and pointing to Mia’s red velvet cross body bag. It seemed the only eyeing she was doing was of Mia’s must have fashion item, which made her feel instantly more comfortable
“Yeah, I ordered it last week and it arrived this morning. I’m somewhat of a collector, my vice is nice bags, oh and a good, cold Sauvignon. Thanks, honey,” she replied, in part to Taylor who had just passed her a glass of that very chilled wine.  
“I saw it too but god, I just couldn’t swing five grand!” she exclaimed, Mia nodding while Chris excused himself to go and talk to Mike.
“Yeah, even though I had the cash, it still took me a few beats at the pay now button before I bought it! It’s such an extravagance,” she replied humbly, sipping her wine.  
Between her extremely lucrative OnlyFans account and what she made doing movies elsewhere, Mia’s monthly income was plentiful, but she never let that go to her head. She might have been wealthy, but she was down to earth with it.
“How many pornos did you have to make to get that five grand, though, is what we all want to know!” Jack then commented, grinning at her in that smug way she’d seen too many times before not to see right through. She intimidated him, so therefore he was trying to embarrass her.  
“Jack, no one wants to know that!” Camille hissed at him, waving her hand dismissively and laughing uncomfortably, while he and his wife looked on smugly at Mia, expecting an answer. She was just about to deliver her reply when Taylor breezed back to usher her in the direction of where she’d laid out food.  
“Ignore him, he’s a wanker when he feels threatened by someone. He’s already made a few remarks to Chris prior to tonight as well. If he makes any more, I can see him getting reprimanded by a fist, too. You can only push my bestie so far,” she whispered, Mia liking the way she picked up on Chris’s slang, like wanker, which was of course much more native to Australia than it was America.
“Oh, I know his type entirely. His hand has probably had sex with me a few times and he doesn’t like that the rest of him never will. I know what jerkoff envy looks like, sweetie,” she replied, Taylor snorting and Camille agreeing that it was likely the case, before asking Mia more about her work.  
Because of hearing a few more snide comments from Jack over the course of the evening, she segregated herself with her and Russ for most of the night despite the arrival of more people, gravitating back to Chris too and enjoying herself greatly. It seemed though, as the drinks continued to flow and inhibitions became lessened, so did certain people’s tongues.  
“So, show me something impressive you can do, yoga wise since you’re an instructor,” Layne asked, who was always fascinated by other people’s fitness strengths.  
“Well, it’s half party trick, half yoga. Pour me a shot into one of those solo cups,” she requested, Camille grabbing a cup and Layne pouring out a measure of tequila.  
“Alright, give me some room.” She then requested, everyone spreading out to witness her tilt her head back, rest the cup on her forehead and then sink down to the ground, push her knees back to grip the cup and place it on the floor, crawl out from underneath herself, pick up the cup with just her teeth and sink the shot.  
She then bent back once more, pushed up into a handstand, took the tequila bottle with her feet and lowered them to pour a second shot, placed the bottle back, picked up the cup and then walked on her hands over to Chris, who took the cup and downed its contents to an impressed cheer from the room.  
“Can you teach me to do that too?” Layne requested, patting her back as he laughed, impressed at her level of control, Mia assuring him that she would.
It was after she’d popped outside when an eager Stanley had ambled over, looking hopeful with his tennis ball, that she heard the kind of conversation off the back of her party trick that despite what Taylor had told her, was impossible to ignore.  
“Well of course she can bend like that. I saw a video of her tied up in a back bend, getting pounded by one of those fucking machines, while she sucked off two guys at once. That isn’t from yoga, that’s from being a porn whore!” Jack laughed, just loud enough for her to hear.  
She could feel his eyes boring into the back of her head as she threw the ball for Stanley, waiting for the reaction he was attempting to goad from her, the other two guys he was with just chuckling but not making any remarks themselves.  
Staying outside a while longer, she was joined by Chris, indulging in some kisses before Camille stole her away, she and a couple of other girl's present going off in a little group to talk about all things girly. One of those topics happened to be underwear, a friend of Camille’s named Stacy lamenting that she couldn’t find the matching undies for her bra, Mia quick to show her she was wearing the very pair.  
“TJ Maxx, five bucks! Go soon, they have them in your size!” she enthused enthusiastically, pulling her underwear out a little over her leggings to show her.  
“Oh, that’s amazing! Thank you, Mia. I always love to wear a set, I hate not being matchy matchy!” she replied, Mia about to confirm she felt exactly the same, before a passing Jack just couldn’t help himself.  
“What’s amazing is that she’s wearing underwear at all, am I right?” he announced, the girls all looking uncomfortable and not knowing what to say. Mia had some words for him, though. She’d grown tired of being his target.  
“Why are you doing this?” she asked him with a sigh. She wouldn’t show him an ounce of anger, though. She sensed getting a rise out of her would delight him.  
“What? What am I doing to you? I’m not doing anything, you’re imagining it,” he stated, trying to make it look like it was all in her head. Of course, he would. It was typical of a douchebag to gaslight.  
