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faeryinwonderland · an hour ago
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Porsche 991
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shittyobx · an hour ago
Pope: *knocks on door*
JJ: you can’t come in!
Pope: why not?
JJ: because, uh... John B is naked!
Pope: what?
John B: what?!
JJ: well I couldn’t tell him I was naked! He’s allowed to see me naked!
John B: why does ANYONE have to be naked?!
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arraspilot · 4 hours ago
III race de drones de carreras de los Diablillos del aire en #Lanzarote.#race #carrera #arras #arrasfpv #fpv.Thanks to for the vídeo 🥰
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lenacameron · 6 hours ago
Outer Banks (JJ Maybank x Reader)
Summary: Jj is madly in love with you, there is only one small problem, you are a Cameron.
Warnings: Not much, just insults.
Note: I think I speak for everyone when I say that Jj is incredible, we love him, so this seemed obvious and necessary to me.
Tumblr media
Of all my family, Rafe, my older brother, was the one with whom I got along the best. That has many drawbacks, it is too overprotective. In the fifteen years that I have been alive, no boy has approached me for anything other than asking for homework, Rafe is terrifying.
"Please Rafe, don't be like that, you're supposed to be the cool brother" I told him as I followed him down the stairs.
"Oh yeah, I'm the cool brother, what I'm not is an idiot. You won't go to that party, it's literally in the pouge area".
"Come on, I swear I won't drink a drop of alcohol, I'll just go listen to good music and walk on the beach, you know how much I love the beach at night" I said begging him. For a second, he seemed to think about it, but instantly began to shake his head.
"I swear that if someone approaches me I will run to you and I will not engage in conversation with anyone I do not know" I listened as he let out a heavy sigh "Well, well, okay, you can come, but the first idiot who approaches you, and neither talk if it's a pouge, come and let me know, promise it"he pointed at me with his index finger.
"I promise" he nodded "Ahh I love you, I love you, I love you, you are the best!" I ran to hug him.
"I'm going to get dressed, wait for me just five minutes"
I ran to my room as fast as I could, eager to get to the party, to get to the beach ... to get to him.
JJ fucking Maybank.
That stupid blond kleptoman who stole my sleep every night. It was a reciprocated but forbidden love.
Romeo and Juliet? Who? rather JJ and (y/n).
A kook and a pouge.
I can't help but feel guilty for lying to my brother to his face. But I can't help it, I need to see him again.
It was a matter of getting to the party so that they started to want to throw up. A strange mix of nerves and butterflies formed in my stomach. "Remember what you promised," he says seriously, "how can I forget it?" I smiled innocently.
I separated myself from my brother, as much as I could, I didn't want him to be looking at me. I decided to walk towards the seashore, a little far from the party, a little closer to the forest.
"What is such a beautiful princess doing on such a dark and lonely beach?" someone surrounds me with their arms around my waist.
"I'm waiting for my prince charming" I smiled, instantly recognizing those rings and that voice so funny but deep and charming "well, how lucky you are, you have the most attractive, sexy and intelligent of all the princes", he began. kiss my neck, but in a cute, not provocative way. That's JJ, cute, even if it doesn't seem like it, under that shell there is a sweet boy "you forgot at all narcissistic and egocentric" we laugh.
"I missed you, more than you think, a lot" he makes me turn around to be face to face, I was a few inches shorter. Considering that he is one year older.
My arms instinctively went around his neck to play with his hair "I missed you too, too much, I don't like this about having to wait so long to see us" he pressed his lips "I don't like it either, not at all, but if you brother finds out that I only look at you, it will kill me, literally, no more Jj for you "we laugh" you are very beautiful, you will drive me crazy.
"You are the best thing that has happened to me, the best thing that I have" I said, hypnotized by his blue eyes.
"(y/n) I-I love y-..."
