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#carlisle cullen
askcarlislecullen · an hour ago
What did your family do when there was the draft? Was it different in WW2 vs. Vietnam?
The only difference between the two wars was the sense of patriotism with regard to the draft and its respective dodging. In the second world war, my sons were very angry about not being able to serve, whereas for Vietnam, we all felt more strongly that they should not.
The Cullen men are all classified as 4-F: medically exempt from the draft. Some licensed physician found them unfit to serve, but I have no idea who.
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funksoulrubber · 4 hours ago
Okay, hear me out:
What if the Cullens did have fingerprints, and Carlisle's fingerprints were left at a medical emergency scene (bear with me) so of course, they run all the fingerprints, and find ones that have hits dating all the way back to 1892 (which was the first successful fingerprint id) at various medical scenes? What would you even do in that situation (after assuming your tech is malfunctioning)? Be like "uhhh boss? I think we need ur help"??????
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space-helen · 6 hours ago
Tag game: Combine 3 of your comfort/fav characters. What do you get?
Thanks for the tag @starfleetimagines! It was really hard to pick 3!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was really hard. Peggy and Princess Mia have been long term - comfort characters but Carlisle was a wild card because I always change other comfort characters (I just finished writing the request I had with him as well tbh). It was Carlisle or Nick Stokes tbh...
Anyway what we get:
A loyal person who always does what’s right. A little fire deep down for the things they are passionate about and they are often overlooked in life and do what it takes to blend in, even if they’re are different. Highly skilled at what they do and grow into it more and more as time passes. Cares a lot about things but is also a certified badass.
I’m tagging: @obiwansjedi @ha-tep @morganofthecoves1​ @fandomsandxfiles​ 
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allmyfandoms93 · 11 hours ago
Edward smugly strutting past Carlisle post Breaking Dawn with Bella and Renesmee in tow and patting him on the chest.
“Looks like you’re not the only one around here who can make little vampires anymore, pops.”
Carlisle chuckling to himself happily as Esme walks up and wriggles his way under his arm so they can stare after them happily.
Tumblr media
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homesick-martian · 13 hours ago
If Midnight Sun gets turned into a movie I hope they do it animated adult swim style so they can really embrace the absurdity of the story.
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 14 hours ago
bella handled new moon correctly cuz i would’ve been like this
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therealvinelle · 15 hours ago
Do you think that Alec and Jane could leave the Volturi? And if they do, can they join the Cullen clan?
I mean, technically, sure. They’re Alec and Jane, they do what they want.
But they never would, and not because of Chelsea.
Let’s assume that they left Volterra. What would they do?
Let’s say they try to find a new coven.
Any coven would be happy to have them, but they would be weapons and nothing more. Their ages and gifts alone serve to ostracize them. Their new coven members would likely use them to secure more territory, because no one can stop you from eating people if you have Alec and Jane by your side. Their new coven mates would also fear them, knowing very well that these kids could take their newfound fortune as easily as it had been given to them, and that would in turn lead to attempts to control them, either psychologically or by recruiting someone with a gift for that.
Point is, Alec and Jane would be miserable.
They could journey on their own, but the question again arises - what would they do? The nomadic lifestyle is a miserable one.
And for all that their gifts are very nifty, at the end of the day, what good do they really do them? So Jane the nomad can torture anybody she likes, and Alec the nomad can dull people’s senses. This won’t get them anything. Same if they try to join any covens, they can do daunting, awe-inspiring things but that won’t bring them any happiness.
It is as members of the guard that they have purpose, a social network, people around them who are also ridiculously gifted, and a home. That latter I imagine is more important to them than to most vampires, given their young age. A child needs stability in a way an adult doesn’t.
Then there’s Aro, who for better and for worse is their father. Should Volterra fall and only those three survive, it would be a traumatizing blow but they would still have Aro. If they leave Volterra, they don’t.
Without the Volturi, Alec and Jane are nothing. And I think they realize as much.
