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rhonda-sayeed · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The winner for the next series is: Bloodbound: I Spy
"She’s notorious and a bad idea” Your client says about Kamilah Sayeed.
You know that and are confident that you can resist her charms.
You are a corporate spy, hired to learn all of Ahmanet Financial trade secrets for their rival company.
You hear rumors about Ms. Sayeed being a killer playgirl. But it might be more literal, if you get too close to get the job done.
Warning: The revenge will be dubious.
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marriageandthecrown · 14 minutes ago
When a blue eyed woman is routinely cast as Anne Boleyn it's almost like casting directors are saying "Who cares that the only other known fact about Anne's physical appearance is her dark eyes - we got her hair right."
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straightlikewetspaghetti · 29 minutes ago
@samanthadalton here it is, I hope you like it ✨
Five More Minutes
f!Sam x MC (Anna Schuyler)
Warnings: none
The clock struck twelve at night as Anna and Jenny opened a bottle of expensive wine, relishing the blissful silence after putting the two beasts to sleep. The boys had been so riled up that it was a miracle the apartment was still standing in one piece. Fortunately Anna's cavalry arrived and the two of them put the boys to sleep.
"So are you going to tell me yourself what it's like to have a rich, hot lady for a boss, or should I wait until we finish this bottle?" Jenny's voice brimmed with excitement, which was perfectly normal with her when it came to her best friend's romantic life.
Anna just waved her head in disbelief and took a sip of wine, reflexively swirling the liquor in her glass. It wasn't her favorite topic. "There's nothing to say here, she's the boss and I'm the nanny."
"She's the boss and I'm the nanny." repeated Jenny sarcastically, earning a murderous look from Anna. "Girl, If I lived with a hottie like that, I would have gone to her office a long time ago and..."
"Jenny!" Anna tried not to raise her voice, but the vision that was creating itself before her eyes was worse than the sight of Sam kissing Sofia. She shuddered again as she saw Jenny kissing the air in a comical way.
She was about ready to talk some sense into her friend when she heard a rustle in the hallway and the sound of small footsteps. She put her glass down on the table being at once in full alert mode.
After a short while, the twins entered the room and without asking, sat down next to Anna, each on one side. The woman smiled softly and embraced the sleepy boys pressing them tightly together and ruffling their hair.
"When's Mommy coming back?" Mason's voice was sleepy, making it sound soft and vulnerable. Anna's heart always cut when the boys asked about their mom, and she had no answers to offer that would satisfy them.
Unable to answer she just started gently stroking their heads, hoping that the boys would go back to sleep and when they woke up, Sam would be waiting for them ready to give them the hugs and love they deserved.
The sound of the key turning in the lock woke the sleepy boys and four pairs of eyes went to the door where an equally tired Sam walked through.
Mason and Mickey experienced a miraculous reawakening and the two of them found themselves in the blink of an eye hanging onto their mother who, with reflexes worthy of a master, caught them.
Anna smiled at the sight and the earlier anger disappeared to give way to a more pleasant feeling of joy at their reunion. Through the preoccupation of this scene she didn't even notice how Jenny secretly slipped into her room with the rest of the expensive wine and a glass.
"Can we sleep with you Mommy?" asked Mickey, and moments later he was mirrored by Mason serving up the strongest weapon he had: the puppy eyes.
Sam laughed quietly and ignoring Anne sitting on the couch, collapsed next to her like a freshly cut log on the ground. With a satisfied sigh she sank into the soft upholstery of the couch.
Anne, who was watching her, giggled taking one of the boys into her lap and letting him get comfortable.
"You're amazing" Sam's voice sounded sleepy, but it was clear enough that Anna couldn't have misheard her. "I really don't know what I would do without you."
The woman looked over at the brunette, who had her eyes closed the whole time and was cuddling Mason. Her chest was rising and falling steadily, so it was possible that she was already on the verge of sleep and was only daydreaming.
What happened next, however, proved to Anna that the woman next to her was not sleeping at all. Sam reached out for her and, as carefully as she could, pulled her close while at the same time dropping the rest of her body onto the couch.
Anna's face turned red from the sudden closeness with the brunette. The now worn but still strong scent of perfume entered her nostrils, soothing her and lulling to sleep.
The woman had to admit that Sam was agile, because she didn't even notice when her arm efficiently wrapped around her waist, while at the same time resting on the already hard-sleeping Mickey.
And although it was an idyllic moment that Anna would have preferred not to be pulled out of, somewhere in the back of her mind thoughts crept in, that it was inappropriate and incorrect of her.
She was ready to get up now, but Sam's hand tightened with every movement she made, until finally something resembling a growl came out of her throat.
"No." She said shortly continuing with her eyes closed and holding Anne tightly around the waist.
"You should go to bed yourself, you'll be more comfortable there. You're after several hours of work." Anna tried to refer to the rational aspects, but the brunette seemed deaf to her argument.
"Five more minutes." muttered Sam.
Anna rolled her eyes, but a genuine smile graced her face anyway. Sam had her moments when she could be charming and this was one of them. She loved it when the brunette acted like a human and not a money making robot.
To Samantha's displeasure, Anna wasn't kidding and after the five minutes had passed, she chased the boys off to their rooms, previously assuring them that they didn't have to sleep with their mom to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't disappear again.
When she came out of the boys' room, the brunette was waiting for her leaning against the kitchen counter and looking much more alive than before. For some reason the room they were in seemed much smaller to Anna than before.
"What I said earlier..." Sam began scratching her neck nervously. "I mean it." The woman looked at her questioningly, not really understanding which moment she was referring to. "You're amazing Anna."
There was that blush again, this time accompanied by a faster heartbeat. Sam always knew what words to use to elicit such a reaction. This was a dangerous game, and Anna was too tired to defend against it.
As Sam shortened the distance between them, Anna watched her from behind half-closed eyelids, almost as if she was deliberately tempting fate. The brunette stopped right in front of her adoringly watching her entire figure.
"You know what motivates me the most to work?" she asked mindlessly playing with a strand of her hair, Anna only raised an eyebrow in response. "Coming home." The woman's eyebrow went even higher. "But not to this apartment, just to the kind of views I found today." Sam smiled softly, as if thinking back to that moment when Anna sat huddled with the boys looking like their mom at the time. "Mason and Mickey are my home, but you've become one too, Anna."
The woman blinked several times unable to process the words Sam had spoken in her direction.
It was so bizarre that for a brief moment she felt like she was asleep.
But what she felt was real, just like what she saw. And she saw before her a woman who, despite carrying a scar on her heart, was trying to find her place again.
