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softpeanut · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look I'm trying to make gifs lol
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softpeanut · 3 hours ago
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softpeanut · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chris and Scott in france
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jbreenr · 9 hours ago
Trust –Chris Evans
Pairing: Bodyguard!Chris Evans × Famous!reader
Word count: 5.7k
Summary: Chris has worked for many artists. All, counting on him to keep them safe. Why don't you?
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), choking, unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), mentions of an alleged stalker, reader being a bit stubborn, slight angst (???), cockwarming at the end. This is a RPF AU so, don’t read if you don’t feel comfortable with that. I think that's it.
A/N: Damn, I got a little carried away. Sorry. This is the longest shit I've written so far so, I hope it's not as boring as I think it might be. Anyway, I had so much fun writing it for @buckyownsmylife 's 1st anniversary challenge! Why am I always writing for you? I don't understand, but I like it 😆. Also, yes, I posted this on Chris' birthday, I'm that kinda person. As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes en español*
Wheel results (just attaching evidence):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
All captions said the same. The press, as always taking advantage of the misfortune of others to create gossip and gain followers and reads on their sites.
You shut the laptop and took your face in your hand.
It all started the day before, when you were waiting for a cab outside an overly expensive Thai place, after having a meeting with one of the most acclaimed thriller film directors to discuss a role he was offering you for his next project.
With the deal made and dessert finished, Mark, your manager, offered to take you home, but you declined his offer, telling him that you had to run some errands before. He left with the promise of calling you during the week.
The ringtone you set for your best friend sounded loudly in your back pocket. Answering her call, you covered your eyes from the sunlight.
“Hey, babe. How's it going?”
“I should be the one asking that, but given your apparent good mood, I think things went as planned.”
Raising your arm, you called for a taxi, but the driver ignored you. “It went better than planned! Not only did I get a role in the movie. I got the role in the movie. So, you better greet and bow to the new Mistress of the Underworld next time you see me!” Your voice went from arrogant to excited as you spoke, letting her know that you were joking.
“That's awesome, dude!” your friend exclaimed. “Damn, there'll be no way to get you out of your throne now.”
You fake laughed and asked, “Do I really have to get the drinks? I mean, it's me who we are celebrating.”
“Hey, your achievement, your liquor.”
“Hi. Are you Y/N/N?,” A guy you vaguely remembered having seen some times behind the security bars of different events shyly approached you. “Yes, you are! I love your movies. Can I… can we take… is it okay if…?” Phone in hand, he tried asking.
“Hold on a second, girl. I’m taking a photo with…” you didn't finish the sentence, waiting for the man to complete it.
“Oh uhm, Bern.”
“With Bern. I’ll be right back.”
“Do it fast, we gotta toast because you’re paying the bills again.”
“Shut up.” You giggled and then turned your attention to the red headed in front of you.
He was taller than you by a few inches. His green eyes, small, and his nose and cheekbones covered with hundreds of freckles. He seemed nice.
“So, how would you like the photo?” you asked as you fixed your perfectly combed hair. “Do you want us to pose or just a simple selfie?”
“A selfie is fine.” he stood beside you, close enough for both your faces to fit on the broken screen of his phone.
Raising your hand, you made a peace sign and gave your biggest smile to the camera. He clicked the button and it was done.
“Well, it was so nice seeing you, Bern but, I better get going. People are waiting for me.” You waved at him and turned to start walking, but he stopped you by taking your wrist.
“Can we repeat it? I don’t like how I look.” His insisting eyes, trying to convince you.
“Sure, why not?” Your friend was still on the line and you told her to wait for a little longer.
You got in position and showed your teeth once more, but your smile faltered when you felt his cold fingers touching your lower back from under your top.
"That hand.” You warned in a playful voice.
His touch disappeared, but the feeling was still there.
Once the photo was taken, you stepped away and shakingly said your goodbyes, in hopes of getting away from him as quickly as possible.
“No, wait! Let’s take another one!” His hand gripped your waist. “Just one more.”
“I'm gonna be late. My friends are--.”
He dragged you closer to him and you stepped on his feet accidentally, but he didn't seem to notice. His eyes, big and sparkling.
“The lighting is not good.” He looked around. “Let’s go somewhere else to make it perfect.”
Fear ran down your body, the closeness of his face to yours, disturbing you to the point of wanting to start running.
“Please, let go of me.” Calm flew from your mouth, even though you were feeling the opposite.
“Not until we take another photo!” His tone was contundent, nothing like the one he used while asking for the first one.
“You’re hurting me!” A few people were passing by, only turning to see if you were really that actress they had seen somewhere, none of them knowing what was going on.
“You really want to leave me?” You pulled, intending to shake him off. “Then, leave.”
Instead of just freeing you, he shoved your arm. The unexpected force, bringing you to the ground on your side. Your whole weight, falling on your left hand.
Screaming in pain, you heard your friend calling for you asking if you were okay, while with teary eyes you saw Bern running away and a lot of curious people forming a circle around you.
“Hey girl, uhm,” You took your phone to your ear and brought your other hand to your chest. “I think I’m gonna be late for the party.”
After some X-rays, a movement test and a bunch of medical terms that you didn't understand, the doctor told you that you only had a slight sprain and that you'd only need to wear a wristband for two to three weeks, take some painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and avoid movement as much as possible.
Luckily, you were already done filming the second season of your series. Your only concern, the pre-production of the new movie that started in a couple of weeks.
Those events led you the next day, sitting in front of Mark’s desk, being given a speech of how you should be more careful while talking to fans.
“… And that's why I consider it appropriate for you to take an escort with you.”
“But I don’t need protection!” you yelled at your manager. “I can defend myself.”
“Yeah? How did that go yesterday?”
Licking your lips in exasperation, you tried to come up with a compelling argument so you could persuade him to put his crazy idea aside and let you be.
“Look, Mark, I’m just saying that I don’t need a babysitter.”
“Y/N, understand, I don’t want anything like that happening to you again. While that lunatic is still out there, you cannot go out alone."
“It was not a big deal. I don’t know why you’re all acting like he beat the hell out of me.”
“He could have.”
“But he didn’t!” You stood up and wandered around his office. “I’m tired of telling people that I can handle these kinds of situations just fine.”
“I don’t care what you think.” Pointing at the chair in front of him, he signaled for you to sit again, which you did recultanty. “I found a guy. He’s supposed to be the best of the best; good recommendations, excellent resumé, and an impressive knowledge of, what seems to be, martial arts." He said as he held an open folder. "Just... give it a chance, would you?" He handed you the folder. "If after a month you feel uncomfortable with someone following you around twenty four seven well, we'll find another solution."
You looked at the information printed in the piece of paper, not paying attention to it and sighed in defeat, throwing your head back. “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Of course, you should have known better than to think that.
Two days later, Monday morning, during breakfast –or study time, as you usually called it, your doorbell rang.
Still in your pajamas, you went to open the door. A half empty bowl of fruit, held between your left forearm and ribs. Your hand, immovile, caught in the wristband.
Mark stood in front of you, looking as if someone had dropped ice cream in his favorite pair of shoes. Right eyebrow raised and lips pressed in a tight line. He was mad. At you, specifically. But it was not his expression what caught your attention. It was the man behind him; a hundred and eighty-two pounds of pure muscle and six feet of gorgeousness remained silent and still, wearing an immaculate black suit and showing no emotion in his handsome face.
“What did I tell you?” Mark asked as he showed you his phone. A picture of you and two other girls adorned the screen.
“I don’t know.” You took a grape from your plate and turned to walk to the living room again, both men, following you inside. “You’ve told me plenty of things since we met.”
The other man looked around unimpressed, hands behind his back and an analytic glint drawn on his pupils.
You dropped to the couch, taking the script and marker again to continue with your previous task.
“I specifically said that I didn’t want you to expose yourself by going out alone.” He sat on the coffee table. The other guy, rigid and impassable a few steps away. “And, what do you do? You decide to go for a walk, wave at paparazzis, give autographs and have long conversations with strangers in the street.”
“They’re not strangers.” You threw the script aside. “They’re my fans, and if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.”
“One of those fans is the reason we’re having this conversation right now.” He inhaled deeply, as if it helped him calm down. “I’m not here to argue with you.” He stood up.
“Lucky me!” Your sarcasm had him shaking his head.
“I came to introduce you to the newest addition to your team.”
For some reason, you felt as if they had practiced that part, with the man walking in your direction and reaching out his hand to you the second Mark finished the sentence.
“Miss Y/L/N, my name’s Christopher and I'll be the one taking care of your safety.”
You eyed him up and down from your seat.
My safety. You thought, chuckling. He's way too cute not to be an actor… model, if not.
“Well, Chris, welcome aboard.” You shook his hand with your healthy one.
“I would appreciate it if you called me Christpher, if you don’t mind.” He straightened, the tone of his request calm, but firm.
“Sure, Chris.” He narrowed his eyes in discomfort but did nothing to correct you again.
With an eye roll, Mark moved to sit beside you and invited Christopher to have a seat as well.
“Let's start, shall we?” Your manager asked, putting out a notebook full of post-its. Your new shadow, doing the same.
You spent the rest of the day checking your activities for the next week, preparing security measures and a contingency plan, in case it was needed.
Your script reading, delayed until dinnertime.
The first two weeks were not as boring as you thought they'd be. Rumors of a certain actress dating a mysterious guy blew the internet as soon as he was spotted helping you get out of your car in the parking lot of a mall. Gossips about your love life, breaking social media when photos of you two carrying your shopping bags were published. Speculations regarding him moving in with you were heard the day he accidentally appeared in the back of a video you posted. All of them, dismissed during an interview, answering a question about the incident that caused it all.
Although you were having the time of your life, calling him "Chris" in every chance given, teasing him, he didn’t flinch even once.
The only problem you found was when it came to greeting people that approached you asking for a photo. Chris would create a barrier between you and your fans, and ask them to step back, scaring most of them. He took his job too seriously. That did not mean you didn’t manage to sneak out of his trained ocean eyes to get closer to them every now and then, getting on his nerves every single time.
Week three was here, which meant that you had run out of food, therefore you needed to go to the store to get some supplies for the rest of the month.
It was nine o’clock when the doorbell rang. Still in bed with eyes closed, you groaned in disbelief and covered your face with the blankets. It had been like that since his hiring became official… kind of. The first day, he arrived at six am with the excuse of needing to inspect your apartment to rule out possible access for intruders. Deep inside, you suspected it was his retribution for ignoring his wish of being called by his full name during your first reunion; The second day, he was at the door at seven, with the argument that his working hours started that early; On day three you decided to shorten his duty time by asking him to show up at ten thirty in the morning and gave him a key so he wouldn’t interrupt you with whatever you were doing.
Yet, he thought that it was better if he was there earlier in case an unexpected event arose. And if it was not enough, he clung to the idea that waiting to be invited in was the right thing to do.
The shrill sound echoed through the house again, making you want to disconnect it and knock him out with it. Instead, you got out of bed and with slow, heavy steps, went to open the door, leaving your robe and slippers behind. You gave up your efforts of looking presentable on day six.
