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captainadwen · an hour ago
i have made a prototype rock maze in the teapot!!!!!!!! mostly because i dont have enough walls for a normal maze but its fine like this too haha
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angst-fairygodmother · 2 hours ago
WIP Last Line Tag
Rules: The game is to post the last line of your WIP and tag the same number of followers as there are words in the line.
Tagged by @seanfalco (funny the timing of this since I just put up a sneak peek of a WIP, but it wasn’t actually the last thing I was working on, so here’s my last line too...) Thanks for the tag darling 😊
“She’s somebody’s little girl, Derek. What if that was your sister, or-or Y/N?”
Tagging: @seancekitsch @bisexualnathanyoung @miss-kittys-magical-library @super-unpredictable98 @sokkasdarling @alwritey-aphrodite  and...I’m drawing blanks on anyone else that might be writing right now.  Feel free to play and say I tagged you though. 
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lucie-hotwife · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
En mode bain
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hinatasthighs10 · 3 hours ago
48 hours
thank you sm for 100 followers & 300+ likes! *kisses you all*
hey! also check out my osamu fic on ao3 linked here
i kinda went overboard on this XD
dilf!aone x reader (female anatomy)
warnings: yandere!reader (sorta), unprotected sex, blowjob, mommy kink, breeding, recording, cheating (getting caught)
you wanted to see him everyday, 48 hours was not enough. aone takanobu, wealthy construction owner and ceo of takanobu industries. he had everything you wanted, a big house, a successful job, and a wonderful family. so why does he want you?
because you're the only one who can satisfy his needs. the only one who makes him fall to his knees, unlike the woman that he lays next to 5 days out of the week. his wife loves him and she would do anything for him but he doesn't feel the same. she's just too much of an asset to his business to let her go.
oh and "for the kids sake" i guess.
but those two days, those two days where he can just be loved and feel so good... those were the best days.
sunday nights when you're all fucked out and begging him to stay, he would constantly tell you "you know i have to go."
you hated hearing those words it bothered you so much. "aone why can't you just marry me? id be such a good stepmommy to your boys."
he walks over to you, his intimidating figure leaning down to you to grab your chin. "i know you would and oh how i wish you were." he caresses your face rubbing his thumb across your cheek.
"you're so beautiful, i love you so much" aone leans down to your lips and softly kisses you deeply. you wrap your arms around his neck as he lays you back down. he pulls away and you groan from the loss of contact.
he fixes himself in the mirror and grabs his car keys. "I'll see you on saturday my love" he says and you blow him a kiss waving goodbye.
then saturday came. aone was on his way to you, however you had other plans. his wife has book club on saturday nights and his sons were at sleep-away camp, which means you had the whole house to yourself.
it wasn't hard breaking in seeing as that you made yourself a spare key. you knew the security alarm code from looking through his notes app on his phone. looking around at the big mansion you were amazed at how inaccurate the news companies show it.
there were so many family photos of them and some made you want to throw up. you grabbed a picture of him and his sons and smile at how happy they all look together. "soon you will be mine kids too" you chuckle throwing the frame on the grown shattering it.
you walked into the living room and you saw the most disturbing thing.
there was a big mural hanging of aone and his wife.
she has a wide smile on her face while his is neutral. you thought about the agony he went through before he met you, the true love of his life, you wanted to see him every day not just for 48 hours.
and with bat in hand, the anger in you started to pour our and you swung your arms at the portrait and the glass shattered it.
you broke every nearby vase, picture, and lamp. slamming it into the ground and enjoying the sounds of it hitting the ground. you walked around the shards of broken glass being careful not to hurt yourself when your phone started to ring in your pocket.
"hello?" you say putting it on speaker phone and placing it on the kitchen counter.
"y/n? where are you?" he says sounding concerned.
"im at home baby, where else would i be?" you yell slaming the bat into the kitchen counter multiple times.
