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emili-a-a3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
today was the day that i had my last orthodontist appointment (obviously unless i break my retainers or something)! definitely happy lol as nice as the guy was i do not want to ever have an appointment ever again 鉁岋笍also have been recently watching the storyville documentry on oj simpson, much more detailed than anything ive ever watched about him before! documentary is on bbc iplayer for anyone curious :)
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emili-a-a4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
forgot to post yesterday! but here are some old poems we annotated in english! also happy to say i will never have to do poetry or read a poem for the rest of my life 馃槱 i also got a cheesecake yesterday from a Japanese patisserie! forgot to take photos but it was so yummy! 馃構
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emili-a-a7 days ago
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Tumblr media
the first week of easter holiday is near its end... very daunting. i managed to wake up earlier today and actually get out of bed sooner, but after i ate my breakfast i carried on watching tv 馃槶 i still managed to do a lot of work today though, so i am satisfied with that. some biology notes for you ~
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emili-a-a9 days ago
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ive got a lot of work to do today! i didn't do anything yesterday because i got distracted lol but today i have to do lots of work, but im feeling ready for some productivity ;)
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emili-a-a13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some notes on enzymes! these are actually quite old but still very useful :0 also the pink carnations as part of a bouquet my mum bought! one thing me and my mum have in common is a love of plants and i love all the plants we have around our house! nature is so beautful :'))
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emili-a-a15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i started my easter holidays today :o we only had a half day today so we left at 12:20 and i came home and had some lunch :) also enjoy some daffodils and some old and irrelevant biology notes ;D
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emili-a-a17 days ago
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Tumblr media
i had so many tests today 馃槱 a history test (was only 15 minutes long) and it was quite hard to answer 馃榿 but then we also had an english test and it actually went well? it was on unseen poetry, and it's the last time we're ever going to be tested on poetry because it's in english paper two and for our mocks we shall only be doing english paper 1 馃憡 my way through english exams is calculated, cohesive and planned waffle 馃槍 talking of waffle here's the milk bread I made that was okay (?) but also its the first time I've made it so give me a break 馃檮
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emili-a-a19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
before and after :)
three months later and im back to posting again! i鈥檝e been having health issues and especially in the past two months they have significantly deteriorated, which stopped me from posting, and I was only lucky that at that point i was doing school from home due to lockdown. i will be going on easter holiday soon (!!!) and in may, i will be having my mocks (but no actual GCSEs). so, hopefully i will be having lots of things to post! im very inconsistent with my posting, but no matter what i love the studyblr community and i love posting on here :) also wanted to say thank you for the amount of notes i鈥檝e been getting on some of my posts! it makes me happy that people like what i post <3
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celticacademia2 years ago
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my sink, where you can see all my favorite products!!
ft. OUAI leave in conditioner, Grown Alchemist hydra-repair day cream, and TULA purifying face cleanser 鉁
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adelinestudiess2 years ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the post you have all been waiting for so long! This was released a little late because I procrastinated on it, and also my test was yesterday so...
It was really hard for me to choose people, because y'all are so talented tbh so don't be upset if you are not chosen.
Also, you should definitely follow these people! They are super talented!
A reminder of the prizes:
be mentioned in a post that shows up on 15k 16k+ dashboard
be featured on my blogroll
a follow from me if not already
masterpost request from me (if you want)
moodboard request from me (if you want)
me as a friend
favourite url
winner: @studiants
runners up: @ariistides @boldlystudy @coffeeandpies
favourite theme
winner: @coffeeandpies
runners up: @gloomstudy @studyskillz @summit-studies
favourite advice posts (soz guys I couldn't really find a lot of people who does advice posts)
winner: @thestudyfeels
favourite studyspo pictures
winner: @chesstudies
runners up: @etudias @study1ng @parleonstudies
favourite graphics/printables (also the same for graphics/printables)
winner: @studytako
Honourable mentions (because of the lack of people I mentioned above)
@learninghowtopasta @studyybelle
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gloomstudy2 years ago
Something American EP by Jade Bird! (specific songs: Cathedral, Something American, and What Am I Here For) Hope you've had a lovely weekend Kat!!
i love the simple instrumentals in all 3 songs! her voice complements the acoustic guitar and drums very nicely. i also like that you can really hear the emotion in her voice. tysm for the recommendations!!
i had a good weekend! but today is my last day of winter break and i鈥檓 going back to school tomorrow ;;
anonymously (or not) send me a song to listen to!! no more, please! currently finishing the ones in my inbox!
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almastudies2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wish you all a 2019 full of growth and warmth for your soul
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athenastudying2 years ago
Name aesthetics for Franchesca please! Thank you :)
inviting friends for dinner, always taking your laptop to class, having a travel bucket list
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amaryllae-studies2 years ago
Congratulations on 2k! Here's to even more success and growth! 猸愶笍馃崄 - Franchesca :)
Thank you! :)
Franchesca - velvet; flowing silk blouses; golden jewelry; jazz playing from another room; leaves rustling in the wind; the mild summer sun; humming a favourite song when lost in thought
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languagessi2 years ago
Omygod. I can totally relate. I spent 3 whole days trying to remember what garlic is in my native language!!!!!! 馃槶
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laurelsalexis2 years ago
Holy crap I want to watch Bodyguard so much but I have no BBC ;_;
It鈥檚 definitely worth the watch. I might have downloaded it because I am American lmao聽
But it鈥檚 going to be on Netflix on October 23rd if that鈥檚 more your speed.
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hufflepuffwannabe2 years ago
Assumption: you smell good and that you have a very tidy home :D
I do make an effort to smell good, haha. Less of an effort, however, goes into keeping my house tidy. It鈥檚 not a disaster, but it鈥檚 not pristine. The only thing that gets me, like, deep cleaning the microwave is when I know my mom is visiting.
what are your assumptions of me based on my tumblr? i will confirm or deny.
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earlymodernstudent2 years ago
Congratulations on 1K!!!
Thank you! 馃槉
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