"Anna?" Sam's voice no longer sounded as confident as it had a moment ago. She looked tense, as if she had crossed a line without thinking.
"I... I mean... We... Oh damn it!" Unable to form a meaningful sentence she grabbed Sam by the collar and brought their lips together, pushing the brunette onto the kitchen counter.
Sam took a second to process what was happening and when she regained control of her thoughts and body, she embraced Anne around the waist and pulled her tighter as much as possible.
"Does this mean Anne is going to be our new mommy?"
"Jesus!" a distracted Samantha almost screamed hearing the voice of one of her sons, while Anne on the contrary started laughing hiding her face in the crook of the brunette's neck.
"You mean yes or no?" Mason inquired while watching the two women closely. "Because if it is, then I promise to remember to brush my teeth daily before bed!"
"I'll remind him!" echoed Mickey, standing right behind his brother with equal amounts of excitement and hope in his voice.
Sam smirked and sank her face into Anna's hair, laughing quietly. "In that case, I guess you have no other choice."
"Don't push your luck, Dalton." Anna threatened, though there was more laughter in that than actual threat.
Finally after a brief moment she freed herself from the brunette's embrace and turned towards the boys bestowing upon them the brightest and most sincere smile she could muster.
This time the boys' eyes were not glistening with tears from yawning.
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my-name-is-lumien · 29 minutes ago
Rate that Choices book
I made a poll... again. Sort of!
In this "poll" you will be rating Choices and it's books!
1 is the lowest score and 5 is the highest. Be prepared to go through a long list! Choices has now more than 50 books after all!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poll Link: Rate that Choices book
Feel free to share the link! :D will be posting the results as soon as responses stop coming in.
If you're having trouble opening the link from the Tumblr app, simply click the meatballs menu, click open in Chrome or whatever you have on your phone, edit the link and remove the thingy ~
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evelynistic · 31 minutes ago
Fluff ABCs - Adrian Raines x Evelyn Claire (MC)
As you guys know, I have been struggling with writer’s block for a while now. I am going to go on a big time break from writing for Bloodbound fics, since I am channeling my writing towards Endless Summer (I am rewriting my very first fanfiction) So before that big break, I thought to complete all of my Adrian x Evelyn drafts. And this thing? These ABCs have been living in my drafts for almost as long as I can remember, and it was about time I posted it! Some headcanons in this are repeated from my previously answered asks, but it’s a bunch of fluff and stuff related to A and E which I enjoyed so much writing about, at my own pace. 
These two are my comfort characters, so when I say a break from writing for them, it means I am going to stop writing mini-series and one shots for a while for them, but my requests are always open (I am currently working on one too) so if you guys ever want a small drabble or prompt with Adrian and Eve, an ask is all it would take! Thankyou for all the support you people have given me so far! 
Also, warning that this a long post, containing headcanons from A to Z, which is a total of 26, with long answers!  I love talking about them lol. Hope this would be worth the read!
(Also I lost the link of the post I got these questions from, so already informing that these questions are not mine!)
A ctivities- What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?
- Evelyn has always been a bookworm, so she spends half her time either writing or reading, and Reading is an activity Adrian also enjoys immensely. They read together in their free times, well… not technically read, since they role-play around the characters. There may be some disagreement in the books sometimes, since Evelyn is a very big fiction fan, but Adrian prefers periodic books. Though they always find a common ground, and pick the character they most feel compelled to become and read the book accordingly. I swear it’s not really boring. You should try it!
B eauty- What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
- Adrian and Evelyn’s admiration for each other is limitless. Evelyn can never get enough of Adrian’s tenderness and genuine behaviour. The way he always manages to be there for her whenever she needs him, the way he take cares of everyone around him, the way he protects his loved ones. All of these things drive her crazy for him. Physically speaking, Eve finds Adrian’s grey eyes the most beautiful part of him. Adrian on the other hand, loves every fibre of Evelyn’s being. The way she always comes out on top, the way she manages to remind him the importance of everything. Her kindness, her ability to bright up everything, her compassion. All of these make him fall a little harder for her every day. Adrian considers her smile to be the reason behind her beauty.
C omfort- How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?  
- It’s gonna sound corny as hell, but they usually just need each other to calm down from a sudden panic attack or moments when they feel like they are losing themselves. Or when it just a simple mood swing. Though whenever Adrian’s feeling stressed, Evelyn likes to rub his shoulders, make him relax a little, and then they would talk about what had been bothering him. Whereas Adrian likes to take her out for drinks. He isn’t the type to party in a club, but a nice drink and just the two of them forgetting about the rest of the world majorly helps Evelyn.
D reams- How do they picture their future with their s/o?
- The only future Adrian looks forward is to getting married to Evelyn. Marriage wasn’t important to him in the biblical sense, but he aggressively believed that tying themselves with a promise like that, makes them closer than they can ever be, emotionally and physically. He doesn’t expects a family, with kids, no matter his own wishes… since the fact of kids doesn’t fits well with Eve. (That story is for another time) Whereas Evelyn doesn’t like to picture the future. She doesn’t has expectations because she wants to be surprised every moment, even if it’s good or bad. Planning things for future had been one thing for her, and picturing her future was another. She relishes the moment she lives in, giving him everything she can.
E qual- Are they dominant or submissive in their relationship or rather passive?
- They are definitely equals in their relationship, in every aspect. They don’t believe in dominant/submissive relationships. Though Eve sometimes like to take control during physical moments between them, and Adrian happily relishes in it. I don’t think this would need any more elaboration. We all have seen both of them…
F ight- Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?
- There aren’t many fights between them. (They are a choices couple after all…) But for what it’s worth, forgiveness never comes easy. It would honestly depend on what they fought. Simple and small fights are always forgiven easily between them, as they talk it out and come to a compromise. I won’t reveal much, but when there are fights between them related to something major, it takes both of them sometime to cool off. Evelyn’s got a high temper.
G ratitude- How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o are doing for them?
- Oh boy, don’t get me started on this one, both of them have their reasons to be grateful to each other, and none of them are afraid to show that to each other every now and then. Adrian is unashamed of being grateful of Evelyn’s entire existence. (It sounds like he’s obsessed, but you all know that’s not the way I am intending.) The case is very similar with Evelyn. She is grateful from the day she met him to the present time. There are some ups and downs due to everything, but that’s just life doing life.
H onesty- Do they have secrets they hid from their s/o? Or do they share everything?