"no you're not., i have a key to your house remember? and what's that noise?"
you curse under your breath, "doing some construction work, you know haha!” you start
“and i really am at home baby, OUR home.”
he pauses knowing exactly where you are and what you’re doing, he didn’t know that you would go this far. “i’m on my way don’t touch anything!” he says and you laugh excited for his arrival.
you walked around his house dragging the bat beside you walking up the wooden stairs and into the room where he slept monday-friday.
the room was big and and everything was so fancy. you jumped on the white comforter and stretched your body across it taking in the warm sent of vanilla, no wonder aone comes over smelling so delicious.
there was a slight dent in the mattress on one side and you figured that’s where he slept. you slid yourself to his spot and laid there for a few minutes before seeing something shiny in the corner of your eye.
looking over at the wife's jewelry box, you were amazed at all the expensive pearls and diamonds. you walk over to the chest and put on the fancy rings and necklaces she had. you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled at how natural the jewels looked on you.
while you were still looking through the woman's clothes picking out what you were going to take home you heard the front door slam.
you smiled at the thought of how angry aone was going to be when he saw you in his wife's clothes and jewelry.
heavy footsteps walked up the stairs and there he was, standing in the doorway in his green suit. "why?" he simply says and you walk over to him grabbing his hand and walking him over to the bed.
you straddled his lap and kissed him on the lips, "welcome home honey, i missed you." he groans at your beauty trying so hard not to give in. "why y/n? why would you do this?" he puts his big hands on your hips, squeezing the plushness of them. he scans your body noticing the dress you're wearing, "is that my wife's?".
you roll your eyes, "ugh! stop talking about her, right now it's just me and you, and i want to feel so good." you slide down his body placing your face in front of his crotch. you slide your arms across his thighs and he looks down at you not saying a word.
you undo his belt and he helps you pull his work pants down his legs.
he was already hard.
"eager are we?"
he just groans bucking his hips a little to get more friction from his underwear. you laugh a little at his neediness and pull out his throbbing hard on admiring the sight. you grip it with two hands and kitten lick the tip. his cock twitches in your hands and you take that opportunity to wrap your lips around it and slowly move your head down his shaft.
aone gasps a little shurgging his shoulders to release the tension he was feeling and his hand found their way to your hair. he grips it slightly not casing you any pain, like always. "you're doing so well my love" he praises and you hum around him making him let out a small moan.
you release him from your mouth and look up at him with dough eyes, "am i better than your wife?"
"so much better"
he leans down to kiss you and you get back to working his cock down your throat. multiple moans and groans came from his lips which made you wetter. you couldn’t wait any longer so you released him from your mouth, making him sigh angrily.
you crawled up into his lap, slightly lifting up the dress looking into his eyes waiting for permission. he nods quickly and grabs your hips to sit you down on his cock. your eyes squint at the pressure but slowly relaxed as you’re used to the way he stretches you.
you start you rock yourself back and forth, “ah- you fill me up so nicely my love.” aone’s hands are too busy guiding your hips to respond. every time you move his cock presses right into your g-spot hitting that same spot every time.
moans fill the room and aone pulls you in for a kiss. you wrap your arms around his neck while bouncing a little bit harder and he grips your waist helping you slam up and down on his length.
“aone, make me a mommy, fill me up nice and good so we can have our own family.”
aone looks at you and his mind is fuzzy by the way your cunt feels around him. the way you’re clenching and moving makes him more eager to make you his. “you want my babies? i’ll give them to you” he says and a smile grew wide on your face.
he picks you up and slams you back down on him faster and faster, both of your moans filling up the room. “ah- fuck me please!” you scream and he does as he’s told.
you feel the tightness in your stomach about to break when you look up at the corner of the ceiling, smiling at the security camera he has in his house. you lock eyes with it while you cum knowing that his wife is watching on the other side, and she was.
the thought of you become a mother with the love of your life in his wife’s dress on their bed made you feel invincible, the power you had over aone was something that you wanted to feel all the time.
as you’re both coming down from your highs, you lay on his chest with his cock still in you and laugh a little to yourself. aone doesn’t know it yet but his whole life is about to change.
