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#chara hate
saltycharacters · an hour ago
I’m begging u to tell us which DR characters are the valid ones
Tumblr media
These four. They're the only morally decent characters who are interesting and also haven't been as bastardized by the writers as the rest of the danganronpa characters have. Fuck everyone else
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muninnhuginn · 6 hours ago
I'm probably forgetting some instances here and my chronology may be muddled because this is mostly off the top of my head (edit: okay nvm I rewatched the specific bits), but I really love how white is used in Wen Kexing's wardrobe in association with "Zhen Yan". And in some ways with turning points of his overall character arc throughout the series.
I'm going to go through this in the order these events happened to wkx rather than in series order just to follow through the chara better. Mentioning beforehand as well though I'm guessing most people reading this will already know that white tends to symbolise stuff like purity/innocence and, most importantly to this, death in Chinese culture.
Okay, so when we first meet wkx as a child as a disciple with zzs, he's wearing white robes. He's a fairly innocent kid at this stage and he was allowed to have a pretty happy childhood overall (even if he later regretted not studying more) until Zhao Jing came into the picture and everything else happened. For much of the series, wkx views his Zhen Yan identity as functionally dead (which he literally spells out in his mini confrontation with Shen Shen) and so there's almost a veil of mourning around these flashbacks for both wkx and the audience.
Then we come to the flashback where his parents are killed (ep 24). Wkx is dreaming as he remembers so obviously in white underrobes (is there an actual term for this? I feel weird calling them pyjamas) so the association is there even though Zhen Yan himself isn't wearing full white, just white robes beneath his outer robes. The flashback ends with Tragicomic Ghost giving him Meng Po soup and him forgetting Zhao Jing's part in this whole business (this basically draws the line between Zhen Yan and Wen Kexing). The deaths in these scenes are both literal (his parents) and that of himself in him giving up his memories. (Wkx then awakens and has his conversation with zzs about the latter's past, but I'm not sure that really fits the pattern here.)
Ep 23, we see wkx being "taught" by the valley king of the time that the only way to survive in ghost valley is to kill. He's wearing a white shirt here and is referred to as "ah xing" confirming he's now killed the Zhen Yan part of his identity as part of his own survival. The valley king makes sure to punctuate his "lesson" with violence.
Which leads onto the next chronological instance (ep 21), where wkx uses violence himself to topple the former valley king. This scene was actually the one which first made me think there was an association because his choice to wear white in this scene is just... questionable, but this scene is coming on the heels of the Four Seasons childhood scenes and so there's that connection there. Anyway, he is wearing white, but it's marred a bit by, well, the blood. This is where he becomes the ghost valley king. The death here works similarly to with his parents where there's both the literal death of the king as well as wkx's identity prior to taking on the ghost valley kind title (and we do get hints with the entire "Auntie Luo" thing with Tragicomic Ghost that things did change as he took on this persona.)
Now, unless I'm forgetting something, wkx doesn't really wear white again after this point (excluding obviously his night clothes) until his confrontation with Zhao Jing. We get to see his development away from all the murk of the ghost valley back towards him being a "human". This scene is almost immediately after he's faked his death which within the plot is something you kind of have to peer at quizzically in hopes it'll make more sense next you look, but in context of his character evolution lets you have a little death/rebirth narrative. He confronts Zhao Jing not as Wen Kexing the Ghost Valley King but as Zhen Yan of Healer Valley. And he wears white as a contrast to everything else he's worn as ghost valley king to reclaim his Zhen Yan identity from the dead. It's definitely a big leap for his character even though he hasn't cut his ties with ghost valley entirely.
Finally - and I wasn't going to include this bit at first because it's not his clothes - you get to his very last appearance/s with his white hair. I know the drama ending is fairly controversial and the white hair stuff is a pretty common trope regardless, but I'd like to think that in this case it's a continuation of where wkx was at during his confrontation with Zhao Jing and hey, he gains the white hair after yet another "death/rebirth". White hair isn't something like clothes that can just be easily swapped; it's something that's part of him now. Essentially, he has made peace with himself and his history. Sure, he can hardly be called "innocent" again at this stage, but he's reconciled the Zhen Yan parts of himself with the Wen Kexing and the Ghost Valley King parts of himself.
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fictionkinfessions · 7 hours ago
I love and hate being a canon divergent villain
Like am i different enough from the medias original canon that if i did find canonmates they wouldn't hate my guts?? I think so yeah!!
But ... Im Yoshikage Kira people generally dont like me
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
@ The recent BOTW Link who’s upset with Revali
I’m sorry. I never would have apologized back then, but I’m not too chicken to say it now, and I’m sorry.
I was vain, and honestly, fairly jealous. Imagine being told your whole life that you’re the one who’s destined to save the world. You were going to be the hero of your people- you were going to be the one who your people tell legends about. Being told your whole life that your one job is to make people proud, to set the example, to train day one and day out until your primary feathers fell out from how often you used your bow.
It gave me this idea that if I wasn’t the best in the room, I was nothing. It’s not sound logic by any means, but it was all I really knew, and it was what had kept me so dedicated to my training.
Imagine thinking like that, and then suddenly you’re told you’re second to a young hylian; Zelda’s bodyguard. Being told that all those legends are actually meant for some scrawny, insignificant fleshface who can’t fly, can’t aim worth a hoot, whose training had just begun. You know, the one who’d been reported trying to make teeth soup with a bark garnish???? Being told your whole life is in the hands of that little guy.
