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#candice flynn
luvtisha3 days ago
This summer she's got to bust her brothers 馃ぃ Add up if you agree 馃槑
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milfswag6911 days ago
Do you know Candice?
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itsanneeey8 months ago
Candace being a badass hehe
Candace: its me against the universe
Phineas: Us
Candace: Its us against Universe
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itsanneeey9 months ago
you may not be the聽鈥渃hosen one鈥
but we choose you as a sister everytime
aawwwww phineas and ferb are the best brothers ever
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itsanneeey9 months ago
candice just give up and drink smoothie hahahhhaa
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iinkhat9 months ago
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Bonus from my previous post as we all know it鈥檚 true. Those who deny it are liars.聽
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iinkhat9 months ago
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Tumblr media
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So I watched Candice Against the Universe and it reminded me how much I enjoyed Phineas and Ferb as a kid.聽 So I redrew a comic I made all the way back then of a humanised Perry episode. I have a couple other ideas to go along with it that I might post later.聽 --聽 Other Perry Stuff - Can Perry Talk - He just wants to go to work. - Doof meets H!Perry
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tvaddict-owl9 months ago
Phineas and Ferb Candace Against the Universe
My goodness! You know watching this movie I didn鈥檛 think I was going to be so nostalgic for this show, but I was. The movie was amazing and worth the wait in my opinion. From the amazing voice casting, the beautiful animation, the music, and throwbacks to the show, this movie did not disappoint. The movie delivered on its comedy, running gags from the show , and even adding a little Milo Murphey鈥檚 Law cameo. 2020 has been such a shit year but I鈥檓 glad that the animation industry has been coming on strong. I didn鈥檛 realize how much I missed this show and how refreshing it was to watch this movie, I hope fans of this show enjoyed it, may we see more of Phineas and Ferb in the future!
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restingbitchface2913a year ago
Does anyone else remember that two episode Phineas and Ferb special where Doofenshmirtz accidentally turns everyone in Danville into mindless pharmacists that infect people and the gang has to figure out how to reverse the effect before everyone is infected
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Everyone-Doof, Perry, Vanessa and Candice, Buford, Baljeet, Phineas, and Ferb, Isabella and the Fireside girls-all are working to contain the contagion and figure out how to stop it
And then there鈥檚 Stacy
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Anyways this is literally my favorite Phineas and Ferb episode ever, and Stacy is everyone on tumblr if the zombie apocalypse happened
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midsommares7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[聽 josh聽 washington聽 vc.聽 ]聽 hello,聽 friends聽 and聽 fans.聽 i聽 wanna聽 welcome聽 you聽 to聽 my聽 blog,聽 and聽 introduce聽 you聽 to聽 me,聽 a聽 twenty-one聽 year聽 old聽 cis-female聽 who聽 is聽 dying聽 for聽 some聽 more聽 discord聽 plots.聽 under聽 the聽 cut聽 i鈥檝e聽 listed聽 some聽 settings聽 and聽 faces聽 i鈥檇聽 love聽 to聽 play聽 or聽 play聽 against,聽 so聽 if聽 you鈥檙e聽 interested聽 in聽 any聽 of聽 these聽 and聽 are聽 comfortable聽 with聽 me聽 hitting聽 you聽 up聽 at聽 all聽 hours聽 of聽 the聽 night聽 with聽 headcanons聽 about聽 our聽 characters聽 please聽 like聽 this聽 or聽 send聽 me聽 a聽 message聽 !聽 note聽 that聽 i聽 prefer聽 m聽 /聽 f聽 and聽 f聽 /聽 f聽 pairings,聽 i聽 favor聽 multi-muse聽 plots聽 the聽 best,聽 and聽 that聽 while聽 i聽 do聽 enjoy聽 smut,聽 it聽 isn鈥檛聽 a聽 necessity.
my聽 most聽 wanted聽 settings.
