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incorrect-jatp-cast · 25 minutes ago
Owen: Why do you keep a diary?
Booboo: To keep secrets from my computer.
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bexiii · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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latinposeidon · 2 hours ago
ok i see it's hate l/lex hours so can i just say WHY do ppl ship this at the expense of willex??? like ya ok maybe it's a cute vibe if it's like l/lex dated for three seconds when they were thirteen and that was how they figured out they liked boys or whatever, but the willex erasure??? willex is REALLY GOOD canon queer rep. we hardly EVER get really good canon queer rep. and ppl want to throw that away and hate on it because??? just feels like an extension of ch*wen/idolizing charlie and it irritates me so much
Exactly!! Like I can see it maybe happening for a short time back in the 90s, but modern Luke and Alex just Wouldn't date. Because not only do they just seem too much like brothers now, they both have love interests that they absolutely adore. We have spent so long trying to get healthy queer and interracial relationships in media and the second we get them, people ignore them in favour of shipping the two white boys who have maybe two shots that could seem romantic.
I may not personally ship j*ke because of the age gaps but I know how important they are for representation and I still love both of the characters. And I'm not saying that all l*lex shippers are racists, it just doesn't sit right with me and a lot of people I know that they are so willing to erase the representation we've been trying to get for decades.
And yeah, l*lex shippers genuinely do feel like ch*wen shippers who just want their faves to date, even if it's just through their characters. Willie and Alex have way more moments and romantic chemistry than Luke and Alex, and they're so much better for representation. We always see ships between skinny-muscular white boys. Canon healthy interracial mlm ships are so rare to come by and they're pushing them aside because Charlie and Owen jokily flirt sometimes
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 4 hours ago
Jeremy: *accidentally does something illegal*
Jeremy: *dials 911* Hello? I would like to go to jail.
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killerqueenfan · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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mouse-fantoms · 10 hours ago
Charlie Gillespie and Milo Manheim posting their cocker spaniels on their stories do be making me feel many ways
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 12 hours ago
*Before Owen gets discharged from the hospital after a bout of sickness*
Jeremy: Enjoy your day off, Charlie.
Charlie, tearfully: Owen used to call me that.
Savannah: Because it's your fucking name.
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charlies-gillespie · 15 hours ago
all i have left | charlie gillespie (part 2)
Tumblr media
paring: fem!reader x charlie gillespie
summary: Charlie gives reader a present on her birthday that she’ll never forget …
requested: no
length: long
rating: PG (borderline PG-13)
warnings: a makeout session
!! NOT MY GIF !!
tag list: @mrsbrookegillespie @screwunsaidemily @herbrutals @marvelousmendess
When you wake up the morning of your birthday, you get excited for the day head. You’re not supposed to know but Y/BFF/N is throwing you a surprise birthday party that starts around dinnertime. She got Charlie involved too so he’s taking you out to a park to kill time.
He asked you about it the other day. He said he wanted to give you something when he took you out. You have no idea what he is giving you and while you’re kind of excited, you’re also kind of scared.
Charlie’s been taking every advantage of the second chance you’ve given him. He’s been seeing you nearly everyday and taking you and Y/BFF/N out to do things. He’s been doing everything he can to prove to you, and to your best friend, that he’s sorry for what he did. He took an acting job in Halifax, which is about a three hour drive from Dieppe.
That’s when you knew he was serious about staying in the area to prove he was actually sorry for leaving. It’s been four months now since he came back.
Your phone begins to ring with a FaceTime call but you answer the call on your MacBook. You rub your face before answering it. Y/BFF/N appears on your screen and says, “Happy birthday bestie. Excited for your big 22nd?”
“I’ve been so excited I’ve been blasting 22 by Taylor Swift all morning,” you tell her sarcastically with a yawn.
Y/BFF/N laughs then asks, “Has Charlie hinted at what he was going to give to you?”
You shake your head and say, “I have no idea what he’s going to give me. I’m terrified, not going to lie.”
Then my phone dings with a text. Speak of the devil.
Your best friend asks, “Is that him?”
“Yeah,” you tell her. “He’s asking what time I want to meet him at the park. I’m thinking two.”
She says, “That’s a good time.”
