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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#character bio
ithilienrangers · 11 hours ago
Gender: Male
Race: Man, Gondorian of Numenorian Descent
Hair: Black, bleached to brown
Eyes: Green-grey
Languages: Sindarin, Westron, Anduinic, Haradric, Easterling
Postition: Second in Command of the Rangers of Ithilien under Faramir
Anborn was born in a small village along the outskirts of Ithilien near the Anduin. When he was old enough he was recruited for the army and due to his skills with both sword and bow as well as his familiarity with the woods of Ithilien Anborn became a Ranger. His level-headedness and forethought contributed to his rising through the ranks to become the Second in Command. His calm demeanor and patience in dealing with things, qualities he made stronger through watching his Captain, keep the others from being resentful and aid him in commanding the force whenever the Captain is away on other business.
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twst-the-royals · 16 hours ago
Sparrow (Neromar oc)
Eyooo I had this done a loooong time ago but never posted aha, anyways yeah meet Sparrow
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Unknown but goes by Sparrow
Twisted from: Jack Sparrow
Dorm: @neromardorm
Age: 20
Grade: 3rd year
Gender: mayhaps (use any pronouns you'd like she does not care what you use for him)
Sexuality: I am legally required by JP to make sparrow a Disaster Bisexual
Height: 5'11 ft (cm gang you convert it urself I'm lazy rn)
Club: Magic Shift
Favorite Food: Rum
Disliked Food: Tuna
Bad with: Trying to NOT get in danger
Special skill: Deception in action
Is Sparrow a bastard? Yes.
Do they have a irrational overwhelming fear of death? Yes, yes they do.
Do they purposely put themselves in life threatening situations? Yep....
Do they ever lie? No. Honestly the most honest person you will find in NRC, Sparrow never has said a lie in their life.
Sparrow is a recklessly but clever trouble magnet that always seeks out the thrill of adventure even if the danger in some of their escapades scared the ever loving shit outta them, and just narrowly misses death's door on many occasions... A lot of luck and wits can explain how Sparrow manages to get out of even the stickers of situations...
They never lose their temper and is rarely ever seen getting mad, at most maybe slightly annoyed but always keeps a cool head and rather laid-back. So try your best to get under his nerves, most likely you would see them laugh with ya and throw back a even 10x worse comeback with a shit eating grin on her face :)
They may seem like a selfish chaotic neutral at first but she wears their emotions on their sleeves. Don't let the uninterested first impression fool ya, Sparrow doesn't like showing her empathy openly and prefers people to remain thinking they are not a good guy. Sparrow is more likely to have inner turmoil about their empathy and kind nature clashing with the grey moral they live by...
Because by the end of the day, they will most likely put their own wants and morals on hold to even self sacrificing help those that really need her even if she doesn't want to face the reality that they do care about others...
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thistleandthorn-rpg · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Dexter Wells Designation: submissive Age: 33 Claim: Dahlia Wells Faceclaim: Jason Ralph Orientation: Bi-Sexual Occupation: Journalist Kinks: Bondage, Sensory Play Anti-Kinks: Humiliation, Bathroom Play, Blood/Knife Play, Public Sex Key Points:
Fiercely Loyal to those within his circle
Dexter and Dahlia were friends from the first day of kindergarten when she interrupted a bully trying to take Dex’s pudding cup. Dahlia was brash while Dexter was bashful. Dahlia was impulsive, while Dexter thought things through. Dahlia was ferocious, while Dexter was steady. She was born for the Dominant, while he was born to the uncertainty of the switch roll.
They went to Institute together and even though they each had their fair share of romances and hook-ups in the end they decided that their friendship was a stronger foundation for a claim. They just worked together. They even enjoyed each other in the bedroom without ever really categorizing what they had as romantic love. That was not to say that they didn’t love each other. They loved each other completely and fiercely; best friends forever. So they decided there was no need to stay in institute longer than necessary. They had a lot of life to live and knew they wouldn’t find better partners than each other. They got approved and were off and running with the rest of their lives. First college and then a move to The Big Apple like they’d talked about since the second grade.
