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#can you tell i was an art major
maxinities · a month ago
drk addie go brrrrrrr
#I LOVE HER#addie's relationship w the dark arts and her darkside... its so... MWAH#.text#adaline rozovy#i dont wanna go TOO in detail but in short after haurchefant's death i imagine theres a short interlude between then and -#- when they go to find yshtola. and thats when addie finds fray. shes so angry and filled with grief and she wants Justice and she wants -#- peace but she cant have any of that. she cant. but then she finds fray and his soul crystal and their souls do the uh. fwoosh. thing#and she gets kind of pretty much manipulated by him slash esteem. her own anger mixing with his and both of their desires for freedom -#- ending up forcing her into a corner. and i just. love. how its canon that drk wol doesnt remember the majority of what happened -#- while doing the 30-50 drk quests. ofc im going to apply that to addie why wouldnt i#alphinaud doesnt say anything abt addies anger at first bc u know? she just lost someone she really loved. he understands.#best he can do is support her. but then it gets worse and when they see yshtola again its like. she Immediately notices how BAD addie is -#- doing. and it only gets worse and then. the final fight w esteem. i think addie would be really emotional during it all#thats her u know? thats her. thats her anger and her hate and her sadness. everything she wanted to surpress and pretend she didnt feel#telling her everything she doesnt want to think and doesnt want to hear out loud. for dozens of people to hear.#anyway. for a while after she has immense doubts abt using the dark arts n once thancred comes back shes like. maybe i should do smth new.#i dont know what yet but anyway. i think after tsuyu dies. addie like. realizes. what she did can be fixed. and she can use this power -#- and still do good. so she picks it back up again. haha RIGHT in time for her friends to drop dead for a good while !#i dont believe the 5 days thing. more like months. so shes alone. and shb comes. and now she has Depression#drk addie my beloved. u have abandonment issues but thats fine i still love you
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medithetic · a month ago
the fact that jesse mentioned chiaroscuro in jailhouse block when they "compliment" rob's blank painting cannot leave my mind. jesse is an art history nerd what normal person knows about chiaroscuro from the baroque period... what a nerd... /pos
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icyheart-and-friends · 2 months ago
#vent#wild how the only way i can possibly get my dad to listen is by drawing vent art in the shower or needing to go to the ER#and how apparently any time i try to explain how upset i am or how badly im hurting as a result of spending so much time with the puppy is#made null by the excuse of 'oh but you love him!' yes i do and i will take care of him but you dont fucking spring a surprise puppy on#someone who was very adiment about NOT GETTING ANOTHER DOG 'i knew if i had told you wouldve said no!' and then promptly after 'hes staying#woth you because i need him to bond to you'#now here i am with two sprained ankles way over hyper extending and painful ribs and spine and fucking EXHAUSTED because i didnt ecen have#chance to every try to prepare myself physically or mentally for a puppy. and then when i give him to dad to watch over god forbid he gets#hyper and wants to PLAY GOD FORBID THAT 'bring him up to me when he's worn out' GUESS WHO HAS TO TIRE HIM OUT#fucking dont get a puppy for someone who is very adamantly against getting a dog and then put ALL the responsibilities of said puppy on the#as well especially WHILE THEYRE HAVING HEALTH ISSUES OF THEIR OWN THAT THEYRE TRYING TO DEAL WITH#he is getting better with having sylver with him even when he gets hyper but he still wants me to watch him all day till bed time where he#just sleeps woth him all night and then give him bqck to me in the morning whenever he needs care#even on weekends unless he can SEE how in pain i am and today was the first day where he took him for the majority of the day#and thats because ive been telling him so much about how much pain im in and because he knew i had dnd today and he figured#i should at least enjoy that which was... considerate of him#i knpw i have a vent specific blog but im too fucking tired and in pain to fucking care right now
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hearteyeswangji · 3 months ago
i want to draw wei wuxian i want to draw hualian and i want to draw hanguang jun and also i want to draw xie lian and wangxian but i have SO MUCH stats and also chicano history and also art history and also criminology i have a midterm tmw about statistics i dont understand i just wanna draw my gay long haired chinese boys :((