You send Charlie a text telling him you’ll meeting him at two before saying, “I’m gonna grab breakfast and shower since I woke up a little late and have about three hours before I have to go meet him. I’ll see you later.”
Y/BFF/N nods and waves at you before hanging up the phone she was on. You sigh and go get ready. You pour some Cinnamon Toast Crunch into a bowl and drench the cinnamon squares in milk before eating. You reply to birthday texts and posts while you eat.
When you’re done, you shower and get dressed for the day. It’s late September and a little chilly out so you wear a long sleeve white turtleneck with a black and white checkered skirt that ends halfway down your thighs. You wear black knee-high heeled boots. You curl your hair before tying it up in a curly ponytail that sits on the top of your head.
You leave your apartment and quarter of two to head to a nearby park. You get there right at two and look around for Charlie. You find him on the swings. He’s in a sweater that says ‘Canada’ on it and khaki pants. This outfit is so not a Charlie outfit so you had to do a double take.
Slowly, you approach him and say, “Hey.”
Charlie looks up at you as he swings slightly. “Hi,” he says. “Happy birthday, Y/N. You’re old now.”
“Haha,” you say with a smile. “I’m a year younger than you, Mr. Twenty-three.”
He laughs at your new little nickname for him. “That’s a true statement,” Charlie says. “I guess that makes me ancient.”
You sit on the swing beside him and say, “You look pretty good for being ancient. What’s with the sweater anyway? You’re usually allergic to sleeves or something.”
Charlie smiles and says, “You once told me you loved me in this sweater so I decided to wear it on your birthday. Plus, it’s a little too cold to wearing something without sleeves. The perks of being in Canada in late September instead of Los Angeles.”
As a joke, you say, “I knew you didn’t come back for me. You came back to take a break from that Los Angeles heat.”
With another laugh, Charlie says, “Yes, I came back to enjoy the cold weather instead of coming back to get back the person I want in my life.”
You chuckle and the two of you fall silent. The silence is deafening.
After a few moments of silence, Charlie says, “Oh, that’s right. I wanted to give you something. Well, it’s present one of two. Present two comes later when we’re eventually completely alone.” You raise your eyebrows at him as he pulls out a little wrapped box from his pocket. It’s a medium size box so you assume it’s like a bracelet or something.
He hands you the box. You unwrap it and open it. Inside sits a silver necklace with a diamond in the shape of a heart. You gasp, “Charlie. This is beautiful, and probably very expensive. Why did you-”
“Because you liked it when you saw it a few weeks ago,” Charlie says with a soft smile. “I went back and bought it the same day because I knew your birthday was coming up.”
With Charlie’s help, you get the necklace on. You tell him, “You didn’t have to actually go out and buy it.” You turn and look up at him.
Charlie smiles at you and says, “I wanted to. I wanted only the best for your birthday, Y/N.” He swipes a string of hair away from your face and his fingers linger on your cheek a little too long. You feel your heart pounding in your chest as you meet Charlie’s eyes.
You say, “I love the necklace. Thank you, Charlie.”
He says, “Of course, Y/N.”
The two of you spend a few hours at the park, just talking. You ask him about his time in Los Angeles and if he liked it. He tells you about all the people he met since he left for Los Angeles. He tells you about his friends, Owen, Jeremy, and Booboo. He tells you about the show he filmed on Netflix.
At five, Charlie takes you back to your apartment. You walk into the apartment and a bunch of people yell “surprise!” at you. You pretend to be surprised and let out a surprised yell.
Your best friend walks up to you and asks, “You knew, didn’t you?”
You smile and laugh before saying, “Yeah. I find kind of did. No, Charlie didn’t tell me either. I figured it out after you’ve been so secretive.”
“I’m a terrible surprise party planner,” your best friend says with a laugh. Then she spots the necklace around your neck. “That’s so pretty. Didn’t you say you liked that necklace when we saw it a few weeks ago?”
With a smile, you nod and say, “It is. Charlie got it for me for my birthday.”
Y/BFF/N says, “Yeah, Charlie is amazing. Please start going out with him again, Y/N. Please.”
Both you and Charlie laugh softly before you say, “Calm down, Y/BFF/N.”