Unlike you, with tangled hair, morning breathing and wrinkled pajamas, he was wide awake, prepared to start the day with his batteries fully charged.
“You know where the coffee is.” You let him in and closed the door behind him, knowing damn well that he didn't need a cup as much as you did. “I’ll be right back.”
Dragging your feet on the floor, you walked directly to the bathroom, not ready to say goodbye to the comfort and warmth of your bed and replace them for the awakening effect of a shower.
Your voice accompanied the music coming out of the radio on your way back to your apartment, hands playing simultaneously an imaginary guitar and the biggest air drum someone could imagine. Singing the guitar solo and shaking your head to the beat of the song from the passenger seat had Chis peeking at you, successfully hiding a smile behind a weary face.
Right when the chorus started, your stomach roared, ruining the moment and your performance in the process.
“We can go get you something to eat.” He suggested, keeping his eyes on the road.
“Yeah, I’m starving!” Unlocking your phone, you searched for a place nearby where you could have a pizza. “Bet you too.”
“I’m good.”
“I doubt that.” Clicking on the pin of a pizza and pasta restaurant, you said. “This morning you rejected my kind breakfast offer,” Sarcasm, coming out easily. You offered him a bowl of cereal with barely any cereal on it with no milk. “And I hadn’t seen you eat anything the whole day.”
“I’m good.” He repeated, shaking his head, putting the conversation to an end and turning right when you told him to.
There was no explanation. No apparent reason for it to happen the way it did. Maybe you had bad luck with food establishments, maybe you should resign to home deliveries and never step on a restaurant for the rest of your life.
Chris had parked a block away from the pizza place due to the lack of space in front of it, which meant that you had to walk a couple of meters to get there and then to your car when you were finished.
Halfway to your car, with Chris on your right facing forward, you felt a hand stopping you by your shoulder from behind and jumped in surprise, letting out a sight.
Faster than light, Chris placed himself between you and the stranger and with brute force, one of his fists collided with the guy’s stomach while the other pushed him back by the neck, sending him to the ground. You swore you saw him falling in slow motion.
“Oh, my God!” someone said. A bunch of teens quickly approached the scene.
Looking down, you saw a boy not older than nineteen, holding a napkin and a black marker.
No amount of words could describe how embarrassed you were, no amount of autographs you were to give could make you feel better.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You apologized to him and his friends, sending a deadly glare in Chris’ direction, who stood impassive as if it was nothing. “This won’t happen again, I swear.” You vividly imagined next day’s headline: “FAN IS SENT TO THE HOSPITAL WITH INTERNAL BLEEDING AFTER TRYING TO SAY HELLO TO Y/N Y/L/N.”
“Don’t worry.” The guy on the floor said as you helped him stand up, his hand covering the side of his abdomen. “I read what happened to you, it’s good that you have backup.”
“What can I do to compensate you for this? I feel horrible.” Your concern, showing as you bit your lip.
“We can always take a photo and forget this happened?” He asked with a smile drawn on his lips, which made you relax your shoulders. The weight of guilt, slowly disappearing.
Taking a look at his friends, they all nodded in agreement and signed up for a photo themselves.
As punishment, you proposed that Chris took the photo this time to make up for the misunderstanding, making them all laugh. He didn’t like the idea but did it nevertheless after he decided that they were harmless.
You two would have a conversation as soon as you were alone.
“Are you crazy?” You had barely entered your apartment when you started with your lecture. “Why did you think that punching a fifteen year old was a good idea?!”
“I didn’t know he was fifteen.” he said, as composed as always.
“Exactly. You didn’t know.” You pointed your finger at him. “Because you didn’t stop to check who was ‘attacking’ me.”
Slapping the door closed, you marched to the living room, willing to start an unlikely discussion.
“He shouldn’t have touched you in the first place.” He left the bags in the aisle of the kitchen. “I was just doing my job.”
The coolness of his statement sent you over the edge.
“Attacking people is not your job!”
“And, what exactly is my job, then?” The tranquility with which he had handled himself up to that moment fading little by little. “You have treated me as your assistant all this time. I am not here to do your grocery shopping, I am here to protect you!” He yelled at you, His anger and frustration, evident. Until now, you were not sure if he was able to show any sort of emotion.
“How many times do I have to say that I don’t need protection?” You yelled back.
“If so, why am I here?”
“You, my friend,” Shortening the distance, you poked his chest with your index finger. “Are here because my manager is a paranoiac grandpa who believes I’m too naive to put my trust in everyone.”
“In everyone but me.”
“I. Don't. Need. To. Trust. You.” You added force to your touches with each word.
“Stop it.” He said, taking your hand in his.
“What? Can’t stand a girl telling you that she doesn’t need you to be her knight in shiny armor?” With your other hand, you resumed your poking, with less force thanks to the pain it caused you.
“I’m serious.” He caught your other hand, making you whine in an ache.
“Yeah, me too.” You got closer to his face. “Go terrify teenagers elsewhere.”
Attempting to step away from him in a dramatic way, you pulled your arms down, not giving a damn if it hurted, but he didn't let go. Instead, he held you with more strength. You did it again but ended up with the same result. The only one thing you thought would set you free, spitting from your mouth like poison: “You're fired.”
He tilted his head, contemplating if you were kidding or not. When he decided that you weren’t, he huffed. A dry and somber action that sent chills down your spine.
“You don’t get to decide that.” His hold on your wrists relaxed, giving you the opportunity to step away.
“No, I don’t. But I’m calling Mark to tell him that this,” You gestured circles with your hands. “Didn’t work.”
One second you were reaching for the phone and the second, being slammed against the wall next to the couch by Chris, whose right hand was firmly placed in your throat. The amused look on his face and his head shake, had you voiceless.
“You really are a pain in the ass.” he affirmed. His face was so close to yours that you could count the hairs of his beard if you wanted to, see the almost imperceptible tint of green in his eyes, kiss his plump lips if he just leaned enough…
His eyes explored your face, absorbing every inch of it, learning your features, like trying to memorize them. When you parted your lips to exhale and your breath hit his face, he closed his eyes. His long lashes brushing softly above his cheekbones and his bicep, looking more prominent under his tight ironed black shirt, thanks to the growth on strength of his grip.
“What are you doing?” The tremble of your voice brought his gaze to you once again. The way you practically moaned the question, had his cook twitching under his trousers.
“When I accepted Mark’s offer to work with you, I did not expect you to be as difficult as he described you.” The sides of his thumb and index finger dug in your jaw, forcing your head up and the rest of your body to be supported by your tiptoes. “I thought I’d be able to do my job as I’ve been doing it all these years but you had to make it complicated, hadn’t you?”
You wanted to answer him, oh, how much you wanted to give him a smart comeback to lower his guard, but given the predicament you were in, with your back flat against a cold wall and your panties damped for an inexplicable reason, you decided to wait for the perfect moment to do it.
With his other hand, he removed an unruly lock of hair that covered your face, tucking it behind your ear. The gesture felt so sweet, so intimate that you almost forgot what his other hand was doing.
“Being close to you has been torture.” The ghost of his words grazed your face. “Watching you roaming around in nothing but those extremely thin pajamas of yours, listening to you sing while taking a shower,” His lips made contact with your cheek ever so slightly that you wanted to move forward to feel it again, something impossible at the moment. “Having to put up with all those hormonal high schoolers undressing you with their eyes and standing there as if it didn’t affect me.”
“Are you saying that you find it offensive?” Collecting all the lucidity you had left, you asked. “Or that you also want to undress me?”
He smirked. An incredulous smile adorning his charming appearance.
The fingers of his left hand drew your collarbone, passed over the hem of your sundress and stopped above its first button.
“I think the answer to that is obvious by now.”
He was still keeping you glued to the wall with his big hand wrapped around you. Not that you were to move an inch if he wasn’t.
“And, what are you waiting for?”
For the second time during your discussion, he analyzed you, looking for any mockery or sarcasm –since it came natural to you. What he found this time, surprised him, pleased him; the words desire and hunger were written all over you. Not a bit of disgust or discomfort about his grip on you was visible. And it clicked to him. You liked it. It was the reason why you hadn't tried to escape or push him away.
Sadly for you, his hand left your hot flesh to get at the neckline of your dress, taking the piece of fabric in between his fingers, as well as with his other hand.
In the blink of an eye, he pulled, ripping the buttons from their seams and making them fly all over the place, leaving your dress open and hanging from your shoulders as if it were a cape, displaying your almost naked body to his view. You were not wearing a bra, but it was not a surprise, he had been purposely looking up and away from you the whole day. Your underwear was not so different whatsoever, the smallest thong he had ever seen was kept in place by two thin threads hugging your hips. It was not difficult for him to get rid of it, putting it on his pocket.
Not wanting to stay like that forever, you reached for his belt, willing to undo it with shaky, slow fingers since your wrist still hurted. As you did so, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it somewhere near the dining table.
He was tattooed; an eagle was drawn on the right side of his chest while a legend was written in the left, various pieces adorned the upper part of his arms and some others were scattered around his abdomen, a bigger one was visible near his v line. You felt the urge of licking every single one of them, recreating the patterns which the artists probably used to ink him.
“Like what you see?” He asked. Having had your mouth opened, you would have most likely been drooling.
“I think the answer is obvious.”
He took your face with both his hands and stamped his lips to yours in a heated kiss. It was all tongues and teeth, your faces moving in different angles to have better access to each other’s mouths. His beard scratched your cheeks, tickled you, but you barely registered that, too immersed in the battle of dominance your tongues were fighting.
For a second, you forgot what your hands were supposed to be doing, but resumed their task after his went to your now ruined dress and slipped it down your arms.
Pulling down his pants you ended the kiss to gather some needed oxygen. Looking down, you saw his length had formed a tent in his boxers and you throbbed.
“Is it too late to say that this is utterly unprofessional from you?” your breathless question was just finished when he dug his fingers on your neck again, spun and threw you to the couch with enough force to move it minimally.
“It is.” He climbed on top of you, opening your legs with one hand and keeping himself up with the other, holding onto the back of the couch. At some point, he found the opportunity to take off his remaining piece of cloth.
His cock stood proud resting against his lower belly, its red tip, already leaking with precum. The sight of it, of all of him, had your hips jolting forward, searching for that which would end the torment you were being a prisoner of. You closed your eyes, attempting to compose yourself and don't seem too eager to be one with him.
You were soaked. Your arousal going down your ass and wetting the surface of the couch.
“Well, I think--” He cut you out in the middle of a sassy comment. “Shit! Chris!” You screamed when he shoved inside of you with no warning. His hips, stopping when he bottomed out, not precisely to let you adjust to his size. Your hands, flying back to hold onto the arm of the couch, your left wrist, complaining in pain as you bent it.
“Say it again.” the hand that held your waist, now was on your throat, tightening its grip once more. “It’s been driving me crazy this whole time.”
