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#chris evans x actor!reader
onesketchylady · 7 hours ago
Being Pregnant Sucks Part Three
My first attempt at writing of this kind. This is RPF if you don’t like it please don’t read. I am planning for this to be a part of a longer series. Warnings for the series are below. Warnings: Explicit Content 18+, Language, Dubious Morality, Love All Around
Y/N blinked awake tucked underneath a swath of blankets; she certainly wasn't in Seb's shiney new Range Rover anymore. The only question was how she successfully made it from the car into her own bed. The too nice asshole probably attempted to carry her and would be suffering days later from carrying the heavy load all the way into the house. She peeled back the covers peering at her own body curious to see if he had changed her out of her jeans into PJ pants. She suspected he might have due to the level of comfort she woke up in; however, her jeans were still plastered to her legs. Well score one for maternity jeans they were certainly more comfortable than her normal plastered on skinnys.
The clock on Y/N's nightstand finally kicked her ass into gear with the time it displayed. She had slept for hours, damn near a whole night in what should have been just an afternoon nap. Chris should even be home by now. Where was he and why wasn't he in bed beside her? and her car! Fuck, how was she supposed to get her car??
She threw herself out of bed fast enough to cause quite the head rush. There was no time to waste though; she was going to have to call Rhett to see if she could still get her car. God please tell me my dumbass didn't delete the number.
Y/N ran from her bedroom through the narrow hallway into her living room. All three of her favorite people were lounging around acting as if nothing was going on. All three of them had allowed her to oversleep. Chris didn't even wake her when he arrived home.
She started to tear up a bit at the thought of him coming home and not even bothering with a hello.
"Hi, baby." Chris stood up and wrapped his arms around Y/N. 
"Shit, honey, are you crying?" he was utterly alarmed and looked to Faith for help.
"Fuck, is she crying." Faith sunk back into the sofa trying to distance herself from her crying best friend.
"What do I do?" Chris let a squak of indignance as he released Y/N from his embrace. She just wiped at her eyes trying to rid herself of the stupid tears. 
"I don't know," Faith sprung up pacing alongside Chris, "She never cries. She doesn't have emotions." 
Y/N doesn't cry, but still couldn't figure out how to get the stupid tears to stop leaking out of her face.
"Would you two cut it out." Seb got up ushering Y/N towards the bathroom, "it's just pregnancy hormones."
He shut the door behind her and she let out a grateful breath as her head leaned back into the door.Y/N stood over the sink giving herself the cliche peptalk to get her shit together. It wasn't working like they showed in the movies. Fresh tears were still squeezing their way out of the sides of her eyes. She could still hear Seb's angry voice through the door.
"You know for the two that are supposed to be all one with their emotions and shit, you knew fuck all about how to handle that."
Y/N shook her head letting out a chuckle at him. It was true out of their bunch Chris and Faith were the ones that were always crying. They were much like her sister in that if they were a 4-7 on the happy-sad scale then they were in tears. His little speech managed to not only shut them up, but also distracted her enough to break out of the cycle. Y/N splashed some cool water on her face and made her way back to the group.
"We're sorry." Chris made grabby hands towards Y/N beckoning her back towards him.
"Ahh--" She slapped his hands away, "If you both were truly sorry you would have woken me so I could have gone to get my car.
"You," she pointed at Chris, "would have been cuddling me in the bed or at the very least woke me up when you got home."
"Bullshit." Faith called out.
"For fuck sake what?" Y/N turned to her.
"If anyone has a right to be mad here it's me. You have to stop pimping out my boyfriend to teenage girls."
"But he has such a pimpable face."
"No. You know that bugs me."
"Take it up with him then, cause its only going to keep happening if he keeps hugging me and shit."
"You hugged her," Faith snapped towards Sebastian with her hand on her hips. Even for such a tiny framed woman her energy managed to fill the whole room and it was not a happy one.
He let out a low groan from the couch, "that was supposed to stay between us, you two armed fucker." echoed you from earlier.
"He neglected to mention unwanted affection," Faith huffed as she plopped down next to Seb resting her head on his shoulder.
"I don't even get to hug her and we have been friends for years."
"I get to hug her all the time." Chris wrapped his arms around you slotting his front to your back resting his hands on your stomach. You weren't showing yet, but he was already obsessed with the idea.
"That's because we fuck." Y/N patted him on the leg.
"What on Earth does fucking have to do with hugs?"
"It's intimate." she replied, turning in his arms to face him.
"Ok, honey, you really lost me there yes its intimate, but you realize its healthy to show affection to others that you aren't fucking right? Hugs are perfectly normal."
"I know. It's weird okay it just feels too personal to do that with other people."
"For having a really normal, well adjusted childhood you have a pretty fucked up view of intimacy." Seb piped out earning him a wack across the chest from Faith.
"Yeah well not all of us are blessed with Daddy Issues to blame all our problems on."
"You wound me, Y/L/N." Seb smirks.
"Enough about my problems, I need food, scratch that the baby need food."
"I second this decree," Faith says springing up from the couch, "Pizza?"
"Yesss." Y/N follows her out the front door with the boys trailing behind. 
She locks the door behind them catching a glimpse of a blue car in her driveway from the porch.
"You picked up my car?" Y/N was feeling strangely emotional again seeing that her husband was thoughtful enough that he picked up her car even after a long flight.
"Yup, took him on the bike to go get it." Seb lightly shoulder checked her jogging down the stairs.
"You dick!" she ran down after him. "Also, you are going the wrong way we are headed this way."
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evxnshoney · 3 days ago
see part one first here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : chris evans on his love of tom brady and the patriots | jimmy kimmel live
Tumblr media
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ben-c-group-therapy · 4 days ago
AU, Characters and Other Actors
“Mr. Ford” This is a smut based on Ben’s character in 12 Years a Slave, A anon sent a prompt about his outfit and now that I think of it, it’s pretty hot.
“Happy Yule Benedict” This is a harry potter/Benedict cross over where Ben is a student at Hogwarts and has a little thing for Luna.
“The Goddess of Light” A Sci-Fi. I don’t even know how to describe this one…Smut
“Loki’s Mixup” Accidentally drinking Loki’s passion potion could lead to some major complications.
“Prince Tom” An AU where you find some interesting things about Tom that you never would have guessed.
“Is He Really So Bad After All?" Being a lonely girl on the U.S.S Enterprise has been a constant nightmare when it came to dealing with some of your co-workers. A prisoner is brought on board by the name of Khan. He changes your life forever.
Chapter two… The Escape - You and Khan attempt to escape from the Enterprise.
"Benedict, the Son of Ares” Benedict, a half blood born to the Greek god Ares has a little hard time figuring out his place among his kind.
“Office Lunch” A Chris Evans smut. Chris has come to the office for “lunch”, what does he have in mind?
“A Birthday Walk” Chris and you go on a walk to celebrate his birthday.
“A Hero’s Silver Linings"  After nearly 70 years Steve Rogers has awoken in New York City. Will his life be turned upside down or will he be able to adjust to the changing times and the new ways of society.
“That's Enough” A Steve Rogers short reflection fic
"The Ladies and Gentlemen Network” The day Sherlock Holmes was due to depart for exile, the world’s only consulting detective was called back after a message from Moriarty was broadcasted all over London.
“Chris Pine in ‘The Baker’"  Trying to bake something without Chris’s help is next to impossible.
"Chris Pine in ‘First Laid Eyes on You’” Fun little fluffy story with Chris and You playing games..
"Chris Pine in ‘Not The Only Actor’” Trying to surprise Chris takes a little planning.
“Evans Ice Bucket Challenge” A nice smut follows Chris’s Ice Bucket Challenge
“Chris Evans in ‘Peaceful Paradise’” A cute fluffy smut with Chris Evans.
“Chris Pine in ‘I Thought I Lost You’” After a fight you walk out on the date, will things work out?
“Love Will Find A Way” A Reader x Khan Fic. Reader is the prisoner care taker on the Enterprise and grows close to Khan. Part 2. Part 3.
“The Giggle Kisses”
               Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
"A Birthday Treat for Tom” A birthday celebration for Tom
“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” Benedict Cumberbatch
“Text Tease” Benedict Cumberbatch
“Shhh Sleep” Benedict Cumberbatch
“A Simple Night” Tom Hiddleston
"The Way It Is” Chris Evans
“Love Being Close to You” Chris Evans
“Celebrate Tonight” Tom Hiddleston
“Nobody Else Gives Me A Thrill” Tom Hiddleston anniversary dance fluff
7 Days
           Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Part 1, Chapter 3 Part 2
“Just Stress" Part Two Part Three A Part Three B
"Burnt Cookies For Daddy”
“The Lullaby”
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onesketchylady · 4 days ago
Being Pregnant Sucks Part 1
My first attempt at writing please be kind. This is RPF if you don’t like it please don’t read. I am planning for this to be a part of a longer series. Warnings for the series are below. 
