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#caro speaks
buckyscockring · 19 hours ago
what they say: i’m fine
what they really mean: they left their phone number on a receipt because everything from their waiter’s manbun to his dark eyelashes that framed his warm lake-colored eyes to his stealthy-but-gentle presence to, of course, his considerable and imposing height, to his deliberate measured drawl reminded them of one james buchanan barnes
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willex-n-waffles · 17 days ago
I missed a day on jatp tumblr but may I just say: people finding out abt tori’s (kayla’s) tumblr acc is peak comedy like I thought we all already KNEW
Also Willie’s last name is Ortega? Fantastic. Alex Ortega. Noted.
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thedragonemperess · 18 days ago
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willex-n-waffles · 3 months ago
Watching abnormallyadam’s live on yt and I just LOVE Tori. She’s just. Amazing.
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likeshestoleit · 3 months ago
Hi all I’m abandoning the idea of clean and minimalist and modern “adult” bedroom and we’re just going maximalist. I’m tired of putting all my cool maps and prints and things under my bed because in my tiny room they’re “too much”. No. Art I love? EVERYWHERE. Books I love? EVERYWHERE. They spark a lot of joy and I can give them a place if I want too : )
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saeranoppa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the height comparison between fatgum and i is just *chef's kiss*
i love this man
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saeranoppa · 5 months ago
not to be horny on main but i want roronoa zoro to rail me
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allhailthesanders · 6 months ago
So we have already been knowing that the Julie and the Phantoms are so so so super talented. But I just realized how young AND talented the cast is! Like Madi is 16 (THE QUEEN!!!), Jadah is 15 (girl!), Sacha is 17, and Savannah is 20! Not only that but the boys are in their early 20′s. Then the amazing assistant choreographer Tori Caro is 19!!. Like damn, y'all giving me an unrealistic exception for my future.
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lesbolizzie · 7 months ago
kayla (tori’s character) needs more scenes next season and whoever disagrees can THROW SOME ROUNDS WITH ME <3
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aunt-kat · 10 months ago
I don’t have spotify, I have Apple Music lol
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mysnflwer-moved · 10 months ago
“I miss you too.”
Tumblr media
𝒕𝒉𝒆  𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒚  𝒃𝒓𝒖𝒏𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆  𝒈𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒅  𝒂𝒕  𝒕𝒉𝒆  𝒎𝒂𝒍𝒆,  𝒉𝒊𝒔  𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔  𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒈  𝒉𝒆𝒓  heart.  dee  had  been  on  her  second  world  tour  for  the  past  couple  of  months,  and  the  more  time  she  had  spent  away  from  jasper,  the  more  she  longed  to  be  back  in  his  arms  while  they  had  a  classic  ,disney  movie  marathon  in  bed.  ❝  i can’t  wait  to  be  back  home,  mio  caro.  ❞  she  hummed  into  the  phone  as  she  laid  in  her  bed  in  her  hotel  room,  a  small,  soft  smile  present  on  her  delicate  features.  ❝  i’m  gonna  make  you  one  of  my  nonna’s  recipes  for  dinner  the  night  i  get  back,  okay  ?   and  we  can  make  a  whole  at-home  date  night  out  of  it.  how  does  that  sound  ?  ❞  
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prcttyvxnom · 2 days ago
closed starter for @soldefied​ ( declan ) 
now that jian was working on helping caro, it felt right to talk to the people that she cared about. although she didn’t want the involved, jian needed to get his job done so at least speaking to declan had to be done. he approached the other at a bar and sat down. “hope you don’t mind that i sat here. it was here or next to the old man screaming at the counter.” he said. 
Tumblr media
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In The Rain (Ezio x F!Reader)
For that dear anon who asked for Ezio fluff, I hope this helps and your day gets better/tomorrow is better dear! I went with Brotherhood Ezio, I hope you don’t mind!
“Dear Mentore…” You purred, coming behind Ezio with soft step as he tried to wake up and get dressed. You knew that he wanted that as much as you did, considering last night, but business waited for no one, and your love was not no one. Still, he glanced back and dutifully stopped in going for his robe.
“Yes, mio caro?”
“I had been thinking… You’ve been away so long,” You stood on your toes, leaning your head on his broad shoulder and wrapping your arms around his chest, “we should go out and take the day to ourselves. I miss your attention on me.”
“Have I been unattentive?” He turned and grinned just a bit knowingly, but did gently move a few strands of hair out of your face.
“Just a bit.”