an聽 until聽 dawn聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 last聽 letter聽 from聽 your聽 lover聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 saw聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 shameless聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 game聽 of聽 thrones聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 resident聽 evil聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 an聽 outlast聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 walking聽 dead聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 phantom聽 of聽 the聽 opera聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 stranger聽 things聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 once聽 upon聽 a聽 time聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 hunger聽 games聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 twilight聽 inspired聽 plot,聽 but聽 more聽 adult聽 and聽 likely聽 with聽 different聽 supernatural聽 creatures.聽 a聽 nancy聽 drew聽 or聽 scooby聽 doo聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 that聽 70鈥瞫聽 show聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 slice聽 of聽 life聽 plot,聽 but聽 with聽 a聽 bunch聽 of聽 side聽 plots聽 and聽 muses聽 who聽 all聽 live聽 in聽 a聽 suburban聽 gothic聽 town聽 overrun聽 with聽 crime.聽 an聽 arranged聽 marriage聽 plot.聽 a聽 royalty聽 plot.聽 a聽 little聽 mermaid聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 runaway聽 couple聽 plot.聽 an聽 end聽 of聽 the聽 fucking聽 world聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 single聽 parents聽 plot.聽 a聽 plot聽 about聽 a聽 fae聽 and聽 her聽 consort.聽 a聽 tragic聽 couple聽 plot,聽 where聽 one聽 is聽 an聽 immortal聽 and聽 the聽 other聽 is聽 human.聽 a聽 cinderella聽 story聽 inspired聽 plot.聽 a聽 crime聽 syndicate聽 plot.聽 an聽 affair聽 plot,聽 especially聽 if聽 it聽 involves聽 age聽 gaps.聽 a聽 nanny聽 and聽 single聽 parent聽 plot.聽 +聽 if聽 none聽 of聽 these聽 interest聽 you聽 but聽 you聽 still聽 want聽 to聽 write聽 with聽 me,聽 i聽 can聽 always聽 draw聽 inspiration聽 from聽 your聽 plots聽 tag聽 !
my聽 most聽 wanted聽 faces.聽 bolded聽 are聽 who聽 i聽 like聽 to聽 play,聽 italicized聽 who聽 i鈥檇聽 like聽 to聽 play聽 against,聽 and聽 regular聽 text聽 means聽 i聽 have聽 no聽 preference聽 if聽 i聽 play聽 them聽 or聽 against聽 them.
madison聽 davenport.聽 cody聽 fern.聽 florence聽 pugh.聽 jake聽 gyllenhaal.聽 joe聽 keery.聽 camila聽 mendes.聽 lili聽 reinhart.聽 madelaine聽 petsch.聽 kj聽 apa.聽 booboo聽 stewart.聽 jon聽 bernthal.聽 carey聽 mulligan.聽 richard聽 madden.聽 hunter聽 schafer.聽 jessie聽 mei聽 li.聽 tom聽 holland.聽 vanessa聽 morgan.聽 zo毛聽 kravitz.聽 jeffrey聽 dean聽 morgan.聽 ana聽 de聽 armas.聽 emilia聽 clarke.聽 sophie聽 turner.聽 kit聽 harrington.聽 dj聽 cotrona.聽 idris聽 elba.聽 skeet聽 ulrich.聽 charlie聽 hunnam.聽 bill聽 hader.聽 zane聽 holtz.聽 zac聽 efron.聽 eiza聽 gonz谩lez.聽 maika聽 monroe.聽 carlson聽 young.聽 willa聽 fitzgerald.聽 lakeith聽 stanfield.聽 ben聽 barnes.聽 dacre聽 montgomery.聽 natalia聽 dyer.聽 max聽 irons.聽 jodie聽 comer.聽 julia聽 fox.聽 austin聽 abrams.聽 xavier聽 samuel.聽 emmy聽 rossum.聽 jeremy聽 allen聽 white.聽 jordan聽 fisher.聽 rami聽 malek.聽 alisha聽 boe.聽 dove聽 cameron.聽 margot聽 robbie.聽 samara聽 weaving.聽 margaret聽 qualley.聽 tyler聽 posey.聽 alexa聽 demie.聽 rosamund聽 pike.聽 matthew聽 gray聽 gubler.聽 halsey.聽 arden聽 cho.