Suppressing the need to remind him all those times he told you not to call him that, too afraid of letting out a whimper, you obeyed, repeating his name like a prayer, wishing that he started moving.
He did. Slow. Agonizingly slow.
With each unhurried thrust you wanted to drag him down hard, but him, having the back of your head buried in the soft material of your couch, made it impossible.
“Isn’t it funny?” He looked down at you. “How you wouldn’t forgive me for kicking the air out of someone but would beg me to do exactly that to you?”
His fingers squeezed your flesh, making you whine.
You swallowed, the difficulty of it evident for both of you. “I didn’t beg.” Your raspy voice came out as a whisper, but he listened. Of course he did.
Fire came out of his eyes, an almost primal groan left his lips right before his hips started moving back and forth with an animalistic determination.
“Oh, God!” you moaned.
“Do you have any idea of how frustrated I felt every time I caught you running away from my side to risk yourself getting hurt again?” His peace was ruthless, the slapping sounds of his hips colliding with the back of your thighs, getting louder as well as your cries, filling your ears in the most sinful way. “How useless I thought I was when my most important task was to hold the door open for you?” The vein in the side of his neck was more visible than usual, popping up due to the effort to which he was subjected. “How I felt like garbage when you saw me as if I was a monster for doing precisely what I get paid to do?”
He sounded hurt, brutally honest and it made your heart sink. The contrast between his words and movements, lighting a dilemma in your head. You were not going to justify yourself for what you did, but you also felt like he deserved an apology for putting up with your shit. After all, it was not his fault, he was just following orders.
Too lost in your thoughts and pleasure, you didn’t notice his hand had left the couch to find your clit. Only when he applied pressure, rubbing fast circles, did you decide to enjoy what he was giving to you and to feel bad for your recklessness and childish behavior later.
“Please, keep going!” high pitched pleads fell from you as your hands abandoned the soft material of the couch and gripped on Chris’ wrist.
“Are you being nice now?” He somehow managed to fasten his assault, causing your breasts to bounce up everytime his pubic bone hit you and raising the sound of your squeals. “Let’s see how nice you can cum.”
Every time he pushed inside, you saw from the corner of your eye the painting hanging in the wall moving away. Or, was it the couch what was moving? At this point, you didn’t mind. You only cared about the immeasurable pleasure Chris was giving you and the knot forming in your stomach, telling you that you were close to your release.
“I’m--” You tried announcing but a particularly deep shove stopped you.
“Me too.” He inhumanly doubled his efforts rubbing your bud with two fingers and tightening his other hand around you, nearly having you seeing stars without pausing his thrusts.
“C’mon, baby, cum for me.” The term he used, snapped the coil inside of you, bringing you to the strongest and more powerful orgasm of your life with a raw scream that came from the top of your lungs. He could feel your fast pulse coming back to normal.
Squirming under him and clenching your spasmic walls around his still hard cock, you heard him curse. His hips faltered and he twitched inside of you.
Throwing his head back, he kept moving, reaching his own climax, something your over sensitive body resented.
“Chris…” moaning his name was all it took for him to paint your insides with his hot seed.
Both of you were out of breath and covered with a thin layer of sweat, and while he looked like the personification of a greek god, you imagined your appearance was not so different from when you got out of bed, with your hair a mess and your voice raspy –only, for a whole other reason this time. Yet, he looked at you as if you had been hours in front of a mirror, getting ready for a red carpet.
Still buried inside of you, Chris took you by the waist and moved to the side, laying on the couch, putting an arm behind your shoulders, hugging you to keep you from falling, and placing one of your legs on top of his thigh to be more comfortable.
The white mark of his hand was slowly fading from your skin and he explored it with his fingertips, making sure that he didn’t hurt you for real.
“You’re still fired.”
He laughed at that. Genuinely laughed. It had been the first time since you met him that you heard him laugh. And for some reason, you didn’t want it to be the last.
He took your injured hand and interviewed his fingers with yours.
“The hell I am.”
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zaddy-cevans · 11 hours ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash Masterlist🎊🎉
As promised, I got to write many Headcanons for Chris' special day, however, I couldn't get through all the requests. I'm sorry if I missed your request, it's my brother's birthday on the 13th as well so I'm always incredibly busy on this day. Anyways, I made a masterlist so you guys could enjoy all the special fics in one place.
Enjoy reading!
Birthday Special #1
Birthday Special #2
Birthday Special #3
Birthday Special #4
Birthday Special #5
Birthday Special #6
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zaddy-cevans · 11 hours ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
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Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - This one made me cry. Anon requested a fic where Chris kept something dark hidden from the reader and when she finds out, she takes drastic measures.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit Themes, Mentions of rape, heavy suicidal thoughts and more..., just incredibly dark and sad
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Throughout your life, so many people had let you down and hurt you so badly to the point where you had all but lost faith in humanity.
Until you met Chris, he helped turn your life around. He protected you from the darkness that had previously infiltrated into your life. He kept you safe.
Atleast that's what you thought...
They say that the brain blocks out traumatic memories in order for our emotions to block out any pain.
That's what happened to you. You didn't remember much from that night. Ofcourse, you had been drugged.
You just remembered crying and that's it.
Anytime you asked Chris, you could tell he was deflecting. He would answer with open-ended responses that left you struggling to find some sort of closure.
You weren't sure of what had happened that night, but you did know of a way to exactly find out.
Everytime Chris would see you anywhere near his old friend from highschool, Tyler, he would flinch. He would come up with any excuse possible to get you away from him and you could see it in both their eyes that they knew something you didn't. A secret.
You remember hearing Tyler's voice that night. You remembered your own crying as well as Chris'. None of it made much sense.
So you decided to do something reckless and stupid and completely idiotic. You decided to cozy up with Tyler.
If Chris was so desperate to get you away from him, he'd better have a good reason of why.
You spent days and nights over at Tyler's, the two of you becoming close friends fast.
Tyler was easy to talk to, he understood you. But you could never shake the feeling of anguish, of terror when you were with him and you were determined to find out why that was.
It had taken Chris a few weeks to figure out the alarming amount of time you, his girlfriend spent over at Tyler's.
One day when he had noticed your snapchat story of you kissing Tyler sloppily on the cheek, he couldn't take it.
He stormed down to his house and grabbed your arm, demanding you leave with him.
"We're going. Right now." You planted your feet as you glared daggers into him. "Not until you tell me why you want me to leave so badly?"
"You don't know him." Chris spat, his chin pointing at a taken-aback looking Tyler.
"What do I need to know about him? You're clearly hiding something from me. You either tell me what it is now or I leave you and stay with Tyler."
The look of determination in your eyes made Chris lose his confidence. He broke out in tears as he fell to his knees, holding your waist and sobbing into your lower abdomen.
"He raped you." Chris whispered so softly that you thought you had heard him wrong.
You stilled as Tyler laughed, "Chris, buddy. You drunk again?"
You couldn't bring yourself to look down at Chris. It all suddenly made sense, that night made sense.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Your voice broke.
"H-he always took care of me. He got me out of trouble and bought me shit when Ma and Dad couldn't afford it. He just... he treated me like a younger brother. I didn't want to dissapoint him."
You shook your head, "So you hide this from me?" You whispered. You pried his arms from around your waist and walked away. You didn't know what to feel, all you knew was that you had to do something.
He didn't try to follow you and it's a good thing he didn't, otherwise you might’ve killed him.
You drove home and went straight up to your shared bedroom with Chris. You went to your drawer and got out your shotgun.
You sat down numbly on the bed. You couldn't feel anything and it was scaring you.
You tried to... tried to feel the pain of his betrayal, but it wasn't as much painful as overwhelming.
Everything that happened to you before you met Chris, when you were in the same place you are now, came rushing back to you.
Chris was you safe place.
Not anymore.
You took off the safety from the gun, cocking it and letting the stray bullet casing fall to the floor.
You situated your gun near your temple as you closed your eyes shut.
Chris was bloody and bruised up. He walked through the door, throughly exhausted.
His knuckles were bruised raw and his face had a few cuts. Tyler had gotten in a few good punches before Chris completely dominated over him, leaving his old friend to lay there, bleeding out of his wounds.
Chris walked upstairs and reached the door to your shared bedroom. He knew you didn't want to see him, but he had to see you.
He knocked on the door, "Y/N/N? We gotta talk." You didn't answer, thinking that you were already asleep, he entered into the dark bedroom. He could barely see anything, it was so dark.
He drew back the blinds to let in a little moonlight and turned back to look at you.
From afar, it seemed as if you had exhaustively plopped down on bed and gone to sleep.
Which Chris, later, would've wanted to be the case.
He walked up to you and only then he noticed the steady stream of dark scarlet that poured out of your temple. He noticed your open eyes.
He froze and then he rushed forwards, cradling you in his arms. "No, no, no, no." He cried, holding you as he wept.
"You're okay. Look at me Y/N. Y/N. You're alive. You're fine. You're okay." He kept telling himself. He had to.
He couldn't lose you.
"Y/N. Please." He sobbed loudly into your neck, he didn't care if he got your blood all over his body. "Please. Y/N! Y/N!"
He looked into your eyes and they terrified him. They were empty. Devoid of any soul or life.
He clutched you tightly, screaming loudly. Wishing that he could go back in time and kill Tyler when he was about to rape you.
He was never the same after that day. He lost his own soul that day as well.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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zaddy-cevans · 11 hours ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
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Tumblr media
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A/N - Anon requested, present opening with Chris and you get him an engagement ring. This one was, by far, the cutest one.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || So much Fluff that you'll never be able to eat anything sweet again, loll.
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Every morning Chris would wake you up with a smile on his face as he leaned in to kiss you. He would whisper, "You look so beautiful in the morning." Into your ear, melting your insides.
This time, however, you had woken first. You scattered around the house, searching for the perfect place to put your phone camera, which in a few minutes would go on live stream to both yours and Chris' family.
After all, this was an occasion that would be hard to miss for them. They wanted to see it, see the both of you.
You finally decided to place your phone on the fireplace, behind your Twilight Saga books. The phone peeking out just enough so that they could see you two.
Half-an-hour later, everything was set, the livestream was working as you waved Hello to your family (which included Chris' as well) and you heard Chris just exiting the bathroom.
He walked outside. A smile on his face. He leaned in to kiss you good morning and you could smell the minty toothpaste on his breath. "Hey you. Sleep alright?"
Chris chuckled at you, "Well, you tired me out last night, baby."
Your cheeks flushed red, "Chris!" You lightly scolded him, swatting at his arms and he chuckled, "What? Not like my or your folks are listenin'." You pursed your lips to keep from smiling.
He poured himself a cup of tea as you patted the couch seat beside you and he nodded, walking over and plopping down next to you.
"I thought maybe we could start by opening presents today." Chris smirked, "Or we could start by fuc-" "Chris, seriously." You laughed nervously. Oh boy.
Chris shook his head, laughing, "Something's gotten into you today, you're not usually this shy." You rolled your eyes as you handed him your present excitedly.
