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#chris evans interracial
mejacinta · 6 months ago
Can we just talk about how 'progressive' Leonardo Dicrapio, Justin Timberlake & Chris Evans evidently like black women, but can't admit it?
Is it bad for their money? I mean, I thought this was the era of 'coming out'. 😌
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speakingofmari · 9 months ago
⤿ tuyo, andy barber
⤿ inspired by tuyo by romeo santos
⤿ part 2 to odio
⤿ warnings: fluff!
He left his desk scattered with notebooks, pencils, and official documents when he’d gotten the call. He was in shock, he was nervous, scared, even.
The attorneys, paralegals, and other legal figures were immensely confused when they saw the district attorney zoom out of the building with no thought or explanation whatsoever. Even Neal was a bit concerned, and his hatred for Andy ran long and deep.
He now drove speedily down the highway in his sleek, black Audi. The traffic laws he usually obeyed were paid no mind as he veered throughout the multiple different lanes.
Beside him, his phone rang off the hook from Ophelia’s mother and sister, wondering how far he was. He managed to tell them that he was only a few more minutes away, as he made a swift turn into the local hospital’s parking lot.
The eager man quickly stopped the engine and flew out of the vehicle. His feet moved quickly against the pavement as he rushed towards the double automatic doors.
When he arrived, he was greeted by kind receptionists who directed him to his wife’s room with no problem and no hesitation. The receptionist, who was an older lady with black hair that was slowly graying and warm brown eyes, patted his shoulder gently when they stood outside of the room. “Congratulations. They’re truly a blessing.”
Andy thanked her and nodded. He knocked on the door, expressing from the other side that he was the husband and father, and the doctor immediately let him in.
“Andy, finally. How are you, honey?” Ophelia’s mother, Ruby spoke as she stood to her feet to greet her son half way. Ruby was a loving soul who welcomed Andy in as her own, knowing his situation with his parents. Ophelia’s father was the same way, becoming the only father Andy needed.
“Nervous,” Andy breathed, moving to greet Ophelias’s sister, Tristyn. “Hey, Tris.”
Andy then moved over to the white hospital bed where Ophelia lay seemingly comfortable given the circumstances. Her dark hair was put into two braids, curtesy of her sister, and her face was curtained with a thin sheen of sweat. Her eyes were closed and her chest heaved up and down.
The attorney walked over to the hospital bed with his hands in his pockets. When he was close enough to Ophelia, he retrieved his hand from his pocket and brushed her soft skin with his fingers gently.
His simple action caused Ophelia’s heavy eyelids to crack open. A small smile formed on her lips as she lifted her hand to him. Andy brought her hand in his and placed a delicate kiss on it.
“Hey, my lovely,” he whispered gently. “our girl’s gonna be here soon.”
Ophelia’s smile grew wider and wider, and she nodded. “I’m ready, nervous, but ready.” She was about four meters dilated, which meant depending on how desperate their baby was to get out, they could be waiting a while.
“Me, too.”
“Leilani,” Ophelia sang gently as she rocked her newborn baby in her arms. She blinked her tired eyes multiple times, forcing herself to stay awake as she tried to her her baby girl to go down for a nap.
Leilani whined, twisting in her mother’s arms. Her eyes we’re screwed shut and little tears peaked from the corners of her eyes. Ophelia threw her hair back in frustration. While she loved her daughter tremendously, she just wanted to sleep.
The fatigue she and Andy felt was astronomical. They knew being parents was hard work, but it was a different ball game when they had to experience it first hand.
“C’mon, go down for Mama, please,” Ophelia pleases as if the baby could understand or respond.
“I’ll take her.” Andy’s voice startled her, but she immediately relaxed and quietly said thanks to God before moving to hand Leilani to her father.
It amazed Ophelia how similar they looked. Leilani possessed some of Ophelia’s features; her brown skin, dark coily hair, and light dimples, but Andy’s features seemed to be more prominent. Such as the slender nose, light eyes, and cheeky smile.
“Hey,” Andy greeted, kissing Ophelia on the cheek. “go get some rest.”
Ophelia gave him a look, but he shooed her out of the nursery. She threw her hands up in surrender then trudged out of the room. It didn’t take long before she was passed out in their bed.
Hours later, Ophelia trudged out of the bedroom and back to the nursery, where Andy was rocking Leilani as she stared at him in wonder.
“Hi,” Ophelia said as she stepped into the nursery. Andy’s head sprung up and his blue eyes met her see brown ones.
“Sleep well? You were out for a while.”
She nodded and smiled. Her body was so tired. She’d given birth a little over three weeks prior but her body was still in recovery mode, and pumping milk, breastfeeding, and rocking a child was a high intense workout she did multiple times everyday.
“Yeah. How was work?”
“It was pretty good, kind of slow but I won’t complain. Got out with minimal work left over.” Though he was speaking to his wife, Andy’s eyes were on their daughter. He was so in awe of her existence and words could’ve even describe how grateful he was that Ophelia brought a beautiful life into the world.
“Oh,” Andy said. “got something for Lani. In the bag right there.”
Ophelia bent down to grab the small white bag by his feet and opened it curiously. She awed softly as she pulled a little gold bracelet out of the bag.
The gold bracelet was slender and simple, but there was a little plate on it that read Lovie. They had called Leilani that up until they found the name that fit her—and that was just around the time Ophelia was about to give birth.
“It’s so beautiful...”
“I know she won’t be able to wear it for a while, but now she has something to match yours.” Andy eyes the necklace that rested against Ophelia’s chest. She never took it off. “My lovelies.”
Ophelia moves to caress Leilani’s cheek as she kisses her husband gently. “I love you. Both of you.”
“We love you, too.”
definitely isn’t as good as the first but..
@parlous-propinquity @prettypleasestyles @lostinshawnsmemory @thotmendes @blackmissfrizzle
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jenni42085 · 10 months ago
Nervous <Five>
Chapter 5
Between the motion of the car, the amount of alcohol in her system, and the warmth from Chris and his jacket Lena was fast asleep by the time they arrived to Chris’ house. 
“Lena.”  He gentle shakes again. “Lena. We are home.”  As he starts to lift her from the car she finally stirs. She tries to fight him but he holds her firmly to his chest. “Just relax. You are ok. I’m not going to drop you.”
“Ok. Just be careful. Don’t hurt yourself I’m not a skinny mini.” 
Chris chuckles and kisses the side of her head his beard gently rubs against her skin. “I won’t drop you. I’ve carried much heavier things than you.  Just enjoy the ride.”
Once they are inside his house he gently places her on the oversized plush gray couch.  He lets Dodger out then joins her in the couch.  She reaches out and strokes his hair and beard playfully, “I like the longer hair and the beard.”  He nods and kisses her finger tips. 
With out any prompts she snuggles closer to him and gives him a kiss on the neck while stroking his hair that he had grown out for Infinity War.  He runs his hands up her torso and pulls her closer. “You smell really nice. You know that?”
He pulls his face away from her and gives him a smile, “Well thank you. I can say the same thing about you.”
Lena runs her hand up his chest and takes a deep breath. “I need to change would you mind unzipping me?”  It was an innocent request but the look in her eyes and the way she bit her bottom lip was saying anything but innocent. 
She sits up and pulls her ponytail down runs her fingers through her hair and fixes it to her classic messy bun. Chris quickly sat up behind her and slowly unzips her dress.  The cool air from the fabric separating causes goosebumps to raise on Lena’s back. It’s now or never. 
In a bold move that Chris never saw coming, Lena lets the dress fall to the ground pooling at her feet. Leaving her in a nude colored strapless bra and lace panties.  She seductively looks over her shoulder to see if was gauging Chris’ earlier reactions correctly.  By the look on his face currently she did a good job and still has it.  Good. 
He pulls her back on the couch with him, he lifts her chin up so she has to focus her eyes on his.  She boldly tugs his long hair  down pulling him to her eager mouth. A small moan escapes her causing Chris to groan and flip her on her back. 
Chris looks down at her beautiful brown skin and admires the soft curves of her body. He is finally seeing more of her hidden tattoos. His hand travels down the left side of her rib cage landing on the tattoo. “What does that mean?”
She sheepishly looks up at him, “Wakanda forever.”  He smiles when he realizes how much of a nerdy girl she is. While Chris was admiring her body realization hit her like a ton of bricks.  "Please don’t hurt me," Lena stuttered through a few hiccups that hit her briefly, as she ran her hands through his soft dark brown hair.
"I won't," he promised, as he slowly pulled off her nude lace panties. He stared into her face as he slowly traveled down to a particular place between her legs. He could hear her breathing heavily as he slowly licked and kissed his way down her silky smooth body. He finally got to her most private area.  She immediately began to moan and twist underneath his assault, but he held her legs firmly with his arms. He knows she has had a rough year and, now he just wanted her to feel pleasure. To relax. 
He swiveled his tongue up and down and in and out of her sweet love nest. “Chris…oh," he heard her whisper, as her legs began to tremble and breathing became erratic. She started coming and twisting in the sheets as he continued to enjoy her.  I might die a happy woman.  
When she was done trembling, Chris released her legs and removed his shirt.  He looked down at her beautiful body once again. She is still glistening from whatever lotion Edna had her put on.  She reaches for his belt to return the favor but he stops her hand.  He kisses her hand and says, “Not tonight, this is about you.  I want you to feel relaxed, happiness, and so much pleasure that you might explode.”
“Are you sure?”  She asks in a husky voice.  
“I’m positive.  My only real request is that you just stay in my bed tonight with me.”  
She quietly observes his face while thinking about his request.  She is digging the beard and the longer hair he is sporting especially with it brushed back.  He looks like a rugged man with his amazingly blue eyes and extremely plump  and kissable lips who by the way his oral sex game is, might make feel like a new woman.  It has been a year plus since she has had any sexual interaction that wasn’t battery operated.  
Chris is waiting for her response hoping that he didn’t offend her by stopping her actions, he would love to take her to bed and have his way with her but, he wants her to know that he is and will always be a gentleman.  He gave her much pleasure because she deserves it and he had to admit to himself there is nothing sexier than watching her writher and moan his name.  Her kisses were addictive and filled with so much passion, not to mention her touch made his body feel like he was on fire and he was afraid he wouldn’t last with her the first time. 
“I’ll stay with you in your bed but. . . “
“I will respect you and what ever demands you have.  I’ll never overstep any boundaries with you.  But I just want you near me tonight.  Is that ok?”  He gives her the most sincere look that she honestly couldn’t say no to even if she wanted to.  
She nods and he kisses her again.  He nips her neck and she squeals as he scoops her up with one arm and throws her over his shoulder.  “Hey!  This isn’t fair!  I agreed to sleep but I don’t need you carrying me.”
Chris gives her a playful swat on her nude booty. “Shhh just relax.  And you said your feet hurt, just trying to help you out.”  He carefully lays her on the bed.  She sits on the edge of the bed as she watches Chris undress, watching him undress was an amazingly sexy strip tease. 
He leaves the room, leaving Lena on the bed in one of his gray Henley shirts he handed her.  She looks around the room and feels cozy. Seeing as he was taking so long to come back to bed she decides to remove her make up and pulls her hair down and braids it into a pretty side braid. 
Chris comes back in the room with a beer for him and a wine cooler for her. He stops and does a double take as she is sitting in the middle of the bed in his shirt with a small smile.  “I know Edna made you look amazing tonight but you look sexy right now in nothing but my shirt on.”
“Well thank you.” She replies with a blush as she takes the drink from his hand.  “It feels very comfortable.  Trying to keep me buzzed?”
“Nah, just figured the night was still young and no need to stop drinking just yet.”
“This is true.”
The rest of the night the two kissed, talked, and drank. True to his word he didn’t have sex with Lena.  However he did manage to make her moan his name a few more times before snuggling her close to him.  
His theory was to make her cum so hard and so much that she would be completely exhausted and just sleep soundly and peacefully all night.  By the sound of the tiny snore that escaped her, he had succeeded in making her feel good. He smiles as he brushes a strand of hair out of her face. 
Dodger looks over at Chris and wags his tail.  “Whatcha think buddy?  Is she a keeper?”  He whispered to the dog who walked to his side of the bed and gave a few loud barks. Chris quickly jumps up to silence the dog. “Shhh buddy, don’t want to scare her awake.”
He looks over at Lena to make sure she was still asleep, thankfully she was, even though the sound made her jump and she moved closer to him. The chill of the room makes goosebumps on his arms so he pulls the plush comforter over the both of them. He turns off the lights and his alarm so they could both sleep in. This is nice. 
Lena woke up feeling so well rested she couldn’t remember the last time she woke up feeling that way.  She stretched her arms over her head a small yawn came out and felt wide awake.  Looking around the room she notices that Chris and Dodger were gone. On the night stand was a bottle of blue Gatorade and a bottle of Tylenol. How thoughtfully. Thankfully she didn’t need the medicine but greedily drank the Gatorade since she was so thirsty. 
After finishing the Gatorade she finally decides to search out where Chris went to. For someone who didn’t want her to sleep in her own room she figured that he would wait for her to wake up. She walks into the living room and sees her dress still in a pool of fabric on the floor. Seeing and thinking about everything that happened last night and this morning make her blush. 
What a night. I hope he doesn’t regret it. Not only was the oral sex amazing just spending time, being held, and genuinely get to know him was great. She walks past her room to the kitchen hoping to find Chris there. Shockingly she doesn’t see him or Dodger there. Assuming he went for an errand she grabs the morning paper off the porch and gets her phone.
She does a quick phone call to her mom to check on Eevee and them. Thankfully everything is ok at home and her mom tells her a few more days and Eevee would be with her so stop worrying so much. Marylea has sent her a few texts that make her chuckle:
Marylea 6:45am: Good morning girlie!  I saw your snap and you look absolutely beautiful!  
Marylea 7:06am: Mr. Evans really did something to you if you aren’t already up. 
Marylea 8:27am: Omg!  You actually kissed him!! How big is it? 
Attached with the last text was a picture of Chris and Lena dancing and in a major lip lock.  They do look beautiful and very happy with each other. I wonder who all has seen this? Before she could totally react, Chris and Dodger come in with a beverage carrier and a brown bag that presumably has food in it. 
“Hey!  You are up!  How are you feeling?”  He asks cheerfully as he sets the bag of food on the coffee table in front of her and give her a kiss on the side of the head. 
She greets him a warm smile and closes her conversation on her text with out replying mainly because she isn’t sure of what to reply just yet. “I’m actually feel great. I haven’t slept that good in a long time.”  He sits down next to her and she suddenly feels under dressed and bashful because she was still in his shirt. 
“I figured you would sleep in for a little bit so I got you a bagel and scrambled eggs with a Chai Latte.  Is that ok?”  He asks feeling oddly calm and relaxed. She nods her head and he looks at her expression. Something is wrong. “Lena, are you ok?”
Lena shrugs her shoulders, no point in hiding this from him. “Well yes and no. Here look.”  She hands him her phone and shows him the picture. “Is this ok?”
He pulls the phone from her hand then looks at the picture and then back to her. “Is what ok?”  Chris was oblivious to the fact that Lena wasn’t use to candid pictures being taken would end up in the press. Also she wasn’t sure if this was part of their agreement. 
“Us.  Like I get you wanted a date for a couple functions but . . . “ Lena pauses and looks at him for some understanding before having to explain it all. “Was the picture and last night planned or was it like you maybe being attracted to me. Not to mention when you . . . “ she trails off and looks down at her hands and blushes. 
Chris stays silent for a second longer then what Lena would have liked and quickly gets embarrassed then retreats to her room. “Lena!  Come back here.”
Lena lets a few tears fall. He is just using me. She strips down then jumps into the shower trying to wash his scent off of her skin. How could I be so stupid to believe he might have actually liked me. As the hot water washes over her hair and body she lets out a few more tears.  She takes her time and washes and conditions her hair letting it return to her normally curly texture. 
Chris sits there in shock for a moment or two after Lena had retreated to her bedroom. He likes her a lot, anything done between the two of them is because he genuinely likes her not for the cameras. Unsure of what to do to make things right or to have her understand he goes to her room and waits for her to come out. 
“Chris, what are you doing in here?”  Lena asks in a shocked voice. Seeing Chris on her bed was the last thing she expected. 
“Well, I live here and we need to talk.” He says with a grin. 
“No, we don’t. I over stepped my boundaries and over thought the situation.  I’m sorry.”
He gets up and steps closer to her, instinctively she grabs her towel closer and tighter. Feeling him so close makes her nipples hard for him to touch her like he did last night.  Chris admires her fresh out the shower look; her cheeks and nose are rosy red from the hot shower, her normally straight hair has been replaced with beautiful, black curly hair. 
She tried to go around him to get dressed but he blocked her. “No, we are going to talk this out.  I didn’t plan for our picture to be taken last night. Honestly, I had no clue until you showed me.”  He runs his hands down her arms to gain her attention again. “I’m very attracted to you. Last night when you moaned my name as I gave you pleasure I adored it.”  
Her eyes went from sadness to pure and utter surprise.  “Really?”
“Yes really. Why did you think I stopped us from going all the way last night?”  Lena shrugs. “I like you but I didn’t want our first time not being like that since I haven’t taken you out in a proper date yet.”
“Ohhh Chris. You are so sweet.  I like you also.” She sheepishly admits. 
“So will you finish getting dressed and come enjoy breakfast with me please?” He looks down at her and lightly strokes her cheek. 
She leans into his hand and nods. “Yes, just let me finish getting ready.”
“Keep your hair curly. I like it, it suits you better.”
“Can do.” She gives him a quick peck on the shower. “Glad you like it.” He smiles down at her as she playfully shoved him towards the door and locks it behind him. He likes me!  Omg omg omg. What do I do now? She does a small happy dance and continues getting ready for the day ahead. 
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jenni42085 · 10 months ago
Nervous <Four>
Chapter 4
 “Chris, thanks so much for today. Like you have no idea how much you have saved my butt today.” She says after they dropped off Marylea at her house.
 “It honestly was nothing.” He replies with a shrug.
 “No, it was something majorly from the spa, the dress, and now letting Eevee and me stay with you for a while. I don’t know how to ever repay you.”
 He reaches over and grabs her hand at the stop light and gives it a squeeze as their fingers intertwine. They both won’t admit it but they both are enjoying the feel of each other’s hands. “I know how you can repay me.”
 Lena turns to look at him as his eyes are still on the road. “What?”  Her body clearly being tense by the uncertainty of his answer.  
 “Just relax and enjoy yourself. Please?”
 “I am relaxed.”
 “Lena . . . “ he pauses, “you might have let your guard down a little bit, but you still look like you haven’t slept a full night without tossing and turning in a while.”
 Lena's eyes get wide then slightly shocked, "How can you tell?"
 Chris gives her a reassuring squeeze.  "Because I was like that for a while.  I still have issues but not as frequent as before, I can't imagine raising a one year old alone. I doubt that it lets you sleep in or all night."