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peas-will-win · 6 months ago
my goal in life is to do so much crazy shit that no one believes me when im telling them abt it or no matter what i always have a story that no ones heard twice
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celestles · 7 months ago
#for a long time i failed to conceive a dream. or to just imagine one. life was pretty pointless (still kinda is) without a very specific#dream to have. or a goal to achieve#i mean. we all have objectives. we need to finish an assignment or to graduate or to get a job and shit. but they're not dreams at all#they're stuff to deal with so we can go after your dreams or just to make your existence continue you know? that's why they're expendable#it's okay if you don't start college or if you don't finish that exam or that sort of stuff. there's more on the way#the thing is. i didn't have a dream that felt mine at all#or something that wasn't a consequence of an objective like... getting a good job related to my major or getting a bigger place to live so i#can adopt more cats etc etc. but today I realized i do have a dream. and it's both easy and hard to achieve (as most dreams are)#i wanna get good at drawing. but not like to feel Completely Satisfied with what i already do/my style bc that's an endless journey!#my dream is to make someone feel what i feel every time i look at a meaningful piece of art about love and life and kindness and family and#loneliness and unrequited love and... that sort of stuff that can't leave my mind even hours after i saw it for the first time#i wanna make art that people can actually feel and get something more from what i made. i wanna make someone's day happier through my art#i want someone to tell me how much they love my art and how it impacted on their lives and how they love what it was and how it was made#i want my art to actually express something. the thing is.... i don't think I'm doing it noe#i try my best and i try hard and i spend so much time on my own making stuff i don't share because when i do people don't seem to like it#and it makes me hate what i do. which is an extension of myself. so i hate myself more. and i find myself worthless again. and i think#that's the core of my problem? i don't feel exceptional but everyone i've met is exceptional somehow and i can describe how exceptional and#amazing they are to me but i know i'm not an exceptional person for them#and that's okay. i mean i got used to it. i like ghosting people and not having very close people and i hate compliments and gifts always#make me feel uncomfortable and in debt in a bad way. so when someone is nice to me i simply leave. but sometimes i can't make myself leave#them. and i guess that's okay. i guess I'm getting better at opening up. but the thing is... i love them so much and i don't think they love#me as much as i do. because otherwise I'd feel like sharing how bad i want to be praised for expressing stuff through my art to them instead#of writing this in my tags because i know no one will read this. i made sure no one ever gets to read what i write or think by isolating#myself. and that's why i want my art to be something that expresses what i can't. because it's the only thing i allow to be seen from me.#anyway#shush celeste#i thought abt posting this in my vent blog but i believe this is long enough for someone to care
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moeblob · 7 months ago
Okay, text post time.
I know on multiple occasions people have told me to consider taking breaks with my art cause I draw every day and they’re looking out for me. Well, my stubborn self has drawn daily since Jan 1, 2017. And I’m going to do my best to keep it up! But! I had to miss work today due to feeling ill and had to go get tested (for flu, strep, and Covid) and I am ashamed to admit I did test positive for Covid. I’ve slept almost all day today and still feel a bit dizzy from a headache so if in the next few days there is an absence of art, that’s why. 
I really want to keep the dailies going but I am not about to force it if I really can’t do it. Thanks for understanding! 
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soaringsearingphoenix · 10 months ago
From now on when i meet new people i will wait until they say their name, then introduce myself by the same name.
This serves several purposes. First, it will dramatically reduce the number of names I have to remember, because people will greet me by their name. Second, if they introduce me to their friends I'll know exactly what our connection is because new people will greet me by the name of the friend who introduced us, so it will help me draw clear connections between the people I know. Third, I won't ever have to actually give a name to people, so my friends can't say my name aloud around strangers.
