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#chinese mythology rp
godsourvia · 19 days ago
(Gustav Klimt 1907)
Tumblr media
According to the myth, Danae was the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos. The King receives a prophecy from the Oracle, which foretells that he will be killed by Danae’s child. In an attempt to defy fate, he locks up his daughter in a cellar. However, the ever crafty Jupiter turns himself into golden rain and enters her room. The fruit of their union is Perseus, who years later, fulfills the prophecy and kills his grandfather.
In his painting, Gustav Klimt blends Symbolism with Art Nouveau aesthetics. In Danae, the figure of the young woman and the golden rain dominate the canvas. The purple cloth represents her royal origins and the Art Nouveau circular designs represent her female nature. The artist candidly explores female sexuality. However, the heavy ornamental style decreases the sexual tension of the piece.
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bluexepher · a year ago
Marine Archaeology Musings: The Jinyu and Ankoan Part 2
Tumblr media
Xepher waved her hand again causing another shroud to dissipate. A pair of jagged Obsidian daggers display, the handles wrapped tightly in some form of leather bindings. Wisps of cerulean energy roll off the blade’s length like fog.  
“Ou Yezi’s Obsidian Daggers were created during the Jinyu’s reign over all of Pandaria. Ou Yezi was a legendary watersmith who forged the best weapons the empire ever had. He took waterforging into an entirely different direction by employing bold techniques. How you may ask? Well, he saw the benefit of forging the water over stone that was actively being blasted with serpent flame. Now how could a Jinyu find a way to convince the proud Cloud Serpents to such a task? Any guesses?” 
“Ou Yezi was actually caught by one of the great Cloud Serpents, Ao Guang of the Eastern Seas. Being the clever man he was, Ou Yezi struck a deal that he could make something shiny and magnificent with Ao Guang’s flame. Luckily, Ao Guang found himself to be truly  brilliant and adored the idea thus allowing it. Stones from high in the mountains were brought down by Ao Guang and he released his fiery breath upon them. Ou Yezi made haste by bending the water to a pressurized and concise current over the lava that formed. Some say it was some of Ou Yezi’s best work and rightfully so since his life depended on it.”
Tumblr media
“Ou Yezi forged five swords, three polearms, and one pair of daggers from Ao Guang’s lava. The bounty impressed the Cloud Serpent so much that not only did the Jinyu keep his life, he also was allowed one of the weapons to take home. The daggers you see before you is that very weapon. Power runs through the obsidian of these blades. The molten flame of a Cloud Serpent with the spiritual pressure of the Vale’s waters.” 
“The watersmith hurried back to his workshop, where he hid the daggers away. This new technique of forging molten stones and metals with watersmithing was taught to several of his students. Including a famed swordsmith couple, who continued the tradition even when they decided to leave for the oceans. Gan Jiang and Mo Ye spread this technique into the empire and later the Ankoan tribes of the seas.”  
@succulent-tart​ @worlds-faire-carnival​
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bluexepher · a year ago
Marine Archaeology Musings: The Jinyu and Ankoan Part 1
Tumblr media
“I am Madame Xepher and I have worked as a marine archaeologist for over a century now. My research focuses on the sentient life and civilizations of all bodies of water, specifically the ocean. There is a breath of knowledge waiting for us in the sea, unknowns that could shed understanding on our past and coming future. The preservation of Azeroth’s waters and celebration of the cultures beneath the tides is what drives my passion for the field. I work closely with the Water Elemental Lords as both researcher and battle mage, when the need arises of course.”
“Tonight we will explore the stories of the river Jinyu and their deep ocean counterparts the Ankoan through relics and artifacts. I would like to thank the Waterspeakers Coalition for allowing me to display some of their cultural artifacts.”
A smile spreads over her lips before turning towards a long table. There were several items suspended with what one would assume was magic, slowly spinning in their levitation. There was a glimmering shroud over each, as though to hide what they were till the time arose for such. A water elemental loomed on the other side, watching quietly and by chance protecting the pieces.
“Water is a malleable element. It holds the power to be still or raging. Life giving or life taking. There is a duality to its essence and such is the same for the wise Jinyu.  In the days before the Sundering, all rivers flowed into Pandaria creating a cradle of life. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms held enchanted pools similar in transformative powers to the Well of Eternity.”
“Murlocs who were fortunate enough to live near the pools found their minds expanded and bodies changing until they became the Jinyu. The wisest of their people learned to commune with the waters of the river and listen for what news of the future it would bring. These elders were respected by most races of Pandaria and earned the title of Waterspeakers. Our first relic belonged to one of the legendary Jinyu of ancient Pandaria, Waterspeaker Mazu.”  
Tumblr media
The glimmering shade dissipates from one of the floating items to display an ornate lantern. A dimmed blue light glows within it, the magic pulsing through the entire lantern. Xepher motions over to the relic on display before moving to speak again. 
“Mazu’s Lantern is one of the remaining relics of the great Waterspeaker. Some may ask, what makes that particular Jinyu so great? Well, did you know that not many female Jinyu are chosen to become Waterspeakers? You see, the Jinyu sort their eggs into a certain caste based on their needs at the time. Priests and warriors are considered the highest of ranking. While women are chosen to become priests, many did not ascend to the level of Waterspeaker. Mazu was the first.” 