 "Yeah it has been a long time but, what can I really do?  My therapist thinks this time away from Eevee and West Virginia should help my sleep pattern or lack there of but who knows."
 He nods his head understanding the internal struggle.  "Well, if you need someone here to talk to I can have a lady I talk with come speak wit you.”
 "I might have to take you up on that one." Lena replies wondering if she has been making any progress at getting better.
 The rest of the ride was in a comfortable silence, while their hands were still intertwined.  This is nice.  They both thought as they soon pull up to Chris' house.
 “So we are here.” Chris states as they pull up to a stunning house overlooking Los Angeles. The walled and gated estate sprawls over 4,600 sq. feet and has 3 bedrooms and 4 baths. “It’s not much but it is while I’m gone away from my other home.”
 Lena stifles a small chuckle, “ you don’t think this is much? Pretty sure you could fit my house in there a few times.”
 He nods and looks kind of sheepish. “Compared to others it’s not very big. Didn’t need something too crazy since I’m not here often enough.”
 “Understandable. Is your dog here?”
 “Yeah. You aren’t allergic or anything right?”
 She shakes her head, “You forgot that I foster animals. I’m good with anything. Granted Dodger might not like me at first since I still have the scents of my last fosters on me.”
 “I’m sure he will be fine. How often do you foster?”
 “Pretty much whenever they need me. The idea of animals being put down because of no socialization skills always has bothered me. Since Ezra passed away I figured I could do it.”
 “Was he opposed to it?”
 A small sigh escapes her, “Yes, he was to a little bit.  He was afraid of the house being damaged and it costing too much money.”
 “Ohh that sucks, was he always worried about money?”  he asked without thinking.
 “Sadly yes.  We made good money together but he always made me feel like money was a bigger priority than me or Eevee.”  She says as a single tear falls down her face.  “Eevee was a beautiful accident that I honestly didn’t know if he would want me to keep her or not.”
 For once, he didn’t know to reply to such a heartbreaking statement.  Maybe it was the fact that he has money and hasn’t really had any struggles but the idea of having a wife who not only loves you dearly but then finding out a product of love was on the way.  He was a lucky man but, glad Ezra is no longer around.  From what he has gathered from posts and things he has heard Marylea say, he wasn’t always good to Lena.  Granted he knows there is two sides to every story but, what he has heard from Lena so far, maybe it was all true.  He pulls her hand to his lips and gives it a kiss. “I’m sorry Lena.”
 “It’s ok Chris, I still got my little princess.  We at least always agreed with the believes of my body, my choice.  My heart could never do it and I’m glad I had the right to keep her.  She helped me in ways no one could imagine.”
 “That’s a good thing.  Ready to tour the house?”  She nods and unbuckles her seatbelt but Chris is still holding her hand.  He sighs and lets go of her hand and climbs out the car.  He opens the door and ushers her inside with her bags in his hands.  “Dodger!”  The medium size dog runs towards his owner and barks happily.  “You would think that he hasn’t seen me only a few hours ago.”
 “It happens, he loves his daddy.  Right Dodger?”  Lena gets the excited dog’s attention.  Chris is impressed how well Lena and Dodger were getting well.  He was glad she was there to distract Dodger while he carried her stuff in the house.  One too many times Dodger has gotten out and he has had to run after the rambunctious dog.
 Once all of her things were in the guest room, he decided to leave her to her own devices while she unpacked and got settled.  He went on an errand to make the rest of his house more comfortable for Lena and Eevee. After seeing what she had brought for Eevee from West Virginia he quickly complied a list of things they would need. He went to the store and had everything picked out and requested them to be delivered while they were gone tonight as a surprise. 
Lena got herself settle into the massive bedroom that was the size of her family room back home. The large king size bed looked extremely inviting so she takes off her shoes and decides on a small cat nap until it is time to get ready.  As she lays on the bed she feels like she is in a cloud listening to it start to rain it the roof, it helps put her asleep along with the spa day with Marylea and Chris which was relaxing and peaceful. She can’t even remember the last time she had felt so well cared for. 
“Edna, I’m trusting you and your team to make her look amazing.”  Chris said as he leads Edna and her crew of five people through the entry way of the house. 
“Yes. Yes. Christopher you have to trust that I know what I’m doing.  I will make her look so lovely that you will never want her to leave.”  
Dumbfounded, Chris just looks at the tiny lady trying to figure out what all exactly she meant by that statement.  He had no doubt that Edna would have Lena looking like a million bucks but he was slightly worried if other men would find her as attractive as he did.  He hasn’t told anyone of his intention with Lena because he wasn’t sure if Lena was ready for anything like that just yet.  
“I’m not even going to say what I would like, I’m just going to let you do what you want.”  Lena says as she greets Edna with a hug and a smile. 
Edna smiles at Lena and pull her iPad out,  “Ohhh Lena darling.  You are learning so quick.  It is my job to make you look fabulous and I already know how to dress you.  I figured it out after you left the other day. Are you ready for your enhancement?”
Edna gives Lena a small smirk when she realizes Lena doesn’t know what an enhancement was. “Darling, you are already beautiful in your natural state, we are just simply going to enhance what God has already given you.”
Lena nods and gets herself comfortable in the salon style chair Edna’s crew brought into her room.  She looks at all the makeup set in front of her.  Do I really need of this?  She sighs and get more comfortable as the short Indian lady with bright green hair gently wipes her face down before starting to apply makeup.  Deep breathes.  Deep breathes. They know what they are doing. 
“Edna.  Lena.  We need to leave like now so we can be on time.”  Chris yells as he looks at his watch as he paces the floor for the fifth time.  The first few times Dodger walked with him as he paced the living room, but by the third time the dog was tired and laid in his pet bed with his lion.  He stopped pacing when he heard footsteps.
“Christopher darling, you need to relax.  We are coming.”  Edna stops at the base of the steps.  Chris moves to her side.  She looks at him with a curious expression.  “Are you ready?”  He nods his head excitedly at knowing he will see how amazing Lena will look.  “Lena darling, come on.  Stop being so shy.”
“I’m coming.  I’m coming!  Geez!”  Lena yells.  The room grows quiet as all eyes are on Lena.  The sparkles on the cocktail dress are breathtaking.  She has to admit she feels amazingly beautiful, Edna did a great job.  She descend the stairs slowly,  Chris first notices her legs and her brown skin that looks almost golden with whatever they applied to her skin.  They pulled her hair back into an Ariana Grande inspired ponytail.  Edna’s team gave her a natural makeup look with wingtips and a beautiful bold red lips.
“Well, Christopher,  what do you think?”  Edna says as she lights her cigarette and takes a puff.
Chris stands there in shock about how amazing but natural Lena looks.  “You did a great job Edna.  Lena, you look absolutely beautiful.”  A small blush goes up Lena’s cheeks.  “Are you ready?”  He asks as he puts his arm out for her to grab. 
She nods shyly and gives him a bright genuine smile,  “I think I’m ready.”
“Wonderful!” Edna states as clasps her hands loudly together. “Go now children before you two are late.”
The couple grabs Edna in a quick embrace, then Chris grabs Lena’s hand and heads to the SUV that he ordered so he would be able to drink and not drive home.
“So, are you nervous?” He asked softly while stroking her hand with his thumb.  He looked at the contrast of skin and thought it was absolutely beautiful.  She nods her head shakily, he turns his body and hold her face in his hands.  “Look if you are ever uncomfortable or worried about your safety, come find me or just squeeze my hand.”
A small sigh escapes her mouth.  “I know, I’m just a little….well, a lot nervous.”
“Because it is me meeting a lot of new, fancy, rich people.  I don’t know if I’ll fit in.  I want you to look good in front of everyone.”
“Hey, hey, how about you just worry about what I think.  I like you and think you are doing a great job.  I am enjoying your company and our time together.  Just breathe deep.  You got this, I have faith in you.”
She squeezes his hand back and turns to him with a slow smile coming to her face.  “I’m glad you have that much faith in me.  I’ll breathe deep.”  She pauses slowly thinking if she should say her next thought.  “I’ve really been enjoying our time together.  You have put a lot of happiness and laughs into my life.”
Chris flashes her a million dollar smile that made her knees weak.  “Good, I’m glad it hasn’t been one sided.  Let’s go knock them dead.”
Lena obediently waits in the car as Chris runs around to her door and opens it for her. As the two walk inside the reception hall, his hand automatically falls to her lower back. He was surprised to see that she didn’t tense up but just looked at him with large eyes and a small smile. Maybe tonight will be a good night to kiss her. 
“Evangeline!!  I didn’t know you were coming!  You look amazing!”  Scarlett squeals as she gives Lena a big hug. 
“Yeah, I got invited to be his plus one.”
“I’m glad he actually brought someone.  But can I just say you guys look so adorable together. I saw the pictures of you and him at the cafe and so cute.  Definitely shipping you two.”
“Oh thanks but, I don’t know how serious we were are.  Pretty sure I’m just good friends with him.”
“Nah, I don’t think so, I have seen the way he has been looking at you tonight.  He likes you a lot.”
Lena couldn’t help but roll her eyes outwardly but inwardly she had butterflies in her stomach. “We shall see. . .”
“That we will, come on let’s go dance for a bit while the guys are talking.”  Scarlett pulls Lena to her feet as the two start dancing in the sea of people. 
“So, you got set up by Jeff to go out with her?” Sebastian asks after taking a drink. 
“Yeah, it’s Marylea’s best friend. She is in town for a few weeks and they thought she would be a good fit for me.” Chris states proudly. 
He knew how worried she was walking into the room with him but she looked as if she was having a good time. She was out on the dance floor with Scarlett and looks like she was really letting her hair down and having a good time. 
“She’s beautiful Evans, have you seen how good of a fit she really is?” Sebastian asks with a smirk as Anthony chuckles. “I mean we both saw the video of her, Scarlett, and Marylea dancing. And wow. Her body and the moves she can do.”
Chris tenses as he watches the two men and few others watch Lena twirl around with Scarlett on the dance floor. It’s been a while since he had the feeling of jealous, but he could feel it rising slowly.  He wasn’t that much of a fan knowing others having seen her dancing so provocatively.  Those kind of dancing should be reserved for him.
“Hey now, that’s my date you are talking about.”
“Ok, but will you answer the man’s question?” Anthony says as he puts an arm around Chris’ neck. “By the looks of the way she stares at you every once in a while, she likes you too.  Just go for it.”
“You guys don’t understand she has been through a lot of shit and I don’t want to push her.”
“That’s fine to not push her down the aisle but a kiss here and there shouldn’t hurt anything.  Plus, her lips look amazing, I’m shocked you haven’t taken a kiss or two.” Sebastian says while eyeing her from afar. 
A slow song starts playing and Chris sees a guy walking towards Lena for a dance. The guys watch as Chris leaves them to get close to Lena. “I figured seeing a guy get close to her would be enough motivation to get him to move.”  Anthony says with a smile. 
Scarlett joins the men who are openly watch the exchange of the mysterious guy start to dance with Lena but then see Chris cut in and dance with her. “About time.  I think paint dries quicker than he works.”
The men look at Scarlett and chuckle. “Does she like him?” 
“As far as I can tell she has some interest in him but needs him to take the lead since she’s been out of the date game for a while.”
The men looked confused as they wondered why she would be out of the dating scene. Any man to have her in his life would be a lucky man. Tom Hiddleston finally speaks up. “Why has she been out of the scene?”
“She was married and her husband died about a year ago.”  Scarlett replies. 
“Ohh. That would explain it, Chris, then is the best match for her.”  Sebastian says. 
“So are you having fun?”  Chris asks she he pulls Lena into a close embrace to slow dance with her.  She nods and lays her head on his chest. Even with the heels that Edna gave her to wear she was still really short compared to Chris. 
“This is nice and my anxiety finally leveled itself out. I am feeling a little tipsy but not too crazy.”
He nods his head and sees that her cheeks are little redder than they were before. “Yeah you do look a little bit more red, but still beautiful.”  She tucks her head to hide. “You are getting redder!  That’s so cute!” Lena stops dancing as she playfully put her hands over his mouth.
“Shhhh.  Geez, I’m just a little tipsy not white girl wasted, and you getting red to Mr. Evans.”  
He pulls her hands away and kisses them and continues dancing again.  “I figured I would be, I’ve had a few drink tonight.  So . . . “
“So . . .  yes.”
“I saw your video.”  She looks at him perplexed, “You know the one dancing with Marylea and Scarlett.”
“What?!?!”  She shrieks and he pulls her close to him.
“It’s ok, you looked amazing, I didn’t know you had those skills but, you are amazing.  It makes it a lot easier for me to do this….”  He leans down to her gently holding her face in his hands and attaches his mouth to her.  He waited for her to hesitant but didn’t feel any so he deepen the kiss.  A small moan came from her that only him and her could heard and it made him hard with need of her.  Her arms wrapped around his neck pulling her closer to him.
They finally pulled away from each other to get some air and decided to leave the dance floor.  Sebastian and Scarlett greeted them with huge smiles.  “You guys should maybe get a room, you went from sweet and innocent to dirty dancing.”  Sebastian says with a chuckle.  Chris flips him off and looks at how flush Lena was.
“Are you ready to go home?”  Chris asks while getting his jacket off the back of the chair.  She nods and they say their goodbyes to their friends and head to the SUV.  The drive to his house was quiet but comfortable, she shivered and he wraps her in his jacket.
“Thanks Chris.  For everything.”  She smiles and leans into him for support.  “I’m glad we left when we did.  The shoes Edna picked out are starting to hurt my feet.”
“Well take them off silly.”
“I will once we get inside your house.”
“Lena, that’s like a half an hour away.  Take them off now and I’ll carry you inside.”
“Are you sure?”
“I offered didn’t I?”  He leans down and unbuckles the red bottom high heels.  She sighs as the shoes were removed from her feet and as Chris massages her sore feet.
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jenni42085 · 10 months ago
Nervous <Three>
Chapter 3
Lena looks at herself in the mirror, the dress was a little too loose but knew Edna would fix it to fit her like a glove, but otherwise felt beautiful.  “What do you think?” Edna asks from outside the dressing room curtain.
Edna adjusts her glasses and looks at the shy girl who is slowly getting her confidence back.  “This is the dress you should be wearing.  I adore this on you!”  
“You really think so?”
“I made it didn’t I?  I figured this would be better for you.”  Edna replies as she puts a few pins in Lena’s dress to have it fit her like a glove.  She wants Lena to look amazing not only for her image but to know she helped Chris and Lena fall in love.  
Lena does a quick twirl and looks at herself at the three mirrors.  Ok so maybe Edna was right.  She felt like a princess in Edna’s black A-Line short strapless beaded sweetheart cocktail dress.  “Whoa.”  The two women stopped when Chris came in.  “You look wow.  Edna, this dress looks awesome on her.”
“Oh I know darling.  I do great work.  Anyways, Lena take it off so I can have it ready for you by tomorrow ok?”
“Sure thing.”  Lena said happily as she goes back into the dressing room to change into the clothes she wore in.
“So you like what you see?”  Edna asks.
Hearing Edna’s voice snaps Chris out of staring at Lena as she disappears behind the curtain.  “Ohhh, just admiring the beautiful work that you do.”
“Right.  Keep pretending.”  Edna replies as she goes to the clothes rack.  “So is she going with you to your movie premiere?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she is unless otherwise.  Why?”
“SPLENDID!!  I have the perfect dress for her to wear.  I’ll bring that by the night of the event.  I’ll have a team to get her ready for both events.”
“You don’t have to do that for me or her.”
“Ohh I know, but I want too.  I like her and I think she will be good for you and vice versa.”
Chris nodded his head and made a mental note.
The ride back to Marylea’s place was relatively quiet, but not in a bad way, both were in their own little world.  At one point Chris places his hand of Lena’s leg and she doesn’t tense she just places her hand on his and gives him a reassuring squeeze and a small smile.  Maybe I could get use to this, Lena thought.  Chris went on to tell her about the event they would be attending tomorrow evening.  It might not be so bad but, she wonders how life will be once Eevee is here.  She wonders if her daughter will adjust ok this next month or so in a strange new place.  Granted she and Marylea would be there she is slightly nervous about introducing her to a new guy.  
Again she jumped out the car before Chris could open the door for her.  She does as she did the day before and gave him a hug and quick peek on the cheek.
Heading home, Chris realizes that he has some homework on his hands.  He knows more about Lena than he did the day before but he realizes that Marylea is right, he needs to know more.  So he figures he would add her on everything possible on line and then just read.  
Her Instagram and Twitter were the easiest to get access to since no approval was needed.  He has come to learn that she is a nerdy girl with a love of politics, cooking, and her family.  She has a huge love for French Bulldogs, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr Who, and of course The Avengers to name a few.  After further inspection he now knows she has total of nineteen tattoos but are skillfully hidden.  Can’t wait to see them in person.
Eevee is an adorable little girl who has the admiration of her mother by all the things she posts, he could not deny how much she looks like Lena.  The thing that stuck in his mind wasn’t the sadness of her post after Ezra’s death because that was a given, but how absolutely beautiful she was pregnant.  With his sister being pregnant a few times she never had the glow that Lena had.  
She has something about her that he just can’t describe, but he likes her … a lot.  He honestly can’t wait to see her tomorrow at the charity dinner.  The dress Edna picked for her was absolutely stunning.  He wondered if he should send someone to pamper her before Edna and her team go over.
After getting inside, Lena Face-timed her parents and made a few funny faces at Eevee and got her daily update.  She isn’t old enough to talk but she has managed ‘mum’ and ‘bye’.  Only a few more days then I will have her with me.  As much as she has enjoyed her ‘alone time’, she miss her little girl terribly.  
She lays back in the tub full of bubbles and just unwinds.  Her mind drifts to Ezra for a bit and how much she misses him but then her mind then drifts to her few days here and Chris.  Part of her tries to redirect her thoughts but they go back to his beautiful blue eyes and his adorable and contagious laugh.  She realizes that in the last year she hasn’t laughed as much since her few days with him in her life.  The only thought that really bothers her is what will everyone think, even though they aren’t official on any level but, she worries what will her in-laws and family think.  She pushes the thoughts to the back burner and goes back to thoughts of Chris.  I’ll worry about it when I see them.
“So are you excited for tomorrow night?”  Marylea asks as she hands Lena a plate for dinner.  
“Slightly excited but nervous.”
“Why nervous?”
“Why not nervous?  This isn’t my scene.”
“Maybe not but I think he likes you so stop worrying about others, worry about you and Eevee and happiness.”  Marylea says as she puts food on Lena’s plate.  The two sat across from each other in the dinning room.  
“Yes I know.  I’m working on it.  It is harder than it looks trust me.  So when is your room mate coming back?”
