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#cancel culture
fandomvariety · 4 hours ago
I find it hilariously hypocritical that the ones who are screaming the loudest about "cancel culture" over The Dixie Chicks changing their name to The Chicks are the same ones responsible for cancelling them in the first place when they spoke out against former President Bush.
Sit down.
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houseofbrat · 8 hours ago
Steel Workers Wanted Bernie Over Trump, Felt BETRAYED By Dems
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When cancelling first got to white people/ mainstream twitter during the me-too era, it seemed like a powerful tool for good. And I still think it was, at the time, when directed at sexual abusers. But now we have a culture that doesnt understand personal growth, nuance, and sarcasm.
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drbobhere · 9 hours ago
3rd Grader Was Told To Remove Her "Jesus Loves Me" Mask: Anthony T
3rd Grader Was Told To Remove Her “Jesus Loves Me” Mask: Anthony T
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autumnwellsarchive · 12 hours ago
Some thoughts on what i feel is the difference between cancel culture versus being held accountable. People are now being held accountable much more for the harmful actions they make, no matter what the situation is, even if they are high-status public figures.
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nonuanceforever · 12 hours ago
NNF. 11 (I think)
Lindsay Ellis: I have had to expose some of the most heinous traumas in my life and been treated utterly horrible for the last few days and I'm here to tell you as someone who participated in this culture that once you experience it, you realize it's absolutely not okay. Please learn from me. Stop doing this.
literally everyone: Like, it's sad and all, and those people on the other side of the political isle should burn in hell for what they did. But, like, if someone has even a remotely different opinion than me then I'm still going to take personal measure to make sure they end up on suicide watch. Sorry, but I don't make the rules ;3
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rotationalsymmetry · 13 hours ago
I, uh, haven’t watched the Lindsay Ellis video yet, but tentatively my opinion before watching it (here, have a salt shaker, maybe I’ll follow up after) is:
Sometimes the social justice world goes a little hard on “anything other than an immediate and thorough apology that contains nothing except apology stuff, means the person is the worst person ever” and, like...people are more complicated than that, and also actions speak louder than words.
For instance: does popular sex advice columnist Dan Savage sometimes mess up big? Yup. Does he tend to get defensive and make things worse when people tell him he messed up? Yep. Does he tend to keep on doing the exact same thing that got people pissed off at him? For all the examples I can think of off the top of my head, no. He doesn’t apologize, but he does actually change his behavior, and that’s more important.
(Of course it’s valid for anyone to decide they personally don’t want anything to do with him.)
Realistically, sometimes people can say exactly the right things on command but still do the wrong things, other times people say the wrong things but they’re still listening and they change their behavior for the better.
And that’s just talking about cases when the accusation/call-out/whatever is justified, which it is not always.
People are flawed and complex, and any movement is inevitably made up of people. So, you need to look at a person’s overall track record.
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i-ll-be-the-moon · 15 hours ago
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blueisbored · 17 hours ago
i was watching lindsay ellis' new video called mask off which is about cancel culture and how toxic it is and oh boooooy i dont think most ppl realize how much The Beast effects what u do or say when u r being watched by others.
as someone who grew up being in the public eye, more than most kids my age at least, i can tell u that The Beast is a very real and very exhausting thing. i dont like participating in social media a lot bc i feel the need to evaluate every sentence i say, knowing that if its taken out of context, it can easily be used against me.
i usually joke with my best friends that they hv enough information of me to ruin my life but the truth is thats a real concern in my life. not bc those ppl r bad ppl but bc taking things out of context and weaponizing them against someone is really easy.
another thing i related to VERY STRONGLY was how confused lindsay was when ppl were straight up celebrating her deleting her twitter, ppl that she has never known or met hating her with a fiery passion.
this is something thats happened to me again in a much smaller scale, where ppl i hv never met or talked to hating me and broadcasted that hate to the world until it reached my friends who told me about it, asking me what i hv done to these ppl expecting me to be a monster or why else would some random person hate me for no reason?
its strange to be in the public eye...and im not even "famous" per se. im just sorta well known in my city by association.
lindsay said something i need to dwell on and slowly come to terms with and thats that being afraid of The Beast is a losing game. that at the end of the day, u should just stop giving a fuck. something ive noticed mark does very well! and i applaud him for it.
thats something that i know is true but is very hard to come to terms with bc i dont want to be hated for no reason. i dont care if u hate me bc im gay or poc or bc i like the color blue a little too much. but if u hate me for no reason then im just confused as to WHY.
and coming to terms with the fact that some ppl just enjoy hating things and I'll never understand them scares me.
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koshka-the-feline-fatale · 20 hours ago
I watched Lindsey Ellis’ new video and while I feel like I shouldn’t say anything especially since the topic at hand had to do with East Asians, I feel like I can talk about Jenny Nicholson.
I liked Jenny Nicholson’s videos at one point. Her being a reylo supporter didn’t bother me (because why should it, it was just a ship) but the way that she talked about John Boyega kinda rubbed me the wrong way and I just stopped watching.
When Lindsey mentioned that people started talking about how Jenny Nicholson should be next and a video started circulating around of her being bitchy, I guess, a part of me was like “hmmm, oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️” but that’s the whole point of like, the last two sections of Lindsey’s video.
I just feel conflicted. A part of me feels like if Jenny just said something before this shit, instead of doubling down, she wouldn’t have been brought up. And the other part of me doesn’t want people who are just involved in petty fandom drama to get death threats and harassment.........
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ameetingplace · 21 hours ago
If Lindsay's video was about being done with Twitter, it makes sense that her discussions were too much for Tumblr's attention span, maturity and intellect too. People are commenting on this video not even having seen the whole thing.
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redwoodforestwiki · 21 hours ago
A key point people dont seem to be talking about much is how people wbo say "listen to bipoc!" dont seem to know what that means?
Bipoc are not a monilith. You cant just say that to support your own point, because there are bipoc who disagree with you. I know it may seem crazy to Woke Whites but i don't dictate what you think. I want you to listen with intentional sympathy to poc of all viewpoints and then also use your own brain to figure out what you think is right.
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br0wnskingurl · 21 hours ago
I love how y’all only hate “cancel culture” ala conservatives when you’re face gets affected 🙃
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p4ndiebear · a day ago
This is important. Watch it.
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emilianogil · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Cancel culture”: la nueva tendencia tóxica en las redes sociales
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voidingintotheshout · a day ago
A movie-length analysis of the joining of alt-right folks wanting to silence progressive voices, and progressive purity culture trying to attack their own to feel like they are doing something about fighting racism & discrimination and how that toxic teamwork has created a culture of harassment and belligerence. Because of this video, I am no longer going to be reblogging posts about “user ______” is SO TOXIC because ______ posts in situations where I don’t know the facts or the user in question. I want to try and stop perpetuating a culture of harassment (that is often aimed at trans people, women, religious minorities, and people of color). Great video. Trigger warning though, Lindsay does go into her traumatic experiences with sexual assault, but she does include a trigger and a skip time for those who want to avoid that.
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