He smiled at your enthusiasm, placing his tea on the coffee table and gently opening the wrapper. You watched with barely contained excitement as he worked through the wrapping paper and opened the box.
His brows furrowed as he searched through the abundance of tissue paper to find the small box. "Heh. Did you just give me a box of tissue paper?"
You chuckled, "No, just keep searching."
All his attention was on finding his present in the box as you sunk off the couch and down on one knee.
"HA! Found it!" He waved the box in excitement as he opened the small, velvet box and looked inside to see a beautiful, obsidian and diamond encrusted engagement ring.
He startled, "What-" his words caught in his throat as he looked over at you.
Your eyes were teary as you looked into his.
"All my life, I've searched for someone who understands me and someone who would always love me, never hurt me. You know I've had a shitty dating history until I met you. Chris, you make me feel like exploding with joy every second I'm with you. I can't imagine a future where you're not in it. I can't imagine being with anyone other than you."
You took his hand in yours, "So... Christopher Robert Evans... will you marry me?" He took a shaky breath as he smiled and nodded, trying desperately to hold back his own tears.
"Yes. Ofcourse. Yes." You smiled as you placed the ring on his finger and you two heard the cheers of your family.
You kissed Chris passionately and he hugged you, "Who says men have to propose?" You asked. You felt pretty good about your own proposal.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
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Tumblr media
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A/N - Third lil drabble of the day. Anon requested just cuddling with Chris, please 🥺
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Fluff, pure Fluff, might give you a toothache
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Christopher Robert Evans was like a huge dog. When he set his mind to lay down somewhere, no force in the earth could reckon him to move, at all.
You laid there with him, your human furnace as your eyes were trained up on the ceiling and you tried desperately not to suffocate under the huge man that was crushing your bones.
"Chris." You softly shook him and he murmured an "I love you" in response. "Chris!" You tried again, except a little louder this time.
"Mm baby, love you so goddamn much." You exhaustedly sighed, "CHRIS!" He startled awake, "What? Jesus woman, what time is it?"
You glared holes into him, "Time for you to get your fatass off my body." He pouted, "I'm not fat!"
You rolled your eyes, getting up when Chris grabbed your wrist and pulled you ontop of him, hugging you close to his body. You inhaled his distinct oceany smell. Like waves and fresh Coleus.
"Baby, I gotta work." You protested weakly. "It's Sunday, Y/N." You bit your lip. Oh yeahhhh... it was Sunday.
You giggled as you relented into his touch, "Fine, but only for a few minutes."
You knew Chris loved to cuddle, it was his favorite part of your daily morning and nightly routine.
Infact, any time he could, he cuddled with you. He loved to have the feeling of you, safe in his arms, for him to love forever.
He loved to toy with the recently worn engagement band on your ring finger, spinning it around on there and noticing the glint of it. He still couldn't believe you had said yes.
His arms wrapped around your waist as he placed you on the side of the bed next to him and hugged you to his body.
You placed small, appreciation kisses all over his chest and he raised your face with one hand so he could pepper sloppy kisses all over your face. That's another resemblance he had to a dog, his wet kisses.
"Ugh, Chris." You squealed in laughter and he chuckled with you. Just hearing your laugh made him happy, made his stomach explode with butterflies.
He kissed you over and over again, until you were breathing hard from not being able to catch your breath while laughing and he was laughing just as hard alongside you.
You two calmed down after a while as you wiped your eyes and looked up into Chris'.
"I love you, my fiancé." You muttered with a cheesy smile plastered on your face.
Chris leaned in and kissed you again, this time pouring all his love into the kiss, "I love you too, my future wife."
It was times like these that you really cherished. Not the parties or wild vacations, but laying in bed with Chris and loving each other.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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zaddy-cevans · 14 hours ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
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Tumblr media
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A/N - Second Fic!!! Anon requested a special birthday surprise with Chris... 😏😏
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Oral (M receiving), Making Chris feel good 🥺
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Little black dress? More like little black thong. Except it was red... and a g-string. Kind of slutty, but that's what you were going for!
You hopped around the house, getting everything ready in just that tiny g-string of yours. Flower petals covered your nipples and your favorite silver chain, with Chris' name as the pendant, sat just above the valley of your breasts.
Roses littered the marbled floor, leading up to the bedroom where soft music played and candles were lit.
Roses were scattered on the bed as a heart shape and wine was perched on the side table... along with condoms...
You checked the time and it was five minutes past the time Chris said he would be home. You didn't see why he had to work on his birthday, but it gave you an excuse to decorate the house.
With the party you guys were holding tomorrow, you knew there'd be no time to give him his first "present", so you decided to do it- erm, give it to him tonight.
The door clicked open and you rushed to the couch, trying to hide your nervous and excited squeals. Hiding your body under the blanket, you heard Chris very distinctive footsteps.
He approached you from behind, giving you a fat kiss on your cheek. "Mwah." He made the sound with his mouth as you chuckled, "Baby. Stop."
He relented, getting off of you and plopping down on the couch beside you. "Rough day?" You asked. "Tiring." He replied. "Oh yeah? Well... it's someone's birthday today."
Chris groaned, "I'm 40. At this age, you shouldn't be celebrating birthdays." "You should be celebrating your not dead yet, grandpa."
Chris smirked, "You're 38, only 2 years younger than me." "And don't you forget that." You laughed.
You looked up at him through your lashes as you bit your lip, "I can... maybe... help you relax." Chris smirked over at you, "Yeah? Wanna be Daddy's good girl?" You nodded as you let the blanket drop from your body, showing your ensemble, or lack of.
Chris groaned, pulling you onto his lap, "Look at you. Look so good, Petal. Look amazing." You smirked, "You like it?" He slotted his lips against yours, his tongue running along your bottom lip as he tasted your vanilla chapstick.
"Like it? Petal, I love it." You smirked as you rolled your hips against his and he let out a moan. You kissed down his neck, suckling that one spot you knew would break him down completely.
His breaths stuttered, his breathing completely erratic as you kept grinding down onto him. "Tonight's all about you, so relax. Ok?" Chris nodded as he let his head fall onto the crook of your neck.
You got up and pulled him up with you, you two could barely make it to the bedroom. Once Chris saw the decorated bed, he smirked, "I'm gon' fuck you on those petals until you're screaming my name all night."
You gulped and Chris picked you up, throwing you onto the bed. You reached the edge, sitting on your knees as Chris stood infront of you.
Kneeling into your doggy-style position, you found your face aligned with Chris' clothed cock. You pulled off his pants and boxers and his cock sprung free.
Grabbing it in your hand, you massaged it for a little while before kissing his tip and swirling your tongue around it. Chris groaned loudly, his head falling back as his hands tried to reach over to your ass.
You took him deeper in your mouth, pressing your tongue to his bottom vein. You were sure to make plenty of slurping sounds as you knew that turned Chris on.
Pretty soon, he had your hair in his fists and was face-fucking you roughly while your tears were mixing with your saliva and dropping down onto the sheets below you.
He pushed his cock deep into your throat one last time and you tasted his bittersweet cum before swallowing it quickly.
You got up and jerked him off while you kissed him, he kissed you back. His hands wandered your entire body, his hand rested on your ass and he pulled back to look into your eyes for permission.
You knew what he wanted. You leaned into him, "Whatever you want baby. Tonight's all about you." He groaned before he slapped your ass painfully hard. You squealed as your face hid in his chest.
He rubbed down the area and then another stinging slap came to your right cheek. You bit down on the tat on his pec as you tried to keep your moans at bay.
He slapped you repeatedly, alternating between slaps and rubs. You could tell your ass would be so sore tomorrow that you wouldn't be able to sit.
He kneaded your ass in his large hands as he flipped you over and pushed your face down into the sheets. He ripped off your panties.
His now hard-cock easily entered your dripping folds. His hand held your face down onto the sheets as he slammed into you.
You had told him that today would be his day and you knew how much he loved rough sex. He pounded into you mercilessly.
Your screams were muffled by the sheets, he suddenly pulled out and spun you around. "Wanna see your face while I ruin you."
He pounded into you, leaning in close, his hand holding your face towards him so he could see your expressions while the other one helped him stay up.
You begged listlessly, you didn't know what for. At this point, you were much too far gone.
With one final thrust, Chris felt you milking him and he spurted his load in you. Feeling that made you go absolutely berserk as your own orgasm rolled over you in powerful waves.
You two lay down next to each other on the bed, panting. "That was a good birthday." You chuckled and Chris grinned, "It sure as hell is."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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Happy Birthday Daddy
Chris Evans X F!Reader
Summary: It's your husband's birthday and you tell him some great news!
Warnings: Mentions trying for a baby.
Tumblr media
You and Chris have been married for 3 years, but together 7. And for the last year you and Chris have been trying for a baby. Each time failing. So last week when you got a positive test when Chris was at work, you were ecstatic. You decided to wait to tell him until his birthday, with a sweet gift.
You put the onesie folded up into the small box then the test on top of it. Perfect, you thought as you put the lid on it. You couldn't wait for his birthday.
"Okay, Babe you have one last present!" You smiled handing him the box. It's a few hours after his party, everyone left so it was just the two of you and Dodger.
"You already gave me a present though?" He questioned taking it.
"This one is special." You said smiling. He looked at you confused but opened it.
"What?" He looked at the folded-up onesie before lifting it not noticing the test. "A onesie?" He asked before reading it aloud, "Daddy's superhero."
"Really? Wait really really?" He asked you a hopeful gleam in his eyes.
"Look in the box." You urged. He looked down setting the onesie on his lap, so he could hold the positive pregnancy test.
"We're going to parents!!" Chris exclaimed standing up and tackling you with a hug. After a few minutes., he moved down looking at your bell. "Hi Bubba, I'm your daddy." He cooed. You smiled at him.
Your happy little family.
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earthchica · 16 hours ago
Birthday Surprise
IMAGINE You and Chris are married with three kids and you throw him a big surprise birthday party. 
Warning: Fluff, Slight Smut.
Word Count: 1.3K
Tumblr media
"Wake up, daddy! it's your special day!" The twins were jumping up and down on the bed with excitement.
I had to register on what they meant and quickly came to realize it was my birthday today, just another reminder of me getting old.
"Okay, I'm up, I'm up," I said, sitting up from the bed and stretching my limbs, before moving the blankets and swinging my legs at the edge of the bed.
"Come on daddy!" The twins said at the same time with a giggle, dragging me downstairs to the kitchen.
My nose was filled with the scent of homemade breakfast.
"Good Morning, birthday boy," My beautiful wife says with a happy smile, throwing her arms in the air.
"Girls this is-" I stopped and placed a hand over my chest. The kitchen was decorated with balloons, party hats, confetti, and a big buffet breakfast on the table.
Y/N made her way towards me, placing a birthday hat on my head while giving me a big kiss.
"This is amazing, girls. thank you so much!" I said with a smile.
I came over to the table and kissed the top of my son's head. He was beaming brightly in his highchair while eating cut-up fruit.