Charlie goes and talks to people. You sit on the couch and people wish you a happy birthday. Your eyes are on Charlie as he smiles and laughs as he talks to the mutual friends you both have.
It’s hard to keep hating Charlie for what he did when he’s done everything right since coming back to Canada. He’s treated you right and he bought you a very expensive necklace for your birthday when you didn’t think he was paying attention to what you said.
The fact that he wants to give you part two of your presents when you’re completely alone too. You don’t know what he could possibly be giving you what you’re both completely alone.
The party goes by quickly. Y/BFF/N leaves with her girlfriend and Charlie helps you stay to clean up.
“She throws the party and doesn’t stay to clean up,” you say with a smile.
Charlie laughs, “That’s Y/BFF/N for you.”
It takes a while but the apartment is eventually squeaky clean and looks like how it was before the party.
When the apartment is completely cleaned, Charlie asks, “Um, this is probably crossing a line but can I stay the night since it’s kinda late and I don’t feel like walking upstairs to my apartment?”
You look at him and nod. “Yeah, if you want to then you can stay,” you say to him.
He says, “Thank you.”
You nod and head back to your bedroom. You change out of your birthday outfit and into a pair or black and red flannel pajama pants and black cami tank top. You take your hair out of the ponytail and tie it up onto a messy bun on your head.
When you’re done getting changed, there’s a knock on your bedroom door. You go and open the door, revealing Charlie. He looks at you for a second before saying, “I, um, I hope you had a good birthday, Y/N.”
“I did,” you honestly tell him. “Thank you for being apart of it. Charlie.”
Charlie smiles and says, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Um, are you going to bed or just getting ready for bed?”
Slightly nervous, you say, “I was going to go to bed, unless you wanted to do something ...” You trail off.
He shakes his head and says, “No, if you wanted to sleep then I’ll let you get to sleep. I’m sorry for bothering you. I’ll just sleep on the couch out here.”
You nod again and he walks off. You watch him for a second before shutting the door. You lean against the door, trying to calm the butterflies in your stomach.
Recently, when you’ve been around Charlie, you get all these butterflies and your heart races in your chest. You know what it means, and it doesn’t bother you like it did before. You’re falling for Charlie all over again, but you’re scared to tell him in fear that he’ll leave you again. You don’t know if you can deal with getting your heart broken again like that.
As you get your Netflix up on your TV, there’s another knock at your bedroom door. You get up out of bed and walk over to the door again. You open it, revealing Charlie again.
“Did you like the necklace, by the way?” Charlie asks. “I don’t remember if you told me if you actually liked it or not.”
You smile at him and hold up the necklace that you still haven’t taken off. “I’m still wearing it so what do you think?” you ask in reply.
Charlie smiles and says, “Okay, yeah. Um, goodnight.”
With a light laugh, you say, “Goodnight, Charlie.” You watch him again as he walks away. He pulls off his sweater with his back turned to you and you quickly shut the door.
There are the butterflies again. Maybe it just because he’s Charlie or because you just watched him take off his shirt but the butterflies are there.
Before you can even walk away from the door, there’s another knock. You turn and swing open the door for a third time. Charlie stands in front of you in just his boxer shorts. “I can’t give you any clothes, Charlie,” you tell him. “You won’t fit in my clothes.”
“That’s not why I’m here this time,” Charlie says to you.
You stare up at him, confused, and he takes a step toward you. He cups your face in his hands and pulls your lips to his. You gasp into the kiss before you kiss him back. You melt into his body as the kiss continues.
The last time you kissed Charlie was about a year ago when he left. You were crying and begging him not to go. Now, you’re kissing him after you’ve forgiven him and have completely fallen for him again.
Charlie picks you up by your thighs and closes the door with his foot. Your lips hastily move against his as he walks toward your bed.
His tongue swipes across your bottom lip and you part your lips a bit. Charlie pushes his tongue into your mouth, making you groan softly. He lays you down on your back and crawls on top of you, settling between your legs. His fingers run up and down your thighs.
Your fingers slide up into his hair and you hold him close to you. The deep kiss continues and you say against his lips, “Charlie.”
“Hm,” Charlie mumbles as he kisses you.
You say, “I want to go to Los Angeles with you.”
As soon as you say that, Charlie pulls back from the kiss. He meets your eyes and he asks, “You want to go to Los Angeles with me?”