Then we have the Cullens. As per canon, no it would never happen. The Cullens are enemies now, and Bella’s presence means they would be completely powerless. Few vampires would take well to being neutered, but considering their backstory, I imagine it would be unbearable for these two. No Aro and no powers would be hell on earth for the twins.
The only way I can see them joining the Cullens happening is in an AU where human Bella was found by another coven and brought about the downfall of the Volturi without the Cullens ever being involved, killing everyone but Alec and Jane. In this AU, Alec and Jane escape the burning Volterra in some dramatic way that requires someone’s noble sacrifice, and find themselves in a brave new world where the world order is about to crumble, and people will be looking to finish them off.
(It could also simply be that Volterra falls when they’re on a mission, but I like this dramatic scenario. I’m thinking Ciri’s escape from Cynthra, the plans for the Death Star from Darth Vader, Daenerys and Viserys’ escape from Westeros, basically every "SAVE THE CHOSEN ONE” escape ever)
Now where, Alec and Jane ask themselves, could they possibly go?
And the answer would be to Aro’s old friend Carlisle Cullen, who’s famously a pacifist and who has a large coven. Jane’s “I thought he was exaggerating” line does point to her thinking Aro was, well, exaggerating about Carlisle’s character, but in this timeline she would have nothing to lose. He’s a friend of Aro’s and with his large, gifted coven he has the resources. He would be her best bet.
Carlisle would take them in, of course, he’d be very surprised by this development and saddened by Aro’s death, but he would give them amnesty. 
So, if Alec and Jane lose everything and won’t survive on their own, then yes they’re joining the Cullens.
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askcarlislecullen · 16 hours ago
Hello Carlisle! What are some hobbies/events you like to share with each of your daughters?
I've answered this to some extent before, but of course things change as our circumstances change. So some observations:
Alice loves dance, and so do I. We often go to contemporary dance performances together—we rarely miss Alvin Ailey if there is a performance within a reasonable distance from us. We have been known to dissect a new choreography of an old ballet to an insufferable level of detail. The first time we saw Stowell's Carmina Burana we went on and on ecstatically every moment we were together for the following week and our spouses very nearly divorced us.
Rosalie is a brilliant diagnostician. I hate that the pandemic has changed our family dynamic so thoroughly, but I am so proud of my son, my daughter, and my granddaughter, all of whom have stepped up with their medical degrees in the last year and a half. I suppose diagnoses aren't so much a hobby as they are my work, but my most intimate and treasured moments with Rose have included the two of us in my library poring over texts as we search for a solution to a thorny problem.
Isabella is my reader. We bonded over this when she was still human, when she came to my study and pored over every first edition I owned in awe. She and I can spend hours discussing a particular author's craft at a level of detail which bores everyone else in the family. We haven't had time to read together in the last year, but before the pandemic hit we were reading the 2019 Booker winners and shortlist. After we read Atwood, Bella forced me to watch the Hulu version of The Handmaid's Tale which is both overly sensationalized and yet also eerily plausible. I find I’m looking forward to watching the fifth season and talking about it with her.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 18 hours ago
Hey, where did you get the info about Garrett's crossdressing human sister that you mentioned in one post? I can't find it anywhere. Is it a headcanon? Because it would be an awesome one and I would like to know more
Nope, not a headcanon, per the Meyer canon, this is actually how Carlisle and Garrett met.
So, none of this is directly in the Twilight Saga if that’s where you’re looking for it. It’s in two places: The Twilight Guide and one of Meyer’s fantastically shitty Storytellers independent films.
The Guide
I haven’t purchased the Twilight Guide myself (apparently there’s a lot on things like the Cullen house construction, which I couldn’t care less about) but it has some shockingly entertaining information about vampires we never heard about or barely heard about in the main series that make you question God and Meyer why the fuck she gave us a story about Bella and Edward when we could have the tale of Boris.
(Boris, for the record, is a Russian vampire who, at least per the era of Louis XIV was hobnobbing with the French aristocrats at Versailles pretending to be nobility. He’s the guy who turned Laurent.