Warnings: Explicit Content 18+, Language, Dubious Morality, Love All Around
The absolute last thing Y/N wanted to do while pregnant was take her car into the shop. Let alone taking her car into the place that the guy she chased for 3 years of her life was the assistant manager. However, that was what being an adult meant; doing shit everyday that you didn't want to do. The standard guy that looked a little worse for the wear was flagging Y/N to pull up further. After finally giving her the hand signal to put it in park she quickly grabbed her phone firing off a MAYDAY text to her best friend.
Come pick me up I am nauseous and I don't want to wait 
The door popped open with a leering smile from the dirty man on the other side.
"What can we help you with today?"
"uh, just the standard maintenance, the light is on" Y/N stuttered out beginning to maneuver her way out of the car.
"Sure enough." he said pecking along on his I-Pad
"Rick," a low booming voice shouted with a man waving his right arm rapidly in the air straining on his toes, "I've got this one."
The man, Rick, looked at Y/N with a suspicious look as his assistant manager came bounding out. 
The man let out a relieved sigh before he turned towards Y/N stealing the I-Pad out of Rick's hand in the process. 
"How have you been?" he smirked over the device.
"I've been good, and you?" Y/N shot Rick and apologetic look. 
"Good. Good. Just got back from visiting my brother in Seattle." he flagged her on to follow him holding the door open for her.
As if on autopilot Y/N walked straight to his desk and took a seat. While the man was seemingly pleased she still knew her way around his domain; like he still had her on the hook.
He switched from punching information in on the iPad over to pecking away at the keys on his computer. 
Y/N desperately grabbed at her phone imploring it to reply. The screen was blank, not even an Instagram notification for distraction. Her eyes stayed firmly planted on the phone because if she didn't look up and see him then he couldn't see her. It was this toddler logic she hoped that would keep her from being pulled back into those devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes that had ruined her a year ago.
"Good news is it should only take about an hour to get you on your way and you can sit and chat with me while you wait." he sat back in his chair.
Please I am begging you come get me Hot Car Guy is keeping me hostage I just want to go home
The last ditch text to Faith was paired with many prayers hoping to get out of this goddamn bullshit situation.
"Oh that's great, but I have a friend coming to pick me up." Y/N smiled up at him.
God he was still just as hot as he was a year ago. Why couldn't he have gone bald, or knocked out all his teeth? Where were all the wrinkles; the man was pushing forty damn it!
"Really, you always stick around?" he pouted.
"Yeah I have some friends in from out of town."
"Well we can at least hangout until they get here." He pushed his computer screen towards me.
"Have you seen the lineup for this festival?!" 
"That's insane." Y/N sat up further in her chair placing her elbows on his desk to get closer to the monitor, "Taking Back Sunday? They were my first concert."
"Really?" he chuckled.
"Yeah" It was concerning how quickly the awkward conversation ceased into their normal exchange.
"Y/L/N!" a familiar male voice called out, "Let's go."
She had never been so excited to see Faith's boyfriend's face in her life. Y/N leaned over the back of the chair with her head hanging back looking at Seb.
"Hey kiddo, Faith said you were feeling nauseous. I have some peppermints if you want." He flicked your forehead.
"Thanks asshole. Why are you here instead?" Y/N smacked his hand away.
"She doesn't have a driver's license you knob." Seb made himself comfortable in the other chair with his signature shit eating smirk. 
"Fuck, I forgot. That bitch, what 30 year old woman doesn't have their driver's license?" 
"Agreed. You need to take care of that." 
"How is that my problem?"
"How is it my problem to pick up Evan's pregnant wife?" he kicked at Y/N's converse.
"Because your best friend knocks a bitch up and leaves her to die. You should take care of that." Y/N sat up straighter in her seat with a smile that rivaled Seb's.
"I believe I am taking care of it Doll, I'm here aren't I?" Seb grabbed on to her hand hoisting Y/N out of her chair.
"You're Married?" Rhett uttered from his position behind the desk.
"Yup." Y/N had the decency to look sheepish.
"You still have the same last name on Facebook?" Rhett was frozen.
"That's because that is an antiquated patriarchal belief that I refuse to feed into." 
"You forgot to change it didn't you." Seb threw his arm around Y/N.
Y/N and Seb started giggling.
"Get off of me you overgrown child."
"You know they say physical affection is good for the development of the baby."
Y/N started to speak but was interrupted by a shrill squeal of "SEBASTIAN STAN."
A girl no more than 15 bounding up towards the pair leaving behind an embarrassed looking mother. 
"Hi, oh my god. I am such a big fan. I loved Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Your development of Bucky and his tragic backstory is just so amazing. I have seen all of your work well besides Monday, but that's because Mom isn't okay with full frontal nudity. CanIhaveapicture?" The girl said all of this without taking a single break for air running out towards the end.
"Yes you can of course." Y/N said pushing him closer to the enthusiastic teenager.
"Thank you." the girl tried passing over the phone to Y/N.
"No. You should get in close, really snuggle in, take that selfie." 
Seb's icy start clearly communicated the fuck you vibes he was aiming for. The girl, however, couldn't have been more delighted than to be under Seb's arm while she was posing for the picture. 
"Here," Y/N held her hand out motioning for the phone, "now I can take the quality picture. Say cheese."
The girl went bounding back to her mother showing her the adorable picture of her and her favorite movie star.
"Thanks for that."Seb grumbled ushering you towards the exit.
"Payback is a bitch, now you won't touch me." Y/N patted him on the shoulder.
"Oh?" she spotted a gun metal Harley Davidson, "Did you bring the bike?":
"Did you seriously just ask me if I brought my bike to drive a pregnant woman around?" 
"I am like five minutes pregnant! And yes I would like to be on the bike. It's nice out." 
"Evan's would castrate me if I put his pregnant wife on the back of a bike; even if she's only five minutes along" Seb sighed pulling open the door to his Range Rover.
"True." Y/N rolled her eyes hopping up in the passenger's seat, "Overprotective dolt."
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evxnshoney · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : chris evans answers the web’s most searched questions w. mckenna grace | wired
reblogs are appreciated 🤓
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evxnshoney · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : chris evans, anthony mackie, paul rudd and sebastian stan do personal trivia | jimmy kimmel live
part two here
reblogs are appreciated🤓
Tumblr media
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evxnshoney · 5 days ago
l⃣ u⃣ m⃣ i⃣ n⃣ a⃣ r⃣ y⃣
Tumblr media
glimpses into a world of actor!reader x c.evans
chris evans answers the web’s most searched questions w. mckenna grace | wired
chris evans, anthony mackie, paul rudd and sebastian stan do personal trivia | jimmy kimmel live pt 1
chris evans on his love of tom brady and the patriots | jimmy kimmel live pt 2
chris evans and elizabeth olsen’s scary good time | the ellen show
‘avengers:endgame’ cast play ‘most likely to | mtv news
chris hemsworth and chris evans et interview : age of ultron | et news
hanging with captain america on the top secret ‘winter soldier’ set | extratv
a/n : i use the pronouns she/her but it can be interchanged to fit anyone and everyone <3
reblogs are appreciated🤓
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · 10 days ago
Hi i was wondering if you do like a Chris Evans x reader like chris decided to pull a prank on the reader like hes being mean to her for a whole day like he got the reader her favorite food and when the reader ask why chris didnt get any chris just said hes not hungry and the reader is abt to eat when chris steal her food and said hes hungry and the reader was like “can i get one bite? I didnt eat anything today🥺” and chris said no and the reader was like please and chris still said no and the reader just get an apple and sit there and chris continue to be mean to the reader and the reader cried or something and chris apologizes and said it was a prank. Thank you if you end up doing my request 😩❤️
pairing: chris evans x wife!reader
warnings: angst!! fluff, mentions of divorce
a/n: hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
you had no idea what you had done.
your husband had seemed happy last night, but when he woke up, he seemed to be a completely different person.
he had barely said two words to you the entire day, and when he did talk to you, he was short and snappy. he didn’t smile at you, he didn’t give any affection. no kisses, no hugs, nothing.
you’d thought originally that he was just having an off day. and while it doesn’t excuse his behaviour, it would explain it. but, Scott called him just after lunch, and he seemed to be his normal happy self.
you had selfishly thought he was back to normal, but then he muted himself and snapped at you when you asked if he wanted to come on Dodgers walk with you.
when you got home from the walk with Dodger, he was gone. he didn’t even leave a note, he just left.