“Not for another few months.  She is off traveling Europe with her new boyfriend.  Thank God, I like her but sometimes she is a HUGE diva.  But she is traveling so maybe that will get her attitude right.”
“Must be nice to travel with someone you love.”
“I know right BUT, I already know it won’t last very long.”  Lena looks at her with a curious expression.  “None of her relationships last long.  Generally it might be 2 to 4 months then suddenly they are done with her or vice versa.”
Lena takes a bite of her meatball and shakes her head.  “Can’t imagine going through men that quickly.  Even before Ezra I was never like that.  But I guess it is nice to be desired.”
“Everything comes with a price.”
“That it does.  So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”
“I was thinking we could hit up a dance class like we use to do before I moved.”
Lena looks at her and a huge smile spreads across her face.  “OMG yesss!!  I haven’t done a class in like two years.  I wonder if we still have it?”
“Ma’am we will never lose it.  If you don’t have any clothes to dance in you can borrow mine.”
After the two hour long dance that was tiring but refreshing the two came home and got into the baby pool Marylea had put in her back patio. Yes, she had a pool on site but sometimes a girl just wants to drink and soak with out people bothering her. 
“I told you, you still got it. You were really working it during ‘Buttons’.”
Lena chuckles as she pulls out her phone and scrolls through pictures of Eevee. I miss that little face. “Look, I can’t help it if some of the moves were from that class back home. It felt good to feel sexy again. And I still can’t believe Scarlett was in class with us and I did better than her!”
Marylea nods her head in agreement and sinks down further in the water. “Yeah, sorry that I forgot to mention she would be there. But she is hella down to earth right?”
“You would be correct.  Kind of shocking. I guess a thing I wasn’t expecting was that she didn’t look too shocked when you mentioned me and Chris. Maybe I am his type.  Do you ever miss home?”
“More than you realize some days. I like knowing that I’ll have the opportunity to do my dream but some days I miss coming over and doing girl’s night.” Marylea replies as she considers asking Lena why anyone would be shocked about her and Chris, they mesh well.
Lena looks at her phone only half hearing her, “Oh geez!”
“Well, I’m sorry for being honest.”
“No, it’s not you. It’s the fact that Mr. Evans is pretty much following me on all of my social media forums.”
“Is that a bad?” Marylea questions drinking her frozen margarita. 
“No, not really but . . .”
“But what?” Marylea takes a gulp then stretches all the way out in the pool. “He likes you and is trying to know everything he can about you. Go with the flow and enjoy.”
“Yes yes. He even added me on Snap.”
“Good.  Let him see sexy Lena. Think about how you felt dancing tonight.”
“Marylea. . .”
She takes her phone from Lena. “We aren’t going to be shy all the time.”  Marylea waited until Lena turned her back towards her grabbing her drink and showed off her booty and Marylea quickly took a pretty picture of it.
“Did you just take a picture of my butt?”  Lena questions drunkly while flipping over in the pool. 
“Ok good. Let’s turn so music on so I can relearn how to be sexy for tomorrow night.”  Lena says with a giggle as she strikes a pose with out realizing that Marylea is using her Snapchat app to take pictures and send a few to Chris.
Chris was awoken by a few snaps on his phone. Lenagirl42085. Lena was snapping him at eleven at night. Normally he would have waited until the morning but something told him to look at them real time.  And he wasn’t upset that her pictures woke him up. It was pictures of her and Marylea in an inflatable pool. From the looks of things Marylea was taking all the pictures. 
They had on one piece outfits but Lena’s swimsuit caught his attention. The neon pink really brought out her brown skin. The words ‘Happy Camper’ were across her chest. She seemed carefree, happy, relaxed, and sexy. 
The first few pictures were cute, but the last one really caught his attention, her back was towards the camera. He knew she had a cute butt but wow it was perfectly round and he could see her Hello Kitty lower back tattoo showing. While he is always a gentleman seeing that shot made him want her in other ways.  As much as he knew that he shouldn’t but he went ahead and saved the pictures for his personal album. 
He noticed a text from Scarlett, which wasn’t odd but the message is what threw him off was the message and the video attached:
I met your new girl Lena and she is amazingly awesome and a wonderful dancer!  I totally approve!  
Attached was a video of Scarlett, Marylea, and Lena dancing to ‘Buttons’ by the Pussycat Dolls. Lena was in the center in some short short black shorts. She started out with a sports bra and flannel shirt on but then throws it mid dance. While the five girls dancing together looked great his eyes were glued to Lena.  She was absolute captivating.
Lena so far has never displayed that level of confidence or sex appeal with him. So far it has been shy and sweet. Good to know she knows how to get down and dirty.  He wants more time with her but not sure how to get her to spend more time.  He doesn’t want to take her away from Marylea but at the same time he just needs to know her more.  Before he went back to bed he lets Dodger out and shoots Lena a text to see if she wants to do before the charity dinner. 
“Oh. My. God!!! Why is there someone else stuff in my bedroom?”  Someone yelled from the back room at Marylea’s apartment. 
The screaming made Marylea and Lena jump out of their sleep. “Shit.” Marylea says as she quickly gets up. “It seems like my room mate Julie is back from Europe a lot sooner than expected.”
Julie stomps into the room with her sunglasses in hand looking frustrated. “Who is this?  Did you rent out my room?”
“No, I didn’t rent out your room. My best friend Lena is here. Remember I asked you if she could use your room a few weeks ago.”  Marylea sighs and pulls out her phone and scrolls through a few messages on her phone then hands the phone to let Julie see. 
Julie looks at the message and shakes her head. “I still don’t remember. I just need my room back. And her not to be here when I wake up from my nap.  Please and thank you.” She states is a rude tone. 
“Fine I’ll get my stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Lena replies while stretching and starts gathering her things from Julie’s room. Now what....
After she gets the last few things out of the room Julie looks her up and down and tosses her bleached blonde hair back. “I hope nothing is missing and everything is in the same spot where I left it.”
Lena rolls her eyes and tries to think of where she is going to stay next.  The idea of a hotel sounds so pricey same goes for AirB&B.  Her whole reason for coming out there was because she would be saving money by staying with Marylea.  Something will have to open up for her..  
After her shower she is still in a fog of where not only she but Eevee will stay when she comes into town.  Unnecessary stress.  As she was heading out of the bathroom she heard a familiar voice.  “Chris?”  He turns around and gives her a big smile as she is standing there in a towel.  “What are you doing here?”
“Well I figured we would do lunch or maybe a spa before the dinner tonight.”
Lena pulls the towel tighter and gives him a half smile, “As much as I would love to, I have to find another place to stay.”
“Marylea’s room mate came back and has conveniently ‘forgotten’ that I was going to be here for a month.”
Marylea chimes in as she sees her friend’s face fall.  “Yeah, I’m livid because she was cool with it one moment and now she suddenly wants her gone.   I get wanting to have your room back but asking her to leave really goes through me.”
Chris looks concerned as Lena wipes a single tear from her face.  “Well….”
“Do you TWO not understand that I’m tired from my trip and ….”  Julie shouts coming out of her bedroom until she notices that everyone including Chris are giving her a dirty look.  “OH MY!  Chris Evans.  Marylea why didn’t you tell me we had company or I would have made myself more presentable.”  Julie saunters over to Chris does a hair toss and her best pouty girl look.  
Lena looks tense at the idea that someone else may try to get his attention but knows if they weren’t meant to be then they weren’t meant to be.  Chris looks extremely disgusted as she offers his hand to her to kiss but he just shakes it and then shifts is attention back to Lena who was heading back to Marylea’s bedroom to change.  She does her usual routine and comes out in black capri leggings and a cold shoulder teal shirt with a high ponytail and bare feet.
Chris and Marylea were still sitting on the couch where she left them, while Julie was still talking about her trip to Europe on the loveseat.  Neither looked thrilled or excited but what Julie had to say but both perked up when Lena came out dressed with the same melancholy expression.  
“So, while you were getting dressed, I was doing some thinking.”  Chris started.
Lena sits on the coffee table in front of him since there was no where else to sit.  “Ok….should I be worried?”
“Nah, I was thinking since you can't stay here with Marylea, you can stay with me at my house.  It's a 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, a pool, spa, big backyard, and a pool with a huge gate.  You wouldn't have to see me if you don't want to with no worries of then paparazzi like you would have here and you can use one my cars."
Hearing this makes Lena relax, she bites her lip and looks at the shocked expression of Marylea and Julie.  “Ummmm.”  She knows she has no other choice and this isn’t exactly a bad one, it just means a little less time with Marylea granted she knows given the circumstances she would understand.  “Yeah, I think that would be ok.  Are you sure I won’t cramp your style?”
“Absolutely not, it’s generally Dodger and I at night which can be very lonely and boring.”
“What about Eevee, she sometimes doesn’t sleep all night, I wouldn’t want her to bother you.”
“Lena, I’ve got nieces AND nephews, I’m sure your daughter will be no trouble.  Plus I already have some baby things there so if you don’t have it I more than likely have it.”
“But Chris….”  Lena began to say trying to think quick of what other option she really has.
Julie once again interrupts the conversation, “I don’t think you should offering a place to her, there are plenty of hotels in the area.  You don’t her kid to bug you.”
Everyone in the room gives her a dirty look.  Chris grabs Lena’s hands and gives her a sincere look, “Just stay with me, if you or Eevee don’t like it then you guys can try something else.  Ok?’
Lena sighs heavily mentally weighing her options.  “Fine, I’ll try living with you a few days to see how it goes.”
Chris claps his hands together, smiles, and stands up.  “Wonderful!  Since that is settled lets get your stuff to my place then we can head to the spa.  Marylea, I think Jeff said it was your day off, feel free to join us at the spa.  My treat.”
“What about me?  Can I come?”  Julie says tossing her hair one more time.
“No, we will let you catch up on your precious trip.  I’ll get my stuff out quietly so you can get your beauty rest.”  Lena says with a small smirk.  Chris and Marylea snickered while Julie quickly turned around and stomped to her room and slams the door.  Lena looks at them and smiles, “That has never felt so good.  I think I’m ready to be pampered.”
Marylea and Chris both smile at Lena's take charge attitude.  Maybe setting her up with him wasn't a bad idea after all.  Marylea thinks to herself as she ties up her shoes before grabbing Lena's things to put in Chris' car.  
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jenni42085 · 10 months ago
Love in the Time of Corona <One>
“So Scott, got a question for you, well, maybe your brother.”
“Honey, what’s wrong you look stressed.”
Colton sighs as he rolls over to look closer at his boyfriend Scott Evans. “I know we are on lockdown but. . . “
“But what?”
“I don’t know if I can stay here with you at your brother’s when my sister is alone at her apartment.”
Scott relaxes and runs his hand through his boyfriend’s curly dark brown hair. “You know we can ask Chris to come let her stay with us.”
“Do you think he would be ok with it?”
“If she’s family and she’s alone. I don’t see why not.” Scott stands and walks to the side of Colton’s bed pulling him to his feet. “Let’s go ask him now since I think you’ll keep tossing and turning if you don’t.” he says as he gives his boyfriend a hug and kiss.
*knock knock knock*
“Come in.” Chris sits up in bed waiting for his brother to come in. “What’s up?”
“Well I, well we have a HUGE favor to ask.”
Colton cuts off Scott while coming in behind him. “Feel free to say no. If it’s too much I understand but. . .” He takes a deep breath. 
“So first off thanks for letting me stay with you and Scott but, my sister is quarantining alone and her birthday is in a few weeks and I’d rather her not be alone. So . . . “
“So you were wondering is she could stay here?” Chris asks letting his right eyebrow arch.
Colton’s eyes became large as two saucers when he was cut off but Chris. “Yeah. If it’s too much it’s fine I understand completely.”
Chris adjusts more in bed and thinks for a minute and figures the more the merrier. Plus it’s her birthday is coming up soon. It’ll suck being stuck in a house anyways but all by yourself would be worse. “Nah, it’s fine. Tell her to come on. Does she cook or anything?”
“Oh yeah she cooks and she cleans.” Colton says, “She makes amazing fried chicken but her pepperoni rolls are life.”
Chris and Scott both look at him curiously and reply in unison “Pepperoni rolls?”
“Yeah pepperoni rolls. Don’t worry I’ll call her before bed and tell her. I haven’t mentioned anything to her so it’ll be a good surprise. Thanks so much.” Colton says as he goes back to the bedroom he shares with Scott.
*Ring.  Ring.  Ring.*
“Hello?” Nico groggily answer her phone.
“Hey sis, did I wake you?” Colton replies.
A deep sigh comes out of Nico, she was in the progress of falling asleep in front of television yet again. “No, just laying here. What’s up?  Are you ok?” he replies.
“Yeah, just worrying about you. So, do you want me to come quarantine with you?” He asks trying to test out the waters.  He knows she is stubborn true to her Taurus sign so he has to ease her into it.
Nico adjusts her pillows then lays back in bed again. “Honestly, it would be great if you were here but I know you are with your new boyfriend Scott, so I don’t want to sound selfish and make you leave him.”
“Well, what if there is another way for us to be together.” He replies smiling after hearing her response. Always so giving, even if it hurts her.
“How’s that going to happen? I don’t even know where you are at.” She replies slowly shaking her head.
Colton takes a small breath, “ We are with his brother in the outskirts of Boston. He’s got a big house and yard, AND I asked if you could stay and as long as you help out with cooking and stuff you can come stay!”
“Colton . . . “
“Hear me out sis. It’s either this or I’ll have someone else come stay with you. And I don’t mean friends. Maybe mom and dad or one of the other sisters and their families.”
Hearing that threat makes Nico shoot up from bed instantly feeling stressed, “Why would you say that? Of all things! Why?”
“Because I’m your big brother and I worry about you and your mental health. So how about you load your car up with a month full of clothes and whatever else you need. I’ll have some extra groceries sent to us so you can make some of those delish pepperoni rolls.”
Nico’s head falls to the side. “Are you sure you actually miss me, or are you just craving pepperoni rolls?”
Colton chuckles at little bit at his sister, “Nah, I miss you but pepperoni rolls are like an added bonus.”
A deep sigh leaves her, “Fine. “I’ll pack up tonight and leave in the morning I guess.”
“Awesome! Can’t wait to see you, it’s like a 4 hour drive from New York so it’s not too bad. I’ll text you the addy. I’m going to bed and you should too since, you have some driving to do.”
“Yes yes, I’ll go to sleep after packing my stuff up. Nighty nighty Colton.”
“Night Nico.” He replies as he hangs up.
When Colton left to call his sister, Scott and Chris talk for a few more minutes, “So what do you know about his sister?”
“She’s a cosplayer and runs a party planning business. She’s the middle child out of the five of them, lives in New York.”
“Do you have any pictures or anything of her?” Chris asks wondering if inviting her is a good idea since Scott just mentioned her being a cosplayer. He wonders if she would be a fan girl or something making the quarantine lockdown a little awkward and miserable.
Scott looks at his brother perplexed, “Are you having second thoughts?”
“No, not really. But if she’s a cosplayer, is she a fan girl?”
“No idea to be honest. He talks about her the most but, didn’t mention her celebrity crushes. I’m sure she has met a few celebrities at conventions and knows how to act. Mainly, I know she’s a great cook. She’s sent him some cookies and cakes not to long ago and they were amazing.”
Chris nods his head in understanding but still curious. “Do you at least know her name?”
“Nico.” He replies with a happy face.
“Nico? What kind of name is that?”
Scoot sighs and rolls his eyes, “It’s short for Nicolette. The few times we’ve chatted on the phone she seemed really sweet. But don’t call her Nicolette. She’ll correct you.” Scott states and chuckles. “It's honestly like a curse word to her.”
“OK then, I’ll call her Nico.” He says with a small smile. “You do realize I’m going to Facebook stalk her.”
“Ohh I figured as much.” Scott shrugs as he leaves the room. “Thanks brother. I think he was really worried since the others have spouses and they usually do everything together. Plus he knows how her anxiety and depression gets a little crazy at times.”
“How crazy?” Chris asks as he stops typing her name on Facebook, “anything life threaten?”
“Ohh no no no, never anything like that at least I don't think so. But if you see her cleaning and organizing stuff, she is probably having some racing thoughts. Sometimes she can’t sleep or a few times she has called Colton in the midst of a panic attack and he has to talk her through things and breathing exercises. Apparently they get so bad it feels like a heart attack.”
Chris nods his head in understanding because he knows how this panic attacks feel. He’s gotten better at getting himself in the right head space but he can definitely sympathize with her. After typing in New York in location in Facebook he was able to pull up her page. “Gotcha, well I’m going to look around on her page. Good night.”
Scott picks up on his body language and leaves, “good night.”
Chris looks at Nico’s Facebook page, while most of it is under private which he likes there are a few pictures of her. She looks honestly beautiful. Her most current picture is of her dressed up as Pikachu with a few other girls as other Pokemon. Even though she isn’t center stage, his eyes automatically goes to her. He can’t tell how tall she is but, she is about average build with large brown eyes, her skin is a little lighter than her brother’s almost like a burnt caramel complexion, and a big curly head of black hair with purple tips.
The other profile pictures that were there shows a few other of her cosplays of a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts, the Powerpuff girls where she was Buttercup, and the last one took him by surprise. A few years ago she was dressed as a female Captain America with another girl who has been in a few other pictures of hers as the Winter Soldier.
She nails the look of Captain America with the colors and the stripes and stars but the girlie feel for it. To be honest she looks hot with the corset and the tutu bottom and knee high blue boots. Her hair was still curly but hair of It pinned back with a few large silver stars. When she smiles her eyes light up making her star lip ring show most prominently.
Out of curiosity and boredom he looks at the Winter Solider girl’s profile to see if there were any other pictures of Nico. Fortunately, her page was public and he could see some other pictures of her. The sweetest picture was a shout to Nico being an amazing friend and godmother to her kids. She was laying on the couch with a small toddler in her lap asleep the caption read, “the sweetest and best godmother.”
With what he could see of her, she seems like a really sweet girl. And beautiful to boot. Hopefully she’ll be all that and more when she comes. He reclines a little more in bed and slowly starts to fall asleep.
Scott closes the door to his shared bedroom with Colton, “I think my brother will be shocked meeting Nico.”
Colton hits send on his message to Nico then looks up from his phone, “Shocked? Why?”
“Well because, she might be something he needs in life. He was Facebook stalking her and didn’t look to upset about her.” He says as he crawls back into bed with him.
“Oh wow. Has he ever been with a black girl?” He looks at Scott as his raised eye brow finally returns back to its normal position. “Because I’ll be honest she's only ever dated white guys  so it’s no problem for her. But I don’t want his end game to get in her pants.  No pun intended.  But she is my little.”
“As far as I know, he has never dated a black girl but it’s not out of the realm of possibly. He’s open minded but he’s not just trying to have sex with her. He’s ready to settle down.”
“I guess that is good. But we shall see tomorrow how they interact.”