聽 shelley聽 hennig.聽 matthew聽 daddario.聽 zendaya.聽 ross聽 butler.聽 bo聽 burnham.聽 anya聽 taylor-joy.聽 lana聽 parilla.聽 jennifer聽 morrison.聽 m盲dchen聽 amick.聽 peter聽 scanavino.聽 callum聽 turner.聽 shailene聽 woodley.聽 andy聽 samberg.聽 jack聽 falahee.聽 kathryn聽 newton.聽 kat聽 graham.聽 megan聽 fox.聽 nina聽 dobrev.聽 paul聽 wesley.聽 candice聽 accola.聽聽jessica聽 rothe.聽 taylor聽 dearden.聽 eliza聽 bennett.聽 crystal聽 reed.聽 jessica聽 chastain.聽 john聽 david聽 washington.聽 aisha聽 dee.聽 robert聽 pattinson.聽 timothy聽 olyphant.聽 adam聽 driver.聽 jessica聽 barden.聽 alex聽 lawther.聽 rose聽 leslie.聽 sydney聽 sweeney.聽 barbie聽 ferreira.聽 kristine聽 froseth.聽 nick聽 robinson.聽 jordan聽 connor.聽 winona聽 ryder.聽 charles聽 melton.聽 rebecca聽 ferguson.聽 amy聽 adams.聽 tom聽 hardy.聽 laura聽 harrier.聽 dakota聽 johnson.聽 bill聽 skarsg氓rd.聽 oscar聽 isaac.聽 brad聽 pitt.聽 hendry聽 golding.聽 michael聽 b.聽 jordan.聽 katherine聽 langford.聽 dylan聽 minnette.聽 miles聽 heizer.聽 brandon聽 flynn.聽 katharine聽 isabelle.聽 caitlin聽 stasey.聽 miles聽 teller.聽 harry聽 styles.聽 cillian聽 murphy.聽 stefanie聽 scott.聽 adam聽 brody.聽 logan聽 browning.聽 wolfgang聽 novagratz.聽 dylan聽 o鈥檅rien.聽 samantha聽 logan.聽 steven聽 yeun.聽 halston聽 sage.聽 andrew聽 lincoln.聽 imogen聽 poots.聽 logan聽 lerman.聽 chris聽 pine.聽 amanda聽 seyfried.聽 chris聽 evans.聽 john聽 krasinski.聽 victoria聽 pedretti.聽 +聽 many聽 more.
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lilmissriottblissa month ago
Violet鈥檚 Updated Bio
@wrasslin-kpop-and-bullshit @swifteforeverandalways @guzmasjewel93 @ozzypawsbone-princeofbarkness
Ring of Honor (2007) Violet was trained by Seth Rollins then known as Tyler Black, who she would later date) and Jimmy Jacobs, wrestling for various independent companies. Debuting under a 鈥渢rial contract鈥 for ROH under the ring name Rina, she acted as a valet for The Age Of The Fall as a heel, frequently distracting anyone to help them win. Ring of Honor decided not to give her a full time contract and the Rina character was quietly removed. Violet and Seth later broke up, Violet explaining that their relationship fell apart after ROH let her go.
TNA/Impact Wrestling (2010-2014) Violet later debuted for the then called TNA, attacking Madison Rayne and establishing herself as a face with an alternative aesthetic, later adopting the ring name Rivera. She failed to win the TNA Women鈥檚 Knockout Championship twice and lost most of her matches. Her years with them were 鈥渕ixed鈥 and she eventually quit the company in 2014, later revealing Impact attempted to get her to change her gimmick and ally with The Bromans and DJZ against The Menagerie and that was the final straw for her. Stating "They wanted me to fucking turn into a neon cheerleader. No offense to Joaquin, Robbie or Jessie: I was done"
NXT (2014-2018) Violet was contacted by WWE for a tryout and signed with WWE four months after her departure from Impact and made her NXT debut under her real name and as a 鈥渁nti-diva鈥 character and was heavily criticized for being too much like Paige. She would win the vacant NXT title against Bayley but later vacated it after tearing her ACL ending her reign at 93 days.
