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#carol danvers incorrect quotes
incorrecthick · 22 hours ago
Carol: Hey Sarah, wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Sarah: sure.
Carol: Quill! Wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Izzy: uh... I-
Carol: Great! I've always wanted to go on a double date!
Sarah & Izzy:...
Valkyrie: Carol...
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incorrecthick · 23 hours ago
Carol: Are you into women?
Valkyrie: only when I am drunk
Carol: but you're always drunk?
Valkyrie, opening another vodka bottle: exactly
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Carol: Val said she doesn’t love me anymore
Valkyrie: No, I said “you can’t be the little spoon five times in a row, it’s my turn now”
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Tumblr media
In the middle of argument.
Natasha: Alright. Can we just have a calm conversation like a normal people??
Y/n: Fine.. You go first.
Natasha: Okay, first of all, WHAT THE FUC-
Carol: They're not going to have a calm conversation isn't it?
Wanda: Nope.
Maria: Oh, Romanoff and Y/l/n is having a conversation again i see.
Carol: You call that a conversation?
Maria: I've seen worse.
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Carol: I love women
Fury: In a feminist way, or in a gay way?
Carol: Yes
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Carol: Wanda, I got a dog for us.
Wanda: Nice! What’s its name?
Carol: His name is Lunch.
Wanda: Why did you name him that?
Carol: So when people come over I can say, “Okay I'm gonna get lunch” and they will be expecting food but it will be a dog.
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spid3rgwen · 3 days ago
TFATWS head canon 4/???~ Bucky rescues Alpine one night after a mission. He finds her in a field near where he and Sam were located for said mission, and decides to keep her. A few months later, they’re working with Captain Marvel and she brings along Goose. Goose and Alpine get along extremely well. At the end of the mission, Carol asks Bucky “how on earth did he find a Flerken.”
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Carol: Thought I was meowing at Goose for the past hour.
Carol: Turns out it was just Valkyrie and I meowing at each other from different rooms in the house.
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lazy-cat-corner · 5 days ago
Casey is the reason why Thanos had to go into hiding after he snapped his fingers.
When Mjolnir holds out her hand, she summons Casey.
Casey has to be careful when he walks past Hulk because he doesn’t want to smash him.
Vibranium is the second strongest metal on Earth. The first being Casey.
According to Steve in The Avengers (2012), there’s only one God and that God is Casey.
When Carol absorbed a little bit of the Tesseract’s power, she also accidentally absorbed a little bit of Casey’s power. Casey suffered flu-like symptoms for a day and returned to work as normal.
Casey can charge the Iron Man suit but only once a day or he could accidentally overcharge the battery.
Steve takes the super serum and gets instant superpowers, Casey takes the serum and gets his yearly dose of recommended vaccines.
Tumblr media
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 days ago
Wanda: Girl’s night, done right, is about female bonding, sharing problems, origin stories, secrets.
Natasha: Can’t we just drink?
Carol: Fine. I’ll start. Ummm. I worked my way through med school as a phone sex operator.
Wanda: I would totally call that.
Hope: Nice.
Yelena: I used to steal cars.
Pepper: Who’s next?
Natasha: I was forged in the bowels of hell to torture the guilty for all eternity.
Hope: Interesting share.
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mastermystic · 7 days ago
Peter: *comes back home to Avengers compound with a black eye*
Peter: Flash punched me today
Wanda, Natasha, Shuri, Hope, Valkyrie, Carol, Pepper, Mantis, Gamora, Nebula: Hold my beer this Flash kid is getting his ass beat
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Carol(to Valkyrie): Allow me, locks are my specialty
Carol: *blasts down door*
Valkyrie: *heart eyes* she’s the one
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caroldanverslefttiddy · 8 days ago
i watched titanic last night and expected it to feel hella long as if i haven’t seen avengers: endgame 4 times
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