The twins came to sit at the table as Y/N went to get something and once she got back to the table.
We started eating breakfast and chatting a little bit. Shortly after breakfast, we were in the living room and I was opening my present from Y/N and the kids.
You smiled softly, watching the twins proudly present each birthday gift to their dad. Chris opened them with a giant smile on his face.
"I love this so much. Thank you so much, ladybugs!" He says. The twins' face lit up with a smile, stretching from ear to ear as they both jumped into his arms for a hug.
You’ve always wondered what type of father Chris would be and now that you both have three beautiful children together. 
Seven year old girl twins and a four year old boy.
He’s such a great, loving, protective father, and there was no doubt in your mind that he wasn't gonna be all those things.
You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn't even notice that Chris said something.
He repeats while nudging you with his shoulder; one eye lifted in confusion at your far-off look.
You snapped up, and your e/c eyes locked with his concerned blue eyes. "What?"
"I asked, what do you have planned for today?"
"Oh, sorry!" You said with a chuckle, taking the time to wrap your arm around his arm and laying your head on his shoulder.
"Well, we'll go on our daily family walk and then come back.” 
“Then chill out for a couple of hours until the big surprise tonight which I'm not telling you anything about?" You said lifting your head to look at him.
"That sounds great, alright let's go," Chris said, kissing your cheek and getting up from the couch.
Once we got the kids and ourselves dressed and ready. 
Instead of going on our daily walk around the block, we ended up going to the local dog pack where we let Dodger off the leash.
I sat underneath a tree with my son in my arms and watched with a smile as Y/N and the twins ran around and played fetch with Dodger. 
I smiled heartily at how far I grew and reflected on my incredible life. 
I had everything I'd ever wanted, a gorgeous wife, three beautiful children, an amazing dog, a wonderful family, and a great career that I loved. 
gratitude changes everything
After the dog park and getting some lunch on the way home, it was time for the big surprise tonight.
"I'm driving and put this one," She ordered, handing me a red blindfold before putting the kids in the car. 
I got in the passenger's seat and put on the blindfold. 
During the car ride, we sang to every song on the road playlist, laughing as each song held a different type of memory. 
When we arrived at whatever the hell we were, Y/N told me to stay in the car. 
While she got the kids out of the car, not wanting to take me inside before checking everything was ready. 
A few minutes went by, she came back and guided me out of the car to the entrance of a house.
"Okay, you ready babe?" She asked as we came to a stop. 
"I was born ready, sweetheart!" I smiled happily as she giggled, taking the blindfold off.
The room was dark for a second till the lights were turned on. All of my family and friends jumping up all at once, letting out an echoing 
"SURPRISE!". A huge smile grew on my face as I took in the scene before me.
I scanned the room, took in all of the decorations that were placed around as everyone crowded around me, giving lots of hugs and birthday wishes. 
After greeting everyone and chatting with them a little bit. I caught a glance at Y/N’s who was recording my reaction. 
She made her way towards me with a bright smile and I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a tight squeeze before letting go.
"Thank you so much, baby. This is so sweet and thoughtful." I said, looking down at her moving my arms down her waist.
"Anything for you, Chris. Now let's have some fun, birthday boy!" Y/N says with a smile. I smiled back and gave her a small peck on the lips before the party began.
Chris's birthday party went on for a couple of hours with a lot of laughter, love, dancing, and good conversation in a cheerful atmosphere. 
And After Chris had received lots of love from all of us and plenty of presents. 
It was time to sing happy birthday, the lights turned off once again and someone stepped out with a beautifully designed cake that had a lot of white candles. 
Everyone started to sing, sync and cheer once Chris made a wish and blew out the candles.
After eating cake and conversing some more, it was time to call it a night. 
You, Chris and Scott pitched in to help his mom clean up as everyone left, saying they'd see us very soon.
Heading out now since Mrs. Evans said you should get the kids home because they were all sleeping on the couch. 
Once you got home and got the kids bathed, in their PJs and the bed. You and Chris went to take a shower together and had a little special time in the shower. 
You and him couldn't get enough of each other, especially at the party, there was a lot of touching and smooching here and there.
"You like that, baby?" Chris asked as your nails scratched down his back as he continued to go faster and deeper.
"Yes, Chris. Oh, fuck right there. I'm so close, babe!" You said whimpering, trying your best to keep a grip on his shoulders. 
And re-secure your legs around his waist as he keeps hitting your g-spot over and over again.
"Me too, beautiful!" Chris says, low and gravelly, pulling you into a kiss. Almost audible over the slap of wet skin and the water all around you both.
"CHRIS!!" You moaned into the kiss, coming hard and needy. Chris quickly followed after a few more thrusts, spilling inside of you. 
As you still clung to him, hips eventually slowed before pulling away and setting you down on shaky legs.
When you both finished cleaning ourselves in the shower. 
You and Chris stepped out, dried each other off, and now you both were dressed and cuddling in the bed.
"Thanks again. This was the best birthday ever, babe. I love you" Chris whispered in your ear, kissing the top of your head. 
He began trailing his fingers up and down your spine which brought a smile on your face.
"You're welcome, baby. I love you too and I'm happy you had a great day." You said softly, moving up to gently kiss him.
You pulled away, beaming ear to ear gracefully into Chris's chest, glad that everything went great and that your hubby had a great 40th birthday.
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starlight-rogers · 17 hours ago
hey i‘d like to request something maybe kinda fluffy but also lil nasty in honor of chris‘ birthday lol like the reader surprising him with something…i hope it makes sense lol i‘m sorry for my bad request but i love your work ❤️
The Tiny Gift Box
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 800+ words
Summary: Chris thinks he's opened all his birthday presents but you have one more, really special gift to give him
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, pregnancy, pregnancy kink, mentions of trying to get pregnant, fluffy af , 18+ only
A/N: there were so many things that went through my mind of the reader surprising Chris with something but I had this idea and thought it was really cute and fluffy so I hope you enjoy it
Join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover!
Tumblr media
You were nervous as Chris opens his presents, knowing that the last one was the one that was the most personal to you. Usually you would have told him right away when you found out something like this that was such big news, especially after you'd been trying for so long. But you got the confirmation from your doctor two days before his birthday, so you decided to wait and surprise him.
"You've spoiled me so much, baby girl, thank you." he leans over to kiss you when he thinks he's opened the last of the gifts.
"I actually have one more for you," you smile against his lips, trying to calm your nerves enough to actually hand the gift to him.
"You didn't need to get me, anything baby, this is too much," he kisses you again, before watching as you reach out a shaky hand and pass him in the box, "Why're you so nervous, baby? You know I love anything you get for me."
"I know, and I know you'll like this one. At least, I hope you will." you take his hand in yours, "This ones a really special gift."
He presses one more kiss to your lips as a reassurance before focusing his attention on the box in his hands. The box is small, thin and long. It feels lightweight in his hands, and Chris is completely baffled as to what it could possibly be.
Carefully, he opens the box, sifting through the tissue paper that greets him before his fingers meet... plastic. A glimpse of white that looks familiar and the little plastic stick hasn't even been fully revealed to him before he's looking up at you with tear filled eyes.
"Are you pregnant?" he asks, a tear slipping from his eyes as you nod your head yes. You hadn’t been sure how he’d react. If he’d be happy or nervous. But what you certainly hadn’t expected was for him to pull you into the most passionate kiss you’ve ever felt in your entire life. His lips move slowly, delicately over yours, telling you everything that he can’t even fathom how to form into words.
He’s going to be a father. You’re having his baby.
This is the greatest gift life has ever given him.
“So you’re happy then?” you giggle as he pulls away breathlessly, looking at you with so much love in his gaze that he feels his heart might burst out of his chest.
“Baby, I’m so fucking happy.” He covers your face and neck with kisses, doting on every part of you he can reach as he pushes you softly down until you’re back is pressed to the mattress and he’s hovering over you, his hardening cock pressing against your inner thigh.
“What’s gotten into you?” you gasp softly as he lifts your shirt, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your abdomen before gently pulling your shirt up and over your head.
“Fuck, baby.” He moans, wrapping his lips around one of your nipples, swirling his tongue around the soft bud as you moan and grip at the back of his head, “The thought of you carrying my baby is so fucking sexy.”
“Well I certainly didn’t expect it to have this effect on you,” you purr into his ear, whimpering as he frees his cock, pumping himself to full hardness as you pull your panties down before reaching up to pull him into a desperate kiss, “Please fuck me.”
“Not gonna fuck you baby,” he whispers against your lips, as he lines up with your entrance, “Gonna make love to you, treat you so good. Fuck, you’re gonna look so good swollen with our baby.”
The moment he pushes into you makes you feel like you’re floating. Surrounded entirely by him and the love and intimacy you share in this moment. Wrapped in his embrace, all you can feel is him as he moves so slowly inside you, whispering praises and kissing you so softly as you cling to him and beg for more of him, for all of him. This love was a bond unlike anything you’d ever thought possible, and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. To have a bunch of mini Chris’s running around because his eyes and his smile were the kindest features you’d ever laid your eyes on and you hoped your kids inherited them from him. He hoped they’ll have your nose, and that little crinkle above your brow that appeared every time you laughed, because your laugh could brighten his darkest of days.
This love was rare, and in times like this when you could feel it in the air surrounding you, you knew that it was the beacon of light that would draw you two back to each other over and over again. He’s the love of your life, and you couldn’t wait to start a family with him.
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starlight-rogers · 18 hours ago
Hi! I just saw your birthday sleepover announcement, which is so funny to me cause today (June 12) is my birthday! I’d love if you could write about Chris thirsting over his costar, who’s birthday happens to be a day before his (😏) and him finally acting on his feelings after her birthday party (with great results😏) not me trying to write myself in the story or anything🤣
And sorry if my grammar fails in some parts, english is not my first language😅
After Party
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 1k+
Summary: total pwp about being Chris' costar and hooking up with you after your birthday party
Warnings: smut, pwp, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), fingering, giggly sex, dirty talk, sex against a wall, 18+ only
A/N: Happy birthday nonnie! Hope you had a lovely day and I hope you like this little drabble, thank you so much for participating in my sleepover!
Join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover!
Tumblr media
You let out a soft gasp as your back collides with the wall, your lips eagerly seeking his as he presses himself against you, his hard cock grinding into your stomach through the layers of clothing that separated you.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." he grins against your lips as you tug at the hem of his shirt, and it's gone in seconds, leaving his gorgeously toned body on display just for me.
You knew how long he'd thought about this, because you had been wanting this moment from the first second you met him. How could you not. He was so attractive, and so kind, and so goddamn sexy. Filming this movie together had been sweet torture, getting to play his wife and being so close to him this entire time, wanting so much more with him.
Your birthdays falling in the middle of the filming schedule was just pure luck. Butterflies had fluttered in your tummy when he had told you he'd be at your party, making you promise to come to his as well.
"Won't be the same without you," he had sent to you with a smirk and a wink, and then he was walking out of your trailer, leaving you wondering you had just completely read the situation wrong.