“Mi dispiace, my love.” He kissed your cheek. “If you want to go out today to train, then we can. I’m certain the headquarters will be fine today if I am gone for a few hours.”
With a smile and one more kiss on his lips, you let go of him and hurried to get dressed in your training robes.
Going out to train had been a good idea when you and Ezio had started out that day. It had been lovely and with the way the sun had been shining over the rooftops of Rome, you had a clear day to do what you pleased.
But that was before the rain started up with a vengeance, coming out of nowhere and soaking through everyone’s clothes as they ran to try and escape it. You both had been no exception, and you shivered in miserable anger as you swore vengeance at the sky.
“I don’t think the sky is going to listen to you, bella.”
“It should.” You pushed your soaked hair out of your face and glared up at him, though there was absolutely no heat to the look… even if he looked much too amused. What helped was the towel he held in his hands, offering it freely. You began to wring out your hair as he took care of himself, the white fabric of his robes turned a nice gray from the moisture.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?” Ezio looked back as he shook off his boots, examining the leather of them with a cursory glance. “You didn’t start the rain. Unless you can stop it and just refuse to.”
“Not that.” You sighed, beginning to undress yourself from the armor onwards. “I had thought that today would be rather… Nice out. We would be able to spend more time together.”
“We can spend time together that isn’t running on rooftops.” Ezio said, coming to kneel in front of you on the cushion where you sat. He still seemed amused, but it was a gentle thing.
“I know… But you enjoy it. And it helps me to be closer to you.”
Growing up, you had never been able to go more than up the staircase if you wanted to get off the ground, your family never having allowed it. And when you met Ezio, it had been exactly what you always pictured flying and running and jumping through the air would be; free and wonderful.
“How can we be closer than right now with you right here with me?” He asked, voice soft as his touch on your cheek, making your cheeks pink even as you tried to stop it. “I will say, the rain does help to flatter you.”
“Flatter me?” You were barely able to ask before realizing what he meant in how the rain had made your robes and underclothes look. They weren’t as grand as Ezio’s, the same as any initiate or lower-grade Assassin would have, but there was no mistaking the way they clung to your frame and the curves. And despite the fact that you always enjoyed his attention -- wanted it, more like, this was the whole reason you were in this mess -- you definitely couldn’t help the flush on your face now. “Ezio, you can’t speak like that.”
“And why can’t I?”
“We do have some propriety. You’re not even completely dry, either.” You thought quickly about something to finally put Ezio off his game, and smirked just a bit. “Besides, you should get yourself warm, Ezio. This isn’t the kind of weather to leave men your age feeling well. Your poor joints-”
With a small shout of surprise escaping your lips, Ezio quickly stood and picked you up, clearly showing what he thought about his age as he grinned.
“Would you like to try that again, Y/N?” He asked softly, and you smiled back before leaning down and kissing him deeply, wrapping your arms around his neck. The smell of rain was soft, but sweet as he kissed back with gentle passion and his beard leaving just the slightest burn.
“I’ll take it back soon. But I think I still need to be warmed, Mentore.” You said against his lips, looking at him through barely open eyes. “May we move this to our bed where you can hold me?”
“We absolutely will. But first…” He gave one more quick peck to your lips, soft as anything, and put you down to help you finish undressed out of anything that seemed wet, care in everything he did. 
Soon enough you were in rough, warm old clothes that smelled like Ezio. It warmed you more than anything as he picked you up again and took you to bed where you curled up together, your back to him. His hand was like an iron bar around your stomach, unable or willing to let you leave, and how could you say no to that? Your hand rested on top of his and the both of you listened to the soft, barely there drum of rain pounding against the stone of the headquarters.
My first Ezio x Reader! I hope you enjoyed! If you do I have a Masterpost here and more ideas for writings and prompts here, so feel free to request!  If you’d like to support me, I have a ko-fi here! Safety and peace!
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howdoyouevenrp · 13 days ago
Doc messes with a lump of clay that hasn't been made into anything. "Speaking of, pushes. Um,,, I-I hope I didn't,,, I know Light creatures are usually less okay with killing like that, and I just,,, hope I didn't bush any boundaries by not waiting until you left."
A truly perplexed expression graces Bruno's face, as if truly wondering what Doc was even talking about, frowning in confusion. And then he laughs, light and quiet, but without a shred of mean intent behind it.
"I think you have confused who exactly prepares and orders mio Caro's meals. And who is married to a Mer" he raises a brow, chuckling softly.
