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peixe-de-aquario · 46 minutes ago
Entregue ao sono
O corpo cansado
Permite à alma,
Sozinha e sem dono
Viajar livremente
ao mundo dos sonhos
Onde lhe espera
A tela vazia
Ansiosa em viver
A história vivida
Em forma de sonho...
Enquanto o corpo,
Ainda cansado descansa
Entregue ao sono...
Na manhã seguinte
Já despertos
O corpo e a mente
Suplicam a alma
Que lhes conte então
A história vivida
O sonho sonhado
Mas pedidos em vão
Pois agora,
depois da noitada
É a alma cansada
Que se põe a dormir...
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xxx-lizzy-xxx · 2 hours ago
Ya no puedo
:c solo quiero llorar marica
Y ni eso puedo :c
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hellsbellschime · 4 hours ago
Haven’t heard a ice cream truck in years today I heard one. And I immediately had thoughts of chilling adventures of Sabrina
Oh lordt don’t remind me of that creeper.
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El mundo puede ser un caos, pero mientras estés tomándome de la mano, podre ver hasta el mismo infierno el paraíso. Todo podrá derrumbar mi mundo pero me mantendré de pie si tan solo te veo sonreír, porque te convertiste en la luz de mi camino, mi apoyo total.
- Manchado
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Al principio me di cuenta de que era un maestro de la inutilidad cuando noté que mis manos eran por completo incapaces de arreglar nada. Cero manualidad para reparaciones de ningún tipo. Ahora bien, “al menos me queda la esperanza de ser un ángel destructor” me dije. Ya saben, esa clase de inútil que todo lo que toca, lo rompe. Pues no. Tampoco. Mis manos poseen una delicadeza de cirujano, son ideales para sostener nitroglicerina,  bombas atómicas, muestras de virus mortales y cosas por el estilo. Jamás, nunca, rompí nada, con la misma eficacia con la que jamás, nunca reparé nada. Si cae un árbol y nadie lo escucha caer ¿cayó realmente? Finalmente llegue a la desoladora conclusión de que, incluso para ser un inútil, soy inútil.
Tumblr media
App: Instagram: acostumbrado_al_fin_del_mundo Diccionario: Diccionarix del fin del mundo Twitter: @GestoObsceno Opiobook: Acostumbrado al fin del mundo
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caosarchive · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Who: Rosalind Walker
When: Season 4 Episode 7 (The Endless)
What: Urban Outfitters Ribbed Knit V-Neck Shirt - $20.00
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caosarchive · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Where: Spellman Home (Sabrina's Room)
When: Season 4 Episode 7 (The Endless)
What: Meyda Tiffany Pond Lily Table Lamp - $197.00
*NOTE: These are similar. I wasn't able to find exact ones, but these are pretty close. I think these could be two different different lamps that they put together, but I'm not sure. If you're interested in purchasing this similar product, click the link above!*
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statticscribbles · 14 hours ago
Home Pt 10
Summary: Home Pt 10, Theo Putnam/Kurtz, Pop’s retirement brings about familiar faces, this marks the end of home!
Theo can’t believe it’s been seven years since he’d graduated. It was only six since he’d left Riverdale but he feels that’s unimportant compared to the graduation when everyone had passed and finally it felt like nothing bad would happen.
Of course that wasn’t true for him, Kurtz while he’d been content to stay in Riverdale for a year had pitched a fit about going back to Greendale, sadi he wanted nothing to do with a town bathed in blood magic or the literal devil wandering around, that he’d had enough of that with the Gargoyle King and while Theo had agreed he never wanted to admit it to Kurtz as he knew he’d gloat.
Kurtz surprisingly offers him an apartment that Theo didn’t know he had, much like the house they’d been staying at. Kurtz doesn’t say where exactly it is so when they drive out to a suburb of New York Theo’s shocked, more so to find most of his stuff has already been moved in.
”I have a headache.” Kurtz groans and Theo looks up from the TV he’d been flicking back and forth from.
“Well maybe stop grading papers?”
“No these idiots keep missing equations. I’d never..” Kurtz shoves the stack of papers away and Theo laughs.
“You also dealt drugs for years.”
“Yeah so I know my fucking chemistry, kids these days, decent human beings and drug free.”
“Mhmm that’s the reason you’re still grading their papers and not packing for Pop‘s retirement party trip.”