Scott nods his head in agreement, “Did you tell her who my brother was?”
Colton runs his head through he hair, “No I did not because . . .”
“Because why?”
“Well because I don’t want her up all night overthinking or her changing her mind and staying home. Plus, I want her to be shocked. I like seeing her shocked. It’s funny.”
“Gotcha, I love you Colton.”
“I love you too Scottie. Now let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.”
After getting off the phone with her brother Nico goes to her closet and pulls out her two biggest suitcases, sighing she starts to pack to stay with people she doesn’t really know for a month or so. While she’s not really thrilled with going outside of her comfort zone but she knows she can see and hang out with her brother, so there is some comfort and security in that.
Moving to New York has been the best and worse thing she has ever done. She enjoyed being away from small town life but sometimes she missed not knowing really anyone here minus her close friends and coworkers. 
Thankfully, her brother did make frequent visits but after he got with Scott it was less frequent. She wasn’t jealous or anything just wishing to see him more with or without Scott.
Sighing once again, she starts packing leggings, tank tops, and other clothes. She knows she won’t be going anywhere so she doesn’t feel the urge to pack anything to fancy. Thinking harder on what to pack, she goes ahead and packs some crafts, her MacBook, and her Nintendo switch.
Looking at the clock she realizes it’s almost midnight and she’s not even tired. Since there were no places open for her to go she takes her wet curly hair out of her messy bun and decides to blow dry it straight then flat iron it. It’s been a while since she’s straighten her hair but figures that it’s better now then never. After an hour she is finished straighten it and does a quick trim on it then braids it and puts on her bonnet and falls asleep.
The sun shines into Nico’s room slowly waking her up. She stretches and gets a hot shower then packs up all of toiletries. She opts to wear a black pair of leggings and a cami along with an oversized mustard yellow sweater that compliments her skin. She brushes her now straight hair again and rebraids it into a side ponytail.
Finally after a few hours she was able to finish packing different odds and ins that she might need or want, emailing and calling a few coworkers to let her know she was going to be out of town but still be available for conference calls. She notified her neighbors so they could keep an eye on her place. After putting the address into her map app, she lets her Driving Mix on Apple Music and hits the road.
Chris walks into the yet to be occupied bedroom to make sure everything looked good for her arrival. Even though he slept good last night, he would be lying if he didn’t dream about Nico. He was excited for her arrival. Not because she was beautiful but, for a new person for to have there and someone who actually cooks from scratch, plus she would not make him the third wheel with Scott and Colton.
It had only been a week but he was already getting burnt out on take out and fast food already. He didn’t want to bug his mom with her making food for not only him but Scott and Colton even though he knows she wouldn’t mind. But seeing as older people are more at risk, he would rather her just keep interactions to FaceTime.
“So, when’s your sister getting here?” He asks casually as he walks into the kitchen. Colton and Scott are sitting at the island drinking coffee.
Colton looks at the clock and counts, “She should be here in about 30 minutes or so. Keep an eye out for a silver Subaru Outback with hello kitty on it.”
“Wow, ok then.” Scott says, “I’m surer that doesn’t stick out at all.”  The three chuckle at the description of her car. 
“So, is she excited to come here?” Chris asks.
“Honestly not too sure. She was a little apprehensive, but after I threaten to tell the rest of family she was glad to pack up her car and make the drive.” Colton replies with a smirk.
“You had to threaten her?’ Chris laughs. 
“Wow, I thought I was bad but I can see you know how to twist her arm. So, I’m just going to be nosey.”
“Shoot. Be nosey. I don’t mind.” Colton says as he takes another sip of coffee.
“Why did she not want to be with other family members?”
Colton makes a small smile, “Don’t get me wrong, we love our parents and sisters BUT they are all married and have kids and we don’t. We have kind of have always been the black sheep of the family. Nico and I haven’t always gone down the beaten path of our family. I’m gay and she’s a blerdy girl.”
Chris’ head cocks to the side, “Blerdy girl?”
“A black nerd. Geez, Chris get hip with the slang.” Scott says while rolling his eyes.
“Exactly. It was kind of hard for us growing up with family being very straight lace while, I was out and proud since I was 17 and she finally accepted the fact that she would never have a stuffy office job that would make her hate her life. She’s great though. Her love of rainbows, unicorns, Hello Kitty among other things helped her to forget our family kinds of forgets that it’s ok to be different.” Colton looks at the clock and realizes she should be here any moment.
“I have to admit, I looked at her Facebook page. What I could see of it she looks pretty awesome. I just kind of hope she doesn’t completely freak when she sees me.” Chris says while smiling.
“Nah, she should be ok. She’s met a few people from the Avenger movies so she should be ok.”
“Really ?” Chris asks as he stands up to stretch. “Who has she met?”
“She met Chris Hemsworth and said that he was really nice and funny. I think I have a picture of her with him I think.” Colton answers as he scrolls through pictures on his phone. “Here I’ll send it to you. Ask him if he remembers her.”
Scott looks at his boyfriend like he is a little crazy. “I doubt he is going to remember her out of all the fans he has met.”
“Hey now, you never know. My sister has a way that people never forget her.”
Chris looks at his and saves the picture of Nico and Hemsworth. He decides what the hell and send it to the group chat he has with him, Sebastian, Anthony, Jeremy, and RDJ. “He might remember her, it was from a few months ago.”
The room gets quiet when they hear a car pull up the drive way. Dodger starts barking at the sound of someone new. Sure enough the three walk outside to a silver Subaru being put in park. Colton walks over to the drivers side to greet his sister.
“There she is! My little sister.” Colton says in an excited tone.
“Colton!” Nico replies as she gets out the car to give her brother a hug. She’s considerably shorter than her 6’4 tall brother. As he hugs her, he picks her up and spins her as her legs dangle. “I’ve missed your face brother bear.”
“I’ve missed you too! You look cute and comfy. Is that the sweater I got you for Christmas?”
“Of course, it’s like the most comfortable sweater I own and it works well with leggings.” She replies as she does a spin. “So where is this new man of yours?  I get to finally meet him and not just talking on the phone!”
Scott pipes in excitedly from behind the pair. “I’m right here! Hi I’m Scott it’s good to finally meet you in person. He’s told me a lot about you.” He extends his arms and give her a hug. “Sorry, I don’t know if you are a hugger but I am.  Even with all this going on, I like a good hug.”
“No, it’s fine. I haven’t touched anything outside of my apartment minus me lysoling my car so I’m clean. And no point of social distancing if we might be here for the next month or so.” She pulls away and looks at him again to figure out where she has seen him. “You look like someone I’ve seen before. I know my brother says you are an actor but I still can’t place your face.”
“It’ll hit you don’t worry. Ohh and here is my brother Chris.” Scott replies with a wink.
Chris slowly approaches the three of them waiting for Nico to either faint or fangirl. “Hello Nico, I’m Chis.”
Nico’s large brown eyes became even bigger as she realizes that Chris wasn’t just Chris but Chis freaking Evans and Scott was Scott Evans. Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. “Oh wow, Chris Evans. Nice to meet you.” She sticks out her hand and gets pulled in for a a big bear hug from Chris. When he pulls away her cheeks were a little red.
“Sorry, just figured since you gave everyone else a hug I’d get one also.” He replies sheepishly as he pulls away.
“No worries, just wasn’t expecting to meet you. And . . . yeah.” She replies still blushing.
While the two were having this awkwardly cute interaction Scott pokes Colton in his side and mouths “See!” Colton shakes his head and looks at the pair and can kind of see it.
“So, if you two are done with the awkward meeting how about we get you and your stuff inside.” Colton says as he walks past Chris and Nico and opens her trunk and back door. “Did you pack enough stuff?”
Nico’s head tilts to the side and gives her brother a dirty look, “Hey now!  It's honestly not a lot of thing, PLUS I’m sure you packed WAY more than me.”
“That he did.” Scott states with humor in his voice. “Also you need extra stuff because you really had no idea of where you were going and what we already had.”
“Exactly!” Nico squeals as she puts an arm around Scott, “I think I like you already.”
After one trip they successfully all of Nico’s things in her guest room. Walking into the house Dodger greets Nico by jumping up on her a few times. Chris tried to pull the dog away from her but she wasn’t even upset she welcomed the dog’s affection. He was kind of surprised that Dodger took to her so quickly but it was cute.
While she was unpacking in getting settled, Dodger sat outside of door watching happily and wagging her tail. Every once in a while he would come in for a few pats then goes back to watching her unpack.
Chris goes to his room to relax for a few minutes and looks at his phone to see a few messages from the guys:
RDJ: So who is this girl with Hemsworth exactly? She’s adorably pint sized.
Hemsworth: Ohh! I remember her. She was from a convention a few months ago. The girls loved her Eevee cosplay.
Sebastian: She’s cute. Why do you have a picture of Hemsworth with a random girl?
Chris: That’s Nicolette, Scott’s boyfriend’s sister. She is joining us for the quarantine. What do you guys think of her?
Hemsworth: What I can remember of her, she’s very sweet and has a few Avenger tattoos. If I can remember correctly her right upper arm has the symbols lined up with the Black Panther one included.
RDJ: That’s really specific.
Chris: Agreed. How do you know this?
Hemsworth: Well if you look at the outfit she has on it was strapless and her friend pointed it out. Her friend was fangirling a bunch but she was just so chill and a little shy.
Sebastian: Is she single? If so, your quarantine time might be a lot more fun. 🍆🍆
Chris: LOL. I honestly have no idea. I’d imagine single because she is staying with us but you never know. She is beautiful. Much more in person than the pictures. I did hug her and it was nice.
RDJ: Watch out hugging her. You really do sound like Cap right now. I think he really has rubbed off on you.
Chris: Dude! I just met her and in front of her brother no less couldn’t be grabby.  You know that's not how I roll.
Jeremy:  Yeah you very well couldn't dick her down in front of everyone.  lol. 
Anthony: Sorry guys late to the party once again. I remember seeing her at another convention. She was Pikachu and it wasn’t revealing but still sexy.
Hemsworth: Agreed a subtle sexy. I’d say that is your kind of girl.
Anthony: Most definitely. She might be the girl next door with a wild side.
Chris: I don’t know about all that but she is currently unpacking in the guest room and Dodger won’t leave her side.
Sebastian: Dogs always know the good ones.  Might want to continue making a good impression on her.
Jeremy:  Did you find out her favorite avenger yet?
Chris:  No.  Should I?
RDJ: Ummm yes up your chance to see if she likes you.
On that note, Chris closes out the texts and sees how she is doing.
*knock knock*
“Come in.” Nico says as she is putting her last stack of clothes in the drawer. She was expecting to see her brother but saw Chris instead. Her eyes got slightly larger but her face stayed neutral. “Oh hey!”
“Hey, so hows the unpacking going.” He asks while leaning against the doorway taking in her form better now that she has taken off the oversized sweater and is now in a tank top with her black leggings and pastel hulk no show socks.
She surveys her open suitcases one more time, ”Actually I think I’m done. I didn’t overpack because I didn’t see myself going out anywhere so it was just lounge clothes mainly.”
“Yeah, don’t blame you. It’s crazy how quickly it all escalated. You know?”
“I couldn’t agreed with you more. One moment I’m going into the office. Next I’m working from home and then I’m here, thankfully I'm still getting paid but I can at least work on future events that I've been putting off.” Her facial expression looks unreadable so Chris walks in closet just to make sure she is ok. His movements caught her attention and she gave him a small smile with a hint of sadness in her eyes. “It’s ok though. I’m alive and I have a job. Just stresses me out a little bit.”
“Understandable. How’s the anxiety?” Chris asks gently.
She turns fully to him and gives him a half smile. “Surprisingly, that’s been pretty okay considering. I’ve only had a small panic attack but nothing major.”
He shakes his head in agreement. “I’ve been making sure friends and family are safe. It went from nothing to something big.  But I just hope people don't forget to do mental health check ups to make sure they can survive this.”
Dodger comes up and puts his nose under her hand because he wanted so affection so Nico reaches down and scratches him behind the ears. “I bet having him around helps. They know when their owner feels stressed.”
“Yeah, he sure does. So, are you hungry or anything?”
“Not yet. I had some oatmeal before I left.”
He nods his head not really sure of what else to say because he wants to know more about her,” Would you like a tour of my humble abode?”
“Sure! That sounds great.” She replies. He puts his arm out and she links it with his as he shows her around the house and the outside.
After Nico finishes her tour with Chris, she goes to the living room and sits down on the tan ultra plush couch with her legs under her. Since being here Dodger has followed her around like a baby duck. Once she gets comfy he places his head on her leg and cuddles closer to her. Even though she slept last night she was kind of anxious to get on the road and get resettled.
Looking at her phone she sees that is almost 5 and the sun was slowly setting as much as she knows it’s way to late for a nap she gets cozy with Dodger and drifts into dreamland.
Chris was done with working on his few projects for his website and wanted to check in with everyone. Scott and Clinton were in their room about to come out. “Hey guys, any thoughts for dinner tonight ?”
“Nothing really. We could see if my sister wants to cook something for us.” Colton replied as he walks towards the door.
“Where is she anyway? I know she unpacked and looked around with Chris but haven’t seen her since.” Scott asks. He couldn’t help but bring up that Nico and Chris were together just so Colton would acknowledge the fact that Chris night have some interest.
“Hard to say. She wanders off a lot. . . Especially if she is drunk. Go check her room.”
Chris pipes in, “Nah she want there I already checked."  His statement makes Colton look at him but doesn't say anything.
The three walk into the living room/ kitchen area and see a sleeping Nico on the couch with Dodger curled up to her for warmth. Chris being worries that she might be cold since she was curled up almost in a ball so he gets his favorite blanket off the other side of the couch and covers her with it. Once the warmth is around her, she snuggles closer under it with Dodger.
“So . . . Should we wake her?” Scott asks as he sees her body rise and fall in a deep sleep.
“Nah, it’s best to just leave her there for maybe another 45 mins to an hour.” Colton says as he walks back to the kitchen to figure out what their dinner plans will be. “But you don’t want her up all night making noise.” He laughs at his own statement, “she’s done it before a few times. Growing up she would nap during the day then 2 o’clock in the morning she would be up doing art or her hair or just something.”
Chris nods his head with a chuckle running his hand through his hair. “Noted.”
Colton pulls out a bag of chicken nuggets and French fries then places them on a baking sheet and seasons them while the oven was preheating. He sees the way Chris is admiring his sister and feels unsure of it all. He wants the best for his sister and has always been leery of any man who wants to be with her but, a celebrity has never been interested in her and wants her to be happy and safe.
“Ni Ni, wake up.”
“Five more minutes, I’ve only been asleep for like 20 minutes.” Nico says sleepily.
“You mean more like 2 hours or more.” Scott says as he helps Colton pull the blanket off of her.
Her body goes from stretched out into a small ball as soon as the cool air hits her skin. Slowly she shifts and sits up to stretch remembering where she is. “Sorry guys, didn’t mean to be asleep that long I was going to make dinner.”
“It’s fine your brother has it right Colton?” Chris says as he lets Dodger out.
“Yeah. Yeah, Baby sis already slacking. I swear.” Colton replies with a chuckle as he shakes his head.
Nico rolls her eyes and walks over to her brother giving him a hug. “I’m sorry. Don’t worry I’ll make pepperoni rolls for us tomorrow and that will fix it all.”
After a tasty dinner, the group watched a few BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime episodes then at around 10 they all said their good nights and went to bed for the night. Nico laid down and played some online games but honestly, she just wasn’t tired. She finally laid down and closed her eyes but then tossed and turned for a while.
11:45 the clock blared at her, after realizing that she wasn’t going to sleep, Nico pulls on some gray cotton shorts, readjusts her tank top, brushes her hair,  and throws it into a high messy bun. Thankfully, her brother had kept the promise of getting extra ingredients sent to the house so she decided since she couldn’t sleep she would make his pepperoni rolls.
Nico finally figured out where everything was located in the massive kitchen and started mixing the dough. The wooden spoon wasn’t really mixing it like she liked but, didn’t want to pull out the mixer because that would more then likely wake the whole house. So after a few more stirs with the wooden spoon she pulls out the spoon and washes her hands again really good with soap and water then starts mixing it with her hands.
She got tired of the silence of just her breathing and decided to have Sir pull up one of her mix playlist to keep her company. Even though she was cooking, she decides to load her Shower Time Mix on Apple Music. Good Thing by Kehlani & Zedd fills the kitchen and she is swaying and humming. Baking and music were part of her happy place and helped to soothe her nerves. Lost in the music and mixing the bread she didn’t hear or sense anyone watching her.
Chris had tried to sleep but couldn’t so he laid there for a little bit until he heard faint music and decided to go see what was going on. He notices the door to Nico's room was open and figured she was in the kitchen.  She was there with her back to him swaying to the music . After a few minutes of watching her short frame saying he decides to see what she could possibly be doing at almost 12 at night.
“So, should I be concerned that you are in my kitchen at almost 12 at night and it has been pulled apart and your hands are covered in dough?” He asks as he comes into the kitchen. Humor laces his voice which causes her body to jump and she slowly turns around her eyes were like a deer caught in headlights.
“Chris, oh hey!” She replies as she scrunches her nose and pulls her hands out of the now blended dough. “I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to start working on the pepperoni rolls.”
“Ohhh ok.” He replies as looks into the bowl. “Is that going to make enough dough?”
“It has to rise silly. I measured out enough to make about 24 rolls.” Nico replies as she washes her hands again then moves the dough into a greased bowl and then covers with plastic wrap and a dish towel.
He nods his head and crosses his arms across his chest. “It’s a little late to be doing all of this  you know?”
“Maybe just a little bit but I couldn’t sleep and then you guys can have it for lunch tomorrow.”
“Point taken. He’s been talking about you and the pepperoni rolls kind of nonstop. I’ve never heard of them or had one.”
Nico doesn’t look too shocked but places her hand on her chest, “Well, you are totally in for a treat. They are soo yummy and filling. This is actually the recipe of the school kind so it’s authentic.”
“Noted. So would you like some company while the dough is rising?”
“I mean if you want to hang out with me in YOUR house, I wouldn’t mind. Some days it gets boring being alone.”  She replies lightly. 
He smiles at her answer while uncrossing his arms and takes in her beauty while she starts cleaning up the kitchen while the dough rises. “Minus the few things your brother has told me, what else should I know about you?”
She stops and looks at him curiously making her colorful unicorn glass fall down her little nose. Cutely and probably unconsciously she wiggles her nose to push the glasses back up. “Not really sure what all you are wanting to know about me. Honestly, I’m not that exciting.”
“Sure you are! You are a late night baker!” He states with humor laced in his voice making her chuckle.
Soon the kitchen was cleaned up while the oven was pre-heating to help make the dough rise quicker, she joins him on the couch. “Point taken. I’m a nerdy black girl. Currently, I work as a party planner so since the world is on lockdown, I’m just on break. It helps to relax me and help give me more ideas for planning and for cosplay ideas.”
