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myrtleandberry · 6 days ago
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midterm series, day 5 | 04.09.21
it’s the weekend!! but I’ll be studying today because we have an exam tomorrow. congratulations for making it through this week (if it’s your midterms) it has been a roller coaster ride 😭 I hope tomorrow is better.
have you listened to taylor’s version of fearless? I still know all the lyrics!!! 💛✨🌙
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myrtleandberry · 10 days ago
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midterms series | day 1
my first exam this week went well. got a fairly high score on the subject. i got only 5 hours of sleep (which was already more than enough) but instead of sleeping after the exam, i cleaned the apartment, cooked brunch, and showered. it felt good, you know? everything we make little decisions that make up who we are as a person (getting sentimental because it's almost midnight from where i am! haha).
first photo is when i was cleaning and my dog won't move from her spot so it took awhile before i finally lured her out of her spot so i can clean it with her meat jerky treat. i studied after until 430, and then realized i was getting hungry so i made ramen (3rd photo). i'm also going out of my comfort zone (blackpink and red velvet) by listening to BTS!! around 530pm, i took my dog to the rooftop to get some fresh air. when we got back i immediately fell asleep because i was tired from studying the whole day.
now i'm 6/9 done with the topics i have to study for tomorrow!! hoping i get a great score both on theoretical and practical exam. *cross fingers* 3 more topics to go!! we got this. :)
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myrtleandberry · 11 days ago
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04.05.21 | what a productive day!! instead of sleeping after the exam, i cleaned, cooked brunch, and showered. now i’m on my desk studying for tomorrow’s exam. i know my progress is slow during the day (i’m a night owl so i quickly absorb things at night) so i’m taking it easy and taking topics one at a time. :)
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myrtleandberry · 11 days ago
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04.04.21 | happy easter, everyone!!! just finished studying 1/3 of topics for tomorrow’s exam. if I feel like it tonight, I might also push myself to study 1-2 topics for tuesday’s exam. :)
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myrtleandberry · 12 days ago
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04.03.21 | cleared up two backlogs today. i’m now watching HTGAWM before i study tonight for monday’s exam. 😌
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myrtleandberry · 13 days ago
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Tumblr media
04.02.21 | hello! how are you guys enjoying your holidays? from where I am we have a long weekend because of holy week. our research mentor though is monitoring and passive-aggressively pressuring us to attend zoom activities which is exhausting. I feel like I don’t have a holiday break because I carry with me the (for the lack of a better word) trauma that comes with continuous synchronous meetings, even if it is not lec-based. it’s exhausting. it sucks. one of the disadvantages of online classes is the lack of respect of personal time of the students. 🤧 so I’m going to take tonight off to focus on my prep for next week’s midterm exams. 😌
on another note though, one good thing today, I revamped my notion to a sailor moon theme!! I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays.
day 29 / light academia ✨
day 30 / take it easy. alot fridays for yourself. your backlogs can wait until saturday. but take friday night off and relax because in med school, it is vital to keep you sane. our mentor always reminds us of this. :)
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myrtleandberry · a month ago
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Tumblr media
03.14.21 | good morning!! only one day left til the ides of march. i woke up this morning, stayed a little while on bed, and proceeded with scheduling my day and making breakfast of coffee (and grilled cheese made by my beau). it’s quite gloomy outside but it’s alright. i am dedicating today for chores, requirements, and review for tuesday’s shifting on physiology!! then in the afternoon we might go to M for snacks and berry’s walk. 😌 included a photo of udon from friday night when i went out to buy a gift for my grandpa.
day 10: tag someone whose aesthetic you love seeing on your feed / @essayisms @petrichorals ✨
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myrtleandberry · a month ago
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good morning!!! here are photos from yesterday. it’s 830am and i just slept for 12hrs. i fell asleep in the middle of watching ocean 13 which i know is a sin but!!! i’ve only been getting 3-5 hrs of sleep since monday because of exams so thank god my 7am class just got moved to 4pm. i’ve opened the window to let the cold, damp air into my bedroom and the weather’s not hot, just perfectly cool this morning. 😌 now i’m going to eat breakfast of crepe and nutella and have some coffee while i print jaeger’s chart for later’s intro to physical diagnosis practice session. and probably do my biochem manual then. 😌
day 8: take on international women’s day. / feminism should encompass all races and gender (e.g. trans). women have been fighting for this for centuries and the fight does not end here because esp in our country, we’re still heavily patriarchal. but that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope. there always is.
