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#candace against the universe
virovac · a day ago
...the fact that the Phineas and Ferb movie managed to make every single dancing alien look slightly different...
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galaxina-the-pyro · 5 days ago
I had the weirdest fucking dream last night (and by "last night" I mean an hour ago while I was napping).
So, like, it starts off in this hotel place, and there's a musical number about these gang members outside, and they're telling ME and the Red and Yellow M&M mascots that we need to run because the mafia wants us all dead. I'm like, "RED, the fuck did you do?!"
And Red was just, "I'm out, peace" and ran away. Me and Yellow went after him and stuff, till we realized we were just...running around different areas of the hotel and not actually leaving ANYWHERE. So Yellow was like, "Why don't we just...go somewhere else?"
And I'm like, "Oh, what a BRILLIANT idea, why did I think of that."
And he was like, "...are you mocking me?"
And suddenly we're in some...Alice in Wonderland place and I'm like, "YAY, I teleported us to safety, they can't find us here!"
But Yellow was gone. I think I left him behind...may he RIP, the mafia probably ate him. And if they got Red...screw Red, this was somehow all his fault.
But yeah, I eventually got bored with THIS dream, and I "changed the channel" so to speak to a lost Phineas and Ferb episode/movie (thankfully not the creepy, Candace is crazy one), about Perry having ran away from home for...some reason. And everyone, including Dr. D, was looking for him. And I'm like, "OH YEAH, this was the movie that just came out, but I don't remember any of this...what was the movie called again?"
So while I "watched" this very fake movie, and skipped over stuff, I saw Doofenshmirtz talking to Perry and having a heart-to-heart with him (apparently something happened to Perry where he was convinced that ALL the good moments he had with Doof and even his family were nothing but a buncha lies and THATS why he left - I couldn't tell if Perry was amnesiac in this "movie", or a total moron), and Perry could actually TALK, but every time he did, it would cut to some weird black and white cartoon of a bunch of talking candy, that would be saying exactly what Perry is saying to Doofenshmirtz.
THEN I skipped to the finale song of the movie, and everyone was dancing with Doofenshmirtz, and I was laughing really hard because it looked kinda ridiculous, they were running an absolute marathon while they had this musical number, they were running through what I can ONLY assume is a sewer, and then danced on this raft, and then these yellow submarines, it was weird. Then I apparently was able to see a deleted scene, all in storyboard form, about a joke that Dan and Swampy were apparently not allowed to make in the movie for some reason, and it went down like this:
Phineas: I know, let's pass the time by telling jokes! Think of something that's low energy and low budget to make-
(Everyone turns to Buford with confused expressions, as described by Dan and Swampy, who are kinda talking over each other)
Buford, with confidence: Pinky and the Brain, duh.
Isabella: Don't you diss Pinky and the Brain in my presence, peon!
And then I woke up. And I remembered the movie was called "Candace Against the Universe" and was confused why that movie was actually all about Perry and Doof, before I realized NONE of that actually happened and I had SOMEHOW dreamt a very drug-induced sequel.
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nodudeshutup · 23 days ago
okay okay but a paper girls animatic of "Adulting" from the Candace Against the Universe movie but w 2016 Erin and "i'm a fucking girl scout" Mackenzie Coyle.
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gallifreytreeflower · 27 days ago
Just watched Candace against the universe and I'm just crying at how cool it was, thanks Dan and Swampy for giving my life meaning for over ten years
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Isabella: Okay, Elephant Man, why don’t you take your bony ass back to the ship before I make your face look even worse. I mean, jeez, you already look like Jeff Goldblum.
Doofenshmirtz: That...last one didn’t sound like an insult.
Isabella: In “The Fly”.
Doofenshmirtz: FUCK YOU!
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thatoneguy2009 · a month ago
HI anyone know any 100% legal websites i can use to watch free movies/shows and that arent blocked on my school computer
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lovelywayniac · a month ago
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A project I did for Digital Art 2. We had to make a poster for a movie, so I chose this lovely movie (cause it just came out when I did it)!