We also get the tale of why Laurent is the ridiculous way he is: he never got it through his head that Versailles was a strange, alien, place that does not work like the real world or the vampire world. He went to Volterra, thinking it’d be just like Versailles, and was thrown out in ten minutes. He thinks Aro will call him any day now.
And we get to learn about people like Astaroth, who is actually a vampire by the name of George, who is in fact a conman who pretends to be a demon named Astaroth and makes bargains with foolish humans in the sewers...
I should stop)
Point being, ordinarily I hate when author’s go nuts like this on the world building after the fact, as it rarely adds anything and sometimes contradicts their own material. Look at Pottermore with JKR, if you look at the back story she added for Minerva McGonagall it makes no damn sense with how she interacts with characters in canon. Well, then of course there’s Fantastic Beasts and Crimes of Grindelwald, which retconned everything.
Meyer gives us a whole bunch of hilariously miserable people that actually fits in with her canon.
The Storytellers Films
Meyer at one point, fairly recently, wrote the screenplays and was heavily involved in a series of independent short films set in the Twilight universe. There’s one on Alice’s backstory, one on Jane and Alec, and one on Carlisle and Garrett among a few others.
Do not be fooled by the summaries, some of which very intriguing, they are unwatchably bad.
However, that said, the plot of the film of Carlisle and Garrett is the hilarious story of how the two met.
Carlisle was posing as a human doctor, as one does, and providing medical aid to the American revolutionaries. This is all well and good but one day someone dressed as a man who is actually a woman is brought to his care, he has to cover for her.
Turns out, this woman is Garrett’s sister, who pretended to be a man and enlisted in the army in the hopes of finding her brother who had disappeared. 
Well, her brother’s a vampire now, so she ain’t finding him.
Garrett makes contact with Carlisle, is weirded out at first by Carlisle’s ridiculous pacifism but decides he’s a cool bro, and goes, “Oh, by the way, keep my sister alive and make sure no one finds out she’s a woman, k thnx.”
Carlisle manages to cover for Garrett’s sister and help keep her alive. Garrett and Carlisle become fast friends.
This is the kind of bullshit that happens to Carlisle seemingly regularly. 
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twilightinanotherlife · 19 hours ago
Charlie Swan Character Bio (AU)
Charlie was born in 1664 in the small town of Fordwich, England. He had an older brother, Geoffrey Swan who was married to Helen and had several children. In 1687, Charlie was a watchman. While patrolling the streets one night, Charlie was attacked by a vampire. Using the burning torch he'd been carrying, Charlie fought off his assailant. The vampire was set aflame, but it was too late for Charlie. As the venom started making its way through his veins, Charlie found the strength to pick himself up. He hid in the forest as he changed into a vampire.
For the next few decades, Charlie learned all he could about what he was. He didn't want to feed on humans, but he knew no other way for a vampire to live. Over the years, he learned to control his bloodlust and only fed from humans who were deathly ill. Their illness soured the taste of their blood, but it provided the nourishment he needed.
Charlie traveled around Europe as a nomad. He took up various jobs as a lawyer, constable, and sometimes as a private investigator. He saved his money and lived comfortably. While living in Italy in 1873, Charlie heard stories of the Stregoni Benefici spread by the Volturi. Charlie didn't get the chance to meet Carlisle Cullen, but he was inspired by him to live on animal blood. At some point Charlie traveled overseas to America. In 1986, while living in Phoenix Arizona, he was taking night classes at a community college. It was there that he met Renée Higginbotham. An 18 year old human from Downey, California. She was observant and soon figured out that Charlie was a vampire.
They fell in love and married. Charlie graduated in December and around the holidays Renée found out she was pregnant. Charlie got a job as a night shift security guard at St. Joseph's hospital. Also working the night shift was Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Charlie got to meet and befriend his longtime hero. One night, as Charlie was clocking out, he got a call from Renée that she'd gone into labor. Thankfully, Carlisle's shift was ending and Charlie was able to ask him for his help.