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fishystudies · 3 months ago
end of year positivity
hey! I’ve been tagged by one of my favourite blogs, @cancerbiophd, to reflect on some good things that happened this year, despite 2020 being a shitshow.
(Original tag by @docresa, I believe: " [...] I challenge you to name 3 things that happened this year that made you happy, or that went well, or somehow had a positive impact, and tag at least 3 other people to do the same!”)
1. I moved out of my parents’ house and into a lovely apartment close to the lab with my best friend
2. I started my first research project! This is an ongoing good thing that’s happening, and it’s only getting better as I progress.
3. I met and spoke with amazing researchers about research opportunities, MSc opportunities, and generally how to make the most of my undergrad.
Although this year we all had to adapt to situations we've likely never been in before, I personally feel like this year is where I’ve grown the most. I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere more than I do in research, particularly evo-devo, and it becomes more clear to me with every conversation I have with a researcher, and with every paper I read. 
I feel immensely lucky that I was able to continue to do research safely and gain experience this early in my “career”, and to have had guidance along the way. 
I’m tagging @ecoloblr, @tryingmybestblr, @seastudent, and anyone else who would like to!! Even if you don’t make a post, try to reflect on some good things you’ve experienced this year :)
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gliagirlphd · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
10/29/2020 | Yes, I’m alive. I’ve just been at my lab bench more than my desk, so I don’t really have cute pictures of notes. In lieu of cute notes, I present to you my adorable little bunny who is very interested in my plant (or rather the treat that I’ve placed behind the plant to make him stay in the camera frame). 
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gliagirlphd · 7 months ago
I wanted to offer my congratulations to Julia (@cancerbiophd) for successfully defending her PhD! You’re officially a doctor now!!! I’m so so proud of you! 
Julia is basically my science sister/soul-mate. I met her through Tumblr about 4-ish years ago and it was my first time “meeting” a graduate student whose work was so fascinating and around the same field as me. At that time, I was just an undergrad who got into research and I was seriously considering going into a PhD program. Julia was not only an amazing role model for me, but a wonderful mentor, counselor, and everything amazing wrapped into one person. Even when I had left Tumblr to focus on my studies, I always kept in touch with her blog because she made such a profound impact in my life. There aren’t enough words to say how amazing and brilliant this woman is. 
And today, I watched her defend her research! Julia, you’ve come such a long way in your PhD journey, and I’m so happy to have met you! You’ve been such an integral part of the science studyblr/gradblr community and such a valuable mentor to so many of us. 
Everybody, please go congratulate Dr. Julia / Dr. @cancerbiophd for this huge accomplishment!
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gliagirlphd · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7.5.2020 // If someone asked me to describe common lab stuff I use everyday to a layman (2/?):
table top centrifuge = scary merry-go-round (update: according to @disenchanted-mona-lisa “scary-go-round”)
shaker = 360 degree see-saw
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docresa · a year ago
28. and also 29 and 30 bc lol what
Thanks for asking dear! :*
28  What is the coolest name that you would never name a real human child?
This is actually super hard! There are a couple of international names I really like but wouldn’t name my child if it were to grow up in Germany because people would pronounce it in a weird way. Also I’m kind of in love with Tamina for a girl. I wouldn’t even say I’d never name a real child like that but I’d at least be hesitant to act out my opera nerdism that way (it’s the female form of Tamino from Mozart’s “Zauberflöte” (magic flute)).
29  What fish scares you the most?
Eels! I’m super scared of snakes so eels are not exactly my thing... 
30 How do you feel about snails?
Uhh... kinda... indifferent? I loved to collect the shells (please note that the german translation is literally “slug house”) as a kid, but in the city I live now I don’t even know when i last encountered a snail...
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fragileanimal · a year ago
i was tagged by @cancerbiophd​ thank you julia i love youuuu!!!
You can call me: emma or em!
