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#can’t stop thinking about it
jazzbeary · 3 hours ago
Plum & Banana 🤷‍♂️
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fakepontchartrain · 15 hours ago
I can still feel them all over me jesus christ
#txt#really heavy shit coming up in the tags so everyone log off and let me traumapost#no matter what I do… I can’t stop thinking about it#no matter how much drugs I take#what kinda drugs I take#no matter how much schoolwork I bury myself in#no matter how much I may joke about it and traumapost or whatever#I can’t forget it#I’m nauseous right now cause it all just keeps flashing through my mind#like 24/7 nonstop#and no matter what anyone says I know that I deserve it so like… whatever#I was obviously playing with a wholeass forest fire and got scorched my niggas#I don’t even know why I thought it was a good idea to fuck with a bunch of criminals#I guess I was just being dumb and careless after losing my grandma and brother back to back#like I thought I wasn’t grieving and that I just lacked empathy and that I was over it#but I have been ruining myself more and more since#like self harm in the dumbest ways possible#I mean I absolutely deserved that gang rape like I was stupid enough to let it happen#I… don’t know tbh#fucking billions of thoughts rummaging through my head and the memories just flashing around up there like a disco ball#and I can’t even leave my rapists cause I need their fucking money to survive#yeah my mom finally got a job now but it’s like… what if that’s not enough?#what emergency is waiting around the corner that requires hella money?#I’m getting my ass beat like every week by some psychotic ass gorilla pimp and I just have to grit my teeth and bear it#my body can only take but so much of this shit
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endlessthots · 19 hours ago
I’m so excited I can’t wait to spend hours planning every little part of my birthday and forget the whole plan the day of 🤩
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fruitysokka · 21 hours ago
^_^ :p
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thefoghaslifted · 22 hours ago
guys i’m gonna be honest i’m still mad that batman can’t give head
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Y’all ever get too tired to give up because the inevitable fallout of doing literally anything you shouldn’t is way too tiring to even consider or
#i like bluebrries#because if I could I would just like. drop out of school and die but. dropping out involves people asking about what the shit in doing and#my parents being concerned again and all that bullshit that I don’t have the cpacity to deal with so I just keep going because it is genuine#the least exhausting thing to do. so I’m just kinda like dying but it’s okay because this is the least tired I will be for the foreseeable#future and I guess I’ll just live with it. then again this is either some fucked up form of depression or just me becoming better and lazy#and therefore complacent with where I am. either way I have no drive to do basically anything other than the fact that shit will happen#if I don’t. like the only reason I’m still getting an education is because teachers still think I should be a good little smart child or#something. almost nothing is worth it but I just can’t care enough to do something about it. I could if I wanted to but the chances of#general shit happening regardless of the outcome is just. too much. I should get a therapist but the adults think I’m fine so I don’t need#then to assume otherwise. do I even regret that I’ve hurt them? they’re probably more traumatised by this than I am but I just. don’t care?#that’s probably a symptom for something but does it really matter. I still don’t know what to do with my life because I don’t care about#anything. maybe I should get some sort of brainless job like at a factory or something. honestly that sounds good. just do the same action#over and over again for ten hours and then go home or something. I guess pixie dust wouldn’t work on me anymore cause I’ve stopped believing#hah. how edgy. I’m so tired and I should absolutely not be posting this on my main but it’s fine. it’ll be fine. what’s even worse is that#I’m generally not fucked it and depressed and shit. I’m really not. I enjoy being with my friends and doing dumb things so it’s not even#depression or anything I’ve just stopped caring about shit. like if course I care about my friends and probably my family but sometimes I#wonder if I would cry if my mother died. I might. I don’t know. I want to be like Luna lovegood. to be able to say anything and everything#you want to because no one even cares what you say. that’s a sort of freedom I think. a bad one but still. I think I’m at that point where#I’m not okay but also I’m okay enough not to need anything to make me more okay so I just sort of suffer I guess. except I don’t because I’m#not hurting at all. I just can’t be fuck to do anything. there’s no motivation which is probably not good but otherwise I’m functioning#perfectly fine. maybe this is just an autistic thing that happens and no one talks about it because it’s not a big deal and I’m overthinking#I wish I cared enough
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pedrocentric · a day ago
Tumblr media
This Pedro look exudes flower shop owner boyfriend who takes you on many farm dates and gushes to you about all the flowers/plants that are there, makes the best homemade lemonade, wakes you up with a forehead kiss and a cup of warm tea every morning, picks a flower from his garden and puts it behind your ear every day, completely loses it whenever you wear flower crowns, goes beet red when you compare his beauty to the beauty of flowers, loves hugs from behind, is most definitely a little spoon, and smells like rosewater with a small hint of cologne <3
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distractedpen · a day ago
do y’all ever get a new obsession and hate that you’re obsessed?
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jordeclanunicorn · a day ago
it’s a fact that down by the water by pj harvey is about polly and tommy but depending on interpretation it could be about polly tommy and grace OR polly tommy and micheal..
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rosetylerlesbian · a day ago
GOD The absolute worst part of this is that I think if Walter had actually taken the chance to tell Peter himself he would have understood… like it wouldn’t have been awesome but I think he would have come around a lot quicker. But because Walter took so long Peter had to figure it out himself so then he felt even more betrayed and lied to and-
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strawberrymilktiddies · 2 days ago
No thoughts in my head...just basketball player Ymir
Basketball player Ymir lives in my head rent free
After games (which she always wins ofc) she’s, predictably, all sweaty and gross. Nonetheless, or rather because of this, she comes running to pick you up, wrapping her arms tight around your waist to keep you from wiggling from her grip so she can smother you with her stink and sloppy kisses. You complain about her smell and how gross she is right now, but all she does is laugh at your whines and feeble attempts to shove the beanstalk of a woman away from you.
It never takes long for you to give up though. Not when she’s hugging you like you’re centre of her world. It’s like time truly stops for when you settle down and just enjoy these moments with her. She throws her head back when she laughs and damp strands of hair stick to her temple. Her nose and the freckles over the bridge of her nose crinkles adorably as she laughs. And laughs with her whole chest—you can feel the vibrations of her wheezes through your entire body as she leans forward to tuck her head against your shoulder. She closes her eyes and you can feel her breaths puffing slower and slower as her laughter dies down. Enamoured, you lay a hand on the back of her head and smile, letting your lips graze her salty skin.
“Congrats on your win, my darling.”
Ymir can only smile, her heart beaming at the pure tenderness in your voice. Oh how you have her so wrapped around you finger. “All for you, sweetheart. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
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lacheri · 2 days ago
alright I’m actually going to sleep now — to whoever sent that last ask: I truly do love you, and I really do appreciate you. I’m like refreshing my page constantly to see if I get another one but I gotta be up in 4 hours so 😭
you don’t have to message me if you don’t want to, but just know that if you do, I’m here for you. <3 I hope you feel better soon, I really just wanna give you a big hug.
goodnight I’ll see you guys when I get home tomorrow <3
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