you knew he wouldn’t do that for no reason, you had abandonment issues from a previous relationship so he knew better than to do something like that. you’d tried calling and texting him, but he didn’t answer. you tried to track his phone, but he turned off the location. he didn’t even leave a note.
you’d just got off the phone with Lisa, who had no idea where her son was either, when Chris walked through the door with your favourite food.
you smiled, thinking everything was fine now, and went to eat your first meal of the day.
he gave you the food, and when you asked if he wanted any, he said no, and walked away, but just as you went to open the bag, he walked back into the kitchen and took his, saying that he changed his mind.
he walked into the living room with it, leaving you standing in the kitchen with tears welling up in your eyes. you willed them away, and once they were gone, went to ask Chris if you could have some.
he said no. you were even more confused. why was he being so mean? you asked again, and explained that you hadn’t eaten anything all day, and he said that that was your fault, and he was hungry.
you sighed, and walked to the kitchen. you grabbed an apple, washed it, and headed to the bedroom. you’d barely made it through the doors, when your tears came back full force, and you sunk to the ground with your apple in one hand.
you sat there, eating your apple, and crying. once the apple was gone, you’d realized that you shouldn’t put up with his bitchy attitude. he was being so nice to everyone, except you, and you had no idea why. if you had done something, why didn’t he just tell you?
you disposed of the apple core, and grabbed your gym duffel out of the closet. you threw your toiletries, electronics, and a few sets of outfits inside before zipping it up.
you slung it over your shoulder, and headed down the hallway.
as soon as you passed the living room, Chris spoke up.
“where are you going?” he asked, and you turned to face him.
“away. i don’t know for how long, but yeah.”
his brow furrowed. “why?”
you scoffed. “why? you’re really asking me why?” you asked, and Chris nodded, still confused. “you’ve been mean to me all day! what have i done to you? you’ve been short and snappy with me, but have been nice to Scott and your mom. you brought home my favourite food, and then ate it in front of me when i haven’t eaten anything because i’ve been wondering what the hell i did wrong to make you so pissed off! so i’m leaving! i’m done with it! i’m not having a repeat of my last relationship!” you exclaimed, and walked out of the house, your husband trialing behind you.
“baby, it was a prank,” he explained, a smile on his face. you flipped around to face him.
you threw your bag in the car and walked around to the other side. you got in and turned it on. Chris grabbed the door handle.
“baby, c’mon. i’m sorry. it was a bad prank, and i shouldn’t have done it. just don’t do this. don’t leave. i need you.” he begged, tears rimming his blue eyes. at least he knows what he did was wrong, you thought.
“Chris. let go of my door. i’m leaving and that’s that. now maybe you’ll know how i felt for 6 hours today when you were gone.” you said and pulled out of the driveway, forcing Chris to let go of the handle.
you pulled onto the street, and glanced back at Chris, who was watching in disbelief as his wife drove away.
you pulled into your favourite restaurant, and ordered the food that was so harshly ripped from you earlier, before parking in a school parking lot to eat. you looked back at your bag, and thought about your options.
you knew you weren’t overreacting, but you couldn’t live without Chris. you were putting your debit card back into your wallet, when you saw one of Chris’s credit cards.
he told you that you needed it, in case you got stranded somewhere, and needed money. he made more money than you did, so it made sense for you to have it. you’d never used it, but there was a good $2000-$3000 on it, and it was only 3pm on a Saturday, so all the malls were still open.
you sighed, and pulled into the lane that would lead to the nearest mall.
Tumblr media
by the time you made it home, it was 9 pm. you walked in the house with the bag you packed, as well as numerous shopping bags. Chris wasn’t on the ground floor of your shared home, and you could hear him talking to his mom in your bedroom, so you made a beeline to the guest room.
you stayed in there the remainder of the night, not answering the door when Chris realized you were home and had barricaded yourself inside the room.
you heard him take Dodger out for another walk, and you decided you shouldn’t have to sleep on the guest room bed, and decided to switch rooms.
you locked yourself in your room, but left your bags in the guest room. you got ready for bed, and had just shut the light off when he knocked on the door, begging you to let him in, which you didn’t.
after about 10 minutes, he gave up on getting you to talk to him, and resigned to sleeping in the guest room for the night.
Tumblr media
when you woke up the next morning, you were on a mission.
the shopping had really cleared your head yesterday, and you knew just what you had to do.
you marched down the stairs to where Chris was making you breakfast, and cleared your throat.
he turned around and was about to walk to you when you held out a hand to stop him before you spoke.
“i want a divorce.” you said simply, and watched as all the colour drained from Chris’s face.
“w-what?” he stuttered, and you repeated your sentence.
“i said i want a divorce.”
Chris dropped the spatula as tears rimmed his eyes.
“please don’t do this. i’m sorry for what i did. i shouldn’t have pranked you like that. i thought you’d figure it out, or you’d find it funny after. i-i wasn’t thinking. i’m sorry. please don’t leave me. i cant live without you.” He begged, his tears spilling over.
you shook your head. “there’s nothing that you can say that will stop this from happening. you crossed a line. i’ve put up with a lot of your pranks, but i won’t put up with this one. it was wrong, and it shouldn’t have happened. i don’t want to be with someone who thinks it’s okay to treat me like that.” you stated. you pulled your wallet out of your pocket, and grabbed his card out. “here’s your credit card. we’re done.” you said, and walked away, leaving Chris dumbfounded in the kitchen.
Tumblr media
Chris hadn’t moved from the spot you left him in.
you wanted a divorce?
he thought you’d never say something like that, but then again, he crossed a major line yesterday. he thought you’d find it funny, but apparently you didn’t.
he eventually sunk to the floor, and remained there, until you entered the kitchen again. he looked up to you, trying to convey all the pain and misery he was feeling at the idea of you leaving him, and was shocked to see a smile on your face.
you crouched to his level, and giggled.
“now you know what it’s like to be pranked like that.” you said simply.
it took Chris a second to realize what that meant, but when he did, he threw himself into your arms, and sobbed in relief.
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uprootbasic · 11 days ago
Kahdiwjsksj the HM reference killed me lmao but yo hear me out: C. Evans brings out my size kink and I’m not ashamed 💀 if you can do a one-shot about that I’d love u forever (no need for it to be smut unless u wanna 😳)
pairing: chris evans x reader
warnings: SMUT!! daddy kink (mentioned once), size kink, dirty talk.
a/n: hope you enjoy and thank you for the request!! i’m glad you like the hannah reference lol. i was cackling while adding it 😂 but gurlll!!!! i wouldn’t be ashamed either if this man brought out my size kink ☠️☠️
Tumblr media
you swore he was doing it on purpose.
your lovely boyfriend had decided to put all your belongings way higher up than you could reach, and you knew that he was just trying to rile you up.
it was slightly your fault. slightly.
you had been on facetime with your best friend, when you let it slip that you loved how much bigger Chris was than you. it wasn’t a dramatic difference or anything, but it was noticeable.
Tumblr media
you didn’t realize he had over heard until two days later when your favourite friends soup mug that you ate cereal in was no longer where your left it, on the second shelf. instead, it was on the fourth shelf, where Chris put the food that you couldn’t eat due to you allergies.
you groaned, and had to ask him for help. he came into the kitchen with a smug smirk on his face, as if he knew what he was doing. but the thing was, YOU didn’t even know what he was doing.
he handed you the mug, and he walked back in the direction he came, mumbling something about you being funsized. he obviously meant for you to hear it, but that didn’t stop you from growling and rolling your eyes.
Tumblr media
the next time it happened, the two of you were in the store.
you were trying to reach your allergy safe cereal, and your fingertips were barely brushing the plastic price sign on the shelf.
instead of grabbing the cereal for you like any normal boyfriend would, he decided to lift you up like a child so you could reach it.
when he put you down, you thanked him, and gave him weird look when he said “it’s my job as your big strong boyfriend.”
you visibly blushed at that, wondering still what he was doing.
Tumblr media
the next few times were subtle, such as grabbing your hand and comparing the sizes before commenting on the difference, or picking up a box that he deemed too heavy for you to carry. no matter how big or small the gesture was, you couldn’t stop your body for heating up, and arousal pooling in your panties, especially when you watched his back muscles move an flex while moving the couch to get Dodgers toy that you could have easily gotten if you’d put your hand under it.
you finally realized what he was up to when he had you on his cock the next night.
he was laying on one of the pool chairs by the newly opened pool in his LA home, and you were on top of him, moving back and forth on his hard cock like your life depended on it, and to you in that moment it did.
he had worked you open with your fingers, and making small comments.
“can barely fit one finger inside of you, how will i fit my whole cock in there, huh?”