Dahlia got a job at The New York Times straight out of college. It took Dexter a bit longer, but eventually he got a job with The Bronx Free Press, where he did community pieces that he never made light of. Dahlia writing about international mark agreements and Dexter writing about a giant zucchini grown in a community garden were considered the same in the Hanson-Wells household.
This was all perfect for quite a few years, but eventually, Dexter started to yearn for something else. He eventually admitted to Dahlia that he wanted… needed to be a dad. It was the first time he didn’t know what to expect from her. And neither did she. After a week of thought, she realized that of course she wanted to be a parent with her best friend. She was ready to share their happiness and love with a child… or children. A year later they welcomed their twins Dorothy and Jack. Dex was in heaven. He settled into his new roll as a house sub and stay at home dad. He’d never been one to believe that things could be ‘too good’ or that you could have too much good fortune. He believes it now. The phone call came just as he was putting the twins down for a nap. There was an accident. Everything possible was done. So sorry for your loss. And just like that his perfect life collapsed around him.
With two babies to raise and the deadline for finding a new claim looming over his head, Dexter headed home to where he grew up. Ohio seemed so much smaller. His paren’ts house even smaller still. But he was grateful for their support as he tried to mourn and still be the best dad he could. He found a job with the local paper, though as a submissive he couldn’t do much more than report on fluff pieces. He didn’t have the bandwidth to be anything more than grateful.
Life hadn’t turned out the way he’d expected, but for his children he needed to make the most of the life he was given.
Describe your occupational journey and how you got to where you are.
I studied journalism in college. I love that being a reporter gives you the opportunity to shine the light of truth in dark places. I don’t really do a lot of that kind of serious reporting, but that’s alright. Even small truths in shady places makes a difference.
How would you describe yourself as a Dominant/submissive?
Good question. I think my role as a submissive isn’t front and center. I would describe it as nurturing. I get a lot of self worth in taking care of the people I’m close to.
How do you feel about authority?
I’m okay with it. I understand the world order and my place in it. I’m not looking to rock any boats. Dahlia was the one who was ready to storm the gates and change the world. I just want to stay free and do right by my children. So authority figures… I’m ready to do whatever you need.
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thistleandthorn-rpg · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Christian Clarington Designation: Dominant Age: 24 Claim: NPC Faceclaim: Nolan Gerard Funk Orientation: Pansexual Occupation: CEO of Clarington & Pax; a thriving business firm based out of New York City, New York. Kinks: TPE, humiliation, breath-play, role-play, public-play, muscle worship, voyeurism, exhibitionism, open to anything not on the anti-kink list. Anti-Kinks: Scat, Vore, Water-Play, Cutting, Permanent injury or disfigurement Key Points:
Cold and distant
Arrogant, cocky and vain
Independent, a natural-born leader
Christian grew up in the lap of luxury, and he worked hard to stay there. Being a Clarington came with a lot of challenges. He had three brothers, all of which were bound for the military by the time they neared the end of their high school experience. For Christian; as athletic as he was, as well suited for combat as he was, he couldn’t have been less interested in serving. This pissed his father off; who, as a colonel, wanted all his sons to follow in his foot-steps. Christian was never one to abide by anyone’s rules, though. He’d been categorized from an early age as a lone-wolf. He played football and other sports just because he thought he was supposed to, but at the end of the day Christian was content with being alone and quite frankly found nearly everyone else; his family included to be beneath him in intelligence and depth. While that might be entirely true, it couldn’t be denied that Christian was gifted. He never scored lower than a 95% on anything. He was the Valedictorian, naturally - and went on to accept a full ride to NYU to pursue business. This, of course, was against Christian’s fathers’ wishes. However, there wasn’t anything to be done. It was a full-ride, so Christian’s fathers’ money wouldn’t be needed, and Christian had long-since tapped into his trust fund and withdrew those funds so that he had enough to survive on his own for at least the duration of his college education. In the cold fashion that was Christian’s style, he bid his family good-bye with little more than a nod and left for New York, more-or-less content with the idea of going solo for the rest of his life.
