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#cat nap
orsimer2 hours ago
honestly what's stopping me from having cat nap be a towering werecat
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thecagedbird3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Is it possible to be too obsessed with your cat? Asking for a friend
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dinosaurtsukki10 hours ago
I really vibe with Dazai in your smau ong
if its because of the cats then SAME !! smau!dazai is actually based on my real-life experience of being all :/ about getting a cat at first and now i have to cuddle my cat at least 5 times a day now for mental health reasons
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mygrandmotherspianoa day ago
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A mood.
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seagull-scribbles2 days ago
G2 caramelldansen blaze please
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The temptation to combine this with the head rush Thursday post was so strong
ask meme here
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miniaturemallow2 days ago
so tired you feel like shrinking
Not helping: cat on bed seemingly inviting you to take nap with him.
Just like
"ah man, I need to stay up" *cat is just laying there* "damn, u right tho"
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this was me right after work.
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hyperficsations3 days ago
Coming Home After Dark
I haven't written anything in years but I'm finally feeling a little like myself for the first time in a long time. This is tiny and a little silly, but its mine. And maybe now its yours, too.
Happy May the 4th.
Read on AO3, if that's your thing.
Luke loved the sound of rain. Even after spending so many years visiting and living in places where it was normal for water to fall from the sky, he couldn鈥檛 shake the novelty of it. Sometimes when it was difficult to sleep, he played a recording of the sound of rain falling to drown out the sound of the city and of his own thoughts, so it didn鈥檛 surprise Din to come home to hear the sound of rain in their home.
Grogu loved to snuggle close to those he loved. Even when he was trying hard to convince his dads he wasn鈥檛 really sleepy yet he couldn鈥檛 resist a cuddle. Sometimes when it was difficult to sleep, he snuggled in the big bed looking for familiar feelings of warmth and safety so Din wasn鈥檛 surprised when his son wasn鈥檛 in his bed in his own room.
Din hated coming home when the house was dark. Even though it was happening with irritating regularity, he disliked missing dinner with his spouse and the evening routine with his son. He especially missed the time with Luke after Grogu went to bed. It didn鈥檛 always end with sex, and although he missed that, he missed their candid conversations more. It was unsurprising that he hurried through the routine of making sure the house was locked up and lights were turned off for the night.
As much as he hated coming home after they鈥檇 gone to sleep, Din loved seeing Grogu snuggled close to Luke. He was so happy the child had another adult in his life he could trust completely, and they were working on adding more people to his little circle every day. He was prepared to see Luke, dressed for bed in soft pants and a tank top, lying on his back with one arm thrown up over his head and Grogu snuggled into the crook of his other arm, the child鈥檚 head on his chest. Both were sleeping peacefully to the recorded sound of a rain shower.
What he was unprepared for was the tooka curled up at Luke鈥檚 feet. They didn鈥檛 look that big normally, but this one was taking up more than its fair share of the bed. As he stood there, hand halfway to begin loosening his armor, the thing started snoring. When did they get a tooka? Din was worried Luke had told him about the animal and he had forgotten. Were those even supposed to be kept as pets? Din didn鈥檛 know. As he stood there, indecisive for once in his life, Luke stirred and looked at him sleepily. His face broke into a smile as he went to sit up, remembered Grogu was asleep on him, and slid the child off of his arm so he could sit up fully. Din wasn鈥檛 sure he could have moved the child in such a way without waking him and was thoroughly impressed.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e home!鈥 Luke said quietly, as he sat up.
Din moved to the side of the bed, careful not to bump it and accidentally wake the tooka that may or may not belong in their house. He removed his helmet and sat it on the bed beside Luke as he leaned in for a kiss. 鈥淚 missed you,鈥 he said, pressing his lips to Luke鈥檚 softly. He lingered in his husband's space for a moment before pulling away to begin removing his armor. 鈥淲here鈥檇 you find the tooka?鈥 he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.
Luke looked at him a little confused. 鈥淚 thought he followed you home?鈥 It was more a question than a statement of fact. 鈥淗e鈥檚 been here a couple of days. Did you not bring him in?鈥
鈥淗ow has a tooka been here for two days and I just noticed?鈥 Din wondered out loud.
They both looked at Grogu鈥檚 sleeping form, wondering what else the child might have snuck into their house. The tooka looked up sleepily from his place at the bottom of the bed and, noticing that Grogu was no longer cuddling with anybody, moved up to snuggle beside the child.
鈥淚 wonder what he named it.鈥 Din said with a chuckle.
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cookietracker4 days ago
鈥淚 forgot to turn on the grow light for my cat鈥 a sentence I now realize makes no sense to anyone but me
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ellaintrigue4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyone doing different things in the morning.
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