“While many priests listened to the river and remained within the kingdom's bounds. There were some who were positioned around the coastal regions of Pandaria. Mazu was one of those clergy who roamed the coastal area to watch for seafarers. Be it foe or friend, they sought to observe all fishermen and sailors of the coastal area. Concurrently, these priests were tasked with communing with the ocean. An attempt to expand the Jinyu’s forces beyond the river's reach. But the ocean proved to be noisy and wild. There was little the priest could discern in the chaos of the sea.” “This did not discourage Mazu. She continued to roam the coast with her red lantern in hand, listening and speaking to the crashing waves. That determination and focus fueled her lantern to shine brightly, not with a light but with illuminating water. The ocean watched as Mazu aided sailors of different races to safety from its typhoons and raging storms. These selfless acts born from compassion allowed Mazu to see the ocean’s noise as a symphony, the chaos holding a balance. Opening her mind and becoming formless like water, Mazu was able to commune with the coastal waters.” “Now a Waterspeaker, Mazu’s famed lantern surged with her elemental powers. It was said this lantern could protect a ship during the worst of storms. Hurricanes, typhoons, and even tsunamis would part way for whomever held this lantern. This claim met the ears of two Mogus, Qianliyan and Shunfeng'er, who sought to take the lantern for their own devices. The clever Mazu struck a deal that the victor would have to do whatever the other said. The Mogu knew they could not kill her because the lantern was powered by her connection. Thus they agreed and were both defeated in combat by Mazu. She utilized her martial arts skills to subdued them both and decided to befriend the pair. They honored the agreement and became her guardians, holding a deep respect for the priestess.” 
(OOC: Xepher’s research presentation from the World’s Faire Carnival. Sharing various stories of the Jinyu and Ankoan that pay homage to the cultures their respective names come from. Part 2 coming tomorrow!) 
Relics Gallery-
@worlds-faire-carnival​ @succulent-tart​
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storyblcd · a year ago
Tumblr media
»»———— “My aunt’s the BRIDE - ” Whispers loudly, leaning conspiratorially toward the person sitting next to her - frowns as the world tilts MORE than she expects, spinning. Leans her cheek, burning and pink, into her hand. “You know, they say she’s the most beautiful woman in the realms - ” A crease in her brow as she contemplates, drawing her finger around the rim of her cup, still half full with peach wine, tapping twice when it’s made a full circumference - “Say, do you think my new - my new uncle-in-law,” Giggles - still hard to believe that very same grandson of the Heavenly King, barely older than she is, is now her UNCLE - “Is the MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN in all the realms? And - and if he is then does that mean Ali is the most beautiful baby in all the realms?” 
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kathexismania · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
send ❣️ if you think my muse is well-written! || @battleguqin || accepting
Tumblr media
I remember seeing you RP with @indulgentia and looking through your blog and literally SCREAMING because 1) I love the aesthetic of your blog, first of all, as I support more East-Asian representation, particularly Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (I’m Korean-American, btw, and I write as mainly Japanese descendants (Hanzo, Satoshi, obviously, with Raiden and Fujin originating from Japanese mythology) and Chinese (technically half-Chinese, as Kuai Liang is Chinese-American) and 2) I find your writing style sexy. It’s definitely different than mine, and I don’t know how to properly say it without sounding like I’m being a weirdo but it does feel like it would be from a Chinese drama. It’s descriptive, and also action-oriented, and reads very fluidly and smoothly. I would LOVE to throw you any of my main muses (that will be Hanzo or Kuai, or even both) and get things going, because I can definitely use more crossovers on this blog and see where their relationship leads! 
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imaginariumrpc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
imaginarium : a place devoted to the imagination, largely devoted to simulating and cultivating the imagination, towards scientific, artistic, commercial, recreational and/or spiritual ends.
Hello, bonjour and pusu’l, lovelies! My name’s Arcana, I’m twenty years old, a Canadian, a Solar Cancererian, a Lunar Sagittarian and a Rising Libra, according to the Western Zodiac, and a Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac, Genderfluid, Multigender, Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, Queer, Autigender, Pearlian, Two Spirit, Androgynos, Draoidhe,  DemiOmniBiromantic/DemiOmniBisexual, Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent, ENFP, Ravenpuff, Thunderbird, Otherkin, Therian, an Animist, a Pagan and I’m intrigued in the occult and witchcraft and I am additionally a white passing mixed triracial multi-indigenous person of color or more specifically, of Mi’kmaw, Wyandot, Wolastoqiyik, Métis and Sephardi Jewish heritage! I like cuddling and playing with cats and dogs and animals, eating pizza, taking pictures, music, reading, writing, gushing about friends and helping others. So with that said, I’m here to present you guys my new rpc / rph / aesthetic / inspiration / resource / personal / edit blog ! It’s for my own use but it can also be for your use ( provided you don’t take any of my original content off of this blog without my express permission ), the rpc and anyone else who wishes to use it, too! It features musings, codes, psd’s, psa’s, memes and a LOT more sprinkled with the occasional original content from me.