Chris looks at her as she slouches on the couch, the action caused the back of her shirt to ride up her back. “Don’t blame you, I needed a small break and this is so helpful.”
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introvertllux · 11 months ago
Peace in Normalcy: Chapter Four
Tumblr media
(The chapter is told from Prue’s point of view. Anytime, that you see italicized words, that means Prue is speaking via her internal monologue).
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Comedy-Drama
Warnings: 18+, depictions of mental health, mental disorders, depression, talks of suicide, and sexual abuse. (Please do not read, if you may be triggered).
*Any depictions of mental health are based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Please do not think I’m making fun or or mocking anyone, again these experiences are based on what I have seen and, or been through myself. Also, I am not intending to romanticize mental health or disorders in anyway. Lastly, If you do decided to read this story I am very thankful and I hope you enjoy it. : )
Prue’s P.O.V
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
After getting the courage to talk to both of my parents (mainly, my mother) about reviving my hobby of art I can say I feel somewhat relieved? Content? Maybe happiness? I have to say I don’t really remember a lot of things that used to make me happy before I went to the hospital. I feel as though I was working at a job I liked, that I could see myself doing but what else was there too it. I feel like the beginning of my adult life was this constant battle of passion vs security. Did I want to take the chance and journey to reach my dreams or did I just want something I know I could fall back on? Who knows, maybe if I would have taken the risk, I could’ve been a modern-day Vincent Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo.
Choosing between my passion and something I knew would make my parents proud always made me feel like I never had a life of my own. Especially with my mother being the strict traditionalist, she was everything had to be exactly her way and I wanted nothing more than to rebel as a child because she was a rationalist and I was always an idealist. She based everything on logic and me on emotions.
I love my mother and would do anything for my family, (including giving my dreams) but yet we still could never see eye to eye. I don’t want to be naïve and think we will always be on the same page but I want us to be able to live peacefully knowing that we are both different but that doesn’t mean we love each other any less. I’m really hoping this trip to the mall today goes well, maybe it will be an opportunity for us to relearn one another.
“Prue! Are you almost ready?” I heard from outside my bedroom door. I scurried from inside of my closet and pushed everything back inside my closet.
“Yes, mom! Give me one second.” I yelled back.
“You have two minutes to meet me downstairs or I’m leaving without you.” She said in a sing-song voice.
I grunted as I struggled to push all the pieces of a broken easel and other art supplies back in the closet. I closed the door as I marked down in the notes of my iPhone a list of art supplies that I needed. I then grabbed my phone and the new air pod dad brought for me and proceeded downstairs.
I made my way past the living room. I paused as I saw my dad watching television on his recliner.
“Hey, dad. Mom and I are going to the mall. I’ll see you later.” I said giving him a small wave.
“Hey, Pru-Pru! Come here for a second.” He said.
I walked over quickly, keeping in mind what my mother had said regarding time.
“Um. Mom is waiting for me.” I said quietly but quickly.
“I know. I know. I just wanted to tell you to have fun…I know that shopping isn’t your thing. But your mother thought it could be a way you too could bond. Be… patient with her. She’s trying. I love you both. Be safe. Call or text me if you need me.” He said.
I looked at him softly and gave him a slight nod in response. I turned around and left as fast I could and grabbed my jacket off the coat rack and left. I looked around slightly and saw my mother was waiting in her car.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Gwendolyn Walker)
Tumblr media
(Picture of Gwendolyn’s car)
I speed-walked up to her car and opened the passenger’s side. I sat in quickly and buckled up. My mom drove away quickly and smoothly out of the driveway. We sat in silence, which I wasn’t uncomfortable with. One thing I can say that my mother and I have in common is our love for quietness. We are both introverts. We found peace in silence and we enjoyed the time to ourselves.
A few minutes past until I heard my name being called. “Jayne. When we arrive at the mall, I have a surprise for you. I think you are really going to enjoy it.” She said.
“Alright. Thank you, mom, I really appreciated you thinking about me.” I said with a small smile.
I looked out of the corner of my eye to see her smiling.
We sat in silence again. I then decided to pull out my headphones. I loved headphones they were one of my sources of solitude (besides art) before I went away. Ever since I got my headphones, I started to make a playlist on Spotify. I had over 2,200 songs and I had just received them yesterday. I unlocked my phone and clicked on the Spotify app. I clicked the shuffle button and my playlist began to play: All Good Things (Come To An End) by Nelly Furtado.
Tumblr media
(Spotify Picture)
I started to move my head back and forth as I patted my left hand on my left thigh. I started to silently mouth the words.
Well, the dogs were whistling a new tune Barking at the new moon Hoping it would come soon so that they could Dogs were whistling a new tune Barking at the new moon Hoping it would come soon so that they could Die, die, die, die
Flames to dust, lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end? Flames to dust, lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end? Come to an end, come to an Why do all good things come to an end? Come to an end, come to an Why do all good things come to an end?
I started to tear up slightly at the meaning of the lyrics. This song really symbolized what I was going through currently. Life was by no means perfect before I went to the hospital, but it was decent. But it all came to an end.I felt the car come to a park as I felt a hand on my left leg. I looked up at my mom. 
“Are you alright?” She asked.“Yes-I’m alright. I just listen to a song it reminded me of something.” I said. I looked outside of the passenger side window and noticed we were at Moltthought Mall. I hadn’t been here since I was a child. My parents used to bring Mallory and me here all the time. I guess my mom picked this mall because it had all her favorite stores.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Moltthought Mall)
“Remember this place?” She asked with excitement in her voice.
“Y-yeah I do. You and dad used to bring Mallory and me all the time.” I said.
“We sure did. This minus has well been our second home, with all the time we spent here.” She snorted slightly.
“I figured we come to this mall for all time's sake. Plus, you know they have all my favorite stores and they added a Michaels and Blick Arts store right before you left…” She said trailing off.
I got excited at the fact that they added a Michaels and Blick store. I can finally replace all of my art supplies. However, my excitement did not last long as I realized that I had to go into the mall. The mall that was located in the town I was raised in. The same mall I could have the chances of bumping into someone I know. I started to panic as I realized this. 
My heart started to race as I hunched over the seat as my seatbelt tightened over my chest and waist. I took a shaky hand and clicked on the seatbelt button and rapidly pulled on the door handle and pushed the car door open. I ran out and hunched over putting my hands on my knees and breathing in and out heavily and unevenly. 
“Prue! Prue. Breathe, breathe.” I heard my mother said.
“It’s alright. It’s okay. Try and take a deep breath in and out. In and out.” She continued. I slowly did as she said trying to get a grasp on my breathing. I look a big deep breath in and exhaled steadily.
“That’s it. In and out.” She repeated as she gently placed her hand on my shoulder lightly.
A few moments later, I swallowed the built-up saliva in my mouth and stood up straight, my back still facing toward my mother.
“Prue.” She called out to me. I closed my eyes briefly before facing her. “I-I’m sorry- “I began to say before I was interrupted by a hug by my mother, which were very rare. My eyes widened and she embraced me tightly. After a few moments, she pulled away and grabbed both of my hands in hers, and looked into my eyes.
“I’m sorry. Was it something I said? Something I did?” She inquired. “No,” I said as I shook my head. “It’s- It’s just I started to panic…” I said trailing off. She squeezed my hands lightly, signaling me to continue speaking.
I look a small breath and continued, “I- I’m afraid that we will see people we know. I’m- I’m afraid that they’ll shame me or criticize me or you.” I said looking down.
“Prue. I can’t promise you that we won’t bump or pass by anyone we know. But I can promise you if we do happen to cross paths with someone we know, and they get out of line to know that I won’t hesitate to put them in their place.” She said with a hint of sassiness.
“Thank you,” I said.
“Now… let’s head inside I have to show you your surprise.” She said as she pulled me along.
As we entered the mall, I noticed that everything was relatively the same. It was big, spotless, and had the same stores it had even when I was a child.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the inside of the mall)
I walked beside my mother and followed her up the escalator as she led us on the path to the surprise.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue inside the Mall)
 We walked for a few minutes until we stopped in front of a salon.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the salon)
“Surprise!” My mother yelled.
I looked at her and then at the salon as she walked in.
“Gwen is that you!” I heard a loud voice yell.
“Diane!” She yelled as she quickly proceeds to walk over to her.
I followed behind awkwardly as I looked around the salon, that was unfamiliar to me.
“Is that Prue?” The voice questioned.
I looked up at the voice. It was? No, it couldn’t be Mrs. Price? She used to do my mother’s, mine, and Mallory’s hair. She stopped doing Mallory’s after she went off to college and mine after I decided to maintain my natural hair in high school (much to my mother’s liking).
Tumblr media
(Picture of Mrs. Price)
Mrs. Prices’ face fell soft as she looked over me and said, “How are you? Are you alright?” She asked her voice full of concern.
“Yeah-yeah. I’m fine.” I said.
“Diane got the salon a few months back. I called her as asked her if she can give you a little TLC.” My mother said changing the subject.
“Your mother was so happy that I agreed to this little surprise. Lord knows you need it.” Mrs. Price said. As soon as she finished speaking, everyone got silent. My mother looked at me.
“Err- um. I didn’t. Shit.” Mrs. Price said. I shook my head and said, “No, It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean any harm. Trust me. I know I can use this. I haven’t really been so great at the whole self-care thing recently. I’ve been trying to ease back into it.” I said.
She looked at me and nodded quickly. “Alight. Well, have a seat, in my chair sweetie.” She said. I sat quickly. Thankful the salon was empty, so no one had to witness that interaction. “Good, thing your mom loves to do things early, no we will all have plenty of time to catch up.” She said sweetly.
“Now, I know this was a surprise. But… now that you’re here do you have a style you would like to try?” She asked as she put her hands on either said of the salon chair.
My lips twisted up as I thought for a second. “Hmm, what about a purple undercut with a start shaved on the left side of my head,” I said as I started to point as my head where I wanted the star.
I heard the sound of a disapprovement from my mother as I looked into the mirror.
“Okay,” I said as I giggled.
Tumblr media
“I just want my regular style just rejuvenated. My curls seem to be life-less these days.” I said to Mrs. Price. “Okay, I will work my magic.” She said.
A couple of hours passed, and my style was completed. My curls looked amazing. They popped. They looked shiny and full of life. I leaned forward in the salon chair and analyzed my appearance. I loved it. I looked so much better.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue after her hairstyle)
“Thank you, Mrs. Price. I love it!” I said. “It’s no problem dear. Also, I know you had a thing for make-up we have a make-up section in the back of the salon free of charge if you want to-" she said.
I nodded my head quickly like a kid in a candy store. I loved make-up, as an artist, it was really fun to experiment with looks. However, I hadn’t really been interested in make-up since I’ve been home. I guess… It wasn’t a priority for me. But after even just meeting with Dr. Salomon just once I realized that I have to try for my goals, I can’t just expect everything to go back to normal or even change if I don’t do anything.
Mrs. Price led me to the back of the salon. “Here we are. There’s a mini bag on the side of the station. You can take as much as you want, again it’s on the house.” She said with a sweet smile.
“Mrs. Price you don’t have too. I- It’s too much.” I said feeling a little overwhelmed.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the make-up section)
“No. I want too! It’s no problem. Come to the front when you’re done.” She said as she left. I looked through all of the make-up. It was like a Macy’s or a M.A.C. This make-up station had so many brands, colors, and collections. It was a make-up paradise.  I grabbed a mini bag and began to walk through the different stations. I grabbed all types of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip-gloss, glitters. I also grabbed some primer, blush, concealer, foundation (that matched my skin tone), eyeliner, false eyelashes, and makeup brushes. I mainly picked out some colors that would help me maintain a natural look which was my favorite look. Although, I did pick up some colors that were fun and glamourous just in case I wanted to try a different look at some point in time.
I stopped by one of the vanities and sat down and did my make-up. After, about 30 minutes, I completed my look. I looked up into the mirror of the vanity and smiled. For the first time in a long time, my smile felt real. It genuinely felt real. Looking as put together as I did, made me feel content. I-I feel good.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue)
I gathered all my make-up back into the bag and made sure the area I was in was as clean as I left it. I made my way back to where my mother and Mrs. Price was. When I arrived, they were in the middle of a conversation. I never interrupted conversations, so I just stood there awkwardly once again until I saw my mother look up into the mirror.
“Prue.” She said quietly as Mrs. Price looked up and smiled at me.
“You look so beautiful. You always do.” My mother said. “Thank you,” I responded as I got embarrassed by her compliment. “Thank you, again for the make-up Mrs. Price,” I said appreciatively.
“It’s no problem. Please stop by when you have time. I would love to see you again.” She said.
“Thank you, for helping me surprise her Diane.” My mother said. “Anytime. I’ll see you next month for your annual appointment.” She said to my mother.
“I’ll be here.” My mother said. We both waved good-bye and excited out of the salon.
“Where to next?” She asked me. I was slightly put off guard. Normally my mother took charge of where we would all go next when we all used to go to the mall.
“Um, we can go to Michaels and Blick's, If that’s okay,” I said. Seeing my mother so inclined to agree with what I wanted for once was… strange. It’s off-putting not knowing if this was her way to keep the peace between us because she wanted to improve our relationship or was it solely because she thought I would blackout? Knowing that my mother wasn’t being herself concerned me because I didn’t want her to feel she had to change herself just because of me. I never want my family to feel scared or ashamed of me just because I’m not myself anymore. I’m the one that needs to change not them.
I decided that I would make the trips to Michaels and Blick quick. As much as I didn’t want too. But I had to be fair to my mother after all she set aside her pride and hatred towards art and drove me here. And she’s also going to pay for the supplies I want as well. She doesn’t even want to be at these stores with me and I know she would much rather shop in her favorite stores.
We went to Michaels first. I brought a few canvases, paint, and brushed from there. Then we went to Blick and I brought some paint markers, sketching pencils, coloring pencils, and a large sketchbook. I didn’t get an easel because my mother wanted to save room for us to carry the clothes, she said we would buy it shortly. But she reassured me, that we could order one and have it shipped to the house.
We walked for a few minutes until we arrived at one of my sister’s favorite boutiques. I knew this would be a long experience. I hated shopping. It never interested me. I’m not at all interested in material things but I couldn’t pull an Adam and Eve and walk around in just leaves.
As we walked into the boutique, my mother said, “Grab whatever you like. I’ll be waiting over at the fitting rooms.” She said. Okay, now I was really concerned. My mother was never the type to just let go of control over anything. If this was a year ago, she would be immediately picking out outfits she saw fit for young women and hand them to me. Now, she’s letting me take charge for once.
I looked down the clothing racks as I thought about my style for a moment. What was my style? I never really casually dressed unless it was to go for a walk or to the library. When I worked I usually dressed very modestly and professionally. I continued to walk down the aisle.
I picked some crop tops out, some jeans, a few skirts, sweats, jackets, and a couple dresses. I grabbed all the clothes I could and placed them over my left arm and I continued to carry the art supplies in my other hand. I walked over to my mom.
“Are you ready to try the clothes on.” She asked.
“Yeah, I’m all set,” I said.
“Well, let me see each outfit when you’re done,” she responded back. I walked into the dressing room and hung up each clothing in the hooks provided. As I placed each article of clothing in a hook, I began to second guess myself.
Have I lost my mind? Crop tops? Min-skirts?  How in the hell would I pull this off? I can’t. And mom. She’s going to lose her shit if I walk out in these outfits.
“Prue? Are you alright? Do you need me to come in?” She asked as I heard shuffling outside of the door.
“No! I mean no. I’m okay.” I said. There was a momentary silence as the shuffling came to a pause. “I know you hate shopping and you’re probably nervous. But I have an idea. What if you do a little fashion show, like when you were a little girl remember. It will be fun, and it will make you less nervous.” She suggested.
I gave it some thought. It wasn’t a bad idea. I was just concerned with my confidence level. My confidence was never too high but after all, that’s happy it’s like my confidence doesn’t exist anymore. But I had to start somewhere? Right?
I decided to try on the outfits I picked out and try to enjoy this time with my mother. It may not be my favorite thing to do but I know that it would bring some joy to her.
(Click on the video below to see Prue’s Fashion Look Book! I made the video myself let me know what you think!) : )
Despite not liking shopping I had a good time with my mother. It was exhausting, to say the least. I know she did not like anything I picked out, but she complimented me and purchased everything I tried on so, that was a positive indication for something.
As we exited the boutique, I heard a voice shout “Gwendolyn? Gwendolyn Walker is that you?” Mother proceeds to walk a little faster as the voice got louder, and footsteps got closer.
“Gwendolyn, I knew that was you!” The voice said. My mother and I turned around and were faced to face with. Rachel.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Rachel)
“Oh. Rachel.” My mother said dryly. “Gwendolyn, I knew that was you. You’d never leave a mall without both arms full.” She said with shade to her tone. She quickly looked over at me. I looked away not wanting to hear what too had to say.
“Prudence is that you. I heard you left the hospital early. Is that safe? I heard around the neighborhood you’ve gotten yourself in some trouble. You should keep a better eye on her Gwendolyn, everyone’s talking about it.” She said with a bit of spite in her voice.
“You’re one to talk Rachel. Is Jonathan out of prison yet? And that other son of yours Avery isn’t he, mooching off of his cheating little girlfriend. And that thing you call a husband? Are you divorced yet? Because the things I’ve heard about him yeesh, I wouldn’t even hold hands with a creature like that. Talk all the shit you want Rachel, but I’ve never had to question my position as a mother. I’m not perfect but at least my kids are good. Can you say the same?” She said as turned around walked away.
I followed behind closely as we exited the mall. We returned to my mother’s car and she drove home. About 45 minutes later we arrived home. My mother put the car in park and unbuckled her seat belt.
“Mom,” I said. “Yes.” She responded back. “Back there with Rachel. Do you? Do you think she’s right? That I’m dangerous?” I said feeling and sounding as insecure as I did when I was a child.
“Prue. I- I don’t think you’re dangerous.” She said. She sighed as she turned to face me. “I’m just scared. I don’t know what to do. I’m just as lost as you are right now. I just want you to find yourself to be happy. That’s why today I let you take control when it came to the way you style your hair, your make-up, and even pick out the clothes you want. You may be in these positions where we’re all concerned about you but enabling you and treating you as if-as if something is wrong with you won’t help you heal.” She spoke.
“Last night, when you told your father and me about the art, I had to admit I was very upset. I don’t get what you like about it. But when you said it would help you it dawned on me that my job as a mother is to make sure that you are happy, healthy, and being the best version of yourself you can be. Right now, I am failing at my job. But I, I realized that supporting you is the only way I can help you. That all of us as a family can help you. And it bothers me to see you go and stray from my traditional values, but I have to let you. You’re an adult and I have to be content with the choices you make in life whether I like them or not.” She said.