But now you were in his apartment, pressed against the hallway wall, desperately clawing at each other’s clothes until you were bare and desperately grinding against each other.
Slowly, Chris begins to kiss down your neck, sucking a deep purple mark onto your sensitive skin that you know you will have to apologise to makeup for on Monday morning, but right now you couldn’t care less. He kisses gravitate lower until he’s on his knees, looking up at you for permission to go further.
“Chris, you don’t have t-“ you bite back a moan as he presses a kiss to the inside of your thigh, trailing soft pecks all over the sensitive spot, making you whimper.
“What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t give my girl a special birthday present.” He chuckles, winking up at you with lust filled eyes before he’s hooking one of your legs over his shoulder and licking a stripe through your folds.
“Oh fuck!” you cry, burying your hands in his hair as his tongue travels from your entrance to your clit, gathering your wetness and groaning at the taste of you, before swirling the tip of his tongue over your clit, “Fuck, Chris! Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”
He hums over your bundle of nerves at your encouragement, his hands gripping your thighs tight enough to leave bruises as he keeps you pressed against him, leaving you no space to writhe away from the onslaught of pleasure that he’s creating deep in your core.
He moves away from you for one second to catch his breath, looking up at your panting and pleasure-stricken form – already so fucked out without him having even fucked you yet – as he brings two fingers to your entrance. The moan you let out as he pushes them inside you is nothing short of pornographic, the coil in your stomach beginning to wound tighter and tighter as he curls them to reach that perfect spot inside of you that you could never quite find on your own.
“You gonna cum baby?” he smirks as he feels you clenching rhythmically on his fingers, relishing in taking such pleasure from your body. All you can do is nod your head furiously, unable to form a coherent sentence.
He leans in, pressing a filthy kiss to your clit before sucking the little bud between his lips, and that’s all it takes for you to come undone. If it weren’t for Chris holding you in place you certainly would’ve fallen over from the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your veins, consuming you entirely as he continues to finger you through your orgasm, drawing it out for a long as possible. He only stops when you let out a whimper of sensitivity, carefully removing his fingers from you and sucking them into his mouth, growling around his fingers at the taste of your release, his eyes rolling back into his skull as you watch him with wide eyes.
He kisses his way back up to your lips, pulling you in for a bruising kiss as you reach out to stroke his hard cock, making him hiss against your lips at the contact.
“Fuck me,” you whisper, and within seconds you’re being lifted in his arms, his hands under your thighs to lift you over his cock.
“Line me up.” His words come out as a growl, making you whimper as you take him in your hands once more and align his swollen head with your dripping entrance.
Nothing could prepare you for the stretch of him. He’s so big. So deliciously thick and it feels like he fills you completely, bottoming out and making you feel so unbelievably full.
“Fuck, we haven’t we done this before?” you ask with a soft giggle, gasping as he shallowly ruts into you, thrusting slowly at first to give you a chance to adjust to his girth.
“Fucked if I know.” He laughs back, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips before picking up his pace slightly, fucking into you deep and hard, “But you’re mine now, aren’t you? This is my perfect little pussy now.”
“Fuck, yes,” you sob when the tip of his cock rubs over that spot inside you so delicately, another orgasm approaching at rapid speed, “S’yours, a-all yours Chris.”
“I’m gonna cum,” he announces, bringing his fingers between you to rub harsh circles on your little clit, “Want you to cum with me, fucking soak my cock baby.”
You cum again with a sharp cry of his name, soaking his cock and fingers in your arousal as his hips stutter, and with one, two more pushes inside you he’s spilling deep inside your pussy.
You’re both panting, desperately trying to catch your breath as you share soft kisses and giggles. Basking in your afterglow as the two of you come down from your highs you want nothing more than for this pleasure to never end as Chris carries you to his bedroom, and you know that he’s far from finished with you
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alsephinaxx · a day ago
Is It Safe? (10)
Pairing: Chris Evans x black reader
Words: 2.1k
Warnings: A little daddy kink, smut oral (m receiving) 18+ Minors DNI
Part of All In Series
When I finally woke up, the sun had gone down and could no longer hear the faint noises of people and music. What I did hear was a bunch of laughing and conversation coming from the front room. I cracked the door open, peering out to see the famous trio laughing at god knows what and a clearly drunk Anthony and Sebastian. If Chris was drunk, it was hard to tell because he looked more sober than the both of them. Usually, I would have stayed in the room until there was silence, but this little one basically rules my life now and I was starving again. I walked to meet the mini group, waving at the three as I made it over to the fridge to hunt for leftovers. It seemed as if my presence quieted the room, I looked over my shoulder staring at me. “What did I do now?!”
“I’m just making sure you’re okay to walk by yourself sis, that’s all. Oh god! It just hit me…. You had sex. With Chris no less,” He buried his face into his hands as he let out a loud groan.
Chris almost choked on whatever number beer his was one, his laughter not being contained at the disgust that he saw on Anthony’s face, “I’m not all that bad Mackie, if you love to see your sister happy, just know I made her really happy that night,” He wiggled his eyebrows before taking another sip.
“Oh come on! I don't want the damn visuals!”
“I still can’t believe you boned Y/N. Like, she’s gorgeous and a great catch. But… Mackie’s sister?! Why are you not dead yet?” Sebastian had to be high and drunk because he sat there dumbfounded at the whole thought.
“You know this conversation is very comical. I’m right here you assholes!” I couldn’t help my snicker at Anthony’s epiphany of how I made his niece or nephew. But more important matters were at hand. I needed food and I grabbed all the leftovers that I wanted and placed them on a plate to warm up. They all stared at me as I filled the entire plate, singing as I went to the microwave to warm up the feast. My eyes caught their stares, looking directly at them quizzically. “And why am I being stared at?”
“You sure you’re only eating for two?” asked Anthony.
“Can I have some?” begged sebastian. He had those puppy eyes that were hard to resist and I would always share with him when he did that.
“Cause you’re just fucking glowing doll..”
Oh he’s getting the sloppiest of head tonight…
I was interrupted by my thoughts at the final beep of the microwave, waiting a while to take the plate out of it’s confinements. Grabbing the yummy goodness from the glass plate, I shut the door as I walked over to the still staring crew. “You know, if you take a picture it might last longer,” I offered each of them some food, only Sebastian taking some before I dug in. “So, How was the party?”
They began to tell me all the tales of what went down. From Downey bringing out the trivia and Seb and Anthony picking on poor Tom. I enjoyed the details as I could feel Chris’s stare on me every now and then. I really needed Anthony and Sebastian to pass out so I could get whatever Chris had in store for me. I wonder if I could stay quiet enough. He definitely knows how to make a woman sing to the entire heavens.
Finishing my food, I tried to stand up before Chris took my plate and darted towards the kitchen to discard it. I don’t know if I will get used to this but I wasn’t complaining. He came back with a bottle of water and handed it to me, making sure I drank from it. This is only the beginning and he’s already so alert to things that I didn’t even know I needed. He wasn’t perfect of course, but the way he was so attentive was good enough. I scooted towards him, laying my head in his lap as I listened to the trio continue on with their conversation. I wanted to go rest again after eating all of the food and the best thing about being at Anthony’s is that I had my own room.
“I’m going to go take a well needed shower and lay in bed some more. This little one has me tired all over again,” I placed my hand over the flatness of my tummy, knowing that in a couple of months it will be a continuously growing bump. Chris took in my appearance as if he were looking at an entire goddess before I retreated to the bathroom.
Chris’s POV
The thought of being a father has been swirling in my mind ever since Y/N told me. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted the child growing in her womb. I didn’t feel like I needed to conceal it or even regret what happened between us. I know that she will make a great mother and her safety is all that I care about at this moment. When I look at her just being, I see the most beautiful woman in the world. But it hurts to know how scared she was to even tell me. Of course she knew that I would never run away from our child, no matter if we aren’t together.
I really wanted to stay and talk to the boys, but spending the night with her in my arms was all I wanted. It looked like Mackie and Sebastian were ready to call it night anyway and that was a relief. The woman carrying my child was alone in her bed and it was time for me to show her much I wanted her and would do anything to make her feel like she was the highest priority.
“Guys, I’m gonna head to the shower and then get some sleep, it looks like you two won’t be too far,” I chuckled while making it down the hallway.
“You’re not slick man! You just want to get under the sheets with Y/N. I’m happy for you Chris, you’re going to be a great father,” bellowed Seb before he laid across the sofa. I smirked knowing that it was all I wanted.
“And keep your hands off my sister Belle!” mumbled and already half sleep Mackie.
“Don’t you think that’s a little bit too late Cinderella? Don’t worry she’ll be safe. You two get some sleep.” That was the last thing I said before going into the guest room to grab the night clothes from my bag. I cracked Y/N’s door open a bit to see her snug in her sheets, mindlessly scrolling through her phone. She never looked up as I slowly closed the door before trekking to the bathroom.
I heard the shower stop as I peeked out to see a slumbering Anthony and Sebastian on the sofa. Opening the door quietly, I made it to the bathroom knocking softly before pushing the door handle down to come into the steam filled room. Chris was standing in the mirror, his skin glistening with a towel loosely wrapped around his waist. Looking at him alone made my mouth water as I stared at him from head to toe. His head snapped towards me as a smirk appeared on his face.
He stepped closer to me, dipping his head down to meet my gaze. “You know if you wanted a picture, you could have just asked baby,” he touched my lips lightly with his, wrapping his arm around my waist as he pulled me closer to his wet body. The heat between my legs began to rise as he deepened the kiss between us, our tongues dancing together, I pulled from him catching my breath as I kept my lips close to his.
“Maybe it's not a picture that I want…” I brought my lips back to his, fisting his wet locks between my fingers as the wetness began to pool into my panties, causing a moan to spill into his mouth. He broke the seal of our lips, breathing softly as his eyes pierced into mine.
“Tell me what you want doll and it’s yours,” I looked up from under my lowered lids as I pushed him back towards the sink sliding my hand down his torso. Pushing the soft towel from his waist, wrapping my fingers around the girth of his semi hard dick. A groan escaped from his lips as he felt the touch he longed for. “Use those words pretty girl and tell me what you want,” nipping at my bottom lip.
“Can I just show you daddy? Please? I just want to show you how much I missed you,” the plea in my eyes was all he needed as he nodded through his now dark eyes. I sank down to my knees, never letting my eyes leave him. My tongue spilled from my lips flicking at his swollen tip collecting the pre cum dripping from it. Swallowing the sweet and salty mixture I savored it before flattening my tongue, licking from his balls all the way back up the tip, looking at him come apart from one drag.
“Oh f-fuck baby, you look so good like this. So fucking beautiful.”
His praise was all I needed as I wrapped my lips around the head, dropping my aching mouth over his length until my nose touched the small area of hair resting above his beautiful cock. Letting the drool spill from the corners of my mouth, I pulled back as the strings of saliva and pre-cum stretch from my lips. “I wanna see your eyes daddy, wanna see you come apart from my pretty little mouth.” I wrapped my lips around his length once more, pulling his length in until the tip hit the back of my throat. The gags and slurps filled the bathroom as I bobbed my head back and forth, hearing those throaty moans escape his mouth.