As expected, Christian flew through college with near-perfect marks and graduated in record-time at the top of his class. Soon after, he joined forces with one of his few friends to start a financial services firm. Christian had built a reputation for himself amongst his peers, so it only took about six months for them to gain traction. There was one bump in the road, of course - and that was the fact that Christian had to enroll in a BDSM academy like everyone else. He settled on an academy just across the river in Jersey and attacked his education there at a hurried pace. He didn’t disagree with the system, per say. He was pleased with his mark, and when he wasn’t bogged down by work, he loved sex - especially when it called for him to be in control (and it always did). Still, finding a claim was so insignificant to Christian in the grand scheme of things. He wanted it for status, more than anything - but also, he just wanted to get back to his life without any rules; where he was his own boss.
That opportunity came soon enough. He met a submissive girl at the institute and they hit it off as much as he’d ever hit it off with anyone before. Her name was Juliet. She was gorgeous, well-mannered and thankfully, very quiet. She never gave him trouble and quickly enough, he started a trial with her and soon their claim was legitimized. After that, they both graduated and left the academy and moved into Christian’s penthouse on the Upper East Side overlooking Central Park. Finally, all seemed well. …That was, until Juliet started to speak up. Evidently, she hated city life. Christian had never gotten that deep with her, considering the fact that most of their interactions were carnal and hyper-sexual. She was a small-town girl and actually had family in some cow-town in Ohio. She was discontent, and Christian knew what a discontented submissive could eventually lead to; claim dissolution. He couldn’t bear having to find another claim, so he caved and purchased a luxurious apartment (well, as luxurious as Ohio can offer, anyway) out in Lima. Now, he and his submissive live there part-time. During the week, Christian boards his private jet and flies back to Manhattan for work, and then he returns to Lima in a desperate effort to keep his claim together. Time will tell if his efforts are in vain, but all he can do at this point is hope for the best.
Describe your occupational journey and how you got to where you are.
In a phrase, my occupational journey can be described as a steady rise to the top. I won’t say that I came from nothing, because I didn’t. That said, I’ve built myself into something no one neither expected nor encouraged. While money has never been an issue, I’ve put in a great deal of effort into my education, my networking skills and my talent in the field of business. So, in answer to your question; I got to where I am through hard work, dedication and natural skill. It’s as simple as that.
How would you describe yourself as a Dominant/submissive?
I’m about as definitively Dominant as one can get. I’ve heard horror stories about the system failing people in their mark assignments and luckily that wasn’t the case for me. I’m strict, structured and communicative. I leave nothing to be desired when it comes to informing my submissives of my expectations. Further, I’d like to think that any submissive under my care is thoroughly taken care of physically, sexually and otherwise. Try to find a better Dominant than myself, I dare you.
How do you feel about authority?
I’m just fine with authority when I’m the one taking that role. I detest being told what to do; hence my ambitions to start my own business. I am my own boss, through and through; that mentality bleeds out of my occupational career and into my day-to-day life, as well.
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moonlit-grove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Muirgen Sorcha has reached level 80!
I’ll make a character post for her later, but she’s a largos/sylvari hybrid >:3c, Vielcos’ daughter in a self indulgent AU.
I don’t have what I need for her planned armor so for now she gets this.
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henryccdl · 2 days ago
Hello Wings of Fire fandom! I rediscovered a drawing of an old oc i made in the week that the first book came out and decided to redraw them and give him a proper backstory!
Tumblr media
Male (Ftm)
Panromantic Asexual
Nightwing, Icewing, Sandwing
Spectre's mother was an Icewing Nightwing hybrid while his father was a Sandwing. Spectre was born under a total solar eclipse, he has crescent moon like markings on his scales and under his wings. Spectre was sadly traumatized and abused many times in his early life, and developed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result. Later in life, he joined a mercenary group and, after refusing to let the leader of the group kill someone, he was badly injured and left for dead. He crawled his way to an abandoned temple in the sand and fainted, having a vision of a powerful "Moon Dragon" who then appeared to resurrect him. Spectre decided to change his ways, becoming a mysterious vigilante under the guidance of the Moon Dragon.