a discord server affliated with this blog.
faceclaim help. ( poc, lgbtqia2+ and underused faceclaims included! )
alternate faceclaim suggestions ( send me a faceclaim that you don’t want to use and I’ll make a list of alternates. )
fancasts ( send me a character and i’ll make a post of potential faceclaims. )
name help.
label help.
plot help.
admin advice.
url help.
muse help. ( i.e names, concepts, character creation, worldbuilding, lore, etc. )
guides &&. tutorials.
general advice and being here to talk to.
rp advice.
opinions. ( depending on what it is. )
muse inspo.
base icon batches ( uncommon, but will open on occasion. )
psd recommendations.
promo’s. ( provided you submit it to me as a photo. )
unpopular opinions.
character metas. ( occasionally, depending on the muse and on the fandom. )
positivity. ( muses — be they canon or original, fandom aligned or otherwise, and muns. )
venting. ( nothing hateful or discriminatory ! )
rants. ( nothing hateful or discriminatory ! )
first look reviews. ( on occasion. )
critiques. ( on occasion. )
in-depth blog reviews. ( on occasion. )
muse archetype aesthetic edits / moodboards. ( i.e the artist, the femme fatale, etc. )
dynamic / bond / family / friendship / squad / ship edits / moodboards ( poc, interracial and lgbtqia2+, polyamorous, m/m / mlm, f/f / wlw and nblnb included! )
faceless muse edits. ( muses of color and ships included! )
character emotional traits.
multiple genres, time periods and settings. ( i.e: historical, antiquity, medieval, vintage, modern, supernatural, fantasy, apocalypse, action, horror, science fiction, etc. )
aesthetics. ( i.e dark academia, solarpunk, retro, goth, lovecore, etc. )
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cultural awareness.
locations ( including but not limited to interiors, exteriors, homes, and all the continents. ).
religion ( specifically for muses from certain religions i.e jewish and muslim muses, etc. )
disabled and neurodivergent muse representation and resources.
resources and representation for the lgbtqia2+ / mogai community and its muses, i.e lesbian muses, gay muses, bi muses, trans* ( including nonbinary, genderfluid, genderless and other non-cisgender ) muses, queer muses, intersex muses, aromantic / asexual muses and two spirited muses, among other muses that are considered queer.
resources and representation for all muses of color, including black muses, indigenous / native muses, latinx muses, asian muses ( all asians, not just east asians ! ), pasifika muses, jewish muses, etc., that overpower than that of white muses, there are still resources for white muses, though muses of color will always be a priority on this blog.
resources for portraying pregnant muses ( will be tagged! ).
resources for portraying muses who practice witchcraft.
resources for portraying muses who are sex workers.
resources for muses of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and elders.
resources for animated muses.
resources for nonhuman muses.
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more to be added if i think of something.
Tumblr media
So, with that said, PLEASE like and/or reblog this if you’re interested in using it or at the very least spread the word! I really want to try and help people and have fun with you guys, but I can’t do that if this doesn’t get any notes. You can find out more information by reading my F.A.QHERE! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful morning/day/evening/night! Yours truly, with all of my love, Arcana.
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howlscifer · 4 months ago
INTRODUCING: Helloooo Emma here, i’m 21+ and i love all colors annnnd capricorn / cancer / aquarius. 
WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER BE: ANGEL, DEMON OR MORTAL? So i want to be an angel but i’m prob more along the demon vibes. And just because i like the power, i’d choose the the first heirarchy because I thrive for chaos. 
FAVORITE MYTHOLOGICAL STORY OR LEGEND? Ok I really love the story of Chang’e ( chinese moon goddess ) as well as Princess Pyeonggang ( if you haven’t heard this story, check it out!!! ) As for biblical stories, I’ve always been weak for Esther as well as Samson & Delilah 
WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR WRITING? Ummm im not good at complimenting myself l o l. But if I had to pinpoint, I’d say I think I do a decent job with humor and building conflict in my writing? Idk. 
WHAT DO YOU DO ON A RAINY DAY?  I’ll either binge movies / dramas or sleep or cook something or hang out with my cat, nothing super exciting. 
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TROPES? My fave and go to is literally just playing anyone that’s an asshole. Characters with a strong sense of opinion or desire is my type, and also essentially nobody nice because I can’t do it well lol. I also like characters that are also mischievous or like the angsty angry broody types, just give me someone who’ll start shit tbh. 
HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC? Extra as fuck lol. I don’t think I have one set aesthetic so I’m kind of all over the place but so long as it’s pretty & sexy, I’m for it.  
FAVORITE TYPES OF EVENTS? Ummm I do like events that either have some kind of mystery (plot twist) / interactive events / murder & action. Having Npcs interact with the playable characters that lead into the event would also be really cool??? Anything to get the ball rolling for the storyline, I’m all in!
WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED TO SEE? I’m already highly anticipating all the characters I’m so excited!!! And also ofc writing with all the talented writers because this rp is some high quality stuff. 
