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demonicpitch12 minutes ago
Gonna make Mac and Cheese and nuggets for [little] and put on Sesame Street for her tonight 馃グ馃槏
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linda435238 minutes ago
Purple OG Kush Strain Review 聽 聽 聽 +1 (760) 392-1334
Tumblr media
Purple Kush isn't your common heavy indica hybrid; In reality, it鈥檚 the jewel inside the crown of the Kush circle of relatives. Cannabis have mixed the legendary Black Domino with the vibrant, antique pink Kush. 聽
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official-lev-haibaan hour ago
lev i'm-
you amaze me every time
it's the moon 馃寶 dumbass
dont call the moon a dumass thats mean 馃槶 he/she/they just wants to give sunlite to the plants
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onchees2 hours ago
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ahatintimepieces2 hours ago
You can ignore this ask if you want to but I just wanted to say: Your energy is nice?? Like you always have something to say about stuff and you always seem so entergetic in the tags and you seem like a honestly loving and happy person and it's always so nice to come onto your blog and see what things you had to say. Even if it's not a post or an au I have interest in, I just like reading your comments and thoughts. And it's even nicer when you point stuff out that I wouldn't have noticed by myself and I go "oh yeah!!" and make connections I wouldn't have made otherwise. I don't know, I just wanted to say you're a very cool person and my day always gets a bit brighter whenever I see you've commented on some art or talked about a song or posted more writing and your tags are always a treat to go through.
Ahhhhh you鈥檙e so kind, thank you!!!! ;o; <333 Haha, admittedly I just feel like I鈥檓 rambling all the time, but I鈥檓 so glad they鈥檙e enjoyable to read! But, seriously, I鈥檓 very grateful if I can brighten your day. There鈥檚 been so many stories, art pieces, and songs on this blog that have really helped me through some days and if my key-smashes and attempts to articulate my adoration can help brighten your days then, I鈥檓 just really glad I could share that, if that makes sense! So ahhhh thank you so much!!! This warmed my heart! I hope you鈥檙e having a good and gentle day! ;o; <3333
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meguml2 hours ago
i hate this app but i come back every 5 minutes
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gottagobuycheese3 hours ago
The undyne page just gave me serotonin 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
And this message gave ME serotonin, so thank you! Always happy to share the good brain chemicals
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0877103 hours ago
pickles & cheese...a depression meal AND a poor man's meal
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mindlessbehavior20114 hours ago
Thank you for the tag,聽@youandthemountains鈥!
Figuring out who to tag is really stressful for me, so if you read this, please consider yourself tagged!! 馃榿
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?聽
I love it! It鈥檚 overall been very positive for me and I鈥檓 really happy to have something fun to focus on given that this past year has been really hard. Also, there鈥檚 no shame in liking older media! Good content is good content no matter when it came out!
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?
I first watched TKK when I was 10 or 11 (around 10 years ago) and had a whole phase back then. The obsession slowed down after about a year and came back once CK came out (especially since season 3).
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character:聽聽
I鈥檓 indecisive :/
I love Mr. Miyagi, Daniel, Johnny, and Kumiko, so I鈥檓 just not going to pick lol
Favorite ship:聽聽
Fanfic ship: Lawrusso
Canon ship: Damiko
Underrated character:聽
Kumiko! I love her so much! She鈥檚 so smart, ambitious, and independent. Also she connects with Daniel on such a deep, emotional level, and they鈥檙e聽 now connected for life through Mr. Miyagi and Auntie Yukie and it melts my heart. Also, she鈥檚 unbelievably beautiful and I am incredibly gay.
Underrated ship (don鈥檛 say therapy, lol):聽聽
I鈥檓 obviously going with Damiko. I just think they connect on such a deep level and clearly still love and care for each other after 30+ years. They weren鈥檛 able to keep in touch but the connection was still there and I thought it was so beautiful 馃槴
Also Mr. Miyagi/Auntie Yukie because they were so sweet and wholesome. I also think the way Daniel and Kumiko鈥檚 love story ended up was meant to mirror Mr. Miyagi and Auntie Yukie鈥檚 in a way, and it鈥檚 so poetic that I want to cry.
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?聽
Wax On, Wax Off, because I find it to be the more memorable line. I鈥檝e also never swept any legs but have side blocked many times lol
Which of Daniel鈥檚 dumb little outfits is your favorite?聽
Ugh we stan his iconic queer outfits. The best one was definitely the unbuttoned brownish/burgundy shirt with the black tank top and the hachimaki. I would definitely wear that. CK needs to bring back these biconic outfits.
Character from the films you most want to return, who鈥檚 not Terry Silver:聽
I definitely want Kumiko and Chozen to come back again, but out of the characters who still haven鈥檛 made an appearance, I鈥檒l go with Jessica. I thought her and Daniel just being friends without there being much of a romantic angle was really refreshing. Also, her coming back might prompt the return of Mac&Cheese!Daniel, and EYYY you KNOW what I LIKE!聽
Scene that lives in your head rent-free:聽
From TKK, the scenes that always get to me are Mr. Miyagi鈥檚 drunk scene and Mr. Miyagi giving Daniel the car. Getting choked up right now just thinking about those 馃槬
From CK, I definitely rewatch the scene when Daniel and Kumiko first see each other wayyyyy too much. I also love Johnny attempting to figure out the Internet and his dream sequence about Carmen. And the garage fight scene. And Daniel visiting Mr. Miyagi鈥檚 grave and then doing kata again. Honestly, there are way too many so I鈥檒l just stop now.
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?聽
Definitely Miyagi-Do. I believe strongly in karate being for defense only since that鈥檚 the philosophy I was taught (we had to repeat it at the end of each class).
What鈥檚 your training montage song?
鈥淪tayin鈥 Alive鈥 by the Bee Gees. I have no reason for this. I just think it would look and sound cool.聽
It鈥檚 the crossover event of the century! Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?
Maybe Jane the Virgin so we can just devolve into absolute chaos.
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meguml4 hours ago
i regret not having. a quince 馃槥
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notsofabulouslife074 hours ago
cluck cluck imma chicken
Hi I am a burrito! Don't eat me
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loving-drivers4 hours ago
i haven鈥檛 put cinnamon in my mac and cheese in a while
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pac-daddy4 hours ago
So! Right as I was about to start my bath. I was getting the water warm I was putting in the bath salts....
But low!
And behold!
Donna calls and she says 鈥淧axton I鈥檓 on my way to your house I need to use the bathroom.鈥 And I say 鈥淥K.鈥
And so she comes
and she had had a horrible
no good
very bad
in a parking lot of
some establishment. And she tells me,
鈥渢o get out of the way. 鈥
And as she runs into the bathroom I see what has happened.
Right as my high was hitting me, I reali it z e d...
Donna has shit herself, there have been casualties
bathroom r u g s
And I cannot
!g a g 隆
And the tub has been turned off
And she says
鈥淭he tub must be d r a i n e d鈥
So now I
stuck on the
f l o o r
~and I think~ how ironic ~that this happens as I begin to ~r~e~l~a~x~
the most unrelaxing thing that could happen
h a p p e n s
Tumblr media
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