“I can packing like three minutes.”
“Can you?”
“Yes, we’re only going for two whole days and I just need my nice shirt and then some casual clothes.”
“Kurtz is this a knife?”
“Pocket knife, but yes.”
“It’s Riverdale Theo, I’m not risking anything.”
Kurtz is asleep in the passenger seat when they pull into Riverdale, Theo’s not sure if they have anywhere to stay, he hadn’t asked when Kurtz had assured him they had a place, but he realizes that he’ll have to wake him up, despite having only changed driving shifts an hour ago.
“Babe, where are we staying?”
“Our place, you still remember how to get there?”
“You still own that house?”
“Yeah? Why would you think I didn’t”
“You work as a teacher there’s no way you make enough to- Oh my god please tell me you’re not fucking taking a leaf from breaking bad.”
“Pff, no, there’s no way I’d make fucking crack with my school chemistry set, that’d get me in so much shit.”
”So you’re the new Chemistry teacher then Theo.” Betty grins her hand extended for him to shake.
“Oh, uh no, Kurtz is.” Betty’s smile falters for a second.
“Well at least with me being the shop teacher I don’t have to deal with him, since we’re on opposite ends of the school.”
“Oh? So who’s close to him?”
“Jughead, since he’s english, wait no, Veronica is closest, she’s two doors down.”
“Veronica’s a teacher?”
“Mhmm, Economics.”
“Why the hell is she, ah, Archie right?”
“Well yes, but, you really don’t know what’s going on here?” Betty frowns and Theo nods, Kurtz comes up behind him to nod as well.
“Hiram’s been running any chance at business into the ground, any chance at escaping too, so we’ve all had to take up teaching, or just hide in our houses, Archie had to kick a bunch of ghouls out of his house where they'd set up shop making drugs.”
“Mhm, really, I told those fucks too, anyways.” Kurtz laughs a little.
“It was a joke guys, I don’t deal with gangs anymore.” Kurtz holds his hands up.
“You don’t? Jesus, you’ve really let yourself go.” Lance is leaning against the door.
“What the fuck do you want.”
“Nothing christ just here to pick up my nephew.”
“Oh thank fuck I was gonna scream if you said kid.”
“Pff like I’d have kids, you on the other hand, I expected at least two somewhere, you hiding them in your car or some shit?”
“We haven’t talked about that.” Kurtz shrugs to Theo who nods back trying not to glare at Lance.
“Well y’all have fun teaching how to bury bodies and shit.”
“I teach Chemistry.”
“Oh good, you can actually teach my nephew the family business.” Lance laughs and Kurtz sighs.
“So, Pop’s party tonight?”
“Yeah, I know don’t worry we can go spend the next four hours getting ready.”
Theo’s laughing with Betty and Kurtz is at least a little relieved that Jughead and Toni are welcoming both of them to the section where the Serpents are all hanging out.
“Seems like everything is going well for once, I mean besides your dad trying to run the entire town into the ground.” Theo offers Veronica and she nods grimacing.
“Well it’s Riverdale there’s going to be something to ruin this.”
“At least we’re prepared for it this time.” Archie nods towards the group that are all standing around the cake, Kurtz flicking his pocket knife open to cut the cake, he looks up smirking at the Theo and Theo knows he’s going to get some comment about Kurtz having brought the knife. While they’re not sure what’s going to come next, Theo knows that there’s no one he’d rather be with to face it.
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Madam Spellman Snippet: Wash Away the Day
Zelda’s day had been filled with one disaster after another and now, all she wanted was a little peace and quiet. Hilda had been in a fluster all day and Zelda had considered killing her and burying her in the cain pit more than once just to get a break. Unfortunately, Hilda was also the only person standing between Zelda and the melodramatics of Sabrina and Ambrose’s new experiments which had taken over the kitchen and filled it with strange smells, noises and the occasional fire. 
Eventually, Zelda had retired to her study and refused to reappear until dinner time, when most of the chaos was over and the splitting headache she had been nursing had dulled to a throbbing. 
“Shall we play some games?” Hilda said, having cleared away the plates. 
Zelda shot her a look. 
“You are quite welcome to but I am retiring for the evening.”
“Oh, Zelds, are you sure?”
“Quite. Do enjoy yourselves.”