She returned to action at a house show teaming with Eva Marie for the win. They would call themselves Red and Black but the team officially split when Eva was called back up to Raw. Eva later revealed another injury sustained by Violet kept them from debuting as a tag team on NXT TV.
After a hiatus due to back problems from said injury, Violet returned at NXT Takeover Dallas, debuting a newer more gothic look and sarcastically congratulated newly crowned champion Asuka before attacking her.
(Despite not losing the title, she never received a championship rematch until 2019.)
Violet later became the manager to Ember Moon during her feud with Asuka and formed the VampireEclipse with her, marking the first time her new character was stated to be a vampire
Violet later competed against Ember for a spot in the fatal four way for the once again vacant title at Wargames but lost, later hugging her and wishing Ember good luck.
Violet鈥檚 final feud in NXT was against Lacey Evans leading to a match at Takeover New Orleans, which Violet won in what was her final match in NXT at the time.
Raw (2018-2019) Violet made her main roster debut as part of the superstar shakeup, joining Ember for a tag team against Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. She participated in both a qualifing match and a gaunlet match for a spot in the women鈥檚 MITB ladder match, losing in both occasions. After a brief hiatus, she made a return to TV after Baron Corbin revealed her real life relationship with Finn Balor, causing Violet to attack Corbin with a chair
She entered into a feud with Alexa Bliss going into Summerslam, where Alexa mocked her family disowning her. Violet beat her at the PPV, winning her first main roster title. Violet later declined Ronda Rousey鈥檚 handshake on the Raw after Summerslam, calling Rousey 鈥渁 wannabe Roddy Piper with zero respect鈥 and demanding a title match against her, which Kurt Angle granted.
On the Raw before HIAC, Violet defended her title against Alexa Bliss, winning with her own arm bar submission. Balor, her manager during the match, legitimately proposed to her afterwards backstage.
Violet lost at HIAC when Ronda submitted Alexa, ending this reign at less than three weeks. It was later reported she had gotten a concussion and couldn鈥檛 remember the moments leading up to the injury.
Violet made her return in January, nearly seven months after her injury to announce her entry into the Royal Rumble. Her and Finn got married the week before the PPV.
Violet entered the rumble at 1 and eliminated the IIconics and was eliminated by Charlotte. Violet was Finn鈥檚 manager at Wrestlemania due to injury concerns.
Smackdown Live/Raw (2019) Violet managed Finn throughout his matches on Smackdown, usually using heel tactics to help him win. She later insulted Becky Lynch by bringing up her ex boyfriend Seth Rollins鈥 leaks, though this was dropped immediately.
She reformed the Vampire-Eclipse with Ember in late August, accompaning Ember to her matches. She was ejected from Ember鈥檚 match at Summerslam following a superkick to Bayley on the outside. She was taken off TV afterwards due to Finn鈥檚 requested off time.聽
Return to NXT, face turn, and heel turn (2019-2020) Violet returned to NXT, attacking Shayna Baszler and turning face. She would join up with Candice Lerae and Mia Yim, becoming close with Candice. She beat Taynara in a dark match at Wargames. Violet later turned heel, attacking Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley, and Candice, revealing she had only befriended her as a favor to her husband. She debuted a darker gimmick and new music, defeating Isla Dawn.
Formation of The Bad Girls and Hiatus (2020) Violet quickly allied with Io Shirai over their shared distain of Candice, beating her in a tornado tag team match.