- I have mentioned this in several asks before, but honestly, it’s just Eve with the secrets. As much unhealthy as it is, Evelyn sometimes worries if she would become a burden on Adrian. She loves him, more than words could possibly capture, but the thought weighs her down nonetheless. Adrian does have a life beside her, and she wants him to relish it, enjoy it, but all he does is constantly look over her, making sure she isn’t overwhelmed in a particular situation (The problem is, she won’t tell him, if she is)
I nspiration- Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?
- Adrian is more affected by Eve than he could understand. Everything changed when Evelyn first came into his life (Bloodbound I, II, and III happened for god’s sake XD) His perspective changed, his way of living changed, and all of those changes weren’t made by her saying… it was an adaptation. I like to keep canon Adrian, because his character development is shown perfectly in the series, but when it comes to Eve… She did some major character development since BB book 1, chapter 1. Adrian sometimes helps her stay grounded, considering her temper and sensitivity. It was Adrian who made her try new things, not the other way around. She was always closed off, minding her own business (That is, until she met Lily) but Adrian always tried to do things spontaneously, whereas she liked to keep things planned (There’s a reason why she applied to be Adrian’s assistant)
J ealousy- Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?
- They both get jealous pretty easily, canonically, we all know Adrian’s jealousy and reactions, but Eve… boy she does not handle it well. She isn’t insecure, obviously. She knows Adrian is hers only. But if she’d ever spot anyone eyeing him… let’s just say her reactions don’t make her look any prettier. She can’t bear the thought of Adrian being with someone else (Yeah, she’s a little possessive, she won’t like jokes about this) but she still manages to get along with Serafine. They both are good buds, considering everything.
K iss- Are they a good kisser? What was their first kiss like?
- Of course they are good kissers, they are vampires after all. I can elaborate more on what kind of kissers they are. Adrian is a passionate kisser. Canon. We all know that. He would kiss passionately either when they are going to sleep, or after a heated argument. Eve on the other hand is a… adaptable kisser. She kisses according to the intensity of the moment. She isn’t the one for showering small kisses at cute moments, but if she feels like it, you can expect a lot of cuddly gestures and cheek kissing from her.
- Their first kiss was really heated and meaningful. In my playthrough, they start their relationship a little late, instead of just going around and randomly hooking up when Lily’s turning. I kept their relationship platonic, and actually even a little shy until the day when they have to hide in Adrian’s old house from Adam Vega and Nicole. It added angst and more meaning.
L ove Confession- How did they confess to their s/o?
- Well, canonically, Eve confessed her love to Adrian in Tokyo, but it was a little too hasty for me, so I changed the scenery a little bit.
- Evelyn isn’t usually the one who openly admits to her feelings, life had taught her better than that. So she had arranged a whole big fireworks for her confession. Unfortunately, she faced some difficulties with the arrangement, and the fireworks didn’t happen, while both of them stood in the central park. She almost cried but didn’t, instead she bought two ice creams, handed one to Adrian, both of them sat there for hours, talking random shit, and an hour before the sunrise, she mumbled ‘I love you’ in his ears.
M arriage- Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?
- (These ABCs have stayed in my drafts forever so I have already written some fics based on some questions sorry lol) I have already written fics on both the situations, so I am just shamelessly gonna self-promote and add the link to both the fics here lmao: How do they propose? | What Would the Marriage be like? |
N icknames- What do they call each other?
- Adrian likes to call Evelyn ‘Eve’. Lily was the only person who had earned her trust enough to call her that, but as Adrian and Evelyn’s relationship progressed, her trust in him kept increasing, and one day, all of a sudden, she was like, “You know, you can call me Eve too Adrian, no need to use ‘Evelyn’ every time.”
- Evelyn on the other hand prefers using real names, the concept of nicknames only appeals to her when the person has a too long name. She loves Kamilah, but she won’t go around calling her ‘Kami’ (Or else Kamilah will kill her, and no one would even find her body lol) so the thought of her calling Adrian by a nickname would only be in dreams.
- Adrian also calls her ‘my love’ during mornings, or whenever he is sleepy.
O n Cloud Nine- What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?
- We have seen both of them in love, (That’s basically my whole BB masterlist lmao) but I’ll answer. Evelyn is a daydreamer. She hates imagining things, and wants to be surprised at almost every moment in life, but she can’t help it. When both of them started their relationship, besides from being under constant mortal peril, Evelyn’s half time spent staring at Adrian, while he worked, or talked to someone else, or did anything which didn’t involve her. She knew she was neck deep in for him since day 1. Whereas Adrian, his way of showing love is acts of service, doing little gestures for her every now and then, and that too subconsciously, as if it was embedded inside of him that he had to do it for her even if she did ask for it.
- It was more like, too obvious for others. There isn’t a proper count on how many times Lily and Kamilah rolled their eyes together at their obvious in-love behaviour, or how many times Jax has poked them both, when they were personally alone with him. It had always been, “Oh god just say it already.”
P DA- Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when the others are watching?
- They both are pretty upfront about their relationship. Even before announcing their marriage in front of the whole media, anyone who would be around them would just know that the two have a thing going on. But they don’t like bragging. Bragging is a cheap move, according to Evelyn. As much as she’d love talking about how Adrian makes her pasta every Saturday, she would prefer holding his hand and smiling instead of using to words to tag and label their relationship. Adrian doesn’t has a problem with either, if asked, he’ll tell you how much he loves dragging her out of bed for breakfast, but if not provoked, he won’t say anything.
- They don’t mind showing public displays of affections. Though the real affectionate gestures are private, they won’t mind kissing goodbye or holding hands in front of everyone.
Q uirk- Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in their relationship.
- Adrian knows how to cook. Canon. That’s like, the most beneficial thing, they randomly have in their relationship. Evelyn knows how to cook, but she is lazy. Big time. She hates chores, and Adrian doesn’t mind anything that keeps him occupied. Evelyn on the other hand… doesn’t has any abilities that are beneficial to their relationship, though she knows how to play a piano. Sometimes, when both of them don’t have anything to do, or are too tired for their job, but not tired enough to go to sleep, Eve plays the piano, while Adrian does something random on the couch. Her playing relaxes him at times.
R omance- How romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?
- Oh they both are bunch of saps. They won’t believe how cheesy and corny they are even if we tell them (I am hungry now) XD. Usually seeing each other just makes their day, but then again, they live with each other, and are vampires, so that’s not actually enough. Sure they would be happy, but we are talking about happy, happy here. Adrian likes to bring her little gifts every once in a while. She isn’t materialistic, but they already have too much feelings involved lmao. On a stressful day, just a small bouquet of tulips makes her mood. Whereas Eve, we know she likes to randomly pick up Adrian from work for a drive to clear his head, but sometimes she also likes to give him random massages at home. He deserves it after all.
