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#celebrity perfume
thesecretdiaryofa90sgirl11 days ago
Tumblr media
Mariah Carey, Lollipop Splash The Remix, Perfume (2011).
Inseparable (Pink bottle):
Floriental Fruity. 馃挅
Top notes: Pear, Mango,聽Raspberry.
Mid notes: Orange Flower, Jasmine Sambac, Plum Blossom.
Base notes: Praline, Sandalwood, Vanilla Beans.
Never Forget You聽(Orange bottle):
Floral Fruity. 馃А
Top notes: Italian Mandarin, Raspberry Nectar, Pineapple Sorbet,聽Jelly Bean Accord.
Mid notes: Golden Peony, Wild Wisteria, Muguet
Base notes: Sugared Wood, Vanilla,聽Pink Musk.
Vision of Love聽(Purple bottle):
Oriental Gourmand. 馃挏
Top notes: Juicy Mandarin, Coconut, Star Neroli.
Mid notes: French Macaroon, Purple Jasmine, White Peach.
Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla Infusion, Creme de Musk.
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thesecretdiaryofa90sgirla month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
R.E.M. Eau de Parfum is Ariana Grande's 7th fragrance. I just love the purple bottle 馃挏
"Introducing R.E.M. Eau de Parfum, the dreamy fragrance by Ariana Grande. An intergalactic dream of femininity and power, R.E.M. draws you in with a cosmic blend of juicy fig and warm salted caramel. Lavender essence takes you to dreamy new heights, while sparkling pear blossom explodes like a supernova in the night sky. Intoxicating musk wrapped with sandalwood creates the perfect ending to your unforgettable journey." 馃挏
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The Main Players Involved mod Celebrity Fragrances
From its taproot to bringing my humble self to market, the process of creating a civet is wide-ranging and involves several different participants. Whereby using the services of at variance players, it is possible to straight course the process and have the fragrance on the market correspondingly soon as real. Here are the eldest participants in harvesting a big name trace:
Celebrity A well-known and nonecclesiastical celebrity is needed to lend their image ocherish name against a one perfume. They may breathe incriminated in the metagalaxy excrescence, but they do take on a lot of responsibility when inner man comes to promoting the fragrance to the target audience. A name is gaping to work with a support mete. This helps complete a bundle as regards the ground work and may knot celebrity piling, unofficially moniker staff, lawyers, managers, etc. By combining the wide-ranging stock-in-trade of a celebrity, it is possible in order to market a fragrance much pluralistic successfully and sprout up sales.
Perfume Retail dealer\Cartel The fruitiness distributor or company is responsible for the creation of the newly launched perfume. When creating the celebrity perfume range, a trace butty is fully responsible for executive the utter ready excluding the first ideas en route to distributing it and marketing it. As of the hero worship of the vogue fragrances, they are distributed through a high number of retailers to make himself available to the widest audience possible.
Perfumer A semiotic entity messed up in the copious re the reclame fragrance range is the perfumer. Themselves are dependent on for creating the scent and may work in a team crown independently. Himself work with a diverse range of chemicals and oils to produce the distinct inhale. A hardwareman is given gray eminence to 2500 or composite substances to include in the hydrogenate. Antiquated of the 2500 oils and iodide, up to 400 come from natural sources, while the rest comes from elaborate compounds. Natural oils are extracted from things like little quaking grass, herbs, trees and twigs. The artificial extracts are made modern a emergency environment by scientists. Because the natural oils and chemicals are difficult to source and expensive, a lot of the fragrance ranges rely heavily on the protein plastic alternatives. For instance, vair oil is much more difficult to source from hand-picked petals, compared to creating a similar fragrance in a isolation setting.
All fellow feeling on all counts, through using the skilled participants who are experts in their specific fields, it is imaginary to lay out the uncommon and sound smelling celebrity fragrance range for all to enjoy.
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dandydonald6 years ago
Real Time with Bill Maher: Celebrity Fragrances (HBO) Something is in the air this Valentine鈥檚 Day. Is it love - or one of these new celebrity perfumes?
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allkflop7 years ago
Tiffany Taeyeon reveals press release for first fragrance 'Dream'
Tumblr media
Dream is classed as a light fruity-floral gourmand.聽The composition contains floral nuances composed of jasmine petals and lily of the valley, refreshed with gentle exotic aromas of coconut water and sweetened white honey drops and sensual musk veil. A base leaves a warm trail combined of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, heliotrope and woody notes.聽
Dream will be available in Korea exclusively from Lotte and聽10 Corso Como department stores. Official launches in Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, France, and other countries will follow at as yet聽unspecified聽dates.
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everythingarianag-blog9 years ago
If Ariana Grande came out with her own perfume, what do you think it would be called and what do you think it'd smell like? :)
I would buy her perfume in a heartbeat! Hehe :) In my opinion, I'm sure it'd be very girly and sweet smelling.
Probably very flowery.聽
I think it'd smell alot like roses, jasmine, honey, caramel, and berries :)
I think it'd be cute if she called it Pink Champagne! <3聽
** please note, Ariana hasn't confirmed or even talked about creating her own perfume. It's just something random that popped into my head, and I hope she does make one someday :) **
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christylau919 years ago
Wish we could all step through mirrors and enter our own magical world, where chandeliers hang from trees and there's some hot mysterious dude stalks you...
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bonafidesupernova-blog9 years ago
Kate Moss launches new fragrance
The 27-year-old supermodel聽announces the release of her fifth fragrance to-date, Lilabelle -聽inspired by 8-year-old mini-Moss, daughter Lila Grace.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
This past weekend at the World Science Festival in Washington Square Park, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) helped visitors of all ages explore the beauty of scent through their expert Smell Lab.聽 The Smell Lab had several different features including Test Your Smell IQ, 鈥淩ecreate Whiffs of Reality,鈥 Guess that Celebrity Scent, and one of the day鈥檚 most popular experiments, Concoct Your Own Unique Fragrance from Scratch.聽 Not only did the Smell Lab participants leave with their own creation, they left with a deep understanding of the intriguing world of fragrance.
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