“gotta stretch you out, don’t want your little pussy getting sprained.”
you didn’t even know if the last scenario was possible, but you didn’t even care because of how much more wet it made you.
you finally clued in to what was happening when you were teetering on the edge of total euphoric pleasure, when he blurted out the sentence.
“you just love daddy’s big cock, huh?”
you immediately came at his words, and he followed seconds later, shuttering and crying out.
as you settled down onto his chest, you heard his voice say a sentence that would totally embarrass you.
“i knew you had a size kink.”
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uprootbasic · 15 days ago
Hi, first of all i love your work 💕 and second, I wanted to request a Chris Evans angsty to fluff one shot? Where he is much older than the reader (she’s in her early 20s) and they have confessed their attraction for each other but are not sure how to proceed, nothing much happens during the confession. But the next day there’s an event or party where both attend separately, during it they stare at each other from across the room but suddenly Chris is crowded mostly by women much older than you and they flirt with him, and he sees you getting sad and insecure about your feelings and about his feelings too and obviously your age, so maybe you run off somewhere else and he decides to follow and then reassures you he likes you, then it’s all fluff? Maybe with a kiss at the end?🥺 thank uuuu!! I hope you’re having a nice day💓
Age Gap
pairing: chris evans x younger!reader
warnings: age gap, fluff, angst, insinuations to smut, hannah montana reference lmao
a/n: thank you for the request and i hope you enjoy! also i wrote this on my phone so i apologize for any mistakes lol
Tumblr media
being 21 and having a crush on a 39 year old was tough.
finding out that that 39 year old felt the same was even tougher.
when you got the chance to audition with him for his new movie, Deep Silence, you jumped at it. just getting to be in a room with him blew your mind, but when your agent called you and told you you got a role, you were ecstatic.
you had originally auditioned for the role of Emma Garner, Chris’s characters daughter, but he decided you were perfect for the role of his characters wife, Francesca Garner instead.
you had no idea why. you were barely 21, and he was 19 years older than you. it would make so much more sense for you to play his daughter, but you accepted the role of his wife nonetheless.
at least now you won’t have to watch your crush kiss another girl, something that was all too familiar in high school.
Tumblr media
when you two had your first love scene, you were terrified. how were you going to keep the fact that you were incredibly attracted to your co star a secret while acting out something that is so private?
you had a suspicion that he felt the same during filming, when he’d purposely ground his hard on into your centre and rasped into you ear “if you liked that”, but he ran away to his trailer before you could ask him about it.
you thought he was finally going to talk to you about it when he approached you a few days later, but he ended up just asking if you wanted to go to disneyland with him and Scott and his boyfriend, to which you accepted.
the day was fun, with the four of you taking lots of photos, going on lists of rides, eating lots of food (that ultimately made Scott throw up after one two many churros and and a ride on Seven Dwarves) and ended in you guys watching Happily Ever After. About halfway through, Chris pulled you into his arms, and pressed his lips to yours.
as soon as he kissed you, all the background noise faded away, and the two of you stood there like teenagers making out for the rest of the show.
when that happened, you thought for sure that he’d finally ask you out. you’d ask him out, but that seemed insanely intimidating, and you weren’t down for that at all. but, he didn’t make a move. other than kissing. he’d kiss you constantly, but it never progressed passed making out, and you were a little disappointed.
eventually, comic con came up, and you wouldn’t be attending with Chris, rather than the TV show you were a regular on. you had spotted him watching you in the crowd, thanks to your favourite actress who was also on the panel with you. you attended his as well, and even asked a question, as your movie hadn’t been announced yet, so people wouldn’t know you unless they watched your show.
then, the after party rolled around. you had messaged briefly, but hadn’t really spoken, something you were hoping to do tonight. you had reached your wits end, and just decided to man up and talk to him about where you two stood.
but, you couldn’t find him. you’d wandered around with your co stars and talked to a few directors and casting agents to get your name out there for future projects, but you couldn’t for the life of you locate Chris.
Until you got to the bar. you had just ordered your favourite drink, when you spotted him at the other end of the bar. but, he wasn’t alone. he was surrounded by five or six women who were definitely much older than you, and your heart sank.
it didn’t shatter, however, until you saw Chris flirting back. your eyes welled up with tears, and you tried to wipe them discreetly without Chris or anyone noticing, but of course that didn’t happen.
Tumblr media
Chris was doing his best to ward off the ladies swarming him, so he could come and find you. he had been leading you on for too long, and he just needed to ask you out already, before another guy snatched you from his fingers.
suddenly, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and looked up, thinking it was Scott coming back with more food, but his heart dropped when he saw you. you were stood there, looking absolutely magnificent, but your eyes were full with tears, almost to the point of spilling over onto the cheeks he loved to kiss and hold in his hands so much.
he looked at the swarm of ladies that had formed around him, and swore, realizing what you were probably thinking.
he watched as you turned and stormed away, towards the door. he politely excused himself, and headed after you.
he followed you out the door he watched you disappear through, but his heart sank even lower when he realized you weren’t there. he was about to go back inside and ask your co stars for your room number, when he heard the tell tale signs of your sobs coming from a hidden alcove to his left.
he ran down the steps and over to the alcove, and his heart broke when he saw you. you were leaning against the wall, you head in your hands. loud sobs were escaping your mouth, and he knew for a fact you had an endless amount of tears running down your face, the saltiness of them probably already swelling your beautiful face up.
he wasted no time in coming over to you and wrapping you up tight in his arms. you tried to pull out of them, but he stood firm, and eventually you relaxed.
“i’m so sorry.” he whispered, and your sobs subsided. you shook your head and looked up at him.
“no. i’m sorry. i’m sorry that i was born in the wrong generation, because maybe then one of us would have the courage to ask the other out without fear of judgement. i’m sorry that i’m not as mature as those girls, or as talented. i’m sorry that i probably read into things like i always do and ruine-“ you began; but was cut off by Chris soft lips.
when he pulled away, he rested his forehead atop yours. “no. don’t. you’re perfect. so fuckin’ perfect it scares me sometimes. it absolutely terrifies the shit out of me how perfect you are because i don’t want to hurt you. you’re so young and innocent, and i love that about you. i don’t want to be the one to crush that innocence that i love so much by hurting you. but, i shouldn’t have let that hold me back. we’re both legal, so age is just a number. i should have told you that say i fuckin’ dry humped you on set.” he said, and you laughed at the last bit. “i love you so fuckin’ much, y/n, it honestly scares me. but being scared is good. it makes me human, and i’m not letting that hold me back from treating you the way you deserve to be treated. if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, i will spend the rest of our time together showing you just how much i love and appreciate you.” he said, and you looked up at him. “will you be my girlfriend?” he asked softly, and you nodded in happiness, your lips pressing to his.
Chris smiled into the slightly salty, but still loving kiss. he finally had you, and he wasn’t going to let you go. you were his whole world, and he was kicking himself for not realizing it sooner.
the two of you were currently walking hand in hand back to the venue, when you spoke up. “that was the sweetest speech. i’m not mad at you because of those girls. i realized shortly after that you wouldn’t do anything like that, but i thought maybe you’d realize that they were better than me, so that’s why i left.” you explained, and Chris tugged you in closer to his body.
“that makes me so happy, sweet girl. it was a mistake letting those girls do that and i should have stopped it sooner, but everybody makes mistakes.” he said.
you giggled before responding. “everybody has those days.” you said with the straightest face possible and Chris turned and stared at you for a second before realizing the reference.
“Hannah Montana? oh my god you’re so innocent,” he said, moaning the last few words into your ears, his hands gripping your waist to pull you against him.
you bit your lip and smiled. “i’m not completely innocent,” you said right back, and smiled in happiness when you felt him hardening against your stomach.
“mmm, really baby?” he moaned, and you nodded, before whispering in his ear.
“take me back to your hotel room and i’ll show you.”