The girls present moved away, sensing something building that was nothing to do with them and not particularly wanting to witness it, more so that Jack had no one to try and embarrass the nice girl they’d met that evening in front of than anything else. They sensed she was capable of holding her own, too. When sisterhood existed, it was solid.  
“Oh, you misunderstand. I don’t give a single care what you have to say about me. I’ve heard it all before. What I want to know is what you’re doing to Chris, the man who is meant to be your friend, by acting like a perpetual jerk towards his girlfriend. What’s he done to deserve that, Jack?” she asked him calmly, folding her arms.  
“Come on, Mia! I’m just having a laugh with you, what’s wrong with that, huh?” He tried to wiggle his way out with, not answering her question either. She was having none of it.
“If what you’ve said to me was such a joke, how come you haven’t made any of the remarks in front of Chris, hmm? Too chicken shit, that’s why. I mean, you really must be small, mustn’t you, to attempt to bring a woman who you find intimidating down like that, but not in front of the person she’s dating, who just so happens to be your friend too,” she put to him, Jack putting on a fake laugh. Yep, she’d caught him out and he didn’t like it.
“Intimidated? By you?” he began, his face curling into a grimace. “No dirty little cum slut intimidates me.” Any other words she might have added were not needed, since it was at that very moment Chirs suddenly appeared from behind her, grabbing Jack by the collar and dragging him through the open glass doors leading to the garden and out of view.  
Putting her drink down, she hurried out after them, looking around before seeing Chris emerge from behind a large hedge, flexing his hand, Jack following a few seconds later, holding a hand to his mouth, his lip split and mouth bleeding. Taylor was right, then. Chris could be pushed only so far before the pusher received a punch for it.  
“You didn’t have to do that,” she told him, reaching for his forearms and stroking them, Chris holding her head in his hands and kissing her hair. “I’ve heard it all before from a hundred different guys. I’m used to it.”
“Yes, I did. I don’t care how fucking used to it you are, or how many men have spoken to you like that, no one calls you what he just did on my watch. No fucking way,” he told her, holding her tight and eyeballing Jack as he walked past, daring him to say another word.  
“Dude, I’m sorry, I,” is as far as he got before Taylor, who had watched it unfold from a distance, herded him away.  
“Not tonight. You’ve done enough, Jack. Let him calm down and then if you’re really sorry for treating his girlfriend like garbage, you can apologise to them both at a later date. Right now, I think it’s best that you and Nat leave,” she spoke, walking him back inside.
“Fucking asshole,” Chris whispered, shaking his head, still angry. It was the only time Mia had seen her laid back, mild tempered boyfriend lose his cool. She didn’t like that she was the reason either, she hated that the situation had come to that and told him as much.  
“Babe, it isn’t your fault. I heard probably more of your conversation than you realise, since Stacy came and told me he was being rude and she was concerned. You tried to engage with him and then made him confront what’s likely the truth, from his reaction.  
“He’s intimidated by you, probably had one too many wanks over you to be comfortable with the idea of me dating you, or you being in the same space as him, because he’s embarrassed that his fantasy is standing right there in front of him. Either way, I don’t care. He can come to me sincere and apologise, to you as well, or fuck off,” he replied, Mia taking his hand and leading him back inside, pouring him a tequila shot which he down in one.  
“Keep ‘em coming,” he replied, his girl duly topping up the cup, Taylor appearing with two beers, one of which she passed to Chris.  
“Well, I just got chewed out by Nat at the door for apparently allowing that to happen,” she sighed, widening her eyes as she twisted opened her own beer bottle.  
“Oh, she can get the fuck out with that. It was her husband who couldn’t keep his giant yap shut. Absolute idiot!” Mia exclaimed, pouring herself out a shot. “Fuck it, I’m getting white girl drunk.”
“Me too.” Chris said, making everyone explode laughing and instantly dissipating any bad energies left behind by Jack and his wife. In the end, they had a fantastic night, just as they’d originally intended, both happily drunk and very, very horny by the time they arrived back at Chris’s at 2am.  
Their night was about to get even better.
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Summoned - A Thor/Reader One Shot Story.
A Saturday gift for my wonderful readers, Thor smut, as promised! 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @malloryknoxx​ @longlostinanotherworld​ @xxonoiroxx​ @youclickedthislink​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
As the village folk chatter, their hot breath expelling clouds through the darkness of the night, the lighting of the first pyre brings about the quiet solemnity required for such an occasion.  
The time has come for mere mortals to call out into the night, for their voices to be heard, their sacrifices and offerings noticed.
The time had come to call upon the gods.  
Outsiders seldom believed it ever happened, that the remote, northern village was blessed once yearly by a visit from those who rode through the halls of the afterlife, the living, breathing gods of the skies. Their painstakingly meticulous rituals had proven successful for hundreds of years, though. This cool summer’s eve was to be no different.  
