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#chilling adventures of sabrina
questionyourself · 29 minutes ago
TV series review | episode 2 | Chilling adventures of Sabrina (Netflix Original)
A world of witches and ghosts? A world where hell as an entrance in a mine? A world where everything is possible and demons reach for your souls? YES! That sounds wonderful!
I have been waiting for a dark series for so long that I felt a little weird because I found nothing respectable, that fittet my expectations.
But then I saw the first season of Chilling adventures of Sabrina and I knew I found one of these forever series. As I saw who played one of Sabrinas aunts I was freaking out. She played one of the greatest characters in the lord of the rings and she is awesome!
The actors, the backround! Everything was just fine even the camera sequences that where shadowed were perfect because they gave the possibility to feel the emotion of the scene.
Even when the story struggles a little during the season, it never gets bad. We meet witches, see how people die and we visit the hell in a wizard of Oz style which is really nice. Everybody who was ever interested in witchy stuff is happy with this work because of the used names of serveral characters. I also love how aunty Zelda says "Praise satan".
The best thing beside the story is the backround of each scene! I don't know who worked for it but they oviously made their job and I have never seen any furniture and art that was more suitable for these scenes.
We were used to a talking salem but this salem is cute and he is the first real cat a Sabrina ever had on television and I appreciated his appearance. But the best thing is the end...
In the most stories the main character outlives everything but not in this one. Sabrina dies in the end and I have never been happier about a death in a series. Nothing more could have happened. She was not made to stay on the surface of this earth and it was her time to die forever. Even when it was a decision of Netflix because too less people had watched it, it's the perfect end of a perfect story.
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theallforonehq · 3 hours ago
Is that (Lux Cassidy)? They sure look an awful lot like (Britt Robertson). They are (19) years old and prefer to be referred to as (she/her). Their magical abilities are (Dream Walking, Telekinesis, Telepathy) and they are from (Charmed Original Character). Mun: Nance, she/her, gmt, 21+.
Welcome to Sunset State Lux Cassidy! Now that you’ve checked in with security, everything seems squared away here! Please use this link to join our discord.
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theallforonehq · 3 hours ago
Is that (Dean Winchester)? They sure look an awful lot like (Jensen Ackles). They are (40) years old and prefer to be referred to as (he/him). Their magical abilities are (N/A) and they are from (Supernatural). Mun: Nance, she/her, gmt, 21+.
Welcome to Sunset State Dean Winchester! Now that you’ve checked in with security, everything seems squared away here! Please use this link to join our discord.
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caosarchive · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Who: Rosalind Walker
When: Season 4 Episode 7 (The Endless)
What: Urban Outfitters Ribbed Knit V-Neck Shirt - $20.00
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caosarchive · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Where: Spellman Home (Sabrina's Room)
When: Season 4 Episode 7 (The Endless)
What: Meyda Tiffany Pond Lily Table Lamp - $197.00
*NOTE: These are similar. I wasn't able to find exact ones, but these are pretty close. I think these could be two different different lamps that they put together, but I'm not sure. If you're interested in purchasing this similar product, click the link above!*
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gulaabee · 13 hours ago
I can't stop thinking how in my last poem I referred to Krishna as Dark Lord but at the same time I'm finishing Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I can't take off my head this crossover between Vishnu and Lucifer.
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statticscribbles · 13 hours ago
Home Pt 10
Summary: Home Pt 10, Theo Putnam/Kurtz, Pop’s retirement brings about familiar faces, this marks the end of home!
Theo can’t believe it’s been seven years since he’d graduated. It was only six since he’d left Riverdale but he feels that’s unimportant compared to the graduation when everyone had passed and finally it felt like nothing bad would happen.
Of course that wasn’t true for him, Kurtz while he’d been content to stay in Riverdale for a year had pitched a fit about going back to Greendale, sadi he wanted nothing to do with a town bathed in blood magic or the literal devil wandering around, that he’d had enough of that with the Gargoyle King and while Theo had agreed he never wanted to admit it to Kurtz as he knew he’d gloat.
Kurtz surprisingly offers him an apartment that Theo didn’t know he had, much like the house they’d been staying at. Kurtz doesn’t say where exactly it is so when they drive out to a suburb of New York Theo’s shocked, more so to find most of his stuff has already been moved in.
”I have a headache.” Kurtz groans and Theo looks up from the TV he’d been flicking back and forth from.
“Well maybe stop grading papers?”