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ladybyakko · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you for the tag @ikesensrandomninjagirl24 !
Name: Ashe
Height: 164cm/5ft4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi 😁👉👉
Favourite Animal: Foxes, but also crows. They're both cheeky and super clever.
Time: 8:00PM GMT
Dream Job: Hmmmm. If I could do art commissions for the rest of my life and live comfortably then I would. 🎨
When did I make this blog: I originally made it to keep all my household things together but then I saw @demongamerkitty 's Kenshin cosplay and ended up cosplaying back. I repurposed the blog to hold all my otome (mostly slbp) things. I HAD intended to do lots of RP but, uh, that's never happened lmao
Reason for the URL: hooh ok. So Byakko is the Japanese name for the White Tiger of the West, which is one of the Four Mythological Creatures of the Chinese constellations. I love constellation-related mythology and given that I was RPing as Shingen, I went with the Tiger. And the Lady part is self-explanatory, I think. :)
Followers: 27 lovely people!!
Tagging: My Kenshin @demongamerkitty ; @sakurairin-otome ; @riftings ; @tadokorojin and YOU if you wanna do it. Tag me if you do, I'd like to learn about peeps!
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adversitybloomed · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
🌸┊ FRIENDLY REMINDER: this is a headcanon for my muse only. please do not take claim to it as your own. any graphics set on here, are edited by me.  ┊ 🌸
HEADCANON:  PHOENIX ( fenghuang )
Tumblr media
right to start this off with, this post is going is going to be about cultural aspect of the Phoenix & how it actually impacts mulan & many of my verses for her. A lot of my information is actually coming from, here & here. so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
In the Western world, it is commonly called the Chinese phoenix or simply Phoenix. In many mythologies, the creature has similar attributes within its nature.  Within Chinese mythology, this is an IMMORTAL BIRD whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor. 
A fenghuang is often considered to signify BOTH male and female elements, such as in a yin-yang harmony. To fully go into detail, its name is a COMBINATION of the words FENG representing the MALE aspect and HUANG the FEMALE.
The fenghuang appears to be a symbol of Confucian values, wearing the characters meaning VIRTUE, DUTY, RITUAL, COMPASSION and TRUST on various parts of its body. 
When it comes to the history of the Han Dynasty, the phoenixes remained separated   one a male and the other a female. Later, during the Yuan dynasty the two terms were merged to become fenghuang. if you take a look at various time pieces & including some cdrama’s, the  fenghuang was often associated with  the empress when paired with a DRAGON representing the emperor. 
In ancient and modern Chinese culture, both the dragon and the phoenix can often be found in the decorations for weddings or royalty. The reasoning behind this is because the Chinese culture considered the dragon  & phoenix design symbolic of blissful relations between husband and wife.
Tumblr media
❝ Do you know why the phoenix sits on the right-hand of the Emperor? SHE is his guardian. His protector. She is both BEAUTIFUL and STRONG. ❞ - Mulan 2020
as we have seen, in the upcoming 2020 film, there is no dragon included, aka mushu ( who don’t get me wrong, i love to bits & pieces but if i were to be honest im kinda glad for ). why you may ask?  I am going to point up above to my reasoning. MULAN IS A PROTECTOR. she protects her family, her people & her country. she risks her life to save her father & brings honor to her family in a way that many other woman dared not to do during her time. 
to go to the army, as a woman, is punishable by death. but not only does she go to war, but she becomes a WAR HERO & eventual general in the army. if you look at her legends, yes she commits suicide because she doesn’t want to be forced to become a concubine ( a fact i will be leaving out of my version ). but for 12 years she served & protected. for 12 years, she stayed away from her home & fought in wars & WON. 
so how does she represent the phoenix? well even in the quote above, you can see her characteristics within it. she is the right hand to the emperor, even if its not physically yet, she does eventually become it. she gets ACCEPTED despite the fact that she is a woman. she fights in wars, and has trust put into her because she EARNED her place their. she is also a PROTECTOR not just for herself, but to all of those around her. 
if she comes to value you as a friend/lover/family member, you can be DAMN WELL SURE, she will do everything within her power to protect you from harm --- - even if that means she gets hurt. also, in many of my verses, she will sometimes serve as a guardian figure to diplomatic figures, thus fulfilling her role in that area as well. 
as we know from both cdrama’s & history, all phoenix’s have some sort of power that emulates from within. i am going to make some exceptions for this, depending on who i rp with, BUT MULAN does eventually developed these powers ( again verse dependent ).
to begin with, she does not know she has them. most of the time, it is a spiritual thing & gives her the inspiration to move faster, creative thinking & guides her within battles. anyone who has powers, might be able to sense this within her, but the power is extremely faint until she is in danger. 
There is also the immortality aspect. The Phoenix represents rebirth & considering that has something to do with life & death, depending on who Mulan  RP’s with, she might eventually be able to bring back the dead, if they have passed recently. This will tire her & cause her to pass out due to the extreme energy loss.
in some verses however, if she should lets say die, like most phoenix history, she will come back to life, but with a price. sometimes its a memory loss. sometimes it takes time for the rebirth to happen. she is also able to manipulate FIRE --- - again something she is not aware of, due to the fact it happens so rarely. 