Carlisle followed Charlie to his home to deliver the baby. He tried to get Renée to go to the hospital, but she insisted on a home birth. Carlisle didn't know that Charlie was the biological father. As far as he knew, vampires could not have children. He assumed that Charlie had found his mate in a pregnant human. Carlisle didn't ask questions, just focused on delivering the baby safely. On September 13, 1987 Isabella Marie Swan was born. It was on that same day that Renée Swan died. She had hemorrhaged and Carlisle couldn't stop the bleeding. Charlie tried to save Renée by changing her, but it was too late.
Soon after the birth of his daughter, Charlie left Arizona. He settled in Wyoming to raise Bella. Bella grew at a normal rate and had a relatively normal childhood. When Bella had mastered control of her vampire abilities, Charlie enrolled her in school. As Bella grew up, she and Charlie moved around the country. While living in New Hampshire, they went on a hunting trip. They came across two human drinking nomads. James and his mate Victoria. The nomads heard Bella's heartbeat and believed her to be human. A meal. That's when they attacked. Charlie fought them off, shouting for Bella to run. On November 13, 2004 Charlie Swan gave his life so that his daughter could live.
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askcarlislecullen · 22 hours ago
the lesbians love you <3 king
I genuinely do not know what to do with this information. Thank you? I am sincerely flattered, albeit very confused.
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spanishinfluenza · a day ago
(bisexualemmettcullen) for the ship thing Carlisle and Charlie !
ew // maybe // neutral // like // love
The vibes of this ship are great. Do i ship Carlisle and Charlie? No. Would i read fanfic of Charlie crushing on Carlisle and his wife? Not a doubt in my mind and pls hmu w links also
send me a ship and i'll rate it
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askcarlislecullen · a day ago
Thoughts on the word 'my' as affectionate when accompanied by a name? Would you find it affectionate if Esme referred to you as 'My Carlisle'? Or would you find I uncomfortable and/or possessive? Do you think your wife would think the same in return?
Esme and I occasionally do use the possessive as a term of endearment. It does make me somewhat uncomfortable at times because I don't own Esme. There was also once a man who believed he did own Esme, and he badly hurt the woman I love more than my own life. She is not my Esme, she is Esme. At the same time, she is my love, my heart, and in a way that is unfathomable to many of our kind, she is my wife. So yes, sometimes I call her “my.” Other times, I find I simply can’t. “Dr. Cullen" and "Mrs. Cullen" are our more common affectionate terms. I have been married for nearly a hundred years, and find the thrill of calling Esme "Mrs." hasn't even begun to wane.
You'd have to ask Esme if she feels similarly. I am often astonished by points of departure between us on these sorts of relatively inconsequential matters. You denizens of the internet often think to ask us questions that we have never directly asked each other.
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muse-oleum · a day ago
Why hello y'all long time no see! I'm taking prompts again, either Harry Hart/Reader/OC or, another one of my favorite fandoms (the Twilight Renaissance babey) about Carlisle/Esme.
Idk what the demographic amongst you guys here is BUT if you want me to write up a lil something just send it in 👀
i have le thirst demon pls help me exorcise it
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therealvinelle · a day ago
Is Aro insane? Because he seems sane but a little off at times, especially considering his gift. Is part of it an act?
You must remember that movie Aro is not book Aro. Aro is energetic and has a lot of zeal, but he never comes across as manic the way movie Aro does.
His gift is trippy, I’ll give it that. Aro’s brain contains more thoughts than any other brain has ever contained. He has the history of mankind stored in that noggin.
If anything I’d say that the man is an example of the Charlie Kelly trope. (This is a trope @theoriginalcarnivorousmuffin and I made up, so don’t bother looking it up)
The Charlie Kelly trope is inspired by the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. It’s a character who at first glance appears completely insane, a societal misfit who does weird shit all the time for no apparent reason, but upon closer examination it is discovered Charlie’s apparent insanity is in fact a survival method. His bizarre actions make perfect sense in context. He is in fact shockingly well-adjusted given the insanity that is his life. The problem is his life, which is completely weird and fringe.