- Cliché or creative doesn’t really matter to them, they would be as happy with flowers as much as they would be happy with a painting, the effort matters to them, and they enjoy little things together. Though Adrian tends to be a little more creative than Eve when it comes to showing affectionate gestures.
S upport- Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?
- Obviously, lmao. I might even go too far and say that Adrian sometimes even believes too much in Eve. He believes that she is one of the strongest woman in the present world (Which she kinda is) and has the capability to do anything if she puts her mind to it. He supported her when she went to pursue her passion for writing, and he supports is almost all the decisions she makes for herself, and sometimes them too. There are some disagreements between them, but they work it out.
- Evelyn too supports Adrian’s choices in any matter (They usually involve world peace, ain’t no problem with that lol) But in simpler things as well, whatever Adrian’s goals are, she supports and promotes them, and if possible, helps to the cause as well!
T hrill- Do they need to try out new things to spice out their relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?
- They are Vampires. They need a little bit both. The very start of their relationship had been filled with thrill (BB book 1, 2 and 3) so when everything settled in New York, they picked up a certain pace to retail back to, whenever things felt too unstable. They can’t have mortal perils on their heads all the time, and knowing Eve, being too domestic nauseates her. They try out new things all the time (Simpler things, like a new dish together? And the big adventurous things, like rock climbing. Imagines Adrian Raines in Rock Climbing Gear) but at the same time, they have a certain pace they love to stick to. Like the way sleep together. Their cuddles are constant no matter what.
U nderstanding- How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?
- They know each other. When I say that, I mean EVERYTHING about them. Well, the statement can be contradicted from Adrian’s side, considering he is unaware about the internal issues Eve goes through alone (Though later they acknowledge it, I am going to keep pressing the Adrian doesn’t know) they pretty much tell each other everything. From what they ate for lunch to what happened 150 years ago. They take time to open up to each other, obviously, but once everything’s out in the open, nothing’s hidden.
- Yeah, they are pretty empathetic. I won’t let you guys forget that they both are a bunch of cheese balls who die for romantic gestures, and that also includes listening to each other.
V alue- How important is the relationship to them? What is its worth in comparison to other things in their life?
- Their relationship is EVERYTHING to both of them. They can die for each other (Eve once have too, lol) and do more if possible. Eve never was the relationship type, before coming to New York. She had been used, cheated on, dumped, and a lot of trust issues have happened with her before entering into the world she currently lives in. That is why she cherishes the relationship with everything she can. Adrian gives her the thing she missed all her life, stability and trust with the right amount of love and adventure. If we look at it, it seems a lot, it is, but Adrian is happy to provide it without any problem.
- Adrian on the other hand… well, we know how much the relationship means to him, he has expressed it so many times, and he’ll happily do it again to prove how much he loves her, and what he is willing to do, give up, just for her. (I wanna cry)
W ild Card- A Random Fluff Headcanon.
- Okay, I had fun thinking of this one. They both love Chess. Like, love, love chess. The kind of love, that if given the chance, they’ll even host a tournament (They are RICH) just to show appreciation to the sport— no, art XD. And it doesn’t just end here.
-  After things settle back in New York, and everyone picks up their paces of life, Adrian and Eve buy a farmhouse in Louisiana, where they go to play chess in silence and concentration, without the noises of traffic, just the sound of nature.
- Once there was even a time when Jax and Kamilah tagged along with them, when everyone needed a good break, and both of them ended up getting bored while Adrian and Eve played. Kamilah wouldn’t have gotten bored, but the game dragged on for too long XD! And Jax, I feel sorry for the poor guy, both he and Kamilah eventually ended up sparring for fun, but he definitely suffered a few good hours lol.
- After the game ends, the winner gets to choose the dish they’ll order for dinner, and whenever Eve wins, she orders Chinese. Adrian hates Chinese food. The only reason he ever bore with it was because everyone was eating it, so denying it would be denying common courtesy. Adrian whereas orders French cuisine whenever had the chance. Eve loves her culture as much as the next person, but the one thing she hates is French food. She can’t stand a fucking Coq au vin.
X OXO- Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?
- I’d be afraid of the couple who doesn’t love to kiss and cuddle. Adrian and Evelyn love to kiss and cuddle. They live for kissing and cuddling! They both are very affectionate, and they would never back out of an opportunity to show their love for each other! (But you guys already knew that!)
Y earning- How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?
-  am gonna be honest here, they both are a mess without each other, at times. There have been too many times when one of them has to be away for a business trip, and sometimes those trips take more than a week. Adrian usually indulges himself into all kinds of work, trying to keep himself busy, working himself to death so his mind doesn’t remembers that he has to sleep without Eve that night. The question comes to both of their minds, “How was life before they came in mine?”
- Eve is a similar mess like Adrian, but unlike him, she doesn’t delve into work or she knows she’ll hit a writer’s block pretty badly. Though she also indulges herself in charity work and other businesses where her degree comes to use, whenever she misses Adrian, she just lays down and closes her eyes, trying to meditate and focus on other things in her life for a while.
Z eal- Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind of?
- THEY ARE WILLING TO GO EVERY LENGTH FOR THEIR RELATIONSHIP. I have made it pretty clear in the previous answers, that they love each other unconditionally, so I guess it’s clear again that they’d go to any length for each other unconditionally, because they love each other (And I am soft for them T_T)
Thankyou so much for taking your time to read this, written by little ole' me guys. I love you <3
Tagging the people who have claimed that they love Adrian and Evelyn, at least once in their life (lol, jk, it's my BB tag list XD)
@otherworldlypresents @purvishraick @secretaryunpaid @khoicesbyk @adrianadmirer @adriansbiss @a-raines @fireycookie @silma-words @forallthatitsworth @kenneth-not-ramsey @thefrenchiemama @lauren-raines-x @nala-raines
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sleeping-lilies · an hour ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Leaf, a bit of seafoam vibes
Tumblr media
oh definitely AAAAAAA, yaaaa leaf for sure actually (not completely down to earth but i am. very. ya YOU GET IT VJDNCJJS) and seafoam, only the art and daydreams part fjdnxjskzjs
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rhonda-sayeed · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 9: The New Rules
Kamilah x MC (written in second person perspective like in Choices)
1773 words
Warnings: SMUT - Some mutual masturbation. Mistress - submissive play. Biting.
The Kamilah dress edit was made by @zigsnose. Used with her permission.