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uprootbasic · 15 days ago
Well now I need boyfriend material pics of Chris Evans😭😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
like imagine just driving around with him 🥺🥺
Tumblr media
ur with him at a convention or something and he stops to take to fans ugh i’m melting
Tumblr media
no thoughts just imagining cuddling in bed w him and dodger ajdjaksjjsak
Tumblr media
omg imagine getting this selfie from him 😭
Tumblr media
getting drunk w him is literally my dream bc he’d probably be super clingy and touchy OOF
Tumblr media
and lastly, i’d sell my kidney for a face time call with this man
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uprootbasic · 15 days ago
Hii i have this request in mind like Chris Evans x Actress! Singer! Reader like the reader and chris dated for 3y idk but they broke up but the reader always visit chris’ family bc she treated them like family aswell specialy when the reader’s parents died so she spend Christmas there or any occasions bc chris’ family invite her and when chris got a new gf the reader is kinda hurt bc she still love chris but she try to look like she doesn’t care but then she released her new song its called deja vu (by olivia rodrigo) and she release it to her bday so when the song is released the fans knew its abt chris bc of the new gf (chris’ fam doesn’t like the new gf and the fans kinda didn’t support them bc of the girl’s attitude) and chris’ family invites her over bc they want to show the reader something and when the reader got there they surprise her for her bday and congratulate her and turns out chris is there too with his new gf🤨and the reader knew chris’ new gf hated her bc of her look and scott called you all to the living room and watch the mv of the reader’s new song and when the mv ends scott and the fam congratuleted the reader and chris’ gf is giving the reader looks again and chris is noticing it and when the reader is in the kitchen alone getting something chris talk to her and congratulate her and chris’ new gf wrapped her arms around chris and chris tried to stop her to make a scene but she started a scene and scream at the reader but the reader cut her off and embarrassing her and the reader prove the new gf shes first not her (idk if that make sense lol) and the new gf leave(idk you can make her a random name so its not only “new gf”) and the reader and chris talk and they got back together, you can do wha you want at the end this is just so random bc i was listening to deja vu and advance thank you if you do my request! Stay safe! ❤️ and im so sorry if this is so long
Deja Vu
pairing: Chris Evans x singer!reader
warnings: parents death, major angst, fluff. 
a/n: thank you for the request! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You had known Chris since college, when you had met him in your communications class. You two had grown close quickly, and became best friends. 
He brought you home every Christmas Eve, before you would go home to your parents house on Christmas Day. You had always felt like a part of the family, so when your parents passed a way, you turned to him. 
You and your parents were driving home from a Christmas Day church service, when you were hit by a semi truck. It had completely totalled the car, and your parents had died on impact. You had been sitting in the back, and only had a broken leg from where your moms seat had been pushed back into it roughly. 
You had been pulled from the car and sat in a second ambulance, while your parents were transported in another. You knew you'd never forget watching that ambulance door close and drive away, knowing that was the last time you'd ever see them. 
When the police officers asked if there was anyone you could call, you didn't know what to do. Your parents were both only children, so you had no aunts, uncles or cousins. You were an only child too, so you had no siblings, and your grandparents had passed when you were little, your other ones passing before you were born. 
So when the officer asked you, you told him the Evans’ phone number. Lisa picked up on the second ring, and you tearfully explained what had happened as the shock wore off. She immediately said she’d meet you at the hospital, and not to worry, that she and Bob would take care of you. 
You were taken to the hospital and treated for your broken leg. Less than an hour after you arrived, Lisa arrived at the hospital with Chris in tow. They comforted you, and took you home with them. You stayed in Chris’s room for the first few days, and when you were given your own room, you still had a hard time sleeping alone, so Chris ended up in your bed with you most nights, not that he minded. 
You never went back to college, and instead turned to singing as a release from all the pain you were feeling. You started out posting covers on YouTube, and gradually progressed to getting a record deal with Interscope Records, which didn't surprise anyone who knew you. You had immense talent, and your parents used to tell you that they were counting down the days before you were a celebrity. 
Tumblr media
When Chris graduated college and told you he was moving to Los Angeles, he convinced you to come with him. Prices were high in LA, and he didn't want to be separated from you for too long, so you joined him. He got to be an actor, and you got to be a singer, which is what you both had wanted since you were younger. 
You went to every one of Chris’s movie premieres, and he attended as many of your live shows as he could. You supported him through all his relationships and his breakups, and played the middle man whenever he and Jenny would fight, up until the very end. You told yourself you did that because you just wanted what's best for him, but you both kind of knew that wasn't the reason at all. 
Throughout your time living together, you friendship grew, as did your feelings for each other. You'd be lying if you didn't have a small crush on him in college, and those feelings only grew as time went on, especially since the two of you decided to only get a one bedroom apartment. Mainly because it was cheap, but also because Chris made a decision a week after your parents death to never allow you to sleep alone because of the nightmares that would occur if he wasn't there.
So, when you won your first award for your first album, named ‘hand in hand’, he kissed you the second you came off the stage with your award in hand. It blew your mind that he felt the same, but you were happy nonetheless. You two began dating that night, and everything was perfect. 
Until, you were invited by 5 Seconds of Summer to be their opening act on their newest tour. You had agreed, and Chris let you go. You two had been dating for over 3 years, and you thought your relationship would be fine. 
You quickly realized however that that wasn't the case, when the two of you started fighting less than two weeks into the tour. The fights weren't anything major, more petty things like ‘did you change the Netflix password’ or ‘why did you take this piece of clothing, that was mine and it was my favourite.’ All around stupid fights. 
You had turned to Calum, who you were closest with, and he consoled you as much as you could. You realized however, that you couldn't be with Chris anymore when he drunk called you in the middle of the night while you were in the UK and got angry with you when you answered and told him to call you back in the morning when he was sober, to which he proceeded to brag that he slept with his co star at the time, Jessica Alba, you freaked out and ended things. 
You got a message from Jessica on instagram the next day letting you know that they did not sleep together, and that she was sorry he even said it. You assured her it was fine, and felt relief.
Relief because you got to the bottom of the situation, but also relief from your relationship. You didn't know what happened in those few weeks, but you knew the relationship was turning toxic, and you wanted to stop it before that happened. Neither you or Chris needed that. You told him you’d find a new place to live, and by the time tour ended, you bought yourself a house in Beverly Hills, and moved out of the apartment.
Chris moved out not long after, and bought his own house. He had tried to stay friends with you, but you didn't want that at that point in time. You were still hurting, and needed time to heal. 
Once you felt ready to date again, you were asked to be Calum’s date to the Peoples Choice Awards, you accepted. You knew Chris would be there, and you were hoping to talk to him, and maybe work it out. He had told you during the break up that he would always wait for you to come back, and that he still loved you, and always would. 
But you knew that wasn't the case when he showed up on the red carpet, with a new actress named Myra Woodfield. You had smiled at him, while trying not to break down inside, but he gave you a dirty look and rolled his eyes at you when Calum wrapped his arm around your waist for a picture. You furrowed your eye brows and took a good look at Myra. 
She looked almost exactly like you. Same build, same hair colour, same eye colour. The only difference is that she was slightly taller than you. You didn't know why he was replacing you, but it hurt. You pushed it out of your head however, and enjoyed the night with your best friend. 
Tumblr media
It was a few months later when you were awoken by the constant dinging of your phone. You unlocked it, and saw you had a lot of unread messages from Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, and your other best friend Ashe about Chris’s new movie trailer, you sighed. 
You watched the trailer, and sighed when it looked like a recreation of a bunch of moments in your relationship with him, only Myra was in your place. 
Your fans and some of Chris’s had commented on it, and Myra immediately became aggressive with them, and insulted them. She told them that you were a nobody who could make Chris happy, which she was glad about because she made him happy how. 
Within minutes of this happening the hashtag #cancelmyrawoodfield was trending on twitter. You shamelessly went through the tweets and like and retweeted a couple. Then an idea popped in your head.
With a quick google search, you had a plan. 
You had written a new song called Deja Vu after the peoples choice awards, and it was had been recorded a few weeks ago, and you just had to decide on a date to release it, and make a decision on the music video. Her birthday was in about 3 months, which gave you enough time to get everything in place to drop on her birthday. 
Was it evil? Yes. Did you care? Not really. Besides, you inherited your pettiness from your mother and you knew she’d be proud of you. You called your manager and label, and got it planned out. 
Tumblr media
When the new music video had been announced, Lisa called you and invited you home to watch it premiere with the family. You accepted, knowing Chris and Myra would be there, and that her birthday would get overshadowed by the release of your music video.
So, three weeks later, you were sitting with Lisa, Bob, Carly, Shanna, Scott, Chris and Myra in Lisa’s living room, waiting for the video to premiere.
Scott had picked you up at the airport earlier in the morning along with Carly and Shanna, and the four of you had a laugh about the face that no one acknowledged Myra’s birthday, not even Chris. It was mean, but no one liked her. 
Lisa absolutely hated her, but didn't want to upset Chris, so you got a call shortly after the PCA’s from her and the two of you ranted about her for a good two hours. 
You watched as the timer counted down from 10, and then the screen turned black. You took a deep breath and watched Chris out of the corner of your eye. 
You had searched for a while for a guy who looked similar to Chris, and you stumbled on Andrew Siwicki. He didn't look exactly like Chris, but it was close enough that everyone would know who the song was about if they didn't already. Andrew was a fan of Chris and hated Myra too, so he was more than glad to help you out. 
The music began to play, and you watched as the black screen faded in on two people walking along the beach, holding hands. 