The buffet of offerings, all of which shall placate, appease and satiate every whim and desire of the gods is laid out and ready, you amongst them. You are not among the virginal girls offered forth for their purity, but one of the shieldmaidens, given freely for her strength and nobility.  
You’re told he likes the strong women, he who evokes the thunder brings the lightning down with him. You’re told that whenever he descends, since not every deity visits each year, Thor always choses a shieldmaiden. How you will it to be you who satisfies the great, hulking god.  
Before stepping forth to battle, you were still considered too young to witness the calling of the gods, a ceremony only observed by those who have known bloodshed and battle. With your first raid under your belt, you willingly let yourself be offered forth this year.  
To be chosen would be an honour incomparable to anything else, no victor of battle, no other treacherous feat where triumph would prevail could measure up. Knowing this, you cling to the idea of it to be you Thor chooses as the elders of the village begin their sacred chanting, the muffled hum of drums growing louder, calling the gods down from the nine worlds of the Yggdrasil.  
The atmosphere becomes heavy, potent with the energy evoked from the chanting, mingling with the desire each person harbours to witness the gods, excited and anxious in equal measures as they all separately wonder who shall attend.  
Between the two largest pyres, a painted sorceress with long, white robes recites incantations into the air, naming the gods, imploring them to bless the people with their presence. All eyes fall on the space between the raging fires, an eerie mist beginning to form.  
From it fly two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, signalling the arrival of Odin, the Allfather himself ambling down to attend. Behind, he is followed by Freyja, Heimdall, Frigg and Tyr, the gods moving through the crowd to seek the offerings laid out as they are welcomed warmly, more appearing through the fog.  
There is a lull, everything seeming to go quiet, your eyes not leaving the swirling, mystical gateway as you will him to walk through. ‘Come to me, Thor. Bless me with your presence. Choose me to be the one you fill with your seed’ you think, over and over like a mantra.  
You wait with baited breath, your senses burning within you when suddenly, the rumble overhead booms through the sky, lightning forking the darkness a second later, your skin prickling with goosepimples in response. He is here. Out from the mist he emerges, black robes swathing him, hammer in hand, surveying all that is offered to him. When his eyes meet yours, he surveys no longer.
His stare makes you feel as if ice prickles your veins only for fire to melt it, your breath catching in your throat as your eyes never leave his. It’s as if your lust calls to him, no sounds uttered, but the will and longing of your body is palpably conveyed and thus felt by his as he moves directly towards you, as if an invisible rope pulls him into your orbit.  
Unblinkingly, you stare with lifted head, watching the mountainous god walk with purpose, his eyes flickering, mirroring the lightning that forks the sky with gentle flashes in his presence, until there he is, stopped in front of you.  
Leaning close, he smells your scent, his nose picking up on the delectable traces of your womanhood, keen to take him, perfuming the air. It was that which called to him the strongest.  
“You, shieldmaiden.” His voice, rumbling like the thunder which announced him, causes your nipples to harden immediately, Thor bending to wrap an arm around your thighs and lift you onto his arm with ease, walking away from the chanting and the celebration, the other gods finding their pleasures.
Before he takes you from the throng, he pauses, lifting a large horn of mead to his lips and swallowing the potent liquid in little more than a few gulps, wiping his golden beard on the back of his arm.
“Skål!” he roars to a deafening cheer, lifting another and repeating the action before casting the horn away and carrying you from the masses, out into the long grass that borders where the outdoor temple was constructed, ready to enjoy his choice.  
Placing you down before him, the noises from the celebrations distant but fires glowing bright enough for you both to be illuminated well for each other, he studies you for a few moments, his gaze approving.  
“I have watched you battle, witnessed you take men’s heads with the ease and relish fairer maidens would pluck delicate flowers from a summer meadow,” he tells you, hands deftly untying the knotted binding of your dress, the fabric pooling to froth around your ankles, revealing your bare splendour to his gaze.  
“I have no use for flowers,” you quip, Thor raising an eyebrow, a smirk tilting his lips.  
“Hence why I chose you.” No further words are spoken then, your hands reaching for his inky robes, pulling them from the hulking physique they shroud. What lies beneath is truly godly, carved and hard, shadowed and illuminated deliciously from the glow of the nearby fires.  
His mouth covers yours in a kiss you did not expect, his tongue hungry, filling your mouth and tasting of mead, forceful but not without finesse. You kiss him back with longing matched, pausing only to bounce from the ground and into his arms, your sex pressing into the rigidity of his abs, your legs locking around his waist as he takes you down to the long, dewy grass with him.  
Atop you is all consuming virility, more than manliness, a being with all the power of your world and his at his fingertips, harnessed within and about to unleash upon your strong and nubile body. You have never felt thrill like it, not even in the trance of battle.  
Your body is opened to him, like a flower revealing itself to the kiss of sunrise, base instinct flooding you as your back arches from the ground against his hardness, his chest like rock, his cock, rigid and proud at your thigh, silky fluid wetting your flesh.  