“No these idiots keep missing equations. I’d never..” Kurtz shoves the stack of papers away and Theo laughs.
“You also dealt drugs for years.”
“Yeah so I know my fucking chemistry, kids these days, decent human beings and drug free.”
“Mhmm that’s the reason you’re still grading their papers and not packing for Pop‘s retirement party trip.”
“I can packing like three minutes.”
“Can you?”
“Yes, we’re only going for two whole days and I just need my nice shirt and then some casual clothes.”
“Kurtz is this a knife?”
“Pocket knife, but yes.”
“It’s Riverdale Theo, I’m not risking anything.”
Kurtz is asleep in the passenger seat when they pull into Riverdale, Theo’s not sure if they have anywhere to stay, he hadn’t asked when Kurtz had assured him they had a place, but he realizes that he’ll have to wake him up, despite having only changed driving shifts an hour ago.
“Babe, where are we staying?”
“Our place, you still remember how to get there?”
“You still own that house?”
“Yeah? Why would you think I didn’t”
“You work as a teacher there’s no way you make enough to- Oh my god please tell me you’re not fucking taking a leaf from breaking bad.”
“Pff, no, there’s no way I’d make fucking crack with my school chemistry set, that’d get me in so much shit.”
”So you’re the new Chemistry teacher then Theo.” Betty grins her hand extended for him to shake.
“Oh, uh no, Kurtz is.” Betty’s smile falters for a second.
“Well at least with me being the shop teacher I don’t have to deal with him, since we’re on opposite ends of the school.”
“Oh? So who’s close to him?”
“Jughead, since he’s english, wait no, Veronica is closest, she’s two doors down.”
“Veronica’s a teacher?”
“Mhmm, Economics.”
“Why the hell is she, ah, Archie right?”
“Well yes, but, you really don’t know what’s going on here?” Betty frowns and Theo nods, Kurtz comes up behind him to nod as well.
“Hiram’s been running any chance at business into the ground, any chance at escaping too, so we’ve all had to take up teaching, or just hide in our houses, Archie had to kick a bunch of ghouls out of his house where they'd set up shop making drugs.”
“Mhm, really, I told those fucks too, anyways.” Kurtz laughs a little.
“It was a joke guys, I don’t deal with gangs anymore.” Kurtz holds his hands up.
“You don’t? Jesus, you’ve really let yourself go.” Lance is leaning against the door.
“What the fuck do you want.”
“Nothing christ just here to pick up my nephew.”
“Oh thank fuck I was gonna scream if you said kid.”
“Pff like I’d have kids, you on the other hand, I expected at least two somewhere, you hiding them in your car or some shit?”
“We haven’t talked about that.” Kurtz shrugs to Theo who nods back trying not to glare at Lance.
“Well y’all have fun teaching how to bury bodies and shit.”
“I teach Chemistry.”
“Oh good, you can actually teach my nephew the family business.” Lance laughs and Kurtz sighs.
“So, Pop’s party tonight?”
“Yeah, I know don’t worry we can go spend the next four hours getting ready.”
Theo’s laughing with Betty and Kurtz is at least a little relieved that Jughead and Toni are welcoming both of them to the section where the Serpents are all hanging out.
“Seems like everything is going well for once, I mean besides your dad trying to run the entire town into the ground.” Theo offers Veronica and she nods grimacing.
“Well it’s Riverdale there’s going to be something to ruin this.”
“At least we’re prepared for it this time.” Archie nods towards the group that are all standing around the cake, Kurtz flicking his pocket knife open to cut the cake, he looks up smirking at the Theo and Theo knows he’s going to get some comment about Kurtz having brought the knife. While they’re not sure what’s going to come next, Theo knows that there’s no one he’d rather be with to face it.
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rainbowxfmuses · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sabrina sat on her bed, moving her bottom lip forward in a pout,and letting out a huge wave of air. With everything that usually happened in her world, it was strange that she was bored, but here she was.
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sorrows-rp-blog · a day ago
Hey! Looking for someone to do a CAOS rp:)
I usually play:
But I’m open to playing anyone! Please be 17+
Leave a like and I’ll pm u
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Tumblr media
Sabrina Spellman & Salem 🥀🦇 
Not my piece of art guys, but I had to share this masterpiece with you all Sabrina lovers.