SIDE NOTE: more information will be placed within the verses itself. for those who read the entire thing, go get yourself a cookie, because i appreciate you. 
Tumblr media
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nerdsagainstfandomracism · 10 months ago
(Bona fides: Chinese-American woman, queer, in my 30s, grew up evangelical Christian.) You've been frequently reblogging diversehighfantasy regarding AO3 recently. I unfollowed them a while ago b/c I was unhappy with their constantly slipping purity culture rhetoric into their anti-racist posts. What are your views on purity culture? Esp. regarding fans of color who've been harmed by both racism *and* religious/cultural purity policing? Asking honestly, not accusingly.
Hello! Mod P. is here. Well, this is a bit awkward, because Holly (DHF) is one of our mods here. Mod Finn, the founder of this blog invited both of us when she started the blog, but now that most of the other mods have left us (because of RL reasons, and lack of time), I’m the most active one here, and Holly is one of our silent mods. So, make of that what you will.
As for your question about purity culture / religious policing.
I’m an Asian woman (Kalmyk) in my mid 30s, disabled. I’m a Buddhist, not really religious – as in I follow some religious traditions that my family part takes, but mostly I’m rather illiterate regarding the whole Buddhist theology stuff (I’m more acquainted with the Christian mythology and theology in theory, for example, because it’s integral part of the Western culture). I grew up in a secular society, so I really can’t speak of the experiences of the people of color that grew up in a strict religious environment. Personally for me, in general, purity culture in a religious sense is an alien subject and I’m definitely against the idea of forcing it on others.
If we’re talking about purity culture in fandom spaces, we’ll have to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, because the white fandom / pro ship people usually mix everything into one pile, often with the intention to gaslight and shut the discussions about racism, and antiblackness specifically. Even on the fanlore page of “purity culture” description they pile up racism / homophobia etc.
I don’t know how you define the term “purity culture”, as for myself, I usually stay away from the discours, but as far as incest / pedophilia kinks, for example, it’s actively not my thing. Like, when I was in the TWD fandom, I blocked people who shipped Carl/Daryl or Carl/Negan on sight. Things like Winc*st or J2 is not my thing, but also ships like Winc*st or RPFs J2 don’t bother me personally, as long as they stay in their line (also, I don’t bother going to white fandoms like SPN), and don’t overlap into the racism / homophobia etc. sphere. I don’t care about RP shippers, as long as they stay in their corner, and don’t harass real people like wives or actors / etc. they deem as a “threat” to their fantasy ship.
That being said, we have to talk about nuances and context. For example, in the Shadowhunters fandom the people who shipped J*lec would present things as if they were being harassed by the “purity culture people”, who called their ship “incestuous” (because J@ce and Alec were raised together). I never used that angle in my criticism of the ship, I always criticized it for its racism and racialized homophobia, because all J*lec shippers are/were actively racist and anti-Asian towards Magnus, used very racist and orientalist rhetoric to discredit Malec and Harry Shum Jr. (the actor who portrayed Magnus). In short, whether J@lec is an incest or not, isn’t my concern, but the fact that it IS an inherently racist and a homophobic ship, that actively erases the canon narrative of a bisexual Asian character, does concern me.
Another example is Michael/Eleanor ship from TGP, from what I’ve seen, the ship is often criticized by the non Black / white fans because of the age gap between the actors or because of the father/daughter dynamics between the two. For my part, I couldn’t care less about either. What I do care about is the fact that most Michael/Eleanor shippers happen to be people who almost never ship characters of color or IR ships. I do care about the fact that this white crack ship actively erases the canon narrative of the Black male character.
I don’t support attacking the authors who write explicit sex scenes. But I do understand the criticism of MLM fetishzation coming from gay men in fandom. And I do understand criticism when fandom tries to discredit IR ships of ships of color in media and write them off as “bad lgbt rep” because these ships don’t have explicit sex scenes on screen, like their favorite white MLMs.
I do understand and support the criticism of the “slave fics” coming from Black fans.
And yes, I do believe that there needs to be some anti racist policy on AO3, that prevents fans of color, and Black fans specifically, from seeing racist fanworks in the threads of characters of color. I don’t want to see J@lec fics in Magnus Bane thread, where Magnus is an abusive asshole and Alec is saved by his “true love” Jace. I don’t want to see fics in Glenn Rhee thread, where Maggie cheats on Glenn with Daryl, while oblivious Glenn is right in the next room. I don’t ever want to see fics in Sam Wilson’s thread, where he is a slave owner and rapes and abuses the white MCU characters, or anything like that horrid that Finnpoe Jim Crow fic.
I don’t believe in “ship and let ship” idea, because racist shippers never stay in their lane, they’re always in the tags of characters of color / ships of color with their gaslighting and coded racist hate. I do believe that Franzeska’s infamous meta is a big pile of racist BS.
That being said, I’ve known Holly (DHF) for almost ten years now and I’ve never seen her being pro purity culture in any way.