“Car rides to Malibu Strawberry ice cream One spoon for two And trading jackets Laughing 'bout how small it looks on you,”
The next scene was a recreation of yours and Chris’s first date where you two had a picnic on the beach, and ended up splashing each other with the ocean water. Towards the end, everyone watched as Andrew picked you up and threw you into the water the same way Chris always did. 
You glanced at him, and could have burst into laughter at how uncomfortable Chris looked, but more importantly how angry Myra looked. 
“Watching reruns of Glee Being annoying Singing in harmony I bet she's bragging To all her friends, saying you're so unique, hmm,”
The next scene was you and Andrew (who was dressed as Ransom) on what appeared to be a recreation of the Knives Out set, running around with a dog that looked like Dodger chasing after you, the two of you laughing. The next shot was the two of you kissing behind a trailer, seemingly hiding from production. 
“So when you gonna tell her That we did that too? She thinks it's special But it's all reused That was our place, I found it first I made the jokes you tell to her when she's with you,”
The next scene was the two of you driving through Southern California, in a car that was almost identical to Chris’s. You two were laughing and singing along to the song, your hair whipping around you.
You took a deep breath, knowing this next scene would piss him right off.
“Do you get déjà vu when she's with you? Do you get déjà vu? (Ah), hmm Do you get déjà vu, huh?”
This scene was you, along with the rest of Chris’s family sitting around a living room that looked like the one you were in now, a Christmas tree full of presents in the corner. The camera panned across everyone as everyone was talking and settled on you and Andrew and the two of you recreated the scene where Chris whispered in your ear how much he loved you, and couldn't wait to start a family with you. 
“Do you call her Almost say my name? 'Cause let's be honest We kinda do sound the same,”
The screen showed you and Andrew saying goodbye at the airport, with 5 Seconds of Summer standing behind you. They weren't actually there when you left for tour, but Luke suggested it to piss Chris off, and you had agreed. 
Then there was a small montage of clips from tour, including a shot of Michael elbow dropping Ashton into a pool, which made everyone laugh, except Chris and Myra. The montage was followed up by you sitting on the floor of a dressing room and crying as you sent a text that said “I’m done.”
“Another actress I hate to think that I was just your type,”
Now you were on the red carpet, with Calum right beside you. You both were wearing the same clothes you wore on that night, you hair and makeup recreated perfectly. The camera unfocused on you as you turned and looked at Andrew and an actress named Alexa Morrison, who looked a lot like Myra, and they were recreating Chris and Myra’s actions perfectly. The camera swivelled around and came to rest pointing towards your face, as you looked in shock, and a single tear fell down your face. 
“I'll bet that she knows Billy Joel 'Cause you played her Uptown Girl You're singing it together,”
You were shown watching a movie trailer with Ashe sitting next to you, while you sobbed at what Alexa and Andrew were doing. You looked at the camera and began singing the song, while Ashe and everything else around you was frozen.
“Now I bet you even tell her How you love her In between the chorus and the verse (ooh) (I love you),”
You were sat on the bed in Chris’s red flannel that you had stolen before leaving for tour, and you were writing in the notebook aggressively with tears rolling down your face and singing.
“So when you gonna tell her That we did that too? She thinks it's special But it's all reused That was the show we talked about Played you the song she's singing now when she's with you,”
You were now being shown sitting on the couch, and watching Andrew run across the TV screen dressed as Captain America, an ice cream tub in your hand. You were wearing sweats and a t shirt, your hair in a messy bun.
“Do you get déjà vu when she's with you? Do you get déjà vu? Oh Do you get déjà vu?”
The camera circled around you before transitioning to the next scene. 
“Strawberry ice cream in Malibu Don't act like we didn't do that shit too You're trading jackets like we used to do (Yeah, everything is all reused),”
You were shown laying down in bed, and your eyes closing before an image of you and Andrew danced, dressed as Steve and Peggy in endgame, a scene Chris always told you the two of you would recreate one day. You had called Hayley and asked if it was okay, and she immediately said yes, and even came and watched you do the scene.
“Play her piano, but she doesn't know (oh, oh) That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel (oh) A different girl now, but there's nothing new (I know you get déjà vu),”
When your eyes opened, you were sitting at your piano, and playing while singing along. 
“I know you get déjà vu I know you get déjà vu,”
Suddenly, the piano disappeared, and you were left standing in an empty living room as the screen faded to black. 
The entire room burst into cheers as the video ended, except for Myra, who looked like she was going to murder you, and Chris who just clapped with a tight lipped smile. 
Tumblr media
Later that night after all the kids had gone to bed and Lisa was driving Bob home,  Scott had pulled you into the kitchen under the pretences of ‘helping him fix a drink’, which ended up just being the two of you gossiping about Chris and Myra, and the music video.
Suddenly, Chris walked in, and nodded for Scott to leave. You cleared your throat and ignored him.
“That was a good song, and an amazing music video.” He said. “I can see you're just getting more and more talented as time-” He began, as you rolled your eyes, and looked at him. 
“What do you want?” You asked bluntly. 
“I just wanted to congratulate you.” He said, and you were about to open your mouth, when Myra came slinking in the room with an evil look on her face. 
“Nice job, Y/N. I’m glad I could inspire your music video.” She said sarcastically, and you could tell Chris was about to defend you, but you opened your mouth first. 
“Well, I’m glad I had such a snake like bitch to draw inspiration from,” You said, and heard Scott, his siblings burst into laughter in the living room. Myra’s jaw dropped and she turned to look at him. You looked up at Chris, who was leaning up against the counter, and biting back a smile.
“You’re just going to let her talk to me like that?” She asked, and Chris sighed.
“Myra, don't start. Not now.” He said, she scoffed. 
“I knew you still loved her. Only a pathetic loser could love someone as ugly and untalented as her.” She spat, and Chris growled. You felt tears welling up in your eyes, and you ran out of the room, your drink abandoned on the counter. 
You ran into your bedroom, where you shut the door, and fell onto the bed in tears. 
Tumblr media
Back in the kitchen, Chris had gotten in Myra’s face, and was yelling.
“You need to leave. If you don't we’re going to call the cops.” He stated, and Myra rolled her eyes before storming out of the house. 
Scott turned back to Chris, and was shocked when he saw him in tears. 
“You need to work shit out with Y/N. It’s clear the two of you are still in love, and you need to figure it out as adults,” Scott said, his sisters nodding. Chris took a deep breath, and looked at your closed bedroom door.
Tumblr media
Chris walked up to your bedroom door, and took a deep breath before entering the room where he used to sleep in every night.
He opened the door, and saw you curled up in a ball on the bed, your body still shaking. He smiled sadly, and walked into the room, closing the door behind him. He sat on the bed behind you, and rubbed your back gently. 
“I’m sorry. Not just for what Myra said, but for everything. For breaking your heart, and for causing you so much pain. I didn't realize how much I was missing you too until we watched that music video and I saw how truly broken you were. I never noticed that before now. And I’m sorry I didn't. If I’d have, I could have fixed this sooner, and we could be together right now.” He said.
You furrowed your brows at his last sentence and sat up.
“W-What?” You asked, and Chris moved closer. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug. 
“I still love you. So so much.” He smiled, and a tear rolled down his face. “You're my entire world, and not having you here is slowly breaking me apart. I didn't know just how much until today, but I can't live another day without you.” He said. “I’m so sorry I hurt you baby.” He sobbed, and his head buried itself into your hair. Your body shook with sobs too, and you turned around to face him.
“I love you too.” You sobbed out. “I never should have ended things, but-” You said, but were cut off by Chris’s lips on yours, and you felt yourself melting into it.
He pulled away a few seconds later. “Don't. It was my fault, not yours. I am so sorry, and I am going to spend the rest of my life making up for it, I promise.” He said, as he stood the two of you up and led you out of the room, and to his.
“Where are we going?” You asked, and Chris pressed a kiss to your cheek.
“I have to grab something.” He said. He opened his closet, and grabbed something out of the top corner before turning to you. 
“I said I planned on spending the rest of my life making it up to you, and I plan on keeping that promise.” He said, as he got down on one knee. You gasped, as he opened the box and your dream engagement ring was inside. “I want you for the rest of my life, and the next. Will you marry me?” he asked, tears pouring down his face, just like yours.
You nodded enthusiastically, and Chris stood up. He placed the ring on your ring finger and scooped you up. “I love you,” You choked out, and Chris sobbed harder into you. 
“I love you too, and I’m never letting you go.”