Trying not to feel guilty at the disappointment in her family’s eyes, Zelda headed for the stairs, fighting back the headache that was returning with full force. She would run a bath, fill it with her favourite salts and oils and relax. The tension in her shoulders, her head and her jaw would fade eventually and then she would be able to sleep. 
Zelda turned on the tap, sprinkled the salts and poured in some oil, before heading into her room, removing her jewellery. She sighed, massaging her earlobes as the earrings came away, and placed each item in its rightful place. 
Her dress was next, pulling the zip down and shedding the material. Picking it up off of the floor and putting it in the basket, Zelda caught sight of herself in the mirror. She prided herself in always dressing her best, more for herself than for anyone else. The red lace was one she usually saved for special occasions, but for some reason she had chosen it for today. Running her fingers over the line between her breast and lace, Zelda pursed her lips critically and then shook herself mentally. 
She reached for her stockings, intending to take those off next, when movement reflected in the mirror made her start and then spin around. 
“Well, what a delightful treat.”
“Lilith,” Zelda breathed, scanning over the woman’s black leather coat and back up to blue eyes that were spreading their heated gaze all over Zelda. She felt suddenly naked. “What are you doing here?”
“You’ve been taking my name in vain all day, Zelda,” Lilith purred, her eyes flicking back to Zelda’s. “I merely came to see if I could be of any assistance.”
Zelda reached for her robe, pulling it on and wrapping it around herself. 
“I’m fine.”
“Lying to your Queen?” Lilith tutted, stepping forward; her fingers reaching up to play with the tie of the robe. “Well that won’t do.”
“What do you want, Lilith?” Zelda sighed, the exhaustion of the day catching up with her. She didn’t want to play games tonight; all she wanted was to wash away the day and sleep. 
Lilith studied her and pursed her lips. 
“You look tired.”
“I am tired, so if you would like to leave me in peace instead of teasing me, your High Priestess would appreciate it.”
Lilith dropped the robe’s belt and stepped still closer, making Zelda freeze. She was so close and suddenly Zelda’s throat was dry. 
“You’re tense.”
“You’re in my space.”
“Yes,” Lilith raised a hand, her fingers stroking Zelda’s hair. Against her better judgement, Zelda leaned into the touch, her eyes fluttering shut, as Lilith’s fingers stroked, and her thumb trailed over Zelda’s cheekbone. “But you were tense before I arrived.”
“It’s been that kind of day.”
“Then let me take care of you.”
Zelda’s eyes flew open. 
“Come Zelda... even strong, capable women like yourselves are allowed to want comfort sometimes.” Lilith leaned in and pressed the lightest kiss on the corner of Zelda’s mouth, making her breath catch. “Allow me to be that for you.”
She pressed another light kiss against Zelda’s jaw, and then began trailing kisses along it, until Zelda’s breathing was heavy and her eyes were shut; her head leaning back to allow the woman better access. 
Sure fingers undid her robe and pushed it off, leaving her in her lingerie again. 
“What a sight,” Lilith hummed. “You would bring mortals to their knees.”
Zelda hummed, feeling lost in a fog of arousal, evidence beginning to darken the lace pressed against her centre. Lilith’s lips traced down her neck and then she was being backed against her vanity, gripping it as Lilith’s fingers pressed into her. 
“Wet for me already?”
“Yes...” Zelda whispered. 
Lilith rubbed at her through the lace, and Zelda gasped and hummed as the friction pressed against her clit. She could feel the material becoming slick, could feel Lilith’s fingers pressing more insistently, and then they were gone. She opened her eyes to protest and saw Lilith kneeling down in front of her. 
Lilith removed her stockings first, slowly, pressing her lips and teeth to Zelda’s creamy thighs, leaving them covered in red lipstick and the beginning of bruises. Then she pulled down her panties, depositing them to the side before pressing a kiss to Zelda’s mound. 
Her tongue slid against Zelda’s swollen clit gently, and Zelda gasped, her head falling back as she gripped the vanity for support. Lilith was tender, slow and all consuming; sucking at Zelda’s clit before sliding her tongue over her folds and lapping at her. 
Hands gripped her, lifting one leg over Lilith’s shoulder, baring Zelda further to her touch. Fingers slipped inside her as Lilith sucked her clit again, curling inside Zelda’s hot, wet cunt. 