(P.S. Idk what’s with this glitch and why this ask looks like this.)
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flowcrsoul · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
@mythmoor​ asked   :    👑 Yanluo Wang >:^)   -   SEND ME 👑 + A CHARACTER NAME OF A CHARACTER YOU THINK I SHOULD WRITE !
WOULD I: YES / MAYBE / NO (probs nah, religions are weird man)
Tumblr media
Technically it was “No” to both previous questions BUT I would like to take a moment to say that I’m the FC Queen Young and Sweet and if anyone ever wants to steal my FC ideas, my thoughts were Zhang Zhen, as styled in Red Cliff as Sun Quan would be a good aesthetic.
And then I would like to take a second moment to address why I am personally uncomfortable rp-ing a figure from Real Chinese Mythos. Obvi, everyone else, you do you, these are just personal scruples, and here goes. Mun is of the Buddhist/Taoist mix religion that’s been pretty widespread over Asia for a lot of history, and while not heavily religious and religion doesn’t factor greatly into my life (i.e. I don’t necessarily practice), I believe in these gods, or at least I would like to err on the side of believing in them. While China and other countries in Asia tend to blur this line themselves in their media, mythos is still undeniably a religious aspect of culture, and there are practices where before someone embarks on a fictionalization of a deity, they will offer prayers and offerings, etc. to make sure they’re okay and they’re not offending those gods. 
I’m ok with playing fictionalized portrayals of these mythos figures based in other established media (my three lives three worlds muses’ portrayals are strictly based in their canon, yes, with some mythological influence, but mostly their canon), but playing them only based off their role in mythology feels like, to me at least, the equivalent of saying “I’m going to be playing Jesus, from the Bible,” and just sounds a And makes me think I might get smote by lightning. Hence why I’m not Exactly Comfortable Doing it. Obviously, you’re all allowed to do whatever you want and I love you all for it, this is just my 2 cents on why I won’t be playing any actual mythological muses on this blog.  
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thedrowsydoormouse · a year ago
If you could make any household pet enormous what would it be? My dog is already pretty big (he sat on my throat the other day and I almost blacked out).
Favourite mythology/fairy tale etc? I don’t know if this really counts but I really love hearing ghost stories from the Disney parks. I love the contrast between the super clean, family friendly, safe image Disney prides themselves on in the parks versus the darker underbelly of the hauntings showing the not so safe and family friendly side.
If you could design a planet what colours would you choose? Every color of the rainbow, made metallic/sparkly, with a black background so they really pop.
Sentient plants or sentient machines? Machines. I’m basically vegetarian so sentient plants would be a nightmare.
Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks? Disney who also owns Pixar so I guess both of those!
Ice cream or soup? It depends on the weather and what I feel like having because I love both.
If you could live in any TV show/film/book which would you choose? Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist because I would love to know what songs are playing in my head so I can make a playlist.
Futuristic or steampunk? Steampunk. Give me corsets and top hats and all that crazy shit any day!
Space travel or time travel? Time travel because eventually, if you travel far enough into the future, you wind up in space anyway.
Superhero or sidekick? Hero. I hate being told what to do.
Favourite guilty pleasure? I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you like something just own up to it and own your truth instead of feeling like it has to be at all shameful.
Best comfort food? I live in Southern California and grew up eating a lot of asian food so my comfort foods have become Chinese takeout, sushi, thai food, and stuff like that.
Least favourite school subject? Biology. My teacher was the worst and it was so boring.
Weird quirks/actions you’ve noticed you do since rp? I don’t rp nearly often enough to have developed any quirks.
Favourite scene from any book/show and why? I have way too many but in the most recent episode of Zoey’s her powers were glitching and she was singing all her inner most thoughts out loud and that entire episode was fucking brilliant!
If you could come back as an undead being which would you choose? Vampire. I’m already basically nocturnal, I’m inhumanly pale, and I can totally get behind the aesthetic.
Rp scene that was the most difficult to film. See previous rp question.
Oddest things you’ve used to make a costume or film stand? When I was in college I had to make a ball gag out of a couple headbands and a dog toy for a student film I worked on. It was a very fun, interesting Halloween.
Favourite type of chocolate? Milk chocolate.
Do you think you’re best known for fluff, angst or crack? I haven’t actually published any of my writing yet but a lot of it is very angst-y.
Favourite hot drink? Tea. I could drink nothing but hot tea all year because there’s so many variations and flavors to suit my moods.
Outfit aesthetic you aspire for? “Is she a witch, a vampire, or a rock star. Or maybe she’s a pirate. I honestly can’t tell but I wish I was her because she is fabulous.”
Sun, moon or stars? Moon AND stars.
If you could master any five languages which would you choose? French, Irish, German, Spanish, and Italian.
Favourite place? It depends. My favorite place here in California is New Orleans Square in Disneyland. But my two favorite places to travel to are New York and New Orleans.
Something that’s bothering you at the moment? I can’t tell if I’m bored or hungry.
Favourite headcanon? Jimmy Palmer (NCIS) is openly bi but completely forgot to come out at work which is why it’s never mentioned or talked about.