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basically-i-write-shit · 4 hours ago
“Any other lies left to tell me?” for tsukiYama, maybe Yama have been keeping secrets from tsukki o.o Thank!!!!
Tadashi never meant for things to go this far. He really didn’t. 
It’s just, that- that- How the hell do you tell your best friend and boyfriend that you cheated on him? As unintentional as it is, emotional cheating is still cheating. But...after four years of chasing after Kei, his wonderful, beautiful, sweet Kei, he thought for a second he needed something else. 
You know what they say about wanting things until you have them. 
So he’d flirted. And he’d given his number to a few people, talking to them under the guise of “getting to know them,” and “making friends.” And Kei was so happy that he was getting out there, happy he was making friends of his own accord and not just the people that Kei brought back from work or practice or friends from highschool. And maybe he’d fallen in love with more than one person, but he cut them off as soon as he realized, he really did- 
“I- I’m...Tsukki, you have to understand I’m sorry. And I know I’m sorry isn’t going to fix this, but...” 
“But what, Tadashi?” 
Tadashi swallows thickly, bites his lip. Kei is crying. Kei never cries. He hasn’t cried since they were ten, he didn’t even cry on their graduation, so why, why-
“But what? But you want me to forgive you anyway? But you couldn’t help it? Oh, you know how easily I get crushes, Tsukki, can you really blame me? Save it! I- Fuck, I need to go. I’m leaving.” Tadashi doesn’t even have it in him to say a quiet “wait,” to beg, “please, Tsukki, don’t go,” because he knows he’s in the wrong. So instead he just watches as Kei stands and makes his way to the door. The silence is stifling and thick as Kei puts on his shoes, grabs his coat, and grabs the doorknob. Before he opens it, however, he turns to Tadashi, his face splotchy and red as he tries to school himself back into the uninterested, listless Kei he always is. It breaks Tadashi’s heart. “Are there- Are there any other lies left to tell me, before I leave?” 
Tadashi is silent. 
Kei leaves. 
The apartment is quiet. 
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2amfog · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 3/4 Fandom: 阴阳师 | Yīn Yáng Shī | The Yin-yang Master (Movies - Guo Jingming) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Xue Tian Gou | Snow Hound/Kuang Hua Shi | Mad Painter, Sha Sheng Shi | Killing Stone/Xue Tian Gou | Snow Hound Characters: Xue Tian Gou | Snow Hound, Kuang Hua Shi | Mad Painter, Sha Sheng Shi | Killing Stone Additional Tags: incomplete fic, canon character death, Grieving, Psychological Trauma, Nightmares, No Actual Cheating, Snow Hound-centric Series: Part 4 of A Universe of Sparks Summary:
Sometimes, nightmares are all that we have left of the ones we love...
(This story is set before "A Waterfall of Gold Sparks.")
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casssian · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here's the proof
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deborrah-cooper · 5 hours ago
#ADVICE WEDNESDAY #Dating #Relationship #Love #Q&A (5/12/21) - We get started with the craziest dating & relationship advice livestream you’ve ever watched at 6:00 pm (PST) tonight. 
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officialmanuela · 8 hours ago
Any other fem shep players low key worried the auto Kaidan romance glitch might transfer over to legendary??
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thebluesunflower44 · 8 hours ago
Hey there! Happy Wednesday lol. For the fanfic ask game, H, I, and K?
Hope you have a great day!
hi!! oh my god it's only wednesday :\\\
H: How would you describe your style?
i...actually have no idea? descriptive? depressing? idk i feel like this is the sort of thing other people have to tell you (if anyone knows,, help pls)
I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
i answered this here :[
K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?
i also answered this one in the linked post, but you cheating fic is probably going to take first place pretty soon :'(
I hope you have a fantastic day too!!
fanfic ask game!
