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#cat scratch
jen-mcnaughton · a day ago
Essential Oil Formula To Deter Cats From Scratching
Essential Oil Formula To Deter Cats From Scratching
Do you have a bad cat (or cats, like I do) who likes to scratch the furniture, curtains and other unwelcome places? It is a natural instinct for cats to want to scratch and sharpen the tiny little needles attached to those cute soft paws. But did you also know you can make an inexpensive and easy formula from Essential Oils to help prevent your cat(s) from scratching where they’re not supposed…
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hornyspacesnakes · 4 days ago
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My chest after trying to give my cat liquid medicine 😔
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idareyoutotakealook · 6 days ago
it never occurred to me that cats could get chin acne. ma’am can we see his chin acne? this is oddly fascinating
I have to say no because he doesn’t like it when even I look at it too long. The only being he lets look at it is his brother so he can clean them. So I’m going to respect his privacy.
But it’s basically just a bunch of bumps and at the moment they’re actually pretty crusty because there haven’t been any new ones since the fountain, so they’re all just old. But basically it’s not like they have white heads usually that are prominent enough like human acne, they’re just large hard bumps. They’re all currently in a gross weird flat faze and they’re healing. I’ll be happy to show you his clean chin once he is all healed and let’s me in there for more than 45 seconds! Promise!
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shoreabove · 6 days ago
mark cohen tag drop no 2.
𝐦𝐜. zoom in on my empty wallet. ────── mark feat. roger.
𝐦𝐜. there’s always buzzline. ────── mark feat. maureen.
𝐦𝐜. i told her not to call you. ────── mark feat. joanne.
𝐦𝐜. today 4 u. ────── mark feat. angel.
𝐦𝐜. theory of actual reality. ────── mark feat. collins.
𝐦𝐜. the enemy of avenue a. ────── mark feat. benny.
𝐦𝐜. the dancer from the cat scratch club. ────── mark feat. mimi.
𝐦𝐜.how can i pay you back? ────── mark ♥ maureen.
𝐦𝐜. i’m not alone. ────── mark ♥ roger.
𝐦𝐜. viva la vie boheme. ────── mark // the gang.
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azurewildfire · 7 days ago
♥ [If you want to!]
Of course I want to!!
There’s a lot to say about you- your skill in writing, the little ! of excitement I see when your posts come up on the dash, how good your Twice is- you’re absolutely someone I love to see and am glad to follow. You’re a top notch rper (and the crack tagged stuff?? It’s so fuckin funny) Dabi, Hawks, Shigaraki are all clambering to interact with him 100%. One of my ocs is too but he wants everyone so ignore Parhelion pls
I literally just want to steal Twice from Hori and plunk him down into your hands bc I know you’d do him justice. Twice deserved better and I’ll never be over his death
Btw I hope you enjoy the GS cookies! I used to be a GS and cookie time was the greatest. Even out of it it’s real nice because you start missing those cookies the rest of the year
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trash-000 · 8 days ago
So one of my cats needs to take medicine two times daily...
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You can tell how that’s going...
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bloomingspiderlily · 8 days ago
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omg here’s a pic of Chonk being Down Bad after I forcefully bathed him.. he really jumped into the pile of towels.. mf said Dry Me!!
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bpod-mrc · 10 days ago
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Getting Stressed
Catching a bacterial infection can be stressful, not just for you but for your cells too. These lab-grown human cells have been infected with Bartonella bacteria (pink) – an increasingly important infectious bug that causes several diseases in humans. Bartonella can be transmitted by biting insects, such as fleas or lice. It can also be caught through animal scratches, leading to so-called ‘cat-scratch disease’, which can be very serious in people with weakened immune systems. Researchers have discovered that Bartonella bacteria produce chemicals that hijack the normal processes inside cells, activating the formation of stress fibres (green). These fibres disrupt the normal structures inside cells so they break up into pieces when they try and move. In turn, this disrupts the regular structure of tissues, allowing the infection to spread deeper into the body. Understanding how Bartonella interact with our cells could point towards targets for developing better antibacterial drugs.
Written by Kat Arney
Image from work by Simon Marlaire and Christoph Dehio, on January 2021 cover of PLOS Pathogens
Biozentrum, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Image originally published with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Published in PLOS Pathogens, January 2021
You can also follow BPoD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
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phb256 · 11 days ago
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By Bill Everett and Ken Bald, from Namora #2
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