Plot of a story/show you wish had been completed? I wish we had actually seen the Tiva reunion in Paris instead of just hearing about it second hand through the notes Senior had Jimmy deliver.
Favourite trope? Sexual tension you could cut with a knife.
Favourite flavour of crisps/chips? Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators.
Sweet or sour? Both
Spicy or savoury? Both again.
What would be the theme tune to your life? Monster by dodie
Favourite breakfast food? I hate breakfast.
If you could live in any historical era which would you choose? Sometime between the late 60′s (Vietnam Conflict era) and the 80′s when punk and goth were just starting out and counterculture was becoming more of a thing.
Premise of memorable childhood TV shows? I grew up watching a lot of Food Network more than actual kids tv and my favorite show was about how various sack foods are made.
If you could be any shape what shape would you be? I’m already pretty close to an hourglass shape.
If you could switch lives with any character who would it be? Breena Palmer from NCIS. I want a husband who loves me and our kid as much as Jimmy does and it would be kind of awesome to work as a mortician!
If you could switch the limb of one animal with another (e.g a spider leg to a fish tail) what would you choose? I would swap out my dog’s paws with cat paws because his nails hurt like a mother fucker when he steps on me.
If you could create a country what would you name it? Addamsland.
Do you make ny resolutions? Never have, never will.
Season you’re most looking forward to? Fall. I’m ready for Halloween.
Fish scales or reptile scales? Fish. They tend to be more metallic or holographic!
Paper or parchment? Paper because I’m not pretentious.
Paperback or ebook? Paperback. 
Warm tones or cool tones? I am painfully cool toned.
Creative subjects or analytical subjects? Subjects that require creative analysis.
Fog or snow? Fog. Give me those horror movie vibes!
Make up a premise for a TV show you’d want to see. Everyday life of a Chosen One post revolution in the style of B99 or Parks and Rec.
Any unpopular headcanons? Sam never actually got his soul back, he just got better at hiding it.
Favourite story genre? Urban fantasy. Give me magic in a big city like modern day New York and show how it seamlessly weaves into everyday life.
Trope that is most overrated in your opinion? Enemies to lovers but only if it’s done wrong like with (this is gunna piss off a lot of people) Reylo. Don’t have a girl fall in love with her abuser. If it’s done right in a way that doesn’t promote domestic abuse then I’m fine with it and sometimes even enjoy it. But it’s done wrong too often for me to ignore.
City lights or candle light? City lights. I want to bathe in neon.
Which element do you think best represents you. Fire. I can be really useful and helpful but I can very easily get out of control and destroy everything.
Opinions on valentine’s? Fucking hate it.
If you could feasibly live on one other planet, which would you choose?
Wood or marble? Wood. Marble, to me, is a little too Kardashian. I’d rather see an ornately carved wooden entrance way than one with giant marble staircases and marble pillars and the walls painted to match the marble.
Are you a spontaneous planner or an in advance planner? I like to have some idea of what I’m getting myself into but I also enjoy being able to go with the flow the day of and seeing where my moods take me.
Did you have any weird beliefs as a kid? The mirror in my bedroom was a portal to a different universe.
Any famous historical figures you think don’t deserve it? 90% of the famous white men. Like fuck Elvis and fuck the Beatles.
If you could be any plant which would you be? Mistletoe because of my red hair and my love of poison!
Any weird facts? Teeth are actually closer to calcified skin than bone.
Did you have a treehouse as a kid? No.
Rabbits or ferrets? Rabbits.
If you could switch lives with someone you know for a day, who would you choose? My dog. He does basically the same shit I do all day but he doesn’t know what’s going on so he never stresses about anything.
Opinions on nicknames? Some are fine. It depends on who gave it to you and their reason behind it. 
If you could become instantly skilled in one new skill, what would you choose? Fixing computers.
Ink wells or biros? normal pens.
If you had to switch one: fish in the sky or birds in the sea, which would you switch? Birds in the sea. 
Cheesecake or sponge cake? Both.
Weirdest deja vu moment? Last night watching TOWIE and talking with my mom.
Field of wildflowers or a forest? Forest. Weird shit happens in forests.
Nymph or merperson? Nymph.
Funniest story behind an inside joke? My freshman year of high school I was in the fall play and during my costume fitting they had me try on a dress that fit me like a second skin. The problem was they put it on me backwards so I had to rush to get it back on the right way. At the same time, one of the guys in the cast was trying to get into the wardrobe room and was pounding on the door telling us to hurry up which led to my friend, who was helping me with the dress, yelling at me to suck in my boobs (which were shockingly big for my 90 lb., 14 year old self) while twisting the dress around and another friend stopping the guy from opening the door. The whole thing gave off very B99 cold open vibes and it was great! Every time my friend saw me after that she’d yell “suck in your boobs” and we’d both die laughing, much to everyone else’s confusion!
If you could, would you choose to erase any of your memories permanently? I would erase all my memories from 9/11. Hopefully that makes me not as depressed and anxious.
@anangelamuse-castiel-spnfam I don’t know how I finished mine first because that never happens but now it’s your turn!