I’d describe myself as: practical, creative, witty, loyal, a perfectionist
Fictional character(s) that I identify with or am fond of: oh boy i really identify w jyn erso’s attitude and general fury HOWEVER i also really relate to miss jemma simmons’ enthusiasm and passion for science
Three random facts about me:
1. my little sister used to call me “squirrel” when we were younger but for the life of me i cant remember why
2. i am trying to learn german because i’d like to live in germany someday
3. the longest romantic relationship i’ve ever been in was in high school and lasted roughly 24 hours
Something little about my appearance that I kind of like: my eyes are medium brown but they look really pretty in the sun ;u;
An outfit that makes me feel powerful: a good sweater with some high waisted jeans!!
An object that is special to me: i wear a necklace almost every day that has a charm in the shape of the big dipper constellation on it, and my little sister has one with the little dipper and we wear them when we miss each other. it’s become almost a comfort object to me!!
A compliment (or two, or three) about me that made me feel warm inside: being complimented on my writing or drawing!! 
Something I love about myself: i am kind. i am quite sarcastic but i do my best to use it to make people laugh rather than hurt their feelings
Something I love about someone else: this boy i’m lowkey in l*ve with sneezes whenever he gets into direct sunlight and god if it isn’t the BEST thing ive ever seen in my whole life
Something I’d love to buy for someone else: either pay off my parents’ mortgage or buy them their dream home to retire in!!! they’ve done so much for me that i really hope i can do this for them someday
Something I’d love to buy for myself: an ipad pro that i can use to take notes and to draw with!!
Three things that make me happy right now:
1. i’m watching s5 of schitt’s creek on netflix and it is just. SO FUNNY
2. my friends were all so lovely to me on my bday even though i couldnt be home for it this year and i just felt so loved despite being so far away :’) 
3. wolf 359 honestly makes me so happy whenevr i think about heart is full
Something I’m looking forward to: my mom’s coming to visit me in grad school in 1.5 weeks!!!!!!!
Something I enjoyed recently: i listened to the first episode of the beef and dairy network podcast when i was cleaning my apt and it made me laugh SO hard
Song(s) stuck in my head recently: phoebe bridgers’ cover of “friday i’m in love” is so.....IT’S SO
I watched this, maybe you’d like it too: i feel like most people have already seen the netflix series dark but it is so so good and atmospheric.......
Something adorable I came across recently:  this article about rats being taught to drive tiny cars for froot loops.......wholesome
If you wanted to know me better, you should check out these things: probably my “/e” or “/grad stuff” tags!
Something I can/will do to take care of myself or make things more positive for me in the coming days: as SOON as i finish my second exam for the week on friday evening im cracking open a bottle of wine and listening to all seven episodes of the zero hours podcast and no one can stop me
I’ll tag: @gemsofthegalaxy @baenakinskywalker @lesbianromanticism @dreadwater @enigma731 @daishannigans @ladytharen and tbh anyone else who wants to do it <3
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biopsychs · 2 years ago
My weekly "oops it's Sunday night and I procrastinated" study session begins now 📚
Tumblr media
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pet-diary · 3 years ago
cancerbiophd reblogged your photoset and added:
CONGRATS ASU ALUMNUS! Sincerely,Also an ASU alumnus :D
@cancerbiophd​ Aw thank youuu!! 💗😁🎉👩‍🎓
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codecryptoandcaffeine · 3 years ago
RULES: List the top 10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 10 mutuals!
I was tagged by @cancerbiophd​ - Sorry this took so long!!!
Tell Me You Love Me // Demi Lovato
What About Us // P!nk
Heavy // Linkin Park
Learn to Let Go // Kesha
Your Song // Rita Ora
Like That // Bea Miller
Heartlines // Broods
Worth the Fight // Broods
Look What You Made Me Do // Taylor Swift
The Greatest // Sia
I tag: @dapper-lycanthropes, @crimefighterphd, @caffeinatedcraziness, @ambivalencerelations, @unforgettablelex​, @wonderwomangrad​, @crazedmicrobiologist​, @eatsleepmath​, @phdfreakingout​, @backpacksandblazers​
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caffeinebooks · 4 years ago
There’s one thing worse than the feeling before you have coffee: the feeling you get right after your body has processed that caffeine and you’re crashing down.
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jncera · 6 years ago
eyy so i made a side blog at cancerbiophd for all my grad school/science raves and rants. it’s totes still under construction and there’s just 1 post currently saying hello but hey! feel free to follow if you want to witness my inevitable meltdown come prelims/thesis defense times/every day of the week
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