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anya-grace · 10 hours ago
thinking about Mistress!Petra and her tryst with Married!Levi 😩
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luvkeigo · 10 hours ago
no thoughts, only best friend!Keigo being there after your asshat of a boyfriend cheated on you.
cw: not proof read, slightly feral Keigo, jealousy, slight dumbification?, begging, this is kind of a mess n I’m projecting <3
Tumblr media
Best friend Keigo who’s there when you come knocking on his door and 3am, tears running sloppily down your face. Who immediately drags you in, who insists on plopping you on his couch and smothering you in blankets. (He’s building a nest for you to share, a nest where you’re safe, where you‘re far from him, safe.)
Best friend Keigo who listens to your incoherent babbles about what happened and how you found out, who wipes your tears and rubs soothing, encouraging circles into your shoulder blades as he silently watches you pour your heart out into the cool air of his living room. Who lets you vent until you’re reduced to nothing but a choked up, sticky cheeked, dried tears shell. Who holds you silently as his mind fills with overwhelming feelings of with rage, of a need to protect you.
Best friend Keigo who collects himself enough to speak, taking a deep breath and looking into your very soul when he locks gazes with you. His gaze is intense, so full of lingering hatred for the other man, full of sturdy support as you shake in his arms. Who never wavers, never looks away as he explains just how fucking worthy of love you are, how “that prick didn’t fucking deserve you”, and “you deserve so, so much goddamn better“.
Best friend Keigo who pulls you into his chest when you stutter out a weak, “r-really?“. Who wraps his arms around your waist so firmly, knowing you’ll fly away if he doesn’t ground you. Who breathes in the smell of your hair and imprints the very aroma into every cell of his nose.
Best friend Keigo who will hold you until you pull away, who‘s eyebrows draw down when you start stupidly babbling about how it was your fault, how you should have tried more, how you should’ve given more to him-
and it’s then that he’s had e-fucking-nough.
He’s quick when he firmly plants his palm into your cheek, tilting your head and planting his lips against yours. It catches you off guard, disables you for a second before you’re sinking into him, relishing in the feeling of his warmth, his strength and he ties you to the couch and away from the mental chamber you so desperately crave to retreat to.
He wont let you.
You can’t if you’re too worried about how good his tongue feels when it so softly, so fluently wraps itself around yours. You can’t when his hand makes it way up to the back of your neck, cradling and caging you in his embrace.
And you know when you also can’t find a reason to blame yourself for your douche bag of an ex?
You can’t blame yourself when he pulls you across his lap, sliding your sleep shorts and panties to the side.
You can’t form self deprecating trains of thought when he’s stretching you out so prettily on his fingers, let alone when you gush around the cool metal of his rings.
You can’t even utter out anything other than a mix of his name and broken moans when he sits you on his cock, so don’t worry about trying to tell him how you “could have” done this or that.
Because all the what if’s don’t fucking matter when he abruptly flips you over and hoists your ankles up to his shoulders.
Each tear that rolled down your face up until this point throughout the evening has broken his heart just a bit more. And despite his own selfish feelings, he’ll let you cry.
But you can’t blame him for wanting to change the reason why you’re crying.
You can’t blame him for wanting you to instead cry from the electric pleasure that shoots through your system when you cum around his cock for the first time.
You can’t blame him for the shiver of pure satisfaction that ripples through his feathers when you go dumb for him, only able to tell him how good it feels, how good he’s fucking you.
It’s when you arch your back and convulse so violently under him that he smirks, knowing he’s the one that’s done this to you. All your lousy ex could do was make you shrivel in on yourself.
But Keigo?
Keigo was the one to coax your body into flourishing under his touch, under his cock. “Keigo” is the name you’re mindlessly begging to finish inside you.
He pants, but he needs to know, and his breath comes hot against your neck as he questions, “Your ex never got to finish inside you, did he?”