He is ready to claim you entirely already, but yet he does not. For Thor, it would seem he wishes to savour the delight of the warm human beneath him before claiming you, his delectable offering.  
Your body absorbs the heat of him, his scent flooding your senses, that earthy smell right before a storm when the air is heavy and thick, yet coming from him it carries more potency. This is what the god of thunder smells like and you know already, you shall never be able to quench yourself enough. You will forever thirst for his scent.  
The warmth of his mouth encircles each nipple in turn, sucking strongly as he slots himself deeper between your thighs, their air knocked from both your lungs and his when his cock slides over your slick folds.  
He enjoys tantalising your slit with his many thick inches, before the call of your cunt is too strong for him to ignore. He intends to feast upon it, to suck your slick from you, to feed upon your dew and drink of you as heartily as he did the two horns of mead he devoured prior to bringing you to the grass.  
When his mouth levels with your sex, your neat curls glinting in the amber firelight, this is exactly what he does, bathing you in the sublimity of a long lick of thirst, your hips shooting up from the carpet of grass beneath, Thor steadying you with his big hands.  
His azure blue eyes glitter at you as he watches the way you writhe against his mouth, little sobs pooling in your throat as once again, he takes another sweeping lick, summoning forth a sudden gush of wet to exit your spasming warmth, flowing onto his tongue, nourishing him as he seeks to devour you entirely.  
Your hands fist through his blonde locks, his braids entwining your fingers as you shudder, your hips purling against his mouth as he licks and sucks at your hot, fragrant womanhood, drinking you hungrily, his groan a deep rumble, making you realise him not only to be the god of thunder; Thor is the thunder.  
He grants no clemency from the hypnotic beat of his tongue over your bud, tasting your hot, pink folds with swirls and flickers as you gush onto his lips, his beard wet with your nectar as he sucks a mouthful of your cunt, your hands tight in his hair as you feel the coil within you tightening.  
Needing you, he emerges, your belly kissed by wettened lips before his mouth is on yours, his cock bumping against you in his blind trance to join you, growling with impatience at the miss. Frustration and want flashes his eyes, his teeth prickling your nipple as you raise your hips to him, facilitating his entrance.  
You reach down and grasp him, a small gasp fluttering your lips when you feel the rigid thickness of him, guiding his hardness to your streaming opening. With one fluid push, he’s there. You literally have a god within you and nothing can ever hope to compare.
You’re skewered on him, feeling boneless against him as his mouth buries at your neck. The pressure and power of him within is like taking an entire storm inside you, his hips rutting eagerly as he reaches your summit, bottoming out and dragging back, your cunt hugging him greedily in desperation for him to do it again, fill you wantonly and make you whole.  
The noise he makes as repeats this action suddenly sounds more human than god, an almost helpless moan, making you realise he is at the mercy of what sheathes him so snugly. Your womanhood has him entranced as he cuts through your slick with long, powerful thrusts, a slight rotation of his hips making you feel stars explode through your groin.
You hang onto him as he spears you so deep your stomach shudders, legs and arms clinging on around his bulk as he begins to quicken, his mouth back on yours as his fingers graze your scalp and comb through your hair.  
The feel of him rutting against you, dragging wetness from your cunt with every thrust, your dew bathing his cock entirely, you finally slacken and relax, moving fluidly against him as you pant against his shoulder, his mouth finding yours and stealing hot kisses from your lips.  
He is tight and heavy within you, imposing and unimaginable in size and prowess, the power and rhythm of his fuck making you dizzy and drunk on him, his big hands grasping your face as your tongues entwine, his teeth then grazing your lower lip.
A grumbled groan wells in his throat, hips jerking and sending him deeper, your walls clenching around him instinctively, a whimper fluttering over your lips as he drags sparks through you, pleasure taking root and coiling around the base of your spine like a vine about to ascend.  
He begins to pound into you with unhinged vigour and boundless determination, syrupy bliss stirred in your loins, your hands running down his back and delighting in the feel of every rise and fall of his chiselled, bulky muscles, drinking him in, savouring him while you have him there, relentless between your thighs.  
His voracious dominance overwhelms you entirely, your body once again tensing around him as you chase your release, wanting to drag the same from him into you, your bodies colliding wildly as you pant and groan like animals in heat, everything frenzied and fervid.  
You’re away from yourself, floating adrift, lost in the mist until his thunder brings you home, is your anchor pulling your back, the lightning shooting your spine awakening you into full bloom around him, an almost wounded cry leaving your open mouth as your nails claw his shoulders and rake his back.
His uncontained hips pummel his release, his cock spurting into you deep, so deep with every wave of release he groans through, thick and hot, like what he leaves of himself within your pulsing walls, utterly spent.  
He moves gently in the wake of all that was urgent and barbarous, his cock twitching within your heat before he becomes still, gazing down at you as your breathing steadies, eyes brighter than the moon. He lays his forehead to yours, fingertips trailing your cheeks before he is gone from within you, your sex feeling cold and empty without him there.  
