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#cat therapy
graveyardollie · 18 hours ago
Tw: possible suicide/sacrifice mention
You know how there are people with the concept of the episode Sandboy 2.0 where Ladybug’s nightmare is Chat Blanc? Well...I can’t stop thinking about other fear she has. Fear of losing Chat Noir forever because of his sacrifices for her. So, imagine, Ladybug and Chat get hit by the sandboy and there comes the illusion of Chat Noir on the roof yelling “Gotta go, save the world ladybug!” And the he just jumps and disappears and it just repeats over and over again but he does something different everytime, like drown or get thrown to space or idk.
And then there is the og Chat Noir watching this in horror and be like: 👁👄👁
It’s so dramatic but also so funny at the same time I just- I can’t-
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Tumblr media
Friendly reminder about therapy: the person there is not going to cure you. They are going to help you fix yourself, by teaching you new ways to do things, to think about things, or to give you a safe space to air things out.
As of May 5th, I will no longer be actively in therapy. 
I do feel that being in therapy has helped. It has given me new ways to look at this, and new tools to try, with the reminder to change things. As the saying goes, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. 
I was not making meaningful changes, so I was not seeing meaningful changes in how I was living.
Ending therapy does not mean an end to this blog, nor does it mean an end to my problems. It simply means I have taken what I can from therapy, and I now have the tools to go on about my life without it. This may not be permanent. I may return to it one day if things get worse, or if I encounter new problems in life. 
So this is a post about a reminder of what therapy is: it’s a learning opportunity, to learn about yourself. You can use that to get better, or you can not use it. It may take you much longer than it took me to get to a point where therapy is unnecessary, and for some people, it may even take their entire lives.
If you’re on this journey and using, or have used, therapy, I wish you all the best in bettering yourselves, and to remember to keep your expectations realistic. 
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winterkillsx · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Falcon & Winter Soldier #5
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kerra-and-company · 4 days ago
OC Question time if you would like one :D For whoever you'd like to chat about: What is one aspect of their current job/role that they did not anticipate when they first started? Do they resent that it has come up or do they just sort of roll with it? -uselessidiotsquad-
All righty, sounds good, let’s go! Thanks for the ask @uselessidiotsquad! :D
Random thing picker has chosen the following (very vague Icebrood spoilers in Lifa’s answer at the end):
Rel: He never anticipated the scale of what his job became. Healing, dealing with all sorts of patients, even fighting when necessary? Sure. Being a leader as well? Not really. But he makes it work, and though it’s never his favorite role to hold, he does a decent job.
Tanza: The way she’s looked at by people when they first learn and understand exactly what her “job” is (specifically the being-connected-to-the-mostly-dead-Owl-Spirit part). They knew they’d make a legend for themself, but not exactly this way, and they’re slightly uncomfortable with the way some people look to them for answers (and angry at the way some people call them a liar). But she deals with it; there’s no other “job” she’d rather have.
Kerra: That she’d grow into it as much as she has. She’s gone through so many steps with regards to being Commander. First, it was her duty and what she was meant to do. Then, it was an obligation she’d committed to and would return to for the sake of the world. And then somewhere along the line, it became...part of her, in a way, if that makes any sense at all. She’s at a point now where she would like to retire (or at least to spend more time with her family), but she is the Commander now. It’s a title and a role that she believes she fits, and even when she steps down, eventually, it’ll have shaped her in a way that only things you accept fully can do. I feel like this explanation is weird, but...yeah. From duty/destiny to obligation to job to mantle, or something like that.
Pliarr: That he’d be good at it. It sounds a bit silly in some ways--he’s a Whispers agent, who also happens to be a very powerful mesmer and spent a decent amount of his childhood learning what secrets to tell who and keeping his sister safe. It seems like it’d be the perfect job for him, skill-set-wise, and it is, but he was very scared of using his magic for a long time because he blames himself for what happened to his sister. But he finds that he’s a good agent both with and without mesmer magic, which surprises him and boosts his confidence.
Lifa: That it would be easy (at least at first). There’s a peculiar and disturbing sort of peace in blindly following, in believing so much in an ideology that you’ll do anything for it. So “easy” might not quite be the right word here, but for her, it gives her tunnel vision, and she welcomes it. She doesn’t have to focus on all of her very complicated feelings about the world and her former friends and her former partner, and she can instead just channel them into her magic and throw it wherever Bangar (and, eventually, Ryland) tells her to. (No, this is not even remotely healthy; yes, she does kill a lot of people because of this mentality; and, no, this does not end well.)
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chatonne-rousse · 8 days ago
My most-used Tumblr tag has always been I'm unrepentant Adrienette trash. But I have a feeling there's about to be a new contender for first place, and that's protect my precious cat son, which I use any time I reblog or post something where Adrien/Chat is hurting.
I can't say I appreciate the spike in its usage, especially since I wasn't using it sparingly prior to this season!
How much are they going to hurt this boy? 😭
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rosiesbsdtwitterau · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ADA gets a therapy cat part 3
Or technically the Port Mafia is getting a therapy cat, since Elise is the real boss of the mafia amirite.
Idk if I should do more on this ‘arc’, I’ll think about :)
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