“That’s it baby, feels so good having my cock in that pretty fuckin mouth. Let me feel your throat baby. Makin daddy feel so good.” He locked his fingers in the tight curls of my hair holding me there as he thrust slowly into my waiting mouth. Hollowing out my cheeks as he slid his length past the flatness of my tongue until he let out a low groan from his tip reaching its destination. Relaxing my throat as I nodded permission for him to move, he quickly withdrew and snapped his hips at the same speed. He used my throat for his pleasure and the wetness coating my thighs showed how much I wanted to please him. The sight of strings of our mixture seeping from my lips only drove him more crazy as his breath became labored, his chest rising and falling at a steady pace. “So close baby, ‘m so close.”
Hearing the declaration of his impending orgasm, I reached up to cup his balls in one hand as I pulled my panties aside with the other. His head leaned back against the mirror as he thrust became more sloppy as I drew quick fast circles at my own bundle of nerves. Chris thrust two or three more times before he let out a broken moan as thick ropes of his seed spilled down my used throat. My own orgasm crashing down as I drank every drop of him. I moaned around his twitching length, with Chris singing his own curses from the vibration hitting his tip. “Shit! Shit! Shit! Swallow my cum princessss. That’s fuckin it, take all of me.” He looked down at me pulling himself from mouth, bringing me up to meet his gaze. I brought the fingers covered in my own slick, pressing them to his lips as he licked and sucked every drop. His eyes quickly shot open, pulling his lips from my now cleaned fingers.
“Shit! Are you supposed to swallow while you’re…. You know?”
“What do you think I was looking at when you creeped on me earlier?”
“So… it’s safe?”
“Yes, you fucking meatball!”
We crashed our lips together, drinking in our passion for one another. The taste of him still on my tongue as we mixed both of our essences together. We pulled away, looking up at each other knowing that tonight was far from over.
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allthingschrisjamal · a day ago
Tumblr media
Is this the Chris Evans y’all are thirsting over??? 🤚
Lol anyways Happy 40th Birthday to my hubby aka the reason I got Tumblr 😚
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celestiawrites · a day ago
Rain Check // Chris Evans
Summary: You've got a boyfriend. You love your boyfriend. So, why is it so easy for Chris to break down everything you know?
Pairing: Chris Evans x fem!reader
Warnings: Language, smut(ish), dirty talk, cheating(?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's comical, really. You've been dating the same man for almost three years, but the second he stares you down, you're prepared to drop your panties for him.
You're at a house party. Scott threw it to celebrate his engagement. It's not like you didn't expect him to be there. They're brothers, of course he was there. You'd thought it through, though. You were sure that if you brought your boyfriend along there would be no problems. You'd hang on his arm and show him off to make sure he didn't get too close. You were more than wrong.
You smelled his cologne and knew he was in your vicinity. Aaron had slipped away from you to find the bathroom. Of course, he decided to take this opportunity to make trouble.
"You look lovely tonight."
He had no shame as he made himself comfortable behind you at the bar, grabbing your waist and pressing into you.
"Chris, I swear to God," you warned him, pushing yourself up and turning to look at him.
He was way too close to you right now. Close enough to raise questions if anyone were to look over.
"Sweetheart, I am God."
"Chris," you warned again. This was not the time to be felt upon. Your boyfriend was in the same house and you were surrounded by friends. He slid his hand around your waist and down to your ass, squeezing a little as he smiled down at you deviously.
"Let's go?"
It wasn't a real question. He figured you'd say yes. He was shocked when you didn't.
"I can't just leave with you, Christopher," you defended.
Chris backed off of you and crossed his arms, staring down to try and figure out your answer.
"You heard me."
He nodded and bit the inside of his cheek. He'd figured you out.
"Shame," he told you. "I had so much planned for us."
He turned away from you and left. He knew what he'd done. He's not a complete idiot. Of course you would just leave with him if you could. You didn't want to because you had a boyfriend, but you just couldn't resist Chris. There was so much he knew. Knew about you. Knew how to do to you. The man was addictive.
You shook your head and turned back around to face the bar. You saw Aaron making his way back over to you and smiled in relief. Maybe it would be easier to ignore the ache between your legs with him there. You couldn't think about another man with your boyfriend right next to you, right? Wrong.
"You know, Scott and Zach have these beautiful tapestries hanging in the bathroom..."
You drowned Aaron out as he began to drone on about the tapestries you couldn't care less about. You let your mind wonder. What did Chris have planned? He wasn't a planner. He was the type to grab you by the arm and push you against the door of a supply closet. He was the finger you underneath a table full of your friends at a restaurant kind of guy. He was not a planner.
You let yourself look around the room, searching for Chris. You wondered if you even wanted to know what he would've done with you had you followed him to god knows where.
"The third tapestry has this amazing tarot-style design. The sun and moon were eclipsing and-"
"Sorry, babe. I think I'm going to run back home. I don't feel too good. My stomach's killing me,"
It was a basic excuse. To anyone smarter, your lie would've been caught, but Aaron was to hesitant toward the topic of your menstrual cycle to even consider the notion that you were lying to him.
"Oh, uh, go home. Take care of yourself. I'll meet you there later?"
You smiled at him, thankful that he bought it. You quickly grabbed your bag off the counter and started to the door. You didn't bother to say goodbye to anyone. You were on a mission.
The cold air hit you as you exited the house.
"If my nipples weren't hard before, they sure are now," you muttered to yourself, picking apart your purse to find your keys.
You heard a jangling and turned to see where the sound had come from.
"What a strange thing to say, darling."
There he was. Standing about five feet away from you, dangling your keys in his hands.
"How did you even-"
"A magician never reveals his secrets," he replied. "Did you come to explore your curiosities?"
You rolled your eyes. There was no way in hell you'd tell him that you left because your horniness got the better of you.
"Actually, I left because I think my period started. You might want to move before I lash out at you due to my hormones," you snapped, making a mockery of your monthly issue to prove a point. Though, you weren't quite sure what that point was.
Chris rolled his eyes and tossed you your keys. You caught them and when you looked back up he was striding toward you. Before you could even blink he'd grabbed you. One hand in your hair and the other around your waist.
"Drop the act, sweetheart. Internalized misogyny's a terrible look on you even when you're faking it," he rasped. Your eyes fluttered shut as you took in the smell of him. God, he smelled amazing. He laughed and leaned his head down to kiss the spot below your ear.
Chris backed up and let go of your hair, keeping his hand on your waist. The bastard was making it seem as though he were being a gentleman.
"Would you like to know what I had planned?" he asked. You sighed. Why not throw him the bone?
He looked over his shoulder and then back down at you.
"I was gonna take you to my place and have you sit on my face," he told you candidly.
You snapped your head up to look at him only to find that he was looking straight forward now. For the love of God.
"Then I was gonna make you cum over and over again. Right there. All over my face until you were shaking."
You felt the heat growing between your legs and you could feel the wetness.
He continued walking you to your car, hand barely grazing your ass as he continued putting on his gentlemanly front.
"The game is coming on tonight, too. I was gonna let you get yourself off on my thigh while I watched. Listen to you moan as you rode my leg."
His voice was deep and raspy. His accent was thick and it was shooting straight down to your core. You were aching so bad that it was beginning to hurt you. The thought of Chris paying little to no attention while you desperately rode his thigh in an attempt to cum was almost too much for you to handle.
You nearly jumped when his hand slid the rest of the way down too your ass and squeezed tightly. The two of you were far enough out of reach now that he could feel you up without being seen. You were grateful. The anticipation to have him on you was killing you.
"I was gonna make you cum so many times, baby. I'd make you cum on my face. My fingers. You'd cum on my cock so many times," he whispered into your ear as he walked you around to the driver's side. You shuddered at his voice, picturing his dick covered in you.
Chris pushed you up against the car and let his head fall to your neck. He kissed and nipped at you as you let your hands tangle in his hair. You pulled a little when he brought a hand between your legs and pressed at your clit.
"You're so wet for me, sweetheart," he mumbled. He let his head fall lower and kissed the top of your breasts that were on display from your dress. You'd mount him right now if you could.
"It's a shame we'll have to make a rain check," he sighed, pulling away from you. You gasped in astonishment.
He wouldn't. He couldn't.
"I'll tell Scott you didn't feel that well. So he won't worry," he said nonchalantly.
"I'll call you," he said, walking away from the car and winking at you, leaving you there confused and horny.
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starlight-rogers · a day ago
Birthday Present
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 2.1k+ words
Summary: you have an extra special present for Chris on his 40th birthday
Warnings: smut, anal, use of butt plugs, mentions of a bj, anal fingering (f receiving), lot of cursing and dirty talk, a soul-crushing amount of fluff, cevans getting treated like a king on his birthday, 18+ only
A/N: I've been so excited to finally post this idea that I've been thinking about for quite a while now! If you want more Chris filth then make sure to join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover! We're just being hoes for Chris and all of his characters today so stop by and read/request some filth. Hope you all enjoy this story
*Not my GIF
Tumblr media
Chris' birthday had been filled with presents and family and way too much food. It had been the perfect day, lowkey and surrounded by the people he loves most. The best part was having you by his side all day, waking up beside you, feeling like the luckiest guy in the whole world when you had disappeared beneath the sheets this morning to wake him up properly on his birthday.
The sun had gone down hours ago by the time you arrived home from his mother's house where she had cooked him a birthday dinner. As far as days and birthdays go, this one had been perfect. Chris thought it couldn't possibly get any better than this.
Little did he know you had one more surprise up your sleeve.
You had been wanting this for weeks, but you had decided to wait until his birthday to make it special for him. You knew he was an ass man, you were pretty sure everyone knew that fact by now, so you knew that he would enjoy your surprise. But you had been worried about taking him. He's very well endowed, his cock practically splitting you open every time he fucks you, and you were concerned about anal being painful for you because of that.
So for the last few weeks you'd been using the time he was busy to sneak away and plug your ass, starting with smaller plugs and working your way up to thicker ones, wanting to be as prepared for him as you could be.
You had bought a special plug for his birthday. It was a simple jewelled plug, but was so pretty and looked even prettier buried in your ass. Now, as you excused yourself to the bathroom, lubing up the plug and sliding it inside you, you were more aroused than ever by the idea of surprising him like this.
You decided to forgo all clothes, knowing that anything you wore would end up ripped and discarded on the floor anyway. You could hear him settling into bed as you finished up in the bathroom, fixing your hair one more time before making your way into the bedroom.
"Fuck." he moans as he turns around to see you, completely naked before him, "Happy birthday to me."
You giggle at his cheesy comment, "Sit down, baby," you prompt him, directing him to the top of the bed. He discards his clothes before doing as you ask, and you wait for him to settle against the pillows before moving to straddle him, biting your lip to stifle the moan that sits on the tip of your tongue from the feeling of the plug shifting inside you, "I have a surprise for you." you whisper against his lips as you draw him in for a sweet kiss.