He pulls his robe back on and lifts his hammer, giving your nakedness one more appreciative look before you cover it with your dress, Thor reaching forward to rest his hand to your lower abdomen.
“You carry within you the greatest warrior these lands have ever known.” Those are the last words he speaks before turning, walking back through the grasses, past the merriment and into the mist, the thunder rumbling gently as two forks of lightning brighten the sky and he vanishes.  
His words ring true, as you find many years after you birth the child his seed created. What the warrior you bore cannot do with a shield and hatchet on the battlefield is not worthy of inclusion in the arsenal of a shieldmaiden.  
You name her Thora, for her father.  
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Chris Hemsworth Masterlist
Tumblr media
Accessible by typing in the hashtag #DDDmasterlistChrisHemsworth
From Every Angle, you are Perfect
Gilding the Flower
Summoned (Thor x Reader)
Bred of Divinity (Thor x Reader)
First Thunder (Thor x Reader)
Us Against the World (Chris x OFC series)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Sweet Finish
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From Every Angle, you are Perfect - A Chris Hemsworth/Reader One shot Story.
Total, unashamed porn without a plot. Just you, Chris and a lot of horniness! 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​(To be added, please feel free to message)
A ravenous delight tumbles over you as you grip the white iron bedframe you’re bent over, your man behind thrusting into you savagely, the sound of his body smacking against yours echoing off the walls of your beach house bedroom.  
He pounds your cunt ferociously, making you wail for him, his one hand spanking your backside hard, leaving stinging red marks behind, the other fisted in your hair, pulling your head back. Sometimes, unbridled and dirty is only the way you need him.  
He has you coiling tightly, winding within for him, the waves of pleasure lapping much like the ones you can hear outside as they roll up the beach, the fading light of the evening still casting a glow throughout your bedroom.  
Nothing, however, can be as bright as the glow that radiates from your flexing cunt as you cum around his big cock, Chris holding back until you’re fully there before pulling out and shooting his own release all over your lower back.
You’re then turned, his mighty strength making you feel but a ragdoll, pushing your legs apart to bury his face between them, licking your pussy with the kind of gusto that has you quivering.  
“God, that feels good,” you pant, clutching your breasts, digging your heels into the bedframe he has you tumbled over.
“Always does after I’ve fucked you, doesn’t it?” He replies, winking at you before taking a mouthful of you and sucking, his cheeks hollowing as your folds are guzzled greedily, his tongue seeking your clit.  
He works your little bud back and forth with determined licks, his fingers pulling you open like a flower to make it stand out more, circling around and around as your legs shake uncontrollably.  
His short, neat beard adds delicious friction and contrast to the soft heat of his tongue dragging through your slick, sucking, kissing, licking, absolutely devouring your cunt as your hands flex on his massive arms.  
The vacuum of his lips around your clit applied harder than before has you reeling, glimmers shooting up your spine as you pant and mewl, his fingertips clenching your thighs as he sucks you hungrily.  
“Fuck, honey. You taste so damn good.” He grumbles in compliment, returning his mouth to you in a series of long, slow, flat licks.  
You gleam for him, the pleasure winding tightly, your muscles cording beneath your goosepimpled flesh as you pant, his tongue quickening, licking you right up to your peak, the pleasure unravelling and flooding you beautifully, making you so wet you can feel it virtually gushing from your pulsing hole.  
Pulling yourself over the bedframe properly, you reach for him, tongue licking the crease of his abs, his sweaty flesh leaving a fresh, slightly salty tang on your tongue before you grasp his cock and treat him to a few licks and sucks there instead.  
His groan is all deep gravel as you make his manhood disappear into your mouth, feeling him beginning to harden once more, his length swelling within the aqueous heat you surround it with, sucking him eagerly as your nails graze his chest.  
“Fuck, babe. I still don’t know how you fit it all in!” He laughs through a groan, watching you take his big cock whole once more.  
“I’m a clever girl.” You reply sweetly, stopping to kiss his hip as he chuckles deeply, agreeing that you are before hissing in pleasure when you whirl your tongue across the very head of his hardness, pumping the shaft with your hand.  
As much as he enjoys being in your mouth, the heaven of your pussy is too much of a distraction for him, especially since he knows exactly how wet he made you after you came against his tongue.  
He lifts you back over the bedframe with ease, once again making you feel like you weigh nothing as you wrap your legs around him, hissing a breath when he drops you down onto his steely erection. One arm grips your waist, manoeuvring you as he begins to bounce you upon his erection, the other arm free to bring his hand to your ass and begin spanking you again with gusto.  
“Oh, god!” You cry. Smack
“Fuck yes, spank me harder!” Smack.
“Ahhhh!” Smack. Smack. Smack.  