Tumblr media
@nerdypinupcrystal @kpopgirlbtssvt
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mellowavengersstuff · 19 days ago
Peaceful dawn
As promised, here is my first blurb of the week according to the writing schedule. (Omg, she followed a plan for once! Incredible)
Summary: Chris has dragged you out of bed for a walk at daw, like he does every morning, like he has done a million times before. Today, something is different
Have a look at my masterlist and my taglist posts if you liked this :)
A/N: is anyone willing to do this for me. :)
Tumblr media
Chris is nervous. Realistically, he has no reason to be. He is on a walk with you, as he has been a million times before. He is holding hands with you, and you are helping each other up the harder parts of the trail, as you have a million times before. The dawn is peaceful and still, as is it every morning, as it has been a million times before. Everything is as it should be, nothing is different. At least, that what you presumed.
The trail is beautiful. The trees are tall, branches reaching out like crooked, gnarly, reaching high for the heavens. Said trees are just beginning to grow leaves, the small green buds bursting out of their stems, ready for spring. Daffodils are sprouting out of the fresh soil, opening their petals to the rising sun. There are leaves crunching under your feet as you walk in comfortable silence; a silence that can only be comfortable with you two, and no one else. The birds are singing their early morning songs, and you delight in hearing them twitter across the forest to one another. Nature is only just starting to wake up, after a long and cold winter. The weather has just began to turn around. The sun just beginning to peek out in the misty dawn of the new day.
And a new day it was.
“Are you okay honey?”
Chris is panting hard, perhaps more than this trail warrants. There are beads of sweat trickling down his face into his Fluffy, caramel-hued beard and he is blushing, his pale face sprinkled with a slight blush.
He smiles winsomely at you “I’m okay bubs, lets see if we can get to the top, yeah?”
Getting to the top of the trail means a sense of achievement. Endorphins rushing, telling you that you did it, an exhilarative air about you as you stand on top of the forest-covered mountain top looking at your breath-taking surroundings. The first pink glimmers of dawn can be seen across the tops of a sea of mist and clouds that filter the sunlight into direct, golden rays all around and behind you.
As you turn, the sight that greets you, is more beautiful than your dewy morning surroundings. It is Chris on his knees, his face illuminated by one of the unbroken rays of sunlight. In his hands, lie a ring inside a ring box. Your hands fly to your chest, and you gasp, the breath being delightedly ripped from your lungs.
“Y/N, I love you, more than anything I have ever known and experienced. Will you marry me?”
And it only takes one word from you for his face to break into a wildly exhilarated grin and to rush towards you, lifting you up and twirling you around in the quiet and peaceful dawn, in your enamoured happiness.
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uprootbasic · 21 days ago
Skin to Skin
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: You get overwhelmed at Disney World, and Chris helps you the only way he can think of.
Warnings: angst, fluff, anxiety attack, skin to skin contact.
A/N: Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Chris could tell you were at your limit.
In truth, you had been at your limit for a few hours, but Chris didn't realize until it was too late.
Once Happily Ever After's closing music had started to fade, you could feel his large hand on your lower back, and leading you away from the crowd while grounding you at the same time. He stopped briefly to talk to his parents, to let them know the two of you were leaving, before he was guiding you towards the exit once more.
By the time you two had reached the bus stop and found your resort line, he had wrapped his arm your waist and tucked you into his side, while pressing the occasional kiss to your temple. Shakily, you wrapped your arms around his as more people joined the line behind you.
By the time the bus had pulled up, your head had been buried in his neck and you were on the verge of tears. Every little noise felt insanely loud, and your loose flowing shirt felt about 10 times too tight on your torso, and you fisted your hands into his shirt to prevent yourself from ripping it off.
Chris wrapped his other arm around you, and guided you up the stairs of the bus, and into the very back corner of the upper section. He sat you down before sliding the backpack off his shoulders and setting it at his feet. He sat down himself, and ruffled through the backpack for your AirPods. He cursed under his breath when he couldn't find them. He must have left them at the hotel. He tapped his pockets and cursed again when he realized he didn't have his either.
He wrapped his arms around you again, his hand covering your exposed ear. "Shh," He whispered into your hair when he felt you shake slightly. "We'll be there soon." He said, and you nodded weakly.
When the bus P.A. system announced they had arrived at the Polynesian Resort where you were staying, you almost jumped out of your skin, burrowing deeper into Chris. You felt your tears spill over, and you did nothing to stop them. Chris felt your body start shaking while wrapped up in his bigger one, and knew he had to get you off the bus.
He slung the backpack over his shoulder and helped you stand up. He politely pushed his way through to the front of the bus, ignoring the glares of the other parents. Maybe cutting in front of them wasn't the best thing to do, but you were his main priority at that moment.
The doors slid open, and Chris helped you off the bus. "It's okay, we're almost there," he said softly as he walked through the doors of the lobby.
You felt your chest start to tighten, and you choked out a sob. Chris swore under his breath, and all but ran through the lobby to get to the elevator. The doors closed behind him and you let the dam break, clinging to him for dear life. He could hear the short shallow breaths coming from your lips, and the pained cries at the pain in your chest. Maybe taking the stairs would have been better than bringing you into a small metal box mid-anxiety attack.
"I know, baby. I know. We're almost there, few more seconds," He whispered in your ear, trying not to break down himself. The doors beeped open seconds later, and Chris rushed out, practically running down the hallway. He swiped his magic band over the door, and opened it when the light turned green. He let the bag drop from his shoulder and set you on the ground.
That was a bad decision, because your legs crumbled under you, and you fell to the floor. "Shit!" Chris exclaimed, and dropped to his knees in front of you. He saw your hands pulling at your shirt, and he all but ripped his off, before helping you out of yours, wanting nothing more than to stop the pain you were feeling.
He leaned back against the now closed hotel door, and pulled you into his lap.
The second your almost bare torso came into contact with his, your breathing began to even out, and he could practically feel the anxiety drip away from your body. He ran his hand up and down your back to soothe you, and coming up to brush hairs out of your face.
The two of you sat there for a few minutes, until your breathing had completely evened out, and he could feel you falling asleep. He stood up with you in his arms and took you into the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet and began to fill up the tub, his hands playing with your hair while it filled up. He reached over to the sink and found a bath bubble container and poured it into the running water, the Sea Marine scent filling up the small space.
Chris careful undressed you, before sitting you on the toilet seat and undressing quickly, the stress of your cries from being separated from him spurring him on. "It's okay baby, I'm right here," He said, pulling you back into his arms once he wrestled his boxers off his legs.
He lifted you off and stepped into the warm and inviting water of the tub. You nuzzled into his neck, a small smile appearing on your lips that didn't go unnoticed by Chris.
Chris didn't say anything, rather reaching over to the cup beside the sink. He filled it up with the warm water and gently pouring over your body, his body relaxing when he felt you humming in calmness.
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kiwisomething · 3 months ago
Crying & Hugs
Summary: Chris learns you aren’t a big crier or hugger.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader
Tumblr media
“How often do you cry?” The interviewer asked.
Chris groaned going slack in his seat. He rolled his eyes.
“I feel like that was directed to me,” Chris said.
“‘Cause most have been,” you said matter of factly.
“Don’t cry over it,” Chris teased.
“You’ll never see me cry, you big baby,” you said.
“I am a big baby. I cry over everything,” Chris admitted.
“I’m glad I wasn’t around,” you said.
“Why do you say that?” The interviewer asked.
“Cause I wouldn’t know what the fuck to do. Most people would run and try and comfort him. I’d run the fuck away,” you said. “The fuck am I supposed to do?”
“A hug would suffice,” Chris said looking at you.
“I don’t do hugs,” you said starting to play with the rings you have on your fingers.
“She gets all stiff and tense when I hug her,” he said pointing at you. “Or whoever hugs her and she gets this look of fear in her eyes.”
“Yeah, cause it’s a very compromising position,” you said. “How the fuck am I supposed to know you aren’t gonna murder me? Or attack me?”
Your costar can’t help but laugh.
“Why would I attack you?” He asked.
“Bitch, how am I supposed to know your motives? That’s the detective’s job to find out when they find my body and for you to know,” you said getting them to crack up.
“Is this what you really think about?” Chris asked.
“Don’t try and understand me. It’s a waste of time,” you said.
“Y/n, how often do you cry?” The interviewer asked before Chris could deny your claims.
“Once a year,” you said. “And I’m not counting the times for filming.”
“How?” Your costar asked.
“It’s called concealing and not feeling, Christopher,” you said. “Don’t let them know.”
“D- Did you just quote Frozen?” Chris asked.
“Yeah. The ice Queen is my idol,” you said.
“Oh my god,” he said.
“She’s just like me! She closes people off and she makes a castle out of ice on a mountain. She’s living the dream,” you said.
“That’s not the point of the movie,” Chris argued.
“Shut the fuck up and don’t argue with me,” you said. “‘Cause I will physically fight you, Christopher.”
“What will get you to cry?” He asked.
“I’m not revealing that,” you said.