He sighs soft as he checks over the rest off the artwork, smiling at the mix of light and darkness he saw playing within it "It is the greatest myth of all perhaps, that those Light are pure, and special, and untainted" he says, a flicker of something behind his eyes.
"Angels, they would even call us. But they have forgotten their own history and stories. Cause a long time ago, angels were not considered benevolent. They were known to be swift and cruel in their Judgement. And we of Light were...are, no different" he says simply.
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solraneth · 14 days ago
Hi! Came here at the advice of user fieropasto i really want to start watching opera and plays and i would love to know from where to start please?
Hi!! I was going to reblog Caro’s post but I’m glad you sent me this ask bc now I won’t have to hijack his post lmao. Also it accidentally got long so I’m gonna try to put it under ‘read more’ but if it doesn’t work I apologize in advance.
Let me start by saying that I’ll focus on opera because I don’t know much about theatre and I don’t watch that many plays. If any of my mutuals have any suggestions for that, they’re welcome to add them.
As for opera, well. I feel like everyone starts in different places so I’m not sure I can point at one opera and go there listen to this one. I saw Caro suggest Tosca and I definitely agree, it’s fantastic and you might as well start with that one. I’d say it depends on your taste and preferences but in general, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the most popular operas – La Traviata, Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, Carmen, La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, The Barber of Seville, stuff like that. And because they’re popular they can all be found on youtube in some form or another. I’m probably forgetting a lot rn but that’s because whenever someone asks me about opera everything I’ve ever heard or seen immediately leaves my mind. If you want some more specific suggestions, feel free to ask.
I would also suggest checking out the Metropolitan Opera website – they started doing nightly streams during the lockdown where they stream a new opera for free every evening (well it’s evening for them, it’s in the middle of the night for me skfdhd) and the stream stays up for 24 hours. I discovered a lot of new operas like that. Their schedule for the next two weeks is also quite interesting so yeah, check it out. You can always look up the synopsis of the opera online, and even find the full text by searching opera title + libretto. And if you speak Italian and/or French it’ll be much easier to follow the plot lol because most operas are in those two languages (most popular ones at least).
Another useful website is – you can find tons of recordings there.
Try checking out opera tag on here – there are quite a few opera blogs you can scroll through and maybe find something that interests you. You could also try looking up separate arias on youtube for example and listening to them to decide if that particular opera is something you’d want to check out.
I’m mostly talking from my experience here so I don’t know how helpful this actually is. I hope this answer is comprehensive enough, if not, don’t hesitate to shoot me another ask <3 Also I’m tagging THEEE opera blog – she knows much more than me and could also have some less vague suggestions – @notyouraveragejulie 
Other opera mutuals you’re welcome to add to this!!!
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risottoneroswife · 15 days ago
another request for my friend @abb4chi0!! 2/2
(WARNINGS: none, just more lovely domestic diavolo)
Tumblr media
The afternoon sun painted the sky bright orange with streaks of deep purple and sunflower yellow. You'd decided on paying your boyfriend a little bit of a visit, considering he'd buried himself knee-deep in paperwork all day. He could use a break, that's for sure.
Walking down the halls dim hall way, the only light coming from the slightly opened blinds, shining natural colors onto the walls. At the end of the hall you finally stand face to face with Diavolo's office door. Should you knock? No, he should've seen this coming. Obviously you'd pay him a visit after not seeing him the entire morning and noon.
Diavolo looks up from his various documents splayed out on his desk to look at the doorway, your head popping through it.
"Buona sera, [Name.]"
Immediately, he went back to work. How dare he?! Entering the door and shutting it with a small click, you walk onto the wood floor and eventually the rug in front of his desk. Hmm.. Perfect! You'd come up with the greatest plan to distract him for at least a moment.
Gently and quietly sneaking behind Diavolo, you separated stands of his green-spotted pink hair into 3 neat locks.
"What exactly are you doing, amore? You know I'm working-"
"That's what you've doing all day, caro. Let's take a break for a moment hm?"
You hum softly as you start braiding his brightly colored hair into a delicate braid.
"I suppose you're right."
He drops his pen and clasps both of his hands together, patiently waiting for you to finish the intricate style you were twisting into his hair. Turning to look at the curtain-covered window, it was pitch black outside. The sun had set while you were working, the only brightness in the room being the warm orange lamp on your boyfriend's desk.
"All done!"
"May I look now?"