The next noises are barely even understandable, a string of groaned nonsense sounds as you nip as his neck, thighs and arms clinging on around his bulk as he fucks you mightily, hand still turning your ass cheeks bright red.  
His extreme strength means positions like this are easy for him. For Chris, he just considers it another workout. Never in your life have you met a man with such strength and stamina, who bounces you freely on his cock until you begin to pulse around it, wailing and clawing at him, orgasmic bliss shooting through you once more.  
He spares you no time to come back down again, instead turning around and pinning you against the bedroom door, his back muscles flexing as your hands glide over them while he fucks you slow and deep.  
The change of pace is sumptuously electrifying, the dragging of your walls making lightning flicker through your core, his mouth claiming yours in ardent kisses leaving you weak.  
“Fuck, you’re so damn wet! Your pussy’s dripping onto my balls, you ridiculously sexy woman,” he growls, biting your lower lip and letting it slide slowly from between his teeth before your tongues entwine, your mouth receiving his groans as your nails rake his shoulders.  
“Are you surprised, with how well you know how to use that massive, hard cock of yours? Mmmmm, bend me over something again. I want you to spank me some more,” you suggest, Chris shaking his head before freeing an arm, his hand clutching your throat and squeezing.  
“You sure? I was going to hold your neck until you cum,” he teases, grinning and kissing you again when your expression changes to that of welcoming such a prospect. “Dirty little thing.” He mutters, spurring himself on faster as his fingers curl, his body hard and unyielding against yours, pubic bone driving against your clit and causing you to feel sparks.
It barely takes any time at all for each assiduously delivered thrust to have you cresting once more, your cries literally strangled from your throat as he increases the pressure of his grip gradually, your slick walls fluttering around him as he delivers your undoing deeply.  
You’re slack jawed and light headed in your release, the absolute thrill of it adding to the surging wave that crashes against you, Chris letting go of your neck and moving his mouth to lay kisses as your throat as you gasp.  
“Now, you mentioned something about being bent over?” Carrying you over to the sofa opposite the open French windows, he arranges you over the back of it before sliding his hardness back inside you, your body delighting when you feel him bring both hands down onto your butt cheeks in two hard smacks.  
You expect it to be frenzied like before, but instead he gives you deliciously teasing alternation, pounding your heat rapidly one minute to slow right down the next, the thick head of his cock dragging your wet plush slowly, so very, very slowly, sparks crackling, your heart thundering, his groans making your insides pulse with desire.
It’s so good and he’s so thick and hot within you that you practically sob with pleasure, slow, slow, quick, quicker, slow, agonisingly slow, so quick you feel he’s going to go through you and then back to slow again, he has you shivering violently against him.  
“Let me turn around, I want to kiss my gorgeous man while he pile drives me.” You purr, Chris slipping from within you and giving your butt a quick last spank, making you squeal and giggle.  
Sitting on the back of the couch, you lift your legs to rest them on his shoulders, pushing your hands into the couch to lever yourself up, shuddering a breath when he pushes his cock back inside you.
“You’re so goddamn big,” you moan, Chris looking entertained at your assertion.  
“When will you stop being surprised by that? It’s been four years,” he questions, leaning forward to kiss you as the warm breeze from the beach blows through the French windows, cooling your sweaty bodies nicely.  
“Perhaps after another four?” You giggle, gasping against his mouth thereafter as he thrusts into you keenly, his cock hitting you deeply. You share heated, syrupy kisses as he trawls your cunt, your muscles twitching around him as he strokes your breasts and pinches your nipples into stiffened peaks.  
Grinding against him, lifting yourself up higher to meet his thrusts (and getting a hell of an arm workout in the process) you start clenching around him, wanting him to cum for you, your mission to milk the orgasm from him.  
His mouth buries at the side of your neck before claiming your mouth again, a gasp spilling from your throat as he reaches between you to rub his thumb over your clit, groaning gutturally as he softly nuzzles your face, the juxtapose of brutal yet tender making your heart skip a beat.  
You both begin to climb the ladder leading to nirvana, ascending, glowing, moving determinedly as you chase your releases. Sweat gleams your bodies, your voice breaking a howling cry as he propels himself forward into you faster, wrapping an arm around your shoulders to steady you.
He groans gutturally as his cock twitches, his thumb frantic at your clit, wanting to take you with him into the realms of utter beauty, nerve endings throbbing until it’s upon you both, glimmering rays rising, his sunlight illuminating your horizon as you cry out uncontrollably.  
“Fuck! Fuck,” you pant, his mouth pressing to yours as you both fight for breath, everything feeling slow and heavy, your head still lost to your pleasure as you come back down once more.  
The greatest comedown from such assiduous sex comes after you’ve both showered and dressed though, fixing yourselves a couple of drinks before going to lie in the hammock out on the beach behind your home, the sound of the waves the only thing audible as you sway in the breeze, curled around each other in quiet contentment.  
“Fancy doing that all over again a bit later?” He suddenly asks, making you snort laughing. Well, it was peaceful for a while, at least.  