It might get confusing for my friends and acquaintances when everyone knows me by a diferent name but that's their problem not mine
#also i imagine it would make people uncomfortable to picture dating me because its rare that people wanna date someone with their own name#as far as i am aware at least that seems to be a deterrent because it would get confusing to other people i guess#so thats also a major plus#the only actual problem for me in particular is that i have a lot of friends whose names tend to change#and i think i would have to come up with a system i use in that scenario#because while i dont feel bad sharing someones name it WOULD feel wrong to be like 'oh you chose this? you spent a lot of time on it? YOINK'#and i ALSO dont want someone to have to hear their deadname all the time when im around#so as long as i can think of a solution to that circumstance then this is a foolproof plan#the only other issue is that it is impossible to be subtle that thats what im doing i think anyone who saw me meet someone would catch on#but being part of society is a performance art already you might as well just really commit to it#do somethingn ridiculous and tell people its to Challenge Their Perceptions of connection or identity or something#i mean Who We Are already changes so much around different people anyways#i figure if anything this better reflects my relationships with other people#like i think it would say about what i want to say about me#which is that as much as i want people to appreciate me for my actions and creations and stuff#i also just want them to relate to me and on some level i try to make that happen by reflecting back my favorite of their qualities#like its not a think i plan to do its just that im gonna look for things we have in common#and then thats what im likely to bring up in conversation and mostly exclude things we dont have in common#unless the things we dont have in common make us fundamentally incompatible or i dont like u. i doubt thats the case for anyone reading this#especially this far into the tags#anyways i do have a lot of names already this is just what im already like taken to a logical extreme#its like having a different nickname on all my discord servers but irl its great#(thats what inspired it is realizing how many of my discord servers have some sort of dnd character or nickname associated)#(its a good system it tells me who knows me why)
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maelstromdeparture · a year ago
i woke up this morning to my mom asking her zoom class (she’s an english teacher) if they think it’s possible to die of shock. 
my brain immediately went oh they’re reading that one story what was it called? that one i hate having to talk about in class because people are stupid and think she was so happy he’s alive
my mom still talking to her zoom class: how did you like the story of an hour? 
me: that’s the one 
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starliight-musings · 3 hours ago
Tell me about your OCs James and Charlie. What kind of stuff do they like? What's their favorite color? Favorite food? Biggest regret?
-Secret Sunflower
Charlie grew up in a quite poor family, due to his father's gambling addiction and as a last resort he turned to stealing at about 16 years old, to get some money to be able to get away from his family and start a new, better life. His dream would've been to go to some type of art school, since art is his biggest passion but realistically he knew that the chances of making money on that wouldn't be very high so he was intending to do something else. Only he ended up being swept up in the criminal side of things, working with a small group of people. It was there he learned how to use his skills in art to forge documents or paintings and such, and how to lie and trick people and many similar things. At this point he didn't feel the need to pursue a higher education, this was fun and provided him with all the money he could want and need. Now he could actually afford nice, even fancy things. After a few years he left the group and spent quite some time in Europe, namely in Italy and France. Eventually he was caught back in the states, which was when he was approached by an agency, who offered him a deal. They could use someone with his skill set, someone who was good at getting in and out of places unnoticed, could easily dissapear and blend in, and so on. They offered Charlie a chance to work for them as a spy/secret agent instead of going to prison, and he was going to stay under their supervision for as long as his prison sentence would be. Not wanting to go to prison, Charlie took the deal. It was incredibly hard work, but eventually he settled in and actually liked the job. For the first time in many years, Charlie felt like he had found a place where he belonged, with people he could genuinely trust.
As for things he likes, art is the biggest one. Some of his favorite painters are from the Renaissance. He also quite like fancy things in general, he couldn't afford such things growing up, but now when he can afford it he buys it.
Favorite color I'm not sure, but as for food probably something Italian or French. Risotto is probably high up on his list.
Biggest regret is a tricky one, but I think it would have something to do with leaving certain people behind. There's been a person or two that he's genuinely loved but ultimately left. Partly because of lack of trust (he's got major trust issues) and because he felt like he couldn't stick around, because being in one place for too long would be very risky and could lead to him being caught. Probably left without much of an explanation too.
James is a very nice and kind person. He's very easy to get along with and if you need help he will be there for you. He's a very non violent person, would even call himself a pacifist.
He had a rather normal upbringing, with a really nice and supportive family. Even from an early age, he knew that he wanted to have a job to help people so he decided quite early on that he wanted to be a doctor, and worked really hard for that. Some time in his teens he came out as gay to his family and they were very supportive. They really were a good family and did a lot of fun things together, one of the favorite things they did together was camping and/or hiking which gave James a genuine interest in being outdoors and in nature.
Another interest of his, which might just be the biggest one is playing the piano. He grew up learning it and still plays regularly. You could probably say it's a passion of his.
Favorite color could be blue, at least that's the color I associate him with 😆
I haven't really thought about a favorite food to be honest, but James is not picky. If he cooks, he'll probably pair the meal with a nice salad, of it fits of course. If he orders takeout, Thai and Chinese food are probably high up on his favorite list.
Biggest regret is a tough one, I'm not really sure what that would be, sorry!
But it was really fun to get an ask, and feel free to hit me up with more questions, I love to gush about my OC's. :)
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