Aro can read every single thought you’ve ever had with a touch upon your hand, and he touches everybody who comes into Volterra, every guard, every person he comes into contact with. In spite of this, he has a sense of self and is in fact shockingly well-adjusted.
Carlisle is another Charlie Kelly. His principles have led him to becoming a vampire monk doctor, and weird shit keeps happening to him. He moved into Volterra for a few decades because why wouldn’t he, met Garrett when Garrett’s cross-dressing human sister needed medical attention, one day a psychic and her newborn veteran gone pacifist showed up do join his coven, and we have everything that happens in the Twilight saga. Carlisle’s life is bizarre, and he doesn’t appear to realize as much. In spite of all this he seems very well adjusted, easily able to socialize with normal vampires.
There’s also the matter of his insane family, which fits the Charlie Kelly bill as the Charlie Kelly is often surrounded by people who make it that much harder to get a more normal life.
Back to Aro, though, and madness. 
There’s probably a conversation to be had about what sanity even is, especially when it comes to timeless rock people with psychic abilities, but that’s not for this meta. Aro shows no sign of madness in canon, is in fact one of the most reasonable characters in the series, so to answer your question, no, I don’t think he’s insane.
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aro-is-gay-af · a day ago
Why do I think Resume will end up with Volturi - an attempt to explain Bella/Renesmee relationship
As within the fandom nobody likes Renee (no wonder why) I'd like to make an attempt at explaining to y'all what's like to have a parent like her (because I've got the same problem) and why this is going to cause problem over the years between Bella and Renesmee. This post will include such things as explaining:
why being in a relationship like this is so tiresome
what kind of effect has it on Bella
why Bella is just the same towards Renesmee as her mother was to her
why Bella and Renessme dynamics as mother/daughter aren't as fantastic
why is it so probable that Renesmee will eventually join the Volturi and what may be her reasons to do so.
1. Someone, who's never been in the kind of relationship that Bella and Renee have, is not going to catch up quickly with the point that I'm making in this post. Why? Because it's hard to imagine yourself being in an abusive or neglectful relationship with a person, who is a close relative of yours. You never want to acknowledge that something is wrong and instead, you're trying to find excuses for the person's abusive behavior. Fandom agrees on the fact, that Renee is, at best, neglectful of Bella, while at worst, she's downright abusive. I agree with both statements and in a moment you'll know why. You also need to know that everything I'll write here is from my experience from being in such a relationship hence it doesn't mean everyone will have the same experiences as myself. Now, why is such a relationship so tiresome and you struggle to find your true self in it? In my case, very similarly to Bella, I became responsible for things I shouldn't be responsible for at a very young age. I didn't have the time to actually be a kid because I needed to handle "adult responsibilities". When you have adults' responsibilities you lose something beyond reclaim. You'll never go back to your childhood and be a child once again. I was forced, not only to handle myself, but also my brother and mother, and our household. I didn't have time to do most things that kids do cause I was taking care of my brother, or my mother, or doing chores, or anything that was supposed to be done by adults, except it wasn't. While all of this made me extremely responsible, it also made me anxious, bitter towards my parents and I suffered from depression for a long time. I read somewhere that Bella is exaggerating and it's normal to help your parents within the house, to have responsibilities. The problem here is that Renee is Bella's responsibility in the same way my mother and brother were mine. You cannot give this up because you're too responsible but it also eats you from the insides. Also, if I remember correctly, Bella says somewhere in the book that she doesn't mind this because that's how things are for a long time. That's exactly what I'm talking about! When such responsibilities are forced on you at a very young age, you accept it and think it is natural. It isn't. Adult are adults, and kids should be kids, not kids forced into adulthood.