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karivem · 2 months ago
Monthly Wrap Up (March 2021)
Here comes the list of everything I watched and read in the month of March. Ordered by date.
The karate kid (1984) NEW
Begin again (2013) REWATCH
Mamma Mia! Here we go again (2018) REWATCH
Fantasia 2000 (1999) REWATCH
The house with a clock in its walls (2018) NEW
Phineas and Ferb the movie: Candace against the universe (2020) NEW
TV SHOWS = 4 Seasons
Cobra Kai Season 2 - 3 NEW
Modern family Season 11 NEW
WandaVision Season 1 NEW
The house in the cerulean sea by T. J. Klune (audiobook) 
Jackaby by William Ritter (physical book)
The scorch trials by James Dashner (audiobook) RE-READ
The titan’s curse by Rick Riordan (audiobook)
Why you should read children’s books, even though you are so old and wise by Katherine Rundell (ebook)
Here is the Tier Ranking according to my experience:
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Thanks 4 reading
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movie-titlecards · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe (2020)
My rating: 7/10
This one feels a bit more like a long episode of the show, but given that it is an excellent show, that's not a bad thing.
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thecrimsonjaguar · 2 months ago
I just finished watching candace against the universe (pretty good, not perfect, but the final parts of it were worth it) and I’m kind of hung up on the ending part where candace explodes the aliens with t-shirt canon.
Because while we, the viewers, know that the aliens will survive being exploded... Phineas and Ferb do not.
None of the children do!
They just saw Candace MURDER a bunch of aliens and went “whoa!!! that’s so cool!! amazing!!!”
and this fact is driving me absolutely bonkers and! I love it!! So much!!! 
Anyway I want more scenes of Candace beating the shit out of a bunch of assholes. 
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disneytva · 3 months ago
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Disney Television Animation Unveils Annie Awards Nominations
Best TV/Media – Preschool 
Muppet Babies Oddbot / Disney Junior 
Best Character Animation – TV/Media
 Amphibia Disney TV Animation | Nominee: Joe Sparrow 
The Owl House Disney TV Animation | Nominee: Marina Gardner
Best Direction – TV/Media
The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Disney Television Animation | Nominee: Eddie Trigueros 
Best Storyboarding – TV/Media 
 Big City Greens Walt Disney Television Animation | Nominee: Kiana Khansmith
Best Voice Acting – TV/Media 
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe Walt Disney Television Animation & Disney+ | Nominee: Ashley Tisdale 
Best Writing – TV/Media 
 Fancy Nancy Disney Television Animation | Nominees: Krista Tucker, Andy Guerdat,
Best Music – TV/Media 
 Mira, Royal Detective “The Great Diwali Mystery”Wild Canary / Disney Junior | Nominees: Amritha Vaz, Matthew Tishler, Jeannie Lurie 
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ginnyweatherby · 3 months ago
do you cry when listening to Us Against the Universe or are you normal
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geekalabama · 3 months ago
The Evening Post: Film Theory: You Are Breathing Poison
The Evening Post: Film Theory: You Are Breathing Poison
Did you see the Disney Plus movie Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe?  If not, watch it before you see this video from The Film Theorists. It’s been a while since we talked Phineas & Ferb, so I knew I needed to check in to see if there were any new theories being concocted in that backyard. It turns out, there totally IS! Today Theories, we are talking about the killer plant…
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I don't have the brain rn to elaborate, but i love the choice of song for the pnf movies, like at2d starts with 'everything's better with perry' and the plot is about the boys feeling betrayed by him, and catu begins with 'such a beautiful day' and candace saying she wants to stop caring about her brothers' inventions, but at the end she tries to bust them one last time and it's the drop that breaks the camel's back and she can't take it and she's abducted by aliens and yada yada yada
I think about that a lot
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