And so help him god, he almost came just from the slight nod of your head and your whiny response of, “no, n-never- ‘promise-!”
Somehow, he recovers, growling as his hips lose their rhythm, jerking your entire body with the force of his staggered thrusts. “Yeah? Gonna be the first to fill you, up isn’t that right?”
You have no choice but to cry out in response, and tears nearly brim his eyes when he watches yours go white as you lose yourself once again on his cock. The incessant throb and pressure of your pussy has him loudly cursing, fingers digging themselves into your hips and shoulders as he thrusts against you in search of his own end. He’s desperate when he watches you come back down, all whiny stammers and mutters of “t-too much, Keigo-!”. But he needs just one more thing, one last thing to find his peak.
“Beg. Beg for me to cum, beg for me to fucking fill you up baby, and it’ll all be over. Need you to fucking need my cum.”
And oh how eager you are to please, eyes widening as your grip on reality allows you to form short, stammered pleas. “Please! Fuck, Keigo, please fucking cum- need it, need you to cum, need you to fill me up- please!”
The sound of your voice becomes distant as he tenses, hips snapping flush against you as his entire world absolutely shatters. He’s not sure he’s ever cum so fucking much before, but he isn’t complaining when it feels so fucking good.
It takes a few minutes before you both respectfully come down from the high of hormones racing through your system, heavy breaths mixing when his forehead comes down to rest against yours.
He allows the fog to clear a bit more, taking in greedy gulps of oxygen before he speaks. “You are so fucking worth it. I need you to know that. He is a fucking son of a bitch- and I’m going to take however goddamn long it takes to prove how beautiful, how amazing, how worthy of love you are. I’m going to be right here, I’m not going any fucking where anytime soon. So trust me, please. Forget about him. Eyes on me now.”
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starlessnyx · 10 hours ago
The Last Time
The last time his name fell from my lips was the last time a tear rolled down my cheek after seeing him walk away from me again.
Was it always like this? Was he always like this towards you? Was he always that kind of guy that simply takes what he could get and leave you unbeknownst of who you truly are?
Was being with him making your judgement cloudy? Is he the reason why you doubted every move you make? You often ask yourself if you're good enough, If the move you're making is the right one, will he be proud of you this time?
It crushed your heart when you found out he was with someone else, you two being intimate with each other could be counted in a single hand, but with someone else, it'll be more. Did he hate touching you? Did he hate being that close to you? Were you that ugly, that you had to have tears falling from your eyes before he gives you a second look and give in.
Was your sacrifices not enough? You've gotten sick more often times then not just trying to meet his schedule, the thought often comes to your mind, why should I follow his, can't he adjust to mine? You tried to shake it out of your head as quickly as possible. You were too enamored by him that the smallest sacrifices on his side seem like too much of a burden for him so you strech yourself thin, just so he won't berate you again.
You would fill his heart with all the love you could, hug his broken pieces back into place, you did everything you can think of just to make him smile. So you ask yourself, how come he's still likes this, always moody, always mad, nitpicking everything you do, for yourself, for him, for both of you. But it's never enough, you knew, but you chose to ignore it, that as you fill him up with love, he fills you up with pain, doubt, hurt, anxiety, the pressure of making him happy while ignoring what makes you happy. Did you really want this?
The fights seldom happen, but when they do, they just slowly chip away at you, slowly wearing you down to almost nothing. You slowly got used to the harsh words he'd hash out at you, the pain you felt hearing those words slowly numbing you from the inside out, you use to adamantly fight for you relationship, but after the many words exchanged. You went from the quiet smiling girl to the quiet girl who now keeps everything to herself, sacrificing friends as long as it makes you smile.
The last time you spoke his name, yes, you had tears falling down your cheeks, but maybe it was from relief, from pent up frustrations, from feeling as if you've shaken your shackles off. But now you're free, free to fly and see the world again.
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