2. + 3. When you don't have time to be a child and you're forced into the adult world, there's always going to be some consequences that you cannot foresee prior. To Bella it ended actually sadly - we can see in the book, as well as in the movie, that Renesmee is almost as an accessory to Bella. Sure, Bella dies for her, but what else? Renesmee is described as mature and serious, she doesn't want to do things that kids usually do. Why? Smeyer made her this way, yeah, but apart from that, it's because Bella cannot handle a kid. The idea of full family appeared to her because she never had it herself. And while she admits that she doesn't even want children in Eclipse, suddenly in Breaking Dawn we see her change her mind completely. All she ever wanted was a) Edward and b) to be a vampire. So when she has these two goals achieved, why would she even bother with Renesmee? So Resume is mature enough and growing up quickly to relieve Bella from the burden of maternity.
4. Also, I'm not saying that Bella doesn't love Renesmee. Of course she does. Renesmee, also, loves her dearly. It's the same dynamics as between my and my mother, and between Bella and Renee. Bella loves Renne but needs to take care of her and be the responsible adult™. It also tires her, as she needs to think about how to handle the business in the most effective (and cheapest) way.
I think we can establish by now that love has nothing to do with this. So, because of her childhood and the poor illustrations of how relationships should work, Bella is exactly the same towards Renesmee as Renee (and partially Charlie) was to her. She thinks Renesmee is able to handle herself fine - she's constantly throwing at us proves that Renesmee is mature enough to do almost everything adults do. It's bullshit, of course, but Bella isn't aware of that. It's how she was brought up (or it's rather the lack of bringing her up by responsible adult) and she thinks it's the best way to fulfill parental duties.
As I said earlier, Bella is all smiles because she's got what she wanted - Edward and immortality. Yeah, it's great she has a daughter too, but like... hello, it's Edward and her and they have forever so why to bother with a child. It'll somehow work itself out. I will not ponder here on Edward being a father and how I see his relationship with Renesmee, however, I don't think it's pretty healthy either. Also, I need to add here, that Renesmee at least, has others (I mean other Cullens) who have probably more patience and time to actually raise a child. I think, and it's only a headcanon so take it easy, that Renesmee has excellent relationship with Rosalie. Rose will not treat her as adult - she'll prolong Renesmee's childhood as much as she's able to. She has time, patience, will and all love for her, so I think they're pretty close, and it would be a good, as well as a healthy relationship.
5. The older Renesmee will get, the more she'll be able to understand. Maybe the Cullens (and I hope it would turn out this way) would spare her this "being a premature adult" thing but her relationship with Bella will never be as close as she'd probably wish to. Sometimes, love isn't enough to keep up with the relationship and the shit that's going on around you constantly. One day, Renesmee will go to high school, then to university and then? Who the hell knows. She won't necessarily be with Bella. Sure, she'll be always her daughter, but she's not her property. At some point, Renesmee'll be mature enough to decide whether she wants to stay with her family, or travel, or join another coven. What I think, is that Bella won't be happy about it at all. Right now she has her fairy tale. She sacrificed nothing. She's living the life of her dreams with a man of her utmost desire. She has a child, even though vampires aren't suppose to have ones. What will happen if there will be a crack in her tale? Long, nasty cracks, throughout the wall. This is when I get to the point that Bella has no fucking clue what mess she got herself into (but that's for another post).
6. Holy Grail now. Lord, I'm always making this so long, this was supposed to be brief. Okay. So why do I think Renesmee will end up with the Volturi? A few reasons off the top of my head:
※ at some point Jacob will die and Charlie will die, and she'll now what's grief and how hard it is to go on. Yeah, yeah, I know that Jacob is also immortal right now, but he'll probably be killed while protecting Renesmee or Bella. I always think of their relationship as brother/sister because I cannot stand the imprinting shit Smeyer gave us. Also, I think I don't need to explain Charlie here. Renesmee will be devastated by both of these deaths and she'll have to come to terms with herself eventually. I guarantee you that she'll not be the same after that.