Turning to the wall to face the mirror and stare at his reflection, he takes a moment to adore the lovely work you've created on his head.
"It's beautiful, [Name.] I love it."
Turning back around he wraps his strong arms over your shoulders, the weight feeling heavy but still light enough to be pleasant. It felt like him. This was definately a good idea.
"Let's head to bed now, dolcezza. You should distract me like this more often."
trying something a lil new and making the reader speak, i hope you guys liked it!! - Ciel
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A Week at Universal with Daniel Jackson (Modern AU)
Day 2
Tumblr media
A/N: let's hit the Parks Campers! I won't be featuring Volcano Bay since I don't know it too well due to my water park anxiety!! This might also sound like a long Universal ad or trip advise so there’s also that.
Previous: Night 1
Warnings: Sex mentions(mostly alluding to the first part) (Under 18 Do Not Interact!!), Food Mention, Fluff, Possible Ride/attraction spoilers if you’ve never been to Universal
You wake up to butterfly kisses trailing from your wrist, up your collar bone and then lips lingering over yours
“Good morning, beautiful,” Daniel smiles before finally kissing you
“g’morning,”  you grin when he pulls away, “You ready for the parks?”
“In a bit,” He’ll cuddle back into your chest and you run your fingers through his hair, “had fun last night”
You hum in agreement, knowing there would be bruising from the night before’s activities, “Me too”
You kiss the top of his head and move to get out of bed
He’ll whine and try to pull you back into his arms, “No, no, no, come back”
“We’ve go a whole week for that Dr. Jackson,” You laugh, pulling one of the sheets with you to cover yourself
“But you look so exquisite in this light,” he’d try as you open one of your suitcases
You playfully toss a pair of boxers at him and he rolls his eyes before getting up to put them on
You feel his eyes wandering your skin when you let the sheet fall to the floor
“You’re staring,” You smile as you start pulling on clothes.
“I can’t help it,” He tells you, coming up behind you to rummage through the case of clothes.
Once you manage to get him into some decent clothes you both go down to the breakfast bar in the lobby, grabbing something quick to eat before heading out to the boat to City Walk
You took his hand and lead him off the boat
He’d squeeze your hand and won’t be able to help smiling at your excitement
It didn’t take long for you to get over the bridge and into Islands of Adventure (The best park in my opinion)
Tumblr media
Assuming neither of you have been here before, you decide to go clockwise around the park
Making the first stop when you get through the Port of Entry is Seuss Landing, obviously aimed toward a younger audience, the Caro-Seuss-el is definitely worth a ride, but totally skippable
Then you get into Lost Continent, and you both think it would be fun to do Poseidon’s Fury (I fucking love the Character of Taylor!) as it is a nice easy start to the day
As an archeologist, Daniel find the attraction fun, and even though it’s an older show, the pyrotechnics and water features were cool
He takes a few pictures of you at the Mystic Fountain, one of which where you’re getting splashed
The Florida heat seems to melt away as you make your way into the snowy facade of Hogsmeade
If you’re a big Harry Potter fan and can’t wait until you’re in Diagon Alley to get your robes, then, after enjoying the beauty of Hogsmeade, you can stop into Dervish and Banges and pick some up
But if you plan on wearing them in park, I would recommend holding off, you can’t wear them on Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure and you really shouldn’t pass up the chance to ride that
You also shouldn't get them wet and there are a handful of water rides you might want to ride
 Speaking of Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure, you two get in line as soon as possible, and even then it’ll be at least an hour wait
But the que is well decorated the whole way onto the ride so you always have something interesting to look at
Daniel’s hands are either un yours or on your hips the whole time
You hear a voice behind you scoff ‘Honeymooners’ an you manage to catch them in time for them to roll their eyes at you
Daniel’s face heats up at the comment, but he chuckles and brings your hand up to his lips
The Coaster itself was an amazing ride, super fast and smooth
You might as well leave your things in the Hagrid’s locker and make your way to Forbidden Journey in the castle
Tumblr media
Since you have express pass with your room key, and don’t have to wait for a locker you get on the ride
Now it’s time for shopping and butterbeer!
Daniel is either a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, but since he’s a nerd that looks so nice in blue we’re gonna go with Ravenclaw
I mean look at himmm
Tumblr media
He also really wants an Elder wand so when you stop at Olivander’s he get’s one and you get one of your choosing, both interactive of course
You do a few interactive stops and then stop at the Butterbeer cart
Butterbeer foam mustaches!!!
