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#captain america the w
awesomethingsandsuch · 6 years ago
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I love how some fanfiction - which is kinda universally ridiculed -  is better written than some 'real' literature I've read (and I've read a lot). 
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viciousgrace · 13 hours ago
part of sha.ron is curious about j.ohn w.alker but a bigger part of her is almost detached from the idea of him as the new c.aptain a.merica. like... to her, it just seems so ludicrous, and she’s been part of a government organization long enough to sort of see right through what they’re trying to do by giving him that shield. obviously, sharon feels some type of allegiance towards as cap as well, and she absolutely understands ( and supports ) his decision to pass the mantle down to that said, i don’t think there’s any outright sort of dislike on sha.ron’s end regarding j.ohn w.alker, what she feels is almost like... a clinical need to appraise this new player in the game. she wants to gauge the possible level of threat he represents. she doesn’t trust him in the slightest, and she definitely thinks he has his own agenda by agreeing to become the poster boy for the US government, but this isn’t anything personal. sharon distrusts people by default. there’s no real rage or hostility, at least until she sees the video from the last ep. but i think there’d also be pity? because there’s obviously something wrong, and shar.on thinks it’s just like the US government to use this guy to carry out their agenda without thoroughly checking if he’s capable of shouldering all the baggage that comes along with being c.aptain a.merica.
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the-sun-is-evil · 3 days ago
Sam Wilson is a great Captain America. I don’t care that he isn’t officially Cap, yet.  Like, the talk/speech with Karli? That was some Captain America level Moral Talk and you can’t convince me otherwise. Also, he literally said he wouldn’t even want the Serum if given the chance. He just wants to do the right thing, nobody asked him to do this. He’s just a regular guy (well, avenger) with some wings.
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firstpynch · 6 days ago
if someone went back to 2016 me who hated zemo with every ounce of my being and told me im gonna like zemo more than captain america i would have lost my head laughing
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honeynico · 6 days ago
I just finished watching episode 4 of tfaws
J*hn w*lker can burn in hell. Steve only killed nazis and hydra agents which is WAY different from flag smashers.
Just because his best friend is gone doesnt mean hes allowed to do that. Steve didnt go and do what he did when he lost bucky.
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mattelektras · 19 days ago
I know things are pointing to Sam becoming the new Captain America but part of me wants to see what Bucky would be like taking on the mantle and seeing his cap suit with the black. Do you think they'd even go so far as to have Sam and Bucky being co-owners of the shield like a tag team kinda situation? Or maybe even having their own shields? Do you think that would even work?
i don’t think mcu bucky has had the right development to be cap at this point. he’s still in like. winter soldier recovery stage whereas comics bucky had his shit together a bit more. as well as not really having a choice because steve was dead and sam wasn’t framed as being in the running that time. comics bucky had nat and the context was different. mcu sam has a lot more experience being a good guy and being a superhero and avenger. he’s a lot more stable. i think sam was 100% the right choice in the mcu. also just more palatable for the people living in it like if i saw the dude who just got pardoned for many crimes now being captain america i’d be like...... oh we’re just letting anything happen nowadays. i think when they take the shield back they’ll both use it for a while, like when bucky caught it from whiteboy #7, i love the idea of them sharing it in fights but i think that ultimately sam should be the one with the mantle??? they have the dynamic to be able to both use it n fights n its sambucky fuel.
as for both having one, even alternate shield theyve ever done has been ugly as hell. i think it’s important for sam’s character for him to realise his worth and that he IS captain america so having another one next to him might risk diminishing the importance of that 
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