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m-e-w-6669 minutes ago
listening to tswift's seven and thinking of childhood friends (but one of them moved) jmart... self-sabotage
i looked up the song and listened to it with lyrics and everything
so you鈥檙e really going to come into my inbox and make me cry at 2 am huh
i love it and you鈥檙e absolutely right, it is self sabotage ahshshsh,, now i鈥檓 thinking about a different dimension jm where they knew eachother since they were kids then got separated until the entities got spread to their dimension and supernal circumstances brought them back together again i need a fic like that h
what i mean is, thank you for sending me a song that鈥檒l make me think of childhood friends jm for the next 7 days
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itzrayla-films20 minutes ago
I do not trust Claire and Noel with a shopping cart because you鈥檇 just a 2 blurs of pink and blue聽(or 2 shades of blue depending on when) speed by in the halls or even worse, down the stairs or a hill.
Duos I would not trust with shopping carts Noel & Claire Ashe & Richard Ashe & Claire
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wheeein26 minutes ago
Do people ship Inej/Alina? Cause I sure do now :)))
Inej/Kaz also have rights tho. That man is doing some truly impressive pining.
God these people are babies in the books. I only watched the show so I鈥檓 calling those ages fake, they are in fact all between 25 and 27.
Also Nina what are you doing with that聽鈥業 could fix him鈥 man? Pls go and find your future wife. (Yes, I checked who everyone ends up with, with Nina being a special interest since she is very attractive and could not possibly be straight. Happy to report I was right.)
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aquillis-main28 minutes ago
Me: I want to work on all my projects --
My Mind, being a b: Let鈥檚 do some smut first.
Me: H-huh?
My Mind: You heard what I said, moron.
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yukio--art28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Anyone who knows me well knows that "Digimon" is certainly the most important cartoon of my childhood.
Even now, if I listen to one of the openings or one of the main music I feel happy.
As a child I dreamed of finding a digivice and having a lot of adventures with my digimon companion.
T.K. and Patamon were definitely my favorites.
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arcticwolf1536 minutes ago
So when I was little I was in a grocery store with my grandma, I wandered off and my grandma had found me talking to this random guy who apparently had tattoos all over his body, basically everywhere, (I don鈥檛 remember what he looked like) and when my grandmother apologized to them, he looked at her and told her, 鈥淵ou know a lot of kids are scared to talk to me because of my tattoos, but your daughter isn鈥檛 even scared of me at all, she鈥檚 talking to me like it鈥檚 nothing.鈥
Apparently I was having a normal conversation with him not caring about how he looked, wish I could still have the confidence to speak to people like that (I don鈥檛 care about how one looks, I just get nervous and have trouble talking to them)
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escapismdragonan hour ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 6 of Childhood scars
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chicago-genizaan hour ago
my family never put pressure on me about grades & never measured my worth by any kind of performance, nor were they prudish about sexual mores or bodily functions, all of that is 100% homegrown from my own brain for absolutely no reason, & has been a prominent feature of my personality since preschool at least, perplexing my teachers & caregivers at every turn precisely *because* it was so at odds with my relatively chill upbringing :)
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applygenderonchildan hour ago
there鈥檚 hot pink sausages on the counter I used to love these so much when I was a toddler
Tumblr media
just look at them they鈥檙e so frikin bright and I don鈥檛 even know why
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misspr0npieartzan hour ago
Tumblr media
Sweet Dreams馃寵馃尃
聽鈥淐ause if I wanted to go,
I would've gone by now but
I really need you near me,
to keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave,
I would've left by now
But you're the only one that knows me,
better than I know myself.鈥
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maglaokonasan hour ago
literally i feel so lost rn what do i even do, this feels like such a non-event and not at all like the end of my academic career
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slightcutiean hour ago
well now that I鈥檓 hooked on Gilmore girls time to watch the entire show and pretend this is how my relationship with my mother is
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yours-sincerelyy2 hours ago
鈥 丕賱乇丕卮丿賵賳 賷丨亘賵賳 丕賱丕乇賯丕賲 賵 丨賷賳 鬲丨丿孬賴賲 毓賳 氐丿賷賯 噩丿賷丿貙 賮賴賲 賱丕 賷爻兀賱賵賳賰 賯胤賾 毓賳 丕賱兀賲賵乇 丕賱噩賵賴乇賷賾丞. 賱丕 賷賯賵賱賵賳 賱賰 兀亘丿丕賸: 賰賷賮 賴賷 乇賳賾丞 氐賵鬲賴責 賲丕 賴賷 兀賱毓丕亘賴 丕賱賲賮囟賱丞責 賴賱 賷噩賲毓 丕賱賮乇丕卮丕鬲責 亘賱 賷爻兀賱賵賳賰 : 賰賲 毓賲乇賴責 賰賲 毓丿丿 兀禺賵鬲賴責 賲丕 賵夭賳賴責 賰賲 丿禺賱 兀亘賷賴責 賵毓賳丿賴丕 賮賯胤 賷馗賳賵賳 兀賳賴賲 毓乇賮賵賴 鈥
Grown-ups love figures. When you describe a new friend to them, they never ask you about the important things. They never say: 'What's his voice like? What are his favourite games? Does he collect butterflies?' Instead they demand: 'How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn?' Only then do they feel they know him. 鈥 The Little Prince
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