Butterscotch flavored kisses!!!!
And what better to go with Butterbeer than a Pumpkin Pastie from Honeydukes? Or maybe a cauldron cake? 🤔🤔
You also send a couple chocolate frogs back to the room for later
If you're looking for a more savory snack then maybe it's time to head to the next part of the park... Jurassic Park
The Watering Hole has a small selection of snack and lunch foods
Now that you're in the tropical jungles of Isla Nublar, maybe it's time to cool off with the Jurassic Park River Adventure
You and Daniel decide that if you're going on a water ride you might as well go all out, so you aim for front row seats in the raft
Well now that you're both soaking wet (😏😏) You're feeling more of a sit down meal for lunch
So you double back to lost continent for Mythos
Tumblr media
Don't forget to make a wish in the indoor fountain, I'm pretty sure it's actually magic so make it a good one!
Normally it would be difficult to get a table as a walk up, but you luck out and get a small booth to yourselves
The cold AC is a nice break from the humidity, and for a little while you forget the constant running for your life from murderous aliens during your day job
You said something particularly funny and you couldn't help but marvel at the way his eyes crinkled with his laugh
You couldn't stop yourself from leaning over the table and kissing him
What's next?
Well, you wander back around to Jurassic park, maybe ride River Adventure again? Or perhaps it's time for the next ride?
That would be Kong!
If you're not a fan of small spaces, this que may not be your favorite. Daniel is definitely excited for this one, but will skip it if it gets to be too much.
Other wise, he'll be the one pulling you along, and he'd be buzzing with excitement,
And oh lord that Kong animatronic is beautiful!
It's been a bit and you guys have finally dried off, so time for some more water rides!
Ripsaw Falls? Get ready to get absolutely soaked. There is no escaping the water.
Well you're wet again so you might as well ride Bludo's
Maybe you should invest in a copule comic strip themed beach towels (I know I would) (but maybe that's because I really love beach towels)
The next land is Superhero Island (one of the best places in the world!)
Time to dry of with a ride on Dr Doom's fear fall!
If you can't do heights I would recommend skipping this one, but if you can hype yourself up enough to get on you should! The view is incredible.
Are you a fan of Spider-man? That ride is my absolute favourite! Hagrid's coming in a close 2nd.
With Express pass it's easy to get on a three times in a row, then you could go across the street and mr. Parker
There's only one ride left (I know I skipped flight of the hypogriff but I think that one is lackluster at best)
If you're up for a coaster with inversions and the such get right in line for the hulk
Tumblr media
Stay tuned for date night in Night 2!
Taglist: @mysg1spacemonkey @sgcprometheus @malcolm-reeds-pineapple
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matchablxssoms · 19 days ago
I was thinking. Cherry seems attached to Carla, but what if her name isn’t really Carla, but “Cara”? They’re pronounced the same in Japanese, and Cara means “dear”, “beloved”, “sweetheart” in Italian. I wonder if that’s also part of why Joe mentioned cherry liking Italian things
so first of all i do not speak japanese. i learned the hiragana and katakana alphabets (writing systems?) a few years ago when i had the ambitious goal of learning japanese so i wouldn’t have to rely on subtitles (it didn’t work out), so i can somewhat deduce those characters (i never learned kanji).
i’ve seen discussions about this! the name they use is カーラ , and just looking at it, it looks like kāra/kaara, or cara. when i look that up on google i get ‘cara’... namely cara delevingne. so the cara in cara delevingne is translated as カーラ , which is what the ai is named. 
Tumblr media
i know japanese doesn’t distinguish between the /r/ and /l/ sounds. would “carla” really be written as カーラ in katakana?  how would they identify the /l/ sound after the /r/ sound in katakana? i never got that far in my studies ^^;
Tumblr media
i saw this tweet and the person pointing this out notes that it’s an italian name.,,, i recognize that イタリア anywhere -.- 
so, as far as i’m aware, i think it really is cara. 
again: I DON’T KNOW JAPANESE!! i just recognize katakana. 
i’m pretty sure joe studied in italy (don’t take my word for it! i think i read it in an interview! i could be wrong!), so i think he has some grasp of italian. i can imagine him calling cherry “cara” or other endearments and cherry taking that and using it for his ai. joe was not too pleased learning that his beloved was calling a robot skateboard the name joe called him. thus began joe’s hatred of cara/carla
EDIT: I'm a dumbass who forgot how romance languages work despite studying the root of them so Caro would be the male form
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