With a nod, you say, “You’re going to go back eventually, and I know that. I don’t want to stay here when the guy I love is in a completely different country.”
Charlie smiles and asks, “You love me?”
“Like you, I never stopped,” you admit to him. “I don’t want to wait for you to come back to Canada. I want to go with you.”
He says, “Well, that’s a good thing because the second part of your gifts was a plane ticket to Los Angeles. One of my friends’ birthday is in two weeks and I wanted you to come with me. I can make it one way if you want.”
You peck his lips and say, “Make it one way. I’ll move to Los Angeles with you.”
A huge smile is on Charlie’s lips as well as yours.
Charlie is really all you have left. You’re not gonna let him go again.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 16 hours ago
Maddie: I told Charlie that his ears flush when he lies.
Owen: Why?
Maddie: Look.
Maddie: Hey, Charlie, do you love Owen?
Charlie, covering his ears: No.
Owen: ...
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yagorlemmalyn · 18 hours ago
Guys I need help. I read this series a while ago and idk if it’s been updated recently or not, but it was an AU where Charlie is the readers daughters teacher and her daughter is like emotionally attached to Charlie or something and I really want to read it again but I can’t remember the name or author of it! So If you know what I’m talking about, plzzz tell me!!
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 20 hours ago
Savannah: What's wrong with you?
Owen: Off the top of my head, I'd say: low self-esteem, a lack of parental figures, and a genetic predisposition for anxiety.
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yagorlemmalyn · 20 hours ago
Love me
This is super short. Was a quick idea I had and thought y’all would like.😌
Luke Patterson x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Luke was bored. Anyone who looked at him would be able to tell as he watched his girlfriend push her reading glasses back up and write a never ending essay on the page in front of her. He huffed loudly, trying to gain y/n’s attention, but failing. “Y/nnnnn , will you please take a break and cuddle meeeee”he said loudly so she would hear. “Luke, I have to finish this essay. I’ve put it off all week and now it’s due tomorrow”y/n said as she rubbed her head and yawned from exhaustion. “Y/n, my love, it is tomorrow”Luke replied shyly. “WHAT!?”y/n yelled ,grabbing her phone and checking the clock that read 2:00AM. “Oh no, nonononono”she rambled, hurrying to grab the pencil and textbook to get back to work. “Y/n, come on it’s 2 in the morning. Your coming to bed with me. You can finish that essay in your free period tomorrow. You’re almost done anyways” Luke said as he held her shoulder and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. “Luke-“she started, but he looked at her sternly, and with love. “… fine, but if I don’t get a good grade on this, I’m blaming you”y/n said tiredly. “I’ll take all the blame in the world babe”he replied as he kissed the top of her head lovingly. She got up and moved from her desk, plopping down onto her bed as she held her hands out to Luke. “Love me”she said as her eyes struggled to stay open and exhaustion took over her body. Luke laid next to her and pulled her into him in a hug. “Ok my love, let’s go to bed”but she was already snoring in his arms.
Tag list: @thebloodrobin @calamitykaty @kinda-really-lost @ifilwtmfc
I missed all of my lovely readers and Mutuals soo much and I can’t express how good it feels to be back and stress free!
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: My partner must be the upmost logical mind and-
Charlie: *trips over a plant and apologizes to it*
Owen: I want that one.
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molinashimbos · a day ago
okay we all know how julie has a habit of tucking her hair when she's nervous and stuff so all im saying is we deserve a juke moment with a Very nervous julie for reasons undecided and Luke just tenderly tucking the few strands of her hair for her i MEAN-
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
*After Charlie does something stupid and almost dies*
Maddie: Are you always this much trouble?
Charlie: I like to think of myself as delightfully complex.
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Ok writing friends I need your help. So for the last two chapters of the Luke series on @fandomgirlz01 I’m writing I tagged all my tags, but I’m not showing up in any of them. Someone help me!! I don’t know why this is happening!!!
@creativeashproductions @merceret @meph1stophelian @dream-a-little-bigger-x @need2stopprocrastinating
Someone please help me figure out why I can’t see any of my works in the tags.
I don’t get it, it was doing fine until chapter 7 then poof I’m just not in my tags….
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