Definitely not just Moon Knight as a dragon am i right ahA-
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twst-the-royals · 2 days ago
Cupid d'Cootie (Pomefiore oc)
Tumblr media
I'm too lazy to draw the uniform oc
Her name is Cupid, her age is unknown (def 100+) and she's a vampire cat girl who loves garlic bread, sunny clear days with sunlight, and only does Angelcore + Lovecore aesthetic
Gothicore who?
She founded the Matchmaker's Club where she helps NRC students who sign up for her services find their perfect match and always maintains a sweet and motivated mindset ready to help her clients out the best she can!
Don't try to mess with her club or her personally, as sweet and patient she is, she can in fact roast and hurt you if she wants to~! ❤
She was born on Valentine's Day btw and also runs a side business making enchanted jewelry
Also if she dates, its cause she will marry you or:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
character bio: Kathryn Janeway
It's never easy... but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human.
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melodythebunny · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Raine Strom
Favorite color: Blue
Personality: Creative, innovating, silly, somewhat responsible
Likes: Adventuring, painting, parties
Dislikes: Being bored, art blocks
Raine is always thinking up new ideas for her latest arts and crafts project. She generally means well but sometimes her ideas can lead her friends into crazy situations.
She also is prone to breaking the fourth wall. She could be having a conversation with her friends and says “have you notice the text is different etc.” out of nowhere. Her friends are still very much confused to this day.
She has 7 brothers and is the eldest. 
I’ll also post this up on my new side blog that’s a WIP:…
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writingthekhaos · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
"...Name is Nora. My ancestor laid a dragon and now I have to deal with a pair of horns and a fireball every time I sneeze. Nice to meet you."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌟 Original profile template created by the awesome @starneko123 🌟
NORA: From the Hebrew, meaning "light". Alternatively, shortened version of the Latin Honora, meaning "honor".
AUREM: Modified from of Aureum, Latin word for "Gold".
DATE OF BIRTH: July 15th
AGE: 28
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
Shirai Ryu' golden dragon (formerly)
Blazing Dragon
Fire Assassin
Fire-Spit (by Theresa)
Overgrown Gecko (by Erron Black)
Wyrmling (affectionately, by Syzoth)
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Human - Dragon (a long forgotten dragon lineage)
HAIR COLOR: Light brown (often dyed)
EYE COLOR: Golden brown
HEIGHT: 160cm / 5'3
ORIGIN(S): Earthrealm
Mother: Venus Aurem (deceased)
Twin brother: ??? Aurem (unknown)
Father: Unknown
Shirai Ryu (formerly)
Kotal Kahn (currently)
Hanzo Hasashi (former)
Speed: 7. 5/10
Agility: 8/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Strength: 6.5/10
Stamina: 7.5/10
Fighting Skills: 9/10
Instincts: 7/10
Theresa Tyson
Syzoth (mate)
Kotal Kahn
Erron Black
Shirai Ryu clan
Hanzo Hasashi
Shao Kahn
Glove twin blades
Concealed blades (boot)
Gas bombs
Pebble necklace (gifted by Syzoth)
Sapphire ring (family heirloom)
Her draconian ancestry concedes her limited control over flames in the ambient. She can use the flames to heat metals nearby (such as her blades or parts of the enemy armor), set fire to objects and manipulate it to enhance her kicks and punches.
If attacked with common flames, she may absorb them and use it to charge her own flames.
Fire resistance
Nora has resistance to fire, to some degree. Flames from natural sources aren't able to wound her, although she can still feel the pain from the burn. Hellfire, such as the ones from Hanzo' wraith still damage her normally.
Fire breathing
She has the ability to breathe fire like her dragon ancestors. She has mild control over it, and can choose between attacking her target with two types of fire attack:
Flamethrower: a wide, short-ranged stream of blue flames. This attack although powerful, is used as a last resort, as it needs a recharge time. After being summoned, it leaves Nora vulnerable until she can catch her breath.