I was wrought with jealousy because I knew I wouldn’t be remembered as the hero I was always told I was supposed to be. I was just another piece of the meticulous plan. The one motivation I’d ever had was gone. I was in disbelief, and denial to an extent.
And I’m sorry. I know now that I should’ve been humbled to work with such an honorable knight. I appreciate your trust in me despite my demeanor, and I hope you can forgive me.
- Revali
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
an open letter to all Sonia Nevermind:
your way of killing me was really cliche and boring i wish you would have done it more creatively so i could have at least gone out with a bang. oh also I absolutely despise you.
signed Vinyl Suzuki (a lovely noncanon) (#💕🛸)
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
You know, it hurts pretty bad that the fandom, or at least the byler side, hates me so much. Not even because of ships or anything, I don't care about that. But Mike was the first person to actually properly see me as a person, one of the only ones who was actually nice to me and liked me for me (the other two being Joyce and Hopper and then later Max, though she only started hanging out with me more cos she was upset with her boyfriend). The others all only put up with me because of what I could do for them. None of them actually liked me. At worst, they were scared of me. I was just a kid. I was just a traumatized, scared, lonely kid. I was treated like an animal and an object when I was in that lab and then all I was was a weapon and a tool outside of it. Mike was the only person who ever stood up for me and spoke out when the time came for me to be a weapon again. All the show ever does with my character is reinforce over and over that all I'm good for is being a weapon. I had one real friend, and it was Mike. One good, proper relationship with someone who saw me as an actual human being and could forget about my trauma. And all I keep seeing, both from the fandom and from the Mike and Will kins I've encountered, is that I'm not good enough, actually, and that I should just get out of the way so Mike and Will can be together. And it hurts. - Eleven
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
I hate him so fucking much I hate you so much you fucking sociopath you are so fucking disgusting for what you used to do to me you are nasty and vile and i hope wherever you are you just know that everyone fucking hates you but especially me. I will never fucking forgive you. I will always hate you. You did this to me never fucking forget it
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heavenlysphere · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
#shut up maverick#me: I love people’s interpretations of characters#also me: that is. they’ve never rudely interacted before????#I don’t want to be mean but this is driving me up the wall because I am weird.#I love roleplay.#I do not expect everyone to be an expert on a chara that’s unrealistic I am not myself but#these characters have never rudely interacted. there’s like. one ‘you think I’m hot don’t you.’ ‘admittedly.’ and that’s. all I can think of#it’s so obvious when ppls ooc biases bleed into a character sometime.#but I don’t want to be mean and say. mean things.#I think you should just.... consent about this.#I’m the host of the rp but that was like. thrown onto me. I did not make it. so I do not feel like I should be word of god it should be a#collab effort???#I hate vaguing but I don’t know wtf to say to this person. how do I say cool it. they’re not breaking the rules that were set.#consent your ic fighting my god don’t punch him?????#I hate conflict why#and ppl have been repeatedly uncomfortable with them but I don’t want to like. vague in the other chat either like everybody else has?? bc#that’s mean and clearly they’re very new. and that’s fine. that’s not the issue it’s just they don’t. listen. but I don’t knowww what to doo#because technically it’s not against the rules. but they’re pissing others off. but they’re trying their best I think. and this ppl pleaser#is the host so my dumbass is like conflict I’ve never met her
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
martin, you were a monster. you hurt all of us, broke your own family beyond repair, and for what? that’s what i want to know. why? how could you have done that to us? i shouldn’t have wasted my time trying to save you. you were never going to listen to me.
but if you are out there, and you have changed, i suppose i’m happy for you. just stay away from me and my family. (#neverinlight)
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
agent starling, you're very nice! please never interview me again or i'll sic my cannibal peepaw on you. - abigail hobbs (#🧪💗)
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
I hope im not a techoblade kinnie /neg :)) I don't wanna be thought of as a factkin.
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
@ the kinnies with jobs discussion:
Hi. It’s Castiel, Angel of the Lord and bee enthusiast. I’m actually studying to be a professor of literature (mostly creative writing) and am going to be a published poet one day. So I will be teaching young minds to express themselves and find their voice. You could be reading my crazy, wild poetry one day. I find that a fun concept.
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fictionkinfessions · 3 days ago
dear sadao kujo,
you died hehe lol :)
-star platinum
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fictionkinfessions · 4 days ago
cispresso my abhorred <3 friendly reminder that i was trans <3 it isnt technically a reminder because it isnt Canon, but like. as you may be able to understant. I Know These Things. and, apologies, i think this came off sounding ruder than i intended? my original point still stands, though -espresso cookie (cookie run)
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
y'all know that post about discomfort characters? like characters you REALLY wanna sock in the face? characters you absolutely just wanna fuckin thrash? that's how i feel about darkiplier. come at me you bi colored baby, let's fuckin tango. and also let me giv u a lil kiss on the forehead. just a lil smooch. - a host 🎙 (youtubekin) who has some. very specific feelings about dark :')
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
ive had similar thoughts before. i hate him for leaving me in askaban to rot for 12 years when he knew i was innocent and likely could've testified for me, or at least let the people i loved know i hadn't betrayed them. but his death still hurts somehow. it's insane.
my point is though, i get it
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