Tag List:
@kamilah-is-queen @samanthadalton @somethindarker @witchesplayatnight @danna-min-sinclair @mrs-avamontjoy @hellyeah90sbaby @glowriter @blaine-hayes
It is a good thing that you get out of the shower, that is because you have a new message waiting for you.
Dinner at my place. Pick you up at Elite Encounters at 7PM. Better not be late. We need to discuss rules. Wear something delicious.
“Oh, you have no idea.” You touch the spot where she hungrily fed from. It was amazing. Incredible even and felt so good. You watched, astonished as she used her blood to heal the wound, and how it prevented you from feeling bad from blood loss.
You pick out a heavenly blue colored little dress. It barely falls down to the tops of your thighs. It is reminiscent of ancient times. Only held together by a little rope shaped golden belt. With sandals, that strap around all the way up your calves, to match. You braid your hair into twin Dutch braids and wrap the ends into a bun. You put in a firefly hair clip. Since she developed that pet name for you.
You make sure you arrive thirty minutes early for this date. You don’t want to break the rules yet.
“Waiting for NDA?” Marcia asks, stepping outside to close up for the night. She notices the blush that blossoms across your face.
“Repeat it.” She sighs.
“Come on, Marcia.”
“Repeat or you’re fired.” Sometimes she does not mean it when she threatens.
“Don’t fall in love with clients. I know it seems like it, Marcia. It is just a big deal, and I know she is going to pay a lot more.”
She reaches over to squeeze your shoulder, “I am just concerned, it is not like you to act like this. You were the one that said life is too short to be in love and saddled. I just want you to remember that.”
“I will. I promise.” You don’t think you’re in love with her. Honestly, she does not give you that feeling. It is something different, you tell yourself inwardly.
“Have a good night. And you look great by the way. If I wasn’t tragically straight, I think I’d steal you away for the night.” She kisses your cheek and heads off in the direction of her car.
When Kamilah pulls up in a convertible this time, you see the brief look of surprise to see you there earlier than your usual.
“Delicious.” She licks her lips and helps you to the car. The hand on your back feels more possessive somehow.
“It reminds a little of home…” She almost sounds wistful. Almost.
Her long slender hand slides up and down your thigh. Her flesh is burning hot and turns you on headily.
“My little firefly. Aren’t you?”
You find it hard to swallow and you nod, “Yes.”
“Yes, what?”
“I’m yours.”
She sighs and then tsks, “I own you Amy, therefore you address me as your Mistress. If I am feeling particularly demanding, I am your Queen. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress. My Mistress. My Queen.” You like the way those titles flow off your tongue for her.
She squeezes the inside of your thigh and you gasp, not being able to hold it back.
It is a good thing that her place isn’t too far ahead, or else you by die from your horniness.
Her place is the penthouse all the way up to the top. It is the most luxurious place you’ve ever been in. But then, you usually see clients in hotel rooms, none as expensive as this. Your going rate with the others are a lot lower. The going rate is usually between 500 hundred and one grand an hour.
She keeps the place impeccable. Not one item out of place. No laundry anywhere in sight. No leftover dishes left aside. It almost looks like it has never been lived in.
From shelf to shelf you see ancient items. You know these are the things that she will never part with in a bid to appear more human.
“Make yourself at home.” She slips out of her heels at the elevator doors, and you slip out of your sandals beside her.
While you walk in the living room, she makes a detour to the kitchen.
It does not take long for to return with a charcuterie board—full of delicious fruits and cheeses—in one hand and two wine bottles in the other, “Wine for me and sparkling grape juice for you.” She sets them up on a coffee table, while retrieving wine glasses from a wine shelf.
“You remembered.”
“I remember everything.”
“Oh.” You bend over in front of her, letting her see what is beneath the dress, and pluck up a fat juicy dark grape.
Her eyes linger there in silence for a long while, “I noticed it at the pool. What happened?” You had hope her eye sight wasn’t that good to pick up the surgical scar down the middle of your chest.
“I had severe pneumonia as a child, and they had to do an emergency surgery to clear my chest of the mucus membranes that stunted my breathing.” It is probably the most honest answer you will ever give to her about your health.
“The asthma, had you sick.”
“Something like that.” You almost feel bad for lying, but not too bad. This is just a game after all. Not love. She probably does not even care. Only simple curiosity.
You drink down the offered sparkling grape juice and tastes rather rich. Never have you had pricy juice before.
“Why was life so hard for a young human who turned herself into an alcoholic?” You didn’t expect THAT question.
“Uh. Binge drinking in college. It catches up to you fast.” You wouldn’t know, you never done it. You like to live a little longer.
“Ah.” It seems like she is done with the subject.
She sets her wine glass down and takes yours away. That she may take you in her arms. Her scent is even more intoxicating so close to you.
“Now the rules, you must always do as I say. Do you consent?”
That is, it? No long-drawn-out contract? You have to stop watching those awful movies.
“There is only one thing I can’t do.”
Her gaze narrows down sharply, and it makes you catch your breath, “And what is that?”
“You’re still a client, I can’t spend the night with you.”
“No. I own you.”
“You do. Not that.”
“I will.” She seethes, “But later.” It is the only compromise you will be getting for now.
She leans down and you meet her a little bit on your tiptoes. She bites your bottom lip to draw blood from it, at the same time she unties the golden rope belt to free you of the dress. You feel the wet spot spreading down on the crotch of your panties.
“Bedroom. Now.” She is growing slightly breathless herself.
Once inside, she presses you up against the floor to ceiling windows. She kisses down your jawline, and the side of your neck. Her hands play firmly with your breasts. Her nails painfully dig into your sensitive nipples.
Her hand slides down in a curious tour under your panties, where her palm comes off slick.
“Do your clients always get you this wet?”
You tremble and fight to contain your breathing, “Not like this, no Mistress.”
“Good answer and so truthful.” She chuckles! You never thought it possible.
“Get nude and sit on the end of the bed.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
You may be one of the few women who has conquered a fast but not embarrassing way to remove your bra. It comes off in no time. You take a sexier approach to removing your panties. She approves by the soft groan.
You sit on the bed and teasingly cross your legs, while leaning on the balls of your palms.
“Naughty.” Another chuckle. “Spread your legs.”
You quickly do as you are told. Her keen eyes probably pick up your glistening wetness for her.
“Scoot back a little more.” Her voice is thick.
Once she has you where she wants you, she says, “Stop. I want you to touch yourself. Show me what you like to do.”
You’ve done the mutual masturbation a lot, but this is not the same.