After Shotzi Blackheart turned heel and attacked Rhea, she immediately joined Violet and Io. After which Violet called the trio 鈥淭he Bad Girls鈥 l later inviting Dakota Kai to join them which she accepted. Violet entered the Royal Rumble but was eliminated by Bianca Belair
Violet dubbed herself 鈥淭he Queen of NXT鈥 and attempted to win the NXT women鈥檚 championship twice, being disqualified both times. Her and Finn competed in and won the NXT MMC Challenge. Both lost attempts for their respective title matches.
Violet was in two feuds, one with Kay Lee Ray and the Bad Girls with Austin Flynn, Taynara, Vanessa Borne, and Aliyah, beating them. She was scheduled to face Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK women鈥檚 championship before the match was canceled. She later turned on Io and Dakota, solely allying with Shozti.
Violet announced she was pregnant in April, going on another hiatus. She gave birth to a daughter, Raven, in November.
Return to Smackdown and NXT/Face Turn (2020) Violet made a surprise return as a face during Seth Rollins vs Angel Garza, accidentally costing Seth the match and becoming a target for Alexa Bliss and The Fiend. She later demanded a intergender match against Seth, where if she won The Fiend would release Seth from his influence. She would lose by disqualification when she used her new finisher, a step-over ddt called Bite Me, on Seth onto a pile of chairs, in what was her final match on Smackdown. Per a stipulation, Bray Wyatt released Seth from his control but refused to let go of Alexa. Violet vowed that Bray was going to lose Alexa and she would be there to see it聽
She officially returned to NXT at Wargames, being the surprise final member of Team Shotzi, helping her team win. Her face turn was solidified when she tended to former stablemate Io Shirai following her title loss to Austin Flynn. Violet later cut a promo saying she won all of her most important matches on her first try, while women like Candice and Dakota fail after getting chance after chance and she was sick of waiting in the back of the line.
She got a chance to become the number one contender by facing Tessa Blanchard, however Scarlett interferred on behalf of her boyfriend Karrion Kross and costed Violet the match. Karrion later said he was willing to end Violet鈥檚 career if it meant getting her husband鈥檚 attention.
Heel Turn, The Kingdom, and second NXT women鈥檚 title reign (2021) Violet teamed with Shotzi to compete in the inaugural women鈥檚 Dusty Cup classic, but lost in the first round to the Spitfire Warriors after Ember accidentally distracted Shotzi. Violet turned heel, attacking Ember, and Shotzi joined in after a brief pause. Violet dyed her hair black to further her turn. She created The Kingdom faction with Finn, Shotzi and Jordan joining them. Rather than face Austin Flynn at Takeover Vengeance Day, the champion vacated the title due to pregnancy and choose Kay Lee Ray to replace her.
Violet would win the title clean and injured Kay Lee in the process. Later in the show, she helped Kyle O'Reilly to the back following Adam Cole turning on him. Kyle officially joined The Kingdom the following Wednesday and Priscilla Kelly was also recruited into the stable. She may have intended to feud with Candice Lerae as Violet sarcastically told her to watch a recently kidnapped and rescued Austin Theory closely. However she faced her former friend Ember Moon instead, retaining in the process.
Violet was orginally scheduled to face Kay Lee Ray in a title for title match at Stand and Deliver, however Kay Lee legitimately failed a medical evalution and thus the match was cancelled.
Instead, Violet faced Scarlett, Zoey Stark, and Dakota Kai in a fatal four way, retaining once again. The Kingdom would debut a signature symbol to showcase their unity, a simple fist in the air. She tended to her husband following his title loss, punching Scarlett beforehand.聽
While she wasn't onscreen at Wrestlemania, when Alexa Bliss turned on Bray Wyatt bu causing him to lose his match, she simply tweeted 鈥淜arma is a bitch鈥
Millie Mckenzie joined The Kingdom the following Tuesday.
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almostfuzzyfestival3 months ago
New Releases for March 2021
New Releases for March 2021
Data courtesy
For more discussion, see the monthly New Releases post.