Zelda’s knuckles went white as she gripped the wood underneath her; the tell tale quivers of her approaching orgasm making her rock into Lilith’s touch. 
Lilith coaxed her on, until Zelda was practically mewling with need. Then, with a moan that echoed deep in her throat, Zelda clenched hard around her, and came. 
Lilith lapped up the juices that flowed from her, pressing kisses to her wetness, still curling her fingers to guide her through her orgasm. Zelda shivered and then sank further onto the vanity. 
The sight of Lilith, kneeling in front of her, that sly smirk slick with her juices, made Zelda’s stomach flip. Her Queen stood, wiping her mouth with her thumb, before leaning in and kissing the witch, giving her a taste. 
“You are, without a doubt, the sweetest witch I have ever tasted.”
Zelda moaned again, releasing the vanity to tangle her fingers in Lilith’s hair and pull her into a deeper, longer kiss. When they both separated, their heavy breaths mingled. 
“That was...” Zelda swallowed, lost for words for once. 
“Mmm,” Lilith hummed, reaching around her to undo her bra, gently pulling it from her and tossing it to the side. “Come now. Your bath is waiting.”
Lilith led her to the bathroom, turning off the water and dipping her fingers in to check the temperature. Then she turned, and began removing her clothes. Zelda watched as her figure came into view; beautiful lines and curves that were sinful in every beautiful way. 
Lilith stepped into the tub, offering her hand to Zelda, inviting her in. Zelda stepped in, feeling the warm water against her aching feet with a sigh of relief. Lilith sat and then spread her legs, inviting Zelda into the space. She eagerly complied. 
“So beautiful,” Lilith hummed as Zelda leaned back against her chest. Her nose brushed into Zelda’s hair and she inhaled, kissing her head. She trailed her fingers over Zelda’s arms, leaving trails of water over them before rubbing her thumbs into Zelda’s shoulders. 
Zelda moaned softly, feeling the tension easing with each circle of Lilith’s thumbs. She felt tired, boneless and the more she leaned into Lilith’s touch, the more relaxed she became. 
“It’s hard,” Lilith hummed into her hair, running her fingers slowly over Zelda’s breasts, brushing her nipples in a circle before returning to her shoulders. “Being the one in control. The strong woman in charge. It eats away at you until all you feel is tired. When you feel that, call for me. I will always answer.”
She began to comb through Zelda’s hair pulling the few pins in it loose, kissing her neck and Zelda, for the first time in her life, melted into her touch completely. 
She let Lilith wash her; gently sponging over her back, down her arms, over her breasts and between her legs. She leaned back as Lilith washed her hair, scratching her nails against her head until Zelda’s little moans filled the room. She rinsed her, ran her fingers through her hair to untangle any knots and then eased her out of the bath. 
Zelda reached for her towel but Lilith took it, drying her off and then herself, before leading her back into her room. Zelda slipped on her robe and then began to moisturise herself; a habit formed over many years. Lilith watched, slipping into Zelda’s spare robe; her eyes never leaving the woman for long. When Zelda was finished she turned. 
“Will you stay?”
“Yes.” Lilith stepped to her and tangled her fingers into her damp hair, pulling her in for a kiss. “Lie down. I’m not quite done with you.”
“I’m too tired to-”
“I know. Lie down.”
Zelda did as instructed and Lilith took up the bottle of moisturiser and sat at the end of Zelda’s bed. She squirted some into her hand, spread it over them and then took Zelda’s foot. She began to massage it, deep into the arch, soothing away the stubborn aches from a day spent in heels with too much to do. Zelda sighed. Somewhere, in the part of her mind that was too tired to focus, she wondered why she was accepting this. She normally hated sweet softness, or someone trying to take care of her. 
But Lilith did not make her feel weak for being tired. 
Lilith shifted to the other foot, rubbing up Zelda’s calf as she did so, summoning another pleasant moan. 
“One day, darling, I shall do this properly. I shall have you on your front and get into that lovely back of yours, and those shoulders. But for now...” She rubbed into a particularly tender spot and Zelda arched into the touch. “Let’s just make sure you feel relaxed enough to sleep, shall we?”
Zelda was so relaxed that it felt as though the bed underneath her might never let her emerge from it again. Her eyes were closed, and she could feel sleep pulling at her. Lilith’s thumbs soothed her and then gently lowered her foot to the bed. 