You won’t linger to think about it. You press your palm against your breast and squeeze the nipple, before you slide your hand down the expanse of your stomach.
You will be as honest about how you touch yourself as you can be. The tip of your index finger flicks up and down against your achingly hard clitoris. That is where you derive the most pleasure.
You buck your small hips up to meet your finger more. This is embarrassing and leaves you vulnerable but also the hottest thing you’ve ever done for a client.
Her eyes never leave the way your finger now turns circles against you. You have to look away, it is too much. Even if you do like it. You hear her shift. Instead of admonishing you, she gets naked.
You look over at her small breasts, how hard her dark nipples are. How taut the muscles of her abs are. She is perfection in human skin.
She is on her knees at your feet. “Look at me. Watch what you do to me.”
You know it will be dangerous to ignore those orders.
“Yes, Mistress. Mm.”
Her palm cups over her quim and her middle finger slides inside her opening. Her palm’s heel grinds against her clitoris. “I haven’t mmm… Felt this in a century.”
You find that hard to believe, but you know it is the honest to god truth.
“A little human like you, turning me like this.” She moans sharply under her breath.
Her hand moves fast.
You keep the pace.
Hers moves faster and harder.
She deliberately falls on top of you straddling your thigh—with her own hand still at her slit—and replaces your hand with her own. She wants you to know how she is feeling. No need to say it, when she can demonstrate.
You kiss slowly and breathlessly. Her hands move with fast fiery passion. You dangle over the most dangerous tallest mountain and she lets you fall.
Later that night, she lets you go without out much protest. Only a promise that it will not take long for you to be wholly yours. You take the envelope she leaves for you on the small table by the elevator doors out.
“That was incredible.” You say to yourself leaving the most satisfied you’ve ever been.
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blackoutvengeance · an hour ago
I would absolutely love some ink therapy this weekend. Maybe get my protection sigils my cousin made for me or maybe get my Septum pierced.
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the-wavesinger · an hour ago
so I am writing a thing involving f!ShowtimeCesare and it will never be finished, probably, so here, have a snippet:
The Pope sends her off to France. “If you will not take a husband of our choosing, then at least find one for yourself, Livia. We grow tired of this…this dithering.”
She laughs at his fluttered hand, kisses his cheek. “If I see a handsome French lord to my liking, Father, I will marry him then and there, I promise.”
“We know all about your liking.” The long-suffering sigh he heaves is the one reserved for his stubborn daughters. “The at least convince the queen that the absence of a husband has its own advantages, hmmm?”
“That I can do.”
I have made good on my promise, Father, Livia’s letter to the Pope, reads. The king is a free man, I have a husband, and I have secured Rome some unforeseen advantages besides. To her mother she writes only, Mother, I am married again at last. A new world awaits me, I think.
And then word comes of soldiery and canon and horses and supplies gathering at La Spezia. Livia Borgia returns to Rome with Charles d’Albret joining Sancia d’Aragon by her side, new married and glowing, with a French army at her back. All of Italy holds its breath.
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ownworldresident · an hour ago
We Are Our Own Heroes. Chapter 7: Cassandra
Book: The Royal Romance, seven years post-TRR
Premise: Six years after a tragic loss, Liam and his adopted daughter meet Cassandra, an artist with her own troubled past, and the three find in each other the friend they never knew they needed.
Disclaimer: Setting and some characters belong to Pixelberry. I am just borrowing them and will return them when they feel better.
Themes: found family, (power of) friendship, healing
Content Warning: flashbacks (signposted) include violence
The Master Masterlist (link)|  Our Own Heroes Masterlist (link)
Tumblr media
Cassie messaged Liam before she got in her car. It was tempting to arrive unannounced and surprise them but given the levels of guards, labyrinthine palace halls, and fact they might not be home, she judged it best to let him know. It was a good hunch, too; she wasn’t able to visit until much later in the day. The result, it seemed, was the guard readily allowing her through the gates, the valet taking her keys without question, and the palace doors being opened before she had even retrieved what she had brought.
Only when her car had been driven away and she saw the impressions on the grass where the press and podium had stood, and the marks on the gravel where the news vans had parked, did the reality of where she was settle in. The surreal sensation of standing outside the ruling monarch’s residence was broken by a polite cough by the palace entrance.
Cassie turned to face an older, formally attired man standing in the open doorway. He nodded to her, then stepped back to welcome her inside. She had seen him before somewhere but couldn’t quite place him.
With bag and boxes in hand, she entered the palace, and without Liam and Emily to focus on was immediately taken by the rich décor of the huge front hall, which separated into four passages before and beside her. Tall paintings, stone busts, ornate furnishings and a heavy red rug leading up the wide staircase. On the high landing it split in two, one staircase reaching up left, the other right.
“Allow me,” the older man said when the door was closed. He held out a hand for the large bag, which she handed to him with a timid thank you.
Gesturing for her to follow, the older man started up the staircase. Relieved to focus on something other than the elegance of the palace, Cassie climbed the stairs with three boxes in hand, careful to keep them flat and so she focused on her steps. They took the left stair and wove through enough beautiful halls for Cassie to be certain she would not find her way back unaided.
The older man didn’t seem to be very talkative, and Cassie was more concerned with her intention than conversation, so was happy to let him maintain that silence. She registered light footsteps approaching and was grinning well before Emily sped into view.
“Cassie!” she called before she pulled up in front of her.
“Hey, Emily.” She smiled, but Emily’s attention was already on the boxes. “Hungry?”
Emily nodded enthusiastically. “You brought dinner?”
“I absolutely did.” She started forward again, glancing at the older man, who couldn’t suppress a smile at the excitement of the nine year old. Emily led them along the halls until Liam came into sight. He leant against the frame of an open door, arms folded over his chest with a small, tired smile.
“You can move now, dad!” Emily grinned, bouncing around them, then passing her father through the open door.
“Thanks, Panda.” Liam straightened. “It’s good to see you,” he said to Cassie, retrieving the bag from the other man before dismissing him. His voice was completely altered from the conference that morning. More natural, no strain.
“I hope you like pizza and ice cream,” Cassie said, lifting the boxes. Liam smiled, raising his free hand for her to enter before him.
This room was not so overtly grand, but even in its warmth couldn’t disguise the elegant fittings or rich furnishings. Emily was already pushing piles of things aside on a low table before a long couch.
“We were doing a puzzle,” she announced as Liam closed the door. “Dad is terrible at puzzles. Can you help?”
“Of course.” Cassie set down the boxes as Liam put down the cooler bag. “Do you have a fridge for that?” She nodded to the bag.