Title Author ReleaseDate Autobiography The Soul of a Woman Isabel Allende March 2, 2021 Festival Days Jo Ann Beard March 16, 2021 Here's the Catch Ron Swoboda March 23, 2021 Girlhood Melissa Febos March 30, 2021 The Beauty of Living Twice Sharon Stone March 30, 2021 Biography The Code Breaker Walter Isaacson March 9, 2021 The Second Life of Tiger Woods Michael Bamberger March 23, 2021 Eleanor in the Village Jan Jarboe Russell March 30, 2021 Elizabeth & Margaret Andrew Morton March 30, 2021 Crime The Babysitter Liza Rodman March 2, 2021 Last Call Elon Green March 9, 2021 Fantasy Spellmaker Charlie N. Holmberg March 9, 2021 The Bone Maker Sarah Beth Durst March 9, 2021 The Ladies of the Secret Circus Constance Sayers March 23, 2021 Fiction Brother, Sister, Mother, Explorer Jamie Figueroa March 2, 2021 Justine Forsyth Harmon March 2, 2021 Small Magic Terry Brooks March 2, 2021 The Restoration of Celia Fairchild Marie Bostwick March 2, 2021 Willa's Grove Laura Munson March 2, 2021 The Fourth Child Jessica Winter March 9, 2021 Acts of Desperation Megan Nolan March 9, 2021 Are We There Yet? Kathleen West March 16, 2021 Meant to Be Jude Deveraux March 16, 2021 Silence Is a Sense Layla AlAmmar March 16, 2021 Double Jeopardy Stuart Woods March 23, 2021 Red Island House Andrea Lee March 23, 2021 Lurkers Sandi Tan March 30, 2021 Historical Fiction Goodnight Sweetheart Pam Weaver March 2, 2021 A Man at Arms Steven Pressfield March 2, 2021 Band of Sisters Lauren Willig March 2, 2021 Foregone Russell Banks March 2, 2021 Good Eggs Rebecca Hardiman March 2, 2021 Infinite Country Patricia Engel March 2, 2021 Rhapsody Mitchell James Kaplan March 2, 2021 Sparks Like Stars Nadia Hashimi March 2, 2021 The Committed Viet Thanh Nguyen March 2, 2021 The Lost Apothecary Sarah Penner March 2, 2021 The Lowering Days Gregory Brown March 2, 2021 Vera Carol Edgarian March 2, 2021 Wedding Station David Downing March 2, 2021 What's Mine and Yours Naima Coster March 2, 2021 The Stills Jess Montgomery March 9, 2021 The Rose Code Kate Quinn March 9, 2021 Cloudmaker Malcolm Brooks March 9, 2021 Surviving Savannah Patti Callahan March 9, 2021 The Arsonists' City Hala Alyan March 9, 2021 The Leonardo Gulag Kevin Doherty March 16, 2021 Eternal Lisa Scottoline March 23, 2021 Raft of Stars Andrew J. Graff March 23, 2021 The Art of Losing Alice Zeniter March 23, 2021 Libertie Kaitlyn Greenidge March 30, 2021 Of Women and Salt Gabriela Garcia March 30, 2021 Sunflower Sisters Martha Hall Kelly March 30, 2021 The Final Revival of Opal & Nev Dawnie Walton March 30, 2021 The Women of Chateau Lafayette Stephanie Dray March 30, 2021 When I Ran Away Ilona Bannister March 30, 2021 History Come Fly the World Julia Cooke March 2, 2021 The Barbizon Paulina Bren March 2, 2021 The Girl Explorers Jayne E. Zanglein March 2, 2021 Women in White Coats Olivia Campbell March 2, 2021 The City Game Matthew Goodman March 2, 2021 When Women Invented Television Jennifer Keishin Armstrong March 23, 2021 The Agitators Dorothy Wickenden March 30, 2021 Horror Later Stephen King March 2, 2021 The Lost Village Camilla Sten March 23, 2021 The Other Emily Dean Koontz March 23, 2021 