“What about puppies dying?” Chris asked.
“Stop trying to have an emotional connection with me,” you said with a tilt of your head.
“Can I not... deepen our friendship?” he asked looking you in the eyes but you won’t look back.
“No,” you said flatly. “You can not.”
“Why not?” Chris asked.
“I don’t find it to be a good idea,” you said.
“Why?” he questioned.
“I’m not answering that on camera,” you said.
“Fine, but know you aren’t getting away so easily,” the blue eyed actor said.
And just as Chris said, he’s not going to let you dodge him. You tried so hard. It’s already been an overwhelming day for you and you don’t want to deal with him and his questions. You don’t understand why he’s trying so hard to get you open up and so pushy when he wasn’t like that onset with you. But then again you barely had any scenes with him and you two just happened to be partnered up for the press tour. Now, Chris wormed his way into your hotel room. He even has his pushy self holding you against his chest. He won’t being going anywhere anytime soon.
“Why are you doing this?” You asked.
You’re soon met with his chest and he held you tightly against him. Your arms got caged in between the both of you. You tried fighting back but he isn’t letting you go.
“Can you let—?” You asked.
“Nope,” Chris said. “Not until you hug me back.”
You don’t. You stayed tense in his arms. You started biting your bottom lip and feeling overwhelmed in his arms. You aren’t the greatest with touch especially if it’s not for a role or there’s a reason for it.
“Are you crying?” Chris asked.
You shook your head no but sure enough there’s tears rolling down your cheeks. He put his left hand on your cheek and gently wiped away the tear with his thumb. He feels that your jaw is tightly clenched under his hand.
“Are you gonna hug me back?” Chris asked.
You shook your head no making him smile just a bit at your stubbornness. More tears came and you pressed half of your face into the center of his chest. You closed your eyes tightly and held yourself. Chris stood there with you in the middle of the hotel room as you cried quietly.
It’s a good ten minutes before Chris feels your arms wrapped his waist. He smiled so wide and his heart just bursted into warmth.
“Do you want me to let go?” He asked quietly.
“No,” you mumbled.
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blacktithe7 · 4 months ago
The Most Miserable Time of the Year (Chris Evans x Reader)
Title: The Most Miserable Time of the Year
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: The prospect of a white Christmas does not have everyone in the Evans household thrilled.
Word Count: 1400
Warning: language
Author’s Note: Hey guys! I know I’ve been away for a while, and I’m sorry. There has been a lot going on in novel land, so I haven’t had much time for fic writing. I hope this makes up for it. Merry Christmas! 
This story is not beta’d.
Image not mine
Tumblr media
Soft light floated in from the partially open curtains covering the windows that made up the northernmost wall of the bedroom. Chris gave a muffled groan and squeezed his eyes shut. He rolled away from the window. Why is the curtain open? He extended his arm to find nothing but cold sheets beside him. Chris peeked one eye open. Then the other.
Chris pressed himself up onto his elbows and looked around the room. It wasn’t often he woke up without a dog in his face or his girl by his side. It made the room feel lifeless and set Chris’s stomach on edge.
Rolling the other direction, Chris stretched an arm towards the floor to gather his discarded sweat pants and shirt from the night before. He pushed back the duvet and swung his legs over the side of the bed to pull up his pants. He slid feet into his house shoes before throwing his henley on and making his way into the hall to search for his missing bedfellows.
The silence filling the house was unnerving. Scott’s loud voice wasn’t echoing off the rafters. There was no distinctive tap, tap, tap of puppy claws on wood floors. He couldn’t even hear the TV playing those cheesy holiday movies Y/N loved so much. It was just silence.
“Babe?” he called as he reached the end of the hall.
“In here,” a gruff voice replied. 
Chris followed the unhappy sound of his girlfriend’s voice around the corner to the living room.
 She was curled up in a ball on the far side of the couch beside the fireplace, watching the rapidly falling snow transform the world outside into a winter wonderland. She wore one of his stolen sweaters over a pair of black, fleece-lined leggings with what he had to guess was at least two pairs of fuzzy socks, but it was hard to say for sure since she had shoved her toes under Dodger resting peacefully beside her. The way she huddled around her mug of cocoa like it was the only source of warmth left in the world made the corner of Chris’s mouth curve upward in amusement.
She looked adorable.
“You okay, babe?”
The sharp tone made him shrink back half a step.
“What’s wrong?”
The look in her eyes reminded Chris of the moment in a horror movie where the possessed girl’s shifts her focus to the doubting priest moments before something bad happened. In his case, Chris was waiting to burst into flames.
“Come to Massachusets,” she said, in a low parody of Chris’s voice. “This way we won’t have to spend so much time apart. It will be great.” She scoffed.
Carefully, Chris took a seat on the opposite side of Dodger. He gave his dog a scratch on the head before turning his attention back to his girlfriend.
“I thought you liked it here?”
“I do. It’s just - not what I expected.”
“Bubba,” Chris ordered.
Dodger lifted his head to look at his father. Chris nodded towards the bed in front of the fireplace. Dodger looked from the bed to him and back again before tilting his head questioningly. Chris looked at the bed and raised his eyebrows. The dog heaved a dramatic sigh before hopping off of the couch and flopping onto his bed with a huff.
Drama queen.
Chris slide a little closer to Y/N on the couch, resting his hand on her knee.
“What were you expecting?”
“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “Getting a taste of everyday life with you? A whole year of fuzzy sock weather?” They chuckled. Chris ran his thumb back and forth across her knee, urging her to go on. She gestured towards the rapidly falling snow through the large picture windows. “Then this noreaster hit, and now it’s like the freaking arctic out there. You know, I thought it would be a good idea to take Dodger for his walk this morning. Let you sleep in a little after you got in so late from filming. I put on three layers and still nearly froze my tits off. Fuck! I’m still freezing.” She started counting on her fingers. “I took a shower so hot I looked like a lobster when I got out. I built I fire. And I’ve had three cups of cocoa. How do you people live like this?!”
Chris bit down on his lower lip to suppress his laughter. Sliding a little closer, Chris pulled her legs across his body until she was practically sitting in his lap. She wrapped her arms around his torso and dropped her head onto his shoulder.
“And then, to top it all off, your brother basically moved into the spare bedroom. Don’t get me wrong. I love Scott. You know I do. But between the lack of private time and the two of you constantly trying to scare each other, I’m about to lose my fucking mind!”
The laugh Chris had been trying to hold in throughout her tirade erupted from his mouth. His head fell back against the couch as he pulled Y/N in tight against his chest. A muttered grumble drew his attention. 
“What was that?”
Y/N sighed. Releasing her hold on his torso, she took Chris’s face in both of her hands and gazed lovingly into his ocean blue eyes. 
“I was all excited about us spending our first Christmas together. Just you and me. Letting you unwrap me under the tree.” 
He smirked.
“Kind of hard to get tangled in the tinsel when it is you, me, and your brother.”
Chris let out a slow exhale through his nose and nodded in agreement.
This was not what he had imagined their first Christmas in his home would be like either. He’d wanted to take her on his family’s annual Disney trip before bringing her home for a private celebration. He was going to wine and dine her on Christmas Eve before taking her on a walk through the lights so he could give her the present he’d chosen months ago.
He grazed the backs of his fingers along her cheek. Y/N closed her eyes and leaned into the intimate touch.
“Don’t let me keep you all from fuckin’.”
The couple’s heads snapped toward the kitchen on the far side of the open space to see Scott pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge.
“Not like I haven’t heard you all before.”
Y/N vaulted over the back of the couch and sprinted towards Scott before Chris even realized she’d moved.
“Oh, shit,” Scott uttered before darting down the hall.
“Oh, no you don’t,” Y/N threatened as she reached for the hood hanging off the back of Scott’s top.
Chris watched them disappear around the corner and shook his head as he laughed. He looked towards the fire to see Dodger watching them with what Chris could only guess was an unamused expression.
“I know, right?” Chris asked.
Dodger lowered his head to rest on his paw and closed his eyes. Somewhere in the house, Chris heard his brother shout in mock horror when Y/N finally caught up to him.
Chris listened to his brother wail in laughter between gasping pleas for Y/N to stop tickling him. Chris shook his head and turned his attention back to the world outside.
Y/N was right. This year was not what Chris had expected, but he didn’t regret it. Having his brother and his best girl with him had made this whole shit show of a year a bit easier somehow. He snuck a glance at a small, brightly wrapped Tiffany’s box hidden in the branches at the back of the tree. It was almost invisible among the colored bobbles and sparkling lights, but you could see it if you knew where to look. The sight brought a smile to his face. Afterall, there was nothing saying Chris couldn’t still give Y/N the gift that had been burning a hole in his pocket for so long.
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