“We do.” Liam nodded, and left the room to one beside the large TV, emerging a minute later with plates and napkins for the three of them and a smirk.
“So sophisticated,” Cassie said, grinning. Liam shook his head as he joined them. Emily already had a huge slice in her hands, mouth full of pizza and sauce on her face.
“Comes with the territory.” His eyes fell on Emily, who was pointedly not looking at him, and he added, “most of the time.” Cassie laughed, then slid the open box toward him.
After a short discussion between Liam and Emily, a movie was chosen, and they fell back on the couch to watch it. Liam turned to Cassie as Emily’s attention was absorbed by the TV and food.
“Thank you,” he said gently. Not wanting to send the wrong message, despite their proximity, Cassie refrained from any contact in response, instead nodding.
“Any opportunity for pizza and a movie.”
Liam’s eyes crinkled as he glanced at Emily, engrossed by the animated movie. He sighed. “I’m still grateful.”
“I know.”
The three of them fell into a comfortable silence, enjoying the movie, with Liam and Cassie exchanging the occasional smirk at the jokes written for adults. This was easy, Cassie reflected, even relaxing, and it didn’t take long to quiet the awe at her surroundings.
When the movie ended and the puzzle was half done, Emily started drifting off, and Liam encouraged her to go to bed, leaving several minutes later to say good night. Cassie piled the empty ice cream bowls and remaining pizza out of the way and curled up on the couch, closing her eyes and way too comfortable to move.
“I thought she would be up all night,” Cassie said when she heard Liam coming back. She opened her eyes when he collapsed on the couch as well.
“Hit a wall.” He smiled, and the room was quiet again. After a while, Liam spoke again.
“Thank you for coming tonight,” he said. “I really needed this.”
“That was clear enough from the TV.” Cassie turned her body to face him. “That question caught you off-guard.”
“Not off-guard, exactly.” Liam pressed his palms briefly against his eyes. “It’s not the first time, but it never gets easier. I don’t have much control over what they speculate on, but this was the one thing I hoped to…” He sighed. “It’s not fair on her. As for the rest of it…”
His expression darkened, but he didn’t continue, and Cassie’s curiosity won out. “The rest of it?”
“I had a difficult choice to make,” he paused, then the tension released. “But I found another option. It’s dealt with.”
“Good.” Cassie answered, hoping that was the correct response. She hugged herself tighter. “I wished there was something I could do to help.” As fruitless as it was to try control the media.
Liam turned to her. “Cassie, you are already doing so much. This…” he gestured to the low table, with the remnants of their dinner. “This is perfect.”
“Whenever I was a kid, and I was upset or hurt myself,” Cassie explained, “my mother would bring pizza and ice cream, and we’d watch a movie together. It worked every time.”
“That’s a good tradition.” Liam folded his arms across his chest and stared at the ceiling. “Does she live in the capital?”
“In Portavira. Where I’m from.” Cassie felt herself drifting off, and blinked back. “So you’re going to Spain next week?”
“For a few days, yes. If it was much longer I probably would have asked Emily if she wanted to come, but as it is I’ll have a full schedule and wouldn’t have much time free.”
Cassie bit her lip, wondering whether they were close enough for this, then asked anyway. “Did you want me to keep her company?”
Liam frowned, focusing on Cassie again. “Would you mind? Just for a while during the days. She loves spending time with you.”
Cassie beamed. “I would love to. I can bring her to my studio, and show her a few more things than those easels we used the other day.”
Liam reached out and squeezed her hand. “Thank you.”
A little taken aback by the contact, but not discomforted, Cassie only smiled, and drew back after a moment. If Liam suspected it was a wrong move, he didn’t show it.
The two talked for a while after that, about nothing profound, and eventually Cassie departed, with a plan for the following week and a shot of coffee to keep her alert on the drive home
“Alright, Em. Show me what you’ve got.”
Cassie sat cross-legged on the floor of her studio apartment, drenched in the sunlight that flowed through the window. Beside her was a limerick and two rough verses quickly written on lined paper. Emily sat in front of her, similarly in the light. She knelt, frowning, pencil between her teeth as she stared at the lined page she held. They had been sitting with the exercise for about half an hour, after talking about limericks over lunch when Emily arrived.
“I don’t think I like it.” Emily glanced from her poem to Cassie’s. “It doesn’t rhyme properly.”
“Every word you write is practise. You’ve improved your writing by writing that poem. That means it can’t be bad.” Cassie grinned, then softened. “You don’t have to, but would you like to show me?”
Emily seemed to deliberate for a moment, then handed it over. She sat back and pulled her knees to her chest as she waited for Cassie’s response.
“Thank you,” Cassie smiled, then turned her attention to the page, keenly aware of Emily’s focus on her, and read the words:
There wasn’t much things in the room I can’t see outside or the moon I think I saw mom She was crying then And she never came back from the room
Cassie looked up at the young girl, who seemed to be trying to make herself as small as possible, and met her frightened, tear filled eyes. For a moment she couldn’t think of what to say. A lump rose in her throat, but there was a vulnerable child in front of her, who needed her. Her own reaction could wait.
“Is this…” Cassie cleared her throat. “Emily, is this one of your memories?”
Emily didn’t confirm it, but didn’t deny it either. Cassie put down the poem and moved onto her knees, reaching her arms forward.
“Come here, Em.” She smiled, swallowing the lump. After some hesitation, Emily rocked forward and approached her, and Cassie wrapped her arms around her. For a while she just rubbed the girl’s back gently, holding her securely and drawing in long, even breaths. Emily’s small hands balled the fabric at the back of Cassie’s shirt.
“That was very brave,” she said softly, stroking Emily’s hair. “Showing me your poem. You’re very brave.”
Still the girl said nothing, but Cassie registered the growing dampness on her shirt where Emily’s face pressed against her chest.
“Please don’t tell dad.” The girl whispered. Cassie frowned.
“Are you sure? He would want to know.”
Emily shook her head. “He’s too busy, and he gets sad when he remembers.”
One Year Ago
Cassie threw her bag on the back seat and slammed the door, jumping into the front passenger seat a second later and dramatically putting on her sunglasses.
“Gods Cass, is driving really that terrible?”
“Pfft,” Cassie turned to Lucy and shrugged, lowering her sunglasses to peer over the top of them. “If it was terrible, I probably wouldn’t have got us all the way to Portavira and half the way back.”
Lucy rolled her eyes, smirking and strapping herself in on the drivers seat. “Fair enough. Would the lady like to decide on the soundtrack?”