※ relationship with her parents. I briefly explained what I had on my mind when it comes to Bella. Renesmee loves her mother but that doesn't mean they'll have healthy and exemplary relationship. Sure, they can work on that, they have eternity but I think that at one point Renesmee will be fed up with the way how her mother is in love with eternity itself. Her relationship with Edward, as I said, is for another post, however I think with time it can get pretty hard. Could you live with the thought that your own father didn't want you? That he regretted that you exist at all? I don't think so. (Yeah, I'm simplifying, but I need to, so don't hate me for this).
※ Cullen coven can break or partially break. @therealvinelle talked about it here a little bit but that's also what I have in mind. Cullens are fairly young coven, with pretty unknown dynamics as we don't get to know them that much through saga (thanks Smeyer for not dwelling on it further). It isn't said anywhere that they'll last next century, not to think about more time passing.
※ she'll be fed up with constantly living with the humans. Imagine you need to constantly move, go to school/college and abide the rules that you didn't agree on in the first place. At first its great, Renesmee has time and reasources to flourish but she can also do that without anoyone else.
※ she has rampant hunger for knowledge. Where to find more books and more knowledge than in Volterra? Simple as it is.
※ she may not find vegetarian diet... sustainable for her. Remember how she was delighted when she drank first Bella's blood and than human blood in general? I think she can go on for some time on vegetarian diet plus/or human diet (if she was to attend i.e. med school which of course I think she would) but after some time, maybe a century, maybe less and maybe more, she'll eventually come to terms that she enjoyed drinking human blood. That's it. She's half vampire by descent. I don't think she'll be able to resist that much , also because everyone taught her from day one she could have what she asked for in a blink of an eye (remember Esme's spoons?).
AND most important (at least for me)
※ her worldview will completely change after a few/a lot of tragical experiences. Sorry, that's just common knowledge. Life is brutal, people are vicious and ruthless. She'll probably work or go somewhere, where she can see what humans are capable of (both in good and bad ways) and what one can do to achieve their goal. I think she'll go to Volturi to simply find comfort there. They've been alive for three thousand years. They can teach her things Cullen's aren't even aware of. Besides, I think it would be a great political move. We all know Aro wanted to know her so bad. If he would, she'll probably be able to influence him to some extent and spare her loved ones if it'd go that far. That's it! Of course, it's fucking long as hell. Sorry for that. Comment if you wish. I cannot wait if you think the same, similar or if you disagree completely! But no hate, please. Professionals have standards™.
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twilightwriter · a day ago
Tumblr media
You didn’t know why you were being called from your hunt so soon. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to come back, however, you were curious as to what was occurring. Everything seemed so off putting.
“You contacted me for a reason, Carlisle,” you huffed, folding your arms over your mounds. “Let me guess, nomads? If this is about Bella, then—“
“It isn’t just about Bella, [Y/N],” the platinum haired male interjected softly. Your eyes followed his toward the newly made couple carefully. It clicked in your mind that they wanted to tear your family apart. It wasn’t just Bella that you had to worry about.
You realize that you needn’t hold a grudge against her for nearly causing the deaths of your coven forever. Arms now slacked at your sides, pacing, eyes bulging with shock, you twirled on your heel gracefully to face the awaiting immortals.
Alice sensed the hesitation within you. She couldn’t stand watching you crumble any longer. The Volturi's capabilities in making you tremble with worry because of what they’d done to you before concerned her. “[Y/N] please—,” she squeezes you in embrace.
“Your gift paired with the wolves will help us.” Emmett, your mate, decided that it would be best if he’d gotten his word in to further make your decision final. [H/C] locks pushed behind your ear by his cold fingers.
“Okay,” you replied at last. Everyone else seemed pleased, you felt the male beside you squeeze upon your shoulders in pending comfort. “I’m going to do this with you – you’re family after all, but if something goes south and I lose control; we all need to retreat.”
Request to have yours written! ♡︎
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