“Thank you, mom. For trying, for being there. For your support through this.” I said as we exited out of the car and grabbed all of our bags. I greeted my father and went upstairs and organized my closet. I threw out my old art supplies and neatly organized my new ones. I then hung up my new clothes. Lastly, I organized my make-up in my vanity, decluttering any old junk in the draws.
I then threw myself on my bed and pulled out my phone and saw I had a new message from Mallory. I guess I better get used to it, huh. We began to text back and forth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We continued texting until my sister kept begging me for a selfie and I kept declining her. Suddenly, my phone screen changed as I saw that Mallory began to Facetime me. I hated Facetime and phone calls. I was more comfortable communicating via text. I quickly grabbed my air pods from out of my pocket and tapped my screen to answer.
Tumblr media
(Facetime call between Prue and Mallory)
“Ha! Caught you! You look so cute! I knew you would! Also, sorry, I know you prefer to text. But I wanted to ask you something in person. Well as close to in-person as possible.” She said.
“Okay,” I said.
“So...” She said as she drew out her words. Just as though, she’s up to something. Normally when Mallory drew out her words like that, she was about to suggest something that the other person was normally not a fan of.
“Mallory,” I said slightly warningly.
“Okay. Okay, I wanted to invite you over to dinner at my place. I know the first time didn’t go well but… I wanted to make up for it. Before you say no or that you need time to think about it, I just want to say Jahmal and I would be really happy to have you over and I would make your favorite.” I looked at her skeptically when she said my favorite.
“Yes, your actual favorite.” She said with emphasis on the word your. Well, at least I knew my sister and my brother-in-law, but I wasn’t keen on small talk and I knew that it would be an extremely awkward night considering all that’s happened in the last few days. But I could try I suppose and if I felt uncomfortable, I would leave.
“Okay,” I said.
“Really! Okay, great! We’re thinking in two weeks on Saturday the 19th at 7:00 PM.” She said cheerfully.
“Okay, I’ll see you then,” I said as I hung up. I tried not to get anxiety about what I just agreed too. So, I decided to go to my closet and grab my sketchbook and pencils and draw something. At least I’ve found something that can tame my worry and panic, even for a few minutes.
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introvertllux · a year ago
Peace in Normalcy: Chapter Two
Tumblr media
(The chapter is told from Prue’s point of view. Anytime, that you see italicized words, that means Prue is speaking via her internal monologue).
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Comedy-Drama
Warnings: 18+, depictions of mental health, mental disorders, depression, suicide, and sexual abuse. (Please do not read, if you may be triggered).
*Any depictions of mental health are based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Please do not think I’m making fun or or mocking anyone, again these experiences are based on what I have seen and, or been through myself. Also, I am not intending to romanticize mental health or disorders in anyway. Lastly, If you do decided to read this story I am very thankful and I hope you enjoy it. : )
Prue’s P.O.V
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue)
Saturday, September 28, 2019
I looked to the side of the bed at the digital alarm clock. The time read 8:35 AM in glaring red lights. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but that wasn’t too unusual for me. One thing, I can say for sure is that my stomach doesn’t hurt any longer and the pounding in my head has subsided. Maybe this is a sign that today will be a better day.
Even though I struggle to get any sleep, ironically enough I’m a morning person. Don’t get me wrong you definitely will not find me singing from the rooftop like Marry Poppins, but I tried not to be grumpy to anyone, I come in contact with. When I first wake up, I still like to have my own space and to be in mind a little bit before I truly and fully interact with anyone.
I swung my legs over the left side of the bed. I then scratched my head, I sighed knowing that my curls were knotted in my head.
That’s what I get for not sleeping with a headscarf or bonnet. But let’s be honest after all that happened did, I have time to be practical for once in my life?
Tumblr media
(Picture of the guest room Prue had slept in)
I proceed to place my feet on the smooth carpet as I scratched my lower back with my left hand. I let out a small yawn and rubbed the crust out of my eyes. I then started to make up the bed, first smoothing down the fitted sheet. I then looked down at the floor as I picked up the flat sheet and the comforter.
What? I’m a wild sleeper. I can’t tell you myself why my sheets ended up on the floor.
I placed the flat sheet on the bed, followed by the comforter and neatly folded, tucked in the sheets. I made sure to fluff the pillows, ensuring that the bed looked exactly how it did before I slept in it. I then gathered up my clothes from yesterday and folded them over my left arm and grabbed my sneakers and carried them in my left hand. As I exited the room, I made sure to close the door behind me.
For some reason, no matter the room or the place I always needed for all doors to be closed.
I walked a few feet down the hallway and into the bathroom. I softly closed the door. I looked around the bathroom and again I was not shocked. This bathroom was glammed up. There were Marble and rustic appliances.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Mallory and Jahmal’s guest bathroom)
I brushed my hands down and over the bathroom sink and I continued to admire the hard work and dedication that I knew Mallory had taken to remodel this room. I paused to look in the mirror at my matted curls. I slumped my shoulders and groaned as I am mentally prepared for the pain that was to come with this detangling process.
I crouched down and searched the cabinet underneath the sink for a detangler brush. I scavenged through the cabinet and didn’t see one. I saw band-aids, cotton balls, a box of tampons, and a pack of brand-new toothbrushes. I grabbed the pack of toothbrushes and placed them down next to me. I leaned forward to get a closer look into the cabinet, this time trying to see if I could at least find a wide-tooth comb. After a few moments of moving items around, I concluded that I would not find a brush or a comb in here. I scrunched up my lips trying to think of another solution.
I came down to my last possible solution.
Finger detangling.
Yeah, this was going to hurt.
Before I started this process, I wanted to search the small medicine cabinet for some hair clips so that I can separate my hair into sections to speed up the detangling process. I glanced over the medicine cabinet and saw two clips and a large scrunchie. I closed my right hand into a fist and pumped it into the air and cheered to myself quietly. I then closed the cabinet and turned on the faucet water. I made sure the water was warm and the stream was light.
I guided my hand down the middle of my hair, where it naturally parted and separated the left section of my hair into two parts, then did the same with the right side of my hair. I quickly twirled the top section on my left side and clipped it up and proceeded to do the same with the right side.
I put my hand underneath the faucet and cupped some water into my hand and gathered the bottom left section my hair and began to finger detangle. I continued this motion until I had completed it on all four of my sections.
After taking out the clips I looked up into the mirror. I twisted up my lips, contemplating whether or not to leave my hair as it is or try and attempt to do something with the hair tie I had found. I moved my head side to side as I continued to contemplate what I should do.
I had to weigh my options. It was the beginning of fall and wet curls never stand against the temperature transitions between the summer heat and winter cold. Also, I didn’t have any product are tools to help me style it so wearing it out doesn’t seem like the most logical option right now.
I looked into the mirror scrunching my face up in distaste.
Hmm, a ponytail? Maybe? I thought as I gathered my hair up into a ponytail. I turned my head from left to right with my hair still gathered in a ponytail.
Nope. I hate it.
I decided against that style as I saw my damped curls hanging from my hands. I let go of my hair and let it hang loose. I bit my bottom lip and squinted my eyes and I came to a conclusion. I moved a foot away from the sink and hunched over. I gathered up my hair once more and wrapped the scrunched around it twice, folding my hair over itself.
I stood up straight and stared into the mirror one last time. And may I present to you, the messiest bun. Despite it being messy, I kind of liked it.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue and her messy bun)
Feeling pretty content with the style, I opened up the cabinet and place the clips back where I found them. I then got dressed into my clothes from yesterday and laced my sneakers up. I neatly folded the pink pajamas my sister lent me and exited the bathroom. I quickly, went back into the guest room and placed the pajamas on the bed.
I then left the room, closing the door behind me and went downstairs in search for Mallory. She never mentioned to what time we would be heading to our parent’s house. I had assumed early in the morning due to our parents being very particular about people’s arrivals. They had always preferred the morning rather than the afternoon.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Mallory)
As soon as I came downstairs, I saw Mallory slipping on her second shoe along as she went to gather her keys of the key holder. I walked closer to her. She turned around with her keys in her right hand and glanced over me. She opened the door and walked out. I followed behind her, keeping my distance. I looked back at her I watched the door. She clicked her car keys and the doors opened. I took my respective seat on the passenger’s side and hers on the driver’s. She slightly drove off in the direction of our parent’s house.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Mallory’s car)
I knew that Mallory was beyond angry at me. She was disappointed, hurt, and confused. I can tell. I desperately wanted to apologize. I am more than aware that what I did- no how I acted was wrong. But I hate confrontation. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I hate for people, especially the ones I love to be angry at me and to avoid me. I would do anything for them to forgive me, but I never knew how. I’m not an argumentative person at all. I just want to please people in anyway I can.
I’m also not great with my words. I have to think before I speak. I have to be able to analyze and reflect on the situation. I need that time to think of the right words to mend the relationship.
Our parents only lived about 30 minutes away by car and 45 by walking. Normally, it would take me hours, sometimes days depending on the severity of the situation to come up with right words to say. But I only had 30 minutes in this case.
I decided that I would take this car ride and think of what I wanted to say to Mallory and how I wanted to say it.
As, Mallory drove through the neighborhood, I looked in the rear-view mirror glancing at the housed I remember so clearly from my childhood. I started to get anxious as I knew we were getting closer and I hadn’t yet developed the right words to say. My mind began to race, and I started rapidly and intensely think of what I could say.
I looked into the rear-view mirror and saw the red house, which let me know we were only a couple of minutes away from my parent’s house.
The red house. It’s the “landmark” our father used to make Mallory and I look for to know we were close to home. Just in case one of us was ever lost.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the red “landmark” house)
I briefly closed my eyes and took out a shaky breath as the anxiety within me continued to rise. I slowly opened up my eyes and saw the modern grey and white trim house.
Tumblr media
(The Walker’s house)
Fuck, we’re here.
I turned my head to my left and looked at Mallory and she put the car in park. She then extended her right arm forward and took her key out of the ignition. I started to panic more as my heart started to beat rapidly as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest. She moved to unbuckle her seat belt. I knew I had to apologize before we went inside. I would never be able to move on if I knew she was upset with me and I could have done something to fix it.
“M-Mallory.” I said with a shaky voice. Turned back, looking straight into my eyes. My eyes widened a little, as I was slightly taken back.
“I- I wanted to apologize for what I did and how I acted. There’s no excuse for my actions and my behavior. I know that you have been the only one there for me and you have sacrificed your time for me and- “
Malloy reached out her hands and placed the on my shoulders as she squeezed lightly and smiled softly, “Stop, you don’t have to apologized. I know that you feel like I might be angry at you or like I might not forgive you, but I do. There’s nothing you can do that will make me that you. Ever.” She said as she paused to sigh.
I looked down still anxious as I was unsatisfied with my apology and although I heard what she said I can tell her voice and body language that she was still upset. I guess, it was a good thing that I was staying with our parents it would give us some space.
Mallory then let go of my shoulders and got out of the car and I followed her same actions. I closed the door behind me as she clicked the doors locked. We walked up to our childhood home and Mallory rang the doorbell.
I heard footsteps quickly approach the door followed by the sound of locks un-clicking.
“Mal!” I heard a deep but tender voice say.
“Hey pops!” She greeted back happily. “Come in, come in. Don’t forget to take your shoes off by the door, you know how your mother gets.” He said and moved from the door entrance. I began to get nervous; I hadn’t seen my parents in nine months. An even before then we all had a distant relationship.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Levi Walker)
“Where is she? Where’s my Pru-Pru.” He said. Mallory walked into the house so I could be fully seen.
“I- um I’m right here,” I said.
“So, you’re not going to give your old man a hug.” He said. I stepped into this house as he wrapped his arms around me. The hug wasn’t as warm as the ones he gave me as a child which saddened me. I knew he wasn’t sure what to do now that I was home. But, I’m still his daughter, couldn’t he still feel that?
“Pops, where’s ma? I wanted quickly to drop Prue off. I have to swing by Ramona and David’s and pick up Jahmal.” She said as he took her shoes off.
I took my shoes off and stood awkwardly off to the side. “Your mama should be heading down. You know how she is when people come over. Everything has to be organized to a T or she will start going off.” He said.
My mother was indeed more than a neat freak. I would say she suffers from some sort of OCD, but she would always deny it.
“Well, I know you didn’t come with just the clothes on your back. Where is the rest of your stuff?” He said looking at Mallory, but I knew the question was directed at me. Before I could answer Mallory said, “In the car. It’s just these two black suitcases Jahmal and I use when we go on vacation. They’re a heavy dad. I won’t ask you to help with the old man.” She chuckled as she teased him a bit.
“Old-old man? Let me get my shoes on so I can show you, that this old man has still got it.” He said as he flexed his muscles.  While they both put their shoes on, I looked around the house. Everything was mostly the same aside from the pictures. There were a lot of new pictures of Mallory a few pictures and Mallory and Jahmal.
Where were my pictures? My diplomas?
I took a closer look around the living room and saw pictures of Mallory as a child, her graduation pictures through college, copies of her diploma’s, a picture from her and Jahmal’s wedding day, and a few pictures of them on vacation.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the Walker’s Living Room)
The spots where my photographs were now replaced. Part of me didn’t want to believe it. I walked further into the living room and looked in front of me, around the walls, and still didn’t see any of my old photographs. I turned around and look at the wall behind me and still nothing. I then posted the side table beside the couch and noticed a picture frame faced down.
I steadily walked up to the side table and cautiously lifted the frame. Inside the frame was a photograph of me as a child.
Tumblr media
(The picture of Prue in the frame in the on the living room side table)
“I thought, I always taught you to greet before you enter a room.” I heard a voice say.
I swiftly turned around as I held the framed photograph behind my back.
I looked toward the voice of the women who raised me. “H-hi, mom,” I said quietly.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Gwendolyn Walker)
She glanced over me and spoke again, “I see you remembered to take your shoes off before entering. Did you wash your hands?” She asked skeptically.
“No.” I answered barely above a whisper.
Her face went ridged. “You know how I feel about unsanitary things. And you know that’s always been a rule.  You know how I feel. Wash your hands immediately and don’t touch anything until you have done so. Remember to wash your hands with warm water for at least 45 seconds.”
With that, she exited the room. I turned back around and place the frame back down exactly the way I found it. I made my way upstairs to the guest bathroom. I knew that my mother was very specific where people washed their hands. In this case, I would have to use the guest bathroom because I came from “outside” and that had nothing to do with the kitchen (Which was the closest area with a sink). Lord knows that she would find a way to know if I ever washed my hands in the kitchen sink despite not cooking or eating in it prior.
I finally made it to the guest bathroom and closed the door. I walked up to the sink and turned on the faucet, making sure that the water was warm. I then grabbed the bar of soap and proceed to scrub my hands making sure to get rid of the germs in every nook and cranny of my hands. After what felt like a minute. I turned off the water and wiped my hands on my jeans. I knew I couldn’t use a hand towel my mother would surely be upset. I then walked over to the toilet paper roll and grabbed some and cleaned the small droplets water that escaped out the marble sink as I was washing my hands. 
Tumblr media
(The guest bathroom at the Walker’s house)
I flushed the toilet paper down the toilet and left the room. I made my way out of the room and began to walk down the stairs. Before I could start walking down the staircase I heard the sound of Mallory and my parents talking. 
“Another one? How big was it this time?” I heard my dad say.
“Not as bad as the one that sent her to the hospital. She just freaked out.” I heard Mallory respond back. 
I then heard my dad sigh and ask, “Is- is there something that triggers her to do that?” “I don’t know dad. Her emotions are all over the place. She’s not as in control or stable as she used to be before all of this happened. We- we have to try and be sensitive to what she could or might be feeling.” Mallory said. 
“She’s always been sensitive. Always. Nothing has changed.” I heard my mother say sounding unfazed. 
“Just be gentle with her. I’m sure after she starts attending therapy again. She will have more control over herself.” Mallory said sounding hopeful.
“Let’s just hope we won’t have to force her. You know she’s been more defiant as she got older. If she doesn’t go by court order, then she’ll be back there faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.” My mother said.
“She’s going to go. Trust me. I’ve got to go. I love you both. I’m only 15 minutes, a phone call, or even a text away if you guys need me.” I heard Mallory say slightly rushed.  A few seconds went by as I heard the shuffling of keys and the door slam.
 I waited what felt like a few minutes before cautiously proceed downstairs and came face to face with my parents. I looked at them silently. My dad looked gave me a small smile, which told me he had no idea what to do and my mom gave me a stoic one which told me she wouldn’t change the rules of her kingdom for anyone, not even her own daughter. 
“Did you wash your hands.” I heard my mother ask.
 I adjusted my posture and looked directly at my mother and answered, “Yes, mom I did.”
She then crossed her arms over her chest and said, “Let me smell them.” She said. 
This was a test. She wanted to see what would make me explode. I don’t feel like I might explode. But to be completely honest I can’t gage that anymore. Could this trigger me?
“No. Mom, I’m not doing this again. I’m not a kid anymore. I’m grown. I’m not going to keep enabling your habits.” I said trying to be sensitive to my mother’s feelings but stern enough to stand my ground.
“There you go again. Still defiant. You know, there are benefits to listening to your mother. That’s why the saying goes mother knows best.” She said as she stared me down with a slight grin on her face.
There goes that look and stance. It was the one that let me know throughout the years that my mother wasn’t someone that was a fan of conflict but she sure as hell wasn’t against it. She knew she had one this battle because when it came to conflict, I was never going to confront it.
“Sweetheart. I know it’s hard with the hand-washing thing but let’s just trust our daughter and believe that she really washed her hands. How about we just calm ourselves and just relax, huh.” My dad said soothingly.
He grabbed my mother and pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back in a circling motion.
Leave it to my dad to put the fire out. My dad was a lot like me when it came to conflict, he hated it. But the difference between him and me was that he would try to be the peacekeeper by trying to calm all the parties involve and I would avoid the situation, disappear until I can figure out a way to fix it.
About an hour and a half had past and I was in my old room. It looked the same which was a shock to me. My mother was not a fan of my décor chooses she thought it was too bland for a young woman to represent a young woman. But I guess dad had convinced her to let it remain the same. I walked to the corner of my room and saw my old art supplies crammed into a box.
Tumblr media
(Prue’s bedroom)
I narrowed my eyes, angry at how my personal stuff was crammed into a box. This wasn’t nearly half of it. I then opened my closet and saw that the rest of my art supplies were thrown into the closet. I was broken pieces of my wooden easels, torn pictures I had drawn, and dried up paints.
I took a deep breath trying to control my emotions. I felt angry, confused, and saddened all at once. I wanted to tear up anything in my path and curse my parents out, but at the same time, I wanted to scream and cry as I felt heartbroken that my own parents would do this to me. My love for the art they shove away like nothing and even the very sight of me they can’t stand as they hide every picture of me except one and it’s faced down, shunned just like the present me.