"What could be better than this?" he smiles up at you, completely lovestruck as you take his hand in yours and guide it to your ass.
At first he thinks you're just encouraging him to touch you, but then his fingers brush over something he's never felt before. His breath hitches as he circles the area again to make sure he wasn't losing his mind, but no, you definitely had a plug in your ass. He felt lightheaded as he gripped your hips, turning you around so he could get a glimpse of your ass, and you knew he had seen the little jewel peeking out from between your cheeks when he lets out a low curse at the sight.
"Does it look nice, daddy?" you wiggle your ass as you speak, giggling as he moans pitifully.
"Yeah, fuck baby, you look so good with a plug in your ass." he groans, squeezing your ass cheeks before separating them with his hands to get a better look at the jewel nestled against your untouched hole.
"Don't you think my ass would look nicer with something big inside it, daddy?" you hear his breath hitch in his throat at your suggestion, and Chris knows in this moment that this is the best fucking birthday he's ever had.
"Fuck baby, are you sure?" you can tell by the strain in his voice that he's desperately trying to hold himself back, wanting to make sure you're comfortable with this before he loses himself completely to this glorious gift you've bestowed upon him, "You don't have to if you don't wanna."
"I've wanted to for so long," you admit, a blush creeping to your cheeks as you turn your gaze away from him, "Wanted to wait and make it special for you."
"Well this is the most special gift I've ever been given, sweetheart," he's sure you're going to be the death of him when he buries his cock in that sweet untouched hole of yours, "M'gonna take good care of you, okay? Gonna make you feel so good on my cock."
"Please." you beg, not wanting to spend another second without him deep inside you.
Within a moment, you're lying flat on your back on the soft mattress, your hair fanning out across the pillows as you blush under his gaze. His eyes have darkened as he hovers over your naked form, his mind rushing with all the ways he can utterly ruin you, but he stays gentle for now. Soft and needy movements to make sure you're relaxed and feeling comfortable to take him.
"Have you had anything bigger than the plug, baby girl?" he groans when you shake your head no, his cock twitching at the thought of how tight you'll feel wrapped around him, "Okay, I'm gonna get you nice and stretched out for me. Make sure you can take me without any pain."
You couldn't do anything but moan at his words, the way he was taking care of your body so overwhelming that you were entirely overcome by the affection you felt radiating from him. It felt like you were floating as he reached into the drawer of the bedside table to retrieve the bottle of lube that resided there before moving back to hover you.
Chris' fingers dance their way down your torso, caressing your soft skin all the way down to your parted thighs. His fingers dip down into your wetness, and he can't resist playing with your clit, relishing in the soft gasp that leaves your lips when he rubs it just the way he knows you like. You whine as his fingers leave your little button, but he's a man on a mission, his fingers travelling lower until he feels soft plastic against his skin.
"I'm gonna take it out now, okay?" he waits for you to tell him its okay before gently grasping the plug, making you whimper at the stimulation of the toy moving inside as he slowly pulls it out of you. The emptiness inside you is unpleasant, and Chris picks up on that as he sets the plug down and works quickly to lube up his fingers before bringing two of them to your already generously lubed up entrance.
You're not sure who moan louder out of the two of you when he pushes his two fingers knuckle deep inside your ass. His fingers are longer than the plug and thicker as well, but the stretch is pleasant as he gently scissors you open. All he can think of is how tight you're going to feel wrapped around him, his cock throbbing in anticipation as he pumps his fingers a little faster, groaning as you clench around them.
"Daddy," you moan, grasping at his wrist as he curls his fingers against your sensitive walls, "I need your cock inside me, please."
Chris could never say no to you when you would beg for him to fuck you. But now that you were begging him to fuck your ass your pleas made him absolutely feral. His fingers left you with a soft growl leaving his lips as he reached for the lube bottle to coat his cock with the liquid. He hisses when you reach up, stroking his cock to coat it in the lubricant before he has the chance to do it, moaning when you twist your wrist the way he loves.
He pushes your hand away after a moment, coming to rest over you, his cock pausing at your entrance as he looks into your eyes for confirmation.
"Fuck me," you whimper, and then he's pushing into your ass as you grip his biceps. You're being stretched so deliciously on his cock, completely full of him in a completely different way to anything you've ever felt before.
"Oh my god!" he moans as he bottoms out, stilling his hips to allow you to adjust to his girth, "So fucking tight for me, baby girl. Feels so good."
There's a little bit of pain at first as he rocks his hips tentatively, waiting for you to ask him for more. But when your eyes are no longer clenched shut and you're moaning out a mixture of expletives and his name, he slowly picks up the pace until he's pounding into your ass hard.
You've never felt this type of pleasure before. It feels completely different from anything you've ever experienced and it sends waves of pleasure through you that leave you a trembling mess as the coil in your stomach tightens.
"Chris," you moan out, clenching around his cock and giggling at his loud whimper, "m'gonna cum."
"Yeah baby? You gonna cum 'round my cock?" he asks, smirking forming on his lips as he reaches between the two of you to continue his ministrations on your clit as you writhe beneath him, "Cum for daddy, I've got you baby."
The entire world stops for a moment as you shatter in his arms, your release coasting over you in strong waves of pleasure that leave your thighs shaking and your pussy clenching around nothing as he continues to drive into your ass. You feel so good. So fucking full, as he continues to grind into you at a desperate pace, his cock twitching against your walls as your release pushes him closer to his.
"Fuck baby, gonna cum." he moans, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he pounds into you a little bit harder, growling at the way you cling to him to hold on as he fucks you wildly, "Gonna fill your tight ass with my cum."
He's almost there, you can feel it by the way his pace is faltering and he's pressing himself as close to you as physically possible. But when you nip at his earlobe before whispering, "Cum for me, daddy," he's a total goner. Moaning loudly he drives himself as deep into you as he can go as he spills his cum inside your ass. You can't help but moan at the new feeling of having your other hole filled like this, stroking his spine gently as he shakes above you, spurts of cum spilling into your ass for again and again as he comes down from the strength of his high.
Once he's able to move, he slowly pulls out of you, collapsing on the pillow beside your head as you both stare at the ceiling, catching your breaths before Chris breaks the silence.
"Can that be my birthday present every year?" he asks, both of you dissolving into a fit of giggles as you playfully slap his chest, "That was the best present I've ever gotten, thank you sweetheart."
"Anything for the birthday boy." you chuckle, pressing a kiss to his lips as you move to hop off the bed, "And we're not waiting until your next birthday to do that again."
Chris' eyes widen at that, his softened cock twitching slightly at your words.
"You mean... you want me to fuck you in the ass again?" you laugh at his excited puppy-dog look as he waits for your answer.
"Of course, it felt so fucking good baby," you notice the way that his breathing becomes laboured once more, and you point at him with a soft laugh, "Not tonight, I'm tired."
"It's okay baby, I've got all of our lives to fuck you senseless." he stands to his feet, walking around to your side of the bed "Let's go get cleaned up."
Before you can even attempt to stand to your feet he's scooping you up in his arms, carrying you bridal style into the bathroom. Both of you were giddy from your afterglows and the love you share for each other. The feeling was warming, something that had you sharing giggly kisses as you found your way into the shower and turned on the warm water.
It was the moments like this that made Chris love you even more. The way you looked at him with such adoration fueling his soul as he pressed his body to yours. This had been the best birthday he'd ever had, but the best part was knowing that he would wake up tomorrow in your arms, wrapped tightly in the affection and love that you reserved just for him. And that was the best gift he'd ever received.
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Before the streetlights come on: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader (AU)
Series MasterList
Summary: It's the summer of 1994 and you find yourself falling for your childhood best friend. There's a lot that can happen before the street lights come on.
A/n: I made the divider myself!! It's the first one I've made. And yes I did just get a clip art lamp post...
Tumblr media
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" You heard your mom tell you and your little siblings as the three of you ran out the door.
"Yes ma'am!" The three of you shouted before the door shut and your each went your separate ways. You went right next door where your best friend of 16 years lived, while your siblings got their bikes and went to find their friends. Summer break started a week ago and this was now the routine. You rung the door bell waiting.
"Hey y/n!" Sarah Rogers, your best friend's mom said as she opened the door.
"Hi Mrs. Rogers is Steve up yet?" You asked.
"Coming! I'm coming!" You heard the blonde hair blue eyed man you call your best friend shout before someone came running down the stairs.
"Yes he is." She chuckled, you laughed with her as he stumbled on the last step.
"Hi." Steve smiled at you. "Bye mom!"
"Bye Mrs. Rogers!"
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" She hollered as you two ran to your bicycles.
"Okay!" The the two of you rode down the street.
"Diner?" You asked him.
"Yeah obviously." He said speeding up on his bike. You rolled your eyes following. Once finally at the dinner you two were sat waiting for food.
"So for your birthday this year are you gonna have a party?" You asked.
"Probably not a party of us two, Tony, and Bruce won't be that fun." He shrugged.
"Oh well you should still invite them over to watch fireworks."
"So I say we go to mall." You suggested after a while of sitting in the park talking.
"Sure." Steve shrugged standing up before helping you up. "Race you?"
"Oh your on!" You ran to your bike getting on it as fast as possible before riding away. He copied quickly making it in front of you. He ended up winning though.
"Well, we could go to blockbuster and get a movie we can watch it at my house," Steve suggested.
"Sure." You shrugged putting your bike in the bike racks.
"Great! So what movie?"
"A Disney one." You suggested.
"Okay." The two of your walked around the mall for a little while before going to Blockbuster and getting the movie. By the time you got outside it was almost time for the street lights to come on.
"Race you home!" You said riding off. He followed quickly behind you.
"Hey, no fair! You got a head start!" Steve complained, parking his bike in front of his house.
"Don't be a sore loser!" You scoffed. "Okay I'll ask my mom if I can come over after dinner.
"Okay see you then." Steve smiled at you before walking in. You sighed walking into your own home.
"Momma! I'm home!" You exclaimed.
"Welcome home dear!" She smiled before going to the door to scream for your sibling. You rolled your eyes heading up to your room.
You looked out the window seeing Steve in his room which had a window across from your own. You looked away quickly when he noticed you and just grabbed what you came to your room for. You were developing a bit of a crush for the blonde. You couldn't tell him or anyone for that matter. You didn't want to ruin the long friendship the two of you had so you ignored you feelings. Hung out with him a lot as usual. You wish your other friends were there this summer but they weren't. Sure you had other friends then just Sam, Nat, and Bucky but they were also busy this summer.
Wanda and Pietro were visiting their home country. Clint was a counselor at a summer camp. Bruce had a summer job. You didn't know how but Tony got a job babysitting a kid named Peter. You were surprised he'd even get a summer job since his parents are rich but you assumed it was just to stay away from his dad. And Vision was with Wanda and Pietro.
So almost every day this summer will just be you and Steve. And you ignoring your crush.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @honeyyxashes
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