Credits to @itsvintageluv
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itsmaggz1 · a day ago
I'm back at it again 😊 some Jealous!Lilith sulking because reader asked for Zelda's advice instead of hers: "You're always so busy I didn't want to bother you." TY❣️
Tumblr media
Private lessons
Lilith was not used to be turned down. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she had been. She was the queen of Hell and yet, she found herself sulking in the middle of Mary Wardwell’s cottage.
“You’re always so busy, I didn’t want to bother you.”
Lilith rolled her eyes, trying to hide the jealously behind them, but you weren’t fooled. Of course, it would have been easier to just ask her what to do. But she was always so busy with everything going on in Hell and you could tell how exhausted she was.
You had taken upon yourself to develop your magic. It made sense, since you were dating the most powerful demoness in history, and also because you didn’t want to let her down. You were just… a normal witch and you didn’t want her to think you weren’t putting efforts into this. Of course, you had asked Zelda to help you with it, choosing Lilith’s High Priestess as the most obvious choice. And now, your girlfriend had just found out that you had gone to the witch instead of asking for her help.
“I’m not too busy for you,” She grinned through her teeth, and you bit your bottom lip to keep yourself from smiling.
“I mean, you had other things to do and I understand that,” You replied, taking her hand in your own and intertwining your fingers with hers. “It doesn’t mean I trust you any less.”
Lilith looked at your joined hands and sighed.
“Did you at least learned something?” She asked you, raising her dazzling blue eyes to meet yours. You smiled at her and pulled a brown curl behind her ear.
“Yes and no. We only started at the beginning of the week and I can’t even make it work,” You grinned, annoyance washing over you at the thought of being unable to show Lilith you weren’t weak. You shook your head, trying to forget you weren’t good enough.
“What are you working on?” She wondered, pulling you down on the couch with her, sitting so close that you were almost on her lap.
“Levitating objects,” You snorted, not believing you were actually admitting her you couldn’t do one of the simplest spells. You glanced down at your lap, cheeks red from embarrassment. Lilith stayed quiet while pulling her hand away from yours, your shoulder slumping in defeat.
“Show me,” She requested while standing up, leaving you no choice but to follow her lead. You closed your eyes and raised your hand toward the wine glass resting on the table. You tried to visualize the glass floating in the air, only to open them and find it at the very same place than before. You breathe out in exasperation.
“Your posture is off,” She stated, as your eyes met hers, her gaze soft, making you feel at home. “Here, try like this.”
She placed herself behind you, making you blush when her hands reached for your shoulders and pulled them back, making you seem taller. She reached for your arm and raised it a little bit higher than it had been the first time. “Now, try again.”
You tried to focus on the spell, tried to forget about her scent and the way her hair were brushing on your shoulder. It took you a moment to realize that she was doing it on purpose, to distract you from the uneasy feeling you were having about admitting you couldn’t levitate objects. You were just dropping your hand, about to thank her for making you feel like it was alright when the glass suddenly crashed against the wall, just above the fireplace.
“Well, that’s already progress. Maybe try to not break it next time,” She said, tone laced with a lightness she only reserved to tease you.
“Thank you,” You whispered as you turned around to face her. “For understanding.”
“It’s already more progress than you did with Zelda,” She grinned, pulling you close and resting her hands on your hips in a possessive manner.
You sighed and glared at her before shaking your head, deciding to tease her back. “You seem oddly proud of yourself for making me lose control. Maybe I’ll just keep asking Zelda for help instead.” You smirked before pulling away, walking toward the kitchen to pick a broom and clean the pieces of glass spread across the floor. Lilith stood behind you, leaning against the couch.
“But I’m more fun,” She started arguing. “Imagine how many people would kill to get magic lessons from me,” She continued, following you as you came back in the living room and kneeled on the floor to start cleaning.
“And I would only hope you wouldn’t distract them that way,” You replied, not bothering to look up from your task. You tried to keep yourself from giggling at the whole situation, your heart filled with nothing but love for the woman always accepting you the way you were.
“Of course not,” She moved on your side and the glass disappeared in seconds with a movement of her hand.
“Couldn’t you have done that sooner?” You raised your eyebrows at her as you got yourself back up, placing your right hand on your hip.
“Yes. But I wouldn’t have enjoyed the view if I did,” She said sweetly, cupping your face with her hand before pecking your lips.  “Because I certainly know Zelda wouldn’t have helped you clean ,” She started again, before winking at you, letting you know she would teach you any spell you’d want to learn.
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dudesinboxers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ross Lynch boxers appreciation post Part 2
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