My heart began to beat rapidly and at all the thoughts and emotions accumulating in my head. I fell to my knees as I crawled inside my closet. I closed the door and huddled around my art. I pulled my knees as close to my chest as possible. I pushed my fingers onto my forehead and began to cry silently. Not knowing what else to do.
I flinched as I woke up. I shuffled a little hearing the ruffle of papers and clanks of wood move with me. I yawned feeling drained. I got up from my shambles of work and open the closet door. I brushed down myself getting rid of the flakes of paper and tiny wood shavings.
I was physically tired and emotionally drained. The only thing that I wanted was a glass of water from the kitchen and then quickly retreat back to my room before I was noticed. I made my way out of my room as I closed the door behind me softly. I made my way down the small hallway and down the staircase as quietly as I could.
I slipped through the living room and into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass cup and filled it halfway with tap water. I gulped the water down; remember the last time I drank anything was last night.
Tumblr media
(Picture of the Walker’s kitchen and dining room)
“Pru-Pru.” I heard and I slightly choked on my water. I spiraled into a small coughing fit and I placed my cup down.
I felt patting on my back. Soon, with the combination of the back-patting and my coughing, I was able to settle my breathing.
“Oh my God, Prue. I’m sorry I scared you.” He said.
“It’s okay dad. I’m alright now, I promise.” I said trying to reassure him.
“Okay, if you’re sure you're fine. I have a surprise for you.” He said with a smile on his face. I look at him skeptically.
“It’s one you’re going to like.” He said in a sing-song voice.
I just looked and him and turned to wash, dry, and put away my cup. My dad waited patiently and then led us to the dining room table in the kitchen.
I picked a random seat and my dad sat in the seat adjacent to me.
“Close your eyes. Come on just like when you were little.” I looked at him smiling small at his goofiness and instantly gave in.
I then heard him say, “Now, open your hands.” I opened then and immediately felt a bit of weight in them.
“Can I open my eyes now?” I asked. “Yes.” He responded happily. My eyes flickered open and I was immediately shocked to see an iPhone.
“D-dad. I- you didn’t have too. Wow, thank you, dad.” I said as stood up out of my chair as it screeched on the floor and hugged my dad as awkwardly. I held on tightly trying to show my dad how much I appreciated this. I pulled away after a few moments. “Thank you so much day.” I said.
You don’t have to thank me, that’s what dads do. I want- I want to help you get back into your normal way of things in the best way I know how.” He said looking hurt yet hopeful in away.
I can see the hurt in his eyes. I know he feels guilty in some way or another, yet he doesn’t know what to do. But I can tell, neither he nor my mother are ready to talk about any of it so, I guess they’ll tip to around it- around me until they’re ready.
I sat back down in my seat and unboxed the phone. Just having a phone in my hands was weird. I haven’t had a phone in nine months. What would I do with it? I don’t have anyone outside of my family to contact and I will be living with half of them already and if I needed to talk to the other, I could just walk to her house. I don’t have friends and I’ve never had social media so, why do I need it?
“Your mom and I think you should have it. Just in case of an emergency. We asked your new therapist. They thought it would be a better way to get you back and adjusted into some normality.” He said.
I powered on the phone and I soaked in what he was saying.
“I put my number, your mother’s number, and my number into the phone, and I made sure to put your number into my and your mother’s phones and I gave Mallory your number earlier today. Knowing your sister, I’m sure she will be texting you before the end of the night.” He said with a chuckle.
I smiled knowing that dad was right about. I got up from my chair and pushed it in. I thanked my dad again. As I made my out of the room, I heard my dad yell that dinner will be ready by six. and went upstairs to my room and began fidgeting with my phone. After setting up my phone, I sighed, knowing that I would have time to stay in my room and recharge before dinner.
I looked at the clock and it read 12:45 PM. I got and decided I need to shower. It was long overdue. I was glad that my room had an attached bathroom, so I remain uninterrupted. I look my phone into the bathroom and placed it on the bathroom sink carefully. I was so glad to be able to take a nice relaxing shower and to be able to wash my body and hair.
Tumblr media
(Prue’s bathroom)
About an hour had past and I stepped out of the shower with a large grey towel wrapped around my body and a smaller matching one around my head. I walked into my closet, careful not to drip water onto my older drawings and cautious of the pieces of wood on the foot of my closet. I grabbed a maroon zip-up hoodie, a very large green tie-dye shirt with a green alien shirt, and black biker shorts. I placed the articles of clothing on my bed and the put them on.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Prue in her sleep wear of choice)
I then grabbed my phone and set the alarm to 6:55 PM because my mom was not accepting of any form of lateness.
In her head, if you’re late for anything that was a sign of disrespect. If I were late for dinner, I just won’t be allowed to have any. In the words of my mother, “If you wanted it you would have proven it by being on time.”
I then got underneath my crisp white sheets and got snug. I felt my body relax as if for a rare moment I would be able to fall asleep with no running thoughts or anxiety. I pulled my comforter closer and began to drift off.
I woke up to the loud sound of my alarm going off. I groaned and flipped over on my side and squinted at the bright light of my phone screen. I quickly pressed cancel and quickly got out of bed. I raced out of my room, closed my bedroom door, and made it down the staircase. I made it to the kitchen, with only a minute to spear as the kitchen clock read 6:59 PM.
I sighed in relief and sat across from my mother as my dad took the head of the table. I slightly began to plate food myself. We were having BBQ wings, green beans, and mashed potatoes. We ate in silence for a few seconds before I let out a yawn. I immediately covered my mouth and excused myself, ‘Excuse me.” I said.
“Prudence, I think we need to go shopping. You’re wearing a t-shirt with an alien on it at dinner.” She said eyeing it strangely.
“Sweetheart, it’s just a t-shirt.” My dad playing his role as the fire extinguisher accordingly. I tried to follow my father’s lead by trying to project peace.
“It’s not just a shirt Levi. It’s inappropriate for dinner and her age. Last time, I checked I agreed to raise sophisticated and classy young women. An alien does not fit either of those descriptions.” She responded to my father.
She then went back to getting her green beans. I looked down feeling ashamed. I ate my potatoes silently trying to keep quiet.
“We did. Wearing an alien shirt doesn’t say anything less. you know that she’s always been into that artsy stuff.” My dad said as he bit a piece of his wing.
I continued to eat and listen as they spoke about me like I wasn’t even there.
“I swear it’s the art stuff. At least Mallory turned it into a career, but it turned Prudence into a- “she said before I looked up and interrupted her.
“Into what? A weirdo?” I said as I laughed bitterly. “Or maybe a psycho is more of the word you’re looking for. I mean for God asked mom what do you want? You want me to be Mallory! I’m fucking sorry that I wasn’t able to run off, marry the man of my dreams, and be highly successful in at my job is that what you want me to say! What more can I do? I was valedictorian of my college and that wasn’t good enough, then I got a job that made a good amount of money and my place now!” I said yelling loudly as my left leg began to shake rapidly.
“Prudence, lower your voice!” My mother hissed in an exasperated voice. 
“Oh! Oh, you mean like this!” 
I yelled as I ran room the table and sprinted out of the kitchen and into the hall. I unlocked the front door and took a huge breath and yelled at the top of my lungs.
“HEY, EVERYONE GUESS WHOSE PARENTS ARE AHAMED OF THEM? GUESS, GUESS! GUESS WHICH KID THEY LOVE MORE. NOT ME, NOT PRUDENCE!” I yelled as I stretched my arms out widely laughing slightly manically as I cried erratically.
The flicker of house lights and the cries of neighborhood pets begin to alarm the streets.
Heavy footsteps ran towards me and grabbed me from behind, lifting me up and back into the house.
I sobbed trying to fight the hold on me. “Let me go!” I yelled as I began fighting the hands on me.
“Shh. Shh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I heard my dad’s voice desperately say as he let me go and place me on the floor holding me into a tight hug. “Let me go! Let me go!” I repeated muffled in his shoulder.  
He began to rock us back and forth as he cradled my head. I looked over my dad’s shoulder through tear-filled eyes to see my mother’s composure look different. She looks alarmed, scared, and saddened. I start to cry harder and harder and as it gets harder to breathe.
“Prue. Follow the beating of my heart. Just like when you were a kid. Remember how you always felt at ease when you did it? I want you to try and do it.” He said softly.
I followed what he said trying to focus on what he was telling me.
There was banging at the door. Nobody moved to answer. “It’s Officer Taylor! Open up!” The voice boomed.
Tumblr media
(Picture of Officer Taylor Miller)
My mother tried to compose herself to her as walked to the door. She cracked the door open, slightly so that half of her body was showing.
“Good Evening, Mrs. Walker I’ve received some phone calls from some scared neighbors stating noise complaints from this address. I know, um Prue’s back home and we had something similar happen yesterday so. And I spoke to her about the consequences of-” He said trying to peer into the house.
Third person’s P.O.V
“Look Taylor right. Yes, you went to school with Mallory. My daughter just got back from the hospital and we’re all trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ll be damned if I let you sit here and threaten the safety of my daughter. I understand that we are not being the best neighbors right not but as soon as next week we will have our daughter on her schedule. You need to give us time, this is not an overnight thing.” Gwendolyn said sternly not back down one bit.
“I see and I understand. If you don’t mind, I would like to come in and check to see if everything is alright if things are settled.” He said trying to get around Gwendolyn.
She closed the door tighter as she pushed herself more into the frame. “Of course, I mind. I’m many things in this world, and one of them is a mother. No matter how old my kids get, it's my job is to protect them. I’ll fight tooth and nail to protect my daughter from anything or anyone that tries to hurt her. Now, I understand it’s your job but if I sense even for a second, you’re out for her I will do anything and everything in my power to take you down.” She said smoothly.
She stared up at his tight expression and said, “Now, you have a good night Officer Taylor.”  With that, Gwendolyn slammed the door in his face not even waiting for a rebuttal.
Gwendolyn turned locked the door and turned to where her daughter and husband were. She kneeled beside them and tucked a strand of hair behind her daughter’s left ear as she was lightly snoring.
Levi stood, as he carried Prue bridal style and Gwendolyn followed behind. He carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom. He gently placed her into her bed as Gwendolyn tucked her in tightly. Levi moved her curls around and placed a kiss on her forehead. Gwendolyn followed suit and repeated his action. After placing a kiss on her daughter’s forehead she lingered for a moment as she looked over her daughter as tears threatened to spill over her eyes.
Links to: 
Chapter Three
I wanted to thank everyone who has liked or reblogged anything that has to do with this story. I want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to the following people for showing me some support (I apologize if i’m missing any names)!! 
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introvertllux · a year ago
Peace in Normalcy (Masterpost)
Tumblr media
Story Decription: Life turns upside-down after Prudence Walker has a mental breakdown at her job. It only seems to get worse after she ends up in a mental institution and winds up home hoping from her older sister's to her parent's house. All, she wants to do is establish some normalcy and try to go back to her old life, old job, and try to form her own definition of happiness, while everyone around her tries to shove their own in her face. Things began to get tricky when Prudence gets involved with Frank, a mysterious man that has more in common with her than she would have ever thought.
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Comedy-Drama
Warnings: 18+, depictions of mental health, mental disorders, depression, suicide, and sexual abuse. (Please do not read, if you may be triggered).
*Any depictions of mental health are based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Please do not think I’m making fun or or mocking anyone, again these experiences are based on what I have seen and, or been through myself. Also, I am not intending to romanticize mental health or disorders in anyway. Lastly, If you do decided to read this story I am very thankful and I hope you enjoy it. : )
List of Characters and their Descriptions
 (I highly suggest reading these descriptions to get a better understanding or each character and their roles in the story
Prudence “Prue” Walker
Mallory “Mal” Jones
Jahmal “J” Jones
Frank “Franky” Melbourne
Gwendolyn “Gwen” Walker
Levi Walker
Officer Taylor “Tay” Miller
Scarlett “Scar” MCcannon
Ramona “Ro” Johnson
David Johnson
Jaxson “Jax” Monroe 
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
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okayysophia · 3 months ago
What do you think about the whole divesting/interracial stuff popping up on YT and Tiktok? I have no problem with IR relationships since I have been in a few myself, but how black women online are going about it now is just kinda weird... It's like the minute a white guy or Asian guy (K-pop fans do this a lot) mention a black girl in a positive light or interact with her(ex: Chris Evans), there are those bw who put them on a pedestal . Guys are seeing that and are just taking advantage of that.
Ya I’ve noticed that to. I think with the whole divesting “movement” the discussion of black women putting themselves on a pedestal should be emphasised more. A lot of these black women/girls have been taugh to put their men or just black men in general first and on a pedestal, so when the idea of divesting came about they kinda just gravitated to putting other men on pedestals which is dumb and ugly. I am glad that their are a lot of younger girls and women are calling it out though and recognising it weird.
I don’t really watch those youtubers like that it’s usually just a glance or if a topic catches my eye I’ll listen but I take all those videos with a grain of salt.
I personally don’t have an issue with interracial relationships or divesting as long as it’s coming from a positive place and not a place of hurt and negativity...
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🎄 Merry Hoemas Challenge 🎄
Tumblr media
Hosted by the Winter Hoes: @amythedvdhoarder​ @chrissquares​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @pumpkin-and-pine​ @starlightcrystalline​
The holiday season is just around the corner, and the Winter Hoes have decided to come together and spread some hoe thots, they even have a carol prepared for such special occasion.
🎵Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la~
🎵All the hoes should join our folly, fa la la la la, la la la la~
🎵Follow us and join the challenge, fa la la, la la la, la la la~
🎵We would love to see your talent, fa la la la la, la la la la~
Challenge runs from November 1 - January 1
We would prefer fics with Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan or any of their characters, but it's not a hard and fast rule. We welcome others characters too, but we may not be familiar with them.
Original works only, please! You can write as many as you want.
100 words minimum no maximum. We are a group that loves our drabbles and wanted to include them too! However, no series and your entry cannot be part of an existing series.
Please tag all 5 of us in all entries and use the hashtag #merryhoemas challenge  
You don’t have to follow us but it’s appreciated!
Please no sexual content with minors, no incest, no bodily functions, no bestiality and no snuff. We reserve the right to not reblog any entries.
Any genres welcome! It can be fluff, angst, smut, dark (non-con and dub-con) or anything else! Add your own kink, whatever you like. Please make sure you tag and label all warnings though. Label any stories that are 18+ too.
Can be reader insert or original character (LGBTQ+, BBIPOC, interracial and polyamorous relationships are all very welcome)
You don’t have to claim any prompts, simply just pick one or more and start from there 😊 (You can also use as many prompts as you like)
Have Fun and Happy Holidays Everybody!
❄❄❄ Prompts under cut ❄❄❄
Movie Dialogue/Verbal prompts:  
“I'm not going to fall in love with you, I promise.” (The Holiday)
“How do you feel about foreplay?” “I think it’s overrated.” (The Holiday)
“Are you by any chance at all into hot chocolate?” (The Holiday)
“Did um.... Did we...?” “No, we did not.” “Oh, Thank God...” (The Holiday)
“I have another scenario for you... I’m in love with you.” (The Holiday)
“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” (Home Alone)
“To me, you are perfect” (Love Actually)
“I’ll just be hanging around the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed” (Love Actually)
“It’s Christmas Eve and we are going to go celebrate being young and being alive” (The Holiday)
“You’re skipping Christmas? Isn’t that against the law?” (Christmas with the Kranks)
“You have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card.” (Elf)
“It’s silly but I believe.” (Miracle on 34th Street)
“Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” (Gary Allan’s song-Let's be naughty)
“Come back to bed and cuddle with me...”
“Looks like Christmas came early, huh?”
“You know what people call a ball buster on Christmas? A nutcracker...”
“I thought you were my Christmas present...”
“There is, however, one teeny-tiny Christmas tradition I find quite meaningful...” (The Grinch)
“It’s Christmas Eve. A time of mystery, expectations, who knows what might happen.” (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms)
“Uh, I think that says FRAGILE, honey.” (A Christmas Story)
“Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.” (Die Hard)
"My balls are freezing. I never thought I'd say that with a smile on my face." (Jack Frost)
"So, technically, you slept with Santa?" (This Christmas)
“Nice work, bone daddy.” (Nightmare Before Christmas)
"That's all part of the experience, honey."  (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
Gif Prompts:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Event/Activity prompts:
ANY holiday event that you celebrate- whether listed on here or not!
Watching the first snowfall  
Decorating Christmas tree
Decorating for the holidays
Unwrapping presents
Sitting next to a fireplace
Making snowmen/snow angels
Cuddle up together underneath a cozy blanket
Winter snowy walk
Making cookies or other holiday treats
Making Christmas/holiday crafts
Drinking hot coco
Taking a sleigh ride
Singing Christmas/holiday carols
Snowball fight
Picking Christmas tree
Roasting marshmallow/making s’mores
Exchanging Christmas gifts
Christmas dinner/Holiday party
Watching Christmas movies
Christmas shopping
Secret Santa
Ice Skating
Ski lodge
Snowed in somewhere
An event that could ‘ruin’ the holidays (but usually turns out alright in the end)
Sad memories of Christmas/holidays past
Sitting on Santa’s lap
Christmas/holiday parade
Christmas/holiday market
Wearing Christmas themed PJs or lingerie
Driving around to see Christmas lights
Hanging holiday lights
Reading A Night Before Christmas
Visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree
Sending/receiving Christmas letter/love letter
New Year countdown kiss
Ball dropping/New Year countdown
Side notes: If none of us have reblogged or commented on your entries after a couple of days, please tag us in your comment or slide into our DMs and let us know. Sometimes, life just gets busy for us, and sometimes Tumblr just happens to eat all our notifications. But don’t worry, we will get to it 😉 as long as your entries are clearly labelled and didn’t break rule #6
Also, please feel free to tag anyone who you think would be interested in participating, we would love to meet new friends and would love to see what everybody comes up with😊😊😊
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stargazingfangirl18 · 6 months ago
Happy Hoelidays Challenge
Tumblr media
Shameless hoes, gather ‘round for some exciting news! @navybrat817​ @donutloverxo​ and I are hosting a Happy Hoelidays Challenge for this festive time of year! Here are the deets to participate:
When: December 1-31
What: Fics or headcanons about any Chris Evans character, Henry Cavill character, or Marvel character using one (or more!) of the prompts below.
Rules, posting info, & prompts under the cut!
500 word minimum, no max! (Please put your story under a cut after 150 words.)
Original works only. If your story is part of a series, it must be able to be read as a standalone piece.
Please tag all three of us when posting so that we can reblog as many fics as possible. @stargazingfangirl18 @navybrat817 @donutloverxo (You don’t need to follow us to join in!)
Include the tag #happyhoelidays2020
Any genre accepted! Can be fluff, angst, comedy, AU, dark, whatever you want.