I abruptly separated from the blond and watched my brother approach violently and quickly, pushing Jj. He was red and very angry.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing with my sister?" he yelled, many people were surrounding us and watching carefully.
"Rafe, please wait" beg "you shut up, you are a fucking liar, a pogue? Seriously? What's on your mind? Shit only"
"Don't talk to her like that" Jj tried to defend myself.
"Shit pogue" he hit him.
"Rafe please don't hurt him" I stood between them before one of them released another blow, some tears were gathering in my eyes "please stop" I asked.
"What did this little girl say to you? That she loves you? She wants something with you? What the fuck was it?" He said quickly "Did you really think, just for a damn second, that such a beautiful and fucking rich girl would be with a scum like you? Someone who cannot give her any future? A pogue? Please don't make me laugh, in a couple days she will find a kook boy and she will forget about you, they will go on a trip and do things that in your fucking life you can do, poor shit"
Jj seemed to be believing this, for God's sake.
"Shut your fucking mouth Rafe" I shouted "What the fuck do you know about loving someone? You have no idea what that means, you are so fucking obsessed with money that it is not even yours, it is dad's, money can never fill that huge void you have, leave-me-alone” I got closer and closer to him, who seemed to be speechless" I love Jj, I'm fucking in love with him and I don't give a shit if he has money or no, I'm not like you. "
Quickly take his arm and guide us to his motorcycle "take us away from here" he silently obeyed me.
In about twenty minutes we were sitting in a hammock at John B's house "you shouldn't listen to my brother, he's a fool" he kept saying nothing and I was starting to worry "I don't know (y/n)".
"I love you Jj, I love you so much"
A smile slowly began to form on his face, which began to draw closer to mine.
"Well, how lucky you are because I love you too, even more"
We merge into a passionate and long-awaited kiss after a long time without seeing him.
"Could you stay tonight?" he asked between kisses.
"I'll stay today and whenever you want."
"forever" he said.
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serpsmusic · 8 hours ago
Con el tiempo aprendí a que no se le gatea al que está por debajo de tú talento, cuando #elcapitàn tire cambio yo cambio mi número de celular para que entonces lo llamen a él 😆🤣😆 si aún no entendiste que en tiempos de pandemia no se inverte o no se trabaja en artistas nuevos, menos vas a entender lo que es un #talentosuperior nosotros vamos para el lado de @daddyyankee y uno de los primeros #feats lo quiero con él. Ya millonarios sin lanzar #temasauna red así que #amarratebienloscordonesvidaa😂 👟 que lo que viene es #carrera por #untuboysietellaves prepara las #paletasdeplaya 🏓 que vamos a volar bajito 🛩 asiento #1A please 😬😳 (at Carrera Island)
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shittyobx · 15 hours ago
JJ: Can we go get food?
Sarah: What did Kie say?
JJ: She said no
Sarah: Then why are you asking me?
JJ: ‘Cause she’s not the boss of you
Sarah, internally: This is a trap, this is a trap, this is a trap—
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awesomecarmods · 16 hours ago
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Twin-turbo Carrera GT (Instagram find) [ ]
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prechy0000 · 18 hours ago
Tu potencial por descubrir.
Muchos tratarán de convencerte de que puedes ser, el caballo ganador. Te dirán qué puedes llegar a ser grande, y que, conseguirás las metas que te propongas.Lo importante en la vida es estar apuntado en la carrera y disfrutando de ella.Descubre tus habilidades,ejercítalas, aprende… Cada cual tiene las suyas.Lo más difícil es, descubrirlas. Siempre que logres aquello que suma y que, te suma,…
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viejospellejos · 23 hours ago
Gran carrera, gran carrera
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perfectlyfinelove · a day ago
I love this character bc she's a badass that risks everything for her friends and i hope she get's the development she deserves in season 2 so that fans of this shows stop treating her like competition against their fav ship or ship bait
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ohmoguer · a day ago
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@fiaformulae #puebla #carreras #fórmulae
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