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toptiergenderqueer · 6 hours ago
I know a lot of you are used to people doubting Destiel. But because I’m pretty new to the fandom, I’m still getting used to people not seeing it and I feel this need to defend it. I know I’ll get to a place of not feeling like engaging.
But I’m not there yet, bitch!
Here are some examples of the subtext of queerness involving Dean and Cas that I can remember off of the top of my head:
-“Dean and I do share a more profound bond.”
-Dean giving Castiel a mixtape of songs his dad used to woo his mother
-Cas has to kill 100’s of Deans because he means the most to him
-Metatron saying, “He’s in love…with humanity” followed up by “It was for 1 human. Dean Winchester.”
-“You have me confused with the other Angel who’s in love with you” because all the angels know the tea.
-“You lost Dean Winchester? I thought you two were attached at the—”
-“He was your boyfriend first.”
-EVERYTHING about Benny and Cas competing to be Dean’s number 1 in Purgatory.
-Dean’s crush on both the TV soap doctor Dr. Sexy AND the wrestler he could barely speak to when he met him, he was so wound up.
-When he hugged Cas in front of Mary for the first time and she gave them ~a look~
-When Dean says, “There’s things…people, feelings that I want to experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time.” Like fucking what, Dean? You toured America with your pansexual King of Hell bestie, having what I can only assume are alcohol and drug fueled orgies. What could you have to experience, Dean?
And this is just me not really trying. Not researching. Not looking at clips on YouTube. Nothing.
Where do you guys get off not believing in Destiel??
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liveoffcoffeestuff · 10 hours ago
Michael: I'm sorry, he was a good soldier.
Dean: :(
Me: no the fuck he wasn't. He literally disobeyed all of heaven for one dude. Like yes he could fight well but dude he did not follow anyone's orders he was not a good soldier he was a good dude.
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moonlightdeancas · 13 hours ago
after cas is taken by the empty, dean runs the battery on his phone down to 0% every day just listening to old voicemails from cas. over and over again he listens to cas' voice saying such normal everyday things about groceries and movies and being home late from a case or a hunt they can all do together. dean keeps each one on his phone; replaying them 100x a day with the phone pressed to his ear and his eyes closed. he saves his favorite for when he closes his eyes at night, tears pricking his eyelids, just so he can hear cas say into the night, "im coming home, see you soon dean"
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gothamsred · 15 hours ago
But like…
is destiel a thing we perceived because of cockles?
Or is cockles a thing we perceived because of destiel?
Or is destiel just because of destiel and cockles is because of cockles???
Ship-ception. Just like the Leo movie.
Inquiring minds want to know.
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oddityofstars · 23 hours ago
CHAPTER THIRTEEN of my post-canon fix-it DeanCas fic is out in AO3!! I hope you all enjoy it, it’s a little emptier than most chapters but it plays an important role for later. I hope you all enjoy it: here it is!
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marshmellowrites · 23 hours ago
teaser for that new series I might write. Let me know if its good:
Donna's cabin was comfortable. It wasn't perfect, but for now, this will do. It was Sam's idea.
"One weekend won't kill you, Dean."
"Sam I've been killed by tacos. And that's not the point. I'm telling you, I'm fine."
Despite all the protest, Dean knew he needed this. After everything that had happened, he knew he deserved this. And yet, there was this really empty feeling inside him, and deep down he knew exactly what it was. And he didn't want to acknowledge that.
He was afraid to let it in, to let it bother him more than it already did. "Its too late," he kept telling himself. And he'd be lying if he said he hadn't tried. For two whole months, he did nothing but try. To move on. To forget it. But he couldn't. How could he?
It was Cas. Castiel. And what made things worse is that nobody else seemed to care. Not Charlie, not Bobby, Not Crowley (not that he expected him to) and not even Sam. They all finally had everything they wanted. They moved on.
But Dean, he couldn't. He was a man who had lost almost everything. Almost every night, he would wake up, sweating and panting, after the exact same nightmare. The Black monstrosity completely engulfing his Cas, as Dean stood there, helpless. And he couldn't even tell Cas how he felt. He couldn't even tell him that he cared.
He settled in at the cabin and tried to distract himself with some tv. Scooby Doo helped for about an hour, and then it didn't. Everything went back to the same place. Cas. He remembered the time they were stuck in tv and he couldn't help but smile at the memory.
Just then, something happened. Dean heard something outside, and he could've sworn it was the sound of wings. Angel wings.
He picked up his angel blade from the duffel bag and slowly went towards the door and opened it to find-
Tumblr media
"Hello, Dean."
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moonlightdeancas · a day ago
cas calls dean beautiful all the time. but dean’s absolute favorite is when cas calls him pretty. dean utterly melts anytime cas calls him pretty and he gives cas the most smitten loved up look that always leads to them softly kissing and holding each other close with gentle caresses
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moonlightdeancas · a day ago
Dean would talk to Miracle in a baby voice and Cas absolutely would not understand why Dean was talking to a dog like that
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destielwrite · a day ago
the fact cas said I LOVE YOU to dean after bombarding him with reasons on why he shouldn’t hate himself and how he’s much more than john’s blunt tool. he complimented the fuck out of dean, and then was like oh yeah by the way, I LOVE YOU. but here’s the reasons why you should LOVE YOURSELF first
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cas really said that dean needs to he's loved so he said I love you to dean twice in the Russian confession scene. he said I love you as a best friend, but I'm also IN love with you. I'm in love with ALL if you, not just for your body.
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moonlightdeancas · a day ago
cas telling dean he loves him but also knowing he's gotta leave before dean loves him back because he doesn't believe he deserves to be loved and doesn't deserve that happiness even though his love for dean is gold and pure and every single good thing dean ever taught him and he has no idea dean already does love him too and has loved him for a long time
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imapala67-aka-baby · a day ago
Cas: Everything that’s in you. but that’s wrong! and everyone who knows you sees that. and i’ll say that everything you’ve done, be that good or bad, you did out of love. out of love you raised your brother, out of love you fought for this world. that’s who you are. you are the most caring human on earth. you are most selfless and loving creation i’ve ever known. from our very first meeting, ever since i pulled you out of hell, i was changing beside you. i learned love from you. i loved you,… i loved sam, and i loved jack - i fell in love with the whole world thanks to you. you’ve changed me.
Dean: This sounds like a goodbye.
Cas: And it is… i love you.
Dean: Don’t even think about it, cas…… cas?
Cas: Godbye, Dean.
Tumblr media
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moonlightdeancas · a day ago
Just a reminder. Dean loves Cas. He loves him. There's so much love. All the little actions. Dean tucking a blanket around Cas' shoulders. Their casual phone calls where Dean just wanted to hear Cas' voice. Their movie night tradition just for them. Stealing food from Cas' plate and letting Cas take his food. Dean loves Cas. He was just waiting for Cas to realize that Dean's actions all spelled love.
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