Fireballs: A long range attack. Summoned on her hands or spat right from her mouth, this attack is of much lower power, but needs only a couple moments of recovery.
Tumblr media
Two figures are huddled under the covers in bed. A large male -quite reptilian in appearance- is curled around a much smaller woman, his nose buried deep in the middle of her wild curls.
"Syz... We need to get up. I have to go in a scouting mission for the Kahn", she mumbles turning around to face him, but makes no move to push him off, burying her face in his chest instead.
"Nooo... Five more minutes, please. Not ready to let you go yet" he complains, turning on his back and pulling her along to rest on his chest, arms snaking around her form to keep her from leaving.
"You keep saying that over and over again. It's been half a hour already" the woman retorts, giggling. She rubs the sleep off her eyes and brushes back the hair falling on her face. The tip of two golden horns peeks from underneath the pastel colored wavy locks.
"Well it's working, as you haven't left me yet." he purrs happily. Mischief shines on his eyes as his partner fights to tame her curls in a loose bun. "Allow me to help?" she opens her mouth to protest but his long tongue is already on her hair, spreading a thick coat of saliva that makes the whole right side of her hair stick up.
"Syzoth!! By the elder gods, how dare you?!?" she laughs, amused and irked at the same time. Joining his cackling, she slaps his chest playfully and jumps off his chest and out of the bed, ignoring Syzoth whine.
"Nooo, come back, you are so soft and cozy... And warm."
"I swear you're only courting me because I'm warm." she laughs, slapping away the grabby hands he was making towards her "It should be the other way around. The usual is that the bigger partner is the warmer one!"
"Nothing in our relationship is usual, now is it? For starters, one of your ancestors is a giant fire breathing lizard." he huffs a laugh, and props on one elbow, lazily watching her move around the room and cover herself in black and yellow armor. She's about to don the last piece of it -a mask mimicking a dragon snout- when she suddenly throws it on the floor with a groan and stomps to the bed, throwing herself on top of his chest again.
"I don't want to goooooo!." a dramatic sigh later, she's up again, grabbing the mask from the floor "But I must. At least to show my face to the Kahn before the guards kick our door off the hinges thinking my ex-clan finally cut my throat"
"Promise to take care?"
"Always. Keep the bed cool for me, alright? Love you, gecko"
"Not as much as I love you, wyrmling."
Shiny things
High places
Good quality sake
Anything cold
Deep water
Spicy food
Nora is full of energy and always moving, having the need to keep her hands always occupied in order to focus.
Slow to make friends, mainly due to her upbringing, she believes in loyalty and would do all in her power to help a friend in need, expecting the same from the ones she considers to be from her inner circle.
Nora can be harsh on her judgment and fast to deliver it, not believing in second chances when her trust is broken. As harsh as it may seem, she is rarely above killing people she considers a threat to her or her chosen family.
| Here in this house we pretend Kotal is still Emperor |
Still a baby, Nora was left by a mysterious lady in a horse at the doors of the Shirai Ryu grounds, inside the wicker basket she was inside was a sapphire ring and a letter
She was raised in secret by the Grandmaster at the time, being trained to control her powers and eventually becoming an efficient assassin to the Shirai Ryu.
Even inside the clan she was seen as a mere rumor, her dragon-like features being dismissed as old wives tales to scare the youngsters. To help with keeping the rumors just as that, when allowed to be seen in public, she donned a mask carved to the likeness of a dragon' face.
Years later during an assassination mission she attacked her current target, and when approaching them to collect the proof of completion, she noticed not only that they were not killed with her first attempt, but also that the stranger bared a striking likeness to herself, down to the scales on the face and the horns. Unable to complete the mission, she left the bounty uncollected and returned to the clan to confront the Grandmaster.
She did not take well to learning of her origins as bastard child of Shao Kahn, she taken by a overwhelming desire for revenge and bloodlust she deserted the clan in the middle of the night in the search for a way to get her revenge on the Kahn and find her twin brother. She then spent years on the run, being chased down by Shirai Ryu assassins for her treason.