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hnlijiug · a year ago
Please repost, don’t reblog.
Tumblr media
Nickname: Castiel! Star Zodiac sign: capricorn. Height: 163cm last time i checked. it should be 5′3ft! Favourite music artist: i don’t think i have a favourite anymore. i listen to pretty much anything, and almost everything made by youtubers because i feel much more passion from them than from the ones that go on the radio.......... between the ones i listen to more, there are man on the internet, jonathan young and caleb heyes. Last TV show you watched: i’m pretty sure it was supernatural season 5, some days ago. which i should also coNTINUE AGH- What kind of stuff do you post: roleplay and art! i very rarely post about my life, it’s nothing interesting and i prefer to keep it quite private. Do you have any other blogs: OH YEP, a main blog (that i barely use), an art blog, some blogs for my comics, other roleplay blogs, and a rp prompts and musings blog with my gf. <3 ... plus others, i believe. Why did you choose your URL?: because the huli jing, the chinese mythological fox, has been a strong inspiration when mianfei first came to my mind! he’s very based around its mythos, and so what better url? :3c Hogwarts House: i... think i was hufflepuff? i’m really not into harry potter so i’m never sure i remember correctly, i made the test i belieeeve in a game? Pokemon team: GRABBY HANDS so. a pangoro would surely be there because they’re my CHILDREN, rest assured there would be a primarina and a gumshoos too. maybe a raichu, very likely a decidueye and DEFINITELY an alolan marowak. give me my freaking CHILD. Favourite colour: sapphire blue. <3 How many blankets do you sleep with: one, very heavy during winter and very light during summer! Following: 94 wonderful people~ Followers:  78 just as wonderful people!!
Tagged by: stolen from @streetsteel​ with my gremlin hands. >:3c Tagging: perpetuate crime..... you have my bLESSING. it counts, i’m a cleric player in d&d.
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mythoskrp · a year ago
How do the faceclaims work in terms of their mythology? Like for example could I use a Korean or Thai fc for a Chinese myth or a Japanese or Chinese for a western one? Also, how do the siblings work if their fcs aren't the same nationality?
For muses who are descendants of an Asian fable/myth ( Mulan being the best example ), we ask that the FC follow the story’s nationality! If you would like to have a FC that is not of the story’s nationality, the best route we recommend is having that child be adopted. 
And before anyone gets upset- we would like to explain why a Western fable does not require a Western FC. This RP is only currently accepting Asian FC for the sake of krp, so when you pick an Asian fable, it seems fair to ask that you acknowledge and try your best to follow the fable’s nationality. 
For siblings, if their FC are not the same nationality and it is an Asian fable then one would most likely be adopted. If it is a Western fable then it doesn’t matter. 
Hopefully, this answers your question! If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 
- a.m (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。
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gggno · a year ago
Tumblr media
NAME: n/a NICKNAME:   jan, naj ( you can just ‘ hey ’ me tbh ) FACECLAIM:  if i get to pick im dimple from mp100 PRONOUNS:  she/her, they/them HEIGHT:  5′0 BIRTHDAY:   27 jan ( issoon ) AESTHETIC:   neon and pastel colour blocks LAST  SONG  YOU  LISTENED  TO:  GONG - 等我撒完野就陪妳走 FAVOURITE  MUSE(S)  YOU’VE  WRITTEN:  brett talbot ( since i was most consistently active on him but i’m always *explosive heart emojis* about my muses )
WHAT  INSPIRED  YOU  TO  TAKE  ON  THIS  MUSE: i wanted to try rp on tungle again and had too many muses i wanted to write, so i finally made a multi-muse. now i can shout about my ocs on here TOO!!!
WHAT  ARE  YOUR  FAVOURITE  ASPECTS  OF  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE:  i love daozi bc i love women and i love chinese things i love how i get to write about MY culture and muse about those mythologies and all that. i love how i start making more ocs by developing her story. i love how she still wants to bring justice to wukong’s case even when wukong himself has given up. i love how she loves so freely and courageously.
WHAT’S  YOUR  BIGGEST  INSPIRATION  WHEN  IT  COMES  TO  WRITING:  songs help me muse a lot. i pick out character songs that help me grasp at visuals and moods and sometimes even arcs. yico tseng is my FAVOURITE artist i listen to her nonstop GONG is also a fave there’s also farer anyways just wanted to talk about them.
FAVOURITE  TYPES  OF  THREADS:  where two muses get to learn about each other through interaction. i love when muses react to situations, and the other pays attention and observes, picking up hints of who each other is as a person. what’s important to them? how do they act? why so? attention is the first step to love, and i LOVE it. when i talk about this i’m thinking about @shaltsteal​ bc papi knows my weakness too well... in her words ‘ learn each other’s love language ’ i’m LAME and SAPPY like that
BIGGEST  STRUGGLE  IN  REGARDS  TO  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE:  my biggest struggle lies in my project s muses bc i don’t reach out enough and that’s on ME LMAO
tagged by: @jiangswanyin tagging:  @shaltsteal, @furieas​, @iramdie​, @scavengered​, @arborvitas​ you guys don’t gotta i just love you all
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