“Oh generous one, I would be honoured.” Cassie fiddled with the radio and turned the volume dial up as Lucy pointedly checked the mirrors and adjusted the seat, then pulled out of the small car park alongside the spectacular ocean view and started back toward the city.
“Can’t fault your choice,” Lucy said as she moved her shoulders in time with the music.
They chatted and sung most of the journey back to the capital. Cassie expressed her excitement at the full sketchbook in her pack, and Lucy teased her about extending their journey over an hour to draw a tree.
It was peak traffic when they got back to the city, and the journey had been long enough that their conversation wasn’t so lively. The music had been turned down, the trees had thinned, and the buildings rose around them. Cassandra sighed, closing her eyes as they reached an intersection, just too late to squeeze across before the red light.
“Gonna have energy to come out tomorrow night?” Lucy asked as they pulled up.
“You know I—”
A screech of braking tyres cut her off and the car jerked forward. The dash flew at her, Cassie’s seatbelt strained, and they were no longer behind the light
Our Own Heroes list: @blackcatkita​  @kingliam2019​   @mom2000aggie​   @texaskitten30​  @missameliep​  @princess-geek​ @zoehanji @marshmallowsaremyfavorite​  @ladyangel70​  @whenyourheartskipsabeat​ @153-centimeters-of-sass​ @bebepac​​
Please let me know if you would like to be added or removed from the taglist :)
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WIP: The Search for Dr Livingstone
I proudly present my first WIP, with the first chapter, coming to 25,000 words. I hope you like it!
It’s 1869 and the British explorer Dr David Livingstone is missing in the interior of Africa. No one has heard from him for more than three years and it’s unknown whether he is alive or dead. The Times newspaper in London is sending you, a young aspiring journalist and adventurer, to follow in Livingstone’s footsteps and track down the man himself – if he’s still alive, that is.
You will mount an expedition into the heart of Africa. Along the way you’ll face inhospitable terrain, hostile tribes, Arab slavers, dangerous animals, and more. You’ll experience life in a typical African village, and have the chance to get to know the diverse members of your party better.
You’ll have to put together your expedition, taking into account the supplies, resources, and skills you need to give your expedition the best chance of success. On the expedition, you’ll need to decide how best to navigate the various threats and challenges along the way. Think carefully – not only the success of the expedition, but the lives of Dr Livingstone (and others) may depend on your choices.
But will you find Dr Livingstone in the end?
-Play as female, male, or non-binary -Variable side characters with the choice to set genders and some names -Develop your character including personality traits and skills, in order to set yourself up for a successful expedition -Track your expedition’s assets and supplies, including food, medicine, and currency, so that you can make it to the end -Team up with Arab slave traders or find your own way -Face a lion barehanded -Experience life in an African village in 1870
One of the aims of this book is to highlight a number of historical issues, including the East African slave trade. As such, slavery, racism, and other abhorrent practices are depicted openly.
This novel features:
* Abuse, including implied sexual abuse (nothing explicit) * Slavery * Racism and inequality * Death (including avoidable NPC deaths) * Violence and conflict, and descriptions of the aftermath of violence and conflict * Harsh language * Animal cruelty (nothing explicit)
Link Total word count: 25k
Average words per play through: 15k
Having a full-time writing job, this project is something I have been working on for several months now in my spare time and I am happy to share it with you.
Thanks so much for reading – I really appreciate it.
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Dana babe I love you but why are you sleeping in full makeup
she got no time for "makeup remover" and "makeup residue clogging her pores and giving her acne"
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quietflorilegium · an hour ago
“Everyone else seemed to just be waiting for me to get going, except for Mum, who won’t even call Hitler a bad person. It’s not that she thinks he’s the product of irresistible historical forces or anything. She says it’s too easy to call people evil instead of their choices, and that lets people justify making evil choices, because they convince themselves that it’s okay because they’re still good people overall, inside their own heads. And yes, fine, but I think after a certain number of evil choices, it’s reasonable shorthand to decide that someone’s an evil person who oughtn’t have the chance to make any more evil choices. And the more power someone has, the more slack they ought to be given.”
El Higgins, Naomi Novik, “A Deadly Education”
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Throwback Fics #46
Tumblr media
Bound By Choice series | F!OC x F!OC x F!OC - @clansayeed 🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
II.i. The Prestige Waltz 
Desire and Decorum
Love Thy Neighbour - Part 1 | Hamid x F!OC - @missameliep
Revealings Of The Heart | Erneste Sinclaire x F!OC - @noesapphic
Who Is Afraid Of Thunder? | MC, Harry Foredale, Vincent Foredale - @princess-geek
Untitled Ficlet | Erneste Sinclaire x M!MC - @i-put-the-sin-in-sinclaire  🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
Distant Shores
You Are Important, Miss Middleton | Edward Mortemer x F!MC -  @ethanramseysrookiexox  🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
Mother of the Year
Towel | Thomas Mendez x MC - @god-save-the-keen  🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
Perfect Match
The Edge Of The World | Damien Nazario x F!MC - @mrsnazariowritesagain​ [adult content]  🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
Chapter 14: Walking Through Fire 
Open Heart
Memories That Remind Me Of You | Ethan Ramsey x M!MC - @ezekielbhandarivalleros​
Narcissus Sent A Package | Ethan Ramsey x F!MC - @utterlyinevitable
Love In The Time Of Cholera | Ethan Ramsey x F!MC - @starrystarrytrouble [adult content]
Strong And Bold | Bryce Lahela x F!MC - @storyofmychoices
Voicemails Pt 4: Conversations with Sunshine | Ethan Ramsey x F!MC -  @ethanramslay 🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
Rules Of Engagement
Lover | Leo Rys x F!OC - @xxrainbow-princessxx  🎉 TBF One Year  🎉
The Royal Romance
A College Romance - Part 1 | Liam Rys Galanis x MC - @lorirwritesfanfic
COVID-19 Chronicles: Cordonia | Liam Rys x MC - @bebepac [adult content] 
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ladylynse · 2 hours ago
I'd say Jazz is either a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin! She's brave, yes, but in my opinion her more defining trait is her intelligence. As for being a Slytherin, I think she leans more to strategy than brute force - and she's quite ambitious and resourceful. Then again, this is your fic! I'm just here to offer my thoughts
Thanks to you and everyone else who piped up, Anon! It was neat to see what others were thinking.
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asexual-hugger · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I named her Iris West after the girl in The Flash
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Memories that Remind me of You
Throwback Fics #17
Book: Open Heart
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x M!MC
Rating: Teen
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