She heard her moving, putting back the moisturiser and then the bed dipped again. She felt a blanket being placed over her and then Lilith was pulling her into her; Zelda’s back against Lilith’s front. 
“Sleep, my Priestess.”
“I...” Zelda was so close to sleep, her voice husky and tired. “Thank you, my Queen.”
“Hush, darling Zelda. No need for that.”
Lilith’s lips brushed against Zelda’s cheek in a soft kiss and then Zelda had slipped into sleep, wrapped up in the arms of Lilith, her Queen, who listened as her breathing evened out, before closing her own eyes, and drifting off too. 
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siflovesbuddie · 15 hours ago
Some of you might have read about the German copyright situation on AO3 in their news column or in one of the posts currently circulating on tumblr but I haven’t yet seen the petition the OTW started shared on my dash.
Please, if you’re German or a citizen of the European Union, check out the link and sign the petition to keep fan fiction and other fan works legal in Germany.
If you haven’t yet heard about what this is about, there’s a more detailed description, both in German and English, when you click on the petition link or AO3′s own news column.
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witchaotics · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
─── Vultures circle above you 
indie fandomless witch oc. temp credit.
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no-signorno · 18 hours ago
Ora spogliati che non voglio vedere solo i tuoi occhi.
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gafas-y-lunares · 20 hours ago
Quiero ir a casa, si piensas que con "casa" me refiero al techo en el que vivo, pues no. No sé dónde es mi hogar, pero daría lo que fuera por tener uno de verdad.
~ ya no llores ptm.
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el-atico-de-un-alma-rota · 21 hours ago
Y lo cierto es que sigo aquí esperando por ti, pero ojalá el algún día en que decidas volver no sea demasiado tarde.
Si es que vuelves; Y.
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stephannesays · 22 hours ago
Arte dos persongens Luna e Bok do livro A reação adversa do caos / As Consequências de Orbitar um Buraco Negro
Autora Stephanne Says
Publicado pelo Grupo editorial Coerencia
Disponível na Amazon
Se você gosta de:
Protagonistas que vivem viajando na maionese, conhecer planetas e culturas diferentes, críticas sociais feitas com muito humor, vilões com cabelo preto e passado trágico, referências à cultura pop, conspirações políticas, inimigos que se apaixonam, verdades absolutas sendo desfeitas, tecnologias ultramodernas, personagens com habilidades especiais, filosofias profundas acerca de coisas banais, , animais alienígenas fofos e galáxias não tão distantes…
A Reação Adversa do Caos é para você!
Tumblr media
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stephannesays · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Arte dos persongens Luna e Bok do livro A reação adversa do caos / As Consequências de Orbitar um Buraco Negro
Autora Stephanne Says
Publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerencia
Disponível na Amazon e no site da editora
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stephannesays · 22 hours ago
Arte dos personagens Klaaoz e Luna do Livro A Reação Adversa do Caos / As Consequências de Orbitar um Buraco Negro
Da autora Stephanne Says
Publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência
Disponível na Amazon e no site da Editora
Se você gosta de:
Protagonistas que vivem viajando na maionese, conhecer planetas e culturas diferentes, críticas sociais feitas com muito humor, vilões com cabelo preto e passado trágico, referências à cultura pop, conspirações políticas, inimigos que se apaixonam, verdades absolutas sendo desfeitas, tecnologias ultramodernas, personagens com habilidades especiais, filosofias profundas acerca de coisas banais, , animais alienígenas fofos e galáxias não tão distantes…
A Reação Adversa do Caos é para você!
Tumblr media
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"All women are taught to fear power. Own it." Lilith to Sabrina
Sabrina looked down for a moment, trying to think of what to say. “But.. what if I hurt someone?” She asked, looking up at her.
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chaotic-sunflower9 · a day ago
Todos los días finjo
Finjo las sonrisas
Finjo los sentimientos
Finjo mis propios sentimientos
Para convencer al resto
-y a mi misma-
Que estoy bien
Que me siento increíble,
Pero al estar en mi habitación
Con mi soledad y mi tristeza
Me doy cuenta de que el tiempo es relativo
Y realmente todo lo es
A ti quizás te queden 40 años más de vida
Para mi, eso es relativo
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