Please stick to fictional CE/HC/Marvel characters only, no RPF.
Can be reader insert or original characters. LGBTQ+, BIPOC, & interracial stories are welcome and encouraged!
No toilet stuff, no necrophilia, no snuff, or bestiality. Non-con and dub-con must fall within commonly posted dark fics.
Please include warnings as needed for smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, non-con, dub-con, dark fic, trigger warnings, 18+, etc.
Odds & Ends:
Each writer can submit a maximum of 2 stories.
You do not need to claim or request a prompt.
Smut writers & characters must be 18+.
We reserve the right to not reblog any post.
You have to look for a gift impromptu
Making hot chocolate together
First snow of the season
Decorating the Christmas tree
First time participating in your partner’s holiday/tradition that you’ve never experienced before
Kissing under the mistletoe
Character A is having a sad, lonely holiday when Character B unexpectedly shows up to spend it with them
Ice skating together
Baking together
Unwrapping presents together and what's this? A dirty gift 👀
You're snowed in and need to huddle up for warmth
Character A loves Christmas. Character B hates it. A melts B’s cold heart.
“I know a good way to warm you up.”
“I...can’t believe you got me a genuinely nice gift?”
“So, what’s it gonna be, sweetheart? Naughty...or nice?”
"I asked for one thing this"
“We’re too old for a snowball fight!”
"How much eggnog have you had?"
"Congratulations. You've officially won the Ugly Sweater contest."
"Since when are you so good at wrapping gifts?"
“Well, well, well looks like you’re my gift...and now I get to unwrap you.”
“Oh, see, I thought we were going to enjoy a nice holiday dinner, and then you had to go and do that. I’m very disappointed, sweetheart.”
There was only one bed (you can pull this one from our cold, dead hands ;)
Coffee Shop AU
Medieval/Royal AU
Enemies to lovers
BFFs to lovers
Friends w/benefits but OOPS we got the feels
Fake dating
Two idiots in love
Snowed in
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
Tumblr media
Jake Jensen
Tumblr media
August Walker
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Avengers Tower
Tumblr media
*Please note GIFs are not ours!
Alright, shameless hoes - have fun!! Can’t wait to see what you create for December 😘
Read all of the Happy Hoelidays 2020 fics here!
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drabblewithfrannybarnes · 8 months ago
Autumn Challenge
Tumblr media
I love Fall/Autumn so much and I want to do a writing challenge to celebrate the season and all my lovely followers, fellow readers, mutuals and friends!
It’s also just my shameless way to flood my feed with Autumn/Fall themed fluffy and thirsty fics!
I wanted to have some seasonal fun with this challenge so the prompts are all Autumn/Fall/Halloween related. The verbal prompts are from my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus! There are also location/activity prompts and visual prompts to choose from.
You DO NOT have to pick prompts from all 3, but you can. Anyone can take whatever prompts you want, no need to request them. Please pick one verbal, location/activity or visual prompt, everything else is up to you!
Challenge runs from: now- Halloween! (10/31/20.)
I would prefer fics with Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan characters, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. I welcome other characters, but I might not be familiar with them.
1. Original works only, please! You can write as many as you want.
2. 100 words minimum no maximum. This girl loves her drabbles so I want to include them too!
3. Please tag me @drabblewithfrannybarnes in all entires and use the hashtag #Sweaterbaeschallenge for all our hot sweater baes 🥰
4. You don’t have to follow me, but it’s appreciated!
5. Please no sexual content with minors, no bodily functions and no snuff. I reserve the right to not reblog any entries.
6. Any genres welcome! It can be fluff, angst, dark (non-con and dub-con) or anything else! Please make sure you label and tag all warnings though. Label any stories that are 18+ too.
7. Can be reader insert or original character (LGBTQ+, BBIPOC, interracial and polyamorous relationships are all welcome)
Did I leave anything out?!
Prompt options:
‘It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus’
‘I put a spell on you and now you’re mine’
‘Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick’
‘I love you, jerkface’
‘Well I don’t know, cats got my tongue’
‘Please don’t be sad for me’
‘Shove it, satan’
‘It’s a full moon tonight. That’s when all the weirdos are out’
‘It’s the one night of the year when the spirts of the dead can return to earth’
‘I am beautiful, boys/girls will LOVE me’
Another Hocus Pocus quote I left out
Location/Activity options:
Pumpkin patch
Carving pumpkins
Apple orchard
Harvest Festival
Fall Festival
Wine Vinyard in the Fall/Autumn
Halloween party
Haunted Hayride
Haunted House
Haunted Theme Park
Haunted Pub Crawl
Zombie Pub Crawl
Sweater weather
Walking through a park with leaves
Jumping in/racking leaves
Taking a leaf sighting road trip
Trick or Treating
Horror movie marathon
Visual prompts:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think that covers everything! If I left anything out, please feel free to let me know! This is my first challenge! I’m really excited!!
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jtargaryen18 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
JTargaryen18′s Haunted House 2020 - UPDATED!
Update: I am so happy and grateful how this challenge is going so far. Making just one change. Each writer can write up to two stories. Each character have up to three stories. Thank you!
Every year for the last 8 years, I’ve worked at a haunted house to save a historic building and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. But thanks to Covid-19, that’s not going to happen in 2020.
But then I thought, maybe, I could create my own haunted house this year right here. Maybe some of my friends would want to help me? 
The Premise
A celebrity haunted house for charity will be open one night only, Halloween night.You spent days trying to get a ticket online for the event. Thanks to a bad day on Halloween, you get there only a minute before the line closes. You’re the last person to go in and thinking that’s either really bad (everyone is tired or would be in a hurry to see you out) or really good (maybe you’d get some extra time with the one you came to see). 
You are never seen again.
You select the set of the celebrity you’re there to see. When you get too close, you step into another dimension - their world -- and there’s no escape.
What happened to you? Did the “celebrity” you came to see decide to keep you? Tell us all about it.
I’ll be posting a story each of the 31 days of October for this. 😈
Rules of the Road
Do you have to follow me to participate?
Not at all. It’s always appreciated but not expected.
Rules of the Road
Limit two characters per writer. 
Limit three stories per character.
These can be reader insert or OC stories. 
Ethnic, Interracial, LGBTQ+ and polyamorous stories are welcome and encouraged.
Minimum 500 words. No max.
It must be an original work and not part of an existing series.
Must be exclusive to this challenge please.
No sexual situations with minors, no bodily functions (urine, water sports, feces), and no snuff (character is deliberately killed after sex scenario). Non-con and dub-con must fall into within the bounds of commonly posted dark fics.
What type of story do I write?
Be creative. If the character is already scary (looking at you Freezy), they may just be themselves. Maybe Clint comes at you as the Scream killer. Maybe Jefferson decides to play the Marquis de Sade. Anything goes as long as the goal is that the character claims their prey. You.
What’s the deadline?
October 7,2020
How do you participate?
Choose a character below. Send an ask and be sure to include:
Your character
Your kink, theme, or trope (if a couple of you use the same ones, that’s okay)
When your fic is completed, tag me in the fic, and use the tag #JsHauntedHouse2020
The Characters
First come, first served.
1 Adam (OLLA) @burningrosepassion @nildespirandum @just-the-hiddles 2 Andy Barber @geniedetails @avintagekiss24 @chuuulip 3 Ari Levinson 4 August Walker @threeminutesoflife @chuuulip 5 Brock Rumlow @nekoannie-chan 6 Bryce Langley @stargazingfangirl18 7 Bucky Barnes @angrythingstarlight @fadingcoast 8 Carol Danvers @imanuglywombat  9 Charles Blackwood @navybrat817 @sweater-daddiesdumbdork 10 Chase Collins 11 Clark Kent @angrythingstarlight @the-soulofdevil 12 Clint Barton @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 13 Curtis Everett @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @holylulusworld @caffiend-queen 14 Dayton White 15 Doctor Strange 16 Geralt of Rivia @tansypoisoning @saaracha 17 Jake Jensen @bonkywobble 18 Jefferson (OUAT) @what-just-happened-bro @scarletshadoes 19 Johnny Storm @romaxnogersav 20 Lance Tucker 21 Loki @silverqueen28 @nellblazer @myoxisbroken 22 Lucas Lee 23 Mike Weiss @jtargaryen18 24 Natasha Romanoff 25 Ransom Drysdale @what-is-your-plan-today @southerngracela 26 Robert Pronge/Mr. Freezy @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @mdemontespan1667 27 Sam Wilson @awesomerextyphoon 28 Steve Rogers @brooklyn-1918 @rosalynshields @sweeterthanthis 29 Thomas Sharpe @frostbitten-written @diaryofabeautyfiend @caffiend-queen @dangertoozmanykids101 30 Thor @iwritethingstoo 31 Tony Stark
Thank you. I’m looking forward to this one. 
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nbarnes · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
This is inspired by @jtargaryen18​‘s 30 Days of Chris challenge.
I am a bit late into June but I’ll expand it into July.
So, there will be no prompts, no sign-ups and no fuss (as we have enough fuss right now). 
When? June 6th to July 6th (except June 13th as that is Evans’ birthday)
What is it about?
Well, you can do 2 things.
Number 1: You can do a fic about Jeremy or any of his characters (yep, that includes Clint). He has to be the centre of the fic. The point of view (or POV) is up to you.
But here are the rules (yeah, unfortunately, there are rules.)
Must be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum (thank the Gods).
Headcanons are also welcome
They CANNOT be part of a series and they CANNOT be previously published.
You don’t have to follow me but tag me, cause I will be sharing them. All of them. And I will be putting them into a little masterlist for you guys.
Must include the tag #30DaysofJR
Can be dark, fluffy, angsty, smutty or any type of story you like!
Can be either reader-insert or using original characters.
Interracial, LGBTQIA+ (that was hard to type xD) and polyamorous relationship in the stories are encouraged (as they are underused, tbh)
Using songs as inspirations is also welcome (cause I do that already)
Researching Jeremy’s not-so well-known characters or like characters of his that you have no idea about, is allowed (cause we don’t want a masterlist of JUST Clint and Jeremy)
OR you can do the other thing...
Number 2: Gifsets, fanart or edits created for this specific challenge of Jeremy or any of his characters.
Should be your own work (otherwise that would be copyright)
They have to meet Tumblr’s policies and rules (which is kinda bad cause they are stupid rules... Don’t tell them I said that)
They cannot be previously published
You don’t have to follow me but tag me, cause I will be sharing them. All of them. And I will be putting them into a little masterlist for you guys, alongside the writing ones.
Must include the tag #30DaysofJR
Posting: I will be posting these every day of June (and the six days of July) as I get to them (except June 13th).
Other stuff: Just some other stuff that is not categorised that was also in the 30 Days of Chris challenge.
I reserve the right to reblog any post.
No sexual situation with minors, no bodily functions, and no snuff. Non-con and dub-con must fall into within the bounds of commonly dark fics (cause that is a no-no)
You can do as many as you want.
I will playing as well, cause I love Jeremy (as much as I love Evans)
Questions are welcome if you are confused about anything.
Now enjoy some Jeremy gifs!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@optimistic-dinosaur-nacho @dreamlesswonder86 @archerybitch68 @yavanna80 @jtargaryen18 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sarabeth72 @carissime72 @ilovebrandt @fizzytaurus @shadow16350 @axelwolf8109 @averyrogers83
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polysorscha · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay here it is, part 1 of my sci fi tv and movies rec list! i’ve split it up into 2, kind of by tone and theme. these recs are on the lighter side. part 2 is for fans of darker sci fi. i could’ve gone on tbh but i had to draw the line somewhere. it’s not perfect but i hope you find something you like that you haven’t heard of! full titles, trigger warnings, and diversity/general notes under the cut. ask box open for any more specific questions!
part 2/2
If you liked STAR TREK and STAR WARS:
Black Mirror: USS Callister: (tw: simulated child loss, brief torture) coworkers get trapped inside their boss’s Star Trek spoof video game. It’s led by a white woman but the entire cast is pretty diverse (Michaela Coel!!!) and it’s critical of white edgelords. Dark moments balanced with funny!
Firefly: (tw: sexual harassment in one episode, sex worker phobia, Joss Whedon-ness) I think this one is more well-known; a small space crew travels the solar system taking on any weird jobs they can get. Two leading WOC, a black man, one interracial relationship.
Avenue 5: (tw: some dark humor, language) Star Trek meets the Titanic. Funny! I’ll leave it at that. 3 leading WOC, a canonically pan main character in a poly and interracial relationship.
Black Mirror: Be Right Back: (tw: grief, partner loss) a woman’s SO dies and she simulates his resurrection through a software that scans his social media accounts. This one isn’t diverse but it’s an hour of Domhnall Gleeson, if he’s your thing!
Stargate: (tw: 90s/00s racism/sexism) tbh I haven’t watched most of the content but I’d say it’s on par with a Star Trek kind of thing. SGA stars two or three POC in a cast of like 7 regulars.
If you liked PACIFIC RIM:
Black Mirror: Hang the DJ: (tw: none that I can recall) a man and woman fall in love via dating app. It doesn’t have monsters, but it’s an incredibly charming episode that exhibits some of Black Mirror’s best qualities imo and I think people who like the Raleigh/Mako dynamic will like what these two have!! Interracial relationship between a black woman and a white man; black woman is blink-and-you-miss-it bi, but still canonically bi.
Cloverfield (tw: violence/blood, frequent flashes, shaky cam): found-footage flick about aliens attacking New York. Basic and not too diverse but it has the huge monster appeal and I like the found-footage aspect.
Edge of Tomorrow: (tw: VB) Groundhog Day alien apocalypse. it’s Tom Cruise buuuuut you get to see Emily Blunt at her most “I’ll end you”-est so like? Worth it I think??
Arrival: (tw: child loss) aliens come to Earth to offer something to the humans. A little slow, but definitely a different take and some cool-looking aliens.
The Host: (tw: child loss) A girl gets kidnapped by a huge river monster. it’s in Korean and all the characters are Asian. Directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Kang-Ho Song and Bae Doona!! Plus environmentalist commentary.
If you liked MARVEL and DC:
Misfits: (tw: sex, language, violence, rape) imagine one of those superhero teams like the Avengers except they’re all criminals who’ve given up on life and don’t actually care about making the world a better place. Chaotic stupid energy. Two black leads :)
Push: (tw: a few bloody scenes) Chris Evans before Cap?? Dakota Fanning before Twilight? Secret government experiments and black ops superpower organizations? You love to see it!
Fast Color: (tw: past drug use referenced) superpowers that pass down from generation to generation in a family of black women. Need I say more? Need I say any fucking more?!?!
Sense8: (tw: child loss, grief, lots of nudity and sex, drug use, language, infidelity) 8 people around the world start experiencing each other’s lives and borrowing each other’s skill sets. This is probably THE most intersectional and diverse show I have ever seen. An international cast and setting that reaches almost every continent, leading trans lesbian, multiple QPOC. Truly incredible and one of my absolute favorites.
Jupiter Ascending: (tw: bees) I actually don’t really like this movie but I do think it has its appeal and I appreciate how much it is just unabashedly itself. Don’t take it too seriously! The cast is kinda wild too--Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean, Channing Tatum!!! And it’s by the Wachowskis, AKA the two trans sisters who did The Matrix and Sense8!
If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES:
Gattaca: (tw: implied body modification, trichophobia, eugenics) in a society that discriminates against genes, a man with a heart condition assumes another’s identity in order to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut. I love this movie. It’s very moody and soft with a really compelling dynamic between the two leading men which I’ve always read as gay.
Snowpiercer: (tw: VB, minor cannibalism) yet another winner from Bong Joon-ho, who’s surprised? All of humanity lives on a train in which all the cars are stratified by class. This is my favorite of all the movies from all the Chrises. Evans is by far my favorite Chris for this!!! It also features Octavia Spencer and Kang-Ho Song! Piping hot class war tea pre-Parasite.
V for Vendetta: (tw: torture, I don’t remember a lot of the details sorry!) I haven’t watched this movie in a minute so I don’t remember how much I actually liked it, but I thought it was worth mentioning because it’s a classic dystopian movie.
Children of Men: (tw: infertility, childbirth, VB) humanity has lost the ability to procreate for 2 decades until one day a resistance group discovers a pregnant woman. Holy crap so much extremely relevant and prescient commentary on immigration, race, class, and refugee crises!!!
Akira: (tw: disturbing imagery, objectification, nudity) I don’t really remember this one much either? But it’s Japanese, there’s biker gangs, and it’s super weird.
The 100: (tw: VB, kill your gays/POC trope, suicide, torture, child loss) 100 juvenile delinquents are dropped onto Earth and chaos ensues. I think most people know that this show is plagued with issues but it really does have a special place in my heart and I think it changed the conversation and standards re: the treatment of wlw in genre fiction. It starts off cheesy and slow but the stakes are SO high all the time and it’s full of thought-provoking ethical dilemmas.
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stevenrogered · 11 months ago
did you see tim minear's tweets about b/ddie fans being hostile to him and that it's driving him off interacting with fans? it's awful to see, I'm new to the fandom and already getting sick of how twitter 'fans' are treating the actors and writers
first of all-welcome to the fandom! there’s a lot of lovely people and its very welcoming, especially on tumblr. also feel free to come chat or send messages anytime :) 
I hadn’t but I looked it up after seeing your message. this doesnt just go for 911, but for all shows- I feel like shipping on twitter especially has gotten worse and worse over the years when it comes to directly mentioning actors, writers and creators of a show. also, whether the ship is canon or not, nothing is EVER enough. they always find a reason to complain about something. the worse thing about it is thats its a pretty small portion of the fandom (or any fandom), but since they’re the most vocal, and because they tweet directly at the people mentioned above, it gets more attention than it should. 
dont get me wrong, if there is something genuinely wrong with a show and people are angry at something legitimate (like when its a storyline based on something that happened or could happen in real life that was handled poorly and people are calling it out- the recent threesome on roswell new mexico for example, is the first thing that popped into my mind) then thats a totally different thing. not because of something like “buck and eddie didnt have more scenes together in this episode HOW DARE YOU” or tweeting hate at an actress for her character being “in the way” of buddie or automatically hating a female character for the same reason. 
representation is so so so important and some people act like without buddie, 911 has none, which is absolutely untrue and is kind of infuriating, tbh. also its representation comes in many forms- hen and karen, a lesbian married couple are literally right there. chimney/maddie and bobby/athena are interracial couples. michael is gay. so is josh. chris has CP. eddie is half mexican (and also a single father). buck’s leg was basically held up by screws and rods and being on blood thinners and unable to work was a huge part of the first half of season 3. almost everyone has had some form of PTSD.
anyway this has gotten too long but it really sucks when a small portion of “fans” ruin things for everything else. im good here on tumblr where i can thirst over eddie diaz and evan buckley and their real life counterparts without ever having to worry about them seeing it (because I would never want them to lol) 
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