Literature How Beautiful We Were Imbolo Mbue March 9, 2021 Mystery An Unexpected Peril Deanna Raybourn March 2, 2021 Dark Sky C.J. Box March 2, 2021 Fatal Intent Tammy Euliano March 2, 2021 The Postscript Murders Elly Griffiths March 2, 2021 The Scapegoat Sara Davis March 2, 2021 We Begin at the End Chris Whitaker March 2, 2021 The Dark Heart of Florence Tasha Alexander March 9, 2021 The Windsor Knot S.J. Bennett March 9, 2021 Transient Desires Donna Leon March 9, 2021 A Matter of Life and Death Phillip Margolin March 9, 2021 The Whispering House Elizabeth Brooks March 16, 2021 Gathering Dark Candice Fox March 16, 2021 Not Dark Yet Peter Robinson March 16, 2021 The Jigsaw Man Nadine Matheson March 16, 2021 Win Harlan Coben March 16, 2021 Danger in Numbers Heather Graham March 23, 2021 The Bounty Janet Evanovich March 23, 2021 The Consequences of Fear Jacqueline Winspear March 23, 2021 Tell No Lies Allison Brennan March 30, 2021 The Hiding Place Paula Munier March 30, 2021 Nonfiction Shooting Midnight Cowboy Glenn Frankel March 16, 2021 Politics Grace & Steel J. Randy Taraborrelli March 2, 2021 Romance Float Plan Trish Doller March 2, 2021 The Affair Danielle Steel March 2, 2021 The Little French Bridal Shop Jennifer Dupee March 9, 2021 Everything After Jill Santopolo March 9, 2021 Act Your Age, Eve Brown Talia Hibbert March 9, 2021 A Question Mark Is Half a Heart Sofia Lundberg March 23, 2021 The Path to Sunshine Cove RaeAnne Thayne March 30, 2021 Science Fiction In the Quick Kate Hope Day March 2, 2021 Klara and the Sun Kazuo Ishiguro March 2, 2021 Body of Stars Laura Maylene Walter March 18, 2021 Short Stories Reality and Other Stories John Lanchester March 9, 2021 Sarahland Sam Cohen March 9, 2021 Suspense The Sweet Taste of Muscadines Pamela Terry March 16, 2021 Thriller Infinite Brian Freeman March 1, 2021 Every Last Fear Alex Finlay March 2, 2021 The Outside Man Don Bentley March 2, 2021 Too Good to Be True Carola Lovering March 2, 2021 Who Is Maud Dixon? Alexandra Andrews March 2, 2021 The Girls Are All So Nice Here Laurie Elizabeth Flynn March 9, 2021 2034 Elliot Ackerman March 9, 2021 Fast Ice Clive Cussler March 9, 2021 Her Dark Lies J.T. Ellison March 9, 2021 On Harrow Hill John Verdon March 16, 2021 The House Uptown Melissa Ginsburg March 16, 2021 The Good Killer Harry Dolan March 16, 2021 A Million Reasons Why Jessica Strawser March 23, 2021 Every Vow You Break Peter Swanson March 23, 2021 Red Widow Alma Katsu March 23, 2021 You'll Thank Me for This Nina Siegal March 23, 2021 The Red Book James Patterson March 29, 2021 Unknown An Artful Corpse Helen A Harrison March 2, 2021 Fatal Scores Mark de Castrique March 2, 2021 In Five Years To Be Confirmed Atria March 2, 2021 The Unreasonable Virtue of Fly Fishing Mark Kurlansky March 2, 2021 Victim 2117 Jussi Adler-Olsen March 2, 2021 So Many Ways to Lose Devin Gordon March 16, 2021 The Performance Claire Thomas March 16, 2021 What Sammy Knew David Laskin March 16, 2021 An Ocean Without a Shore Scott Spencer March 16, 2021 Comeback Season Cam Perron March 30, 2021 Our Team Luke Epplin March 30, 2021
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