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darklydeliciousdesires · 3 months ago
Gilding the Flower - A Chris Hemsworth/Reader One Shot Fic.
As promised, Hems filth herewith! 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
“Oh, come on. She’s going totally overkill!” You scoff through a mouthful of popcorn, laughing with incredulity at the sex scene in the movie you’re watching.  
“What, you’ve never had that reaction when someone’s gone down on you before?” Your boyfriend asks, raising an inquiring eyebrow at you. It’s here that you clam up a little, shifting awkwardly in your spot on the bed. “What?” He then questions, making you squirm even more.  
You and Chris, you’ve only been dating for a month and being that there’s a considerable age gap between you, you’re nowhere near as sexually experienced as him. Hence why you’re taking it slow and nothing of that nature has occurred yet other than some heated kisses. It’s also why you feel bashful in elaborating.  
“Well, before you there was only one guy and... he wasn’t keen on it, so I’ve never had someone go down on me before.” Your comment happens to be poorly timed with the swig of beer he takes, Chris nearly choking at your revelation.
“He fuckin’ what?” he exclaims, making you laugh. His expression is just as priceless as his flabbergasted response. “I don’t understand how anyone can hate it. It turns me on so much. Even thinking about it and...” He trails off, turning onto his side to kiss you. “Just say when you want me to show you how much I love it. As will you.”  
He’s been so respectful of your desire to wait, just as he is again in that moment, continuing to watch the movie, moving so his head is rested on your stomach, idly stroking your thigh, content to do nothing more. You have a wonderful intimacy with one another without it being sexual as yet, but you can’t deny, his offer is tempting.  
You’re not frigid and of course, only human. Lying in bed on the nights you stay at his place, right there next to him, Chris Hemsworth, a painfully attractive man, a sheer mass of muscles who is lusted over by millions, it stirs your libidinous desire. Before this point though, it was never enough for you to act upon it.  
You lie there and stroke his hair, the shorter shaved spot at the nape of his neck feeling good against your fingertips, contemplating his offer. Just say. Hmmm.  
“Chris,” you begin, shyness wracking you, your mouth going a little dry.
“Mmm?” he hums in reply, looking away from the screen and up at you.
“I think I want you to show me, but... I... um...” you flounder, feeling yourself blush a little.  
“Don’t want anything else other than that?” His guess evokes a nod. “That’s fine by me, babe.” Taking the bowl of popcorn, he moves it as well as his beer bottle to the nightstand, moving to kneel astride you.  
Leaning down, he kisses you softly to begin with, tongue then nudging for the access you grant, stroking his short beard with your nails before he moves to lay kisses across your throat, unfastening your jeans and tugging them down along with your underwear. 
The feel of his large bulk between your thighs is immediately scintillating, although you still feel somewhat nervous, a little self-conscious over being seen in such fine detail as he’s about to. “Relax, baby.” He whispers, sensing your apprehension, his big hands stroking your arms.  
His head then dips to kiss your stomach, tongue circling your navel until he feels you physically relax, a soft little moan indicating to him you’re comfortable enough for him to trail his mouth lower.  
You begin to gently quiver with anticipation, feeling him kissing your hip, his tongue attending to the little dip beneath the bone, spreading those soft kisses from there to your public mound, over your neatly trimmed curls until his tongue takes a long, slow, sweeping lick, invading your slit without hesitation.  
“Okay, so you liked that!” He asserts as you share laughter at your reaction, your hips jolting violently off the bed.  
“Stop laughing and do it again!” You demand, Chris unable to fulfil your desire for that moment, because of the aforementioned laughter, glad you’re comfortable and no longer nervous. It might have only been a month, but already you mean the world to him.  
You inhale sharply after he composes himself enough to once again lay a languid, flat lick at your pink folds, your head tipping back into the pillows. “Oh, god.” You exclaim, the wet heat of his tongue circling your clit an incredible sensation, better than any touch you’ve experienced before, even your own.  
His hands press into your hips when they begin to rise and shudder again, pressing you down into the bed, his power holding you there with ease, the muscles in his huge arms flexing and cording beneath his dark t shirt.  
“Fuck, you’re so wet already.” He groans, tongue dipping into your opening and tasting you keenly, dragging back to your nub with the kind of light swirls that evoke beautiful tingles throughout your groin.  
Using his thumb, he pulls your clit hood back, exposing the little bud to his tongue, licking you slowly up and down, from side to side and then in circles, groaning against you as you pant and whimper, delirious with pleasure.  
“Oh, oh fuck, ahh!” You hiss, trembling as his tongue speeds and slows, lips enveloping you and sucking, his cheeks hollowing, his deep moans adding vibrations to the incredible sensations that have you reeling, your thighs juddering, your shaky hands combing through his hair.  
He releases you with a soft pop, tongue beating back and forth over your swollen clit, moving his hand to tease your opening before slipping two fingers inside you, your wetness soaking them as he pushes and rakes, moving them around until...  