Currently she sworn her services if assassination to Kotal and Jade, both as a way to get protection from the ones who want her head and to get a better chance of finding her brother.
Tumblr media
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circusofmuses2 · 7 days ago
Name: Cyrus Hailey
Age: Unknown(died at 26)
Race: Undead
Job: Reaper
Cyrus was born into a wealthy family, one that was secretly targeted for years by a criminal organization. One year, after Cyrus turned 26, they attacked and killed him and his family. Before Cyrus could pass on to the afterlife he was given an offer by a demon: He could either pass on, or hunt down and deliver punishment to these who wronged him. He chose to become the next grim reaper.
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Tumblr media
NAME: Persica Haven
DEBUT: Of Discordant Fists and Bloody Keys (Chapter ??)
EPITHET: Green Witch
AGE: 20
BIRTHDAY: August 22nd
HEIGHT: [5'6"] [167cm]
BOUNTY: 200.000.000 beli
Tumblr media
Fave Food: Chocolate Muffins, Peaches, Whipped Cream
Least Fave Food: Jello Casserole
Fave Drink: Peach Tea
Flower: Kenilworth Ivy
Animal: Asian Elephant
IRL Nationality: European-American
Hobbies: Embroidery, Gardening, Baking
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famestar6 · 8 days ago
Crystal Bio
Tumblr media
Image made with -
Name: Crystal Amai
Height: 5'6
Weight: Slim, Athletic.
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Short bobbed hair.
Eye Color: purple.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chockers and silver bracelets.
Dancing, singing, running, yoga.
Flora Amai
Takishi Amai
Love Interest/Crush:
Ophelia, Jaesoo and Iris
She doesn't like Van. She isn't a big fan of his flirty attitude. She isn't the biggest fan of Ren either but she just ignores him.
She was born in New York so when she was younger she was used to living in a multicultural environment and got to experience different styles of dance. Her family moved to Japan when she was older and she continued to learn to professionally dance. She had won many competitions before going into the Academy.
She went into Saotome Academy when she was 12 and took the exam she got into the school and met Iris as she got into the group called Moonlight. She became the main dancer on Moonlight. She grew a connection with her group. She had gotten into the group due to her skills.
She is very strict with her skills and overwork herself sometimes. She spends a lot of hours practicing her dancing and she's a perfectionist. She hates people who don't put effort into their work.
She is willing to help others improve in dancing. She is very committed to her work and following the rules. She is very strict on rules. She is strict and honest but she is still very caring of others especially her members.
" come on I'll teach you..."
" your lacking...and it's showing. "
Other Information:
Likes: dancing, singing, performing, football
Dislikes: lazy people, action films, ice skating
Hobbies: dancing, going to the gym, singing
Goals: To become known within her group but also as a dancer.
Habits: Fixing her hair, blinking when confused.
Fears: not being taken seriously, being kicked out of her group.
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thistleandthorn-rpg · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Up to Player (Inspired by Toni Topaz) Designation: Up to Player Age: Up to Player (under 30) Faceclaim: Up to Player (POC preferred) Orientation: Up to Player Kinks: Up to Player Anti-Kinks: Up to Player Connection possibilities: none yet
Key Points to character:
Sassy and quick witted
Straight to the point, sometimes harsh
Loyal to the right people
Not easily swayed by others
Can be male or female
Can be attached to most families as a sibling or twin.
BIO: (Give us a couple paragraphs regarding the background of this character, using the key points mentioned above).
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thistleandthorn-rpg · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Up to Player (Inspired by Veronica Lodge) Designation: Up to Player Age: Up to Player (under 30) Faceclaim: Up to Player (Latinx prefered) Orientation: Up to Player Kinks: Up to Player Anti-Kinks: Up to Player Connection possibilities: Potential connection to Hiram. Key Points to character:
Justice fighter
Rights wrongs, even if they made them
Stands up for people
Helpful, selfless, caring
Can be male or female
Can be attached to most families as a sibling or twin.
BIO: (Give us a couple paragraphs regarding the background of this character, using the key points mentioned above).
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