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#character creation
rot-characters · 8 hours ago
A little kid remembers their past life all too well and seeks revenge on the man that killed them, their new father.
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skaithis · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Resident   Evil   comes   to   Dead   By   Daylight   .   .   .   I   hope   Leon   will   be   next   survivor   ,   so   I   came   up   with   some   perks   for   him   !   Bhvr   now   must   do   their   job   and   use   it   !!!
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the-consequences-of · 18 hours ago
Emmett’s Bio
Tumblr media
Name: Emmett Lycan Gender: Male He/Him Age: 18 Sexuality: Gay (in denial) Species: Werewolf (infected) A few traits: Anxious, Loyal, Naive, Sensitive, Clumsy
He gets hurt a lot, both physically and mentally
In denial about many things in his life, and about himself
He’s always trying to prove himself
“Insecure” is his middle name
He got bitten by a werewolf when he was 12, giving him Lycanthropy
“Lycan” isn’t his birth last name, after his first transformation his parents got so scared they abandoned him, he eventually was found by a werewolf pack and they took him in
He’s in the small group of the werewolves that always have a ‘wolf’ featured showing, Emmett’s are his ears
In pop culture you could see him like: Remus Lupin and Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter) Peter Parker (Marvel, Tom Holland) Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon) Piglet (Winnie the Pooh, lol) John Laurens and Philip Hamilton (Hamilton Musical)
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pikanicgaranna · a day ago
Tumblr media
New version of the characters of Nozomu and Yûki (the parents of my OC).
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paradiseturnedhell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I have been watching some animals-recognise-owners-after-years-appart compliations and that got me thinking. If Lucifer met Ramsey after his imprisonment in the Cage or if Sam were to meet Bones again, I think both dogs would collectively lose their mind. Like they would be overjoyed to see their owners again.
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jpdesenhador · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my Nautilus "mermaid". She's a shy little mollusc who wishes to be more opened and free like her other cephalopod companions.
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dissmisery · 2 days ago
Creating a Character Base
When you want to create a character, you have to consider three basic things:
Who is my character?
What do they want most in life?
How can I prevent them from achieving it?
I've decided to focus on the first point. Although it won't exactly cover everything (like lifestyle, age, etc.), it is here to give you a sort of template for the character's identity.
Keep in mind that this is NOT a guide for a full, deep character. It just works for creating a character basis.
So... from my experience, when I want to create the base for a character, I usually follow two methods:
Start from a stereotype, then go from there.
Take a part of yourself and expand it.
Although I think the latter to be more effective, let's focus on the first one. We'll try to go from a stereotype to creating a deeper character and their backstory.
Let's do that by creating the most stereotypical, generic, heroic action group:
Let's see... we have:
The leader/the hero/sometimes the chosen one
The strong one
The smart one
The comedic relief (although they're usually combined with the smart one)
The girl. Literally just the girl.
So, let's take this one characteristic and add some unique twist to it.
The leader is good at managing the team strategically, but not emotionally, so the team often fights because of him.
The strong one is a pacifist that only hits when needed or when an innocent person is in danger.
The smart one only works well under pressure.
The comedic relief only makes jokes to distract themselves from anxiety (especially intense situations like battles).
Make the girl violent, but not in a "look at how empowering I am and don't have an actual personality" way. Make her strong emotionally, someone who acts like a mother to the team.
So... now that we've dug just a bit deeper, you've also got to address one other thing. Why is my character like this in the first place?
Maybe the world was unfair to the leader, so they don't care about saving it anymore. All they want is their team to make it out alive, the only ones he trusts.
Maybe the smart one was pressured into being smart (or being perfect, both work), so they're used to working well only under pressure.
A bit cliché, but have the strong one be bullied as a kid. They became strong just so they could fight back, but once they realised the damage they'd done (like sending the bully to the hospital), they swore not to use violence against anyone unless it's completely necessary.
The comedic relief has actual anxiety/insecurities they hide through jokes because whenever they talk about their problems, they're afraid they'll be judged. (Please do your research before writing anxiety!)
Why not add a lil' drama in there? Have the girl be the strong one's bully when they were younger, except she doesn't remember it. But the strong one does and they do their best to avoid her.
So yeah. This isn't a full-on 3D character, of course, but it's a nice start to create one!
The other way would be to split your personality into characters.
Does your humour consist of dad jokes, sarcasm and dark humour? One humour for each character then!
Does one side of you like being a ball of joy, while the other one wants to be left alone? Split them into characters!
If you're an artist, designing the characters beforehand may help a lot. Here's mine, for example.
So yeah! That was it! I hope this helped a bit!
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turpentine-pool · 2 days ago
Me: Oh yea I really like variety and diversity when it comes to creating characters
Also me: * makes all my characters bisexual*
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praetoring · 3 days ago
jc: here’s a friend group
me: but what if i made my own
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tredmyth · 3 days ago
Hand gondolin Armor
Designed with the intent of age
Tumblr media
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