“Right there, ahhh!” You gasp, his fingertips massaging your g spot, pressing and stroking, moving in perfect sync with his tongue. You can feel him smile against you as you cry out over and over, your reaction enthralling him.  
You fist the duvet beneath you, shaking and panting, suddenly realising that the actress in the movie was giving a very accurate portrayal, if her on screen lover was mimicking talents as good as Chris’s, that is.  
Each beat of his tongue becomes more rapid, groaning against you as he stops to give you a few keen sucks. “Fuck, babe. You taste beautiful.” He compliments, keeping you simmering with firm, flat licks.  
You watch him as he eats you with nothing short of keen gusto, his luminous blue eyes opening to look up at you, winking and smiling before his mouth closes over your plush cunt once more to suck at you like you’re ripe fruit, groaning incandescently.
When he looks up again, witness to you still viewing him as you moan so helplessly, it all flows organically, him emerging from between your legs as you pull your top off, his mouth meeting yours while his hands reach to unfasten your bra.
Your shyness over not taking things any further has diminished to nothing, wanting, needing for him to be inside of you like nothing before. You kiss each other with furious desire as clothes are shed and intentions made clear without uttering a word, until a few pertinent ones are spoken.  
“Do I have to...or are you, are we okay to, erm,” Chris asks clumsily through torrid kisses.  
“We’re fine, it’s okay, I’m on the pill,” you assure him as he moves between your legs without hesitation and immediately sinks his hardness into you. You gasp as he fills you, knocked sideways at his girth, his mouth claiming yours as your lips crush together in a passionate, consuming display of arousal,
“Mmmm, fuck.” He groans deeply, mouth leaving yours to bury at your neck, your pulse bouncing against his eager lips as he glides effortlessly in and out of your heat. Your walls clench around him, snugly enclosing his cock in wet heat, making him shudder against your body as you writhe together in bliss.  
You twinge at being split so widely, little pin pricks of pain that merge with the divine pleasure of such heated thickness invading you, your plush pink stroked and thus your pleasure stoked, so hard, so deep within you.  
Helpless, soft little exclamations flutter over your lips, his fingertips stroking them before he turns your head to sear you mouth with his once more. Your hands glide over the breadth of his muscles, delighting in the delicious feel of him beneath your palms, your fingers exploring the dips between them,  
He feels heavy both atop and inside of you, pressing into you so forcefully, drowning you in his consuming passion, his raw masculinity, everything about him imposes, but in such a way that he could pour into you forever and it’d never be enough.  
You feel drunk on him completely, Chris locking his arms around you before lifting your body, sitting up and letting you sink down onto his cock as your thighs bracket his hips, clenching on him a little as you stroke his hair and share more kisses of pure, erotic frenzy.  
The hunger for him is unmatched, your body opened like a flower before the sun, drinking up the rays of warmth he gilds you with. He lets you find your own way, correctly guessing without letting on that this position is new territory for you, allowing you to set the pace he then begins to move in time with, groaning at the slow rhythm you set.
Your hips roll into him, ensnaring his slippery length with each undulation, his hands grasping your rounded buttocks and hauling you closer, wanting to be within you deeper. His teeth graze your throat, his deep moans flowing from his mouth to yours when he kisses you again.  
You swallow them back, your cunt hugging him in a series of strong flutters as you glide together so perfectly, you never want him to retreat. It’s hot, one hundred percent passion, it’s beautiful and lord, it’s everything you ever hoped sex with him would be.
He shifts you higher on him, your thighs loosening your grip as he bucks up against you with thrusts that hit hard, his mouth everywhere, sucking and tasting your skin as you tip your head back, exclamations of bliss pouring from your mouth.  
You continue to roll against him, the heat of his cock scorching your insides, your cunt saturating him in a gloss of your arousal, his hands drifting up your back to grasp your shoulders and pull you down against his thrusts, moving beneath you with power.  
Tensing around him the faster he thrusts, you pant against his mouth, your cries beginning to spill out like a fountain bursting into life, his hand splaying over your hip between you, thumb stretching to rub your clit.  
Each circle draws the wildness out of you more, grinding on him almost savagely in the pursuit of your undoing, taking him by surprise at the sudden urgency you display, You ride him with all the intensity he fucks you with, your bodies colliding together as you chase your releases.  
His muscles flex with effort, deep, furious grunts peppering the air as his body goes into spasm, his cock twitching and spurting deep into you, glazing your cunt with cum as the lightning flickers, your spine tingling and thighs shaking.  
You wail, cresting hard against him, your nails grazing his back as your release strikes through you, lighting you up and filling you with fire before ebbing away slowly as you become still atop him.  
“So, you were saying about something being overkill?” He teases you with, rubbing the ear you just so vocally expressed your joy into, laughing when you playfully thump his chest.  
You reach for the remote while panting against him, turning off the TV, the movie well and truly abandoned. You’d much rather spend the time eating your words.  
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